SingPost mails in rubbish bin

 The postal service has been impeccable for several decades with mails reaching their destinations in clockwork precision. Today, 30 Jan 19, thenewpaper reported that mails and parcels were found in rubbish bins in Ang Mo Kio affecting 17 blocks. This ugly incident has been happening for quite a while. It is not an isolated incident. Waiting for another COI to be set up to understand and solve this problem.

My personal experience with my clients for the last few years did not speak well of SingPost. I received several complaints from clients that their contract notes did not arrived or arrived several days late. My response was that such contract notes were computer generated and would have gone out daily and could not be wrong from the company’s side. And I was always right.

The importance of mails reaching their destinations needs no further explanation or emphasis. If the mails did not reach their recipients, many problems will occur especially important mails, notices and bills. Many people must have been affected by receiving bills late and got penalized with late fees. One Mr Tan in thenewpaper article said he had been paying late fees of about $50 for several months. Should the affected people be asking for refund from the responsible party for this?

There could be more serious consequences when important mails are late or not received like summons or legal letters. Just saying sorry for late mails and lost mails is not enough.

Worms are starting to crawl out in many parts of the island, notably MOH. Hey 3rd World, wait for me, we are coming. We were so proud of our systems that everything use to work at the flick of a switch.


Anonymous said...

Rb, not only receiving late but also missing a few bank statements every year as the statements go to other recipients. So they know how much money I have with the banks. Why so? Cause I also received many other people bank statements too. Knn. Though actually one way is to go paperless but I want my kids to know where are my money after I kick the bucket. Only if bank can agree to still send you a paper statement once a year, then I am comfortable to go paperless.

Anonymous said...


it will be worst if very confidential letters are put into wrong letter-boxes

therefore dont play play....postman roles are very very important


Anonymous said...

Is it a 3rd World FTs dissatisfied with their overworked with no OT or no bonus? Definitely not locals employees lah otherwise it's a drop in service stds..huh ? Another COI? Cho boh, chio see lang, later they set up some kind of Inspector Jianeral Office to check, waste of money & resources lah.

Anonymous said...

I am not spreading fear here.

Just look around you.

Recently there are lots lots of very very serious problems facing sg.

Why like that? Bo cheng-hu? People just give-up and bo-chap?

What say you?

Anonymous said...

Postmen's salaries too low lah.

If Ministers' salaries have to be world's highest to discourage corruption, why can't postmen's salaries be raised to motivate them to deliver better ??

Virgo49 said...

SingPost and SingTel were one under LHY. They were spilt as separate entity as Sing And Tel went public earlier.

They were afraid that Sing & Post might pull down SingTel's bottom line.

Now Service from bad to worse. Parcels or registered mail to residences just press doorbell and within three seconds no response thrown in a notice to collect from branch office. It can be three miles from your home. No second time redelivery. Sometimes, don't even bring up and thrown notice to collect ownself.

Had already not received two renewal credit cards and have to be replaced with new cards. All Bills as giros on cards had to be cancelled.

Received SMS to activate cards and afraid that fraudulent charges on new cards with finders own signtuares when cards not received.

One month ago, had online ordered my Blue Life most pleasurable tablets and Macho Man long lasting boosters but till today not received.

Don't know whether in dust bins or not. Daily, most of the time had neigbours letters in my box and mine in theirs.

Aiyo. One returned opened to me from SGH that I owe them $8.70 for blood tests. Lab techinicans also
Said Uncle can go home so I go home. Bill came thought they cut Medisave.

So SingPost please post correctly or I very Malu

Anonymous said...

Postman see so many payment

Letter more then well wishing letters.i think.

Anonymous said...

Always received my letters late. At least five to seven days late

Some of the letters never received. Had to tell the companies and banks to send again.

Anonymous said...

Sg is like that liao!

This is Sg for you!

Sg is like that liao!


Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew wrote “The only answer against a bad government that refuses to be voted out of office is armed revolution” in 1969 letter to veteran architect

What a prophetic piece of advice to Singaporeans!

Anonymous said...

No point talking about lky or ykl.

It is the 70%!

This is what we deserved!


Virgo49 said...

Last time when I posted self addressed letter to my own home in the morning at Tanjong Pagar PO.I can received it in the afternoon.

I used to rest at one of my estate cother block and saw the SingPost men put their bags of mails and parcels into a void deck store for the Estates Cleaners storage.

Think too many, they slowly post in boxes tomorrow or days after.

They had the cleaners store keys.

Do not dare to throw away.

Anonymous said...

V49 1111am

Not surprising!

Sg is like that liao!

Anonymous said...


Now no emphasis on snail mail ... dead biz.

Now all on apps ... instant notifications of all transactions & bills & notices ... backed up by emails ... which can be further auto backed up to cloud. Generate past 3-7 years of details on the fly. Your own emails or softcopy PDFs can back up for next 100 years up to you. Or you can print all out and bind them into thick folders like Encyclopedia Britannica and display using 1 entire wall at home.

Physical mail now only focus on elogistics & fulfillment of ecommerce deliveries.

You want good snail mail service? Be prepared to pay ... $2 to send a postcard.

Otherwise snail mail is dead .... it's like horse carriage biz in 1925.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that postman/postwoman with my block does not read newspaper or follow media report.
Yesterday, I received a registered parcel squeezed in my mailbox. Then later in the afternoon I received an
email that my parcel has been delivered and signed! I was at home the whole day.

Anonymous said...

Dafts are really daft and stupid and even idiotic.

They can only think one-way. They are unable to understand that politics is a very dirty game. Even if they know that politics is a dirty game, they cannot phantom how dirty it may be.

There is no clean and honest politics. The whole idea in politics is to win. Especially in the Westminster System, the winner takes all. And all boils down to votes.

How do you get the necessary votes?

1. Honest, open, transparent.

2. Cheat. There are many ways to cheat. You can cheat "legally" or illegally.

3. Combination of seemingly honest with cheating behind the scene - legally, illegally or doubtful.

So, how can a politician makes sure he wins all the time? Depend on chance? On how the voters feel about you? Can you depend on chance and still win each and every election? Of course, not.

So, how to ensure you win all the time? Think.

Anonymous said...

11.50 am, I ordered via Aliexpress from China. Same thing, supplier said the parcel has been delivered and signed for. I received nothing so I open the dispute. Aliexpress step in said my dispute not valid as parcel delivered and signed for. I told them may be signed by others wrong address they still said not valid so payment released to supplier. Few days after this I found the parcel thrown into my mail box so not even signed for. Very jialat so someone need to be sodomized. 😀

Anonymous said...

Virgo where u buy the blue pills via website?

Anonymous said...


The ultimate smart nation is one where all online!

Ask the minister-in-charge when Sg can be so smart!


Anonymous said...

V49 & 12.33pm

I think many people also wish to know.

Please share share here!


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Virgo49 said...


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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Although this is really inexcusable on the part of SingPost, not to worry about summons and legal/ important letters as they are usually sent by registered mail, which means they are acknowledged being received by recipient's signature.

Not ot worry lah. Singapore's private enterprise and gung ho govt science hubs like A Star are working on blockchain technology and zero trust systems. Humans making judgements by trust has shown its weaknesses. For e.g. that American who stole records of Singapore's HIV infected community --- he completely conned the so-called "vigilant" authorities at MoH.

At this time there are 11 quantum computers in the world, the most "powerful" (but only at the moment) being IBM's 50 Qubit machine, and the most "radical" being the 18 Qubit in China where China Academy of Sciences researchers have managed to entangle 3 qubits per photon, a first in history. Chinese company is also the first to offer quantum computing services to the public.

All this advance in tech makes the new ideas in "verification" like blockchain and zero-trust easier to implement and more "invisible" to end-users so no one has to worry about them. It is likely that States will be introducing their own Digital Fiat Currencies which will make counterfeiting a thing of the past. It's getting harder to CHEAT. But humans will always attempt to GAME any system --- that is our nature. So...

...on with the show! 🤡

Anonymous said...

Well, Americans don't steal is what I have been hearing all the time. Only the Chinese do all the stealing!

How long have they been hiding this hacked information and is it because this guy is an American?

When WP do wrong, they find out immediately and everything is splashed all over the MSM, repeated constantly, so that the old and young Sinkies know by heart what is it that the WP do wrong.

Wonder what will those whose HIV records have been hacked can do next?

And I wonder whether the 'once in 50 years excuse' will work this time around? Aloysius Pang case was touted to be the first case happening inside a Howitzer cabin. But this same excuse cannot be used because of the recent hacking of Singhealth data.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 5.43

Now with SingHell Data lost, had even many unwanted solicitations from many unknown sources on my mobile.

WhatsApp and SMSes etc.

Data can be sold for unknown sources for marketing and canvassing.

He'll of hassles. Even loans sharks and other betting agencies.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, u taking the pill at Genting? When u win u go hire the high end excort there. The young average one charge m$200 for one shot leh

Anonymous said...

List down all the ministries and statutory boards that are working against the interests of the people. Then you will clearly see whether the government is for you or against you.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 7.23

The lady at the old Children Amusement Arcade before now closed Monte Carlo who gave the lobangs not bad.

Lau swee Lau swee.


Anonymous said...

On February 1, 2019 (Friday), Singapore Post (SingPost) released a statement saying that its third-quarter net profit increased almost 16% compared to last year which was mainly due to the selling of its stake in a Chinese company.

SingPost CEO, Paul Coutts (another Foreign Talon), said:

"It has been an exceptional quarter, with strong performance across the group, other than the US which remains challenging (sustained losses).”

The national postal agency, now run by a foreigner, said that net profit for the last quarter of 2018 was S$50.2 million which was 15.6% higher than the last quarter of 2017.

SingPost has sold its shares in logistics firm 4PX to a current shareholder of the China-based company, hence the increase in profit. With this occurrence set aside, SingPost’s net profit totaled only S$32.9 million, which was 7.5% lower, compared to last year.

Also the profits could have been due to cutting corners and short-changing the customers by dumping their mails into dust bins, causing re-orders and re-sending of parcels and letters. Great job for a Foreign Talon. Great "exceptional" bonus coming, end of year, for sure!

Singapore government should employ more of such cunning Foreign Talons, who knows how to increase their yearly bonuses by selling assets (and employing postmen who dump mails into the dust bins) so as to inflate the profit figure. Great Talent!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ bullshit accounting standards

>> net profit increased almost 16% compared to last year which was mainly due to the selling of its stake in a Chinese company. <<

This is a big problem. Selling part of the company, or disposing of any assets should not be interpreted as "profit" but non-operating income instead.

How much did their profit increase without the "bullshit accounting" from adding the money from selling part of the company? I would say the profit would be quite ordinary, perhaps even worse.

Fucking bullshiting wanker.

Anonymous said...

The outsourcing of the delivery of mails created this problem because I always believe foreigners could not care less about work ethics or productivity bullshit. When their work permit expires, off they go, so why bother about working their guts out.

This is the problem that they could foresee when it comes to national security issues like the army and police force, but in other cases it looks like the system is so lax and porous that foreigners can just get hold of sensitive health data so extensively and easily.

What bigger issues will surface when we embark on the 'smart nation' bullshit if we cannot take care of less complicated problems arising from technology usage.

It also fails to amaze me that fixing the opposition ranks higher in priority than fixing national issues, so help us God!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 953 more outsourcing, more time for lepak:

We --- those who are lucky to be living in modern society --- outsource EVERYTHING. Our food, clothes, entertainment, health care, education, telecommunications, consumer goods and services… The list is endless… ALL OUTSOURCED. If we were “self sufficient” we would never finish working and there'd be no time for lepak and relac.

Outsourcing is not the problem. The problem is slack-arsed management, ie a simple case of motherfuckers in-charge not doing the job they're LAVISHLY paid for, and being totally derelict in their duty. It's beach of contract. They ought to be sued and fired.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Running a post office is rocket science. It is so complicated that no locals can run it and make profits by selling assets. That is why foreign talents are needed.

How many decades have the Post Office been run by foreigners like the Botanic Garden, Sentosa, the Zoo, the National Stadium and many other organisations that cannot survive without being run by foreigners? Many of these organisations are like foreign owned and cannot be run by Singaporeans. The plants in the Botanic Garden are tropical plants, the animals in the zoo are mostly tropical animals, but the foreign talents came from temperate regions and know better than the tropical no talent citizens.

Soon all the banks would be run by foreigners, all the ministries too. The banks need to be run by little village heads that have no banks and not by Singaporeans that were raised in this financial centre.

Hahahahah, an international financial centre has no local talents and needs foreign talents from the third world where the biggest bank is likely to be the loan sharks.

The saying 'chio si lang' is applicable here, just like stupidity has no cure. Where is Goh Keng Swee and Koh Beng Seng? Who built the 3 big local banks? Foreigners?

Anonymous said...

When idiots are in charge, they looked in the mirror and only see idiot.

So they think every Singaporean is also an idiot. So better trust the cheats and fakes from overseas, all look so handsome and smart and wise.

Anonymous said...

Just to show how lax the system is, take the MRT where the head just assumes that maintenance work is done when supervision is never carried out. This little lapse could be a big mistake if a serious train accident results from the oversight and many people could be killed.

Outsourcing by the government in Sinkieland probably means pushing all the responsibility to the private sector and the Government thinks it can just wash it's hands off all the problems. That is a serious mistake to assume that employing less people in government by outsourcing amounts to productivity gain, which is just fooling itself.

Anonymous said...

When you pay little n get great results, setting high expectations that is Brilliance as of 1st Gen leaders.
When you pay the highest pay in the world, and accept major cock ups n mediocre results, setting no expectations that is Stupidity, and the people who voted for this, it is Mental Illness.