CECA - Unequal Treaty

Twelve years ago on 29 June 2005, PM Lee triumphantly went to India to sign the free trade agreement, the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement or CECA, with the Indian government. At the official dinner hosted by the Indian PM for him in New Delhi, PM Lee happily announced that a “New India” is emerging....
Cleverly hidden clauses
In the agreement, Chapter 9 provides for the movement of people between the 2 countries.
In particular, it provides very laxed rules for the so-called “intra-corporate transfer” of employees, encompassing some 127 different type of professionals described in Annex 9A: IT professionals, architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers, doctors, biochemists, pharmacists, lecturers, accountants, auditors, financial analysts, psychologists, career advisers, etc.
In Article 9.5, Clause 1, it talks about providing a “long-term temporary entry” to “intra-corporate transferees”. In fact the name itself should have raised a red flag to PM Lee. How can an entry be simultaneously “temporary” but yet “long-term”?

The clause stated that “each party shall grant temporary entry to an intra-corporate transferee of the other party, who otherwise meets its criteria for the grant of an immigration visa, for an initial period of up to two years or the period of the contract, whichever is less. The period of stay may be extended for period of up to three years at a time for a total term not exceeding eight years”.

Bottom line is an “intra-corporate transferee” can stay up to 8 years before he is “rotated” out of the country.
And the person shall be exempted from any labour market testing or economic needs testing, as specified in Article 9.3:

“Neither Party shall require labour market testing, economic needs testing or other procedures of similar effects as a condition for temporary entry, in respect of natural persons upon whom the benefits of this Chapter are conferred.”

That is to say, economic needs testing like Singapore’s fair consideration framework which ensures fair hiring of Singaporeans cannot be applied to “intra-corporate transferees”.

To top it all, CECA Article 9.6 even allows the “intra-corporate transferees” to bring in their spouses or dependents to work too:
“A Party shall, upon application, grant the accompanying spouses or dependents of the other Party the right to work as managers, executives or specialists, subject to its relevant licensing, administrative and registration requirements.”
In cases where their spouses or dependents are not professionals, they shall be allowed to work in other areas:
“Such spouses or dependents can apply independently in their own capacity (and not necessarily as accompanying spouses or dependents) and shall not be barred by the Party granting them the right to work from taking up employment in a category other than that of managers, executives, or specialists solely on the ground that they as the accompanying spouses or dependents are already employed in its territory as managers, executives or specialists.”

India IT companies exploiting the “intra-corporate transfer” loophole

Hence with CECA, Indian IT companies like Wipro or Infosys can exploit the “intra-corporate transfer” loophole, to move large number of Indian IT workers into Singapore since CECA does not set any quotas.

They do not have to hire a single Singaporean in their Singapore-based subsidiaries.
Before the PAP govt notices, tens of thousands of Indian IT workers have already quietly entered Singapore with many of them working and settling in the East side of Singapore, creating their own enclaves.
In recent months, driven by higher unemployment among Singaporean PMETs as well as discriminatory hiring complaints from Singaporean workers, the PAP govt started to slow down the approvals of Indian IT professionals to work here....

The above is part of an article posted in theindependent.sg on 4 May 2017 by a Voltaire.

The most dangerous and most unequal part of this Agreement is Chapter 9 on the Movement of people between the two countries. 127 professions were highlighted, now 128 with the recognition of Indian nursing degrees in the upgraded CECA in 2018. See Annex 9 below for the list. The free movement of people apparently looks so innocuous and fair on paper. But in practice and in reality it is something else.

Millions and millions of Indians would be moving into Singapore to work freely. On the other hand, NOT a single Singaporean would want to work in India. OK I might have exaggerated, maybe 1 or 2 Singaporeans would want to work in India and be paid in rupees. What, for earning rupees and in jobs that paid 10% of what it would be paying in Singapore?

Look at the picture above of the Indian masses in Singapore's Chennai Business Park in Changi, oops I mean Changi Business Park. It is the same in MBFC aka Mumbai Financial Centre in Marina Bay.

From the pictures you will know how serious CECA has turned jobs in Singapore into jobs for Indians from India, not for our PMETs.  Who are the big employers of Indian nationals? GLCs? Are GLCs giving good jobs to Indian nationals and sacking Singaporeans in the process, causing undue financial hardship to Singaporean and their families?

A picture tells a thousand words.

 When Tan Chuan-Jin was still Manpower Minister, he said this in parliament: (He is no longer a minister)

“We have also heard of situations where Singaporeans were retrenched or made to resign in the name of down-sizing, only to realise later that their positions were given to foreigners, who were coincidentally from the same countries as the business heads.”

“Let me be quite blunt. Would these practices not sound discriminatory? Would any respectable progressive company endorse these practices? If this hiring is indeed because they care only about choosing familiar candidates and not about hiring the ‘best man for the job’, then such practices have no place in Singapore’s workplaces. Discrimination will not and cannot be tolerated.”

1 System Designer & Analyst 2 Network System & Data Communication Analyst 3 Software Engineer 4 Computer and Information Systems Manager 5 Computer Operations and Network Manager 6 Application Programmer 7 Systems Programmer 8 Multi-media Programmer 9 Network System & Database Administrator 10 Database Administrator 11 Information Technology Auditor 12 Information Technology Security Specialist 13 Information Technology Quality Assurance Specialist 14 Building Architect 15 Interior Architect 16 Landscape Architect 17 Town Planner 18 Civil Engineer (General) 19 Dredging Engineer 20 Dock and Harbour Construction Engineer 21 Structural Engineer (General) 22 Building Construction Engineer 23 Sewerage & Sanitary Engineer 24 Soil Mechanic & Piling Engineer 25 Trenchless Technology Engineer 26 Quantity Surveying Engineer 27 Transportation and Highways Engineer 28 Electrical Engineer (General) 29 Electromechanical Equipment Engineer 30 Electrical Traction Engineer 31 Power Generation & Distribution Engineer 32 Lift Engineer 33 Electronics Engineer (General) 34 Telecommunications Engineer 35 Computer Engineer 36 Computer Systems Engineer 37 Computer Applications Engineer 38 Computer Hardware Design Engineer 39 Semi-conductor Engineer 40 Audio & Video Equipment Engineer 41 Instrumentation Engineer 42 Mechanical Engineer (General) 43 Industrial Machinery & Tools Engineer 44 Marine Engineer 45 Ship Construction Engineer 46 Naval Architect 47 Aeronautical Engineer 48 Automotive Engineer 49 Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Engineer 50 Chemical Engineer (General) 51 Chemical Engineer (Petroleum) 52 Chemical Engineer (Petrochemicals) 53 Manufacturing Engineer (General) 54 Production Engineer 55 Automation Engineer 56 Robotic Engineer 57 Biomedical Engineer 58 Biochemical Engineer 59 Biotechnology Engineer 60 Materials Engineer 61 Industrial Health, Safety & Environment Engineer 62 Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineer 63 Metallurgist 64 Quantity Surveyor 65 Ceramics and Glass Technologist 66 Food and Drink Technologist 67 Dairy Technologist 68 Leather Technologist 69 Textile Technologist 70 Oil Technologist 71 Pulp, Paper, Paint and Plastics Technologist 72 Biologist (General) 73 Botanist 74 Zoologist 75 Anatomist 76 Biochemist 77 Physiologist 78 Neurologist 79 Medical Pathologist 80 Clinical Pathologist 81 Veterinary Pathologist 82 Pharmacologist 83 Animal Scientist 84 Microbiologist 85 Bacteriologist 86 Immunologist 87 General Physician 88 General Surgeon 89 Specialised Surgeon 90 Anaesthetist 91 Psychiatrist 92 Obstetrician & Gynaecologist 93 Paediatrician 94 Endocrinologist 95 Dermatologist 96 Ophthalmologist 97 Cardiologist 98 Radiologist 99 Industrial Physician 100 Medical Service Physician (School) 101 Public Health Physician 102 Dentist (General) 103 Specialised Dentist 104 Veterinarian 105 Veterinary Epidemiologist 106 Pharmacist (Dispensing) 107 Other Pharmacists 108 University Lecturer 109 Polytechnic Lecturer 110 Accountant 111 Cost Accountant 112 Company Secretaries (who are Accountants) 113 Taxation Professionals (who are Accountants) 114 Auditor (Accounting) 115 Career Adviser 116 Financial Analyst 117 Credit Analyst 118 Fund Manager 119 Treasury Manager 120 Market Research Analyst 121 Advertising Account Executive 122 Economist 123 Sociologist 124 Anthropologist 125 Historian 126 Political Scientist 127 Psychologist


Anonymous said...

Sequel"Stop at two-kids."part 2.

"Stop at 2-adult"

Anonymous said...

Rb, u are right. All my friends kids and mine own are all working overseas cause they are valued overseas but not in sg. We as parents are looking at loneliness at the tail end of our lives but to be fair to the kids, they don't have a choice either as they did try very hard to secure local employment first.

Uncle Tan said...

All my children are overseas too. I saw it (CECA = Conmen, Exploiters, Cobras and Assholes) coming 12 years ago. That's why I have prepared my children for working and living abroad, in countries where they can have a fair chance of success in life. Singapore is now a cesspool for cobras and vipers, the most dangerous of snakes from India's jungles.

Anonymous said...


Sg is like that liao! The new normal!

But the masses seem to be very very happy, so much so a massive 70% votes gone to pap!

Must be very very happy, correct?

Anyway it's good �� that we can still kpkb and tcss here!

Hahaha....,,All bo-chap.....bo--cheng- hu.......

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My children are also working overseas, one with masters and one with PhD.

They are being replaced by Indian nationals here with funny degrees and fake degrees.

Anonymous said...

Out of my 5 colleagues in the MNC regional management team before we were replaced, all our kids are working overseas. Only 5 of us with our wives are here. Another two colleagues from previous companies, all their kids are also working overseas. None working here. With some of the kids settling down and not coming back too. I am struggling with that right now whether to encourage them to settle overseas or come back one day. But unless environment changes, hard for them to come back. They are not taking small jobs as all of the kids are earning 5 figure Salary type.

Sick Selfish Sinkies said...

Ya, Singapore is like that already.

No hope already.

Cannot be helped, saved or cannot do correction liao.

Too much damages done for too many years.

Too long already for poorly managed ministries, especially foreign, manpower, home affairs, law, transport, health and finance ministries.

Corruption in Keppel can be hidden for 13 and 14 years and nobdy knew. The top management all sleeping. Every year collect their $millions pay and laughing all the way to the banks (secret Swiss banks).

What to do? Lan lan.

70% very happy mah, voted for it mah.

70% get screwed from behind day in day out, stiil very happy mah. No pain at all. Feel siok some more.

Anonymous said...

VTO, Vote Them Out.

Make this an election issue.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ sucker-punched Singaporeans:

The CECA framework as it stands is clearly labour-market arbitrage which is undeniably and factually skewed in India’s favour. Human nature being what it is will naturally result in many more Indian nationals taking advantage of this framework than Singaporean workers.

However, Singaporean companies have the edge in a sense that they can go and setup in India taking full advantage of CECA. However for the average Singaporean worker, they suffer a double whammy in this scenario:

1) They must compete with Indian-national labour (cheaper faster, occasionally better) now freely available in Singapore.

2) They have less positions to compete for since potential Singapore employers have relocated to India.

IMO,it is wrong and illogical to target Indian nationals or their local employers, which have to compete in the market and thus need to be careful how they spend. Employing India workers gives these enterprises a significant advantage.

Since govt policies rarely (if ever) consider the “negative externalities” or “unintended consequences” --- govts focus too much on “benefits” which only accrue to certain groups --- policies like this will continue to be created by out-of-touch, job-for-life, over-paid civil servant executives who have NO FUCKING IDEA of the plight of the average worker embroiled in a globalised battle for the diminishing job security.

The full force of citizen-anger should be directed at the govt, not at the Indian FT or worker who is just doing a job. If you had an opportunity to work overseas for better pay and conditions, you’d apply for the position as well. If you don’t, someone else from your kampung will.

”Incentives have consequences” Human nature being such, will always respond to incentives. You just can’t blame people for that. It is the govt which created the incentive...that is, an elected govt created a policy *without consultation* from the voting population who chose them to govern the cuntry.

There are those who’ll say ”Consultation not required. The govt has a CLEAR MANDATE to govern by whatever policy it deems ‘necessary’ for the proper running of the nation!”.

Yes, but not exactly. It depends what the policy is and the extent of its IMPACT on the lives of the people. Labour market policy affects everyone who is working for a living, which means MOST of the voting TAXPAYERS.

If you’ve been paying tax, and all of a sudden feel that they govt you FUND has played your arse, you should be fucking MAD at them. If you are not even the slightest bit angry and are unwilling to take action, you deserve to be a victim.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. Working overseas as a young person has enormous benefits. I highly recommend it! (I left Singapore at age 22. If I was 22 today, I'd do it again!) 🤓

Anonymous said...

Hmmm? For IT companies, it's happening since 1995. CECA just made it more "legalised" and easier in 2005.

Not just India companies or IT companies. MNCs, banks, GLCs, even govt hospitals also make full use of this legal loophole.

They hire in India & ship them over to S'pore. Many GLCs & MOH even setup shell companies in India to do recruiting & then transfer. In order to take advantage of "intra corporate transfer".

Anonymous said...

@932am & 932am

U are 1ooo% correct!

U think can VTO?

Hahaha......but it is good to dream.......

Anonymous said...

Matilar, based on my friends and my kids experience, their working overseas ranged from 2 to 10 years so clearly many are not coming back liao. The strategy of the government is to replace them with FT but on the ground level and socially, it makes many parents retiring on their own in sg. It's a tragic ending for many of them. Knn

jjgg said...

Why CECA? ..it's so obvious that the agreement is so skewered towards the Indians labour force..what did our dumbass MIW hope to achieve.. I believe MIW a bit yaya with their hoard of investible funds.. they think they can trail blaze our previous $$$s into poor ignorant India.. true..we did come up with grandiose plans to turn some Indian city to an "intelligent city " (What's become of that!!!) TEMASICK probably made a few bucks in its initial property n telecoms foray .. but what became of those??? India don't need our capital for their ongoing projects.. speculative forays into intelligent cities so that their well connected can make gains in property values at our expense is always welcomed. CECA screws the Singaporeans big time. Our entire social landscape changed. All for whose benefit??

Anonymous said...

Do you think those responsible for it should be sodomized?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are finished in 10 to 15 years time. Your government pretended to take care of with with crabby schemes like Pioneer Generation Package and now Merdeka Generation Package.But they really DON'T CARE about YOU.

If they really cared, why would they increased and created so many taxes. Why do they pay themselves sky high absurd salaries and bonuses? Why do the implemented CECA and Casinos. Both were the babies of George Yeo, the so-called pious Christian. Wht do they come out with one compulsory insurance scheme after another in order to suck dry whatever you have left in your hard-earned CPF savings?

Why? Why? Why?

Think for yourself. Stop being Stupid. For your own good and for the good of your future generations.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hello to the War Stocks Guy...

I think he mentioned one time that he's been doing OK (aka "made money") by buying BSE-listed stocks. Since Indian companies are setting up subsidiaries in Singapore and staffing with their own people, that could mean they're showing growth and revenue --- remember that Singapore tax rate is HALF India's corporate tax rate. Plus throw in a few more "incentives" from the sg.gov...there could be some good deals here.

Perhaps it's better to OWN Indian companies than try to compete for jobs against them.

Got capitalism? 🤑

Anonymous said...

Why Outsourced National Security To Foreigners (Nepalese)?

The recent deaths of servicemen have very much garnered nationwide attention as many questioned the safety precautions of trainings by the Singapore Armed Forces. (SAF) This is further fueled by the death of a 33 year old serviceman a few days ago, as well as the death of the actor Aloysius Pang, which had aroused a major wave of unhealthy skepticism and criticisms regarding the safety measures put in place.

In response,PM Lee has assured that he and the SAF leadership do take “safety with utmost seriousness” in a Facebook post on 15th of February.He even mentioned the importance of seeing “things in perspective when something goes wrong”.

He also said that Singaporeans “cannot outsource our security and defence to anyone else” as “we have to defend Singapore ourselves”.

Despite PM Lee stressing the importance of self-defence, why does Singapore still outsource some of her national security tasks to Nepalese troops to uphold peace and security in Singapore?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1243

AFAIK, the Gurkha Contingent is part of the police, not the military. They've proven very effective especially in counter-terrorism. Put it this way, they have a REPUTATION for doing what they do (fierce fighters). LKY used them for sentry duty at Oxley. LKY's reason is that if he used a Chinese or Malay there could be problems if a Chinese sentry shot a Malay attacker, and vice-versa. (it comes down to a "racial thing").

The British Army still have a Gurkha battalion. They're on the frontline in Afghanistan. YouTube has action footage of them fighting the Taliban, very fiercely.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1222 pm & others

Don't spread fear here leh!

Based on the comments we will be very very siong if we stay put in SG.

But very funny! 69.9% voted for them.. They must be very good.


Virgo49 said...

Why Gurkhas as as VVVIP Screwerty Guards?

Aiya, they don't trust the locals lah!

Indra Ghandi also arsedsonaytic by their own Guards.

Antagonise their own by storming the Sheik Temples and arse hold by their Headdress.

Sinkieland antagonise wrong policy
the Mats religion.Also arsed
Hole nated.Most also on this JLB jobs.

Chinkee needed monies. Easily bribed or brought off also arse hold mated.

Black cobras. Two faced or even triple faced. Also arsed hole nated.

So, Gurkhas best bets.One thing these dumb cows with born no brains.Only knows how to obey and obey without thinking also not invincible.

See Mas Alamak's case. Told to guard outside toilet cubcible and don't move.

Mas Alamak escaped and he still NO Move. So long. Aiyo got brains already go in and check.But he no move. Until one civvy escort guy come and check and found him gone. He still NO Move.

At inquiry, he said he obeyed orders NO Move. He is right.No move.

So if they guard the VVVIPs at SChandra Gila. If kena attacked in.Gila, they also NO Move.Orders to guard the roads outside.No Move.

Guard LHL and Ministers Bungalows
Also NO MOVE when attacked.

Good shows.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ our young global nomads 1040:

>> on the ground level and socially, it makes many parents retiring on their own in sg. It's a tragic ending for many of them. <<

It goes back to the idea of "go where you are treated the BEST". Unfortunately some of those "lonely parents" will have to come to accept that in a globalised world, young people have to vigorously compete for the best jobs if they're serious about their careers. That's the world we live in.

Look at the young ang mo crowd in Singapore. Many are PRs, an increasing number are citizens. They've left their families behind in ang-moh lands and made Singapore their home. Some return, others stay --- it depends entirely on the individual.

We live in a well-connected world now. Flying is cheap, so parents visiting their kids or vice versa is a lot more accessible nowadays than any other time in history. It boils down to whether people are willing (and able) to adapt to the changes in our world. Wishing for things to return to the "old days" is probably not the best choice one can make.

Anonymous said...

@RB, @Virgo, @All,

///My children are also working overseas, one with masters and one with PhD.///

///They are not taking small jobs as all of the kids are earning 5 figure Salary type.///

These shows that SG education is still solid what. You think they went overseas to be cheap workers? Cheaper, better, fasterest??

PAPies doing you all a favour by forcing you to go overseas get higher paying jobs & better work-life balance.

Without push by PAPies, all sinkies will be simply sitting on their fat asses in Red Dot, go thru motion, do half fuck job, and just waiting to collect salary every month.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, you are missing the point. Those able Singaporeans would go to where the money is. Unfortunately not many Singaporeans could do that. And the saddest thing is that they are being replaced by fakes and poorly educated foreigners in Singapore with fake degrees, qualifications and experience.

Hiringn the fakes and cheats not only hurt hardworking Singaporeans, it would destroy the country as a whole when the fakes and cheats took over and run this place down. Fakes and cheats are just that, cannot perform though they could bluff their way for a short while.

If Indians are so great, India would not be such a shitty place till today.

Virgo said...


The Past Generations, including the Merdeka and even the New Generation BUILT up the NATION.

We have unthinking Imbeciles who willingly Gave Up the Nation.

Those who advocate their children to go overseas and forge a living are no better off in Sinkieland.

You think if they could have meaningful and worthwhile jobs in your Country, you want to leave for another one just for a job and means of survival?

Old generations slotted and build up the Nation hoping that their present generations would have a better life than them.

You built up a Paradise and give away your Paradise to just somebody and live in another's land as strangers and farangs or pariahs as they called you?

If your own country is in dire straits and poverty all round, then no choice you have to grit your teeth and go to other countries and bear their discrimination.

You think the Chinese from Matland would come here if their own states have robust economies to support them?? They would prefer to stay and be near their kins and parents.

Sinkieland have had enough professional and other jobs for her own people and yet the Imbeciles, thinking that they are magnanimous gave all these jobs to others.

Yet, the Sinkies, themselves do not even put up a whimper to protect their rights and livelihoods.


I have in my neighborhood many neighbors who are ex-professionals and well bred old folks whose children are mostly in Overseas and had not returned.

When in conversations with them, you can really feel and touched by their pains and sorrows that their children had to be in overseas not coming back because of the PAP's idiotic wrong policies.

They lamented that they really missed them. Flying what's full day and even ten to twelve hours just to see them. So easy, all getting aged and weak and cannot take the jet lags.

Anyway, these are the sorrows and retributions that the daft 70% who are too afraid of CHANGE.

Where times are really bad in their countries of domicile, you think they would still appreciate and welcomed you??? Only those who have the dough and retired there without taking their jobs would be closed an eye.

They will have priority for their own first and kicked you out.

Only in Sinkeland, it is the REVERSE.

God Help You Sinkies

Anonymous said...

@ 203 pm

Idiot trying to be smart, and turn the table around. Even when shits start to spread the smell, still can attempt to claim credit.

That is called crooked thinking or twisted ligic of an incorrigible crook.

You need to be sodomized by Tua Kee Sinkies.

Virgo49 said...


Our Defence Minister is an ex-doctor with no military experience, the Education Minister is not a school educator, the Health Minister is not formerly a doctor or healthcare worker, the Transport Minister has no background in transportation, the MND housing minister is not trained in urban planning, the Manpower Minister has no exposure to population planning but she is merely an air-headed woman who proudly asserted that you just need to have small space to have sex .... and the list goes on.

To top the icing on the cake, the chief of Temasek Holdings is not someone with a strong financial background. She is none other than the PM's s wife. Surprisingly, has no one ever questioned about the blatant conflict of interest?

In fact, many of these multi-million dollar senior ministers often swap roles in their long career and manage different portfolios like playing a game of musical chairs.Is it any wonder Singapore has degraded dismally to what it is today?If these many times overpaid politicians without the proper skills and knowledge can still exist till today, who is THE ONE who has been governing the country all this while?

If anyone comes to you and says they are doubtful of the quality of the opposition parties, then just quote the above examples and ask them back: So why do you trust the present jokers with no relevant experiences in their respective fields?..food for thought...just maybe for the 69.9% ...when you sit on the toilet and your mind wanders...try to think about this...and your children's future......go on, give your brain a chance...


The Curse of An Unequal Treaty? said...

Releasing the shackles of time,
The wings of freedom are expansive,
Soaring above the ocean in the sky,
Flake-like bland sorrow floating downward,
Strands of memories flirtingly flashing across,
Is it dream? Is it illusion? Is it real?
The murmuring sound in the background ...
Your slightest smile in your face mesmorizes the heart,
In the long arduous endless journey,
Your smile brings comforting companionship,
The strength to lift up the stone-like feet to take the next step towards the dreamland;
The seawaves drowning the night fall in unfathomable depth,
Spreading till the horizon end in the sky,
Hope swimming through the cracks in the dream,
Gazing at your deeply asleep lids,
Looking at the sea and sky in synchronous colour,
Hearing the wind howling the rain falling,
Persistently clearing the endless haze,
The seasons are merciless, spring rain followed by autumn blizzard,
The seas dried, the stones rotted, nothing left to cherish ...,
Alas, your slightest smile brings hope,
The will to trudge forward,
The supernatural heat flowing through every single cell of the blood,
The mysterious power reenergising the deflated body,
The heart is drunk and intoxicated by your mesmorising gaze,
Is it real? Is it illusion? Is it in the dream?
The intoxification overwhelmed every inch of the limps,
Depriving of any strength,
Sunshine piercing through the gaps in the sky blown by the almost breathless olddragon,
Fearful that you will fly away to a faraway land,
And leaving the hapless alone,
But even more fearful that you are motionless and grounded in frozen time,
Watching you flying away,
Watching you leaving everything behind,
It dawn upon many that you do not belong here,
Every drop of tears flowing towards you,
Backward towards the very beginning of the stream of eternal life.
Calm, peace, no suffering ... Lying in eternity ... The snow flakes burying the peaceful calm face, to be discovered another 10 millenniums later ...

Anonymous said...

The GE is coming. This is another chance to vote them out.

Anonymous said...

"BREAKING: 50% personal income tax rebate for FY 2019, subject to cap of $200"

MPs laughed, at the peanut $200.

Of course they laugh, when they're earning $ millions . ..

Anonymous said...



The M package....,,.I. reAdy waNt to lauGht!


Anonymous said...

3.41 pm I agreed with you but only partially lar. I agreed that the dude needs to be sodomized but not by tuakee sinkies but African tuakee lar so that the pain will be more.

Virgo49 said...

Nice poem Bro.

Very meaningful.


Anonymous said...

Singapore does mot need foreign companies here that employed more than 50% foreigners in its payroll.

No more permit for such companies and closed down those that are here taking advantage of our hospitality.

b said...

This is the karma for voting out the queen. Chinese rulers/managers/bosses will not help chinese. They help angmo, ahnehs, pinoys but not chinese. Thats why so many chinese migrated. If chinese is good to chinese, why need to go to foreign place?

b said...

Their parents voted out the queen but so many kids have now migrated to cuntries where the queen is the ruler. Thus, voting out the queen and voting in the papist is a HUGE MISTAKE. Long live the Queen.

Virgo49 said...

I have had no choice worked in Matland Port Kelang and Kelantan for a stint of a few years when the Financial Crisis hits all and many were retrenched.

Logistics warehousing/shipping in PK and an Factory that shipped their goods to PK.

Sometimes due to tight schedule not back for months.

When you have aged parents and still young school going children, your heart are always reminiscing
of your home.Unless you are those Callous hard hearted ones.

We have a divorced Singaporean GM in charge of the Factory and Marketing.Wheras I in shipping and warehousing.

For him, he only returned every six months or so unless our Malaysian PR Singaorean Boss wants to see him and have a joint meeting.

I tried level best to come back every weekend or fortnightly.

Either by coach or by KTM Rail which I am lucky just to stay beside my Estate. (B4 now SLA land)

Our GM weekend will be up at Golok besides Kelantan. There Friday PH followed by Sat half day and Sunday he be still there as Singapore is a Weekend.So total will be three R&R days.His excuse and authority on marketing visting clients. Salary 5K Singapore Dollars plus accomdation in 2000 sqft Condo plus car. Factory supplied lunch and dinner. That time no 3 to 1 Sin $.

Mine at PK nearer to Singapore.But still eight to ten hours journey.
Slept in coach and train till home.

The feelings of joy is reverse when you are going to Matland for holidays and back to your home from overseas employment.

When you are working outstation with your family with you and you alone are different.

Your family became a Single Family when you worked alone overseas.

Your children still needs a Father for support when they are still young. Emotionally they need a Father still to be with them.

Especially if your Spouse is also working. My son nearly became a delinquent.

They still need a Father Figure in the Home.What's the use with big fat pays when your family is broken. Also, many men goes astray due to their own many reasons.

So unless no choice. Those who advocated you work overseas themselves don't do so.

Anonymous said...


///Singapore does mot need foreign companies here that employed more than 50% foreigners in its payroll.///

Haha don't you know that most local companies also employ 50% or higher foreigners. So how? Close all these companies down?

Anonymous said...

Almost 1/3 of budget ($22.7B) for war & security.

Good news for war stocks! Huat ahhhh!!!!

Anonymous said...

This war stock guy lives on others misery. He should be sodomised by all till hiA ass pechak

Virgo49 said...

Anon This War Stocks Guy is all nonsense.

Name me what's stocks are War Stocks???

Losing their pants and exposing their arses still wants to con the dafts.

War Stocks listed in Sinkieland???

Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bombs??

Or Dotard's missles??

Anonymous said...

Virgo haha I agreed with you but I also agreed with anon that suggested this guy be sodomized

Anonymous said...

What are war stocks?
How do you define war stocks?
Where can you buy war stocks?
Where are they listed?
How do you trade in war stocks.
Who is the expert on war stocks?
Up till now looks like nobody is expert on war stocks.
Because novody has ever answered the above questions.

Anonymous said...

11.03pm anon, I think Matilar has answered questions raised by you many weeks ago. Just that u missed his post. He may be upset so u be careful cause he is a dor re mi King.

Anonymous said...

It's almost midnight now so I am waiting for the UG moron to start posting till early morning😂

UG said...

Anon 1148. Waiting for your family to have one moron like me.

Anonymous said...

CECA = Comprehensive Exploitation of Citizens Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

Hi all

Good morning..........

The real problem is not pap!

It is the 69.9%!

Die die will/must vote.......pap!

You think the thinking of the 69.9%?

Very very very difficut!

So.........dont waste time lah!

Really no point no point! Better to 3Ms!

Worry less! Happy more!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I think you’ve missed the point. Wherever anyone goes to seek job, there will be COMPETITION.

writer@ 203, hit the nail:

1 Singapore’s edu is of sufficient standard to give any Singaporean a significant edge in most foreign job markets.

2 At the end of the day, there is no level playing field. Competition will be skewed one way or another and there is sweet fuck all you can do about it. There might be fakes in Singapore, but that is not an excuse for you not getting off your lazy arse and start fighting for employment. That was LKY’s original idea: Singaporeans have gotten too complacent and SOFT.

The Golden Rule:
He who owns the gold, makes the rules.
i.e. If employers want to hire fakes, they are free to do so because it is THEIR MONEY.

If the govt hires fakes that is NOT OK because they’re using public money.

What I find problematic is the govt’s involvement in this whole CECA deal. They should not have any policy --- let the market be the arbiter. Anyone who wants to setup in Singapore and staff their enterprise with whomever they choose should be allowed to do so, as long as they do it legally and respect The Rule Of Law.

Then allow market forces tol impose natural limits:

1 Cost of living in Singapore (you can’t pay workers too cheap, cos’ the won’t work for you)

2 Rental prices (foreign labour has to stay somewhere. What if many Singaporeans REFUSE to rent to foreigners? Rentals will skyrocket due to “bidding wars”)

3 Land costs (your offices and factories will occupy expensive land)

….and other expense which grow according to the size of your operation

Without CECA (govt tinkering with the market) IMO there will be less Indian nationals working here, due to natural market forces.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1103

One ex-spurt on “warstocks” is Richard Maybury. He writes a newsletter called “The Early Warning Report”. Maybury can come across as a conspiracy theorist at times, and he’s definitely of a libertarian streak, so many people might find his writings and YouTube videos “offensive”.

Here’s my opinion (not “truth” ok? Just my opinion):

I’m agnostic on every financial asset of established companies. Stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, Forex, real estate, private business...I don’t care. what I look for FIRST is profitability and free cash flow; and if I believe the numbers are HONEST (there is accounting fraud in the markets. Always will be). If neither profitability or free cash flow is present, I don’t bother.

For new enterprises, the process is more involved. Research. I want to know the arguments for and against. Doesn’t matter how great I or anyone else thinks the idea is...I want to know why it should succeed and why it could fail, because at that stage no one really knows anything.

Most people dive into the new stuff for “growth potential”. That also depends how long you intend to hold, and if you buy it sufficiently “cheap” as a margin of safety.

War stocks (defence, tech) are doing well. Just have a look at the defence sector ETFs...they’re topping out, even in a crazy market.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

USA Defence and aerospace ETFs


Please sell warstocks...so that the prices drop! 🤑

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Please lah Matilah, every country protects jobs for its own citizens unlike this silly cuntry.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> every country protects jobs for its own citizens <<

No, that's definitely not correct.

The govts of other cuntries appear to protect their citizens’ jobs. There is only so much they can do since most have already signed WTO agreements and various FTAs with their trading partners and neighbors.

At the end of the day, world production and trade has signed off to “globalisation”. Manufacturing, raw materials, sales and distribution and supply chains are all globalised now. Although this has devastated sections of the middle and working classes all over the world, resulting in identity and nationalistic politics, there's no stopping it.

One third of all people are either Indian or Chinese nationals and they're all very motivated toward “upward mobility”. They're willing to compete in ANY market, and I don't think they can be stopped. Frankly, I say “power to them”. If they can deliver good, fast for less, why not?

You never hear ChIndians complaining about “how hard life is” nor do you ever notice an entitlement attitude of “The World/ Govt/ Local business Owes Me A Living” They just work and earn, while the union cry babies kpkb.

Anonymous said...

@Matilah $ingapura

Best comment ever in this blog.

All the readers(& also the author) bragging about their children leaving Singapore are now the CECAs of the other countries, entering because of WTO and FTA agreements.