Pedoman Affair – A lesson in diplomacy

It is easy to behave like a busybody shouting at everyone to obey the rule of law when it is none of your business. The consequence of such naïve behavior growing out of a big head is to make enemies unnecessary instead of making friends.

The Pedoman Affair, when a Malaysian govt boat chose to park itself in Singapore territorial water is like the Philippines parking a broken down boat in China’s island and refused to butt off. China is acting with great restraint by not doing anything to the scoundrel’s bad antics and let them make a fool of themselves inn the middle of the South China Sea. In the Singapore case, the provocation is real. It is not a ‘broken down’ vessel that could not move, but a boat deliberately sailed and anchored in Singapore water. And the Malaysian boat just sits there and telling the Singapore govt what can it do.

This is a test of patient and tolerance and diplomacy. China has been facing such antics from the Philippines for years. Singapore now is having its share of what it is like when another country did it to you. And for its past behavior for crying out loud when it was none of its business, Singapore now has no friends to cry out loud to support its position. No one wants to breathe a word in favour of Singapore. Not even the 5 eyes countries that were Singapore’s allies.

The 5 eyes countries would be very happy to gang up to protect their white allies, not an Asian little country, no matter how Singapore professed to be their good friends, good ally. If Singapore were to act like the little boy PM in Canada and call on the 5 eyes countries or friendly countries to tell the Malaysians to back off, would they comply, would they send letters to the Malaysian govt on behalf of Singapore?

Where are all the friends of Singapore? Where is the Philippines that Singapore shouted until it voice went coarse the in South China island dispute and supporting the so called UN backed back lane arbitration court in Haque?

Singapore is looking so lonely in this incident. Somehow there is a lack of busybodies to come forward to Singapore’s aid, to stand beside Singapore. It is indeed a very lonely feeling out there.

But that is ok even if Singapore has no friends coming to stand on its side. It still can punch above its weight. Ya? What is Malaysia when Singapore thought it could even punch countries like China? Why is it so difficult for Singapore to give Malaysia a black eye, to arrest the Pedoman and pull it to Singapore harbor, and to release it later if Malaysia pays a fine, like the Philippines used to do, or to blow it up like the Indons did? Cannot punch above its weight even with Malaysia? Is Malaysia too big and too powerful than China?

Why so much restraints on the part of Singapore to deal with this border interference and provocation issue to the point of looking hapless? Where are all the loudspeakers from the MFA?


Anonymous said...

Once the tension goes up the investment sentiment goes down and the economy tanked even without firing a shot

Anonymous said...

What I think of now from MFA is "LL".

Anonymous said...

Cowards are only good at bullying and suppressing own hapless powerless citizens.

These eunuch scholars and paper generals are just that: eunuch and paper. They don't have real balls to deal with any foreign country, except punching China on the direct orders of the US mafia.

The PM does not even dare to make a squeak. How pathetic!

What about the loud mouth Shame-Mu-Gum the crafty Man called Law? Also not a squeak. Really pathetic.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB "everything is a game and a contest":

Since the Pedoman and the broken down Pinoy sampan are both "non violent threats", IMO the right play is to continue dialogue. There is no reason (except for the “polishing the national ego") to use an OVERT threat of force.

If Malaysia (i.e. Dr M) is playing a “passive-aggressive” game, then perhaps a response “in kind” might be worth considering.

A long time ago my boss --- a wealthy land baron and owner of several nightclubs had a spat with his neighbour, also a HNW (High Net Worth) individual over a fence issue. Their homes were located in a posh, expensive suburb. The neighbour war got so bad that eventually they ended up in a protracted court battle --- no one would budge. (Got ego?)

My boss got so fed up and was willing to “lose to win”. He vacated his massive, lavish home, and rented it out CHEAP to a bunch of dead-shit Aboriginals (lots of them here). Within 2 weeks they had fires going on in the yard, drunkenness, fighting, loud swearing. They even tore up the wooden floorboards to burn in the fires 🤣, and the police were regularly summoned to stop fights, domestic violence...but because the people were Abos, the cops had to be careful to act in a manner that would not be misconstrued as “racist”. The Abos fucking thrashed the property...remember, this is in one of Perth’s most expensive and sort after suburbs. After sometime, the stubborn neighbour capitulated, and the matter of the fence was settled. My boss (a nightclub owner) used his hired muscle (aka “security”) to effectively evict the bothersome Abos, and after extensive cleanup, renovations and repairs (tax deductible on rental property) moved back into his mansion.

Singapore can respond in such a manner. Buy some buildings in JB or better still, KL / Putrajaya and allow the buildings to deteriorate (“free accommodation for migrant workers!”) or destroy the buildings, appear to start building another structure, and stop citing “company bankrupt”, and leave the ugly mess as a reminder to Dr M that he should not fuck with Singapore.

Virgo49 said...

Little cheow kais (birdies) with even ungrown pubic hair wants to show off when big bullies and their also little birdies cronies try to gang up and hassled a passive fire breathing restraint Dragon.

Not kena hassled by a just they deemed Military weak and can makan country, they initially wah seh as favouite word by UG recalled reservists wanting to hian them to withdraw.

You mad, they more mad.Waiting for you to open your first shot.Wah, think you also Israelis. Whack the Palestines just throwing stones?

Israelis are just a Myth. Their part time soldiers also kena kidnapped by the Arabs.

Where are your White Bros who will come and tell the Mats off?

They waiting for you Idiots to kill each other and laughing behind your backs.

Wah, think that Ting Tong will push legislation faster to clamp down talking bad about Sinkieland.

See Less than ten Chiak liao bee yesterday in Parliament.

How to pass the Bill.

Anonymous said...

Worry not worry not!

Our ministers are all super talents!

Please have confident in them.

They are the best-est!

They are all paid million$......so must be bestest!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The Pedoman Conundrum will be a protracted one. It may last two years. Dr M just want to piss off the son of LKY. LKY was a perennial irritant to him. Now the role is reverse. Dr M wants to irritate PM Lee. Singapore needs to bear with him until Anwar takes over the reins. Eventually, the Pedoman incident will best be remembered as a storm in a teacup. Meanwhile, Dr M can continue with his ego boosting act. His bark is worse than his bite. Nobody is getting hurt from his bark.

Anonymous said...

Don't be angry lah 9.11am!

Living in SG is like that.

But please remember.... ....70% are v v v ��!

You not happy?

Take care......,,,,,.......

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ work for your money lah:

Re: MV Pedoman affair

It's good to see Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan having to work for his super-high pay.

Dr V, hard work is good for the soul. Now pick up the pace, and no slacking off! Work like the public servant like you swore to do when you got appointed 😂🤣

Anonymous said...

M 10.57am

You are not wrong. But So far......what achieved?

So far.........only tcss and tcss.

I oso can!

You pAy me millions. I can tcss to show you.


Anonymous said...

Talking about Vivian, maybe he can ask the Indian Navy for support and sail their aircraft carrier here for a show of force against the Malaysian Navy. The Indian Navy damn garang in this kind of things.

Anonymous said...

Today is Total Defense Day.
Madland is adding salt to wound.
An insult to Sinkieland's Defense System. So wat can the tiny island do? As wat one Tall Ordef man said juz ignore the recalcitrant ho boh? If nothing is done, in times to come that area will be claimed by Madland lah cos nothing was done to shooed these buggers away except some sound here n there la.

Anonymous said...

Hello 1124am

We want ✌️!

Anonymous said...

Where are those loud mouth big guns who were very angry and vociferous in attacking China over the South China Sea issues at the instigation of the Evil Empire though the show was actually to stupidly boost their own self importance and self ego without thinking that they are actually very stupid and idiotic people who will create more problems and misunderstandings between Asean countries and China.

Now we have a real problem at our doorstep and they are nowhere to be seen or heard.Remember they are all paid very high salaries at the tax payers expense. They should quickly come out of hiding to help solve the problem instead of wasting the country's resources. People like Kausikan, Tan Siew Mun, William Chung and many more others should help our government to think of a solution. Maybe it is safer to punch China with the strong backing of the Evil Empire. But with the evil Mahatir who is very shrew and cunning and with Malaysia so close they think they better keep quiet to avoid danger to themselves since so far no allies or western countries or Japan are willing to say something. Aren't they opportunists and stooge of the Evil Empire?

Anonymous said...

Hi 1151am

I said many times.

Living in SG is like that.

Regarding v v high salaries, 69.9% had ok-ED.

So no point to kpkb. We deserved it!


Virgo49 said...

Anon 9.11

See Today's Shits Times of three what's Transport Screwty Officers checking on an Innocent Old Uncle.
Even without carrying bags.

You think old uncle terrorist ?

Wasting time checking the innocents and let the real culprits sneaked thru.

Only know bully own kind.


Anonymous said...

Just pay more tankers to have accidents with pedoman. Very cheap. Much cheaper than $20B annual defense budget. Or the multi millions to Hen, Vivy, Kayu, Pinky, Cow, ahteo, Keechiu, Strokeman, SonOfGun, and countless others.

UG said...

Maybe the uncle lan jiao bulging out, got lady in mrt keep shout lan jiao lan jiao. The security scared got feng shui issue, than check even though there is no bag. Remember got social engineering?


Sorry. I use the uncle joke. Than I say sorry. I am hypocrite. I admit. I use the uncle joke than just say sorry. Know liao still purposely say sorry. What is people going to do? I am untouchable. Sack 6 smoke bomb?

Anonymous said...

Why so much restraints on the part of Singapore to deal with this border interference and provocation issue to the point of looking hapless?

Not hapless lah, just that PAP is smart to look hapless.

Because this type of thing hah, not worth it to escalate lah.

Just as smart Sinkies know it is not worth to fight PAP, that's why the Sinkie opposition look hapless.

Want to fight like Chee Soon Juan, and end up lose like Chee Soon Juan. Worth it or not, u say lah.

UG said...

People keep say sodomize. Than I suddenly start to keep say lan jiao. It is social engineering. I am being affected. Wonder how the lady keep say lan jiao lan jiao. Ask the PAP why. Yes correct. Everything I want to blame the PAP. Ask the PAP why our education product daft? Cos LKY say us daft?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ sit tight, long wait 1107

>> You are not wrong. But So far......what achieved? <<

Nothing. Short of a violent "solution" (which is the wrong 'solution"), that sampan is not moving and will be there for as long as they want it to be. However, Dr Viv cannot slack off. He is paid to find a solution, even though it is futile.

You've heard of performing monkey in the circus right? Dr VIv is our expensive performing monkey: "Dance monkey, DANCE"

>> I oso can!

You pAy me millions. I can tcss to show you. <<

Anyone with a PULSE oso can lah. Payment optional lah. Got people willing to be a dancing monkey for free...just to get attention 🤣

Vivian and his mates are a rare breed: talk nonsense, get paid lui chiak bay liau.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a man with a woman's name, a doctor who refused to be a doctor: an upstart young-turk who has become a soft old turkey, and one whose soul and conscience can be bought with a few $millions?

UG said...

Wah seh. The electric got keppel, semb corp, sp power? All sounds govt? How man?

Why some people got civil war? All the world problem, come Singapore look for it. 50 years only all answer is here. And how come Bible got story. Come Singapore see. All the story world wide, just come Singapore see. Little red dot, 50 years only, story gao gao. That why got the Singapore story thing is it? Got hear America story or China story? Theirs is history okay. Their country got guo zi behind one. Mai siao siao. Ours bo only. Wah seh. Is feng shui happening in Singapore?

The China is san guo yan yi. Never put san guo yan yi gu shi. Mai siao siao hor. Singapore england puah tang sai, ah tiong also puah tang sai. English fail, chinese fail, math fail, science fail, military weapon advance but muscle fail.

Anonymous said...

WHAT are we waiting for?

Anonymous said...

In 1942 TODAY, the Japanese gave us a wonderful but bitter CNY Ang Pow:
The Jap kicked out the British and started to kill the Chinese (sook ching!).

Today, we just let the Malaysians send their Pedoman pig to occupy our waters;
Next thing, Matilah goons will be occupying your bedrooms with your wives and daughters, and not limiting to 4 at any one time!
Wake-up, stupid sinkiees!

Anonymous said...

5.28pm Anon, are you true blue Singaporean? If you are, then you are also one of the "stupid sinkiees" too. So better "Wake-up".

Anonymous said...

528pm writes like a stupid Sinkie alright.

Anonymous said...

7.19pm I agreed with you. I think that dude needs to be sodomized😀

Anonymous said...

I Guess the only way for UG to shut up is for the tuakee to stick his rod into his mouth. But then he is posting so may be two tuakees can let him hold the two rods so he is unable to type?

b said...

Sg is too tiny lah. Sg can become important because it was part of uk. Now, it is better to join aunz and form a union. Otherwise will be eaten alive by all the surrounding land. It was a mistake to vote out uk and vote in pap. Just admit that. Long live the Queen.

Anonymous said...

B, what you posted is considered treason and punished by death penalty? So be careful not to get invited to lin Kopi then Kena the Sop

Anonymous said...


Even if S'pore want, UK also don't want. By 1946, UK was essentially bankrupt from WW2 & owed today's equivalent of 1 or 2 US$ trillion to the US.

One of US condition for UK's debt was for UK to get rid of expensive British Empire territories, starting with Australia in the early-1940s, the Middle East & South Asian territories in the late-1940s, and then South East Asian territories in the 1950s & 1960s.

S'pore was & is a high-maintenance place. Even just maintaining army camps, naval base & airbases in S'pore UK also cannot afford --- it pulled out from 1968-1971.

In Asia, UK could only afford to maintain Brunei (until 1984) and HK (until 1997). Both of these 2 places were much cheaper for UK to maintain compared to S'pore --- Brunei still laid back & tidak apa & population less than 400K at that time. HK mainly run by private companies, UK govt didn't need to spend much taxpayer money to maintain; that's why taxes were so low in HK.

Anonymous said...

RB, you surely got too many stinking Matilahpigs here!
Go back to Matiland !!!

Anonymous said...

11.20pm Anon and 5.28pm Anon is actually thie same person lah. “stupid sinkiees” here are not stupid lah, pig.

Anonymous said...

11.20pm Anon, your stinking mouth really smell like Longkang.

Anonymous said...

Eh stupid Sinkiee 11.20pm, go back to your room and sleep lar. No need to shout.

Anonymous said...

12.10am, I felt the same way too. Knn lets hope that he Kena sop or dor re mi

b said...

Many sinkies are in OzNz so, kudos to them, we are part of 5 eyes. Sg polies should give them an award.

b said...

Thats an easy way to be 5 eyes without having to pay too much money. Help our own folks to go CaOzNzukus.