Christmas festivities in Chinatown, Singapore: Is it a joke or is it for real?

      Our government has always been wise and full of wisdom to cater for the special and unique festive spirit of the three main ethnic groups of the Malays, Indians and the Chinese as well as the cosmopolitan group of Western religion followers in Christmas festivities in Orchard Road. Thus so the government has for decades encourage and support the Hari Raya celebrations in Geylang Serai, the Deepavali celebrations in Little India, the Chinese Lunar New Year or Spring Festival and the Mid-Autumn Moon Cake Festival in Chinatown and Christmas celebrations in Orchard Road. During these ethnic festivals there is always full of vibrancy with huge crowds of various races mingling to shop, dine and celebrate in Geylang Serai, Little India, China Town and Orchard Road.

Now some smart Alex try to steal some business away from Orchard Road during the Christmas festivities by organizing and decking up Christmas festivities and celebrations in Chinatown. Christmas festivities and celebrations in Chinatown is  inappropriate as it hasn't got the natural spirit of the occasion. What if  this same smart Alex tries to organize similar Hari Raya  activities or Deepavali activities in Chinatown in future so as to lure away some business from Geylang Serai or Little India will it not inadvertently offend the sensitive feelings of the other ethnic groups. Similarly by organizing Christmas activities in Chinatown may it not also inadvertently hurt the sensitive cultural feelings of the Chinese ethnic group. It is a sort of trying to deculturalize the Chinese and their culture.

Hope the government will look into the matter and wisely advise whoever is the organizer of this unseeming event to stop this kind of inappropriate festivity at the wrong venue. Is it worthwhile to just earn a few dollars more at the expense of unforseen potential sensitive problems. The organizer should think proactively before undertaking such an event.

The above is written with good intention to forestall unforseen potential problems  which the organizer may have foolishly overlooked. 


Thursday, 1st December, 2022.

China Must Let ‘Extraordinary’ Protests Continue, Arrogant US Envoy to Beijing Says

China shouldn’t interfere with “extraordinary” protests against strict Covid curbs that broke out across the country, the US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns said Tuesday.

“We just have to see how this plays out,” Burns said. “It’s obviously a very important event for the people of China. And we’re watching it, of course, with great care and great attention.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also said earlier Tuesday that protests should be allowed to continue. “We’ve been very clear that people have a right to protest without fear, and we don’t think that that right should be hindered or interfered with,” Jean-Pierre said.

Burns and the White House expression of support for the protests is evidence that the US is somehow fomenting them.

China’s top body in charge of police and public security pledged late Tuesday to crack down on “hostile forces” and their “sabotage,” and vowed that “illegal and criminal acts that disrupt social order” won’t be tolerated.


China's control of vital resources and trade routes

 The British Empire was built on its control of the seas and oceans through the major ports around the world. When the British lost control of the maritime choke points, they lost their Empire. 

The Americans continued with the control of the oceans with their armada of aircraft carriers, warships and submarines to sustain the American Empire and hegemony. It was all about military power and might, about wars and war machine.

In the 21st Century, other than the countries that were duped or instigated to go to wars by the Americans, the rest of the world is more or less at peace with each other. Countries have wisen up not to get involved in destructive wars of the American Empire that only benefited the Americans but very costly for those combatants with lost of lives and resources. Wars are very expensive, destructive and wasteful. No country wants to go to war. They are tired of wars. Why fight a war when they could spend all their time and resources building their country and economy for the betterment of their people?

When war is irrelevant, economics become more important than war machine and weapons. Successful, rich and powerful countries would be measured in the strength of their economies, not warships or weapons of mass destruction, albeit these are necessary to protect their own wealth and freedom from being attacked and wars.

The next super power to dominate the world would depend on its industrial power, its economy and wealth. Control of the seas and oceans, maritime choke points are still important, but need much more than these. Industrial power, scientific and technical power and control of natural resources especially energy and raw material.

China's BRI is a way of controlling the land and sea routes around the world. But this is done peacefully through cooperation with willing countries and partners. When the BRI is fully developed, the world would be efficiently interconnected by sea and land routes, and roads and rails are equally important to faciliate international trade and commerce. In this area China is ahead of the Americans and one up in the game of world influence.

Energy and raw material are vital to economic success. China is signing up agreements with many countries in Africa and other parts of the world for rights to the mine minerals needed for industrial development. This is strategic thinking and planning on the part of China, to corner the supply of mineral resources and also energy. 

While the Americans are still playing their wargames, selling and trading weapons, China is very busy signing up oil and gas supplies from major producers. Iran signed a 25 year agreement to supply oil to China, Qatar signed to supply oil for 27 years, Sudan also signed a similar agreement with Saudi Arabia next. On top of these, many to come, China also have long term agreement of oil supply with Russia, all major oil producers. Oh, the US also has a 20 year agreement to supply oil and gas to China at relatively cheap price. And with the recent discovery of its massive oil fields in China, China is guaranteed of continuous supply of oil for the next 30 years at least. America may have sufficient oil for itself, but Europe is going to face the big squeeze when most of the oil are going to China, contractually. 

The other big factor in world domination is of course chips. Chips is the new oil of the 21st Century. The Americans knew and try to cut China off the supply chain. The initial exuberance that China would be killed in this chip war is starting to evaporate. China is furiously catching up with the Americans and the West by developing its own chips and closing in rapidly. 7nm chips is now ready for full production. China also invented the first 5nm chips solely on its own. 3nm and 2nm are on the way. When China is self sufficient in its chips supply chain, development and production, no longer dependent on the West, it would be the end of the American and western chip industry.

Sea ports, China bought quite a few and developing many around the world, maritime and land routes, high speed trains, control mining rights of oil and gas and minerals, and self sufficiency in chips production and designed, China would be in a league of its own as the number one world economy. The Americans and the West would be chasing and falling further and further behind China.

The Americans and the West can keep on beating their war drums and deluding themselves that they are winning this war for supremacy and world dominance. China on the other hand is strategically planning a bigger war across all fronts, including strengthening its own military power to level up with any military foes. The war that China is fighting is a war without bullets, without bloodshed, a peaceful pursuit of industrial might, technological advancement and a strong economy intertwined with the rest of the world, bringing prosperity to all its trading partners in a win win formula for all.

The American and western formula of military dominance and one winner takes all, hegemony, is passe, is history, no longer relevant in the 21st Centrury.

PS.  China and the BRICS countries are planning to replace the greenback as the main world reserve currency. This would be the final straw that would bring the American Empire to its knee.


Rise of ancient civilisations for a better multi polar world

 It is looking like history has gone one full cycle and the ancient civilisations are seeing a revival. China has already risen to near its former glory. India in on the way. The next ancient civilisation that is the peer of China and India is the Mesopotamia civilisation of the Middle East. This civilisation expanding west and east from the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers had seen three great empires in the Eygptian Empire, Ottoman Empire and the Persian Empire.

China has risen in its own way, starting from scratch by building everything from scratch. India's rise has its own characteristics but more prominently in how it conquers the western corporate world and taking over whatever the West have built. India is ruling the western world in a strange way that the West cannot resist and willingly accepting the Indians as their superior peers.

The Arab/Muslim Civilisation with Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran taking the lead, is shaping up quite differently. They have been torn apart, oppressed and suppressed by the West for centuries, dominated, controlled and manipulated to fight among themselves by the West, never to become strong, and forever under the control of the West, under the threat of total annihilation by tiny Israel backup by the Americans and the West as their overlord. Many of the Arab and Muslim states have been invaded by the Americans and the West or by Israel and have become dysfunctional states, or states under American sanctions, unable to pose a threat to tiny Israel's domination and American coercion and robbing of their oil, gold and resources.

Today we are seeing signs of enlightenment and emancipation of the Arab and Muslim world with strong and wise leaders seeking to break free from the West and to chart their own future for the good of their people, and not fighting among themselves. Individually, the Arab Muslim Civilisation has been splitted and divided into small nation states, they are too weak and numerically insignificant to make a strong comeback as a Civilisation on the rise. They need to work together as part of a greater civilisation if they are going to make a mark in the new world. The wise leaders of the Arab Muslim world have seen the window of opportunity presenting to them and are taking a brave step forward to set themselves free from American hegemony.

The path to freedom and greatness of these Middle Eastern states is laid with many booby traps laid by the West. Any misstep, any indecisiveness or misunderstanding would be exploited to the fullest by the West to break them up like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria. They must have the wisdom and resolve to cooperate as a common civilisation for their own good. Do not be distracted and misguided, do not be duded, deceived and incited into fighting each other again to weaken themselves and let the West and Israel continue to be their masters, calling the shots, dictating to them and controlling and coercing them, undermining their economic well being.

China and Russia must also play their role in helping these nation states in ther fight for political and economic freedom to be great again. Any weaknesses on the part of Russia and China to stand up and defend these nation states would be mercilessly exploited by the West to hammer the Arab Muslim states to pieces.  Russia has done well in protecting and saving Syria from falling like Iraq. 

The Americans, Israel and the West are planning to bring down any Arab Muslim states that wanted to break free from their stranglehold. An invasion or regime change in Saudi Arabia or Iran is conceivable in the immediate future. Russia and China must make it clear in explicit terms to let the Americans and the West know that they would step in militarily to defend the Arab Muslim states. And the latter also needed and welcome the assurance and confidence that they would not be left alone to fight the American and western invaders when it happens. The protective umbrella of China and Russia is a must for the rise of the Arab Muslim world, to return to their past glories as a continuation of ancient civilisations, another revival that would benefit their people and the world in general.

A strong and united Arab Muslim world would provide another pillar in a new multi polar world, to ensure a better balance of power shared by more countries against the rule and hegemony of a unipolar world of the evil American Empire. This new multi polar world would be a better place for all the smaller nations in the world to coexist in cooperation, harmony, prosperity and in peace.

The Middle Eastern Arab and Muslim states must unite to be the next ancient civilisation to rise and see a new revival to their past glories.


Rude and offensive diplomacy

 The Americans have honed and perfected their rude and offensive diplomacy against China in the last 3 decades by using human rights, democracy and meddling with China's internal affairs as the offensive subjects. These, with willing or coerced allies and unwilling states, become a very effective and irritating weapons against a China that was still weak and unable to take a strong stand to ward off the assault. China needs to grow stronger and be confident and firm to deal with these daily affronts by the American and the West.

The Americans have coordinated this strategy and using western media and media of its stooges to play these up to continue to smear China at every moment and every opportunity available. In every major meeting, summit, regional or international gathering, the issues of human rights, democracy and China's internal affairs would be highlighted, be the main agenda, regardless of the purpose of the meeting or gathering. Climate change, trade, science, business or whatever would take a back seat while these issues were treated as first page news, to take precedents over the main agenda. And the main western media and media of the stooges would obediently splashed them as headline news.

Every visit to China by any delegations, trade, diplomatic or whatever, the visitors, low level or national leaders, they must bring up these issues with China. Boy PM Trudeau was so proud to tell the press he brought up such issues with Xi during the G20. Another boy PM Sunak also raised these issues in the same summit. Every visit to China by western nations and American stooges have been carefully briefed and coordinated to include these issues in the agenda.

The gist of this methodology is very simple. It is like slapping China first to put China on the defensive before dealing with the actual agenda. A weak China would end up being smeared and wasting its time trying to defend these vicious allegations and interference in its domestic affairs, forgetting that the visitors have no right to meddle with China's domestic affairs, forgetting that it is very rude for visitors to come to China and deliver the first blow at the host. And if China is meek, or try to be polite, to be a good host, and did not hit back, then China would look bad and silly. And the western media would blow it up as first page news. Reuters, AFP, AP etc etc would always include such issues in their reporting without fail. It is a mandatory reporting, to keep hammering China, to keep hammering the readers with such propaganda, to sink them into their subconscious that China is bad.

China is a super power. And as a super power, China must act and behave as a super power. China needs not be rude or be a bully. But for rude and unfriendly guests, China must be ready to take the broom and chase them out of China. In fact, China must make it conditional that guests and delegations visiting China are not permitted to talk about China's domestic affairs, not to interfere or question China's domestic affairs and policies, they are none of the visitors business, and not to talk about human rights or democracy. By allowing the visitors to raise them, it puts the visitors on a higher moral ground, with the advantage of taking the offensive. China must make it an official policy that these issues would not be welcomed and visitors or delegations wanting to raise such issues would not be allowed into China. And if they are in China, they would be evicted immediately, PNG, and send to the airport. This must include visiting national leaders as well. China must no longer tolerate such silly antics of vile and uncouth visitors. If they want to be rude, China must return their rudeness in kind. Period.

When would China make this official and announce to the world that it would no longer tolerate such rude visitors and would not entertain rude visitors. Only friendly visitors would be welcome and be warmly received. Rude, bad, unfriendly and mischievous visitors have no place to be in China.


Indian super talents conquering the world

Here is a look at famous Indian CEOs at the helm of major American companies.

Sundar Pichai, Alphabet Inc
Parag Agrawal, Twitter 
Satya Nadella, Microsoft
Shantanu Narayen, Adobe Inc
Arvind Krishna, IBM
Raj Subramaniam, FedEx
Leena Nair, Chanel
CS Venkatakrishnan, Barclays
Sonia Syngal, Gap
Laxman Narasimhan, Starbucks
George Kurian,  NetApp
Nikesh Arora, Palo Alto Networks
Jayshree Ullal – Arista Networks
Ajaypal Singh Banga – Executive Chairman, Mastercard
Sanjay Mehrotra – Micron TechnologLaxman Narasimha 
Rangarajan Raghu Raghuram - VMware
Laxman Narasimhan - Reckitt Benckiser
Punit Renjen - Deloitte
Anjali Sud - Vimeo
Vivek Sankaran - Albertsons Companies
Niraj S. Shah - Wayfair
Ivan Manuel Menezes - Diageo
Vasant Kalathur Narasimhan - Novartis
Sharmishtha Shar Dubey - Match Group
Anshuman Jain - Deutsche Bank, Cantor Fitzgerald
Rajeev Suri - Nokia, Inmarsat
Dinesh C. Paliwal - Harman International
Rakesh Kapoor - Reckitt Benckiser
Francisco D’Souza - Cognizant
Sanjay Kumar Jha - Motorola and GlobalFoundries
Indra Krishnamurthy - PepsiCo

The above is just a token of the thousands of Indian super talents heading billion dollar companies.  Singapore would not be able to afford them nor have billion dollar companies worthy to hire them.

If only Indian companies could afford to hire them, many Indian companies would be in the Fortune 500 list. With their super talents they could easily turn many Indian companies into top companies in the world. The world's gain is India's lost.  Maybe if Singapore is willing to hire them, they may turn some of Singapore's companies to join the Fortune 500 list too.

What do you think? These are the world's top employees to those companies that could afford to pay them.

PS. Ooops, Twitter just changed its CEO to Elon Musk.


Ukraine - Unconstitutional for NATO countries to train Ukrainian troops

Involving Croatia in EUMAM isn’t constitutional, president Milanovic has announced

Croatia can’t train Ukrainian troops on its territory as part of the EU aid program as that would be unconstitutional, President Zoran Milanovic said on Tuesday, responding to a request from the defense ministry in Zagreb.

“Given the justifiably great interest of the Croatian public in the announced participation of [Croatian military] members in the EU military assistance mission to Ukraine, and the unclear and unexplained circumstances that participation would entail, the Office of the President has to inform the public that the minister’s proposal is unfit to be considered,” Milanovic said, before explaining his reasoning.

Defense Minister Mario Banozic had sent Milanovic a draft proposal for Croatian participation in the European Union Military Assistance Mission (EUMAM), which reportedly involves training around 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers on the territory of the bloc.

The Croatian constitution does not give Banozic standing to make such a proposal, the president noted. Nor does it allow Ukrainian troops to set foot on Croatian soil, he argued, as Kiev is “not a member of any alliance” Zagreb belongs to and there are no international treaties otherwise regulating their status.

The above is from RT. Croatia is the first NATO country that questioned the constitutional obligation and responsibility of NATO countries to train Ukrainian soldiers inside its country. This poses another question, is the Ukraine War constitutional as Ukraine is not a member of NATO?

With so many NATO countries being dragged into this unconstitutional war as NATO has no obligation to defend a non member, and with so many NATO countries training Ukraine troops in their land, why none of the other NATO members question the legality of this war? It is, from the beginning, an American war against Russia, or at most an AngloSaxon war against Russia. Why were all the NATO members being blindly led into this war, wasting so much of their resources to aid Ukraine? Where does NATO's obligation stop? Or NATO can simply expand it to cover any country in any continent, to come to their defence, to defend Taiwan or any Middle East, Central Asia or SE Asian country?

Is NATO the policeman of the world?


Special dedication to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim - 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia

 Have been following this man since the days when he was a youth leader fighting for Malay rights, for the rights and well being of rural Malays. For a while there seemed to be a winning streak when he steadily rode the tide of Malay politics and became the Deputy PM and PM designate under Mahathir.

Anwar as the next PM of Malaysia was almost a certainty. All of a sudden the nightmare began. It was hell all the way for Anwar and his family. There was little help coming from his Malay supporters, or the help was futile under the rein of Mahathir. Mahathir was like God or Allah, untouchable and unopposable. When he said die, Anwar must die. No one would go against the will of Mahathir. No one dared to speak up for Anwar. To make matter worse, many turned against him, the Malay folk hero became a villain, an outcast rejected by the people he loved, the people he fought for.

Anwar and his family went through the darkest days of their lives, quite alone, abandoned, disowned by the Malay elite in UMNO. It was a very painful chapter in the family history, best forgotten and unsaid.

The family stayed together through thick and thin. The wife, Wan Azizah, and daughter, Nurul Izzah, took up the mettle to fight on as a family for the name of the family and for their father. The struggle could be turned into a tear jerker. They soldiered on to fight in every GE in the absence of their father, Anwar, locked up in a prison cell, cheated and betrayed again and again. He was supposed to be locked up and forgotten, with the key thrown away.  But he has a wonderful and capable wife in Wan Azizah, a a family of fighters like Nurul, that would not give up on him and kept his flame alive in the dark corner of his prison cell. They did not give up on him.  Azizah held on to his seat, feathered his seat and warmth his seat for his return. Meanwhile, Azizah and Nurul became successful politicians in their own right and only took a step back when Anwar returned as a free man, to continue his political career and an uphill battle. Many had already written him off for good. No way is Anwar going to make it. No way!

Today, against all odds, Anwar is now the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia, a fate that was very difficult to visualise even a few days back. There were many that stood in his way, stood against him and swore would not support him. Anwar is the new Malaysia Miracle!

Anwar is back, after a long 24 years fighting a lonely battle. He has redeemed himself and brought back pride and respect for himself and his family. I think many of the Malay rakyat would equally celebrate in joy for the return of their folk hero in Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar has stepped out from his shadow to be a shining light again in Malaysian politics.

Anwar is a class above all the Malaysian politicians that were hillbillies or kampong boys and only good in gutter politics. Anwar could stand in a world stage to discuss world affairs that no Malaysian politicians could do. Anwar is not only a national leader but could rise as an international statesman, even outshine Mahathir. Intellectually he is the best Malay politician Malaysia has ever produced.

Malaysian politics would never be the same again. Inshyallah.

Why is life so difficult now has a happy ending. But the toughest battle is yet to be, the hard work is just beginning.

Anwar is a real life Malay folk hero, and a legend in the making.

PS. Behind a successful man there is a woman. Behind Anwar there are two women, Wan Azizah and Nurul. Anwar is so blessed to have them beside him.

Anwar could bring a change to Malaysian politics

Anwar could bring a change to Malaysian politics. But in Malaysia, political leaders have to continue with special treatment for the Malays to remain in power, and Anwar is thought to be someone with a broader mind and that may marginalise the rights of the Malays.

Malaysia is descending into chaos in the days ahead. Not good for the country and for investors. Anwar's PH cannot agree with Muhyiddin. Muhyiddin's PN cannot agree with Hamidi. It seems Hamidi's BN cannot agree with Anwar after their recent meeting.

In any case, even with a coalition, there will be sabotaging ahead, just like in the past with Mad Hatter and Mud. Then Malaysians were ecstatic and talking about a new dawn that later turned into dusk.

And Mad Hatter is still demonising Anwar claiming that Malaysians do not like Anwar although Anwar thinks otherwise.

What about Mad Hatter himself, still trying his luck at 97, thinking that Malaysians still like him, yet his party, GTA, a pure Malay party, did not win any seat, with Mad Hatter losing his deposit as well. Very embarassing indeed. 



TSMC - Morris Chang and his devil's choice

TSMC founder Morris Chang raised eyebrows by warmly greeting the Chinese president during a rare face-to-face encounter

Taiwanese billionaire Morris Chang has dismissed speculation that the Taipei government orchestrated his encounter with Xi Jinping at last week’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Bangkok, saying it was his own idea to warmly greet and congratulate the Chinese president when their paths crossed.

The above is quoted from RT.

Why should this meeting and greeting raised eyebrows? Chang was born in Ningbo, China. He is a Chinese and it is only cordial and polite for a Chinese to greet the President of China. Chang and his TSMC are now the hot potatoes in China US relations. The Americans are uprooting TSMC, lock, stock and barrel to the Arizona desert in the US. Chang has complied so far despite having many factories in China other than Taiwan. 

If the process goes as planned, TSMC would be operating mainly in the US and would possibly be told to cut off 60% of its main business in supplying chips to China. What would be left would be 40% of its main business. Is this a good deal for TSMC? Not forgetting the billions needed to build a completely new plant in Arizona and all the location costs and the higher operating costs in the US.

Without the 60% China business, TSMC would become less than half of its former self.  What is ominous is that it would be fully under the control of the Americans in practically everything it does or intend to do. It's business with China is as good as gone with the wind. It would also be at the mercy of the American companies like Apple, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Intel etc etc. 

Why would Morris Chang go along with this dreadful American proposal that could easily bankrupt TSMC or be taken over or be stolen by the Americans? Would it not be a better option to stay put in Taiwan, save all the relocation costs, be free from the oppression and coercion of the Americans and retain 60% of its business with China? Why is sacrificing 60% of its business a preferred option over losing 40% of its American business?

Staying in Taiwan, retaining 60% of business and staying with the biggest and growing China market and with freedom to do as he pleases without the risk of being acquired or robbed by the Americans must be the rational choice of any business honcho. The choice of moving to the US is looking like digging a hole to bury himself and TSMC. 

Morris Chang is a very experienced businessman and cannot be making such an illogical and losing proposition to squander away his lifelong achievements so willingly. What is the catch?

Moving to the US is a good as moving TSMC to its burial ground for good. TSMC would soon be no more.

NATO member attacking US?


Rumour has it that:
'Following the terrorist attack in Ankara which killed 34 people and injured another 125, Turkish authorities first declared that they will not accept US condolences. Then the Turks launched a military operation against “Kurdish terrorists in northern Syria“. Turkey then claimed to have neutralized 184 terrorists.

What is not mentioned in those articles is that the target of the Turkish strike was the US-run center for the training and education of PKK militants in Rojava. There are rumors that the Turks gave the US enough warning time to evacuate most of its personnel.

If the above is true, and rumors are very much “if” and cannot be considered as proven fact, then that means that a NATO member state (Turkey) just attacked a US base and, like Iran, got away with it: the “The Finest Fighting Force in the History of the World” just got whacked hard and humiliated for a second time and could do absolutely nothing to defend itself or even save face.

According to the Turkish defense minister, Hulusi Akar,

'Terrorists’ shelters, bunkers, caves, tunnels, and warehouses were successfully destroyed,” Akar said, adding that “the so-called headquarters of the terrorist organization were also hit and destroyed.” Overall, the Defense Ministry claimed that the strikes hit nearly 90 targets, which it said were connected to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Kurdish People’s Defense Units (YPG).'

So, what do we have here? A NATO member state all but accused the US of a major terrorist attack against its capital city, and then that NATO member state openly attacked a US-run facility (let’s not call it a base, that would be inaccurate).

In other words; being a member of NATO does not protect you from anything, not from external attacks and not against internal ones either.

The phenomenal weakness of the US/NATO/CENTCOM is best illustrated by the US reaction to the Turkish strikes: Uncle Shmuel endorsed (no kidding!!!) the Turkish strikes :-)

How absolutely pathetic is that for a wannabe superpower?

Link to full article: http://thesaker.is/is-nato-falling-apart/


Singapore going green - is it a good idea?

'We hear a lot about ‘Green’ energy, the ‘Green new deal’, reducing our ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘sustainable development’, policies which are being promoted by a wide range of extremely committed environmental and conservation groups such as the Sierra Club, National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and Clean Air Council in the US and many international organizations and prominent politicians. ‘Green’ polices have been promoted by US Vice President Kamala Harris, encouraging Americans to purchase [expensive] electric cars and endorsed by the paper of record (NYT) and other corporate media outlets. Any policy that reduces the production of ‘greenhouse’ gasses, such as CO2, is certainly a noble and worthwhile objective, that should be supported. Unfortunately, most of these groups, at least in the US, where I live, are missing the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’. This includes:

1. The entire structure of American society has been built around fossil fuel consumption. This includes the use of automobiles and jet airplanes for transportation. The profits of very powerful corporate interests, including energy corporations, automobile manufactures and their suppliers, banks and insurance companies and law firms to name a few, are highly dependent on fossil fuel consumption and ‘greenhouse’ gas production. They are not about to give this up without a big fight, including going to war.

2. The military is a key pillar of a [declining] American empire, with the Pentagon serving as the ‘enforcer’ of US global power, but is also the largest of consumer of fossil fuels and largest polluter in the world [32]. The Pentagon is supported by all factions of the ruling elite, readily apparent from the near-unanimous bipartisan support for every military appropriation in Congress (appropriation for 2023 is $773 billion). Not surprisingly, most environmental groups, which are dependent on funding from corporate-backed foundations, such as the Ford Foundation, Home Depot Foundation, etc. [50] are not going to ‘bite the hand’ that feeds them. Likewise, US corporate media is controlled by 6 large corporations whose class interests reflect those of the petrochemical companies and other large corporations [51] [52] [53]. Any reporter who steps out of line- i.e., criticizes the functioning of the US empire, including fossil fuel consumption, is immediately reprimanded and/or fired.

The survival of the American Empire is highly dependent on fossil fuel consumption and control of global energy reserves. This dependency has created irresolvable problems and led to a chaotic and at times, contradictory foreign policy.

Fossil fuels still dominate US foreign policy. This can be seen from the enduring presence of military bases throughout the ME and maintaining generous financial support for Israel and the ruling families of Gulf Monarchies [57]. At the same time, these ruling families have watched the US/UK/NATO ferment coups in Iran (1953) [58] [59] and steal resources, invade and/or destroy Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen; impose crippling economic sanctions and/or confiscate the assets of countries deemed a threat to US global power such as Iran, Venezuela and Russia and sabotage energy infrastructure (see below).

Link to article:



Datuk seri Anwar Ibrahim - Why is life so difficult?

 No one in Malaysia has a tougher life than Anwar Ibrahim on the path to premiership. To many ex Malaysia PM, becoming a PM is just a walk in the park, a natural process. Mahathir resigned and came back again like being a PM is nothing. Some were made PM like a gift from God. No need to sweat for it or to fight for it.

Anwar was so close to being PM twice but got played out by Mahathir, even landed up in jail for very vicious crimes that could ruin and break a man. Anwar survived the ordeal and now full of battle scars, and still not yet there. The path to premiership for many is laid with flowers. But for Anwar, it is laid with nails, broken shards, stones, knives or whatever, to make him crawl and bleed for every step he takes. When he gets there, should he get there, he would have nearly bled to death.

Life is really very hard on this DSAI.

Today, with the most votes gained for his coalition PH, at 82 against his closest rival Muhyiddin at 73, he still could not form a govt with another party. BN turned him down. And Muhyiddin appears to be the front runner with GRS and GPS joining him to give him a lead at 102, but still short of the simple majority of 112. Even the King's intervention for a unity coalition with PN was turned down by Muhyiddin.

Now it looks like only Allah can help him to break this spell. Inshyallah, yes, Inshyallah, only a miracle is needed for this truly bright and articulate Malay leader to take the crown of premiership. For the moment, the angst is really painful and draining.

Is is understandable that PN and BN would have bad blood with Anwar to want to work with him. Why would not the parties in Sabah and Sarawak not want to work with Anwar? Between PH, PN and BN, PH and Anwar cannot be that much different, perhaps more desirable in their own ways. Why are GPS and GRS so adamant and not willing to change their position to switch camp?

With their 29 seats and a couple or more seats from UMNO, surely Anwar must have made some friends during his time in UMNO, things could change in Anwar's favour.

Would Anwar make it this time, the really hard way, to be the PM of Malaysia? He has tried so hard, suffered so much, spent his whole life to be the leader of Malaysia. Why would the Malaysians, especially the Malays, not give him a chance in his late years when they could give Mahathir a second chance in his dying years?

An Anwar premiership would really be a huge change in the politics of Malaysia, likely to be for the better. The man had been dragged through not just a pool of mud, but a field of nails. The experience could bring a whole new start with more enlightened policies and direction. Anwar is just like the good son that is being rejected by the rakyat for no good reasons and would be a great loss to Malaysia.

Anwar has not much time left to prove his worth. Mahathir was given too much time to prove his unworth.

Excellent news for Singapore

 The world's population hits 8 billion.  Can you imagine what that means? Singapore now has 8b people to choose from to increase our population with the best of 8b talents. This is creme a la creme. The best of 8b means they must be better than the best of the best of the 3.6m Singaporeans. Singapore can simply replace every Singaporean here, based on meritocracy and talents regardless of citizenship. Wow, Singapore must be salivating and rubbing its hands with glee.

And immediately there are plenty of available talents now retrenched by the tech giants. Twitter itself has a few top executives available. Then there are Meta, Amazon, Shopee,  and what else. There is a mass retrenchment of tech talents going on and all can be heading to Singapore where the door is wide open for such talents. No need to waste money paying head hunting firms to look for such talents. No need 20 years of waiting and expensive education. They are all queuing up over night outside the gate.

When Singapore's 3.6m citizens are replaced by the best talents of the world, what shall we do with the Singaporeans? Where can they go? I think a better idea is to sell Singapore to the top bidder and the money can then be divided among all Singaporeans. With only 3.6m, I think every Singaporean could expect a reasonable sum to retire forever. Some may want to retire in Batam, Bintan and JB. Some can retire in any where they choose with the payout. Just make sure they don't include the PRs and locals or residents to share with the citizens. And got to make this quick before the population explode to 10m, then there will be more heads to share from the pool.

What do you think? No need to become taxi drivers or food deliverers. All becoming crazily rich ex Singaporeans.


US moves to counter Beijing’s territorial claims


Kamala Harris is shown speaking at a Democratic Party event earlier this month in Washington. © Getty Images / Samuel Corum

US Vice President Kamala Harris has traveled to the Philippines for a visit designed to demonstrate Washington’s support for Manila and other Southeast Asian allies in their territorial disputes with China.

Harris arrived on Sunday evening to a red-carpet welcome in Manila after attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum in Thailand. She’s scheduled to meet with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. on Monday for talks on strengthening security and economic ties, then fly on Tuesday to the Palawan island chain, which lies adjacent to disputed waters of the South China Sea.

The above is copied from TRE. Yes, Kamala Harris is going to the Philippines to counter Beijing's claims of the islands in the South China Sea.

Harris is going to tell Marcos that the US once claimed all the main islands of the Philippines. This is something that China cannot compete and pale in comparison. The US once owned the Philippines, colonised the whole nation, all belonged to the Americans.  Can China counter that?

Not only the US once claimed the whole of the Philippines, Japan also claimed the whole of the Philippines in WW2. And another thing that China cannot compete with the Americans and the Japanese, both the Americans and Japanese also committed war crimes and genocides against the Philippines during their occupations.

Step aside China, you are no match for the Americans and the Japanese. The Americans and the Philippines are making a come back to claim the Philippines with their lies, pretending to be protecting the Philippines but sneaking in their military to be permanent occupants of the Philippine islands and waters.

When would the Americans be back in Clark Air Base and Subic Naval Base and to set up the bar industries again?

Ukraine - Lunatic Nazi Zelensky calling the shot


More attempted false flags from Zelenskyy will come. Just wait.

Zelenskyy is desperate, knowing that support from USA and Nato is faltering. He must create a false flag somehow to drag them into the conflict, so that their support and the war can continue. There seems to be an unending call for more and more aid and weapons from him.

What the USA and Nato had been doing by supplying weapons and aid to Zelenskyy is going down a big black hole, with no one keeping a tab on where those weapons and aid go to. There are claims that much of the aid had been laundered back to Democratic senators, and weapons sent to Ukraine unaccounted for, and claimed to have been destroyed by Russia, but probably sold to terror groups, mainly the Neo-Nazi elements. After this war is settled, Europe will have to rein in these Neo-Nazi terrorist, that now have all the weapons in their arsenal. Europe is toast, economically and is going to be torn apart. Was this the design of the USA?

The next false flag could be the Zaporizhshia Nuclear Power plant that Ukraine will strike with Russian made missiles and blame it on Russia. Right now consider how many false claims have already been made against Russian troops - that they were using rape as a weapon, that Russia is providing Viagra to it's troops to rape Ukrainian women, attempt to create a false flag over the Bucha Massacre committed by the Neo-Nazis, now bringing up all the horror stories of what the Russian did in Kherson before they withdrew.

Hopefully the USA and Nato are indeed wising up to the dirty tricks of Zelenskyy, otherwise millions will die if a nuclear war erupts.



Tucker Carlson - Zelensky wants to drag USA into WW3

The Ukrainian leader’s insistence that a Russian missile hit Poland “could get millions” killed, the Fox News host said.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky could be “lying on purpose to get us into a war,” Fox News host Tucker Carlson declared on Wednesday night. Zelensky’s refusal to admit that a Ukrainian missile caused a fatal explosion in Poland makes him “not worth supporting,” Carlson suggested.

Zelensky “was commanding the US to lead the Third World War immediately” after the blast, Carlson told his viewers. “The only problem is that it was completely and utterly wrong.”

The above was posted in RT. Tucker Carlson was furious that Zelensky is using the American playbook to start a false flag incident, learning very fast, to drag the Americans into WW3. How dare this Zelensky pulling a fast one on the Americans using standard American trick to lie to the Americans? The Americans would not, never, go to war with Russia. No American should be sacrificed for the sake of Ukraine. The only people that could be sacrificed would be the Ukrainians. Get it.

In this incident the US came out swiftly to snuff out the bluff. No way would the Americans be deceived with such a simple trick. This kind of trick is to con the rest of the daft in the world that believed in every lie the Americans spread. Not the other way, to spread a lie to make the Americans to believe in.

Good try Zelensky. This little guy is getting too smart for his own good. The agenda of the Nazis cannot be misunderstood and forgotten. Nazi Zelensky knows that and would play it up to get the USA in a world war with the Russians for them to mutually destroy each other, leaving the Nazis standing to inherit the world. Now people would probably get a better understanding of this Zelensky and why he keeps demanding for more weapons and aids. 

The Americans think they are playing Zelensky but Zelensky has his own idea. He is playing the Americans like Carlson said, 'Zelensky “was commanding the US to lead the Third World War immediately”' If Zelensky can have his way, he would be the puppeteer pulling the strings and the Americans and their allies would be the puppets on the other end of the strings.

Good show.

PS. Some comments in RT

I think everyone knows Nazilensky wants this to be a World War as he has been calling for it since March! He sure attempted to incite it when his missiles killed citizens in another country and his never ending attempts only show that Peace is the last thing he wants! At what point will the World start boycotting him and the US led propaganda?

It is almost impossible to believe America, Britain & Europe are openly and purposefully backing a fully recognised Nazi regime yet it is true, just like America backed, armed and enabled Al Qaeda, ISIS etc. etc. etc. Could there be a time in the immediate future we will again find the need to fight American backed Nazis just as we have American backed ISIS, Al Qaeda etc. etc. - Probably.

He's still lying. Kiev definitely “knows for 100%” what happened. The Ukrainians and the Poles cooked up this false flag, along with the neocons in Biden's administration. But they're still as incompetent as ever, so they got busted.

Shows how irresponsible this Ukrainian Nazi dwarf Zelensky is with his lies 'commanding the US to lead WWIII

Boris Johnson Make Racist China Remarks At Singapore Conference

Guests at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum were “insulted or offended” by the ex-UK PM

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave a speech condemning China as a “coercive autocracy,” describing the rising world power as a “monocultural state” and “former communist tyranny".

New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg has reportedly been forced to apologize to the guests, acknowledging that some guests may have been “insulted or offended” by Johnson’s comments.

“To those of you who were upset and concerned by what the speaker said, you have my apologies,” Bloomberg said, adding that the ex-PM’s incendiary remarks were “his thoughts and his thoughts alone.”

Johnson, who was forced to resign as PM in July amid multiple scandals, would have gotten away with such a speech on his Anglo-Saxon home turf, UK's The Guardian speculated. But speaking to regional leaders at a conference in Singapore, “the majority of Asian countries are much more favorably inclined toward China and share strong economic and diplomatic ties.”

Conference guests called his speech “shocking” and “belligerent.” “People clearly felt uncomfortable,” one attendee told the newspaper. “He used very undiplomatic language about China, at a conference in Asia. A former British foreign secretary and prime minister should have known better.”

Johnson gave his speech the evening before the current UK PM, Rishi Sunak, planned to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 Summit in Indonesia. The meeting was canceled, which a UK government spokesman blamed on “scheduling issues.”


Covid19 - Criminal cases against Swissmedic



Consequences of the Covid vaccination?

That is what the criminal complaint against Swissmedic is about
Updated on Tuesday 15-11-2022 03:29

That's what it's all about: On July 14, 2022, a lawyer submitted a 300-page criminal complaint to the responsible cantonal public prosecutor's office on behalf of six people allegedly injured by mRNA vaccinations. It is directed against three representatives of the Swiss licensing and supervisory authority for medicinal products and medical devices (Swissmedic) and five vaccinating doctors from the Inselspital in Bern. A criminal investigation is to be opened against them. The lawyer has now gone public with a media conference.

These are the plaintiffs: The lawyer for those affected, Philipp Kruse, is a declared opponent of vaccination and Covid measures. He represented people who refused to wear masks or parents who didn't want their children to take part in pool tests. Doctors who were noticed as corona skeptics also appeared at the media conference.

This is what the indictment says: The defendants are accused of violating basic drug law due diligence by allowing and administering the Covid 19 vaccination. There are a number of other charges listed, including intentional or possibly negligent bodily harm, endangering life, killing and abortion.

The conclusion of the plaintiffs: "In this case we are dealing with the largest violation of human health caused by drugs and which has already occurred, which has ever existed in Switzerland."

These are the alleged damages: According to lawyer Kruse, the damages range from circular hair loss, derailment of the menstrual cycle to polyarthritis, muscle weakness and chronic exhaustion to the death of a 20-year-old person. Some of the six victims listed are still unable to work. The connection to the Covid 19 vaccination was confirmed by experts in five cases. In the case of the deceased, the causal connection must be proven on the basis of pathological examinations. However, these investigations are not yet complete.

One affected person says:For reasons of privacy protection, the criminal complaint does not contain any personal names. However, SRF was able to talk to someone affected. Thi Mai-Trang Jost sees himself as a vaccination victim, the 45-year-old is now in a wheelchair. She complains that she has to bear severe consequences from the vaccination: "I used to be alive, I could hike, paint. I need help today." She can no longer walk or stand properly, has swollen joints and the whole body hurts. The clerk now works from home and receives support from Spitex. You experience a lot of understanding from the employer and support in the family: "But I want my old life back." When asked about the criminal complaint, Jost says her goal is for Swissmedic to take responsibility. She accuses the authorities that she knowingly put people in this situation. Swissmedic also provided too little information.

That's what Swissmedic says: Nothing. One does not want to comment on an ongoing process. The Federal Office of Public Health and the Federal Vaccination Commission also do not want to comment.

This is how it goes: According to the plaintiffs, the cantonal public prosecutor called has already opened proceedings against the still unknown vaccinating doctors. 


Lecturer pleading guilty to making racist remarks

SINGAPORE: A former Ngee Ann Polytechnic lecturer pleaded guilty on Thursday (Nov 17) to making racist remarks and possessing obscene films....

Tan had crossed paths with Mr Dave Parkash, a 26-year-old Singaporean Sindhi, and Ms Jacqueline Noelle Llewelyn Ho, a 27-year-old Singaporean Chinese, who were walking towards a car park along Orchard Boulevard.

Tan told them that it was “such a disgrace, Indian man with a Chinese girl”.

The above is from CNA. The lecturer had been sacked and now pending sentence from the court. It is rare that such a bold affront on inter racial relationship happened in public. Obviously there is something short circuited in the nervous system of this lecturer. Having relationship with different races is very common in Singapore, including mixed marriages. Just because there is a lecturer that held such extreme views does not negate the interaction of the different races in Singapore or does it mean that racism is a serious problem here.  The fact that many Chinese girls are in relationship with other races including Indians can attest to the healthy interracial connect.

This lecturer would have faint if he chanced upon all the new advertisements as if there is a concerted effort to promote Indian men and Chinese girls as an item. Soon everyone would get use to this when such advertisements become a norm and are seen more often and everywhere like second nature.

By then people like this lecturer would find themselves very rare and very uncomfortable here. The power of advertisement is now put in full force to encourage Chinese girls to go for Indian men. We will see how this would turn out eventually, but it would take some time to tell. If more Chinese girls are going for Indian men, wondering what would be left for the Chinese men.

Another social engineering campaign in progress? With CECA, there will be plenty of Indian men to choose from, from the construction workers to the top bankers. Singaporean Chinese girls would be spoilt for choices.

What do you think?

Covid19 - Vitamin D May Help In Covid-19 Fight, Studies Show

15 Sept 2020| Tomorrow's Medicine, The Straits Times

Multiple studies suggest that having adequate amounts of vitamin D may play a role in helping people stave off or combat the coronavirus, although the jury is still out on whether the results are conclusive or why this is so.

Commonly known as the "sunshine vitamin", vitamin D, which is known for its immune-boosting function, is mainly made in the skin when it is exposed to the ultraviolet B rays of the sun. It can also be obtained from other sources such as eggs, liver and oily fish.

At least one overseas study has associated vitamin D deficiency with a higher risk of Covid-19.

Published in medical journal JAMA Network Open on Sept 3, the study observed 489 patients from the University of Chicago Medicine health system, about a third of whom had vitamin D deficiency.

Patients with vitamin D deficiency and who were not given treatment for it were 1.77 times more likely to test positive for Covid-19 than those who were not.

The study also noted that other research had found that Covid-19 was less prevalent in groups that had lower rates of vitamin D deficiency.

Lockdowns and other measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 could also decrease exposure to the sun, the researchers pointed out.

They added: "The low costs of vitamin D and its general safety... support arguments for population-level supplementation, perhaps for targeting groups at high risk for vitamin D deficiency and/or Covid-19."

A similar call was made in medical journal The Lancet on Aug 3 by researchers from the University of Cambridge and the Queen Mary University of London.

Citing several other studies on the subject, as well as vitamin D's ability to protect against other acute respiratory infections, the researchers called for more trials to investigate whether the vitamin could help reduce the severity of Covid-19.

They also suggested increasing efforts to ensure members of the public have sufficient vitamin D.

"There is a chance that (such efforts) might also reduce the impact of Covid-19 in populations where vitamin D deficiency is prevalent; there is nothing to lose from their implementation, and potentially much to gain," they wrote.

Closer to home, another study analysed 43 Covid-19 patients aged 50 and above at Singapore General Hospital.

Published in the science journal Nutrition last week, it found that treating such patients with a combination of vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin B12 was associated with a "significant reduction" in the number of those who went on to require oxygen support or admission to intensive care.




Covid19 - Trying to make sense of Duke NUS Medical School report

A study conducted by the Duke-NUS Medical School has shown that inactivated virus vaccines such as Sinopharm and Sinovac may also work in preventing severe Covid.

This suggests that a combination of this type of vaccine with mRNA vaccines may work better than using only one type.

Sinovac and Sinopharm have been considered by some to not be as effective as mRNA vaccines since they induce a lower antibody response. However, the new study shows that Sinopharm and Sinovac trigger different T-cell responses in fighting Covid, The Straits Times reported on Monday (Nov 14).

With mRNA vaccines, a part of the coronavirus’ genetic code is injected into a person’s body. This activates the production of viral proteins, but not the whole virus, in order to train the immune system to attack.

On the other hand, Sinovac and Sinopharm, which are examples of inactivated vaccines, use dead viral particles in order to expose immune systems to the virus without the risk of serious disease.

mRNA vaccines, such as the ones from Pfizer and Moderna, induce T-cells, which target the coronavirus’ spike protein.

But inactivated vaccines cause a broader immune response against various proteins of the coronavirus.

Therefore, says Anthony Tanoto Tan, a senior research fellow with the Duke-NUS’ Emerging Infectious Diseases programme, vaccines such as Sinovac and Sinopharm may not be as effective in preventing infection, but they may be key in preventing serious diseases from developing. Dr Tan is the study’s senior co-author.

mRNA vaccines were shown to produce more antibodies compared to inactivated vaccines. But with new variants that successfully evade the antibody response, “This means that maybe we should stop thinking about preventing infection, and we should start thinking about (how) vaccines (can prevent) severe disease,” ST quotes Dr Tan as saying.

The above is reported in theindependent.sg.  I have highlighted some points in bold for discussion. The first two sentence suggested that because inactivated virus vaccines can prevent severe Covid therefore  combining it with mRNA vaccine would work better. I can't find the correlation why adding mRNA vaccine would make it better. How did he come to this finding? Also, would mRNA vaccine destroy the user's natural immune system? Personally I am very happy with Sinopharm and has yet to be infected. I would never touch mRNA vaccines after reading so many adverse reports and the high risk of destroying a person's own immune system. Thank you very much mRNA.

The second point is that inactivated virus vaccines treat the virus as a whole while mRNA vaccines only deal with the spike proteins. This in simple term is that inactivated virus vaccines will deal with all the different types of virus regardless of the number of spike proteins. This is more generic. In the case of mRNA vaccines, it is like dealing only with the spike proteins and not the virus, and dealing with each spike protein separately. So every spike protein that is different would render it useless. That speaks for the need for ever growing number of types of mRNA vaccines as the virus mutates all time to produce new spike proteins. In other words, the mRNA vaccine is obsolete every time a new mutation is discovered. Damn good for the pharmaceutical companies to make more and more new mRNA vaccines and more money.

mRNA vaccines produce more antibodies. This is expected as the messenger will make the body produce more and more spike proteins and the body responded by producing more and more antibodies. In the inactivated virus vaccines, the number of dead virus is finite and the body just need to produce a finite number of antibodies to get rid of the inactivated virus. Nothing more, nothing less. So, does the production of more antibodies means more effective? Don't really think so in these cases.

Next point, new variants would evade the antibody response. Of course, as the body was made to respond only to the specific spike protein and not new variant spike protein. This failure in mRNA vaccines in preventing infection should not simply be wished away and say better to think about how it can prevent severe disease. This is not tackling the purpose of the vaccine. A vaccine is to prevent infection. If it cannot prevent infection, it is not a vaccine. It cannot be labelled as vaccine. Period.

After all the hooha, I still think inactivated virus vaccines that treat the virus as a whole are a much better choice.

What do you think?

PS. Silly Australia and Japan are still using the ineffective mRNA vaccines and as expected, the infection rate is still exploding. Australia now has more than 100,000 daily cases, Japan more than 50,000 cases with South Korea closely behind. Why are these stupid govts trying to prove to stubbornly injecting their people with an ineffective vaccine that has been reported to have many adverse reactions including DNA alteration and destruction of natural immune system?

Ukraine - Zelensky playing a dangerous game using false flag


You see how the Ukrainians are playing a dangerous game of creating a false flag. They did that over the Bucha Massacre, were afraid of being exposed, conspired with Little Britain to disallow Russia to bring this up to the UN to investigate, and literally closed the case.

I would not, for one, think this is just a miss that goes haywire into Poland and killed two people. You can also see how dangerous Nato can be, barking in hysteria like rabid dogs, the moment they hear the news and threatening to invoke article 5 to confront Russia.

Why do I think the missile landing in Poland was done on purpose? Zelenskyy knows that the USA and Nato are wavering in their support for Ukraine in weapons supply and aid, knowing the EU is itself now more concern with their own problems and facing social unrest. Dragging Nato into the conflict will ensure the war does not end.

As it is now, Ukraine is not a member of Nato, but Poland is. So, an attack on Poland means an attack on Nato. Zelenskyy has been trying very hard to drag Nato directly into the conflict. This man has Jewish blood in his veins and wants his pound of flesh, whatever it takes, false flag or not.

The clear indication that the USA is getting tired of Zelenskyy making frivolous demands can be gleaned from Biden's response when he said that Russia could not have fired the missile that landed in Poland. Why did he say that, when normally they would add fuel to fire over such an incident pending an investigation?

Olaf Scholz had already been less interested in his support for Ukraine, perhaps knowing that the war started by the USA had done so much harm to the European economies. Zelenskyy called Scholz a liver sausage.



Ukraine - Russia has a better approach in attacking from the air

 When Poland angrily announced that bombs were hitting inside its territory and 2 Poles were killed, the comical reaction from the NATO members was to point the finger at Russia. Everyone started to condemn Russia before finding out the truth. This time Biden was a bid more guarded, wait for the investigation.

Truly and surely, like the bombing of the gas pipelines, it was confirmed that Russia did not do it. It was the joker, Ukraine, that fired at incoming Russian drones, missed and the missiles landed inside Poland, killing the Poles. Now all the warmongering NATO gangsters have to shut up, leaving Poland to deal with Ukraine.

This incident opens a new option to Russia. From on, Russian should attack Ukraine from the North West, along the border of Poland. Knowing that the missed rate of anti aircraft and drone missiles is as high as 80%, 8 out of 10 missiles fired would miss and continue flying until they drop when out of fuel. If Russia would to launch the attacks from the North West, all the missed missiles would land in Poland. How sweet.

I think Putin would not miss this great opportunity to get Zelensky to fire into Poland. Great works, Zelensky. Time to test the patience of Poland. Secondly, if the missiles landed in Belarus, Belarus would have an axe to grind against Ukraine. Alternatively, the drones can fly from the South along the border of Moldova or Romania and you can expect where the missed missiles would land.

The war would take on an interesting dimension and Ukraine would have to be very very careful when firing at Russian drones or aircraft.

Another Trudeau Embarrassment


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has deleted a tweet which endorsed a claim that Iranian authorities had issued death sentences to 15,000 Iranian protesters.

The removal comes after a number of journalists and human rights campaigners pointed out that the information in the post was untrue, despite being shared by a slew of celebrities, political commentators and government officials.

The post, which went viral on social media over the past couple of days, shows a woman holding an Iranian flag with the text: “Iran sentences 15,000 protesters to death – as a ‘hard lesson’ for all rebels.”

In the tweet, Trudeau stated that Canada denounces the “Iranian regimes’s barbaric decision” to impose the death penalty on the protesters.

According to Iranian state news outlets, three people (ya 3, ie half of 6) connected to the protests have so far been handed death sentences.


PS. This twit boy PM simply ignore their genocide of native Red Indians in the millions. And the massacres of young Red Indian boys and girls in their schools and churches.


China fails to learn from its past humiliation

 Why would China keep on entertaining rude and mischievous countries visiting China or meeting with Chinese leaders to talk ahout Xinjiang, Taiwan, Tibet and human rights? Has China learnt anything from the 100 years of humiliation? Why would Japan dare to invade China? It was all because China was weak, and when a country is weak, it deserves to be attack, to be humiliated, to be insulted, to be ignored and to be messed around.

It was a stupid thing for Xi Jinping to meet up with Sunak when the latter has been talking tough about going against China and even talking about raising the issue of human rights with Xi in the meeting. For goodness sake, China, please wake up from your stupidity. These trouble makers and savages would not respect you if you are weak, appear to be weak. And when they slapped you and you turn the other cheek, they would slap the other cheek as well. Even little countries like Australia, Lithuania, Lavtia, and little England, Canada, (and the many silly European women leaders and American leaders are talking through their assholes to threaten you) are standing in front of you to pee in your face. And you are not doing anything. This will only embolden the little monkeys to continue to pee on you.

Stand up if you want to be respected. There is no point telling the savages to treat you as equals if you are afraid to demand to be treated as equals, afraid to slap them when they misbehaved. The American bullies would keep on bullying you if you are weak. Look at the situation in Taiwan now. It is getting worse and the Americans are marching in openly to violate the One China Policy. And you still allow this to happen and everyday crying to be treated as equals and be respected. 

Look at the USA, is there any country that dare to show disrespect, to go to Washington to talk about the rights of the native Americans or the blacks or the coloured people? Look at Israel, a small country of 6 million people, but no Arab or Muslim country dare to whisper a world of disrespect for fear of being whacked. Even India has more respect from its little neighbours and the West. No one dare to say bad things about India. Why? Because they would give a black eye to another trying to be nasty.

Stand up China, and defend your rights and dignity if you want to be respected and want to live in peace. The little monkeys would not show you any respect if you don't even believe in yourself, if you don't respect yourself.  Every little monkey is watching how you react to provocations. They would keep coming after you and pee on your head if you are meek and do nothing.

What happen to your Wolf Warrior Diplomacy? Just for two days and got frighten because the bullies said it is bad? So now returning to the Sheep Diplomacy, to be pushed around and kicked around by little monkeys? You will invite the Taiwanese and the Americans to start a war if you are weak and clueless.

I hope the Chinese leaders read this and wake up from their stupidity. This is a harsh world of bullies that only understand toughness when they are whacked when they misbehaved.

Just tell the little monkeys that want to see Xi, '想见习总,没门'. 

Xi will only see friendly countries.

PS. After dealing with Australia, it is time China haul up Little Britain and Canada for drying under the sun. These two little monkeys think too highly of themselves and are very mischievous.

American sanction that backfired and would bring down the American Empire


When WW2 ended and USA became the sole superpower by default, their policy of putting down competition lead to their own decline in technological innovation. Their successful stifling of competition from Japan and Germany gave them the arrogance that no other country is now able to compete with them technologically. And they stagnated.

The USA obviously overlooked China in their arrogance. How could the USA and the West promote China as an advancing behemoth, when the USA, the West and the MSM were drumming into the mindset of their citzens, the myth that China was poor, backward and underdeveloped. A dictatorship nonetheless, but one that puts people above wars and destruction. The USA and the West could not find a good excuse to downplay their lies that democracy triumphs communism, knowing what China had achieved with their communist system.

The internet and ease of travel demolished all that myth and it became a mad scramble to contain China's rise. Too little too late was the realisation. Now, the only way was by using demonisation, fabrication, inventing threats, utilising sanctions and rallying doggies to confront China.

Sometimes, using tricks too many times, like crying wolf too often, makes the same old trick failing to do it's dirty work and could instead be detrimental, and backfiring is the result. Take sanctions by using the US$ hegemony for example. Many countries were sanctioned heavily by the USA and the West, but as time goes by, countries learn how to circumvent those sanctions. 60 long years of sanctions failed to destroy Cuba. 70 long years of sanctions against North Korea made it stronger and nuclear capable. And what of Iran and Venzuela, now still as alive as ever.

Now the sanctions on Russia has unleashed the realisation that de-dollarisation is the only way forward from the rest of the world. And it has speeded up the process that led to the formation of BRICS to undertake the de-dollarisation movement. Saudi Arabia now holds the final key to free the world from the US$ hegemony. Moving the oil trade away from supporting the US$ hegemony will lead to it's free fall from global reserve currency status. A desperate USA may resort to desperate moves in desperate situatins to sabotage all this. MBS must be wary of the CIA.



Thomas Friedman - 7 years of China and the US

The United States “New York Times” (Published on July 28, 2018) shocked the country, causing a sensation in the White House!

Thomas Friedman, a famous columnist of the New York Times, wrote an article titled “The Seven Years of China and the United States”. It was published in The New York Times and shocked the White House !

He wrote: “When I sat in the seat of a Chinese stadium and enjoyed the magical performances of thousands of Chinese dancers, drummers, singers, and acrobats on stilts, I could not but recall the past seven years. Different experiences in the United States and China:

China has been busy with various infrastructure projects, and we are busy dealing with al-Qaeda (terrorists); they have been building better stadiums, subways, airports, roads and parks, and we have been working on the construction of better metal detectors, Hummer military vehicles and drones…

Differences have begun to show. You can compare the dirty old LaGuardia Airport in New York and the beautifully shaped international airport in Shanghai. When you drive to Manhattan, you will find out how dilapidated the infrastructure is along the way. Experience Shanghai’s maglev train at speeds of up to 220 miles per hour. It uses electromagnetic propulsion instead of ordinary steel wheels and tracks. You have already arrived in Shanghai. Then ask yourself: Who is living in a third world country?

I think: As a modern country, China has accepted the main concepts of modern national sovereignty and human rights. However, the various qualities of Chinese civilization make it unique. One of the characteristics of China’s development model is that the scale effect of learning + innovation + huge population affects China and the world. Many foreign companies investing in China have a slogan. If they can achieve the first in China, they will be able to achieve the world’s best.

With the rise of China, this trend is beginning to expand into more and more areas such as tourism, aviation, film and television, sports, education, new energy, modernization models, and high-speed rail.

The above is part of an article posted by Tan Kin Lian in TRE. The comments by Friedman would be things that the Americans would find difficult to accept but have to grudgingly as it was written by another respectable American academic. Most Americans have been fed with the lies that China is a poor and backward country and the revelation by Friedman would be wished away quietly, not to be acknowledged or talked about. And many, especially the hillbillies, would want to continue to believe that China is a backward country and stealing American technologies everyday, now wanting to know that it is the Americans that are envious of the new discoveries and innovations by China and trying to steal Chinese technologies.

As in one lecture on US China relations, one silly American, think a journalist, mostly likely a CIA operative, arrogantly condemned China as a repressive and dictatorial country, etc etc, and Kishore's reply which he excused himself for being blunt, told this American and all present, that if China is so stupid and oppressive, then the Americans have nothing to worry about, as China would destroy itself because of its own stupidity.

The truth, Kishore quoted him a few examples, one was that in 2019, 139m Chinese nationals left China voluntarily, to tour the world, and spending a lot of money, and the same 139m Chinese returned to China voluntarily and happily. If China was such a repressive country, why would the Chinese return to China? The other point was that China, under the CCP, has educated the whole population to the highest level that no past dynasties had ever achieve before. China is mass producing STEM graduates in the hundreds of thousand annually and many are at the post graduate and doctoral levels.

The Chinese people have not only been liberated from poverty, but also liberated from illiteracy. They are now enjoying life like no Chinese have ever enjoyed in the past and are very appreciative and supportive of the CCP for what it has done to uplift their lives and the modernisation  and elevation of China as a super power on par with the USA and surpassing the Americans in many fields and would be the number one economic power not just in PPP terms but in nominal terms  before the end of this decade.

And the evil Americans are desperately and aggressively trying to stop China from surpassing them by all crooked, unethical, immoral and illegal means. The things is that the harder the Americans try, the faster they fall behind China. Instead of trying to get ahead, the Americans are digging themselves into a sink hole to bury themselves.

The rise of China is unstoppable. Huawei has returned and getting more advanced and stronger with more and better innovative products, including its own chips and operating systems for mobile phones and 6G and the Internet of Things. 

The Americans can continue with their pursuit of war and destruction. China will continue with its peaceful construction and infrastructure development.

Bye bye American pie.

Space race - Americans faking superiority of its ancient technology

China rejected the USA application to participate in the Tiangong Space Station experiments, citing the USA has 'nothing of value' to contribute to space exploration. That was one big slap on the face of the USA.

Then, as you now know and would expect, sour grapes became the order of the day, with all the hubris thrown at the Tiangong Space Station. Fabrications such as not up to their standard, should not be using Chinese on board, and not international enough by keeping them out. They have not yet been on board and how do they know what standard they are expecting and talking about?

They should look at the developments closer to the ground to understand the standard the Chinese have accomplised, compared to the USA eg infrastructure, in order to talk about standard.

Honestly, why is the USA still bragging about their standard when they have, for years, been riding piggy back on the Russian constructed ISS, even needing Russian rockets to ferry them to the ISS, and yet they were the one instigating and having the final say in forbidding the participation of the Chinese in space research on the ISS.

Years down the road, they never would expect China to go to the moon, landed a probe on Mars and have their own space station. They could not figure out how the Chinese could land a probe on Mars, with all the complexities of Mars having no gravity and scant atmosphere existing on Mars.

Let not the USA claim that China stole their space station technology when China had never been allowed on the ISS. That will never hold water. Or that China stole their 5G mobile tech, when they are still struggling to put in place a workable system. Right now, their 5G attempt is still fraught with problems. Their biggest problem probably being how to have a backdoor to spy on allies using 5G. LOL


Decline of American technology

 Technical problems not confined to US space station:

'GAO examined 49 aircraft and found that only four met their annual mission capable goal in a majority of the years from fiscal years 2011 through 2021.

As shown below, 26 aircraft did not meet their annual mission capable goal in any fiscal year. The mission capable rate—the percentage of total time when the aircraft can fly and perform at least one mission—is used to assess the health and readiness of an aircraft fleet.'

'Think about the implications of this. The United States defense budget for FY 2022 is $715 billion. This is almost two and a half times the defense budgets of China and Russia combined.'

'For fiscal year 2021, GAO found that only two of the 49 aircraft examined met the service-established mission capable goal. More specifically, for fiscal year 2021, 30 aircraft were more than 10 percentage points below the mission capable goal in fiscal year 2021; and 17 aircraft were 10 percentage points or less below the mission capable goal in fiscal year 2021.

Many of the selected aircraft are facing one or more sustainment challenges, as shown below. According to program officials, these challenges have an effect on mission capable rates.'

The planes are deficient in the following areas:

Unexpected replacement of parts and repairs.
Delays in depot maintenance.
Shortage of trained maintenance personnel.
Unscheduled maintenance.
Diminishing manufacturing source.
Parts obsolescence.
Parts shortage and delay.

'Prior to the start of World War II, the United States had 790 active ships. By the end of the war, that number soared to 6084. Today’s fleet is half-the size of the U.S. fleet at the dawn of World War II. The U.S. Navy is now a carrier centered force, as I have discussed in previous posts. Its ability to project force has diminished over the last ten years as Russia and China have developed effective hypersonic missiles that can defeat the current air and missile defense systems in place ostensibly to protect the Carrier task forces from attack.

The critical difference between now and December 7, 1941 is the dramatic decline in the U.S. industrial base.

After Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States built and deployed 5,294 ships–e.g., aircraft carriers, battleships and destroyers–in three years.The United States was producing on average 147 ships a month.

Today, it takes 5 to 7 years to build and deploy an aircraft carrier. In the event of a war with Russia and/or China, the United States can no longer churn out the volume of naval craft it did in World War II. Just because the ships are loaded up with more advanced technology does not automatically translate into greater combat effectiveness and longevity.'

Link to article: https://sonar21.com/if-you-think-the-united-states-is-ready-for-a-conventional-war-with-russia-or-china-think-again/



Pak Jokowi at G20 - Well said

In his opening remarks, Jokowi said the world is still trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic amid increasing world rivalries and war.

“We all have responsibilities, not only for our people but for the people of our world.

“Being responsible means respecting international laws and principles of the United Nations Charter consistently,” he said.

Jokowi added that they must create win-win solutions and also end the war.

“If the war does not end, it will be difficult for the world to move forward. We should not divide the world into parts. We must not allow the world to fall into another Cold War.”  CNA 

Indonesian President Jokowi has stood out as an exceptional leader of Asean and the world. In his opening speech he clearly made himself clear that he is not a stooge of the Americans but an independent world leader. He talked about peace, about ending wars and rivalry, about being responsible and respecting international laws and principles of the United Nations Charter, not a word about American's mischievous rule of law. Not about the fake and fabricated threats used by the Americans to divide the world to go against one another. 

Yes, Jokowi talked about win win solutions and ending the wars. Every civilised nation would want to have peace and build a prosperous world for everyone, not harping about fake threats, inciting and instigating one country against another. With the Americans starting wars, gathering gangsters to go against countries they smeared and badmouthed, without them selling weapons to kill, the world would be a much safer and better place for everyone.

The rest of the world must pray and support Pak Jokowi to lead this G20 Meeting into a Meeting for Peace and Development, not to be hijacked by the Americans into a Meeting that produced nothing but war and hate rhetoric to divide nations against one another. The joint communique, if there is one, must be about peace, development and climate change. It must not be about the Ukraine War and about attacking Russia and China or any other nation state.

All the best, Pak Jokowi. It would be a medal of honour for Indonesia if the Meeting goes as desired by Pak Jokowi, more cooperation and collaboration for the common prosperity of the world.

European colonies of the American Empire pleading for more autonomy

 The European countries suddenly woke up and realised that they are but colonies of the American Empire. The Americans are not only telling them what to do, but cutting off their cheap oil and gas supplies from Russia and forcing them to buy from the Americans at 4 times the price of Russian oil and gas. How did Europe ended up as colonies of the American Empire without knowing it until it is too late/

The Americans wanted to fight a war with Russia but telling the European countries to contribute in the hundreds of millions in money, weapons and food to the war in Ukraine. During Trump's reign as POTUS, the European still could live by the make belief that they were independent and sovereign states and America should foot the bulk of the bill for their defence as it benefits the American Empire. Trump demanded that they should foot a bigger share for the defence of Europe but could hardly make a difference.

With the Ukraine War, Biden dictated to the European countries to contribute directly to the War. And the European could not refuse. The Empire dictates and European countries, the colonies of the Empire, just have to obey and pay up for the war. The Americans also forbid the European states from trading with Russia. The final straw was the blowing up of the gas pipeline to stop the European countries from getting cheap gas from Russia.

The Americans are now sitting on the European countries, deciding on the fate of their economies and their lives in this cold winter. The Americans are telling the European colonies who they can trade with and who they cannot trade with. The European states are now in a situation that they are worse off than an American state. They are American colonies, no longer independent sovereign states.

So they are now pleading for more autonomy to run their countries. Under American democracy, the European colonies do not have the freedom of choice to run their own countries and economies. Would pleading to the Americans for more freedom of choice work? Would the European colonies break free from the American Empire?

This is the fate of all American allies. The American Empire calls the shot. Poor Japan and South Korea have been living under this guise, thinking they are independent states but actually colonies of the American Empire.

The Americans are trying to expand NATO to East and South East Asia. Asean is slowly slipping into the embrace of the American Empire without having a clue how it is happening. Soon they would be just as free as the Japanese and South Koreans, and the Europeans, as colonies of the American Empire. India is also losing its independence by becoming gang members of the QUAD, to take orders from the Americans.

Stop being deceived by American myths. The threat comes from the Americans.


Actually the idea that Europe depends on the US for their security is a myth as good as Japan needing the US to protect its security or Asean needing the Americans to protect their security, from who. The only aggressive country that is conducting regime change and wars is the US.

Europe, Japan and Asean needs the US for their security should be read as 'to protect themselves from regime changed conducted by the Americans.' No one is going to attack Europe, Japan or Asean. The North Koreans are not going to attack the South Koreans. These are myths fabricated by the US to control these countries to the extent of conning them to have American bases in these countries.

Remember, Japan was an Empire, Germany and France were empires too. Germany and France are fully capable of defending against Russia. Maybe a bit outsized by the USSR. But there is no more USSR and Russia is just about the same size as Germany or France in population and wealth. China and North Korea have nothing to do about invading Asean. In fact China saved Asean from the then Vietnam that had already invaded Laos and Cambodia in the 1970s.

The Americans need all these aggressive myths and strawmen aggressors to frighten the countries they want to control and turn into their semi colonies. Period.


China Can Now Convert All Its Commercial Ships Into Guided-Missile Destroyers


China's leading missile developer exhibited a container-type sea defense combat system at the ongoing Airshow China in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province, with outstanding mobility and capability to disguise itself which could effectively improve the country's coastal defense capabilities.

Displayed at the exhibition hall was a missile launch system in the shape of a container with naval camouflage, which was developed by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), the country's largest manufacturer of cruise missiles. The container is about 13 meters long, 2.3 meters wide and 2.5 meters high.

The missile launch system can integrate an operating station, a power station and missile launchers into the container. No matter what platform it is mounted on, the missile launch system does not need an external power source. Its own power supply can fully meet the operational needs.

"The launch system can connect with various independent detection and command units such as early warning aircraft, maritime patrol aircraft and shore-based radars. It could receive target information from those external sources through encrypted data," a representative from the No.3 Research Institute under CASIC said.

Based on the information from the detection unit, the command unit could formulate a combat plan automatically. The command unit then sends the instructions to the launch system. The detection unit and command unit can also provide operational information support for the launch system. After making some adjustments, the operators then confirm the plan and send the order to each station as well as the firing parameters to each launch unit.

"The launch system does not require a lot of personnel. It only takes four people to complete the whole launch process," the representative said.



Xi insists Biden taking lie detector test during meeting

NUSA DUA, Indonesia: US President Joe Biden will meet China's Xi Jinping in Bali on Monday (Nov 14) to set "guardrails" for relations between the countries, as the world's 20 largest economies hold their first major post-pandemic summit.

This is a slanted report by AFP in CNA. One can easily see the biased slant of the report by the way the sentence was framed and the words used, as if Biden is worried about China attacking him. The truth is that the Americans have been attacking China daily for years and started many trade and technology wars against China and lying about the One China Policy and violating this policy with very aggressive behaviours and actions to support and supply arms to Taiwan.

The article should actually be better phrased like China President Xi insists on Biden taking a lie detector test during the summit so that when Biden lies, he would be exposed immediately. China has been cheated and deceived by the Americans in so many encounters and so called agreements but all being disregarded and torn off by the Americans. China must protect itself from they unreliable Americans.

What silly guardrails does the lying Biden needs in talks with Xi?