Hsien Yang - Would he answer the calls of the people?

After Hsien Yang came out openly in support of Cheng Bock and his new party, social media saw an outcry and support for him to stand with Cheng Bock in the next GE. This is a very rare phenomenon in Singapore where an individual is being asked to stand for political office. Ok there were a few others that have also been asked but not in the way it is happening today. Ok social media was a recent development and has taken an important role in public communication and people get to speak out freely in facebook, twitters, blogs etc etc. And this time is also different because the issues facing the people and the calls for a change of govt have taken to a different level. There are many very serious issues that the people are really very unhappy with and looking for a white knight to come to their rescue.

Many people have in the past claimed that they were answering the calls of duty to serve the country and people. In today's context, in politics and the running of a country, the calls take on a different magnitude and importance.

Would Hsien Yang answer the calls of the people? Can he turn down the calls of the people and their expectation of him? For Cheng Bock to fight alone is as good as a non starter or at best becoming a lone voice in Parliament, not much different from the role the WP is playing. It is as good as not having an opposition as nothing good can come out of it. The people's problems would not be solved and things would go on as normal, spiralling into the abyss. What is the point of it all if nothing is changed?

Would Hsien Yang turn down the people's calls and walk away?

Do not forget, Hsien Yang also has another big responsibility, to defend his family, wife and son. As a father he has to stand up and fight. Not doing so did not speak well of him. In a way he is being cornered and fight he must, and the only way to fight meaningfully is to stand for election to change the power of the day and to protect his family.


Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, Rb, don't be so 'chek arh' lah. Today is eve of Chinese New Year lah, a time for family gatherings for their reunion dinner. Hope that the S'pore First FamiLee can reunion lah ( though is impossible now), but blood is thicker than water hope their separateness will dim & be harmonious again.

Virgo49 said...

Chinese families feuds are very common in Sinkieland.

They had not been together already long time ago. Big Tree Fall monkeys will scattered.

Chinese to be frank with most with self interests are also one of the most hypocritical raca besides the Whites.

Face to face, they might smile even at their adversaries but in their hearts they are plotting how to nail you.

Chinese, for Wealth, Fame or infamous had selfish self interests first.

When you have families with so many laws and inlaws with different genes and interests
They will fight nails and tooths
for proparties,wealth and whatsoever benefits them.

Even sue their own kind for these materials benefits.

So, LHY will fight to protect his wife and son.After all, old man and old lady are gone and to fight also his late Fathere's wishes.

So, even as a Chinese, I am disillusioned with all these hyprocrises and pretence.

Anonymous said...

Not that I want to pour cold water this morning!

Don't waste time. No point. No chance.

Will be very surprised if pap don't wins all the seats including H and A at next GE.

It is the 70%! Not who stands at the next GE against pap.

You think the 70% will change their mind?


Anonymous said...

Our PM must be a very very kind man

Saw him giving out ang pow to seniors on TV.

Kind man! Good man!

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.14am

Don't be deluded by tat fellow, cos election akan dating. He got to wayang lah as his marketing lah...after erection is u die your business as u deserved him & his gang mah.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.20am

But the old aunty said on TV, every year she got ang pow from him leh.

So nothing to do with election.

A very very kind man. Good man.

Virgo49 said...

They have to have the old generations and even today's generation in wants so that they can control your needs.

Taking your own monies to give you so that you are been beholden to them.

Thinking that they are Good and Kind Men.

These are pork barrel politics. Year of the PIG, more pork barrels.

The Elites just throw some crumbs to you so that they can have status quo to enjoy their wealth as slaved by you.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.29am

The old aunty could be conned by him liao juz becos of a hundred bucks thinking his a good man?
An old uncle already conned tat he got to pay cash for his eye ops instead of using his MadiSay or MadiShiao monies.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1038am & 1043am

But they got 69.9% followers leh.

What say u?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Hsien Yang - Would he answer the calls of the people? <<

The short answer is NO, he won't. Maybe for awhile.

The politics of any cuntry is a result of the culture of the people. After some time the culture will cut in, and Singapore will go back to the same old ways. Culture changes SLOWLY over long time.

CPF is here to stay. Simple economics will tell you that. We have an aging population so self funded retirement is the only play, without going to full welfare state scenario, meaning tax increases all around. This is decrease competitivity and all the business will fuck off to HK where the corporate tax will be way lower than ours.

The minimum sum will increase. But the govt will “assist” here and there with age-based “assistance” policy --- e.g. Pioneer Generation, Merdeka Generation. While many cuntries are experimenting with UBS (Universal Basic Income), it is my understanding that Singapore will not be adopting this model. As human labour is replaced by tech, the govt might increase the “assistance” packages, but full-blown social welfare funded by debt and taxation or drawing down on “capital” (aka the reserves), IMO --- and with the many conversations I’ve had with “connected people” --- is off the table.

Voting in “opposition” won’t change things --- every so-called unpopular PAP policy is embedded in law,and that is difficult to change, especially if the opposition at such time will be PAP. When they are in opposition, rest assured they will be strong and formidable.

Global culture: Most cuntries are moving away from their state-funded social welfare models and changing to variants of our system. They have realised that welfare states make them uncompetitive and expensive for the common person living day to day.

When/ IF the opposition wins office, they will be enjoying the high executive salaries put in place by the PAP. Different people, same old shit.

Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss.

Anonymous said...

At TTSH when the cashier told me I got no more Medisave as I had used up all. I told the cashier to kick in my Eldershield insurance as I am insured under the scheme. I got the shock of my life when she told me I can't use the Eldershield because I do not qualify to use it under certain conditions. She reiterated the conditions that the insured must be bedridden, cannot feed himself or herself, cannot perform normal routine by himself or herself, have only one arm or one leg or blind and so on and so forth. On hearing all this my anger knew no bounds. So I realize that what people told me that all government insurance schemes are possibly ponzi schemes to suck away the people's hard earned money . I told the cashier to give my feed back to the government and the ministers that they can only sinfully use my money in hell. Now they introduce the Care Shield Insurance Scheme. Hows many more ponzi schemes must they introduce before the devils catch up with them. They only shield themselves and not the people.

When can the daft Singaporeans wake up to the vast injustices practice here.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.50am

These r wat the then old fart kee labelled them as Dafts, & some were even lagi worse ~ named them Daftest-Kia-Si-Su-ChengHu or watever la.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 12.21pm to hear yr bad experience at ttsh.

Yes! Like what you said, we hope the 69.9% will wake-up!

But you think they will?

Think about it!

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland is no place for family-based politics!
Every family and any surname should have the opportunity to be boss, if qualified.
Who's hsien yang? how many Sinkies know him?
How many Sinkie actually called him? DO NOT BEDEK (Fooled) Sinkies with FAKE NEWS!
Same hsien yang who wanted to migrate and become Aussie PR with wife some years ago?
Now want to be Sinkieland PM?

Anonymous said...

At least WP won elections and fight inside Parliament ... Cheng Bock?
Cheng Bock has won NOTHIN (maybe only $10 toto!) since he left the PAP and politics in 2006.
Even 2011 Presidential elections lost to Tony Tan by more than 7,000 votes (NOT just a few!).
Why so much fuss over a FAILURE with no track record of winning in opposition politics?
There are low thia kiang, chiam see tong (still alive, I think!), sexy sylvia, handsome pritam ... you can add more names! Want failures ... can get dr chee or jee say lah.
Really laufable opposition must get ex-PAP or PAP bro to help them win ... hahaha!
maybe they should all join PAPPY lah!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ “better pay attention” 117

>> Sinkieland is no place for family-based politics! <<

You are incorrect. Singapore is EXACTLY the place for family-based politics. The fact that LHL is PM, groomed by his dad, wife in-charge of SWF...is that “family” enough for you??

Strongest opposition to LHL yet --- from brother and sister. Son being groomed by mother to be future PM. Chun Sing also related. Outspoken critic --- grandson Harvard professor who says he won’t be returning. How’s that for family?

You need to recalibrate your radar. It is malfucntioning. πŸ˜‚

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB & all

After reading comments over the past few days, I am AMAZED that so many (nearly everyone) is unaware of how their govt and their cuntry works. The amount of “should be” wishful thinking is incredible, and everyone is so CON-vinced (self delusion) that 70% of the voting population are “brainwashed”.

That is completely not the case. 70% reflect The Culture of our society. Politics stems from the culture. The people who get voted in (a minority) are those whom the majority believe will be “culturally suited” to run the cuntry. You can say the “culture is fucked”, but the culture is REALITY. If you are not in lock-step with the culture, bickering about it will not change things. You have to make your own way. No amount of Hong Lim gabfests will change things.

Instead of makaning and shopping all the time, I suggest Singaporeans take a little more interest in their cuntry. Get off the beaten track...visit places you don’t normally go like Ubin, the Hot springs in Sembawang (yes, it’s true), Sungei Buloh Wetlands, Lower Pierce Reservoir (all the reservoirs lah), Coney Island off Punggol, Southern Islands...etc etc. Get to know your cuntry organically. Think “blood and soil”, take it back to BASICS. Perhaps that will kick start your brains into having different ideas. I don’t know. I’m just suggesting. I lovve getting to know my former cuntry, now a fabulous hotel. Maybe one day it’ll be my cuntry again….when the rest of the people also decide it is actually theirs and not PAP-land.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all. Hope you give plenty han bao to all the children. Time to get ready for dinner tonight.

Anonymous said...

Family-based politics? Get the facts here:
Most popular Chinese surnames -
Tan ι™ˆ (9.5% of Chinese population)
Lim ζž— (6.6%)
Ng ι»„ (4.2%)
Ong ηŽ‹(2.7%)
Wong ηŽ‹ (2.6%)
Goh 吴 (2.2%)
Chua θ”‘ (2.2%)

Anonymous said...

Sinkies had chosen money over freedom for decades.
Now the money is steadily taken from their accounts. And more realizing it.
Now is more like choice between hypocrisy and taking some risks.
A bitter-sweet slow movie.

Anonymous said...

RB if u look at kashiong southern Taiwan, the current mayor is in the same position like him. He was push into the corner and the Govt used the organ of state to corner him and his family. Unexpectedly after he fought back he actually won the wards where the current party has held over 33 years and a 70% voters support. At the national level there were 8 mp There and the current Govt took all so u can see how strong is the support. Yet this guy manage to turn the place upside down plus he supports other cities elections till they captured the majority and total national vote count to become the majority. Of course in Taiwan they have a free press plus Internet plus almost a year to campaign but not here. As most sinkies are daft so his impact may be not that large

UG said...

Election come should I stay at home? My O Level is Cambridge. Ang Moh Ang Moh Ang Moh. If I vote PAP, will the one that count vote, too tired read wrong as WP? If I vote WP, will read wrong as PAP? If I cast empty vote, will the person be pak jiao read as both PAP and WP? Woo hoo. So according to my Cambridge O Level, I must know the back end process. Dunno than I shall stay at home right? Than I will not be label as daft right? Did LKY say us daft? Trying to hint us? LKY LKY LKY.

KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. This is a pig year. Anyone want to be pig for another 5 years or forever? What kind of pig? Kim Dih? Suah Dih? Tor Dih? Suah Dih, chiong ah, meat very tasty right? So no one want to eat Kim Dih right? Kim Dih is dont move, election come dont move at home? So go army chao keng can already. Hide like little india riot. Why? Never go army also can become minister ah? Anything send email complain the regulars. 6 smoke bomb. Just chao keng, complain the regulars. Invade us Malaysia. Who cares? Anyway on top already got Penang and Perak. Just invade us, rape our woman. So dont blame LKY or Nathan be Japanese translator? Ask TCB, TJS, TKL, TT, LHL, LHY, WP give me all their assets, than I distribute to the poor. I will thumbs up and say they good. If not old leaders Chio Si Lang. Everywhere open blog type type type. Old leaders are joke. Got educations one even worse. Dunno who is strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei generation hor? $16k MP job can buy landed property? Who want track down LTK and SL?

Long Live LKY Iron Fist and PAP and Ang Moh. Let be daft. We must be daft right? So stay at home?

A few Ang Bao only so grateful. Ask them give me all their assets, I help them distribute, than those elderly than be grateful can? PAP wont win is fake.


8000 HIV people will become 80,000 than 800,000? Yi chuan Shi chuan Bai? Investor invest this kind of PAP caliber people? Still got what TB? Lan Hao Lan era. PAP best liao also like that. Forget about other party. PAP is consider of best scholar also like that. Vote what other party? Stay at home during election?

80 20 rule, every election should change party. Dont have leh. Why ah? Lee Li Lian empty boxes?

Anonymous said...

Not yet reunion dinner and some bird from IMH is already drunk crazy talking rubbish.

Sometimes talk like some parrot - kakakakaka means what in bird language? Would the bird trainer at Bird Park please help to translate?

Or would the resident sodomiser please give him a piece of his mind?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ misinformed about HIV, UG

>> http://www.tremeritus.net/2019/02/01/how-did-8000-hiv-fts-get-passed-immigration/ <<

The FT who got past the HIV test did so by DEFRAUDING the system with the help of his doctor boyfriend, who used his (the doctor) CLEAN blood for the test. You cannot prevent people from attempting to cheat the system --- regardless of which govt is running the show. Sooner or later, no matter how "secure" your systems are, somebody, one day will successfully break it.

HIV is not a death sentence. As long as it doesn't develop to full-blown AIDS, infected people can live quite "normal" lives --- even have active sex lives --- if they follow proven protocols. We've come a long way since the 1980s.

Although Singapore is strict about issuing working visas to HIV infected people, there is no way to prevent perfectly healthy people who already have visas from contracting HIV after they've been tested.

The HIV test for foreigners is pure security theatre i.e. BULLSHIT

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ holy shit... nah, don't panic...germs are everywhere lah

8000 HIV infected in Singapore. I would say the number is HIGHER. Remember the figures given are those who are REGISTERED. There are many more out there who have yet to be "detected" and diagnosed as HIV positive.

Remember, most of these folks are living normal lives. They are on the trains and buses with you. They eat in restaurants, food courts and kopitiams just like you, using the SAME UTENSILS as you use. Not to worry, HIV is not spread by saliva or remnants of saliva. Everything they touch in public, you will touch too: taps in public toilets, handrails, lift buttons...in reality, if you go out into the public spaces, you are being exposed to the HIV virus...but no one has yet gotten sick. There's just too much misunderstanding and PARANOIA plus homophobia about HIV. Homophobia is definitely unwarranted. Many heterosexual people carry the HIV virus.

Germs are everywhere lah.

UG said...

I thought I not so educated can be daft leh. So those old leaders with good education, give birth to kids with good education, still can have 6 smoke bomb incident? We welcome more FT come here. Welcome welcome. Take over our government also. Welcome welcome. Investor invest in Singapore. Singapore go army disrupt, FT Hiv or TB go see doctor disrupt. Welcome welcome. Isnt LHL right? LHL LHL LHL.


If LKY or LHL scold us daft, than old leaders open blog here and there type type type, still go voting booth? No wonder got LHL luff so happily picture and say KPKB?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As human labour is replaced by tech, the govt might increase the “assistance” packages, but full-blown social welfare funded by debt and taxation or drawing down on “capital” (aka the reserves), IMO --- and with the many conversations I’ve had with “connected people” --- is off the table. Matilah

The above statement by Matilah is a good example of conditioning. He spoke as if the connected people are the wisest and knew what is best. When they opened their mouths, believe it, that was it. When they said right, it must be right and vice versa.

To me, they are all believers of a religion preached by the PAP and could not see that there are many religions available.

China has about the biggest number of retirees. China is not as rich as Singapore on a per capita income level. But the Chinese retire at 60 and go on to receive a healthy retirement income provided by the govt. Their contribution to their CPF, if I am not mistaken, is less than 5%. The not so rich Chinese govt could still feed the millions of Chinese retires from 60 and older. Why, how?

One thing they did not do is to pay themselves millions and millions and continue to receive millions and millions after retiring from politics. Such extravagant pay to several thousand heads, could feed a lot of retirees. And they don't have to sell public housing at the price this govt is charging the people here. They also did not have to scheme against their people's CPF savings.

This model has been working and is still working. The Singapore one trick pony is supported by an unthinking people, including connected people, that could not think of other possibilities. They are all blind believers and converts of the PAP religion.

Anonymous said...

They are not blind believers.

They are collaborators of and accessories (because they have something to gain) to high treason and treacherous crimes against their own people and against the country and against humanity.

When the time is ripe. There will be retributions and consequences EN MASS.

Anonymous said...

RB, Blessed CNY. I have to agree with your keen observation.
Spore is a very rich city.
It has many sources of revenue generation n super efficient n effective tax collections system.
It has no rural areas to subsidise.
So it can actually be more socialistic to the elderly n poor without breaking the bank at all.
Japan the most rapidly aging n aged developed country attests that throughout the last 2 decades, the big cities of Tokyo n Osaka are doing very well with little to no funds shortage. Its the subsidising of the rural areas n smaller cities throughout Japan that is bankrupting the nation.
In addition we easily has more than 1 trillion of foreign reserves. If our fund managers were sharp n very competent esp the CEOs, our citizens would have been very well off in social benefits, provided we don't have extreme money hoarding politicians, who have been generous with themselves.

Anonymous said...


Are you sure about ALL cheenas able to retire at 60 with FAT PENSIONS?!?!?

Maybe the minority who worked 40 years in civil service, or those in certain rich big cities as their "hukou". How about those farmers or factory workers or staying in villages or 5th-tier cities?

What Matilar said about S'pore elites not considering welfare for Sinkies is saying the OBVIOUS. Even Pri school children also know.

Matilar is NOT saying that the elites know best --- he is just saying what is the current REALITY. Like if you jump down from 10th floor, you either go morgue or hospital. Or that the sun will rise from the east tomorrow.

Matilar is just saying that if you want to CHANGE the reality, then you need to change the 70 PERCENT.

Reality is >50%. Anything less than 50% is ILLUSION or Talk Cock.

Matilar also says that it's VERY DIFFICULT to change the 70% overnight --- takes many DECADES.

So the QUESTION is how to perform this CHANGE on the 70 PERCENT within the next 12 months?!?!?

Anonymous said...

1. Using their crafty minds to create new laws and regulations to suppress and con the citizens,

2. Using the legal process and the selected judges to intimidate and silence whistle blowers and opposing views, and

3. Using the power of office and organs of state to force into submission and reluctant conformity all those who protests or dissent.

These three are the white-collar crimes of politicians drunk with power and get-rich-quick scams. They think that they can blind and fool the people and get away with such crimes with impunity.

How long can the daft continue to sleep?

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments here you know that the daft have been very well trained to think and talk like the PAP, they just repeat what the PAP programmed them to think and say.

There is no way to remove the PAP. Singapore would not see a sudden change of power like in Malaysia. Your CPF money not your money and you can do nothing about it. Not happy move out. da da da.

Anonymous said...

Rule 1 - The Majority is Right and Correct.
Rule 2 - If in doubt, Stick to Rule 1.
Wisdom of the Crowd cannot be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Rule No 3, If in doubt, knock your own head hard with a hammer.

Rule No 4, if still cannot think, fuck yourself with toilet brush.

Rule No 5. If still don't feel the pain, go to hell. There you will be able to feel the pain.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Again, you misinterpreted me. You must stop this bad habit RB. Make it your New Year Resolution old boy. πŸ˜€

>> He spoke as if the connected people are the wisest and knew what is best. When they opened their mouths, believe it, that was it. When they said right, it must be right and vice versa. <<

Maybe yes, maybe no. You are trying to play the role of "mind reader".

What is certain is this: they craft the policy. They have the POWER and AUTHORITY to enact the policy.

As for my "belief" --- it is irrelevant. I could care less what comes from the mouths of govt officials, even if I hang out with them for drinks. We all have friends. We also have friends whom we don't believe what they say is "true" even though they themselves believe it.

I'm merely pointing out what could happen, give the "intel" (true or not, I don't know) I receive and my hypotheses based on my understanding of culture, human behaviour and why reasonable people en masse keep voting for people they dislike. When the PAP has a political rally, almost nobody attends. Wasting time.

Many people dislike the PAP. Many people resent the PAP for many things --- for e.g. their fat pay scales and their propensity for bombastic speech, hubris, and arrogance.

Then how do YOU, RB, explain the ongoing political dominance of the PAP (a minority in numbers), supported by ~70% of a 2 million + voting public? (The majority)

My answer has been cuture...culture first, then politics. What's YOUR theory?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1036:

>> So the QUESTION is how to perform this CHANGE on the 70 PERCENT within the next 12 months?!?!? <<

OK, I think you've missed something here.

Are you talking about a change of govt or change in the CULTURE? You might change the govt, but don't assume that is because the culture has changed. Govts can change because people just get FED UP.

For e.g: do you really think American political culture has changed just because Trump got in when Obama went out? I say, NO. The culture is still the same. Even if Hillary or Sanders got in...culture still the same. (although prevailing political orientation changes)

Similarly, cultures can change and governments stay in office. That's because they are wise enough to ADJUST to the prevailing culture, and listen to the people.

Throwing out the govt in 12 months is possible, but highly IMPROBABLE. Changing the culture is not. This means even though a different govt might win office, the politics will revert to the same-o, same-o situation over time. Engineers and scientists use the term "attain a steady state", referring to complex systems.

Anonymous said...

"My answer has been cuture...culture first, then politics. What's YOUR theory?"

Yes. The Culture of Fear and Stupidity!

Too long to elaborate. It will take at least two books.

Anonymous said...

Social Media will erode culture of fear.
Higher n higher costs will erase stupidity.
Incompetence will burst the scholar bubble.
Croynism will eat up the buffet.
Hypocrisy will spread the anger.
Realization will sink the Lightning ship.
When sin is full grown, the destruction will surely come.

Anonymous said...

The signs are almost complete and accelerating.

Anonymous said...

UG, happy new year but you need to check in to IMH as soon as possible hopefully after the new year holiday or get sodomize by your relative during new year greetings sessions. God bless.πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

Two persons comments I simply skipped:

Matilah and UG.


1. Too long-winded - waste of time.

2. Same old shit all the time.

3. Pariah trying to act Scholarly.

4. Stupid trying to impress others like he is so smart - All-Knowing.

5. Arrogance and always run down others with vulgarity.

6. Inconsistency and incoherent.