US China rivalry

SYDNEY: We are not entering a new Cold War, despite both Chinese President Xi and US Vice-President Mike Pence finding the term a useful rhetorical tool.

The Americans have decided to compete against China because they think the last two decades of cooperation has failed. The Trump Administration, though, is careful to say that competition does not mean conflict.
Cooperation is where two states work together for the common good. Conflict involves a clash between hostile entities. But competition is not a state between these two alone but instead a contest between two states over a third party or object....

The prize America and China both seek is clear: Global leadership. They don’t want to fight each other. Instead they are quarrelling over who leads the international system. Leadership, however, is something others grant; it cannot be achieved by edict or force....

Th above quote is from an article by Peter Layton titled, 'US China rivalry is about us'.

Peter Layton is a Visiting Fellow at the Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University. This commentary first appeared on Lowy Institute's blog The Interpreter

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/united-states-china-trade-war-rivalry-is-all-about-us-11016724

China and the US are both in pursuit of global leadership. At the start of this game, in 1972, the Americans needed China to fight the Soviet Union. In 1979, the Americans could not see any challenge from poor and technologically backward China. They opened up their tertiary institutions and economy to China in an agreement for free exchange of students and transfer of knowledge and technology. They did not know that the people they thought could only be good enough to be cooks and laundrymen could learn so fast to challenge their dominance in science and technology and now seriously challenging their position as world leader.

Secondly, China's quest for world leadership is totally different from the Americans. China wants to lead the world through infrastructure development, trade and economic development. The American model is through war and instability, through regime change and military intervention and invasion. These two formula are fatally incompatible. Yes the cooperation has failed as China refused to play the American game of war and destruction to dominate and control the world in the G2 formula. China chose the path of peaceful development, peace and stability.

So today we are seeing the Americans getting more aggressive and initiating all kinds of war like behaviour against China and the rest of the world, even to the extend of isolation and America First. The stark fundamental difference in a policy of peaceful development over interference of internal affairs of foreign states and regime change cannot be reconciled and cannot be same bedfellows. War and peace are incompatible. The Americans chose war in all forms, including trade war, as their way to conduct international relations of dominance and global leadership.

But they are lying to the world that they are for peace, peace loving but very nice rogues and warmongers.


Anonymous said...

So the world has to choose between War and Economic development. ...only the goons will choose the war lah! Little mice here will choose the evil eagles over the dragons la. Cos it think eagles can fly and fight but dragons r all fakes mystical creatures unable to fight for them la.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet. These words written by Rudyard Kipling in the 19th century can be used to describe today's Sino-American relationship. China does not seek hegemony. Uncle Sam is obsessed with white supremacy. Uncle Sam has gone to great length and spared no effort in its attempt to throttle China's rejuvenation and making Chinese Dream becoming a reality. MC25 was launched in 2015. Uncle Sam did not take it seriously. China is now an existential threat to Uncle Sam's hegemony.

southernglory1 said...

How can the world have peace when the savage white American racist supremacists seek total control and hegemony of every country in this earthly world? They arrogantly and openly declare that they will never allow any other country to become as rich and powerful as the USA not to say to become richer and more powerful then them. Further to this insidious odious motive they declare that America will not allow any country big or small to become either a regional power or a global power to challenge the Americans in every corner or region of the world. In other words the savage Americans want to assume a godly mantle to decide the fate of every other country to preserve American supreme position. In their present heyday of power they conveniently choose to forget that they are actually satans that God will eventually destroy them . Their dream of controlling the whole world under American dictates and hegemony will never be allowed by all countries big or small. Let the evil savage white Americans know the dictum, " Man proposes but God disposes " and that their insidious dream of world domination will never be allowed to take place.

Southernglory 1

Thursday, 7th February,2019

G2 said...

War, yes World War 3, has already started.

Beginning with Psywar, followed by Trade War, in conjunction with Techno War.

Next will be Intelligence War in conjunction with Judicial War.

Then comes the ultimate Military No-holds Barred War:

First, with the use of conventional weapons and missiles.

Then followed by limited capabilities nuclear weapons.

Then followed by the unthinkable MAD destruction of the World.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.

(If you can help yourselves, you don't need God's help. In other words, God is of No Help At All!).

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

China has given the world an option to Uncle Sam exceptionalism. Uncle Sam is not happy as it does not relish the idea of China changing the status quo. As long as Uncle Sam refuses to accept a bi-polar world, tensions will manifest. The rivalry between China and Uncle Sam has gone beyond just the two of them.

NATO countries and SCO countries are gradually being drawn in. As the rivalry intensifies, a holocaust will be in the making. The Doomsday Clock is ticking and it is now reported to be two minutes from midnight. Humanity is at a perilous stage. Trump's SOTU address has not assuaged the fear of a Cold War turning into a hot one.

Anonymous said...

World War III

The invasion of Venezuela by the Evil US Empire is going to trigger World War III.

Russia and China will not standby to see Venezuela falls into the hands of the Evil US Empire supported by the Evil White Supremacists of UK and EU.

So far only 20 countries are with the Evil US Empire. The rest of the world, i.e. 173 of the 193 countries are either on the Russia/China side or keeping quiet.

Singapore is definitely on the side of the Evil US Empire. No need any smart guy to make a guess. It is too obvious - by Singapore's leaders speeches, policies and actions.

The Chinese Singaporeans, the majority of the population, must decide in the next General Election whether to support China or the US. This is a long-term survival cum cultural pride issue.

The Chinese Singaporeans must not be led by the nose by the rotten amongst their roots of origin. If so, it would be an unfortunate disgrace and shame forever!

Anonymous said...

10.40 am anon, wake up to reality lar. U need to get your head examined or ask Matilar to help you with dor re mi to wake you up Lor. No choice unless you are prepare to pay for IMH Doctors fee, kakakakakakaka tio bo?

Anonymous said...

China wants to lead the world through infrastructure development, trade and economic development.


Just look at what happened to Matland's ECRL project by China and its purported link to the 1MDB scandal.

Are things seemed the way it is? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.27am

Probably Dr M the sly wolf cud hv view China as a potential Loan Shark to his cuntry & the world. If u losn from China banks & couldn't pay up then u need to sell ur port as pound of flesh to the Ah Long.Dr M very smart and he had seen it happened in the island of Lanka. Dr M could hv predicted that China will b a Loan Shark cuntry or Land of Ah Long will your cuntry cud not paid up, so don't fall into the dragon's trap la.

Anonymous said...

No countries in the world offer something to others without getting something else in return. Win-win situation.

China seems to be offering something for nothing (only for goodwill). Win-lose situation.

Is it logical? Is China Xi Jinping so stupid, so naive?

Anonymous said...

Compare visitors at wake of NSF; sister said "I invite all Singaporeans to see my brother off" with visitors at wake of son of billionaire

Anonymous said...

Chinese global leadership in the Year of the Pig -

... as Chinese global leadership continues into 2020.

Continue HERE - https://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/2018-12-11/who-will-run-world

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.57am

Very few or nobody from the public will turn up at the Gui's son wake la no matter how the sis kpkb also no use.Those turn up r the plp, colleagues, passer by well wishers, media corpse, minionsters, gui's relatives or friends & some employees, bootlickerssuckers, other than tat its few as compared to Ah Loy 's wake a week ago. So ask yourself is that gui fellow a good/excellent person as compared to Loy? Probably the Supreme One Up There will judge who might qualify the Heaven's gate or some say judgement day. It might be both or only one or none at all. One thing is certain - what u did here & now, heavens got eye to see it, the universal law of karma applies same as in nature.

Anonymous said...

China built infrastructure projects on a willing buyer willing seller basis. You get the project, China gets paid.

There are countries that think they are so clever, expect China to build projects for free.

In the Malaysian projects, China set a fair price, always cheaper than the Japs and the Europeans. The Malaysian side decided the final price plus whatever mark up they want to build into the project price.

Is this China's fault? When China said $100m you said bill me for $200m, so how? China did not put a gun on Najib's head to demand that he agreed to the projects. You think Najib so stupid, anyhow signed the contracts at any price ya?

Do you think China should build the trains for free or at a loss? You think China is Santa Claus? Only stupid people expect China to build things for free for them.

Anonymous said...

China did not put a gun on Najib's head to demand that he agreed to the projects.
1:00 pm

Of course China did not put a gun on Najib's head lah.

But China simply took advantage of Najib's corruption problem to get the ECRL project, assuming the project's purported link to the 1MDB scandal is true.

And if China can do this to Malaysia, what more in those African and poorer Asian countries?

Virgo49 said...

Those Imbeciles and Nincoompoos who rejected Xi's offers of investment projects are real stupid in the Real Sense.

Madhater just wants to haggle and push down the prices.

You built your Country's Infrastructures and your various sleepy towns into Enconmic zones.

He not in business, just sqhere headed Silly Serpents all their lives.How difficult to have overdrafts from Banks to run your business. Unless they had some collateral or guarantees from you.

Unlike Sinkieland who uses your cheap Funds to fund their projects and slaughtered you using your sponsored monies.

Anonymous said...

The lesson here is that a country should not have major weaknesses, especially man made ones, that can be exploited by other countries.

The exploitation may even be made to be seen as a blessing, but actually is a curse in disguise if the country being exploited has a lot of weaknesses. The curse may only be realised in the long term and not immediately.

And therein lies the problem of avoiding or correcting it if the curse is not seen in the short term. And the exploitation is even welcomed! Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Why did MPs and Ministers such as ESM Goh Chok Tong attend Ben Goi's wake but never attend Aloysius Pang's?

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo Najib added up, you think China made extras.

There are two types of add ups.
One is that the Company willingly to bride you under their account.

Two, you add up on your Company's expense. That is your Company paying more than the quoted rate and bear your kickback.

Poor countries without investmants/loans from investors like China think can develop their infrastructures?

Even IMF or I Am Finished also charged you loans interests.
Likewise World's Bank.

Anonymous said...

Why did MPs and Ministers such as ESM Goh Chok Tong attend Ben Goi's wake but never attend Aloysius Pang's?
1:54 pm

I ever seen a lookalike of the senior Goi accompanied Vivian Balakrishnan in his Bukit Timah constituency house to house visits.

Hope tis answers your question, although not directly.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Crisis, Danger, Opportunity:

Where's our war stocks guy?

I'll guess: he's doing excellently. Huat ah!

Anonymous said...

China taking advantage of Najib or Najib taking advantage of China? Heard of the saying it needs two hands to clap. Both saw advantages in the deal and both happy to sign. You are suggesting that Najib is so stupid to be taken advantage of/

The 1MDB case, Najib taking advantage of Singapore or Singapore taking advantage of Najib?

Anonymous said...


War stocks guy here shaking legs & shaking cock LOL!!!

Ate too much high fat, high cholesterol, high carb, high sugar crap last 6 days.

This morning, forced myself to take a 1-hour brisk walk along a giant man-made longkang that's suppose to be a "Sungei" on S'pore maps.

Stocks due for pullback in the next 1-3 months. No worries. We have yet to see the top of this cyclical 10-yr bull market. Stocks will go higher before the next bear.

Anyway, after going thru -50% & -60% down markets in 1997-98, 2000-2003, 2007-08 I'm kinda numb to big drops liao. As long your portfolio is large enough & well allocated/diversified enough, you just collect dividends and take partial profits whenever certain stocks or sectors become overbought. And buy whenever Mr Market gets overly depressed. :)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the Hundred Year Marathon by Michael Pillsbury, the author admitted that he was an advocater of sharing knowledge with China. He changed his mind and became anti China for one reason. The Chinese were learning too fast and could be better than the Americs and challenge American supremacy in science and technology. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. THIS IS CHINA'S FAULT.

To Pillsbury, helping China is ok, but China and the Chinese cannot be better than the Americans. The Chinese are a threat not because they are going to invade the USA or going to war with the Americanans, but because they are going to be better than the Americans. How, is this a crime? Is this hostile?

Why can't the Chinese be better than the Americans if they are willing to work hard for it? Why must the Chinese be inferior or second to the Americans if they can be better and are better?

For this sin, the author is warning the Americans and advocating that China be contained and not be allowed to be better than the Americans. This is how generous he and the Americans want to be, to be number at all cost. Anyone wanting to be better must be suppressed, oppressed and be treated as enemies.

NO one can become better than the Americans even by working hard, without going to war or invading the USA. They would allow be nice to China if China slow down, don't work harder than the Americans, be less smart than the Americans. If that is the case, they would let China alone, like they did in the past, when Chinamen are to be cooks and laundry men. Very safe and very comfortable for the Americans as the superior race.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

China was once a historic superpower with many historic vassal states. China still see Indo-China, the South China Sea, the East China Sea, Tibet and Taiwan as its sphere of influence. Today for the most part, these areas have come under Uncle Sam's influence. Now that China is a superpower, it behooves China to counter Uncle Sam. Hence the intense rivalry between them.

Uncle Sam and China are not enemies yet, but the situation could change that relationship quickly. It is extremely unlikely that China will initiate a pre-emptive attack. However, it could be provoked as in the Korean war or if Taiwan declared independence.

Anonymous said...

Rb, the white men don't understand the Chinese ancient adage called '风水轮流转' or changes of tide. Even ancient India knew bout impermanence or changing. The Americans got they can rule this world forever but the tide is changing to East Asia & South East Asia ( except the tiny island city state over rule by a white rifle some century ago, this rock is sinking but its leader never knew it & claim their own Cheena uniqueness especially in celebrating their own style of rojak Lny)

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anons.

That's why Sinkies are dafts.

The Rich and Famous will always be with their Rich and Famous.

What's the Hell they want to mix with the Peasants.

Yet, the majority are working class and peasants. The Elites are only a small minority ruling over them.Yet the Stupid Dafts Majority still voted the Elites Minority to rule over them.

They can vote their own to govern them as they will able to know their difficulities better.

Who is Aloysious Pang?.Just an expendable soldier. Not their Circle. You peasants are just digits to us.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10:40 am

#The Chinese Singaporeans, the majority of the population,.. #

You sure or not?
Its going south when we agree to become SickAH! Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are a threat not because they are going to invade the USA or going to war with the Americanans, but because they are going to be better than the Americans.
RB 4:27 pm

"President Donald Trump cited China’s theft of intellectual property as one of his reasons for slapping $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports earlier this year."


Virgo49 said...

USA Today.

A Publication of USA News. Likewise Herald Tribune. Etc.

You believe their Propganda?

China Global Times stated Americunts stole their intellectual property. Yet Americunts still as dumb.

Sinkies goggle or read all these. news and They swallowed every nonsense they spew.

Believing everything and every nonsense what they read. Thinking they are very the SMART.

That's why they are easily conned and remained as DAFTS.

That's why the PAPies can win every elections

CNN and Fox News on loggerheads propagating nonsense every mins on the Dumb Box.

Dotard Trump can spew lies without blinking his eyes.

You believe him?

Anonymous said...

China did not take advantage of Najib. Najib said "pay me" and China did.
Mahmati cancel all Chinese projects bcos he also wants China to pay him triple or more than what they paid Najib. China wants Matiland to be part of a much larger China first - become like 3 countries (taiwan, hk and matiland), 1 system.
Now just negotiation, it's a matter of how much $$$ into Mahmati's pockets!

FT Extra Talented said...

A 51-year-old Foreign Talent who teaxhes French in Singapore, has been arrested in Bangkok for paying for sex with teenage boys between 13 and 15.

The Nation reported on Wednesday (Feb 6) that Jean-Christophe Marie Georges Quenot was caught in a hotel room in the Thai capital on Monday.

A computer notebook, a memory card, two hard disks, a camcorder, camera, mobile phone, eight packs of Kamagra oral jelly (a cheaper version of erectile dysfunction drug Viagra) and 36 condoms were seized during the arrest, said the Thai police.

Quenot had allegedly picked up boys aged between 13 and 15 at the Huay Kwang Stadium and brought them to his hotel room for sex,

He has visited Thailand ten times and each time stay in a hotel for 5 days. One of the pornographic videos seized from his hotel room showed him having sex with a 14 year old boy.

What will the Singapore government do? What will MOM do? What will Ministry of Education do? What will ICA do?

Will the Singapore Police investigate whether this foreign talent has been doing the same thing to Singapore boys in Singapore?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My apologies for my last comment above for the typo errors. I was in a hurry and did not read thru before posting.

I will post a piece on Trump's accusation that China stole their jobs and wealth tomorrow. Our media is very eager to publish such fake names coming from Trump and the Americans. China always bad, the American thugs and gangsters are always the good guys.

Anonymous said...

"The Nation reported on Wednesday (Feb 6) that Jean-Christophe Marie Georges Quenot was caught in a hotel room in the Thai capital on Monday."

How many more such specially talented sex predators / perverts / offenders are there in Singapore, disguised as highly respectable people in the Teaching and other Professions?

Can the Police, ICA and Home Affairs make a quick check and enlighten the public?

Does the Ministry of Health check whether these highly respected people with special sex talent carry any communicable diseases, such as STD and AIDS?

Were such undesirable elements taken into calculation before the floodgate for foreign trash was opened?

Virgo49 said...

Singaporeans Abroad had underage sex and worst homo sex with boys are subject to punishments under Sinkies laws.

You think they dared have this fellow to be charged and depoted?

Sinkieland government what's punch above their weight ?

Below their balls better. Double standards only to numb you.

Likewise their bloody Whites. If you go to Auss Land or some EU countries, they will tried to show their scorn for ASIANS and any porn of underage sex they will throw you in Jails.

What's farking hypocrites.

Bit they themsleves doing that every day.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some people at high places in authority are secretly doing it every year visiting Thailand or Cambodia?

Anonymous said...

This French guy looks like he likes sodomy as he has 36 condoms seized from him. Meaning he is the male character in the homo relationship. That is he sodomizes other's Sama Sama like Matilar. We don't know how many Thai boys or sg boys he has sodomized. Just because he was caught in Thailand does not mean he did not sodomize sg boys. The only reason he went there for 5 days was he wanted to sodomize many boys and obviously it's cheaper to do that in Thailand than in sg. It does not mean he did not do it here. Hope the authorities would investigate him if he is deported to sg but likely the French government would want him to deport back to France to escape investigation by sg. If that is the case good luck to French boys as more will be sodomize by him there.😰

Anonymous said...

He is a sex offender. A sex offender in the US is electronically tagged, so as to trace his whereabout wherever he goes.

In olden days, the underworld people would have gone after this type of "animals" and chopped off their uncontrollable asshole bandits. Then sodomized them repeatedly until they begged for mercy and promised not to do again. If they are caught again, then they are as good as dead. They will wish they never were born.

Anonymous said...

This is a major reason why S377A cannot be repealed.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Look on the bright side:

IMO, the rivalry for global leadership between the USA & China is the desirable status quo. I have mentioned this before. As long as there’s rivalry between these 2 powers, we can sit back, talk cock and generally enjoy the fun.

For e.g.: Now we have cheap, powerful hardware from China --- like computers and smart phones, to enjoy the cheap/ free hip tech enterprises from the US --- Google, FaceBook, Amazon web services, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, ebay, Wikipedia, Robin Hood for commission-free broking, Tinder (for sex), and excellent PORN depicting all forms of sexual activities to stimulate the most jaded person, and so much more ….a plethora of goodies we enjoy using our awesome China-made tech. What a fantastic, wonderful world. 😎

Consider the alternative scenario: The USA & China are BEST BUDDIES and their respective governments share information.

China’s awesome surveillance will be co-opted and partnered with the Five, Nine, Fourteen Eyes global surveillance. All of them will share intel and info on their citizens with each other. In that situation: WE ARE ALL ROYALLY FUCKED!, with no escape or no chance of ever enjoying PRIVACY again.

A USA-China partnership will be DOOMSDAY for small cuntries --- they will be swallowed up. At the moment, small cuntries can choose to be aligned with either, and reap whatever benefits --- because of the “competition” between the US and China. Remove this competition and every small cuntry will be screwed in their arseholes by 2 tua kees. 💀💀

May the USA and China be rivals for as long as it takes. 👍👍👍


@ 324, be greedy when cheap, and there’s blood in the streets:

Yes, you’re right. I have given up the idea of trading (speculation) cos I lose money like hell. So I’ve gone back to Buffet, Munger & Graham --- forget about price action, concentrate on intrinsic VALUE, with a super kiasu “margin of safety”, allow the damn thing to compound, and go out and have fun; live life.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ overseas sexual predators:

The French guy is TOAST. He can be prosecuted under Thai law, his Singapore pass will probably be revoked. I’ll bet there will be immense pressure from the FBI for Singapore to “do the right thing”.

FBI maintain a permanent office in Bangkok. The station chief used to be/ still is a woman with a hard-on for catching child sex offenders. She goes after them like a hound --- she’s a predator hunting other predators, and has busted so many child sex offenders from many western cuntries. Australian Federal Police, Scotland Yard, Canadian Mounties and other sovereign police forces also run joint ops in Asia to catch their own citizens who think they can go to Asia and exploit kids, and to their collective efforts have brought many of these ANIMALS to justice, as most cuntries now have extraterritorial laws to combat the sexual exploitation of children.

These people need the death penalty. I’ll gladly volunteer for the firing squad to kill these cunts myself.

b said...

Since few of us here are from usa or china, its better for us that they are angry with each other. Our survival will be threatened if they are friends.

b said...

The ideal punishment for all pedos will be to cut their manhood off. Whats the point of them having manhood if they cannot respect a kid basic right?