Bananas are very proud that they cannot speak Mandarin

'If you're Not Chinese in Singapore, You probably don't feel welcome in these places', is an article posted by banana Nicole Chia in Rice, about her experience in a Chinese or Taiwanese restaurant here. She was having dinner with her Australian Chinese friend and very likely both could not read or speak in Mandarin. And the frustrated China Chinese waitress exclaimed,

啊,气死人!她不可以讲华语。我还以为她是华人 …“ or 'Ah, so frustrating, she could not speak Mandarin. I thought she was Chinese'.

Because of this unpleasant experience, this banana turned the whole issue into a racist rant in Rice and Yahoo News happily propagated this with many bananas and non Chinese adding in to confirm that this is racism against the minorities. Is that so?

Read the comments by the Chinese waitress again, she was likely from China and could not or barely able to speak English. And coming from China, there is this expectation that anyone looking Chinese should or could speak Chinese. They are not like the worldly wise bananas that have travelled all over the world, probably came from some small villages with not much exposure to the outside world.

But the silly bananas were offended by her expectation, wrongly or otherwise, and twisted this into a racial discrimination incident. Of course all the bananas would echo the same feeling and some minorities would be encouraged to condemn the Chinese as racist.

This is a little country where Mandarin is an official language. But many bananas could not speak Mandarin and are damn proud of it, and even prouder because they could speak English and the China Chinese could not. And even if they could speak a few words of Chinese, they deliberately speak to the China Chinese in English to ridicule them as someone inferior. 'See, they could not speak English', as if speaking a foreign language and unable to speak your own mother tongue or your own cultural tongue is something to be proud of, especially in the face of angmohs. 'Hey guys, I am Singaporean, not Chinese, and I can't speak Chinese, it is so difficult to learn Chinese, I hate the language.' And the angmohs would laugh with them, nodding their heads but telling themselves how silly these 'Chinese' are, can't even speak their own lingo. No ethnic pride. No identity, chap cheng. 

Stupidity has no cure.

Speaking a foreign language is a good acquisition but nothing to croak about. And the reason why the bananas here only speak English is because of the history of colonialism and poverty, when their forefathers had to leave their home towns to seek a living here. If their forebears would still be in China, these new kids would be happily speaking Mandarin and be very proud of being a part of one of the greatest civilisations on earth. Unfortunately without knowing history, with little knowledge, they are acting as if they have arrived and are to be respected and looked up to because they can speak English but unable to speak their mother tongue. And they are very happy to despise the China Chinese for their inability to speak English or proper English.

They did not know what is the meaning of shame and cultural pride, and ethnic identity. A Chinese is a Chinese wherever you are or however you look or whatever you call yourself. You will not look like your angmoh friends and inside they will also call you a Chinese and will wallop you because you are a Chinese and discriminate against you in their countries. 

You bananas are so lucky that you still have this little piece of rock where you are a majority. Once you become a minority in this island, you will likely see signs saying Chinese and dogs not allowed, and the Chinese would be referring to you, even if you speak English. 

With so many foreigners given citizenship, be prepared for the day when you become a minority here.


Anonymous said...

These bananas have no sense of humility. They simply would not talk to a China Chinese in Chinese even if they know how and would insist on speaking in English to frustrate and humiliate the other party. The courteous way in communicating with another person is to try to speak in a language that both can understand, not speaking like a duck and a chicken and think it is the right thing to do and it is the fault of the other party.

Anonymous said...

Note that in foreign media , they always mention Singapore as a nation of 5.7 million, not 3.4 million. That's also what Loong said in speeches.

If 75% of 3.4 million Sinkies are Chinese (2.55 M), then that's already a minority in the official 5.7 million residential population narration.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

One out of every five Earthlings speak Chinese. Many cannot differentiate between race and nationality. A Singaporean Chinese is a Chinese. There is no such thing as a Singaporean race. Westerners are learning to speak Chinese and many can speak fluent Chinese. Yellow bananas who cannot speak Chinese used to be insulted as having eaten angmoh shit. They are considered to be a disgrace to their ancestors.

PS: I am trying to learn to speak Chinese. Not easy for a non-Chinese.

Anonymous said...

The overall population official figure is mych lower than the actual (real, truth, existing, on the ground) figure, which should be 6.7 million or more. Why?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ann, just keep it up. Many of our Malay and Indian bros and sisters are very good at Mandarin. Many Africans and Americans speak fluent Mandarin, better than the Chinese here.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Hi RB,

I am Portuguese-Menado mixed. I get confused by Hokkien and Mandarin. Cannot tell the difference. Thanks for the encouragement.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not to worry, there are so many dialects and I am struggling with them as well. It is the sincerity of wanting to communicate that is important.

When I was in a smaller city in China, not a small town or village, the tour guide spoke to himself, 'They look the same but talk and think so different, and did not know simple things about Chinese culture and history.'

This is true as our history books were mostly about European history and our fables were about Prince Charming and Snow White etc etc. We are programmed differently.

Virgo49 said...

Chinkees (Sinkies likewise the black cobras and chap cheng smelly prawns)thought that they are very high class and smug when they could slurred like having pricks in their mouths mumbling in English.

Many, sia suay being Dragons married the Evil White Serpents and the Black Cobras scorning their own kind thinking that we are beneath them.

Thinking that these pariahs are elegant and wealthy. Not knowing that these creatures are Paupers masquering as Princes.

The worst kind are those with a stint in these chow ang mohs countries either studing or just with gigio there. When they are back, wah lan eh, ate their shits and drank their semen behaved high and mighty with their adopted brash and uncouped behaviours.

Just like Hongkies. Scolding or swearing in English just to show that they are Electrocuted under the Brits. Who are the worse barabarians in the civilised World. Eveywhere they go, chaos followed.

Sinkieland leaders are full of bananas. Esspcially their special breed pround boh lean chor Perkanans who looked down on Pure breed Chinese thinking all are peasants.

That's why they are trying to dilute main Chinese Society with so many pariahs so as to
Create what's Cosompolitian Chap Cheng Racical Mix with the influx of Pinoys, Ah Nehs and all other creatures so as to safeguard their positions.

Chinkkees all over may be disunited in their own greed and ambitions. When faced with a common aadversary, they be united to survive as One. Then afterwards, fight again among themselves.

This is what the Bananas and other Races so afraid of.

The Nehs and Whites have their Chinese wives are just to show their superiority over them and knew that Chinese women are most Tiger Mothers who will kept their children line and better upbringing.

Their Own will show their middle fingers to them.Nehs, too many castes and complicated in their affairs.

So, Chinkee women, don't think you have goof matches with these pariahs as when they ran out of cash and sick of you, you be stationed in Desker Road or Geylang. Chow Ang Mohs never stop romancing as their genes.

Anonymous said...

Banana are very proud that they cannot speak Mandarin

Banana or not,

proud or not,

can speak Mandarin or not,

doesn't matter lah.

Got lots of money or not?

Can make lots of money or not?

If got money and also can make lots of money, that's what really matters.

Better still, if got money and also got power, like the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, just keep it up. Many of our Malay and Indian bros and sisters are very good at Mandarin. Many Africans and Americans speak fluent Mandarin, better than the Chinese here.
RB 9:30 am

But then these Malay, Indian, Africans and Americans who speak fluent Mandarin are a minority what.

Maybe less than 30% of all Malay, Indian, Africans and Americans?

Just like those who did not vote for PAP are a minority, whether 30% or even 40%. Can vote PAP out or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

Rb u will be surprised that many sinkies Chinese women have married ang moh and black ants from India. I have known many cases personally. If u view the Internet porn, there are very few movies on Asian especially Chinese screwing the whites but million of movies the ang moh screwing the Asians. U even get many black antes screwing the white girls. The porn I dustry reflects the power play of diff races. I am looking for the rise of Asia and hopefully we will see that reflected in the porn Industry soon to see the white girls swallowing our cum

Anonymous said...

It is the sincerity of wanting to communicate that is important.
RB 9:47 am

Important or not also depends lah.

If it is Chee Soon Juan (whom I think is very sincere to want to communicate and even wrote many books and personally selling it to do so), but what's the use?

Even by election also can lose, and not even anywhere close to winning some more.

Anonymous said...

When I was in a smaller city in China, not a small town or village, the tour guide spoke to himself, 'They look the same but talk and think so different, and did not know simple things about Chinese culture and history.'
RB 9:47 am

So? But they got paid, right?

And they also got audience, and you among them.

That's what really matters.

Anonymous said...

10.38am anon u are a real idiot and should be sodomized by all sinkies

Anonymous said...

Not sure the exact details between the banana & the cheena. Both the banana & the cheena certainly caused a bad situation to become worse. And both were arrogant in their mentality.

Banana expect cheena waitress to speak angmoh coz this is SG. Cheena waitress expect banana to speak chinky coz yellow skin & slit eyes.

No one had the sense to try using e.g. Google translate, or having the EQ to smilingly indicate non-comprehension & gesture for another staff to help. Instead insisting each other understand chicken & duck talk, and not giving ground?

Anonymous said...

Halo, 楼上的"朋友",






Anonymous said...

Do you think we need to pass another law in Singapore?
Put up a sign at the entrance to the restaurant.

Enter at your own risk.
The following languages are not spoken by the staff here:


And you just put a tick next to the language.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

12:17 pm



Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17 pm,也许红豆先生很想翻译啦。


我猜测红豆先生是英校出生的(English helicopter)

Anonymous said...

At least S'pore is the only high wage city outside of China that cheenas can get by very well without having to speak any language other than Mandarin. Just ask Li Hu, Feng Tianwei or Li Jiawei.

If there's no S'pore, millions of cheenas from villages will not have the opportunity to earn 5X-20X their home salary working in restaurants, construction, engineering, electronics, manufacturing, logistics, import-export, transport etc etc.

Without S'pore these cheena villagers can only go to their local cities, or Taiwan or HK, all of which will pay them much lower due to much greater competition.

They should be grateful that S'pore makes it so easy for them to earn relatively high salaries.

Anonymous said...

Singapore banana versus China's Chinese.

Duck and chicken trying to talk to each other.

This is why we must join in PAP's 200th anniversary celebration of Raffles.

Ang moh can return back to Singapore and use English to help settle the differences between "Singapore banana and China's Chinese."

Anonymous said...

"They should be grateful that S'pore makes it so easy for them to earn relatively high salaries."
February 23, 2019 1:03 pm

They are very grateful to PAP for this opportunity.
But maybe not so grateful to Singaporeans lah.

Because maybe they think PAP are the real owners of Singapore.
And they don't think Singaporeans own Singapore.

Is the above true?

Anonymous said...

@ February 23, 2019 1:11 pm

/// Because maybe they think PAP are the real owners of Singapore.
And they don't think Singaporeans own Singapore. ///

But what do Singaporeans, especially the 70% of PAP voting Singaporeans ... what do they think?

Do you think they believe that Singapore belongs to Singaporeans?
OR Do they believe that Singapore belongs to PAP?

Do you think they believe that Singapore exist to serve Singaporeans?
OR Do they believe that Singapore exist to serve PAP?

Anonymous said...

Because maybe they think PAP are the real owners of Singapore.
1:11 pm

True lah, because PAP got money and also got power mah.

U got money u also own Singapore lah.

Anonymous said...

Do you think they believe that Singapore exist to serve Singaporeans?
OR Do they believe that Singapore exist to serve PAP?
1:27 pm

Aiyo, why so complicated?

Singapore exist to serve whoever got money or can make lots of money here. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Nah beh, I no money can only suck egg & suck thumb. Cheebye, I only managed to win $10 for Hongbao toto. KNN next year try again...

Anonymous said...

1.34pm don't curse lar but if u must besides suck egg and suck thumb you can also suck cock and make big mkney

b said...

Bananas have reasons not to be proud of chinese culture. throughout history, more chinese were killed by chinese than angmo or ahnehs or whatever . but chinese choose to hate angmo or ahnehs but not their own chinese rulers elites. they chose to be blind to this fact. chinese have this capacity to exploit, hate or jealous their own chinese kind instead of helping them to succeed. it is the selfish mentality of chinese that chinese cannot become great. angmos have the ability to work together despite different languages whenever they want. maybe this is something for chinese to learn rather than jealous.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

其是我是化校出生的。 读化校一年才传去英校 : ) 叫我翻译难度很高, 还要花很多时间。很报歉,我不是万是通。不懂英语多看多学也是好的。

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

English is the lingua franca of Singaporeans. Bi-lingualism helps to promote and preserve mandarin for the Chinese but it kills dialects. The strawberry generation is losing touch with dialects. No thanks to LKY. Even GCT laughed at LKY's hokkien. The motivation to learn mandarin will intensify correspondingly with China's growing status and might. In years to come, mandarin may replace English as the language of trade and commerce should the Anglo-saxon countries continue to lose more and more of their competitiveness.

Anonymous said...

說真的,“新加坡香蕉人“的遭遇,并非完全他们的过失,普通话(华语/国语)本来根本不是他们的母语。Merdeka 年代的国人,肯定对方言��好感,甚至给他们一股骄傲,一把力量。遗憾的是,历史/政治的改变,使得普通话淹没了国人所熟悉的福建,广东,潮州,等方言,国人无法适应, 他们的下代,就是现在的Millennials, 情况每况愈下。。。父母(MerdekaGen),从小不用普通话教养子女,他们长大后变化至“新加坡香蕉人”, 是谁的责任呢?Muhahaha.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"新加坡香蕉人“,的问题,不是Titania Xavier,上面描述(即全怪LKY的“讲华语”运动)那么简单。本人认为,LKY 80年代开推广的讲华语运动,是一项聪明,理智的政策。 LKY的失败,不是在于这个战略,而是他拒绝True Democracy 的自然发展,还有他关闭南大,对本土中华文化,带来不能挽救的趋势。如果从当时,国人得到真正政治自由,我们的华校精英,与领袖,一定会保留,发挥中国文化。

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

@ Humbleideas,

Can you please translate to English? I cannot read Chinese. Thank you.

Destruction And Demise Of Sinkies said...

Every little bit of crumps the power-hungry, self-enriched, chronic-capitalistic, elitist elites dished (pretentiously to help you) is actually, truly, intentionally and deliberately planned to fulfill their own selfish strategic interest: to hold on to power forever!

Which means to keep and maintain the status quo for their own selfish interests by enslaving you in your thought, mind, body and spirit.

Sinkies are not only daft, Sinkies are also cowards. Sinkies are not only cowards, they are a collective bunch of slaves.

They enslave themselves by leasing a hollow space in the air called HDB flats.

They enslave themselves by paying for the space in the air at an exhorbitantly absurd price, conned into believing that this space has been subsidized, but actually artificially inflated for profit, thinking they have enhanced their wealth through make-belief "asset enhancements", which of course has been outright shameless lies, engineered by the pathological liar!

They enslave themselves by saving their hard-earned money with the Con People Foundation that provides cheap low interest funds to two ever-greedy and ever-hungry gigantic monsters called GIC and TH until they cannot retire. Have to work until drop dead!

Finally, they enslave themselves by voting again and again for the Slave-Master to enslave them deeper, tighter and further.

This is the fate of a bunch of dafts, cowards and slaves. This will be the story told by the future generations of foreigners who are now dominating and controlling the economy and workforce, and, in time to come, will take over the Little Red Rock and turn it into a Little Black Rock for good!

Another 10 years, and the situation will be irreversible! Unless, the lulled into complacency wakes up with a sense of urgency to do something for themselves and their own future generations (not foreigners' future generations) in the next few years!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The Chinese language has a longer history than the English language. Although LKY failed to master the intricacies of the Chinese language, he persevered. He had once described himself as an anglophile. But with the passage of time and after his frequent visits to China, he gradually became more of a sinophile. His insistence on bi-lingualism enabled Singaporean Chinese to leverage on their knowledge of mandarin. China is an economic superpower. Non-Chinese countries are handicapped when they do business with China. They need translators. The day mandarin may become a universal language cannot be too far away.

Anonymous said...

Well basically, I said that the phenomenon of Singapore Yellow Banana, is mostly not due to the Speak Mandarin Campaign of LKY as suggested by Titania. It is IMHO due to suppressed Democracy and Purge of established Chinese influences in Singapore such as Nantah, and the Chinese intelligentsia. With the demise these two elements, the future generation of local Chinese continues to see their grasp of Chinese culture degenerate, to the extent they even hate it. Part of the blame also goes to parents who don't know mandarin, and don't fancy usings dialects (which they are highly proficient), with their children. It is a complex sad problem.

Anonymous said...

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A new study reveals which part of the country has been affected the most by the ongoing epidemic.

In a study of opioid deaths from 1999 to 2016, "we found that, in general, opioid mortality is skyrocketing," said Mathew Kiang, a postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford University's Center for Population Health Sciences.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Thanks for the translation. LKY killed dialects through his bi-lingualism policy. I never mentioned anything about The Speak More Mandarin campaign as it was hogwash propaganda to promote his agenda and has nothing to do with the yellow bananas.

Anonymous said...

It is presumptuous and a fallacy to believe that Singapore Chinese businessman has an edge over non Chinese who require translators. It is said "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing". Especially, the Millennials Chinese Sg generation has a worse than kindergarten level knowledge of Chinese, when meeting his mainland China counterparts, it is a big big embarrassment. Not just in cultural or small talk, but also in perception of the world and depth of understanding of world politics. From young,Singaporeans are being trained as robots by the System, we are disadvantaged not just by the language-culture hurdle, it is much deeper than that.

Anonymous said...

It's a question of "who needs who?"

If I have something valuable to offer.
You will learn to speak my language.

If I know that you will always vote for me.
Why should I work so hard to benefit you?

Isn't it logical that I work hard to benefit myself ... since you will always vote for me no matter how badly I screw up?

Anonymous said...

Titania, specifically, you did not mention about the speak mandarin campaign, but you did say bilingualism killed the dialects. How did bilingualism kill dialects? It's because LKY banned all dialects in the media and started the speak mandarin campaign. My view as stated in my Chinese comment, is that this is NOT WRONG. What is wrong is the suppression of freedom of expression and purge of Nantah, the last bastion of hope for the future of Chinese cultural ideas in Singapore. Nantah was destroyed for political reasons, but it has a collateral damage which to this day we are suffering from, abstract as it may seems. Look at Taiwan, they promoted mandarin too. Look at China, they promoted Putonghua (Mandarin) too, but their society is alive, vibrant, and flourishing. Because they allow freedom of expression. Yes, China in some ways is more democratic than Singapore, the citizens know their rights, and they can demonstrate, within certain reasonable limits. But here in Singapore, you know I know lah.

Anonymous said...

/// What is wrong is the suppression of freedom of expression and purge of Nantah .... Nantah was destroyed for political reasons ... ///
February 23, 2019 4:14 pm

How can it be wrong when 70% of Singaporeans voted for it?
And Singaporeans still continue to vote for it in 2015.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Angmohs use Singapore as a conduit to enter the Chinese market. They know Singaporeans can read and write mandarin and English. Hong Kong and Taiwan are taboos. The role Singapore plays may not last forever. As more and more non-Chinese-speaking countries learn mandarin, Singapore will graduaĺly lose the leverage. So it must make hay while the sun shines.

Unfortunately, the pro-western PAP leaders are not helping Singapore. China sees no reason to help Singapore which is run by a bunch of PAP yellow bananas. It is quite a disaster. Malaysia and even Thailand are brushing up their mandarin. It's a no brainer. Knowing mandarin helps to go an extra mile when doing business with China.

Virgo49 said...

At one time, when Sinkies Chinese employers advertised for jobs specifying that Mandarin is required as they are dealing with China's business.

There was a Big Hoo Haa by the Black Ants of what's racial
Discrimation.The Mats are more restrained.

Our Papies Ministers and MPs should straightaway just explained that they are not discriminatory.

They just heeheehaa the whole matter afraid to antagonize them.

Another incident, an interview, the SME Managment staff in an excited manner told the staff not to employ a Black Ant in front of her as they required a Mandarin speaking employer.

Wah, another Hell broke loose. The Poor HR was sacked.NTUC said should be no discrimation.

What's discrimation they screaming?

You think the Ah Nehs would employ Chinkees in their Companies ?

See the situation now in Sinkieland. The Black Ants now in control of the Mananagemnt had their whole villages with their cows in Sinkieland.

Sinkieland Chinkees are just too dafts.

Anonymous said...

Another 10 years, and the situation will be irreversible! Unless, the lulled into complacency wakes up with a sense of urgency to do something for themselves and their own future generations (not foreigners' future generations) in the next few years!

Anonymous said...

The pro-American stance of Pap govt IMHO need to be analysed apart from the cultural issues we are discussing. Do remember always Singapore is a Kosong land, with zero resources. Malaysia has rubber, timber, palm oil, light industries, even car factory. Thailand has rice and minerals. So every other country has something to offer the world. Our only gift to the world is our brains, which unfortunately has been emptied hollow by the current regime. Our resources are merely artificial fake value of properties bubbles. If 2 atomic bomb killed all the Singaporeans here, THE WORLD WON'T MISS US. There is nothing irreplaceable in the Singapore economy.
SO where'd we get our foreign exchange to buy things to survive? By foreigners investing here and setting up of offices, by services (insurance,legal,and soft industry) American and Europeans, need ,in return they help make our SGDollar strong. SGD rate is managed at an incredibly strong level (its called a Dirty Float, where the govt steps in and "does magic" to maintain the rate) using means unbeknownst to us . Have you wondered why USD Fed interest rate hike so many times, hardly affect the SgD value whereas other places like Australia suffer periodically as they reflect the real value of their exports vs imports? Or why SGD so strong compare Malaysia Ringgit? Is it possible at all,that its our exports are so strong all 50 Years? Hahaha.
Getting hold of USD is the primary preoccupation of government here. The SGD is worthless if we do not export or generate services or acquire foreign exchange, esp USD. That's why pap remained pro USA, they are not totally at fault.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Full Moon or Full Cycle? said...

Lee Hsien Yang Should Reply To Lee Hsien Loong's Poem, written on his Facebook page on Chap Ngo Mei, thus:

煮豆持作羹,Zhu3 Dou4 Chi2 Zuo4 Geng1,

漉鼓以为汁。Lu4 Chi3 Yi3 Wei2 Zhi1.

萁在釜下燃,Qi2 Zai4 Fu3 Xia4 Ran2,

豆在釜中泣。Dou4 Zai4 Fu3 Zhong1 Qi4.

本是同根生,Ben3 Shi4 Tong2 Gen1 Sheng1,

相煎何太急? Xiang1 Jian1 He2 Tai4 Ji2?


Boiling the beans to create the soup,

Filtering them to extract the juice.

The stalks were charred amidst the flames,

And of this the beans thus wailed:

"Borne are we of the same root;

Should you now burn me with such disregard?"

Anonymous said...

I see it this way:

There must be a master-mind behind the scene.
He/she makes use of the beanstalk to start a fire
To boil the beans in order to get the juice.
This master-mind stands to benefit when the beanstalk is burnt to ashes.

Who is this master-mind?

Probably someone with a lot of power;


Who wants to convert Sinkieland into Indieland;

probably one of a group of Black Ants.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon. 6.02

Even Lau Goh huan siong, wore Ghandi and Moody/Modi Indie Suit.

What's that signify?

We are Indie Land.

That's why I felt more comfortable in Melaka with the Mats in majority than in Indie Land here in Sinkieland.

In Matland, many Sinkies always scepticial and thought that the Mats are dangerous but it is their Black Cobras and Ants that are so.

See that KL MRT robber who bashed the poor helpless lady.
Thinathayaalan A/L Gunasegan
KP: xxxx728-14-xx81
Port Kelang as Port Areas like old time Sinkieland Tanjong Pagar Harbour Board, enclaves of Black Ants.

Not Ali or Awang.
A/L is Anak Lelaki: Son of so and so.
I xxx to strike 4 D on my own.


Anonymous said...

Banana is good to eat.
And indeed most are eaten up.
What's there to be proud ?

Anonymous said...

In almost all countries on earth, the minorities are often looked down on or even systemically bullied by the majority race. In Singapore, the majority must be careful not to emphasise, and even tries to hide, its "Chineseness", lest the minorities get offended. Indeed, we are living in an unique country.

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