Ukraine - American hypocrisy about war crimes

However, as Omar pointed out, even as Washington tries to lead efforts to gather evidence that may be submitted to the ICC and the International Court of Justice, it still hasn’t joined the ranks of nations that are subject to the ICC’s jurisdiction. The treaty-based court was formed under the Rome Statute of 1998, but the US opted against making its military forces subject to the ICC’s jurisdiction. In fact, Washington imposed sanctions against the ICC in 2020 because the court was probing alleged war crimes by US forces in Afghanistan.

“It would be staggeringly hypocritical to support an investigation into Russia while opposing the court’s very existence as a non-member,” Omar told Business Insider. She introduced a bill on Thursday to join the court, saying the best way to support an investigation of Russia would be to join the international body that will carry out the probe. RT

How much more hypocritical can one get, for the Americans to accuse the Russians of war crimes in Ukraine when they opposed the ICC for wanting to investigate American war crimes in Iraq? The Americans even threatened the judges of ICC for wanting to launch an investigation against the Americans.

And how silly the ICC has been made to be, to allow a non member, the Americans refused to be a member of ICC, meaning it does not recognise the ICC, does not respect the power of the ICC, to lead an investigation against a member of the ICC? can you believe this, rule of law? The Americans are virtually telling the ICC that they are above the rule of law, that they can dictate and order the ICC to do its bidding while not being a member of the ICC.

The parallel to this is the UNCLOS. The Americans refused to be a signatory of the UNCLOS but have been demanding countries to be governed by the rules of UNCLOS. The Americans did not respect the rules of UNCLOS, did not want to be bound by the rules of UNCLOS but want the rest of the world to be governed by UNCLOS.

Why would ICC obediently accept the allegations of the Americans against the Russians and immediately launched an investigation but allowed the Americans to kick it around and dare not conduct an investigation against the blatant violations of human rights and war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria?

Is the ICC a joke? Where is the credibility and integrity of the ICC?


Sanction - What it really means, who are the real victims?

 The current American sanction against Russia is, to many people, to strangle Russian economy and to bring Russia down to its knees, economy collapsed and country broke. The victim is Russia and the Russian people. So everyone is happy. It is all about the Americans punishing the Russians. 

This is the superficial belief of many people. But sanction has a bigger and unspoken meaning that affects many countries without them knowing or acknowledging it. Get the picture?

Sanction is not just about the Americans punishing the Russians. It is a statement that the Americans are the policemen, the Empire, and punishing any country that it declared as outcast. But for the sanction to work, the Americans, the Empire, must have the power to control countries to do its bidding. The sanction would not work if the rest of the world just ignore the sanction and go on trading with the Russians.

Sanction is about the Americans' control over countries to do what the Americans want them to do. It is about American power, about America's ability to exercise that power over other countries, their allies, stooges or even countries unfriendly or enemies of the Americans. Sanction is an exercise of power over other countries, not just about punishing Russia. The Americans are like the big bully carrying a big stick, do as I told you, to bite the Russians or I will whack you. They wanted to control China and India as well. Do as I said or there would be consequences, ie we will attack you.

In this sanction we even see supposedly neutral countries like the Baltic countries and Switzerland forced to join the sanction. This is how powerful the Americans are, ... or how weak the Americans are today. American's power is measured by how many countries it could ordered to sanction Russia versus how many countries refusing to accept that order to sanction Russia.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the American power is now limited to its control over the European countries, the AngloSaxon countries and its semi colonies like Japan and South Korea. The rest of the world, though fearful of the Americans, would do their best not to be involved and the Americans could not do anything to them, notably the Asean states, Central Asian states and the states in Latin America and Africa, and of course the Muslim and Arab states. The Americans have lost their control and hold over these countries when they said no to the sanction, or act daft, not whispering a word and do nothing. And the astonishing case of India, a strong American ally, that simply told the Americans, leave us alone. In short, the Americans cannot order them around.

From this sanction the world can clearly witness the countries that the Americans could still control and told to do its bidding, willingly or unwillingly. The rise of Russia and China and their banding together to take on the Americans have given the rest of the international community confidence and breathing space not to be coerced and threatened by the Americans to do their bidding, and getting away with it. Without China and Russia standing up to the Americans, many smaller countries would be left with no choice but to sanction Russia as told by the Americans. 

A multi polar world can give the smaller countries a bigger space and freedom to act on their own national interest. Yes, real freedom, not the fake American freedom to do what the Americans approved or else... A multi polar world would also clip the claws of the American eagle and stop it from hurting smaller states. Americans cannot simply coerce and control smaller states by using the term sanction as an excuse. To be with us or against us. Who cares about American sanctions?

This sanction clearly shows how weak the American Empire is today. Only the white men countries and semi colonies and stooges could be ordered around and to suffer the consequences. Europe is the biggest victim of this sanction, NOT Russia, and paying a very high price for it, very high inflation and also have to pay for the war in Ukraine, an American war that they did not want. 

Forget about Ukraine and Ukrainians, they are expendable, the sacrificial lamb for the slaughter.

Taiwan's Secessionist DPP Produces Report to Sarbo Singapore in Eyes of West


A Taiwan-based research outfit has ranked Singapore as second in the world - behind Cambodia - most influenced by China. The Doublethink Lab says In technology, society and academia - but less so for domestic politics - Singapore was found to be especially susceptible to the exposure, pressure and effect of Beijing's influence

The Taiwanese said Chinese-language teachers have been hired from China to work in schools and tuition centres, along with reports of Chinese-language curriculum material increasingly following China's standards.

The Taiwanese also said in 2016, after an arbitral tribunal's ruling against China's claims to a handful of islands in the South China Sea, Singapore businesses were reportedly "warned" that Singapore's insistence on international law could jeopardise their commercial position in China.

In the domain of foreign policy, the Taiwanese claimed Singapore has become "visibly quieter" over the South China Sea dispute and international rule of law relating to China since the 2016 detention of Singapore's army vehicles in Hong Kong en route home from Taiwan.

The Taiwanese also cited Singapore Technologies Kinetics and its subsidiary Guizhou Jonyang Kinetics producing an all-terrain personnel carrier based on the Bronco armoured vehicle used by Singapore's army, as a proof point under the military domain. It reportedly saw service in Tibet recently.

In the media domain, former foreign minister George Yeo and academic Kishore Mahbubani were described as part of "an increasing number of prominent individuals" promoting the Chinese official line on current affairs.

It also identified a little-known YouTuber called Noel Lee, believed to be Singaporean, who started publishing in March last year videos on China that include denials of human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

His clips are reportedly shared on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

Doublethink Lab describes itself as a civil society organisation investigating disinformation and information operations to safeguard democracy globally.

A committee convened by Doublethink Lab designed the indicators for the poll. The eight-person committee largely comprised Western analysts such as Ms Bonnie Glaser from the US research institution German Marshall Fund and Ms Nadege Rolland from America's National Bureau of Asian Research, with the exception of Dr Roy Chun Lee from the Taiwan WTO and RTA Centre at the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research. 


The 'White Peril' is ever present and very dangerous. But 'Yellow Peril' is just a white men's concoction to smear and demonize the Chinese people

The 'White Peril' is ever present, very menacing and dangerous. But 'Yellow Peril' is just evil white men's concoction to smear and demonize the Chinese.  The Chinese people have never caused harm or invade any other country. But the evil white countries from Europe have always been very aggressive and expansive  warmongering countries indulging in contemptuous destructive imperialism and colonialism. Initially the white people of Europe  constitute about 5 percent of the world's population and 8 percent  of the world''s land.  But due to centuries of aggression and expansion they now constitute about 20 percent of the world's population and over 65 percent of the world's land area.  

    Which race always pose a danger to world  peace and harmony and to mankind? This is a quintessential question that needs to be answered. Is it the black people, the brown people, the yellow people or the white people? If we look into the historical aspects of each race we can clearly determine which race is the most inherently wicked race, the most inherently evil race,  the most inherently aggressive and warlike and the most diabolical expansionist in all aspects. Clearly it is the white race of the Caucasians, the Europeans and the Anglo-Saxons. Every race and every nation has their own internal problems. They have internal strives and civil wars but eventually they settle their internal problems and emerge back as one united nation.  The ancient Egyptians fought among themselves but eventually unite back as a great Egyptian civilization. Its the same with the ancient civiliztions of Babylon - present day Iraq, the ancient civilization of Persia - present day Iran, the ancient civilization of India and finally the ancient civilization of China. Each of these Asiatic ancient civilizations had internal strives and civil wars but they never go out of the way to destroy other people or other nations. These ancient Asiatic civilizations consist of the brown people the Egyptians, the Iraqis and the Persians or Iranians; the black people, the Indians and the yellow people the Chinese. 

But it is different with the evil white people, the evil white race. The white race has always been a menace, inherently evil, aggressive and warlike.  The people of the white race are the  Greeks, the Romans - present day Italians, the West Europeans which include the Spaniards, the Portuguese, the Anglo-Saxons of England, the teutonics of Germany, France, Holland, Denmark and Belgium and  the Russians  These white people do fight fiercely among themselves but when they are attacking and fighting against the non-white people they always close their ranks in unity to invade, to genocide and destroy the non-white people and non-white countries.

The white people are inherently wicked and evil. History tells us how the ancients Greeks and Macedonians led by king Philips and his son  Alexander went on a rampage of aggression and conquest stretching from Asia Minor, now called Turkey to Persia and northern India. Also the Romans of ancient Italy attacked and destroyed Carthage, present day Tunisia. The Romans also brutally invaded Asia Minor, the middle east Arab countries and ruled Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon for many centuries. Of course the Romans also invaded Western Europe which included Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, England and part of Germany.

Subsequently after shaking off the yoke of Roman rule and dictatorship each of the European countries took on the mantle of Roman dictatorship and warmongering traits. Spain and Portugal led the European charges of aggression and invasion first in Africa and then across the seas and oceans in America where they brutally and mercilessly slaugthered and genocided the natives. The Pope or Papacy of the Catholic church of that period in the early1500s AD was responsible and in complicity with the barbarity of the barbaric conquests of Spain and Portugal as he claimed to represent the authority of their Christian God Jesus Christ to decide the fate and destiny of mankind. The early European invaders justified their invasions and genocide of the natives wherever they went based on their interpretation of their militant religious doctrine 'The Doctrine of Christian Discovery.' Based on this evil aggressive bellicose  militant religious Christian doctrine other European countries like England, France, Holland or Netherlands, Russia, Belgium, Germany and Italy went on a rampage of conquests across Asia, Africa. North America, Central and South America also known as Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. Wherever white men go there goes endless rampant killings and genocide of the natives or indigenous people of the lands they conquered.

These barbaric European Christian wanton ravaging of all the continents and of all non-white countries  were to last for over 500 years. This is known as the 500 years curse of brutal Western agression. Western white men's aggression is still going on and it is not going to stop anytime soon. 

Although the white people have been a menace and a peril to all other races for centuries but they blatently try to deny  this fact and truth  that there is only the 'White Peril' in this world. However they maliciously concoct and propagandize  the slogan 'yellow peril' just to smear and demonize the Chinese people and country to deflect attention from their own guilt and criminal acts of killings and genocide of non-white people all over the world. 

We can observe that since the annals of history and for the last over 5,000 years  all non-White countries and civilizations have remained as they were in their respective original territories of habitat with no aggression or inroads into other people's or other countries territories unlike the white Western European countries especially the Anglo-Saxons which went on to terrorise and conquer all the non-white people's land. The white Anglo-Saxon Americans is now at the forefront of Western aggression threatening all non-white people and non-white countries posting a lethal threat to their survival. It is therefore more appropriate for the world to label the white people as the 'White peril' to continuously forewarn all non-white people to unite in solidarity to forestall this white menace and destroy them. In fact the native Americans warned us long ago of the mortal danger white men posed to other non-white people and that 'White men speak with fork tongues and can never be trusted.' 

The whole world of the non-white people must strongly debunk the evil white race smearing of the Chinese as the 'yellow peril' as the Chinese have never caused harm or invaded other countries. The Chinese themselves had been attacked, invaded and colonized by all the evil white race of all the European countries and America from the 1800s to the 1940s. Therefore in view of the perennial danger that white people and white countries pose to all non-white people and non-white countries with their threats of invasion, blockades,sanctions, killings, genocide and destruction of the non-white countries it is essential to view them as the 'White Peril'. Therefore from now on people of the non-White countries including all their netizens must permanently and in every instance refer to White people and white countries' bellicose aggression as the 'White Peril' or 'Pale Face Peril' as the native Americans termed them as such.

Never again will non-white people follow the evil white people to label the Chinese as 'yellow peril'. It is white men's deception to smear and demonize the Chinese people because only the Chinese people are the only non-white people able to creditably oppose and stop white countries aggression against all non-white countries. The white people led by the evil Anglo-Saxons US and UK always try to sow seeds of dissension, division and wars among the non-white countries by disingenuously and falsely through insidious disinformation to paint the Chinese as posing a danger to other non-white countries. Nothing is further from the truth as this, because the evil white countries know that the Chinese only do pose a challenge to their aggressions  and thus is an obstacle to US-led white countries domination and hegemony of  the world.

People of all non-white countries please wake up and unite to forestall from being overwhelmed by white people''s aggression, domination and hegemony. It is only through the conscious awakening of the danger of the 'White Peril' and the solid unity of all non-white people and countries that only then can the evil  white imperialism and colonialism be defeated and destroyed permanently.


Thursday, 28th April, 2022

Singapore a neutral non aligned state?

According to the website of the US government, “Singapore is one of the United States’ strongest bilateral partners in Southeast Asia and plays an indispensable role in supporting the region’s security and economic framework. The United States cooperates with Singapore on the full range of security issues, to include border security, maritime security, military preparedness, counter proliferation, cybersecurity, and counterterrorism.”

Not only do we refrain from speaking up against the US and it’s allies, commonly referred to as the West, we have echoed their denigration and propaganda against their adversaries like Russia and China. It isn’t far-fetched to say we have become a mouthpiece of the West, especially the US.

Our local newspapers carry articles published by Western newspapers – Reuters, Bloomberg, Agence France-Presse and NYTimes reflecting Western interest everyday. Even worse, our local newspapers tweak the headlines to give a slanted impression. For example, in the bombing of the rail hub in eastern Ukraine on Friday (8/4/22) which killed about 50 civilians, The Straits Times headline reads “50 killed in rocket strike at rail hub for evacuation, says Ukraine” By using “says Ukraine” it gives the impression that Russia is the culprit since Ukraine is reporting the crime, when in fact it is not clear who fired the missile. Our local Business Times is even worse. Its headline for the same story says “At least 50 killed as Russia strikes Ukraine rail evacuation hub”. How does BT know Russia launched the missiles? Many other countries are more objective. The Canberra Times simply headlined the story “50 killed in strike on Ukraine rail hub”, making no reference to the culprit as it is not established.

The one-sided reporting can also be found in our local newspapers everyday when it comes to stories related to the containment of China, stories about countries resisting the imposition of neoliberalism, vaccines, and many others that concern the interest of the Western bloc, especially the US.

Foong Swee Fong

The above is part of an article by Foong Swee Fong posted in the TRE about Singapore becoming a statellite state of the USA. Don't say I say want.

All I can say is, why Singapore allows itself to be in such a state and making an enemy of Russia and unfriendly to China, when it is not in its interest to take the side of one party in international relations? Is Singapore digging its own grave by putting its neck out on the chopping block when it should be playing tai chi and not taking sides? It is ok to be slightly leaning on one side and wavering left and right now and then. To completely slump to one side and to be seen as against another side is like burning the bridge or putting all the eggs in one basket, all in, and hoping for the best. But a wrong decision or the dice turned out differently means its the end. Game over.

What do you think? Is it wise or foolish to jump in at all cost and no turning back, no room to sneak out to safety if the bet is wrong?

Solomon Islands - US and Australia spreading fake news – Beijing

Beijing has dismissed as “fake news” allegations made earlier by Canberra and Washington that China is intending to set up a military base in the Solomon Islands.

At a press conference on Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, insisted that the “so-called Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands is completely fake news made up by a few people with ulterior motives.” The diplomat also pointed out that cooperation between the two nations was “based on the principles of mutual equality, mutual benefit and win-win results.”

Wenbin called out Washington’s hypocrisy, saying that the US was among the loudest voices expressing concern over China’s alleged plans to set up a base in Oceania, while itself having “nearly 800 military bases in more than 80 countries.”

The Chinese official went on to remind Washington that the Solomon Islands is an “independent sovereign country, not the ‘backyard’ of the United States and Australia.”

Last Tuesday, China announced that State Councilor Wang Yi and Solomon Islands Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manele had signed a security pact between the two nations.

The US was quick to express concern. The White House National Security Council’s spokesperson claimed that the signing followed a “pattern of China offering shadowy, vague deals with little regional consultation in fishing, resource management, development assistance and now security practices.”

Several days later, the White House revealed that the American delegation to the Solomon Islands had warned the nation’s leadership that the US would “respond accordingly” should Chinese military installations appear in the country.

Canberra has also made it clear that such a military base, which would be some 2,000km (1,200 miles) from Australia’s shores, would represent a “red line.”

Meanwhile, Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare insisted that the deal was necessary to beef up security and was “guided by our national interests.” He stated last week that the agreement does not allow China to set up a military base on the islands. 


Soloman Islands - The contempt of white supremacy to control and rule the world

 Any thinking person would not have missed the outrageous contempt of the white men in wanting to control the Solomon Islands as their colonies and to dictate to the international community their white men's rules of law, ie, the laws only favour the white men. This duplicity also applies to terms like democracy, human rights, war crimes etc etc, all shall be interpreted by the white men to favour white men. Democracy and human rights are for white men only.  White men would not be punished for war crimes and could commit war crimes against coloured people with impunity. Any silly Asians and coloured people still want to vomit such discriminatory terms and pray to the white gods?

Solomon Islands are independent countries and about 2,000 km from the coast of Australia, a sub continent the white men stole from the natives of the islands and claimed as theirs, just like they have claimed the USA, Canada and New Zealand, and Falklands and many islands in the oceans. And the islands are several thousands of km from Hawaii, another island stolen from the natives. The international community must not accept this white men's rules of law, that they can seize island and land mass, as theirs by force. The seizure of these land masses with original natives, the real owners of the land, must not become a fait accompli, unchallenged and cannot be challenged.

The white men and their fork tongue would interpret their rules of law to their favour, like Ukraine, next door to Russia, can have white men's military bases but Solomon Islands, 2000 km from Australia, cannot be allowed to have foreign military bases. This white men's rules of law can only hold, maybe for a while longer, as long as white men is still having superiority in military forces and weapons. But it would not be for long. Once Asian countries and the rest of the country could unite against the white men's rule, all the American bases in Japan and South Korea would also be sent packing. And Australia and New Zealand would be returned to their rightful owners, and the white men be sent back to where they belonged.

The coloured people of the world must be united to take on the white men and stop the bullying, oppression and control by the white men. No one, no country, should be ruled by the white men if they have any pride in their own beings. Everyone, country and nationality, must be treated equally, have equal rights to choose their way of life, their political system, to choose their friends etc etc and not be dictated and forced by the white men to be subservient to the white men.

Ukraine, the Solomon Islands, are turning point in modern history, for the world to stand up to the white men's oppression and rule, to free themselves from the clutches of white supremacists and racists. A New World Order must be established without the white men's supremacy and white men's rules of law. The international community demands for a fairer and more equitable world order. For that to happen, they must put an end to the white men's rule and hegemony.

PS. The Aussies claimed that military bases in the Solomon Islands would be a red line. China might as well declared foreign military bases within a 2000 km range from China's shoreline is a red line. Both can play the same rules of law game. US now threatening China and Solomon Islands with consequences if China builds a military base there. The Americans can continue to threaten China, Russia and the rest of the world. But the military balance is tilting and when there is parity, when China, Russia and their partners are strong enough to show their middle finger to the white men,  the consequences would be on the white men.

Ukraine - Payback Time

 According to ST, new malware tools the United States authorities warned about earlier this month target critical infrastructure and could function as "killware" capable of causing fatalities, said cyber-security experts.

This type of malware could be used against states that take a stand against Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Experts believe that Singapore cannot be ruled out as a target, while the Government said that it is closely monitoring the situation.

On April 20, the US and its allies warned that Russia is preparing to launch cyber attacks against the critical infrastructure of rivals that support Ukraine and possibly in response to sanctions imposed by them.

PM Lee claimed Singapore is not choosing sides in taking a strong stand against Russia's invasion but standing up for the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty.

He said Singapore took a similar stance when Cambodia was invaded by Vietnam in 1978, and when the United States invaded Grenada in 1983.

But what's not mentioned in these 2 earlier cases is that Singapore never impose sanctions on Vietnam or the US. This time, it joined the West wagon to hit Russia with sanctions, the only country in ASEAN brave enough to do so. 


Ukraine - The wicked lies that they are brave fighters and would win. The truth, they would all be dead daft soldiers

What is so awful about the truth that Russia is going to win in Ukraine? This is a fait accompli that only the MSM and the West do not want to accept, in order not to demoralise their own position over the last two months with the real situation. Moreover, they can take this opportunity to unload all the old and obsolete weapons to Ukraine, so they continued with the lie.

With all the claims of Ukrainian victory and Russian back-peddling by the MSM, why are they now admitting all this awfulness? They have no more room to invent more lies to cover earlier lies.

Victory is not always the prerogative of the Whites. The Whites want to make it sound as though only the Whites can triumph under any circumstances and no one else is above them. This is not the era of the 20 century. Is it not more awful that they also lost in Vietnam? What about Afghanistan? Have they really accomplished their mission in Iraq?

They know they can no longer continue with the lies on Ukraine. With weapon supplies in short supply, troops surrounded and cut off from food and ammunition supplies, the reality for fabrication is no longer possible to be maintained by the Western MSM.

Even the propaganda wretched up several notches against Putin personally has failed to dampen his home support. Ironically, even the Ruble is surging to around 75 to the US$, stronger than before the war in Ukraine. Joe Biden must be shocked out of this pants. His plan has failed big time and he is shooting his own foot and the feet of his NATO allies.

Suffice to say, Russian oil is still being bought by the Europeans, and possibly the USA, secretly. There are indications that Russian oil tankers have been delivering Russian oil to unknown destinations that were never revealed. Europe, especially Germany and France, among others, cannot do without Russian oil and gas.

All the talk about banning imports of Russian oil is all hubris. Had the USA and EU been able to persuade the Middle East producers to increase production, the situation of banning Russian oil may still be believable and workable. But they failed to produce any tangible results with the Saudis and UAE, with Biden even trying his luck with Iran and Venezuela. Piss off, they probably told him over the phone. The President of the USA no longer command the respect of the world.



US /West diabolical geopolitical plots in the Ukraine War and the Taiwan issue.

       Every body knows the US is in dire straits with myraids of complex problems of its own making which it is unable to unwind or  resolve. These insolvent problems are like the proverbial albatross hanging around its neck. But the evil men in charge of the US government in the Deep State are trying to divert the attention of its citizens from its internal quagmire problems by engineering and creating crisis after crisis around the world to absolve themselves from blame by falsely accusing Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and others for all the problems and tensions they have insidiously created.

Ever since its independence from its forbears England in 1776, the United States has never stopped its aggressive wars of conquest against other non-white people and countries.  The Ukraine crisis is part of US long term plan for world domination. The United States knows it is suicidal to have a direct confrontation against a nuclear armed Russia or China. It lured Russia to attack Ukraine hoping the Ukraine war would weaken and wear down Russia and in this way Russia may fall apart once again as happened to the Soviet Union in 1989. Thus  in this manner America thinks it can triumph over Russia by default without having even to fire a single shot itself. 

Of course that is not the end of the story. In its wild calculation America thinks once it has taken down Russia by default it will have an easy time to deal with China. In a similar plot it is trying to weaken and wear down China by instigating the Taiwanese Chinese traitors of the DPP to secede so as to foment the continuation of the Chinese civil war. 

In all these diabolical plots the United States is playing with fire. The US is so desperate that it can only think of using Ukraine as a pawn to be sacrificed in confronting against Russia. But the Ukraine war could possibly get out of hand to be engulfed with US and NATO resulting in a nuclear war. It is similarly creating the same scenario in the Taiwan Strait against another nuclear armed China.

It would appear a desperate United States is even prepared to sacrifice the whole world in its quest for world domination and hegemony and to satisfy its false political ego.

The evil United States dream of taking down both Russia and China simultaneously is madness and  nothing but a wet dream. Russia under Putin today is not the Russia of Gorvachev in 1989 where he was outmanipulated by the US/West thus causing Soviet Russia to disintegrate. Today's China under President Xi Jinping is not the China of the decadent C'hing Dynasty or the corrupted and incompetent Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang where he was fully under the influence and control of the Evil Empire. Today Russia and China each on its own is as powerful as the United States. What more if both unite and combine their arm forces and strategy will it then be too much or overwhelming for the United States and its moronic Western allies to bear. If the evil West especially the Anglo-Saxons led by the white Americans love war, love to fight and love to die, let them go and die themselves in fighting among themselves in Europe and America. They have no right to drag the whole world especially the non-white countries to die along with them. 

The world is now at the dangerous cross roads of nuclear destruction caused by the satanic evil warmongering hegemonic Anglo-Saxon Americans and its just as evil white Western allies. As redbean Chua Chin Leng had pointed out it is time for all the non-white people and non-white countries to unite in solidarity to repulse US - Western aggression and stave off the danger of world destruction by the Evil Empire and its allies. 

Let's hope sanity will prevail among the evil warmongering white Anglo-Saxon Americans and their moronic Western allies from dragging the world into the Armaggedon of total destruction and extinction of mankind.


Tuesday, 26th April. 2022

Ukraine - When sanctions are not sanctions

The EU banned the entry of Russian ships to its ports in a Ukraine-related sanctions package that was introduced on April 8. However, EU countries have made a number of exceptions for some Russian vessels. The Belgian authorities have allowed ships that purchase, import, or transport gas, oil, pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural and food products, including wheat and fertilizers, to enter the ports.  RT

Apparently many countries were coerced by the Americans to sanction Russia when the Ukraine war started. But many of these countries, including Germany, France and Japan, only sanctioned Russia in words, not in deeds. Many justified their exceptions on national interests and did not sanction Russia at all.

So, how many silly countries really apply the sanctions to the letter as demanded by the Americans? The sanctions in many instances became a joke, very comical, sanction but no sanction. It makes a fool of those silly countries that stupidly apply the sanctions in fear of the Americans and unable to say no to American pressure. The Europeans and Japanese are quietly sniggering at the stupidity of the sanctions. Even the Americans pretended that the sanctions are in place and would be embarrassed to admit that many of these countries are defying the Americans...on the ground of their national interests.

The Americans could no longer arm twist their allies especially those in Europe and Japan to do their biddings but only their little stooges. And Russia is happily selling coal, oil and gas, fertilisers and essential items to any buyers that are willing to pay in Roubles. Even the Americans are buying coal and oil from the Russians, Europeans made a beeline to buy even more. Japan continues as if nothing has changed. They said they would sanction but until their national interests would not be affected.

Simply brilliant of the Japanese and Europeans.

US converting international financial system into international sanctions system

 All countries face dangerous possibility of being cut off from global financial market at Washington's whim

It is abundantly clear that the United States, by exploiting the U.S. dollar's global dominance, is converting the international financial system into an international sanctions system.

In the mid 1960s, when fixed exchange rates based on the post-World War II gold standard were gradually replaced by a global system reliant on the dollar as the primary means of cross-border payments and reserves, France's then Finance Minister Valery Giscard d'Estaing coined the phrase "exorbitant privilege" to bemoan a United States taking advantage of the dollar dominance for self-interest.

Over the past more than 50 years, the United States has transformed that "exorbitant privilege" into an "exorbitant weapon of mass financial destruction" for geopolitical contention, and pulled the trigger multiple times.

In early of the century, Washington executed the same playbook in its dealing with the Iran nuclear issue, expelling Iranian banks from SWIFT and banning imports of Iranian energy. Even now, the Iranian economy is still struggling in the shadow of Washington's sanctions.

The latest sanctions and threats of more sanctions on Russia are another salient example that Washington is getting increasingly unscrupulous in abusing its dollar hegemony for self-serving purposes. The global community should stay ever more vigilant against Washington's unbounded financial terrorism.

America's messing around is reminding all countries of the dangerous possibility of being cut off from the global financial market at Washington's whim.

As a hedge against the risk of falling into the prey of Washington's financial terrorism, de-dollarization is being accepted as a rational option by more.

Since the 2000s exactly when Washington started using the dollar dominance as a menacing tool for geopolitical coercion, the dollar's position as the world's dominant reserve currency has been going downhill.

According to data from the International Monetary Fund, in 2021, the dollar accounted for less than 60 percent international foreign currency reserves, while in 2000, the number is more than 70 percent.

By contrast, currencies of some emerging economies like the Chinese renminbi are gaining a larger share in international foreign currency reserves and transnational transactions.

People with basic economic knowledge know that the value of a currency rests on people's trust in its issuer, typically a country's government. The eroding dollar dominance is a prognostic indicator of the shrinking trust the world holds towards Washington.

The United States does not lack world-class minds to tell that Washington's addiction to dollar weaponization is provoking a backlash: the world's trust in the U.S. dollar and a global financial transaction system underpinned by the dollar is fading away. There is only one way to explain Washington politicians' craziness: they have grown too hubristic to make rational calls.

Like in the game of Jenga, the tower of the dollar dominance is still standing, yet some of its blocks are being taken away. A complete collapse may take some time, yet seems inevitable in the future if Washington continues down the foolish and destructive path.

- Beijing


Insolent Australia warns Superpower China of ‘Red Line’

 Scott Morrison declared that a Chinese military base on the Solomon Islands would be a step too far for Australia and the US

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison declared on Sunday that a Chinese military base on the Solomon Islands would be an unacceptable “red line,” without adding how Canberra would retaliate. Morrison’s government and the United States are scrambling to respond to a recently-signed security deal between the islands and Beijing, which they consider an “aggressive” move.

“Working together with our partners in New Zealand and of course the United States, I share the same red line that the United States has when it comes to these issues,” Morrison said. “We won’t be having Chinese military naval bases in our region on our doorstep.”

A tiny archipelago sitting around 2,000km off the northeastern coast of Australia, the Solomon Islands made international news last week when it signed a security pact with China.

There is much hysteria generated by the future potential for Chinese ships to use port facilities some 2,000 kilometers from Australia's shoreline. The Australian reaction is all about the supposed threat that this poses to Australia rather than the benefits the agreement may bring to the Solomon Islands.

"The spectre of Chinese nuclear submarines, destroyers, fighters and bombers based in the Solomon Islands, merely 1752 kilometres from Australia’s mainland (and closer than New Zealand), brings the looming prospect of global conflict right to our doorstep," says AFR's Christopher Joye. "Sadly, our worst fears have come to pass. What we now need is decisive leadership to protect our way of life, which faces existential threats for the first time since the first Cold War."

There is not a mention of the port facilities offered to U.S. navy ships by Japan and China's Taiwan region that are within 500 kilometers of China's coastline.



Ukraine - Exposing the white men's international community lie

 The Americans and the western countries like to use the term international community to denounce and threaten Russia, China or countries that they opposed and called enemies. The international community were against so and so, the international community opposed so and so, the international community condemned so and so. In Ukraine, they would said the international community condemned and opposed Russia. Unfortunately the silence from the international community, other than the AngloSaxon and European stocks, have made them look ridiculous, a laughing stock if they ever dare to use the term international community this time round. The only countries that are behind them are the white men countries. No other country is supporting the American and the West in this war.  Yes, no one else is supporting them and they know. 

Japan is not a country and so is South Korea, both are semi colonies, not independent countries and have no say in their foreign policies. They just have to go along with the Empire. Australia and  New Zealand are not real countries like other nation states. They are stolen lands and living in them on borrowed time. They would be evicted one day and sent back to where they come from. There were some small islands in the Pacific that have voted against the Russians but they did it not because of principles or out of their own choice, but being pressured, threatened or bribed into doing so.

For the rest of the world, the real international community, they are happily sitting on the sideline or openly supporting Russia. At worse, they would be neutral. No sensible govt in its right mind would be supporting the warmongering evil American Empire. The international community are eagerly waiting and praying for the demise of the oppressive and warmongering evil American Empire. The destruction of the evil American Empire will set them free to live the life they choose, without fearing for sanctions, regime change or assassinations.

The international community have spoken, loud and clear, let the warmongering white men kill themselves in their savage ways. No one in the international community would want to die for them or be dragged into the fray against their national interests, to die for the cause of the white men so that the white men can continue to rule them and bully them and exploit them would be foolhardy.

Many in the international community are quietly supporting the Russian effort to keep the white savages engaged in Europe, die fighting among themselves.

Solomon Islands - Australian and American duplicity in the Solomon Islands


U.S. to ‘Respond Accordingly’ If China Sets Up Base in Solomons - Bloomberg headline April 23
- U.S. will have “significant concerns” over Chinese base, Solomons PM says there will be no long-term Chinese presence

Tiny island nation proves that the West only believes in its own ‘spheres of influence’

Australia and the US believe the Solomon Islands must not be allowed to partner up with China, showing a selective respect for self-determination

Russia is bad. There is no excuse for attacking Ukraine, and the argument that it was a strategic imperative to stop NATO’s encroachment is just propaganda, right? That’s what every source in the mainstream media will tell you. But oddly enough, that logic never seems to apply when western countries perceive rival states to be encroaching on their own peripheries, and there’s been no bigger example of that than as to how American and Australian political classes have reacted to the now signed “Bilateral security agreement” between China and the Solomon Islands, a small archipelago which exists not far from Papua New Guinea.

The deal was confirmed this week, despite Australia and the US having piled on scores of official visits in a bid to try and halt it. This has been combined with a media narrative of extreme paranoia claiming, without due evidence, that China is set to build a naval base on the islands and poses a direct military threat to Australia in turn. This has produced some hysterical commentaries, with a founder of The Diplomat Magazine even literally calling for bombing and regime change in the island nation.

It seems strange that the same countries who said that Ukraine has a right to “choose” its allies, or in other words self-determination, do not seem to apply that logic to countries who choose to tilt towards perceived rival states, and there’s plenty of historical examples to back it up with.

The consensus is, whether expressed in moderate or explicit terms, that more must be done to “remove” the influence of China from the Solomon Islands, with the assumption that only the US and its allies act in the true interests of the state and its people. It’s as if there is no comprehension whatsoever as to why the Solomon Islands may not consent to be under the hegemony of Australia and the United States, and why it is obviously going to prefer a strategy of “hedging” to maximize political space and opportunity for itself, rather than being forced to exclusively pick one side. This is demonstrative of the elitist mindset which dominates these countries.

The Western powers’ insincere concern for Ukraine and their hypocrisy in believing that only they themselves are entitled to “spheres of influence” and they must have an infinite right to encircle rival countries without any right of reply. Russia’s narrative about the threat emanating from Ukraine is simply “propaganda,” we are told, yet China making an ambiguous deal with a tiny island nation of just 700,000 or so is somehow deemed an imminent and escalatory threat to Australia itself. Is it not time we started to question this narrative?

- RT (You can share this story on social media) 


Ukraine War is cheap compares to the Afghan war...and very profitable

“U.S. has sent $2.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine since Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion, with DoD weapons reaching the battlefield within 48 to 72 hours: senior U.S. defense official”

What’s interesting about that is, the U.S. spent 3 billions on funding the Taliban in the 80’s, over the course of an entire decade.

So this was the “longest and most expensive” CIA operation in history, and ended up at $3 billion in 10 years. But the Ukraine has already gotten $3 billion in a single month. Imagine how much they’re going to pump into it by the end of this year? This goes to show what I’ve said before that this is likely now the single costliest program of this sort in history. And that’s only counting the U.S. aid, NATO/EU are pouring in billions more.    Anonymous said

The 20 year Afghan War costs the Americans nearly US$3 trillion and is looking like the most expensive war that the Americans had fought. It is more costly than the US$1 trillion Iraq War and US$890 billion Vietnam War. Actually the Iraq War is cheap as the cost had all been paid back by robbing Iraq's treasury and banks and oil. Vietnam War is also expensive as the loser South Vietnamese had nothing to pay back.

The Afghan War is unchallenged as the most costly war as the US was defeated and could not impose painful compensation on the Afghan govt. The saving grace, to recover some losses, is to seize the US$7 billion deposits in American banks. This is the most despicable act of the Americans, robbing a very poor country that they invaded under false charges of being involved in the 911 attack, destroyed their country and now stealing the little money they had.

But then war has been and is still a very profitable business to the Americans especially to the MIC.  The above numbers thrown at the Ukrainians are peanuts. The Americans would throw in more, and in double quick time, and very happily to do so. And no, it is not a cost to the Americans. They are expecting the Ukrainian govt to pay back every cent, plus whatever mark ups as the Ukrainians would just have to accept the bill sent to them by the Americans and also by the Europeans. Everyone of them, the Americans and Europeans are happily and furiously sending in all their obsolete and expired weapons to Ukraine, as good as selling to Ukraine and at a price they determined, not to be objected by the Ukrainian govt. And comedian Zelensky is asking for more, he is not paying but the Ukrianians would have to pay.

The Ukraine war is looking to be highly profitable as Russia is not looking to conquer and take over Ukraine.  So the Ukrainian govt would still be there and to pay for these so called, 'military aids' sent to them by the Americans and Europeans. The Americans would be laughing all the way to the banks, and so would be the Europeans.

Let's forget about the daft and willing Ukrainians that are willing to die for the Americans to exert their hegemony and to pay for it. Let's see whether there are any stupid govts that would follow the path of the Ukrainians, to start another war for the American Empire, let their country be destroyed, their people killed, and ended up with a mountain of debt from receiving American military aid.

The South Koreans are looking like an eager beaver. Taiwan is also a possible candidate. We shall watch to see who would be the first to jump in.

Solomon Islands - Racism behind how Australia views South Pacific and China

Its 25.7 million population is even less than Shanghai's 28.5 million

Australia is aghast at the news that China has signed a bilateral security agreement with Solomon Islands. Despite both Canberra and Washington having sent scores of officials to the archipelago nation in a bid to try and coerce them to change course, the agreement was confirmed several days ago.

The pact provoked a tidal wave of vitriol in the Australian press, with several commentaries and articles going as far as demanding outright regime change, or even invasion against the country.

Canberra makes it abundantly clear that it deems Solomon Islands to be its own "backyard" and connects its new tilt toward China with the repulsive "Yellow Peril" paranoia that has become endemic in recent years.

But this only illustrates the hypocrisy, vulgarity and thinly veiled elitism which dominates the Aussie mind, even as it calls for Russia to have no such "rights" regarding Ukraine.

Australia is an Anglophone colonial nation that has unwelcomely based itself in the proximity of Asia, placing itself on the boundaries of cultures and civilizations.

Built on the genocide of Australasia indigenous population, such circumstances have historically conditioned a highly elitist identity in the country that has been prone to sporadic racism in relationship to its northern neighbors.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Australia grew to perceive the influx of Asian peoples into its territory as a threat to its English-speaking identity, espousing the politics of "Yellow Peril" and soon the "White Australia policy" which actively sought to prohibit the migration of non-whites into the country.

That now defunct policy still shapes the current underlying of the country's prejudiced discourse toward China, masking fears of racially led "infiltration" and "subversion" under the guise of anti-communism.

This attitude in Australia has long conditioned its foreign policy toward perceiving itself as being a vanguard force of civilization and moral exceptionalism to its surroundings, particularly in reference to the Pacific Island nations, of which it seeks to maintain hegemony over under the assumption that they and their Anglosphere allies are the only countries acting in their "true interests."

This is especially the case with the Solomon Islands, which is a former British colonial state and still comes under the British Crown.

As is the same in Britain, countries in the Anglosphere exhibit a distorted rendering of history toward their former colonies. Having never been held to account for their crimes over them, they continue to exhibit an "ownership" mentality over these countries, perceiving their rule as having not been brutal or unwanted, but benevolent and supportive.

Therefore, the choice of these countries to opt for deeper ties with China is seen as an assault on their own identity and an act of aggression.

Canberra continues to assume it has the right to dominate the Solomon Islands as a "benevolent protector" which constitutes its "backyard," presenting its efforts to form relationships with other countries (in this case China) as a political and military threat.

The Aussies cannot detach itself from their exceptionalistic and blinkered view of the world that they cannot do anything but act in the "best interests" of the Islands, and delude themselves their hegemony is only an act of benevolence despite obvious acts to the contrary.

This inability to conceive themselves for who they really are has led their press to brand the Solomon Islands' decision as a huge "diplomatic failure." But if it is a failure, it is a failure of them to be reasonable or realistic regarding the rise of China, and that the world does not revolve around English speaking countries anymore, let alone one with less people than Shanghai.

- Beijing


The American war against the world for ultimate control and hegemony - A do or die effort to dominate the world


Desperate US abusing global dominance of dollar to restore its hegemony in world order

A fundamental aspect of modern property rights is that they must be protected against any irregular expropriation by government. Since World War II, modern economies depend hugely on having reliable access to a reserve currency that offers a stable trading regime. There is deep and growing concern that Washington has now begun an assault aimed at the very foundations of this hallowed regime.

There are two primary facets of this ambush: the way in which the US dollar is being openly exploited, and the more direct attack on the core security expectations associated with property rights. In both cases, this recklessness is aimed at securing certain fervently framed political ends.

Over the last several years, Washington has increasingly misused the immense economic power that comes from running the world's established international currency.

After the Russia-Ukraine conflict began, Jim Rogers said the dollar is now being used as an instrument of war, and it is set to die.

As the conflict in Ukraine developed, an intense rash of property confiscations related to very wealthy Russians living in the West have unfolded.

The role of money, as a primary store of wealth, is now consciously being undermined. Consider two recent examples of rash, currency-based political leveraging that shows what Washington thinks is acceptable today, once it "unfriends" certain governments.

In February, Washington commandeered $3.5 billion, or about half of all Afghanistan public reserves held in the US, to help the families of victims of the Sept 11,2001, terror attacks. This astonishing confiscation was legalized by using a White House executive order. The Taliban government in Kabul, meanwhile, is still denied access to the other $3.5 billion, while wretched, mass misery in Afghanistan has reduced families to selling their children in order to secure food.

A large portion of Russia's foreign exchange reserves of over $600 billion were recently largely rendered useless following the imposition of currency-related sanctions by the US and others.

The world's reserve currency is no longer what we thought it was-that is, a neutral store of value-but has been put to work as a weapon of war. The core aspects of property rights, security and transferability-no longer apply without reservation to all owners of US dollars. Certain owners may now abruptly discover that their rights have been gravely compromised because they fall into a denounced category, solely determined by Washington.

Yet the US assumes that the rest of the world will go along with its own currency-based imperial behavior, and will tolerate whatever may follow. Other states have been threatened that similar high-handed sanctions may be applied if they, too, are precipitously downgraded by the White House. Meanwhile, discussion is already underway about draining those Russian reserves to repair Ukraine.

The US, a borrower already burdened by eye-watering, increasing levels of debt, has used the status of the US dollar not just to borrow cheaply but also to borrow massively increased amounts.

The US is progressively confirming that it's an untrustworthy steward of the world's reserve currency. For now, though, there's no choice but to live with the dominant international standing of the US dollar. The incentive to work on substitutes has, however, been hugely amplified. Various experiments are already afoot, including: potential direct currency swaps, and the further development of sovereign-backed digital currencies. People are also studying the creation of new ratings agencies.

The renminbi, as the currency of the world's largest trading economy, is almost certain to play some role in this coming transition, especially once it becomes fully convertible. One primary lesson to be learned from this alarming, politicized use of the US dollar is that any future replacement needs to be robustly managed as a neutral global currency.



Climate change - Fear not, Singapore can afford to have 20m people on this piece of rock

As temperatures rise, Singapore races to find solutions to secure its food supply.

How can Singapore bridge the gap between climate change awareness and sustainable actions?

The above two headlines appeared in the CNA referring to the challenges of climate change, food supply and sustainable actions. The first headline gives a sense of urgency that food supply can become a problem if not addressed now.  The second headline is about raising awareness and the need to be considered in Singapore's strategy towards the future and a timely reminder that whatever Singapore does, it must be sustainable. This sounds reasonable as a little reminder to those with megalomaniac ambition like wanting to put 15m or 20m heads into this piece of rock.

When the 15m or 20m population numbers are touched, it is very clear that Singapore would face a lot of very serious problems just to feed and sustain such numbers. Food, energy, living space, water and a whole lot of social and environmental issues would only multiply and compete for attention and resources. These are self inflicted problems that Singapore can do without.

Finding solutions for food supply for 6m population against 15/20m population is a wide gap to handle. Is Singapore finding solutions for 6m heads or 15/20m heads? The scale of the problems in the two parameters cannot be underestimated. Must Singapore ask to have 15/20m problem when it could be more manageable to deal with 6m problem?

15/20m heads in this island prompts the question, is it sustainable? Some quarters are very optimistic to claim that it is sustainable, just on increasing the usage of land alone. What about food, water, energy and the social and political costs? Another camp would say, hold your horses and don't take a bite too big that you can't swallow. Once committed to a reckless population increase, it is very difficult to turn back the clock. The problems of sustainability are no joke. A small crisis could multiply several folds. Do we have the super talents, I mean real super talents, not measured in the salary they are paid, to deal with such gargantuan issues?

Why would Singapore want to go down that road, and who should be making the decision to go down that road? Should this be left to a few politicians with a 4 year tenure to make such decisions for the whole population and the future generations to come? The path to 15m or 20m population is for the good of who? Is it necessary? Is it an existential issue that not going down this road would be the end of the good life in Singapore? Going down this road is certain to be hazardous and very critical and likely to be very precarious. 

The for and against towards a 15/20m population can argue until the cow comes home, just like the issue of mRNA vaccines. The one holding the power would have the final say, right or wrong, but would not be around to answer or take responsibility when the dam collapses.

What do you think?

Russia and China launching financial war against the Americans

 It's not just a military confrontation; Russia & China are about to launch the financial war to take down the USD:

'Russia, China and the members, associates and dialog partners of the Shanghai Cooperation organisation appear to understand the dangers to them from a currency collapse of the dollar, other Western currencies and of associated financial assets. There are three pieces of evidence that this may be so. Firstly, China responded to the Fed reducing its funds rate to zero and the introduction of monthly QE of $120bn in March 2020 by stockpiling commodities, raw materials, and grains. Clearly, China understood the implications for the dollar’s purchasing power. By backing its economy with commodity stocks she was taking steps to protect her own currency from the dollar’s debasement.

Secondly, sanctions against Russia rendered the dollar, euro, yen, and pounds valueless in its national reserves. At the same time, sanctions have pushed up commodity prices measured in those currencies. Russia has responded by insisting on payments for energy from “unfriendly nations” in roubles, while the central bank has resumed buying gold from domestic producers. Again, the currency is reflecting its commodity features. And lastly, the Eurasia Economic Union, which combines Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, has proposed a new currency in conjunction with China.

Details are sketchy, but we have been told that the new currency will combine the national currencies of the nations involved and twenty exchange-traded commodities. It sounds like it will be a statist version of earlier gold standards, with perhaps 40-50% commodity backing, presumably to be fixed against national currencies daily. Like the SDR, it will be supplemental to national currencies, but used for cross-border trade settlement. The involvement of both China and Russia suggests that it might be adopted more widely by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, representing 40% of the world’s population and freeing them from the dollar’s hegemony.

The original motivation was to remove a weaponised dollar from pan-Asian trade, but recent developments have imparted a new urgency. Rapidly rising prices, in other words an accelerating loss of the dollar’s purchasing power, amounts to a transfer of wealth from dollar balances in Asian hands to the US Government. That is undesirable for the EAEU members. Furthermore, the flaws in the yen and the euro have become obvious as well. All Western currencies will almost certainly be undermined by their central banks’ resistance to rising bond yields as the John Law experience Mark 2 plays out.

It might prove impractical for westerners to access this new currency to escape the collapse of their own national currencies. Anyway, a new currency must become established before it can be trusted as a medium of exchange.'



Ukraine - Migratory birds of mass destruction


A mind-boggling “discovery” that Russian forces in Ukraine stumbled upon is the use of numbered birds by the Pentagon-funded labs. This almost falls out of science fiction and Sir Alfred Hitchcock could have made an epic movie out of it where deception mixes with innocence and man’s cruelty to nature becomes unbearably grotesque. The project works like this:

To begin with, the Pentagon accesses the scientific data available with environmental specialists and zoologists after studying the migration of birds and observing them throughout the seasons, relating to the path these birds take each year on their seasonal journey from one country to another and even from one continent to another.

On the basis of this data, groups of migratory birds are caught, digitised and capsules of germs are attached to them that carry a chip to be controlled through computers. They birds are then released to the flock of the migratory birds in those target countries toward which the US intelligence has malevolent intentions.

Of course, these migratory birds travel great distances. The wandering albatross, for instance, is known to migrate at least 8500 km eastward across the South Pacific to the coast of South America, and many shy albatrosses migrate westward across the Indian Ocean to the coast of South Africa.

During the long flight of the birds that have been digitised in the Pentagon bio-labs, their movement is monitored step by step by means of satellites and the exact locations are determined. The idea is that if the Biden Administration (or the CIA) has a requirement to inflict harm on, say, Russia or China (or India for that matter), the chip is destroyed when the bird is in their skies.

Plainly put, kill the bird carrying the epidemic. Sadly, my mind goes back to the novel by the American author Harper Lee To Kill a Mocking Bird, the haunting story of innocence destroyed by evil.

To return to reality, once the “digitised” bird is killed and the capsule of germs it carries is released, the disease spreads in the “X” or “Y” country. It becomes a highly cost-effective method of harming an enemy country without any need of war or coup d’├ętat or colour revolution.

The Russians have made the shocking claim that they are actually in possession of such migratory birds digitised in the Pentagon’s bio-labs.

International law expressly forbids the numbering of migratory birds because they freely criss-cross the blue sky and air of other countries. By supplying them with germs, these birds become weapons of mass destruction. What human ingenuity! But the US enjoys total immunity from international law.

The bottom line is that only the US intelligence — and President Biden, perhaps, if he remembers — would know where all humans have been infected so far in this century by the Birds of Mass Destruction. Was Ebola that devastated Africa a test case and precursor of things to come?

What about Covid-19, which is known to have originated from funded laboratories that were administered by the US? It is very likely that the US might have used migratory birds to kill Chinese citizens. Clearly, the US in its desperation to reverse its global decline is pulling out all the stops to restore its hegemony in a world order that is inexorably moving toward multipolarity.

"During the long flight of the birds that have been digitised in the Pentagon bio-labs, their movement is monitored step by step by means of satellites and the exact locations are determined. The idea is that if the Biden Administration (or the CIA) has a requirement to inflict harm on, say, Russia or China (or India for that matter), the chip is destroyed when the bird is in their skies."

~ reminds of the tragic crash of China Eastern Boeing 737 flight MU5735 on March 21 which killed all 132 people onboard - was there a kill chip for the sudden vertical dive? 



Ukraine war - The AngloSaxon and white men exerting their power and control over the rest of the world

 The Ukraine War is not just an isolated war in Europe. It is a world war and no country is left out of ths war. The immediate victim is Russia, no need to bother with the willing Ukrainians, and China. Both are under attack at the same time. China may be far away and had nothing to do with the war but is being accused of taking sides with the Russians and being made responsible for this war. Can you believe that?

Every country is responsible for this war and have to fight the Russians, no exceptions. For the moment some are sitting pretty on the ring side, as neutrals, observers, but not for long if the AngloSaxons have dealt with China and if China succumb, the rest would have to fall in line. No country can remain neutral as the Neo AngloSaxon Empire would not allow it to be so.

The special emissary in the name of Boris Johnson has arrived in New Delhi to tell Modi to fall in. India chose to be neutral and this is unacceptable and Johnson is expected to tell the Indians to change its stance, to go against the Russians. Other than promises of some business deals, Johnson came carrying a stick. If all else fails, this former colonial master is going to whisper into Modi's ear, 'Do you remember how we colonise India? We can do it again.' India or Modi is expected to break out in cold sweat when the British Raj starts to play foul. The British Empire is come a calling again.

The Ukrainian War is the moment when the AngloSaxon and white men have closed ranks again, like the colonial times, to rule the world, and to divide the world among themselves. They are telling every country to fall in as members of the white men's Empire, to be ruled by the white men. Those in the know of this white men's scheme already fallen in. They knew that the white men meant business and there is no fence sitter or to be on the side of Russia and China, to be outside of the white men's Empire. So they quietly and obediently did as told, to go against the Russians.

The fate of disobedience to the white men's Empire, the Neo AngloSaxon Empire can be rough, very rough. Better to fall in now than later. 

Could this fate be avoided? Yes, if Russia and China triumph in the Ukraine war, fighting against the white men. It is tough as the white men, the AngloSaxon tribe and the Europeans have closed ranks, liek the colonial days, to take on the world, to rule the world once again. Russia and China would need all the might, cooperation and support from the rest of the world to stand up to the rise of the Neo AngloSaxon Empire. The fence sitters would not have the comfort and luxury to be fence sitters if Russia and China fall, as there would be no one else in the way to stop the Neo AngloSaxon Empire to beat everyone into line. 

Russia and China is the last hope for the rest of the world. The white men have united and see the rest of the world as a piece of cake for the taking. They have united, but the rest of the world has not. United we stand, divided we fall. The rest of the world would be victims of the Neo AngloSaxon Empire if they are still hesitating and thinking that they could remain uncommitted, not taking side, and everything would be fine, they could remain neutral like Switzerland. Like Switzerland? Switzerland and the Baltic states too have been told and threatened and have fall in, to be on the side of the white men, in the Neo AngloSaxon Empire.

Neutrality is not a choice. You are either with us or against us. Where would the rest of the world want to be? They could choose to be cowed and join the Neo AngloSaxon Empire or stand up behind the Russians and Chinese, together to resist this neo colonialism of the 21st Century.

There is no neutrality, but to make a choice...for the rest of the world. The white men have chosen. Do not think you still have time on your side. It may be too late, and game over, before you know it.

When the white men come together, like before, the rest of the world is in danger. They would conquer the rest of the world, one by one. Do the rest of the world want to be colonised and ruled by the white men all over again?

The window to stop the white men's Neo AngloSaxon Empire is now. There is no time to wait and waste. Missing this opportunity would be another 1,000 years of white men's rule and oppression.

Ukraine - Americans started it but blame the Russians

WASHINGTON: Russia's war in Ukraine is to blame for exacerbating "already dire" world food insecurity, with price and supply shocks adding to global inflationary pressures, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Tuesday (Apr 19).

Even before the war, over 800 million people - or 10 per cent of the global population - were suffering from chronic food insecurity, Yellen said, and estimates showed higher food prices alone could push at least 10 million more people into poverty.

Yellen told a high-level panel countries should avoid export bans that could further boost prices, while stepping up support for vulnerable populations and smallholder farmers, a message underscored by German Finance Minister Christian Lindner.

"I want to be clear: Russia’s actions are responsible for this," Yellen said, adding that the United States was working urgently with partners and allies to "help mitigate the effects of Russia’s reckless war on the world’s most vulnerable".

Russia calls its Feb 24 invasion a "special military operation" to "denazify" Ukraine.

Lindner, speaking on behalf of Group of Seven (G7) advanced economies, said targeted and coordinated action was needed, but called on all countries to "keep agricultural markets open, not stockpile and not withhold stocks, and not impose unjustified export restrictions on agricultural products or nutrients".

Of course, it is very easy to put each and every blame upon the Russians. They simply are not able to bite back.

But, the facts are that whatever blames that they have levied upon the victims of this Ukrainian War, imposed by the Americans and the Little Britain, are pure lies and deceptions, nothing else.

These are pure, simple and nasty lies!


Ukraine - More US aid, more profit for the military Industrial Complex

“U.S. has sent $2.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine since Russia’s Feb. 24 invasion, with DoD weapons reaching the battlefield within 48 to 72 hours: senior U.S. defense official”

What’s interesting about that is, the U.S. spent 3 billion on funding the Taliban in the 80’s, over the course of an entire decade.

So this was the “longest and most expensive” CIA operation in history, and ended up at $3 billion in 10 years. But the Ukraine has already gotten $3 billion in a single month. Imagine how much they’re going to pump into it by the end of this year? This goes to show what I’ve said before that this is likely now the single costliest program of this sort in history. And that’s only counting the U.S. aid, NATO/EU are pouring in billions more.

Lastly, like I said in the beginning, I don’t believe we’re seeing the full onset of Phase 2 yet. It appears to still be the opening probing stage as the full available forces have yet to be committed. But we’ll see if this week confirms this view or not.'


And on that note, there’s reports like this one:

“❗️Poland is secretly preparing a “liberation campaign” against Ukraine. For this purpose, a set of measures is being carried out – the supply of weapons, equipment and mercenaries across the Polish-Ukrainian border. Several formations of the Polish Army – the 18th motorized rifle division and the 6th airborne brigade – are preparing for a “peacekeeping mission”

The Polish Army stepped up measures to the maximum extent possible to complete the units to wartime states. The recruitment of “volunteers” is carried out through the websites of the Ministry of Defense of Poland.”

Unconfirmed of course, and dubious but it’s something to think about, and something many of us have already expected for a long time.'

Dumb becomes dumber...




Ukraine - Indians have pride

 Every Indian is furious at the way the Americans were trying to coerce India to go against the Russians. The Americans thought they have the Indians in their pocket, after stroking their ego and recruiting the Indians into the Quad by fanning the Indian animosity towards China. The Indians with aspiration to become a big power would not be made to toe the line by the Americans. The Americans have sent emissary after emissary to call on Modi and his foreign minister to be on the side of the Americans, but the answer is a big NO. 

India will act on its national interest, and Russia is a great friend, sharing their military hardware that the Americans would not.  Modi also knew how important is India to the American's game plan for world domination. Modi knew very well that the Americans need India to counter the rise of China. India is a big chip in the chess board. India thus would not be foolish enough to simply take the orders from the Americans. Why would India need to do so when the Americans need India more than India needs the Americans. The Americans thus got their balls squeezed by the Indians and could not do anything else than to bear out the pain.

And Modi would still be welcomed in the White House, more so than before, not because he has become an American running dog, but an indispensable player in countering China. The Indians are playing their game very well and would squeeze every ounce of blood from the Americans whenever possible, not the other way, to be squeezed by the Americans.

The Indians are not the same as the Red Indians. They are not easy to deal with. Only the Indians, with their pride as a big power to be, could deal with the slimy and scheming Americans and get away with it. The Americans have been threatening to sanction India for its defiance but would not dare to do so.

Well done India, for standing up to the Americans and not wavering. For doing so, India is having the best of both worlds, with both the Russians and the Americans trying to appease the Indians. If India would be silly enough to do as told by the Americans, it would incur the wrath of the Russians and would end up the loser, and also losing respect from the international community, as an American stooge.

Ukraine - Ruble is Global Best Performing Currency in March

Russia's Ruble is Global Best Performing Currency in March; 1st Qtr Current Account Surplus Soars to Record High

Russian President Vladimir Putin said defiantly on Monday that Western sanctions have proved to be “ineffective” in meeting their objective. In his words, “They (US and EU) expected these sanctions to rapidly produce a devastating effect on Russia’s finances and economy, sow panic in the markets, bring about a collapse in the banking system and create major shortages of goods in shops.”

“However, we can already say in all confidence that this policy has failed in Russia. The strategy of unleashing an economic blitzkrieg has been ineffective. Moreover, the sanctions affected those who initiated them. I am referring to higher inflation and unemployment and the worsening economic outlook for the United States and European countries, as well as the declining living standards of Europeans and the depreciation of their savings.”

All indications are that the contingency planning that Russia had worked out to pull through a severe sanctions regime is paying off. The ruble’s recovery has been absolutely astounding. The US President Biden had boastfully redacted that he’d turn ruble into “rubble” but the exact opposite happened. In the immediate aftermath of sanctions, the Russian currency plunged to 121.5 ruble per dollar and things looked dire enough. But it has since surged all the way back to where it was before Russia’s special operation in Ukraine began — around 80 ruble per USD in mid-April. Ironically, ruble turned out to be the best performing currency in March!

Putin noted that consumer prices have “grown considerably in Russia over the past six weeks, by 9.4 percent,” and people have “felt the impact on their family incomes.” He announced a decision “to adjust all social benefits, pensions and wages in the public sector, in accordance with inflation.” Russia can afford it, as in the first quarter of this year, “we are witnessing a record level of budget surplus.”

In comparison, it is a dismal scene in the US with inflation touching a 40-year high — 8.54% for March — that is going to get only worse if the conflict in Ukraine continues. Worse still, this scenario may upset Biden’s green energy plan. As for Germany, the largest EU economy, this year’s inflation is expected to touch double figures.

Interestingly, Russia is enjoying a “robust trade surplus” and in the first quarter of the year, current account surplus exceeded $58 billion, “setting a historical high. Foreign cash is returning to the banking sector and household deposits are growing.” Indeed, the factors behind the ruble roaring back are self-evident.

It seems the EU has sensed that Russia is putting back together amazingly well the pieces of life in an environment of extreme isolation from the West. The EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has admitted publicly that “With regard to financial sanctions, of course, you can always go further, but we have already reached the limits of what we can do. We did everything we could.”


PS.  The shallowness of the Americans daft thinkers is showing. Instead of destroying Russia with this war, Russia is having a bonanza while Europe is going to have a runaway inflation and the US not far behind.  This is like picking a real big piece of rock to drop on one's own feet.

Well done silly Americans. Everything they do will turn and bite them.


Ukraine - Brexit real agenda exposed!

 For a long while, many analysts must be wondering what on earth would Britain chose to exit the EU to become little Britain, all alone, and hoping to exist in a world that have been carved up into blocs by trade pacts. Little Britain on its own would be like a little fish in an ocean of sharks and whales and would not be able to survive on its own. Every little country for existential reasons must join trade pacts, be part of a bigger trading bloc to be protected and to thrive as a group.

For little Britain to go it alone, acting as if it is still the British Empire and can call the shot, dominating over countries of the world, is pure madness. Little Britain must sink to the bottom of the ocean bed without being a member of EU. China is going to ignore little Britain for good reasons. The rest of the world would have nothing to do with little Britain as they are all members of trading blocs. The USA would also have no place for little Britain unless little Britain wants to be another state of the USA.

Apparently this is what it turns out to be. The Brits and the AngloSaxon countries have struck a secretive pact to rule the world again. Europe would be subservient to this AngloSaxon pact, and to be sacrificed if needed to. The war in Ukraine has exposed the evil plot of the AngloSaxon tribe. Europe would do the bidding of the AngloSaxon tribe, and be part of the neo AngloSaxon Empire. Not a single European country can opt out. They would be opted in by the AngloSaxon tribe or be destroyed.

In the Ukraine war it is obvious who is calling the shot and dictating the war and who are the soldiers or pawns in this war. If the AngloSaxon tribe can win this war, with Europe as their gambling chips, and destroy Russia and China in the process, the rest of the world would simply acquiesce and become colonies of the neo AngloSaxon Empire, without any resistance. And little Britain's position would be safely entrenched, no need to be part of EU, no need to fear being left out in the cold by China or other trade pacts. Little Britain would just sit on the shoulder of the Americans and be a member of the neo AngloSaxon Empire, to rule the world for another thousand years or more.

Little Britain does not need the EU to survive. It needs only to be a member of the neo AngloSaxon Empire in a New World Order. All the European resources are now conscripted by the Americans to fight their war against Russia and China while the Americans and the Brits sit safely across the Atlantic Ocean and English Channel, watching the massacre  and destruction of the Europeans and Europe.

Long live the neo AngloSaxon Empire. It has all been worked out and going as planned.

Ukraine - Fumbling and bungling Americans


BTW, it's America who is ill prepared to confront either China or Russia:

“For the same reason, the war in Ukraine is a sobering preview of the problems the U.S. itself would face in a conflict against Russia or China. If forced to go to war in Eastern Europe or the Western Pacific, Washington would spend down its stockpiles of missiles, precision-guided munitions and other critical capabilities in days or weeks. It would probably suffer severe losses of tanks, planes, ships and other assets that are sophisticated, costly and hard to replace.”

Interesting! So it was actually the U.S. all along that had no stocks for war, not Russia.

In fact the Pentagon and MSM lied all along. Russia is by far the largest producer of armaments, shells, ammunition on earth, more than all NATO countries combined. The lie we were fed about Russia running out of fuel, ammo, food, etc., was laughable and seen through by any analyst with a brain from the beginning.

But more shocking revelations abound:

“In the world wars of the last century, America’s unmatched manufacturing base ultimately powered it to victory. But today, replenishing the free world’s arsenal might not be so easy.

American economic leadership is no longer based primarily on manufacturing. Shortages of machine tools, skilled labor and spare production capacity could slow a wartime rearmament effort. The U.S. can’t quickly scale up production of Stinger missiles for Ukraine, for example, because the workforce needed to do so no longer exists.” 


Solomon Islands - Wonderful News

Chinese FM confirmed that China and the Solomon Islands have formally signed the security cooperation framework agreement

Much to the chagrin of Australia and the United States, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed that China and the Solomon Islands have formally signed the security cooperation framework agreement.

Australia and the US had frantically exerted unprecedented pressure on the Solomon Islands to thwart the security cooperation deal between China and the island nation and drive a wedge between the two countries.

"We have asked the Solomon Islands respectfully to consider not signing the agreement," said Zed Seselja, Australian Minister for International Development and the Pacific, according to a statement after Seselja met with the island nation's prime minister Manasseh , according to Reuters on Wednesday. Sogavare find it "insulting" as the Australian minister took a condescending attitude and disrespected the Pacific island country's sovereignty. 

Covid19 - Should Dr Peter McCullough be pofma?

April 18, 2022 at 12:32 am (Quote)

The Australian Senate has concluded a special enquiry into Australia’s handling of Covid.

Here is a top US medical expert, Dr. Peter McCullough testifying and it is worthwhile to listen to him

The rest of the video recordings…

- Vaccines do not work
- Vaccines cause harm
- No need for lock-downs
- No need for masks

I urge MOH to debate this issue with Dr. Peter McCullough. It is about the future and the fate of Singapore.


The above was posted as a comment in TRE.  Not sure how valid this is as social media postings are mostly unreliable compare to main media postings that are well researched and most reliable to be true.

The findings of Dr McCullough are very serious. He discussed several issues including fraud by Pfizer on not disclosing the 1,233 deaths within 90 days of the use of the vaccines. According to him, any drug that caused 50 deaths in 90 days must be withdrawn from the market. There were a lot of negligence on the part of FDA to monitor closely all the data available from Pfizer. Pfizer is facing many lawsuits and likely to be in deep shit, with criminal charges as well.

McCullough's view, the vaccine must be withdrawn immediately and there should be no more booster shots. The vaccines is harmful and not preventing transmission at all. I say again, it does not prevent transmission. He is against any country mandating the use of the vaccines. Countries mandating the use of this vaccines are exposing their people to high risk of death.

This is a bombshell. The court ruling to release all the data from Pfizer is going to blow up sky high. Pfizer, FFA and many people would be prosecuted for their parts in approving this vaccine for public use. This is another big American lie.

The Australians are asking why they fell into this insanity of following the Americans blindly to vaccinate the masses, some with compulsion and the use of the law. The Australians are feeling so screwed and angry by this American lie for vaccinating their population with this dangerous vaccine.
One absurb point brought up by McCullough is that the vaccine was supposed to prevent Covid and it is so absurb to vaccinate someone already infected by the virus. Once infected, what is the point of vaccination? The vaccine is like a raincoat, to prevent one getting wet. What is the point of putting on a raincoat after getting wet?

Wait for the shock wave across the world when Pfizer is brought before the American court. Many Americans are waiting to tear down Pfizer and demand compensation for death and injury and future harm.

What do you think? If this Dr McCullough is lying or spreading disinformation, he should be pofma and charge in court and put behind bars.
PS. It is highly recommended to view the video discussion in rumble.com above. The moral of the story, if something is too good to be true, beware. In this pandemic, if something is looking crazy, run for your life.

This professor has been 'cancelled' by the American democratic system that professed freedom of expression. All his rights as an individual, as a respected professional and professor has been withdrawn, cancelled. But they dare not sue him or charge him.

Ukraine - American lunacy must be encouraged

US Senator Chris Coons (D-Delaware), a politician described by media outlets as President Joe Biden’s closest Senate ally, has raised the idea of deploying American troops to fight Russians in Ukraine, saying he fears the former Soviet republic will “become the Syria of Eastern Europe.”

“The American people cannot turn away from this tragedy in Ukraine,” Coons said on Sunday in a CBS News interview. “I think the history of the 21st century turns on how fiercely we defend freedom in Ukraine and that Putin will only stop when we stop him.” RT

The warmongering American savages continue with their lies and rhetoric that they are for peace and fighting and starting wars to preserve peace and to eliminate threats to American security. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and everywhere else were all about protecting America when none of these countries could ever be a threat to America. But the Americans would designate any country as a threat as an excuse to invade and destroy them. 

They were in Iraq and Syria to defend freedom and to prevent a tragedy like what is happening in Ukraine. So, after starting this war in Ukraine, forcing the Russians to invade Ukraine to protect Russian security, they are blaming the Russians as the aggressor. And the violence in Ukraine, the same violence in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Syria, must be stopped by the good American soldiers. 

I say well, believe in your American fabricated narrative that the Russians are the bad guys and the Americans are the good guys. Go, send in the good American soldiers to kill the bad Russian soldiers. This is a good mission, a mission of good versus bad. The Americans believe they are on the good side and fighting and killing for a good cause, a righteous cause, to save the Ukrainians.

What are you Americans waiting for? Send in the American boys and girls to execute the Russians with the best weapons you have. If the boys and girls got themselves killed, honour them as heroes, give them a hero burial. Nice. And don't forget the medals of bravery etc etc.

The world would love more good American boys and girls fighting in Ukraine. Believe me, the world is hoping and praying that the Americans would not shy away from this mission of good. the world needs the good Americans to fight this war, make it bigger, go nuclear would be the best.

Come on, killing is an honour in the American culture, the culture of savages. Historically there were so many American heroes, honoured for killing Red Indian savages. This time there will be many more American heroes for killing Russian savages that are killing the Ukrainians.

Just do it America. Your lunacy is impossible to ignore.


Hong Kong - Lunacy unchecked

 The western media and Channel News America are fond of advertising how bad the situation is in Hong Kong that Hongkongers find it unbearable and many are giving up everything, good jobs, job security, familiarity, relationships built over decades and social safety and security, to flee to the West and to their darling country, little Britain. To the Hongkongers, little Britain is still Great Britain and they would like to live like before in old Hong Kong, worshipping the old lady in Buckingham Palace and singing God save the Queen. That is their idea way of life, never mind if they are second class citizens to the Brits.

The Hongkongers are still living in the past, with a mindset cooked in the times of colonialism and white men superiority and everything white is good. They did not know or refused to recognise that the Hong Kong/China they are living in is a different world today. Hong Kong and China mainland are the growth engines and growth centres of the world where they could comfortably find jobs of their likings, commensurate with their education and expertise, without any colonial glass ceilings. In Hong Kong they could aspire to whatever they want, to the highest office in Hong Kong and even in China if they are up to it. And China is the new morality of justice, equality and fair play and human decency.

Many young Hongkongers are cutting their roots and giving up good jobs and good life to go West. What are they expecting to find at the end of their imaginary and out of phase rainbow? In the 19th Century and early 20th Century, many poor Chinese peasants had to flee China to look for a simple job just to fill their empty stomachs. There were barely any jobs available in a broken and bankrupt China semi colonised by the foreign invaders. Fleeing China looking for a job is not exactly what that attracted them. It was the push factor and all they were looking for was a bowl of rice, a meal, not a job to talk about. When they had nothing, and nothing to look forward to, anything would be good enough and worth the risk. Those were dire times and poverty was the norm to the majority of Chinese and anything was better than nothing.

The Hongkongers today are going West with a fictitious idealism that the West, fake democracy and fake freedom were what they want. But jobs in the West would not be waiting for them. Many would not be able to find a job in the West, or if they were lucky, a job that would be several rungs below what they were doing in Hong Kong. The social safety and security net and the safe environment they took for granted in Hong Kong would not be there. Their lives could be in danger just simply walking in the streets of racist white men's land. The jobs that they could get would come with all kinds of false ceilings and barriers, not the kind of freedom and democracy they believed to be there. Democracy and freedom in the West are not for Hongkongers but for the white men. Why would Hongkongers that have everything in Hong Kong, risk going to the West and may end up with nothing, even losing their lives? Has the stupidity has no cure disease spread to the Hongkongers?

They would painfully pay for their lunacy and naivity to think that the grass is greener over the fence. They did not know what they would be in for. If they could not find a decent job, definitely not what they could get in Hong Kong, and when their savings are depleted, they would wish they had not been so foolish and rash to run away from their motherland where everyday is getting better and tomorrow is something to look forward to. Going to the West is not only heading towards sunset, the West is not what they believe in their deluded imagination or dreams. Or they still think Asians or Chinese are incompetent and they preferred to be ruled by evil white men?

How many of the Hongkongers that have uprooted from the comfort of home would be able to find life better than they were in Hong Kong 10 or 20 years down the road is best described as wishful thinking. The realities still have not sunk into the minds of the Hongkongers and only when they hit the end of the road would they know how good it is to be in the motherland. But by then it would be too late. They may not even be welcomed back home. They made their choice under whatever assumptions and make beliefs, they would have to face the music for their own decisions.