Government looks beyond disinformation in targeting foreign influence in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Speaking in Parliament on Feb 12, Senior Minister of State for Law Edwin Tong opened a second front on Singapore’s war on foreign influence.

With legislation already on the cards for deliberate online falsehoods (DOFs), the Government’s attention has shifted in parallel to specific foreign and state actors, intent on interfering in Singapore’s domestic politics via other means.

Quite apart from dealing with lies and disinformation campaigns, which were well documented via hearings of the Select Committee on DOFs last year, Mr Tong stressed that “in the physical world, foreign actors may also interfere in our domestic politics through the use of proxies, by funding or donating to politically-involved individuals and organisations, or by taking on key leadership roles in their organisations”.

Substantiating his point, Mr Tong used the examples of foreign interference in the politics of Australia and New Zealand, channelled through political donations.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/deliberate-online-falsehoods-legislation-singapore-fake-news-11263036
The obsession to control the media, main and social media, is likely the real reason to start a Singapore version of McCarthyism here.  The social media is so great a threat, main media is not as it is well controlled and regulated, so new laws are needed and the hype of foreign influence through social media must look like a real and present danger.

Now the next phase, threats from foreign actors trying to influence the country's policies. I can only see the USA as a country that continuously hyped on threats to its national interest as it needs to protect its empire and its dominance in the world. Now Singapore is like copying the American hype of threats and threats relentlessly, but for what? Singapore does not have an empire to protect, neither does it have to protect its dominance in the world?

The real threat to Singapore's security is the presence of millions of foreigners from one or two countries that would change the demographic pattern of the population where political power is based. The huge concentration of any particular nationality is a grave concern and this is not even talked about or taken so lightly. The foreigners are so nice, so peaceful, so obedient, would not even commit crimes. When the day the foreigners turn against us, it would be too late as too many are already here and many in high places, even in the govt holding key positions.

We have brought in a Trojan Horse with a few million foreigners inside and waiting to explode.

This is not a threat to our national security? We are afraid of a few individuals trying to influence our policies and not afraid of the millions of foreigners on our soil, inside our country? The quoting of foreign influence in Australia and New Zealand is uncalled for as it is an indirect interference and meddling the affairs of other countries and would only incur the wrath of affected countries.

When you do not want others to interfere in your internal affairs, it is best not to interfere with the affairs of others. Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you. Remember the South China Sea island dispute between China and the Philippines? Now the Philippines are an ally of China, not even bother to mention about the fake and scandalous court rulings.

With so many foreigners with dubious intention in the island, we are waiting for a major crisis of grave proportion to destroy the peace and stability in this island. Does anyone care?

The foreigners are taking over our island with our eyes wide open but not seeing.


Anonymous said...

The Little India riots event is testament.

Anonymous said...

CECA is also deliberate invitation of not only foreign influence, but also foreign infestation, domination, invasion and control. How can legislation be implemented to ensure they do not happen?

Allowing the British and USA to make use of Singapore's naval bases against China is also a form of deliberate invitation of foreign influence, domination and patronage.

Putting foreigners as ministers and members of parliament is a direct, deliberate invitation of foreign influence into the country's sanctuary of law-makers that directly affect the lives of the people.

Employing and engaging foreigners to hold top key positions, such as Presidents, Chairmen, CEOs, etc. is also direct deliberate induction of foreign influences who make decisions affecting the lives and livelihoods of the people.

Employing foreigners in the Police Force, Security Forces and Military, goes without saying, is asking for troubles in the future.

People who are both politically and financially motivated to run the country to serve self-interests and self-glorification are the scoundrels in disguise that do not need foreign influence to do Singaporeans in.

Wake up, Singaporeans!

Anonymous said...

To be booked by a foreigner in our own country - so humiliating !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "high moral ground":


In the same spirit, do not spread falsehoods, lies and deceptions...because the government also hold the monopolies on those "services".

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ The Usual suspects

Uncles and Aunties Talking Shit

Many Uncles and Aunties have too much time on their hands. Many of them love the Pioneer and Merdeka packages of "fee goodies", but on the flip side they are pissed-off with the PAP for "controlling" their CPF and MediSave, and saddling them with compulsory extra "social insurance".

So having lots of time on their hands, and the ability to travel cheaply for around 30 cents, it is easy to understand that these bands of wandering vagabonds will be going all over the place, talking shit, gossiping and spreading "fake news".

This is the time PATRIOTIC and CIVIC-MINDED millenials should step up to the plate and put a stop to these senile old farts lying thru their crusty, sagging arses.

The govt should set up a hotline for millenials to report uncles and aunties spreading bullshit.

"Hello, I'd like to report that my Auntie Ah Soh is spreading fake news." Minutes later the police arrive and slap handcuffs on this miscreant senior citizen.

C'mon millenials, do your part!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Great suggestion Matilah. We will have our version of Red Guards from our very own millenials. A small problem, no country side to send the oldies to unless Batam, Bintang and JB can be considered.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

But before her arrest by our valiant non-political police force 🤬, Aunty Ah Soh's campaign of fake news has already damaged the "cohesiveness" of Singapore society, causing singaporeans to fight each other, instead of being the tender and loving people they usually are. No, no, we can't have this shit going on in our cuntry. We are all sisters, brothers and friends...a vast extended family...Yes a family....born from the political sperm, ejaculated from the ball-sack of Lee Con You, into every Singaporean womens' vaginas. When we are born, we are born into the loving care of the PAP.

Thank god, allah and the ghost of Lee Con You that we have a government which is universally trusted by everyone in Singapore. They can do no wrong. Because we pay them lots of money, we KNOW that they are PERFECT in every way, and then some. This is why we should ALWAYS and ONLY trust The Government.

You cannot improve on PERFECTION.

May the Holy Spirit of Lee Con You watch over you and grant you peace, prosperity, happiness and protection from Fake News.


Virgo49 said...

Sinkies mostly all Lebeh, lebeh liao.Kena suffocated by the Papies cannot breathe liao.

These Invaders will be the Ones who will one fine day created Chaos for them.

See what's happening in those imbecile countries who adopted them.?

Their ways of lifes in their countries are very different from those they resided.

The Nehs spend their times in Political squabbles and sabotaging each other daily. The Chinamen knew their rights and what's unfairness and they have no second thoughts in making their views known. They are hard headed creatures in their demands.

The Pinoys and others seen daily killings in their countries as normal occurences.

The Nehs started the Riots after so many years of peace as muzzled by the Government.

The Chinamen started their strikes and protests.Even climbing up the Crane hosts to protest.

So, Karma will strike Sinkieland in the near future when things are not Rosy anymore.

Sinkies hay hey will bear the brunt of the Turmoil. Like sheep devoured by the wolves and Hygenas.

The PAPies leaders had their escape routes. So those PAP stooges who still think that they are safe are in for a BIG Shock.

You think they can assimilated into our Society ? Fat Hope.

That's why I have to keep my Melaka Safe House as a Surety in case Ahem Ahem.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in other news.

Scientists who believe in Einstein's long established "theory of relativity" have accused proponents of the new "string theory" of accepting foreign monetary donations to fund their experiments to prove Einstein wrong.

"String theory" is a new scientific theory which may offer a better explanation of how our physical universe works.

The "string theory" scientists gave a counter-argument:

Truth remains the truth.
The source of funding has no bearing on the truth.
Something is either true or false.
And the source of funding for the investigation does not affect the truth.
The evidence stands on its own merits

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Every country has its own interest to look after and would find ways to influence another country to be friendly with them and unfriendly to their enemies. This is basic diplomacy at work.

Now which idiot thinks this is not happening or this is wrong?

The Americans and the West not doing it?

See what they are doing in the Middle East and now in Venezuela, in Myanmar, in China, in Ukraine, in the Ppines etc etc. They are imposing sanctions to ruin economies, trade wars and conducting regime change and military invasion of countries.

Which is more dangerous?

Anonymous said...

@ February 26, 2019 10:20 am

Supporters of Einstien's "theory of relativity" have demanded their MPs (Members of Parliament" to pass a law to ban all foreign monetary donations to scientists who are investigating the new "string theory" of Physics.

The "string theory" scientists gave a counter-argument:

Just as Newton's "Laws of Motion" were replaced by Einstein's "Theory of Relativity".
And Newton's supporters accepted the new evidence and peacefully embraced Einstein's "Theory of Relativity".

So why can't the current supporters of the "theory of relativity" allow the peaceful investigation of the truth of "Relativity Theory" versus the truth of "String Theory"?

Is the "theory of Relativity" so feeble and dishonest ... that it cannot withstand a new scientific investigation?

Why is there a ban on the peaceful assembly of scientists who want to raise the public awareness of "String Theory"?

Anonymous said...

@ February 26, 2019 11:04 am

Breaking news ....

Scientists who believe in Einstein's "Theory of Relativity" are now threatening to sue the "String Theory" scientists for dishonouring Einstein's name.

"String Theory" scientists say they have been dis-invited from this year's Nobel Prize Banquet Dinner.

Bewildered "String Theory" scientists proclaim:
"How do these actions support the search for truth" ???

UG said...

I am still jobless leh. Not going to have values loh. Learn from LKY Iron Fist. Must have Iron Fist. ISA people if it is a threat. So I no job, no millions compensation, ignore everyone loh. Logical? I cant even take care myself, why bother take care of other people? The government show me values of cant even take care of me, of course I cannot take care myself. I must learn from my government. It is PAP leh. LKY Iron Fist. No job, no need care for family member loh. Ignore them. Wait for people give me millions compensation, than I take care of people around me. Everyday I wake up, curse the Pharaoh, see will happen a not. See my religion will solve my issue a not.

UG said...


Rothschild is Jewish? Chey. What Ten Commandments? Singapore still got regardless of race, language or religion leh. LKY still got Buddha statue leh. I am still jobless leh. Where is my millions compensations? Joke. So I curse the Pharaoh got use a not ah? No Pharaoh leh. Rothschild is Jewish, thou shall this, thou shall that, old people collect card board is exercise, piak and piak ex mp ong never go drive taxi? Please dont tarnish the Ten Commandment religion regardless of Jewish, Catholic or Christian. Chio Si Lang. LKY the most Chio Si Lang. What Iron Fist he talking about? So Iron Fist until no World Cup soccer team? And so Iron Fist until daft and no talent?

UG said...

What does minister do ah? Pay millions and put TV screen at lift? Rothschild love it? Internet got say Rothschild is evil and than still Jewish a not ah? Jesus die on cross for what? For original sin? Than my dad sleep void deck? And LKY got Buddha image? Correct la. Jesus and my dad is daft. Rothschild love it can already.

Anonymous said...

Rothschild means Rotten Child?
Rotten Child means Cain, who murdered his own brother.
Then punished by God to get out of Garden of Eden.

He is the only child produced by Adam and Eve.

He produced many children. But where he get wife?

God only created Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve produced Abel and Cain.

Cain killed Abel.

So left one son. No daughter. No more humans. Where Cain get wife to produce children for him?

May be his own mother Eve? Cannot be because he already no more stay with his father and mother. So where his wife came from?

Something is not right with the Bible. The story of Adam and Eve does not gel. Cannot withstand close scrutiny.