2 reasons why Singapore does not need stealth fighter aircraft

The idea or belief that we must have the best, most advanced and even most expensive fighter aircraft is like the young punk wanting his latest iphone or sports car. In the context of our defence policy and strategy, I offer two reasons why there is no need for Singapore to buy ridiculous priced F35s for its stealth ability. And to think of getting the F35B version that is heavy like a fat lady is not only funny but a compromise in its speed and ability to carry more weapons.

My reasons for saying this are based on the assumption that our potential enemies would likely be our closest neighbours, ie Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore can't be thinking of going to war with Thailand or the Philippines or other big powers like China or India. China and India are out of question unless Singapore is going to join the Evil American Empire against these big powers in war. Other than Malaysia and Indonesia, the rest of the Asean countries would be too far away and have practically no reason to consider them as a war potential.

Take Malaysia first. Singapore is so close to Malaysia that on taking off it is already inside Malaysia. Even if the aircraft take off from a southerly direction, it takes less than a minute to be inside Malaysia. Even if spotted by radar, the aircraft would be all over Malaysia. The stealth capability is meaningless and irrelevant as far as Malaysia is concerned and when the aircraft is used in an offensive and attacking role. Against Malaysia, Singapore only needs more and many more fighter bomber aircraft rather than F35s meant to shoot down enemy aircraft hundreds of miles away.

When in defensive role, stealth ability is unnecessary and irrelevant. And this is likely to be the fighter aircraft's role if Indonesia is the enemy.  Singapore cannot afford to go to war with the Indonesians. It is too big and diverse and any victory in the air is momentary and would not determine the outcome of  a war with Indonesia.

Against an enemy like Indonesia, Singapore's best and sustainable position is in defence, to keep the Indonesian air force and navy out of our territory, ie a defensive role that does not require stealth feature. What Singapore really needs is air superiority aircraft like the F16s and F15s and having plenty of them.  The price of a F35 could buy maybe 10 F15s.

If Singapore is thinking of replacing 60 F16s with 60 F35s, can Singapore really able to afford such a huge budget just for fighter aircraft alone? The weapons and supporting systems would cost double of the aircraft. Perhaps Singapore should think longer term, and if relations improved with China or Russia while relations with the US falters, there would be many more cheaper and better options than just the F35s to tinker with.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

These F35 stealth fighters thing was bought not becos of oneself lah. It is bought to 'buy insurance' that ur cuntry would be protected by the arms of the Evil Empires of Americuns lah. It's not about win defense capability mah. Thus tiny island does not need such superior air toy firepower. It is bought out of comradieship with the Evil Empires & hv access to their weaponry, espionage & intelligence capabilities so as to deter potential terrorists or enemies to this tiny island state. It is bought so ss to secure the Leegime as members to the Evil Empires as they will welcome this tiny island rich with May Thy Force Be With U ( Star Wars Rebels ~ U hv unlock the secret of the temple, how did u manage to accomplish tis?...U smart go figure it all mann.)

Anonymous said...

If there is a need to pay the Americans for protection, then buying F15s or F35s should not be an issue. Just pay the amount the Americans want but choose to have 100 F15s instead of 10 F35s. Would this make more sense?

Anonymous said...

Singapore cannot afford to go to war with the Indonesians.

Of course lah. In fact Singapore cannot afford to go to war with anybody.

The purpose of buying and maintaining the expensive F35s from US is solely to serve as a strong deterrent against aggression by Indonesia or anybody. They will think twice before attacking Sinkieland.

And by buying from US, the US will also help to defend Sinkieland against aggression.

Remember how US successfully defended Kuwait after being attacked by Iraq's Saddam Hussein?

Of course Kuwait has oil for US lah but Sinkieland has $$$ for US weapons.

So that's why Sinkieland need to spend $$$ as deterrent against aggression.

Hope this clarifies.

- From a Sinkie with common sense only and nothing else on such matters

Anonymous said...

Probably buying F16 is ordinary membarshit, but buying F35 is classic premium platinum membership probably with maxi protection..probably that spoilt brat chose the expensive ones cos of insecurity.

Anonymous said...

So that's why Sinkieland need to spend $$$ as deterrent against aggression.
9:32 am

That is why for Sinkieland, which has no oil or natural resources to export, PAP need to make Sinkies pay and pay (PAP) in order to have $$$ for US weapons and high salaries for Sinkie ministers, among many other things.

And most important of all, PAP is also very smart to be able to win and also win big in elections despite making Sinkies pay and pay. Smart or not, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

...PAP is also very smart to be able to win and also win big in elections..
9:39 am

PAP, for its own survival, has to be smart or even ruthless against its opponents.

Hence good luck to Tan Cheng Bock for trying to go against PAP.

Unknown said...

Singapore already gone case, almost all departments, sectors, hawker centres, pa, RC, etc are infiltrated with foreigners. Buying anythings will ultimately falls into foreign hands. It is not too late to distribute the money to Singaporeans for safe custody. Total defence, trust real Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

Total defence, trust real Singaporeans.
9:49 am

Not say don't want to trust lah, but there are simply not enough real Singaporeans to trust.

And not just to trust, there are also not enough real Singaporeans for anything.

So how to expect smart PAP not to get foreigners, and lots of them? No choice, really.

Anonymous said...

PAP can get lots of foreigners but most important, PAP must still be able to win big in elections to have political stability.

Also there must be peace, with no protests on the streets.

If these are achieved, doesn't matter if some daft Sinkies suffer. Let them suffer if votes for PAP are not affected.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My view is that Singapore is more important to the Americans than the other way. The Americans need a military base in SE Asia to protect its Empire and to project power. Singapore is the only country they can trust. The rest of Asean are not American's friend, especially the Muslim countries.

Without Singapore, the Americans got a big problem parking their weapons and soldiers in the region. On this point, the Americans should pay Singapore for this privilege and sell its weapons to us cheaply instead. Accepted they are hosting our soldiers in their homeland on a quid pro quo basis.

Singapore must not belittle itself and think that it needs the Americans more. Singapore now have options like China and India to protect us. The Americans have no choice. Without Singapore they would be out of Southeast Asia.

Anonymous said...

The idea that Singapore die die must have the Americans as our protector is like another die die thinking that it must have a lot of foreigners to provide jobs for Singaporeans. These are myths that the unthinking have trapped themselves into and could not think out of this fictitious mental block.

Anonymous said...

The latest is the development of F69.

F69 is capable of "cover mountains cover seas" in attacks and in defences.

So.....why are we still talking about F35!


Anonymous said...

Strange - why is the Straits Times front page now having a live blog of Trump's State of the Union speech? What has that gotta do with Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Because Singapore is a state of the USA. So all Singaporeans must listen to President Trump's speech as part of the Empire. Emperor speaks, all must listen.

Anonymous said...

Bo Bian liao Sinkieland is now a vessel state of the Evil Empires of Americun. Now even CNA also live telecast the Washington capital parliament calming that the American's economy is the envy of the World, they jus couldn't admit that their economy is going to be bad with China emerging as the economy forefront & will be so in the many yrs to come. Sinkieland will not be able to hv as close relations with China as the Chinese CCP communists r very wary of Sinkieland as the Evil Empires forced to be reckon with. In times of danger the AhNehLand would also come in to defend Sinkieland as this tiny island is also land to the many Ah Nehs here lah.

G2 said...

1. The F35 is no more the latest state-of-the-art military aircraft in the US possession. It is already obsolete, as far as the US pilots are concerned. They dread to fly that aircraft. Only FOOLS rush in when wise pilots fear to fly.

2. F35, especially the F35B, has a series of critucal problems (ranging from fuel injection problems to stealth mulfunction problems) still not remedied. So, be prepared to get some of your best pilots killed (murdered by you) before the war starts. How much more to add to the cost (cost of human life)?

3. The F35C also have some big big problems but less than F35B. It is the F35Bs that the US wants to get rid of. They are using the F35C on a limited number only in the Navy. The US already has another new aircraft to replace the F35s.

4. Purchasing the F35s means you have also to purchase the avionics, which are only to be tailored to your needs, not what the US pilots are using. Their own operational secrets will not be sold to you. How much more to add to the cost?

5. Owning the F35s also means you have no choice but to pay on a regular non-stop basis to the US for making use of its Satellite Communication Networks. Without the Satellite Comms, the full abilities of the F35 is reduced to those of an ordinary fighter aircraft. How much more to add to the cost?

6. Having the F35s also means you have to have people of quality to fly the F35s. Very few people can take the High Speed and High G. Are there many Singaporeans who can fly the F35? It no, then employ foreigners again? Make use of Malaysians like Kaw Boon Wan, Puthusammy and Lee Bee Wah again? Engage Malaysians to fly the F35B aircraft to fight against Malaysia or Indonesia?

7. Having the F35s also mean you need specially-trained ground crews and maintenance engineers and technicians. These don't come cheap. You shortchanged them at your own pilots' peril. How much more to add to the cost?

8. Operating the F35s means you have also to buy the missiles and bombs and ammunition from the US. How much more to add to the cost?

9. Having the F35s also means an increase of annual defence spending by at least $3 billion (depending on how many aircraft you own). Who foot the bill? The paper generals and elites are paying for it? Or from PAP's own funds? Nothing doing. Must be from the poor citizens.

Very BAD Decision!

Anonymous said...

Dr Goh Keng Swee would FARK whoever proposed, and whoever made the decision to purxhase the F35, UPSIDE DOWN!

Even in today's context

Anonymous said...

We may win the war with the best fighter jet, but taking control of water resources, and keeping shipping lanes and flying zones etc open cannot always boil down to having the best aircraft. In the short term, air superiority element may always win, but further down the road it still boils down to infantry control on the ground. Where do we stand if the need to protect the resources is in enemy territory?

The Americans had the best aircraft but still lost the Vietnam War. The Russians had the best military weapons but still lost out in Afghanistan. The best military mind should not lose out to a backwater fighting force on all counts. Brute force against smart strategy, the winner is not always a sure factor.

G3 said...

For Malaysia and Indonesia to counter the F35s is very easy. The following measures can be adopted:

1. Deploy surveillance radars close to Singapore, e.g. Johore, Sumatra, Bintan, Batam, Natunas.

2. Deploy AA guns and missiles in the same proximity.

3. Once the F35s entered the Malaysian or Indonesian airspace, shoot it down without warnings. (This should be made clear to the Singapore Government in advance.)

3. Deploy lots of artillery pieces in Johore, Bintan and Batam. Once it is clear that the F35s are being employed in ops against Malaysia or Indonesia, either country, or both countries fire their artillery onto all the airports in Singapore, including Changi Airport (because it can also be used for military purposes).

4. Execute naval blockades along the Sumatra Straits, Rio Archipelago and Horsburg lighthouse area.

5. Launch a co-ordinated military offensive against Singapore and finish it off within 7 days, before the UN can do anything.

6. Problem: How to counter US Forces if they interfere?

Virgo49 said...

Aiya, No wars can be just won by your how Superior or how High Class your Fighter Jets.

How many bombs you can drop on your enemy positions. With their land mass you think you got so many bombs and planes to bomb them till they surrender

Sinkieland may be surrender fast.Which place can escape their bombings.

You think you jets Invinvicible. They all VOVO or WOWO kings.Anti aircraft missles cannot hit you.

Now modern anti aircraft SAMs are are also SMART. How many planes you can deploy.How many planes you have?

They just choke your island and you are ready lost half the battle.

Americunts carpet bombed Vietnam day and hights even using Napalm.

Yet, they scurried like Rats when Vietcongs with much more inferior arsenals fought them hand to hand combat.

The Spirit and Courage of Real soldiers fighting to defend their homeland and aggression on other homeland is different.

Sinkie civvy reserve soldiers no match for professional soldiers.

Even last time our SIR largely Malay Regiment also massacred at Kota Tinggi by the Indonesian Crack Troops.

Here, still jungle warfare in Malaysia and Indonesia. You want to have an advantage to have a hold in their homeland and defend and attack from there, they know their terrain better than you.

When they advanced, its just FIBUAs.Fighting in Built Up Areas.
Not much plans needed. You see me I shoot, I see them I shoot.See who's more courageous.

Our NSmen where got go jungle hiking and only LCK and CCK and Mandai and Kranji Forests.

Even Bersatu Padu joint exercises see Piglets or Wild Boars shouted Big Rats.

All Sua Tengs living in Cities.

Anonymous said...

Many of the parts used in F35 are made inn China, including 3D printed parts, compass magnets etc.

Anonymous said...

Cheaper for sinkieland to hire a few squadrons of russia or china airforce.

But I happy they buying a few F35s lah.

At least my Lockheed stock profits go up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Will Singapore join the group of five intelligence-sharing countries — Five Eyes — to be the Sixth Eye?

The Five Eyes alliance is a group of English-speaking countries with white people forming a majority of the population.

Of the Five Eyes countries, Australia, Canada, UK and US have already received their F-35s.

US, the leader of the Five Eyes alliance, may need new helpers to place its so-called rivals in the Asia-Pacific region under surveillance.

Contributing to Washington's hegemony may elevate Singapore's standing among US allies.

Exchanging intelligence with the Five Eyes group will also benefit Singapore's own information security.

But picking sides may harm Singapore's relations with the countries under surveillance.

Anonymous said...

Of the 5 eyes countries, 2, Australia and Canada, have been black listed by China. No more trade or buying from them. Chinese market also closed to them.

Singapore cannot qualify as 5 eyes member, not white even if they wear white. 5 eyes are racist countries with white supremacy in mind. Unless Singapore beg to be the running dog. May I come in?

Anonymous said...

Not white even if they wear white, but they are letting their hairs turn white. Does that qualify them? Fake white also can do or not?

Anonymous said...

Better still, call it alternative white.

If fake news can be called alternative news, why not alternative white?

Anonymous said...

5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, 14 Eyes

The terms “5 Eyes“, “9 Eyes“, and “14 Eyes” often appear in the privacy community, especially when discussing VPNs.

In short, these are just international surveillance alliances representing various countries around the world. These surveillance alliances work together to collect and share mass surveillance data. In other words, they are essentially acting as one global-surveillance entity to spy on you and record your activities.

In this guide we’ll explain the different “X” eyes surveillance alliances and why this topic is important when choosing a VPN service.

5 Eyes

The Five Eyes (FVEY) surveillance alliance includes:

New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

The history of this alliance goes all the way back to WWII and the UKUSA Agreement. This agreement officially formalized a partnership between the United Kingdom and United States for sharing intelligence. The partnership continued throughout the Cold War and has only strengthened following the “War on Terror” and subsequent “terrorist” events.

Edward Snowden brought renewed focus to the Five Eyes surveillance alliance in 2013 when he exposed the surveillance activities of the US government and its allies.

According to Wikipedia, these are the different “5 Eyes” surveillance agencies working together to collect and record your activities:

five eyes surveillance

It is no surprise that some of the Five Eyes countries listed above are also the worst abusers of online privacy:

United Kingdom – Since the passage of the Investigatory Powers Act in 2016, internet service providers and telecoms have been recording browsing history, connection times, and text messages. The data is stored for two years and is available to UK government agencies and their partners without any warrant necessary.

United States – The US government has been implementing Orwellian mass surveillance collection methods with the help of large telecoms and internet service providers (see the PRISM program). Recently internet service providers have been given the legal authority to record user activity and sell this to third parties (and you can’t opt out).

Australia – Australia has also implemented sweeping data retention laws similar to the United Kingdom. (See the best VPN for Australia guide.)

Broad authority – The other drawback with these Five Eyes countries is that they have tremendous authority to force companies to hand over data. This is particularly easy for US government agencies, which can also demand non-disclosure through gag orders.

9 Eyes

The Nine Eyes countries include all of the previous Five Eyes countries plus:


The existence of the Nine Eyes alliance is referenced in Wikipedia and other sources online. It is just an extension of the Five Eyes alliance with similar cooperation to collect and share mass surveillance data.

Continues ...

Anonymous said...

14 Eyes

The 14 Eyes surveillance countries include all of the previous Nine Eyes countries plus:


As before, the original surveillance agreement was extended to these other countries. The official name of this group of countries is referred to as SIGINT Seniors Europe (SSEUR).

Additional surveillance partners:

1. Israel – Israel must be included when discussing the Five Eyes surveillance partners. As many sources point out, it is one of the closest partners with the US government and National Surveillance Agency (NSA).

2. Singapore. Singapore's Sigint unit started with the help of IDF military intelligence as early as 1980. It then joined as partner of the 5 Eyes through Israel, UK and US in that order.

3. South Korea has been a very close partner of the 5 Eyes through the US Military Command deployed in South Korea.

4. Japan has been a colony of the US since the end of WW II. japanese Intelligence services are very closely aligned to the US Military Intelligence and NSA.

5. British Overseas Territories. There 14 suck territories belonging to UK all over the world. They are closely linked to the 5 Eyes through the UK.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.18

Recent Korean Dramas just for example "Less than EvIls" and many others had those with White Hair which we called "White Heads" in Ang Mohs lingo are usually portrayed as very EVIL characters.

So Sinkies "White Heads" sama same.


Anonymous said...

Basically, the 14 countries are the White Racists Supremacists trying to dominate and control the Whole World to serve their own selfish interests. The Majority of the World Countries must cooperate to unite against these 14 evil inhuman countries. Do not succumb to their designs. You do it at your own peril.

Singapore is as good as a traitor to other countries in the region.

General X said...

Knowledge, information, data-base and worldwide surveillance - these four are the foundations (4 pillars) of Western Hegemonic Evil Whiteman Empires.

Raffles 200 celebrations will only ignite the deep hatred of the White European Powers who had inflicted uncountable untold sufferings, hardships, destructions and atrocities upon the local and aboriginal natives of their respective peaceful countries.

The Malay Singaporeans will be reminded of the their land being robbed at gun-point by the Dutch and the British.

The Indian Singaporeans will be made to revisit history and recall the time when they were enslaved to work as rubber tappers in order to fill the coffers of the British Empire.

The Chinese Singaporeans will be made to realise how their forefathers were treated as lowly-paid coolies, sum-swee night soil women and rubber factories machine operators.

Moreover, all Singaporeans will be reminded of how the British introduced OPIUM into the Singapore society to poison the lical people and made quick and easy money out of the.

Overall, Singaporeans must bear in mind how the British failed to protect Singaporeans when the Japanese invaded Malaya and Singapore and occupied Singapore from 1942 to 1945, whereby two prominent locals had worked hard for the Japanese Secret Police to betray Singaporeans and caused untold tortures and deaths.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.58

Only those traitous skunks will want to worship the Brits.

They Evil Empire already crumbling with Brexit and they are breaking with Riots.Even their chia liao bee God Save the Queen got to evacuate.

Those MFs who are deeply influenced by their Shits and are electrocuted there will want to influence others to worship them.

Bloody White Priests also raped their Nuns. The silly Asians believed in their Holy God.

Anonymous said...

No need F-35 to sink the Msia Pedoman pig!
All our F-18s and modern corvettes warships dare not and cannot sink the Pedoman, why pay more?
Can buy the most modern weapons and warplanes, but got no guts to use them lah!
Matiland just send a stupid old tugboat, and we surrendar our waters??