How to educate the Singaporeans in critical thinking

This topic is about what Tan Kin Lian posted in the TRE, how to educate Singaporeans in critical thinking.  I could not see the relevance of what Tan Kin Lian said about ad hominem attacks, constructive criticism and assertion without evidence and the education of Singaporeans to think critically.  Instead of wasting time trying explain and dismiss what Tan Kin Lian wrote, I will try to assist him in what he set out to do, to educate Singaporeans.

One very easy thing for Singaporeans to do to develop critical thinking is to read the main media. The main media is the best media to educate Singaporeans into how to think critically. Do not waste time reading the social media, especially blogs like mysingaporenews. Only main media teach readers how to think critically without thinking or without having to think. By reading their content would be enough to develop critical thinking.

The evidence can be found in social media like in mysingaporenews when those who are exposed to the main media and presumably are thinking critically and post their comments here like PAP is the best govt, CECA is best for Singapore, CPF is not your money etc etc

These people who made their comments here are best remembered and recognised for their repetition of their critical thinking skills. And it is wrong for some readers here to want to sodomise them for expressing their skills in critical thinking. I bet they learn everything from the main media, the only media in Singapore that said nothing but the truth and nothing but the truth.

People spending time reading social media for free should spend some money buying main media and get an education in critical thinking.

What do you think?  Oops, people here are not supposed to be able to think. If they can they would spend money on the good stuff, the main media. Good stuff don't come free. You have to pay to read the good stuff in the main media.

Below is from a post by Phillip Ang in TRE. My question is that does it make you think...critically?

Nothing wrong with management of CPF but government needs to delete annual reports from website?

CPF used to publish all annual reports since 2002.

Today, after Singaporeans have been enlightened by Roy on what could possibly turn out to be the mother of all scams, the earliest report available online is the 2013 annual report....

What is CPF attempting to conceal for PAP?

Besides annual reports, CPF has been busy deleting other information, eg older publication of 'CPF Trends' which provide statistical analysis....

It is not known why CPF should be concealing so much information which belongs in the public domain.


Anonymous said...

It is one thing to be able to think critically but it's a totally different thing to criticise the authorities. No authoritarian government or dictatorship would welcome criticisms from the masses. Why?

Because they consider that they are the rulers and the masses are their subjects. Only the rulers can think correctly for the country; while the masses are not able to think correctly for the good of the nation simlpy because they cannot access all the confidential data and secret information that the government or ruler has.

Therefore, if the masses are allowed to freely criticise the government, they will create chaos for them. And the status quo can be easily destabilized. Then the millionaires mini-monsters would not be able to continue reapping the fruits of others' labour.

That's why all dick-tators wish they could silence and zip-up the mouths of the masses at all costs. And for this purpose only, that's why there are so many draconian laws, with hidden agendas, being enacted and quickly passed in the Parliament.

Basically, the message is whether you can think critically or not, don't criticise the rulers!

Anonymous said...

What is liberalism?

Liberalism is not a precise philosophy, it is an attitude. All liberals share a belief in individual human agency. They trust in the capacity of human beings to decide things for themselves, eg their CPF money .

The root word in liberal is liber, the Latin adjective denoting a free person, as opposed to a slave.

It implies the right to make their own plans, to express their own opinions and to participate in public life. These attitudes were realized in the system we call "liberal democracy".

Some countries practise so-called democracy which is actually illiberal or quasi-democracy, hiding critical public information from the masses.

Anonymous said...


Why need so much information for what? Why....can eat is it?

Why must report is it?

If no report....so what!!!

Without reporting....69.9% die-die still voted for them!

So...what for....no point kpkbsssss lah.......

Sg is already like that liao......no U-turn!


Anonymous said...

Well said.


69.99% might become 79%

Sg is like that liao

Dun bang your head against the wall

What for?

Eat full nothing to do?

Anonymous said...

69.9% loved to be screwed. But the 30.1% don't want to be screwed.

The 30.1% can only rant to let off stress and keep away depression.

Kau Peh Kau Bu is good for health, indeed !!

Anonymous said...


Yes! You are 1o8% correct!

Kpkb is GOOD for health!

So let us all kpkb and kpkb!

Also don't forget to tcss!

Anonymous said...

Huh, Sinkies can think critically?
Dafts Sinkies r tot this way :-
"Kiang tio ho mai gei kiang"

Anonymous said...

Losing whiner :"How to educate the Singaporeans in critical thinking"

You have critical thinking meh?

You equate kbkp, tcss and negative mindsets to critical thinking?


If you have your way, Sg would become a nation of losers and whiners in no time?

It would be the end?

Anonymous said...

Are we a nation of kpkb and tcss?

What say you?

Virgo49 said...

Everday without fail, they will posted here their templates nonsensical comments like parrots or donkeys.

Spoiling Mr Redbean's blog. Jackaasses PAP stooges.

Just to make up the numbers. PATHETIC LOT WHO ARE UNEMPLOYED and paid by piecemeal enough for a cup of kopi and piece of unbuttered bread.

Young sinkies been now conned that it is OK to have flexibility work and one Agency helping to help them to these type of jobs that the incompetent government cannot churn out for their citizens. Piece meal of a few miserable dollars by the hour.

In twenty years time, when the Incompetent Rulers are no more with their descendents enjoying their millions,these Jackaasses who took delight in harassing other commentators will be scavenging or picking cardboards for their living.

Let's see who will Haha louder.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Let me make a small distinction here about criticism of the govt. I have been quite critical of the govt, and so are many others. One difference is that one can criticise the govt especially the policies and what they did. But one must be careful not to go for personal attacks. Criticising the govt is the right and duty of every citizen and can be very irritating and uncomfortable to the rulers, but they would grudgingly bear with it. Just avoid attacking their character and personal life.

Don't accuse them of corruption or abuse of power or something like that unless one has the evidence and prepare to take them on in the courts of law, with plenty of money to back up and with high risk to losing the case.

In the case of critical thinking, if one has this ability and is using it, whether one criticise or did not criticise the govt, one is clear in one's thinking and when needed to, make the right decision when called upon.

Without critical thinking one would likely become a mindless parrot, being fed to repeat without knowing what is good or bad, right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

Old Loser and Whiner : "Below is from a post by Phillip Ang in TRE. My question is that does it make you think...critically?

Nothing wrong with management of CPF but government needs to delete annual reports from website?"

Ha ha ha ha ha

As if that is anything NEW or (young) Sinkies bother?

What nonsense critical thinking?

After blogging so much between 2011 and 2015, what has changed?

The PAP votes went from 60% to 69.99%

What critical thinking are you talking about?

Other than kpkb and tcss, what else are the whiners capable of?

Does it matter who leads the "LIONS" (more like "........")?

As one anon keeps repeating, Sg is like that since long ago liao? (Now even struggling against weak teams like Cambodia? What's new?)

Ha ha ha ha ha

@ Virgo49 July 04, 2019 10:48 am


Anonymous said...

RB I disagreed with you for example 3.47am is one anon that need to be sodomized as he is talking nonsense. 😀

Virgo 49 said...

So you Nincoompos,Idiots,Imbeciles or Taiwanese called Peh Bak or White Eyes rolling upwards to wards the sky will be boiled alive to DEATH.