Singapore can have all the sand it wants

Malaysia and Indonesia did not want to sell sand to Singapore. The Americans too would not want to sell sand to Singapore. They are only interested in selling weapons like the F35s to Singapore. How much sand could Singapore had for the price of the 4 F35s it is ‘forced’ to buy from the Americans? Goh Keng Swee must be turning in his grave if he knows that Singapore is spending billions to buy 4 flawed fighter aircraft and hoping that the flaws would be rectified before delivery. During his time, Goh Keng Swee would not even buy aircraft that had not been tested in operation, not just being flawed.

How is spending billions related to buying sand? There is sand everywhere, especially in nearby South China Sea. The Chinese are the experts in dredging sand from the sea to build islands that could equal the size of Singapore. Their cutter suction dredger(CSD) are the biggest in the world. The CSD Tian Kun Hao could dredge 6,000 cubic meters of sand in an hour, filling the size of a football field.

If only Singapore’s relation with China is better, Singapore could buy all the sand it wants from China in the South China Sea. And these are clean sea sand. Why isn’t Singapore buying sand from China? And the cost of the sand would be so little compares to the cost of the F35s. How much sand could Singapore buy with the money spent on the 4 x F35s? Maybe enough sand to build a land the size of Tekong.

Did Singapore approach China for sand? Or was Singapore rejected by China as well? It would be so easy for the CSD to fill up the barges in matters of a few minutes per barge and Singapore can have all the sand it wants to reclaim more land and more islands. If Singapore can buy sand from Vietnam and Cambodia, the South China Sea is not too far away and the cost not prohibitive to do so.

Better still, just hire a CSD from China to dredge from our littoral sea, deepening the surround sea and building islands at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.


Anonymous said...

Buying F35B is prestige mah. Buying sands from China or to ask anything from China means lose face, lose dignity mah.

RB donno our millionaire-ministers love presitige and dignity meh?

Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

How to go and beg China to sell sands? Singapore purposely put a Pro-India Indian Singaporean as Foreign Minister who clearly seems to be Anti-China, with an Indian as Head of State (President) and a Chief Justice also Indian. Plus Law Minister and Home Furnishing Affairs Minister also Indian. Plus Law Society Chief also Indian. Plus banned the Chinese Professor from NTU and replaced him with an Indian from India.

Better to buy sands from India lah. Why CECA never include a clause to make sure India supply sands to Singapore?

Brilliant scholar brains are not so brilliant without their text books, isn't it?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Alamak, kena busted...

We certainly benefited, made shit tons of filthy, sexy, delicious money....but now it looks like this party is going to end.

"Developing cuntry status", applied to Singapore is both a joke and a big fat lie. Kena busted by DJ Trump πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

Better play ball...sekali the fucker tekan us with sanctions.... aiyoh, bananas and coconuts very unhappy leh. 😒


imho said...

Buy from WA loh. Lots of sand here. They even sell iron ore at rubbish price.

Anonymous said...

Singapore buying sand it wants from China in the South China Sea is tantamount to acknowledging China's claim over the South China Sea marked by the 9-dash line, so its balls are pressed.

imho said...

Better still. Have free movement with WA. They are dying for tourism.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Stay away

All you cunts, please don't come to WA. It is fucked up. Perth is boring. Please fuck off to New Zealand. Stay away from Australia it is full of racists, yobbos, and dingoes who will steal your babies in the night, and eat them.

Have a nice day.

P.S. I hate tourists.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Happy Days

Wah, this week shiok news: Boris Johnson became UK PM, Singapore govt to raise GST to 9%...and now SCOTUS approves the use of Pentagon money to build Wall.

Mr Trump, you did it again! Well played sir!

Virgo 49 said...

Matilah is spot on. You can be DT balls carrier today but tomorrow you can also kena licked his balls.

He is a neither friend or enemy phscopath.

Today can shake your hands.Tomorrow poke your arses.

Sinkieland been using a Developing Country to gain many privelleged WTO Trading status.

Now to make matters worse in Sinkieland's minus zero GDP this Dotard gonna screw Sinkieland into a third world country again.

Yesterday night a couple of Pinoy and Ah Neh's kids with their third world bravo playtime on their bicycles and escooters nearly ramed into my dog resting at the void decks foot paths.

Was angry and start rambling that the farking govt is mad to have these locusts disturbing our peace.

A young neighbour graduate lady in our block penthouse unit told me that not to curse our Great Leaders as they are here to grow our GDP. We needed them.

I said.Good.Let them make up our 10 millions. With the coming recession and depression see how many percentage points these locusts will make up our GDP figures. Also be aware that you may also joined the ranks of the massaged 3.3 unemployment figures soon.

Sinkieland even as a Developing Country status enjoyed many tarrif preferential rates. The so called billions that they had accumulated were squandered off without any transparency that TCB is harping.

Also, you be surprised that they even imported the drugs and medications thru Matland source of cheaper Developing Country status for our Polyclinics and charges us First World Country prices.

See so many with Matland's stamps on them. I used to buy many from Matland and they were similar to what we have here.

So be prepare for Dotard Trump's onslaught on Sinkies Land.

Brace yourselves for more pains.

That's why you see the Patheic Sinkies even fought for Huawei cheap handphones. They are so famish that they have to be so gian png.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

>> Yesterday night a couple of Pinoy and Ah Neh's kids with their third world bravo playtime on their bicycles and escooters nearly ramed into my dog resting at the void decks foot paths. <<

KNN. Nearly langgar your dog ah? Just resting, dun disturb anyone? Wah, they were lucky it was not me or my dog I would assault every one of them....and I know I will be out of jail a free man before they get out of the hospital on crutches.

We need our pai kiahs back to meet the occasional need for "Void Deck Justice". 😎

Anonymous said...

Goh Keng Swee must be turning in his grave if he knows that Singapore is spending billions to buy 4 flawed fighter aircraft and hoping that the flaws would be rectified before delivery.

It is not just buying 4 flawed fighter aircraft (assuming it is indeed flawed) but I think also buying American protection as part of the contract lah.

This is so that tiny Singapore will not dare to be invaded by its bigger neighbours lah.

I am sure Singapore's security is worth much, much more than the billions spent on the 4 flawed fighter aircraft, correct or not?

Of course Sinkies will have to pay for it lah, but who cares if Sinkies still want to vote for PAP.

And PAP is also very smart to ensure that majority Sinkies dare not vote for the Sinkie opposition to be govt. Even Tan Cheng Bock is also smart to think opposition will not form govt after coming election.

Anonymous said...

Why CECA never include a clause to make sure India supply sands to Singapore?
8:48 am

Aiyo, use your brain lah.

Even if India supply sand for free, the transport cost is already much, much higher than buying and transporting sand from elsewhere now.

Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn u are damn smart. I doubt any in the Govt has thought of this ideal. Knn paid in the millions and overlook a simple solution. Someone needs to be sodomized as one anon used to say. Tio bo?πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

Anonymous said...

Even Tan Cheng Bock is also smart to think opposition will not form govt after coming election.
11:29 am

After coming election, at best, Tan Cheng Bock will become another Low Thia Khiang and at worst, another Tan Jee Say.

So I think Tan Cheng Bock can only aim to become another Low Thia Khiang, realistically speaking.

And Chee Soon Juan can continue to earn a living as opposition politician but not MP, as has been so for decades.

Anonymous said...

Boeing is said to be dumping the production of the 737 Max. I wonder whether this is true.

Who would want to buy, or want to fly in a plane with 'patched up' software as some people opined? Boeing obviously could not find a solution to the problem plaguing the plane. Many are saying that the real problem is with the design structure alteration to the plane itself, which lead to the necessity to install computer software, and the main objective was to cut cost, which means the bottom line is more important for Boeing and not passenger's safety, and finally it all boils down to having Indian software programmers doing the computer software. Are these programmers from reputable universities or degree mills?

And the most pertinent question is did Boeing do all these because they were not doing very well against Airbus and wants to appear leading the industry? The bottom line is that Boeing has lost US$2.9 billion this quarter alone, with the 737 Max problem still unresolved and with hundreds of planes laid up across the world and the compensation not yet determined for all the time the plane is on the ground and unable to fly.

China had been accused of making all the crap over the years. Now, what can be said about Boeing, the standard bearer of US manufacturing. And what of the persistent problem also plaguing the F35 which they have been trying for years to rectify. Figure that out!

Anonymous said...

And what of the persistent problem also plaguing the F35 which they have been trying for years to rectify. Figure that out!
11:46 am

It's the Sinkie pilots, not PAP ministers and elites, who will have to fly the F35 even if there are persistent problem, isn'it?

So it is the Sinkie pilots who have to die lah, not PAP ministers and elites, if the F35 crash due to the persistent problem.

So the Sinkie pilots are paid well for a high risk job whereas PAP ministers are paid super well for a "no risk of losing election" job.

Buy F35? Why not, I mean for the PAP ministers lah.

Anonymous said...

11.42am anon, not that I wanted to say you. U think repeating this sarcasm very funny is it? Day in day out post the same thing to irritate people here. I hope you Kena sodomized day in day out until your ass pechak then u see funny or not. Especially u Kena the African tuakee or black ants sodomize u jialat jialat then u know.😭😭😭

Anonymous said...

We need a pest-buster like Anon 12.15. Honestly!

Virgo 49 said...

Go and learn about Our Parliamentary System or Proceesings before you uttered your two cents nonsense shoot from the hips comments.

UK or British inherited Parliament NO need to form the Government and the Opposition can be just as strong as the Ruling Government.

Opposition just needs to be equal in strength with the Ruling Party and they can thwart and nonsensical bills becoming Laws.

If some of the Ruling Party MPs with consciences even voted against their own which is a nightmare in Sinkieland then they can be thrown out with No confidence and Fresh elections take precedent.

Even the Opposition is not equal in numbers, they can also acted as check and balances for the electorate. Any unanswered questions asked by any MPs are denied by their respective Ministries or Ministers will erode their Party or Govt standings and may be thrown out in the next election.

That's why TCB is realistic to say that they can be an Alternative to the PAP for now.

There is no need to be the Govt straightaway. As the Sinkieland oppositions are all in their ingrained set minds of being own Indian Chiefs and dislike to be under any Party just let them be.

Especially TCB still wet behind the ears Party.

When they as a Group has secured a majority, they can jelled and become ONE.

So, don't keep parroting like a drunken parrot and vote in the Opposition Members to secure a better life for you and your next generation if you have one.

Or else, don't let them curse and spit at your graves when you are gone.They will blame you for your follies when you have the chance to do so.

Anonymous said...

Worry not!

China and Sg are very very very very good!

Even Huawei celebrated the Sg 54th national day in a grand way with a very very very very very generous promotion of V6 at only $54! Very very very very very cheap!

So gooo0000oooood to Sg!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


If Singapore was meant to have an opposition it would have by now. You cannot change a fact of nature: The People Get The Cuntry and The Government They Deserve Ultimately, it is their collective beliefs and actions which shape the destiny of the nation.

Too often it is thought that the cuntry has 70% idiots who voted PAP, and 30% "enlightened" fuckers.

But none of the "enlightened" ever has THE BALLS to reverse the reasoning: WHAT IF the 70% were actually the smart and correct ones, and the 30% were just fucking wrong?

Could 70% be "correct"? Is it too much of a stretch to thnk that maybe they are the sane ones? πŸ€“

Discalimer: I don't vote so I don't care who runs Singapore, as long as they keep it awesome and it suits me.

Anonymous said...

Opposition just needs to be equal in strength with the Ruling Party and they can thwart and nonsensical bills becoming Laws.
Virgo 49 1:09 pm

Please lah, Low Thia Khiang already said majority Sinkies are very scared that by voting more opposition, they may accidentally vote the PAP out because the opposition is not ready to be govt.

That's why the opposition every time lose big big one, senile dirty old man u understand?

Already lost big big, so how to be equal in strength with the Ruling Party?

U can scold other people but at least u must give face to Low Thia Khiang mah.

Anonymous said...

Sg don't need any GE! What for?

We know the final results even before any GE!

So why waste time and resources!

You think opposition parties got a slim chance at the next?

Dream on! Dream on! Dream Cruise! Hahaha........

Anonymous said...

You think opposition parties got a slim chance at the next?
2:10 pm

Lose also never mind lah, just take it as for fun lah.

And for Chee Soon Juan, without any other job except as SDP SG, maybe also to earn a living lah, assuming someone is sponsoring his SDP. So lose or win, still will live and have to live mah.

Anonymous said...

Opposition parties in Singapore are very pathetic - lack of good, courageous, think-big and open-minded leadership. Many have already resigned to their fate (imagined or real) that they are second fiddles at most.

The supports given to WP were all wasted because Low Thia Kiang only wanted or dared to be a co-driver who fell asleep and got whacked very hard by the main driver, who has driven him and his kakis to Court. Having three lawyers in his party also can violate the law? What if the Workers' Party had no lawyers within the ranks?

Great Disappointment! Tarnished the image of ALL Oppositions.

SDP is also very stupid. A great disappointment for keeping Dr Chee at the helm. He is a gonner long ago. Even a by-election in a Chinese majority SMC also lost miserably to a non-Chinese. What saving grace does he have left?

Better vot 100% for PAP and turn Singapore into an open Communist Country instead of a subtly hidden Communist Country.

I donno why so many opposition parties? I think all the party leaders are very uncooperative and selfish opportunists who cannot work cordially and harmoniously with one another. Everybody wsnts to be chief but unwilling to be deputies or others. Therefore, they are not able to unite as a single force to enjoy economy of scale and bigger force to challenge the PAP. This is the perenial downfall of the opposition parties in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

You think opposition parties got a slim chance at the next?
2:10 pm

Long time ago there was one joker politician called Harbans Singh from opposition.

When he lost, he said: "I am not happy if I win and I am not sad when I lose." LOL

Virgo 49 said...

Just one man who may be PAP second team said this and the whole daft Sinkies scared to vote in the Opposition?

Today Shits Times Big headline

UNEMPLOYMENT for Singaporeans up amid catious hirings.

That's the pains Sinkies like you must have before you wake up to support the Opposition.

You may be also a PAPies balls suckers who influenced the Daft into a fear climate not to support the Opposition.

For for Matilah saying whether the 70Percent is smart or the 30percent are Dafts are left to be seen

When the locals are scavenging the streets for survivals with the foreign talents or trashes enjoying their luxuries then we can see the magnitude of what the Hong Kongers past months of riots happening here.MOT.

Many suckers or Dafts kept blaming LKY in the seventies of Stop At Two without understanding the Real Scenario behind this policy.

Now, it will be the Real Enactment of what's will happen when Sinkieland is heading into a Recession with her overpopulated POP and too few jobs.

Karma comes one full circle.

LKY with foresight avoided this calamity and his Daft Son brought it on.

Virgo 49 said...

For our GDP. That's what's even a highly electrocuted Uni graduate told me.

One or extra two percent for our initial years and now?

Going to minus even zero percent.

Over pop but too few jobs.

Disasters on the way soon.

Enjoy or suffer at your own lesiure.

You all deserved it for not stopping the White Paper

See who has the best or last laugh.

A senile old man or you smart Alec

Anonymous said...

Hi Two.Two Nine pm..

Good memories...... hahaha...

Anonymous said...



The more people think like RB, SG, Virgo ... the better it is for ME!!

This week my war stocks increased by annualised 12.1%

Now at almost all time highs in the last 20 years.


Virgo 49 said...

This Harban Singh ran in my Tg.Pagar SMC in the earlier days b4 the GRC. Against LKY.

He enter the fray just for the sake of just entering the fray as No Opposition Party dared to fight against LKY.Also may be also a paid opponent just to make the election merrier.

He is just a joker and you dafts believe him. Real dafts.

Remember our Great LKY was supposed to be at our Exclusive PSA estate to give a rally speech.

In front of him only little children and some oldies out for some festival outings as lives are too bored for them.

No one even see that baiyee singh on rounds. Think he lost his deposit.

LKY was so mad that his audience only consists of little children and some even cannnot rememeber the next words of what's he said old folks.

He ranted that this estate ought to be tear down and rebuilt into 3 /4 and 5 roomed flats and NOT all five roomed flats.

That's why now new estates are mixed even with Condoms. Last time condoms are built exclusively on their own.

So this is the story of that joker Baiyee who now should be in the company of LKY.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo

Honestly, everyone knows Harban Singh was a joker. Maybe paid by PAP to spice up the opposition, or to make fun of the opposition camp.

He even had a shadow cabinet ready to take over power, Oh my God, talking about this guy. Our very own version of Donald Trump if he were to be elected as PM. Those were the days!

But laugh not. If the US can have a clown as President and the UK another clown as PM, nothing is impossible in the world of politics nowadays.

Virgo 49 said...

Right Bro.

Our next Joker or Clown who has not win even a bye election and was scorned and criticised by so many SMART alecs or punks who thought that they are smarter than him may get elected this time round.

To let the dafts see what's Parliamentary Debates are.

NOT seen the days of Dr Lee Siew Chor and Mr JBJ.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo, Straight Times readers and the Doom and Gloom "blame it on the govt" rabble:

Recessions/ economic downturns/ financial & liquidity crises... even depressions... please lah you whining BABIES...these are all NATURAL ECONOMIC PHENOMENA. They come, and the go.

After awhile, it's all "happy happy" again--- completely forgetting about the past economic collapse.

And then there's a collapse and the same bozos blame whatever govt is there to take the heat. Not satisfied? Blame rich people too? Still buay tahan? Blame the stupid voters. Wah...tarok lagi ah? Blame the greedy employers for hiring cheap foreign trash.

Moan groan kp kb boo hoo cry cry...yet do nothing for themselves to better their situation. Always looking for a New Jesus to "save them".

The smart ones keep quiet, and buy valuable assets at a steep discount. and wait... patiently. They are fully aware, recessions come, and then they go. Back to normal. Reversion To The Mean. You losers should have paid more attention during maths class in school. After all, we're #1 in the world for high school maths.

Virgo, relac lah. It's not that bad, and it's not permanent.

Anonymous said...

Next GE (cumming soon) - opposition parties sure loss one all seats one.

With Low Tia Khiang no more SG, the Workers' Party (without workers) sure finished one. Pritam Singh can sing but cannot yam seng - useless one. He is likely PAP's infiltrated sleeper agent. Cannot be taken at face value.

Dr Tan and Dr Chee are funny bed-fellows. Who would want to support SDP now?

Lim Tean, the talking too much lawyer, can talk but cannot do one. This Lone Ranger cannot work with other leaders. He does not even have Silver or Tonto to accompany him.

Tan KL is a bag of hot-airs which can't even become flying balloons.

Tan JS and his SingFirst, that cannot sing and cannot first, are typical civil servants who are not politically savy.

Goh MS as usual is a hot air balloon which burst many times.

Chiam's party under his wife Lena is God Save The Queen already.

The field has not changed significantly, except for PSP added. So, in the final analysis, PAP will win hands down. May get 85% of total votes.

Anonymous said...

Wah! Anon 5.36pm predicted 85%! 85%! 85%!

Like that the opposition parties very very siong leh!

Very very demoralising for the opposition parties!

We shall see.

Virgo 49 said...

Don't you think it's better to have what's you described the above Opposition Candidates to be the MPs in Parliament and have at least some robust debates rather than those mute, deaf and dumb PAP parrots in place of them?

Or are you more in the Animals and Birds League rather than human beans?

Virgo49 said...

Let's me tell you why the Mats and Indons don't want to sell you their Sand???

At one time, the Mats also banned the sale of sand to Sinkieland. They have to buy from Batu in Indon and other islands. Also, Indo partially banned and have quota for the export to Sinking Land.

I was with a Sand Importing Company and the tugs and barges had to smuggle out from Batu and goes to the Pasir Ris Lorong Halus Sand pits to discharge the sand. Many companies were bribing and smuggling the sand out. Have to go to Batu to supervise the operations.

Sinkieland Leaders just like that Joseph Schooling are too HOW LIAN. When LKY was in charge, see how chummy he with President Suharto. Econmy boomed at that time with the Oil Drilling Operations. Singapore as the Main Focal Point for many Americans Oil Drilling Exploration Companies.

Sinkies current crop of leaders got NO EQ. Only sais in their brains. They always looked down on our immediate neighbors. Wanting to punch above our puny weights.

Just like that boastful Schooling flash in the pan just one Olympic Medal and now, there I told you, kena bashed by all the swimmers. Now still exempted from NS. One same breed reporter can still how lian tell him to carry the PAP balls.

Other Sinkies sons had already served all their obligations.

Sinkies Leaders even in the Ah Sian do not know how to jell with their Ah Sian counterparts.

Only know how to boast that we are Nampar One. Always showing off our kuching kurap Military Forces. Our Fighter planes and our Battalions of Civvy Soldiers.

Where got Matland and the Indons kept boasting and posturing their Armed Forces. You behaved as though you are superior in your might and others will kwa lan with you.

Think you deserved to have these fates.

Tragically most Sinkies also think alike. They are SMART and Invincible.

Have not seen their coffins will not shed tears yet.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

I've been told that the sand used at the Shangrila Rasa Sentosa was imported from Hawaii.

The point being, markets work. Sometimes they stall... because of human meddling, but soon they return to their primary function: MATCHING SELLERS, WITH BUYERS automatically, without the need for a central "authority".

We have the money. Sooner or later sunshine someone with extra sand will want to earn some πŸ’° money.

That's capitalism.

Anonymous said...

Brought in 3 million locusts and our GDP can't even make it past 3%. Now lagi worse, threatening recession.

What the fuck are the 3 million locusts for? Create more jobs?

Anonymous said...

5.36pm anon, u have given many predictions running down the Opposition. U paid agent meh? Earn money this way very cheark lar. If u have no other skill, then use your ass as the only asset go Jalan Besar to earn money by letting the USA sailors who are sex stuff to sodomize u jialat jialat then u can earn tips larπŸ˜€

Virgo 49 said...

Matilah, Sentosa Shangrila Rasa Sayang have their Sand from Hawaii is to beautify their beach. NOT really heard of it.

You know these voluminous heavy sand from far off places needs how many shipments to get here?

The Freight charges can killed you. Even extra heavy Laden containers have a maximum weight payload for safety.

For beach beautification ok but for building Projects like MRT and other construction the costs is forbidden.

Sand mostly on barges and towed by tugs. Also easy loading and discharging just by tractors.

Put into containers? Hard time to stow and spilled all over. Put into sand bags? Ah Nehs will collapses from fatigue.

So no way they imported from far off sellers even we have too.

Only solution. Our Great Labs and our Innovation R&D instead of just experimenting how great our Popiah and Curry Beef goes into research for another substitute for sand in building construction.

Or no need another 5 millions to crammed the already sinking island and built less.


Anonymous said...

virgo Knn I like your last proposal.

Anonymous said...

When no one talks about the opposition, I suspect someone is just talking to himself.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo,

Yes, of course doing it the Rasa Sentosa way is going to be costly.

That wasn't the point. I made the point that if you want/ need something, and you have the money (the more you have the better your chances and choices) sooner or later SUPPLY will appear in the market.

Singapore can really have ALL the sand they want. We have the money. If we have to pay more, we will because INFRASTRUCTURE and NATION BUILDING are projects for the LONG TERM.

People (naysayers) also fail to realise how connected the Elite are to the movers and shakers of the world. We offer attractive residency to anyone who has great wealth, and these people are well connected globally and influential. This is a really BIG HELP to Singapore especially when there are problems to be solved. Guan Xi. Very very important.

There is no stopping Singapore's unrelenting expansion into the future. Whether you like it or not, we're going to 7 million, then to 9 and beyond. I'm 100% on board with this, in full support of the government. As a matter of principle, I still don't vote for anyone in any election, but I do agree with the imposition of "nation building" by the PAP on the society.

We are not a democracy. We are governed by a soft dictatorship, a system which has served the nation well. I'm very suspicious of a fully democratic Singapore. I doubt it would work. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Speaking about the influential, wealthy and globally connected: The latest billionaire to call Singapore "home". Sir James Dyson.

He bought 1 three storey apartment, and one bungalow. Tak mahu kalah. Why have one when you can have two? πŸ˜„



Anonymous said...

When Singapore is in social chaos due to whatever reason,
all the filthy rich will scurry off.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ The reality is...

The unchanging reality is that many Singaporeans are themselves reasonably well off, or too passive to complain with civil disobedience, too apathetic and there are those who are too scared.

The mere hint of civil unrest will be met with EXCESSIVE FORCE by the govt. It'll probably never even get close to what's presently happening in Hong Kong...no where near!

I reckon the super rich are here to stay. There's a mantra amongst the "nomad capitalists": Go To Where You're Treated The BEST!. We're going to get more squillionaires, rest assured!

That's why Singapore needs to STAY AWESOME. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ