Asean Countries Should Be Wary of US Evil Designs in The South China Sea

               Last week over one hundred US businessmen, professionals, ex-ambassadors and diplomats in an open letter to Trump advised that China is not an enemy of America. This week about one hundred and thirty warhawks from the Pentagon, CIA, Whitehouse, Congress and the Senate sent a counter open letter to Trump advising  that China post a threat to America's design of achieving a new one world order under America's absolute control and hegemony and told Trump not to negotiate with China until China is defeated and taken down.

The free world must seriously take note of these warhawks intent of open confrontation not only with China but also with Russia, Iran, DPRK, Venezuela, Cuba and other countries which do not subscribe to US dictates.

Bearing this in mind Asean countries must beware of US evil sinister design in the South China Sea. The South East Asian countries must not fall into the American trap of instigating and fomenting wars and conflict in the South China Sea between them and China as they had done in the Middle East. They must not be taken in and succum to US fake and false allegation and propaganda that China post a threat to them. Unlike US and its European allies China had never taken an inch of other people's lands. On the contrary China had lost hundreds of thousands of square miles of lands during the western imperialist and colonial wars against a former weak China, the lost lands of which are now in the possession of ex-colonies.

Having stated the facts South East Asian states must not be befuddled by the US created South China Sea issues. They must be honest and clear in their minds as to who actually owns the islands in the South China Sea historically and legally.

Historically the islands inclusive of the Paracels and the Spratly islands have been Chinese sovereign territories for thousands of years. They were occupied by the Japanese during the Second World War . However, after the Second World War all the islands were legally returned to China by the United Nations via many treaties all duly signed by US, UK, France, Russia, China and Japan. Back then no one, not even US, UK or Japan or any other Asian country dispute China's ownership of these islands . By the way Vietnam, philippines, Malaysia and Brunei were still colonial territories governed by France, America and England respectively. They were not independent countries and their then colonial masters did recognise China's sovereignty and ownership of these islands through proper United Nations announcements and promulgations in many solemn treaties all duly signed.

It was when after China came under Chairman Mao's communist rule that US reneged on the UN treaties which legally returned the islands to China. Even then they did not dispute the fact that the islands were indisputedly Chinese sovereign territories.

It was after the discovery of rich oil reserves beneath the sea that US started its insidious plans of trying to deprive China's ownership of the islands. The result was the US created UNCLOS - United Nations Convention on the Law of The Sea , which allows coastal states to claim up to 200 miles of shore for economic priviledge.

China agreed to the treaty with the proviso of UNCLOS  Aricle 298 , and with the clear stipulation that the treaty must not and will not impinge or supercede on Chinese historical and legal ownership of the South China Sea islands.

It was the US which initiated the UNCLOS treaty . But strangely enough US and some of its allies walked away from the treaty and never signed it. On hindsight it is realised that if they did UK and US would have to return hundreds of islands which they had previously occupied illegally to their rightful owners.

Apparently the UNCLOS treaty was created with the vile intention by US to induce the few naive South East Asian countries to claim 200KM of shore sea front with the ill intention to encroach and impinge on Chinese sovereignty and ownership of all the Chinese island territories in the South China Sea.

In the meantime with US encouragement and backing in the later part of 1970s, when China still did not have a decent navy to patrol her seas and waters, Vietnam unashamely stole 25 of Chinese islands, the Philippines 12, Malaysia 7 and Brunei 5. Now with US support they openly claim these Chinese islands as theirs base on UNCLOS , which China had clearly stated under UNCLOS Article 298 that the treaty must not and will not impinge or supercede on the historical and legal ownership of China of these islands.

The Evil Empire is playing with fire in the South China Sea. It is trying to start proxy wars between some South East Asian countries and China for its own selfish interest. Do Asean countries want to see South East Asian region fall into the same war torn quagmire of the Middle East as created by the Evil Empire and suffer the same consequences. So beware of the evil empire's trap. Just as US has for years been posting dangers to many countries in the Middle East, South America, Africa and North East Asia, it is now posting a great danger to the South East Asia region of the South China Sea.

However, China did not dislodge these illegal occupiers from the Chinese islands physically and militarily but hope to talk to the countries concerned peacefully through negotiations in a civilize manner. China is very magnanimous and is prepared to share the oil and other resources below the sea bed thrhough joint operations. Hope Vietnam, philippines, Malaysia and Brunei will have the wisdom to see China's benign power and generosity and not become stubborn and intransigent to fall into the American trap of enloping the region into a new war zone of wars and conflicts.


Thursday, 25th July, 2019


Anonymous said...

Either the American people must rise up against its evil government in Washington or the world must find a way to take down imperial American tyranny and dictatorship

Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire is a world gangster, a terrorist state that creates wars, destruction and death..

Anonymous said...

The United States is an abnormal illegitimate country built on the wholesale genocide of the entire native American population. The Evil Empire is the most destabilising force in the world and the only country creating wars causing deeaths and terrible sufferings.

imho said...

Uass can bully asia countries because asians like to bully asians. Just like they like to hire foreigners to replace locals. Its karma.

Anonymous said...

The American people are being led by a pack of wolves. Their leaders like its president, congressmen, senators and senior officers in the Pentagon, CIA and FBI are all nothing but crooks, rogues and scooundrels. The world cannot trust them. Whatever they do is nothing but evil.

Anonymous said...

Good article. Keep it up.

Virgo 49 said...

In an CNN interview with the Irianan Foreign Minister. Brillant and Eloquent Gentleman.

He told the interviewer that Dotard Trump is NOT a war mongering man.

Only his Henchmen on the sidine the war hawks are prodding him into action.

They had these Evil Serpents in their own interests to subjugate all other beans to be under their control.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire rhetoric is contradictory to all logic. They create troubles all over the world and lay the blame on others. They post a danger to North East Asia and South East Asia and tell others that China is a danger. In the Middle East US creates all the troubles and
arms Iran's enemies like Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAR and claim that Iran is a trouble maker. When will the Evil Empire stop its mischiefs and wars of aggression.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the Americans ashame of themselves. They are parasites who live and survive on stealing and robbing of other countries wealth and riches. They are both land and financial robbers. They take what they want through military might and the control of the petrodollar. They extort money from countries all other the world through sanctions, tariffs and currency manipulation. Why must the world buy or sell oil in US dollars to pay extortion money. The Evil Empire is screwing the entire world. If countries try to sell or buy oil outside the US dollar they will invade these countries through its military might. They had attacked and bombed countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. They have plans to attack Venezuela and Cuba sooner or later. With their over one thousand military bases all over the world they threaten everyone. They create turmoil, choas and instabilities worldwide to demand what they want and to enforce its demand for preferential treatment on any deals or agreements.

Down with the fucking Americans.
Down with the Evil Empire

Anonymous said...

When will the US stop interfering in other countries? They had already done enough damage to so many countries or almost all the countries in this world. They cannot solve their own social issues and yet they think they can force others to toe their orders and dictates. They should mind their own business.

Anonymous said...

If the Evil Empire and its western allies push other countries especially Russia and China too much they will start a Third World War which will annihilated their countries too.

Anonymous said...


SHIOK!!! War Stocks to the MAX!!!

This Fri US GDP predicted to be only 1.8%

Hopefully it will be slightly lower --- then stocks will chiong even MORE!!!

southernglory1 said...

Who is posting a danger to the world and to South East Asia? You think for yourself.

China is busily doing business with the rest of the world while US is having wars with the rest of the world. US is making bombs, war planes, warships and missiles to kill. China is building infrastructures, roads,railways, airports, ports, schools, hospitals and factories all over the world to make people's life better and more harmonious and happy.


Anonymous said...

WSG 3.53pm anon u need to be sodomized that is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Bitds of the same feathers flock together. There are three main flocks of birds or beans in this world: Good, Evil and Neutral.

The Good follows the Good.

The Evil follows the Evi.

The Neutral is actually never neutral. He/she/it is always undecided. He/she/it can be easily influenced and switches his decisions according to emotion rather than according to analytical critical discerning thinking.

From the commentaries in this plateform, and elsewhere, one can easily know who are who, whuch is which:

Good, Neutral or Evil.

Anonymous said...

Must also beware India evil designs in Singapore!

Anonymous said...

"The WTO is BROKEN when the world's RICHEST countries claim to be developing countries to avoid WTO rules and get special treatment. NO more!!! Today I directed the U.S. Trade Representative to take action so that countries stop CHEATING the system at the expense of the USA!," Trump said on Twitter.

Trump confirms China is the richest country in the world, not the USA!