Reasons why Mahathir to stay for 3 years as PM

When Mahathir out of the blue announced that he was going to stay as PM for another 3 years, it took everyone by surprise even though this flip flop king was just being himself . But in this case it was a blatant affront to the PKR and his commitment to quit after two years to let Anwar in. But as days passed, this about turn by Mahathir becomes clearer. It was not out of nothing. It was in defiance and sending a message to Anwar that Mahathir is still the king maker and no one should touch his new protege Azmin that he is grooming to be the next PM.

If one is still wondering what is happening, read the following as reported in the main media to get some clues on this issue. Anwar's position as the next PM is hanging on a string. Many things were unsaid but out there for all to see. No one is saying the whole truth and no one is going to say otherwise. There is high tension in Malaysia on who is going to become the next PM and when.

Here are some extracts from a post in Channel News Asia to understand the intrigue of Malaysia politics and the power struggle that is going on at the moment. On the surface Anwar's relation with Mahathir is normal and his taking over as the PM is still in the cards.

'He added that Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali should resign if it is confirmed that he was involved in the video.

“My initial view is for him not to resign. It will depend on investigations. If the investigation is conclusive, in terms of the participants of the act, then I think he needs to resign,” said Mr Anwar....

In a sharp retort, Mr Azmin said: “Look at the man in the mirror.”
“Ask Anwar to ‘muhasabah diri’ (carry out self-introspection) and reflect on himself,” the minister was quoted as saying by the Malaysian Insight.
According to Malaysian media reports, Mr Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak - who is Mr Anwar’s political secretary and PKR’s Kuala Kangsar, Perak division chief - was among three men detained on Tuesday. The 37-year-old was said to have been nabbed at a house near Pasir Gudang, Johor....

There have been suggestions that supporters of Mr Anwar were responsible for the video in a bid to topple Mr Azmin, but Mr Anwar has refuted the allegations.

Earlier on Wednesday, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, when asked for a comment regarding Mr Farhash’s arrest, replied: “This is the first time I’m hearing (this).”

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/anwar-ibrahim-shocked-arrest-of-aide-viral-sex-video-azmin-11728574


Anonymous said...

From all available evidences, inundos and insinuations, Dr (also stands for Driver) Mad-hate-tear is determined to complete his full term of five years. Period.

PKR is now divided. Anwar is losing his grib on some of the key PKR leaders, especially PKR's Deputy President and three Vice Presidents or more.

Someone has made the gay sex video not to implicate Azmin but more importantly to implicate Anwar.

Once it can be established that the video was made by the "leader" of PKR, then Anwar can be charged for a criminal offence snd go to jail again. Game over!

See how the old cunning fox is manipulating behind the scenes?

southernglory1 said...

When Third World countries indulge in internal strives it provides a rich ground and opportunities for the Evil Empire and its gangs to infiltrate and interfere with the internal affairs of these countries for regime change or through subterfuge to place more pro Evil Empire party in power. The Evil Empire will always fund and support the pro US party or parties. If necessary it will instigate and organize choas and instabilities and public demonstrations as is happening in Hong Kong and Venezuela now. It will of first importance infiltrate in the countries military and police force to gain vital ground and support for US evil design. It is important for these countries not to allow US NGOs to infiltrate into all other government departments. All American NGOs are spies and secret agents and ultimately saboteurs. When American embassies and consulates are overstaffed with far too many officials or officers than required they must be told to cut down the numbers.


Virgo 49 said...

Long time ago when Anwar was already impatient to take over his seat, Mad Hater already had tricks in his sleves.

Initially, for his Son to take over.
Now maybe somebody else or he himself wants to stay longer as he felt that time is running short for his last hurrah.

When once Mahathair was away on a long overseas trip and Anwar was put in charge.

He, Anwar wore a T-shirt with the embossed Words "BOSS"

When Mahathair came back, he also wore another T-Shirt with the embossed words "BOSSNI"

In Malay- Boss is Me or Here.So Anwar can only pretend to be Boss but He Bossni.


Virgo 49 said...

Right SouthernGlory.

Just read SCMP that HK lawmakers are meeting the US Congress in a meeting.

China and Macau now declared that they are going to put a stop to these riots.

The UAssA is stirring shits again to unsettle HK.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Is it just me or does anyone else suspect that Mahathir is leveraging his medical background and engaging in secret "biohacking" to maintain his abilities and sustain/ maintain his life at his extremely advanced age?

The current governing philosophy in the "life extension" research arena is that they are tackling aging as a DISEASE and thus applying disease-fighting strategies. This is really "out of the box" thinking and some of the modalities and treatments are showing promise.

Mahathir is nobody's fool lah. The man is a wiley political super hero...he has proven he can come back from "obscurity" to win back an entire nation and its peoples... a seemingly IMPOSSIBLE achievement.

One thing's for sure: Dr M understands the "Malay dynamic" down to the smallest detail which others might miss. And he'll call out the stuff in the culture which he thinks hold Malays back from progressing. He does it directly without fear of blowback.

This guy's a Master Of The Game lah. Even at his age he can make our super (expensive) government (rated one of the world's best) kalam kabut...🤣😭

Well played, sir!

Anonymous said...

Singapore's DPM to PM succession is so smooth compared to KL's, so boring . . . .

Anonymous said...

How about Sg case?

Our PM....what next for him....how many more years...till when?

Sg really really really need him. Hope he will stay loong!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ southernglory & Virgo

If you haven't read Nicholas Naseem Taleb's "Antifragile", you might want to too understand "fragilities" of society.

If your stupid backward society of undeveloped inbreds cannot tahan "outside interference", then IMO, your cuntry/ society/ race deserves to be conquered and controlled by a superior force.

The people get the cuntry and the govt they deserve. That's reality, backed up by recorded history. If you cannot defend yourself, sooner or later you're relegated to an entry in the history books.

IMO Hong Kong people are some of the smartest fuckers around. They'll know "what's what".

Anonymous said...

Chan got chance to be PM if Heng suffers stroke overnight.

According to https://www.stroke.org ,

- Within 5 years of a first stroke, the risk for another stroke can increase more than 40%.

- Recurrent strokes often have a higher rate of death and disability because parts of the brain already injured by the original stroke may not be as resilient.

- Within 5 years of a stroke, 24% of women and 42% of men will experience a recurrent stroke.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah said,

IMO Hong Kong people are some of the smartest fuckers around. They'll know "what's what".
July 29, 2019 10:07 am

Really? Hong Kong like Singapore was in the right place at the right time. Nothing much about their ingenuity or creativity. The reason for HK and Spore's growth and prosperity was the middle man when the hinterland was unable to access the world market.

Today both have outlived their usefulness. Singapore is luckier as the neighbouring countries still have a lot of catching up to do. Hong Kong is in shit. It has nothing except housing and a commercial and banking district that has already been overtaken and could be totally disregarded. Hong Kong can close down and the rest of China would go on prospering. There is nothing useful in HK to China today.

There is no manufacturing and everything that HK needs come from China. China can close its border with HK and they don't even have enough water or food to get by.

Today, the middleman HK is irrelevant and would be history soon. Can a chaotic HK survive for a few months without China?

Don't dream on it. How much smartness is there in an island of shops and foodstalls, like Singapore? The new world is about high tech, AI, science and technology....

Virgo 49 said...

Well said. Mr RB.

All in a nutshell.


Virgo 49 said...

Matilah. This another also "M" as Master in the game can even bargained China to agreed a few billions less for the ECL.


imho said...

Its natural he wants to stay on cos Power and wealth are very addictive and few can withstand it. He is not special or super, he is just normal like anyone.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

He thought he was very smart in cutting down the price. Ask any contractor and they would know what to do, cutting corners, save a bit here, a bit there and do a bit less here, a bit less there. The cake still looks like a cake but is not the same cake anymore.

Anonymous said...

like a cake but shall be no better than a puff soon.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB. Think China main objective is Goodwill and their strategy in furthering the BRI.

Long term planning in case of blockade at Straits of Singapore.

East Coast Ports easy access for their vessels straight from China and onward cargo and petroleum and palm oil and durians from there.

They can also be Exclusive client of Matland with priority berthings and use of ports etc.

Don't be surprised that joint ventures agreement the Chinese will control thr port.

Any other countries has to pay heavy port and other dues.

From there hinterland to Thailand and other overland routes.

Now let you slash, never mind. Long term.stragedy

Don't think the Chinese will screw up this project..

Gain trust. Many projects upcoming. Chinese strategy of business lose today, make tomorrow.


Virgo 49 said...

Forgetting famous Bentong Ginger for their Mala.

Also Betong Chin Ping comrades.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Anti HK folks

Hang Seng PE is ~13+. Hang Seng's "usual" PE is around 11, so HK still doing ok, despite the protests.

Still looking good lah. Plenty of capital to deploy...

Good. Close down all that stinky manufacturing. Let China have it. 😂

Singapore hasn't lost its usefulness lah. A few lazy losers haven't kept themselves competitive and allowed their lazy asses to become COMPLACENT (as warned by Lee KY himself), but in general, the cuntry is doing OK. Most people are OK.

Downturn? Recession? So what, fuckers? Recessions and crises are all part of the cycles (plural) lah. Dun tell me you haven't experienced a recession before, and survived. Stop being cry babies lah. Economic downturns are great for starting new enterprises, buying that flat you couldn't afford before, and picking up discounted VALUE risk assets.

More HK---The capital is doing quite alright! (ETF based on HK market)

iShares...looking good lah

Anyway, STAR Market (China's market for tech companies...."NASDAQ" style...not quite, but the idea is there...) opened, and the shit went SKYHIGH...complete nuts!

>> The STAR Market sets no limits on share prices during the first five days of a company’s trading. << Wah lao! Can gamble like crazy and lose money until pengsan....or make a shit load....😂🤑

Virgo 49 said...

When HK and Sinking Land goes KAPUT. Don't know what's hits them.

Sank Sank sank right to bottom

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

>> When HK and Sinking Land goes KAPUT. Don't know what's hits them. <<

Talking rubbish lah. When a cuntry fails you can see it collapse over time. It is never "instant". Look at Venezuela... still standing. Yah, very terok, but still there. Zimbabwe...it's been fucked up for years. Sill there. HK and Singapore have populations which have the highest net worth and incomes in the world. You think so easy to "kaput" ah?

Silly old fool. 🤡

Virgo 49 said...

Silly old Fool?

Yes Matilah, recession and depression are the Economic Cycles as what's you said.

But you must know the different scenarios and changes when these recessions and depressions hits us.

Also HK. Wah, Sinkieland and HK have populations which have the highest net worth?

Worth whats? As middle men hawkers and servile businesses? Selling off all our land and KAPUT?

In the 70s when LKY implemented the Stop At Two birthcontrols on thr POP.We are facing massive unemployment.The Brits gave notice of withdrawal from their bases. There are going to be not enough jobs for the POP. Luckiky with LKY's foresight to implement this policy we have had enough time and resources to plan and save massive unemployments.

Now the Secnario is different. The daft son made the grave mistake of getting another 3 millions in. Now at 6.5M.

With this POP and losing all our pass by dates businesses with no innovations to lead us.We are heading into doomsday.

The what's nonsense 4G leaders are also clueless on what to do. Only pausing for time and prayers and kicking the can down the road.

With coming massive unemployment due to your take it easy economic as usual recession. Aiya chicken feed. The POP of 6.5M will be at each other throats for survivals.

If the Papies are able to con the daft sinkies and have the majority of them scavenging the roads and blaming on their arses luck.Well and Good.

But if the foreign locusts were in this situation, HELL will broke loose. You think they are so senile and ballless like our local sinkies?

They are revolutionaries from their countries of births.

MOT. If China too lan and renged their Agreement and straightaway havd HK and Taiwan in theit fold.They gonna be jelled into One and leave what's Sinkieland's Frantic Centre in thr cold.

Die cock standing with 6.5M POP to solve. LKY be stirring in his grave.Maybe be be jump up and giving kicks to his imbeciles predessors.

So when Singapore sink. It will be like a Rock sang right to the bottom.

So don't havr too high hopes of Sinkies high net worth.

Afterall you are here just as a locust and too bad cannnot exploit your hotel stay and the blood and sweat of honest Singaporeans anymore.

Virgo 49 said...

Should be successors.

Tuas Mega Port is gonna be a White Elephant soon.

Many trade routes be rerouted. BRI inland. Indon and Matland be having their strategic Mega Ports.

You think shipping logistics rock sciences businesses.

Any Mats, Indons.Burmese Thais can do as good.

No more what's transhipment ports status. Dying business.Can have 4M POP gainfully employed?

China be befriending all ASEAN Nations and offered Capitals financing and building all infractures for them.

You think Sinkieland's One Up on them with their land resources and manpower and costs factors.

Dream on.

Doomsday on the way.

Wah, today's Shits Times FULL page of what's coming innovations.

Too late liao.


Anonymous said...

Prediction on the Future of Sin.

Virgo 49
Score 9/10

Matilah Singapura
Score 1/10

Fate of Sin is sealed

Anonymous said...

I thought this post is about Malaysia going Kaput. But, as always, Sinkieland suffers from collateral damage in the process. Just like when things go wrong in the world, China is to be blamed.

Now about Malaysia. Mahathir, it seems, is not too keen to let Anwar take over the PM's seat. He is putting in the foundation for his son to take over eventually. Anwar is just being used to build all the bridges for the old man to regain power, not to succeed him. And Anwar has to be careful not to be the star of another 'soto mi' sequel.

If Anwar does take over the PM's seat, as seat warner if you believe, the chances of Mahathir's son becoming the next PM after Anwar is questionable. Even though Anwar is not as young, but if he lives to be 93 like the old man, that is a pretty long time to warm a hot seat. By then the seat might become too hot for Mahathir's son to sit on, with the old man probably gone and unable to exercise his grandmaster move of deflecting blows from the opposition. Sounds familiar?

On the surface, Mahathir and Anwar seems amicably agreeable, but people can still see underneath the strained effort to put on a cordial front. I do not believe that Anwar can easily forgive and forget what Mahathir did to him in the past. And I believe in the saying that there or no permanent friends, only permanent enemies. This coalition was formed in the first place to get rid of Najib over the 1MDB issue, not because they are renewing their tumultuous friendship or hated of each other in the past, just like Trump and Kim.

Even Anwar's family, I am sure, has not forgiven the old man, with Anwar's daughter still harbouring anger over the treatment of her father by the old man in the past, calling the old man a dictator before she resigned.

Things are getting interesting in Malaysia. Most of ASEAN members are moving fast forward, even countries like Cambodia and Laos, and Malaysia, because of her racial politics in play, is going to be the next sick man of ASEAN. Do not tell that to the Mats, because you will get a fatwa for sure.

Anonymous said...

@RB, @Virgo, @All,

HK is similar to Sinkieland (except that hongkies are more gungho) --- Both are ruled & controlled by the elites & by the successful.

The 1st few protests were approved by the HK elites. The last few protests definitely not.

When elites' properties & territories are threatened by the poor & loser masses, those that matter in HK know what to do.

Now even the American Chamber of Commerce in HK (part of the elites) is asking the authorities to stop all the unrest & restore confidence LOL!!

But one thing about HK & hongkongers --- they're DAMN RESILIENT & ALWAYS REINVENT THEMSELVES. Don't forget not too long ago HK was THE Asian factory of the free world, producing plastic toys, plastic chairs, Sanyo radios, Sony TVs etc.

Between HK & S'pore, I will put my multi-generational money into HK.

HK's current exports of $550B is nothing to sniff at --- like S'pore, it punches above its weight!!! LOL!!!

On a per capita basis, it still out-exports China's $2T worth of exports.

Oh and HK imports close to $300B (forming part of the $2T) from China i.e. HK serves as a VERY longstanding conduit for Chinese exports via HK .... that is exempt from tariffs & enjoys preferential trade (WTO) treatment --- which Trump has just now realised & getting pissed (S'pore also included).


Anonymous said...


Why the fuck are you still looking at Shit Times for?!?!?!

Only losers now even bother to look at it.


Anonymous said...

No matter how cynical one can get about Malaysia, it is a blessed country.
Malaysians shall enjoy live of plenty no matter who runs it.

lt is no point having talent and benign leaders who have little or nothing to work on. Even if the Super Ables manage to create a miracle or two, they shall run out of resource.
A good cook is useless when there is no ingredient to cook. At best he or she gets only to reheat left-over and this is what the 4G will have to so. They are ranting about how good and capable they are now. But, no guarantee that the Taikong will abandon the Sampan before the Passengers.

lt is likely that the more affordable will leave Sin to enjoy better livings in larger and fast improving societies.
Why would one stays in a well with water fast drying up ?

Virgo 49 said...

You must look to see what they report.

Then able to critise them.

CCS said now must develop a pool of Singaporeans talents.

Should have done this ages ago.

Virgo 49 said...

Singapore's main GDP is on Construction.

To shore up the figures.

How many Singaporeans are employed in the Field of Construction?

If you have 30 to 40 % of Singaporeans in this workforce. Then it's difference even on the times of recession.

But Sinkies are mostly in the push pens and papers plus servicing companies.

Airport and shipping logistics warehousing and insurance and properties businesses.

The later of insurance and properties ok for the sleepy town of melaka.

But now with the coming ECL and NS and KL and Port klang, many jobs are created and their economies and incomes will arise.

With a small POP like Singapore in the past we have enough jobs to cater to our own. Sufficient and self supporting

But now with an extra of nearly 3 millions.How to ensure enough for all?

If a country like India and China have a large POP which is a major problem to the Govt.Then.they have no choice but to make sure that they try to have a lower unemployment rate.

Sinkieland with her just nice workforce of local Singaporeans purposely go and carry a burden of having another 3 millions.

They think that times are good forever?

Never think of the dire consequences of World's turbulence enconmy which may happen at any time.

Now they have shits in hands with these worrying economic trends.

Worse still they have not prepared for these contingencies long ago.

So pathetc Singaporeans are now at the mercy of theit blunders.

Left to be seen how serious are the outcome.

Virgo 49 said...

The PAP famous quote: Mismatched.

Our workforce mismatched that's why we have this unemployment problems.

But do they take the initiative and foresight to see that our workers are NOT mismatched?

Pushing the blames to the Singaporeans.

Sitting on their fat arses and collecting their million dollars salaries.

Who's to be blamed? The daft 70% who gave them these luxuries.

If we have more Opposition MPs long ago.They might poke their arses into doing better.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'Luckiky with LKY's foresight to implement this policy we have had enough time and resources to plan and save massive unemployments.

Now the Secnario is different. The daft son made the grave mistake of getting another 3 millions in. Now at 6.5M.'

You got this all wrong Virgo. It was the pragmatic economist in Goh Keng Swee that solved Singapore's problems in those days. We still have a LKY type as PM but no Goh Keng Swee economist to solve our economic problems.

All the so called solutions are double edged swords and would kill the economy eventually.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

HK's current exports of $550B is nothing to sniff at --- like S'pore, it punches above its weight!!! LOL!!!

On a per capita basis, it still out-exports China's $2T worth of exports.

Oh and HK imports close to $300B (forming part of the $2T) from China i.e. HK serves as a VERY longstanding conduit for Chinese exports via HK .... that is exempt from tariffs & enjoys preferential trade (WTO) treatment --- which Trump has just now realised & getting pissed (S'pore also included).


Where did HK got $2t products from exports? With the small population in HK, how could it import $300b? Answer, middle man. When China decides to do away with this middle man, HK is a hollow economy.

The wealth of HK is he same as Spore, property prices and shops and nothing else. What did HK produce today, where are the factories?

When the economy collapses in either country, the properties would fall like coconuts and the shops would have no buyers. Look at the trend in Spore from the things they reported and deemed important, like graduates aspiring to become hawkers, innovations in food, when the world is running away with AIs, science and technology....

What kind of future is a nation that brags about hawker centres and hawker food? What kind of future is there for a nation that depends on the import of third world fake talents and cheats to create jobs for its people?

HK with China as the hinterland is finish. There is nothing in HK except properties and shops.

Anonymous said...

lt is naive to think that Sin can depend on construction industry to create job and grow the Economy. ln fact, it is not only foolish to think so, it is VERY DANGEROUS on two aspects.
First is the Depletion of the Scare Land mass. Secondly, most developments shall have to be sold to aliens as the Locals are not able to afford them. Do not forget the Filthy are here to park their wealth, clean, ill-gotten or laundering. Property price is getting crazy in Sin precisely because of this quick fix economic pursuit.

As it is,
native population is near below 50% and should fall below very soon. Sin is as good as sold and Sinkies are pawning themselves.

Virgo 49 is prescient of the Fact that many of the Developments shall be white elephants in time to come.
l shall further add that they will not only be wasted, they shall be liabilities.

We have dreamers that think and talk cheap but hardly deliver anything.
The Prosperity that we have enjoyed thus far has come from the toils of sweat and blood from the People at Large.
Tan Lark Sye, Lee Kwong Chian, Lim Nee Soon, C K Tang, Nippon Paint Boss, Wee Chow Yau and many others are the Folks that make Sin into what it is today.
Of course Raffles was the One that deserves the Greatest Credit for making Sin the Centre of lnternational Trades.

As for the 4G Leaders,
they are nothing but spoilt brats, spending and splurging at the Expenses of the People and either sweet talk or talk big depending on their agenda.

All in all,
if Ministers Grace Fu, Josephine Teo, lndranee Rajah, Amy Khor, Khaw Boon Wan, Chan Chun Sing, Ng Chee Min, DPM Heng Swee Kiat, PM Lee Hsien Loong and Other Pappies are able to brainwash the DAFT,
the Day Of Reckoning for Sin is not too far off.

The End is near, however,
no danger to the Sweet Talkers,
they have plenty of sanctuaries.

Good Luck to All.

Anonymous said...


Your brain is still stuck in the 1990s if you think HK main business is still being a middleman.

Anymore than saying SG main biz is middleman to China or middleman to SE Asia.

HK's main exports are finance & services, not manufactured goods. In the 1980s, everybody was saying HK is finished becoz they became too costly for large scale manufacturing & a large portion of their economy dissapeared within a few years.

Those who sold their cheap HK properties in the 1980s & left ended up being the stupid ones.

Virgo 49 said...

Josephine Teo said there a 60,000 jobs that goes a begging?

Fact or Fallacy? Workerd need retraining.

Then on the other hand, DPM Heng said Stimulus package in hand to boost the enconmy.

One contradicting the other.
And unemployment rate at 3.3%.

Virgo 49 said...

Yes, Mr RB. GKS is the main enconmist that solved Singapore's economic problems.

I did not really said that LKY is the main credit for this.

What's I am saying is that many dafts every now and then kept harping that he LKY is responsible for Singapore what's low Births rates now due to his Stop At Two Policy at that time.

They do not understand the dire situation of overpop at that time with low employment rates.
Also, newly independent and the Brits adding woes with their withdrawal from Singspore.

So at that time, he had to keep our POP low for survivals.
Some still have three or more even with that Policy in place at that time.

In return, his Son and Holy Goh made blunders in the White Paper of having 6.5M to quicken Singapore death knell of massive unemployment. With their greed imaginary GDP growth.

Now it's a real burden to have 4 M gainfully employed in this climate.

Virgo 49 said...

Even in what's creating jobs for the Construction Industry, the workers and contractors are from overseas. Not Singaporeans.

So what's creating jobs for the masses of own citizens?

Anonymous said...

@ All,

On American Exceptionalism

“The propagandist’s purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human.”

– Aldous Huxley

The only way to turn one human being against another human being is to somehow make them all believe that others are different. So it’s never a human who fights against another human; instead, it’s a set of beliefs that fights against another set of beliefs.

American propagandists made their US citizens believe that they are exceptional (i.e. special) from the rest of the world, subtly ingrained into their unthinking numb-skull that they are superior to all other people in the whole world. Thereby, the propagandists inflated the pride of the Americans as a special people (similar to Hitler's Third Reich, Moses' Chosen Ones, and some religious leaders' God's Children). In this way, the propagandists/politicians in the White House (not called white house for nothing - it represents Whitemen) in Washington (not called Washington for nothing - it is the centre where brain-washing ideas spread) make themselves even more special - become the Rulers of the Entire World! That's why World Domination and Hegemony haa always been the object and aim of the USA - meaning the United Slaves of Arch-Angel (represented by the Statue of Liberty).

Countering Brain-Washing

One way to stop being brainwashed by propaganda is for you to stay conscious of your thoughts, assumptions and presumptions; and never let these beliefs control your attitude, behaviour and character.

Taking the Red or Blue Pill is entirely up to you - YOU HAVE A CHOICE.


Virgo 49 said...

Yes, Frog Outside Well.

The Americans are such special people that they killed their own days on days with their own Arsenals which they themselves are fighting against one another in the Guns Control Controversy.

Their Special Rights and Freedom of owning these weapons of killings.

They have a inferiority rather than superiority complex that they be under siege anytime by intruders.

Being guilt conscious with their evil mindness.

Anyway, let them purge among themselves.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

HK's main exports are finance & services, not manufactured goods. In the 1980s, everybody was saying HK is finished becoz they became too costly for large scale manufacturing & a large portion of their economy dissapeared within a few years.

Those who sold their cheap HK properties in the 1980s & left ended up being the stupid ones.
July 29, 2019 10:21 pm

HK can only be a successful financial centre with China's backing. Once China rules this out, with the stupid Hongkies running riots, see who is the stupid ones and where is Hong Kong tomorrow?

Anonymous said...


60K jobs = 3.3% unemployment = stimulus package

No contradiction.

It means:-
(1) those Sinkies who are "good enough" to be employed are already employed.

(2) a significant portion of Sinkies are simply "not good enough" to be employable.

(3) govt WILL re-open floodgates for more foreigners to fill the 60K jobs.

PAPies are engineering a steady-state low-to-moderate growth Singapore --- very good & safe for multi-millionaires & billionaires to park their moneys here.

Private properties will continue to act as Fixed Deposits for the rich (and not so rich) in Sinkieland.

Rentals to foreigners (including HDB) will slowly start to pick up from the multi-year low base we are in currently.


Virgo 49 said...

Indeed Parasitic ingrained traits of you and the Papies.

Just living on the Blood and Sweat of Singaporeans.

Servile slaves as ingrained in Sinkies.

Govt responsibilities to their citizens. If not what's the Fark called yourself a NATION.

JT said 60K jobs to be filled and goes to the foreign trashes. Yet the dafts still voted them in.

Analysts forecasted at least 100K jobs KAPUT.

Anyway, Sinkies deserved their fate to be like the Last Mochikans.

Now Heng using the old PAP trick of adversarial politics.Do NOT vote in Opposition MPs.Not good for Singapore.

Only we are good for you to do as what's we want.

Sinkies whole life generations servile in most employments as slaves.

The Rest renting their properties to be one up on their peers.

Those ENV hawkers licenses at 200 to 300 a month sublets to others for 2 to 3K and also one up on their peers.

Thinking they are Princes with papuer lifestyles.

The rest of consumers paid for their up keep. The Papies just like the 4 monkeys feeling great that the parasitic Sinkies are learning the ropes fron them fast.

Anonymous said...

Think of Hong Kong as a financial and commercial city without China.


Anonymous said...


///Think of Hong Kong as a financial and commercial city without China. Viable?///

Sure ... It will be back to Iron Bamboo Curtain days from 1949-1990.

Or another example -- after SG kena kicked out of hinterland in 1965.

Under people like Anon & others on this blog, HK (and SG) sure die. But luckily still got 100s of thousands other more capable people to get the job done.