Huat Ah!

Everything is in pink in the Year of the Pig.


Anonymous said...

Nah beh chee bye, hope I win Toto. Have been living on $300/mth for past 5 years liao. Even $30 NTUC voucher from MP meet the people session getting harder to get...

Cow49 said...

Hello bro, Feb 22 Toto at 12M. By time all lined up, lined up, electronic account bettings, E slips betting etc will go up at least 13 to 15M.

All the while ordinary at S$1.00 AND System 07 only at $7.00 also strike as ONE winner only

All the Best!

Huat Ah!

Genting Malaysian Slogan.

Heng,Ongg Huat Ah!

Anonymous said...

Huat Ah! Heng Ah! Swee Swee Ah! Kiat Ah!

No more Ah Long! No more Long Ah!

Down with Ah Long! Up with Ah Heng!

No more Sit-Warmer for Lee Dynasty!

Usher in the New Era of Freedom from Tyranny!