Beginning A Piggy End of the Chinese Zodiac Cycle


Anonymous said...

In tis world there is no end to any cycle as it keeps repeating n repeating ..endless sufferings with little shortlived happiness ..its a vicious cycle! In the Chinese Jia Zi nian is a 60 yr cycle, every yr is one Tai Sui that governs n control person luck and obstacles & it rotates every 60yr cycle, another vicious cycle.

Pieces86 said...

OP: "Beginning A Piggy End of the Chinese Zodiac Cycle"

To many (or many) lay people, each "Year of the Pig" is the end of the zodiac cycle ...

This cannot be more erroneous and totaLEE wrong?

Those (or many) who are not well versed in ancient Chinese astrology or understand the Chinese language at the first language level (at least till high school) dun seem to understand that the end of each zodiac cycle ends with 癸亥, NOT 己亥! (This year (2019) is 己亥, NOT 癸亥 (yet)!)

The Chinese zodiac (only) ends in 癸亥 years (the next is in Year 2043 which is another 24 years away. By then many PGs might not be around, so it is better that they get the correct information/ knowledge?)

As they said in Chinese:


Literally: "To miss by a few millimetres is akin missing by several thousand kilometres"

A ONE-millimetre miss at the launch of a rocket would end up in a huge trajectory divergence and missing the target by at least thousands of kilometres?

To miss (calculate) the (end of the) Zodiac Cycle by (a HUMONGOUS WHOPPING) 24 LO(OOOOOOOO)NG years means what?

Anonymous said...

Oops typo

"To many (or many)" should be

"To many (or most)

Anonymous said...

Always remember....we are just passing by.... temporary on this planet......time up......have to go..........

Anonymous said...

KNN. Stupid PAPig want to act clever.

KNN. Opportunist. PLP. Stooge of PAP. No wonder can get PBM.


Anonymous said...

Beware, GE will be hold this Year of the PAPig. PAPies all loh hei for BIG Huat Ahhhh!!!

High chance PAPigs will get 75% votes.

Recession next year 2020.

Must strike when iron is hot!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi 616pm

Why PAP 75%?

Why not 57%?

Anonymous said...

2019.quite sure Papies votes % will be around 55%. They have proven clearly not only to Sinkies but the world as laughing stock n incompetent despite highest pay n most resources to play with for a city.....all self inflicted.

Anonymous said...

2011 69.9% was special one off as death-appreciation sending gift for LKY.
Trend is always intact.
75% then 66.6% then 61% in 2011. 69.9% in 2011 was an aberration of a real powerful trend as the quality n character of office holders decline.
2019 it will be between 51% to 59%.
N if more cock ups exposed... Nearer 51% is very possible.
There is no depth n real courageous talents in Papies today because of the SYSTEM. The million dollar pay has entrenched scholars n generals to yes men n lately EUNUCHS. The trend is intact.

Anonymous said...

Hi 701pm

Your analysis is very deep!

Based on what you said, pap will be very the siong?

Are you sure?

Anonymous said...

This year GE, PAPIGs will get the most 59%.

There is going to be a drop of at least 10%, despite an increase of 3% of new voters.

PAPIGs will lose at least 3 GRCs and 5 SMCs.

This is the most accurate assessment. Not anyhow hantam prediction.


Tan Cheng Bock! Tan Cheng Bock! Tan Cheng Bock! Tan Cheng Bock! We want Tan Cheng Bock!

Lee Hsien Yang! Lee Hsien Yang! Lee Hsien Yang! Lee Hsien Yang! Lee Hsien Yang! We want Lee Hsien Yang! Singapore needs Lee Hsien Yang!

Singapore needs change! Real change! Not cosmetic change! Down with PAPIGS and PLPS.

Anonymous said...

😁 7.35pm

Hahaha...... are you that Master Fortune Teller that went around telling people that according to your crystal ball 70% votes will go to pap, months before the last GE?

This time accurate or not?

Anonymous said...

Raffles 200, will backfire badly when so many screw ups happened with so many price hikes.
What is Raffles to Singaporean Chinese....maybe just a very distant Ang moh n opium trade executive of UK.
What is Raffles to Singaporean Malays.... maybe just another distant Ang moh with a deal with Malacca sultanate.
What is Raffles to Singaporean Indians.. .. maybe some distant Ang moh executive that had exploited India.
To young Singaporeans, they only know there is a Raffles hotel.

Anonymous said...

Singapore must rewrite history books to tell the young Singaporeans that Raffles is nothing but robbers, invaders and gangster chief of this island.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe in that traitor that always try to psycho u that they will win with 75% to discourage you for going out to vote to concede losses even before it starts. That dude need to be sodomized as punishment. U agreed? 😀

Anonymous said...

China in the Year of the Pig -

...only the good stuff around the corner of 2020.

Anonymous said...

The bumi mentality is to get 30% for free from the non bumis. No need to work for it, just ask and take.

They forget China does not have to agree to this 30% free rule.

Now cancel projects, can, no problem, please pay compensation as agreed in the contracts. No running away.

Anonymous said...

Those that have entitlement mentality type across the sea need to be sodomized to understand there is no free lunch lar in this world. It's always some one else is paying mah

Anonymous said...

Matilah cancel Chinese projects bcos he wants to be paid what the Chinamen paid Najib!
Dun be stupid and daft! It's very simple!
China wants forest city and high speed rail projects? ... just pay Matilah, asia's most corrupt politician since Marcos and Suharto!
Berapa, abang Matilah? How much, bro Matilah?