India is a good role model for Singapore's future as a futuristic and modern country

E-Rickshaws to the rescue

Did you know that India boasts more electric rickshaws (e-rickshaws) than the total number of battery-powered passenger cars sold in China from 2011 to 2018?

Now the fourth-largest automobile market in the world2, the South Asian nation is leading an electric rickshaw revolution that could help reduce congestion and traffic pollution in India — and serve as a model for countries where rickshaws are a landmark feature. According to Rahul Mishra, a principal at consulting firm AT Kearney, as many as 11,000 new e-rickshaws hit the street every month — and sales of these cleaner, quieter and faster vehicles show no signs of slowing down....

The above is reported in Yahoo News. India is the darling of Singapore. Many Singapore ministers, now and before, including Chok Tong and George Yeo, are fascinated by this great country that is going to be the Number One super power in the future. Everything India did is astonishing and mesmerising and worth imitating. Indian talents, even from broken down village universities or armed with fake degrees are in high demand in Singapore over graduates from our world renowned super expensive universities.Many are now in positions to manage and teach our daft but highly educated fools.

The huge influx of Indians into Singapore has turned Singapore into an Emerging India. Not only Little India is looking every inch a part of India, the East Coast area has also become an Indian enclave. The rich Indians have bought into many of the condominiums and forming the majority or a substantive majority in these choiced housing. There are many enclaves of Little India in the East Coast.

Oh, I got carried away with my admiration of the Indians' progress in Singapore. This E Richshaw thing is exactly what Singapore needs for the future with cars already beyond the reach of many Singaporeans. And daft Singaporeans are so slow in reinventing themselves and still peddling 19th century richshaws on the streets using leg power.

Here is India's innovation and contribution to the unthinking Singaporeans. Go and learn from India, rebuild a new E Rickshaw industry and flood the roads with clean energy using rickshaws as our means of transportation. It is cheap and good, cheap low class engineering for the good of Singapore and Singaporeans and for turning Singapore into an Emerging India.

One thing for sure, the cost of living will come down and many PMETs can turn to this profession, and can paste their degrees and qualifications on the rickshaws to impress the foreign 'talents' and maids they are fetching to redeem their egos and low self esteem. I am a graduate from world class universities, so don't look down on me.


Anonymous said...

RB, Uou are correct. Singapore and Singaporeans should learn from India and the Indians (any colour - red, brown, black and white), especially the ways and numbers of fake degrees and IT certificates they churn out everyday.

Anonymous said...


you have bright ideas for SG

but no use lah

the CITIZENS are very very very happie living in SG

so happie that 69.9% of the CITIZENS voted for the very very very good and caring governing party

so no point kpkb kpkb and kpkb, dont waste time lah

becz.....when come to voting.........pap


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ copy the brilliant model:

The e-Rickshaw? This is great. It'll satisfy the greenies, force cars, buses and trucks to drive slower and caustiously, and provide employment for PMET's who've been replaced by audacious fakes, and the drivin' and strivin' "real-deals" who actually do work smarter, harder and cheaper.

I am on-board with anything that makes Singapore a better HOTEL for the diaspora (the people who EXPLOIT the "best of 2 or more cuntries") to come and visit, spend money, make money and ridicule the dumb locals who all (without exception) get the government they desreve. 😂🤣

Anonymous said...

9.05am a o. Don't laugh lar u think funny is it posting each day the same message to reduculd sinkies. U need to be sodomizd lar

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually in low cost engineering Singapore has outdone even India in one area, space travel. Singapore even outdone Tesla and Virgin's boss in this. Here is how.

It costs hundreds of millions to build just one rocket to space and needing rocket science and rocket scientists to do it.

Singapore did it by flying hot air balloon. Cheap and good. It costs maybe $100k to build a hot air balloon and suit up the space travellers. The STB should jump on this and make Singapore a destination in providing cheap space excursion using hot air balloon. They really have no commercial sense.

Don't look down on hot air and flying balloons. This is different from testing political balloons.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ very cool

Wah, must say that these new electric bechas rolling out in India are way cool.

I think a displaced PMET will feel the dignity of work driving one of these. Young millenials would love it too as they can rabah-rabah in the back whilst an auntie or uncle delievrs them to a nearby Fragrance Hotel or Hotel 81 to continue their amorous activity.

Thumbs up for electric bechahs! 😆

TBT said...

Yes, you are all correct. Singapore has a lot of hot air political parties and politicians. Also has a lot of balloons:

1. Housing balloon.
2. CPF balloon.
3. Stock Market balloon.
4. Jobs Market for Locals balloon.
5. Instant Milliinaire Ministers ballion.
6. Legalised corruption balloon.
7. MPs sleeping in Parliament balloon.
8. Leakage of classified and confidential data balloon.
9. Conflicts of Interests balloons.
10. Water problem balloon.
11. Overlaid and overpaid leadership balloon.
12. Skeletons in the cupboards balloons.
13. Dead-wood ministers, chia liao bee, ballons.
14. Puppet President Image balloon.
15. Constitution Amendments like changing underwears balloon.
16. Creating new laws like no tomorrow balloon.
17. Temasek Holdings numerous big big balloons.
18. GIC accountability balloons.
19. Elections Department balloon.
20. Bashing China repercussion ballons.
21. Carrying US balls explosion balloon.
22. Potential conflicts with Malaysia and Indonesia balloons.
23. Many more.

Virgo49 said...

Matilah, back to the 40s/50s/part 60s where the poor have to pull the Rickshaws for the Rich.

Poor uncles after toiling all their lives for the Millenials now still have to pull bechahs as horses and cows for the Monstrous Millenials to their love jaunts to continue their amorous activity.

Wah, Joesphine Teo can make love in small spaces can also try in the bechahs and their groaning can spur the unkos to run faster.

Hello unkos, why you people still so stupid or dafts. Cry your lungs out and protested in HL Park. Everyday, our patriotic Bro Redbean trying to save your liviehood and took pains to sound the Dafts to wake up to their Dreamland and yet the Monstrous Manure illienials scorned and took
you as Old Fools.

They, more interested in their what's upcoming in model Smart Phones.Which Sinkie masquerque Jap Ramen shop served the best Ra Sai.

A Generation of Monsters just like our Pretended to be hip Matilah with balance just half a screw to the coffin.

Just simply closed our eyes in an Aura of Calamity and let these so called Electrocuted Minnimienials electrocuted to their fates.

After all, few of us will live long enough to see their miseries.

Enjoy in the City of Heavenly Bliss that never sleeps while we can.

So calm and happy in the City Above the Clouds.


Virgo49 said...

The Manure can slept overnight for their first touch new model Smart phones.

Sixteen year old Schoolgirl. Wah piang even know how to lollipop and took precautions backside in just to be conned that it is safe sex. Somemore Yul Byner

That's guy looked like white like Brochez or that forty year old Teacher.

My God. What's happened to our Decadent Society?

Bananas Westernized Leaders in all Govt Ministries that produced these misfits of Monsters.

Musicial chairs in trials and errors.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

I remember as a kid, my auntie would take me to wet market and but live chicken, then grab a becha to go home.

Same deal too when I used to visit my relativess in Jakarta. The becha can go anywhere.

Did you remember those becha uncles? How FIT were they? I think if we got more uncles to do that sort of work, the cost of public healthcare would fall, and there will less requirement for compulsory "Elder shield" and other bullshit insurance scams...I mean schemes.

Unfortunately the elctric bechas will not require "muscle power" from the becha riders. Fat-arsed uncles and aunties can also drive lah.

Actually these bechas are more like electric tuk tuks.

However with the introduction of these electric vehicles, the "human-powered" versions can now command a PREMIUM. You can see that now. If you want a becha ride, it can cost $100.

with that kind of premium, I think rickshaws could be a lucrative enterprise. A displaced PMET could dress up like a coolie and pull the rickshaw with a 300lb mat saleh in the back. The mat saleh can "reminisce" about the "good old days of colonialism", and the local PMET will be earning several hundred dollars a day --- better than their old job.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ remember your rich history,

The Good Old Days

Anonymous said...

I've got a medium sized position to Ahneh stocks. Over the next 20 years, in terms of GDP growth & demographics, it has greater potential than the Cheenas.


Anonymous said...

Only potentially positively profitable (ppp) investments at present time (to hatch for long-term profits) are Gold, Biochemical and most Cheena stocks (high tech and telecoms).

India is going to war soon with Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

// Singapore did it by flying hot air balloon. Cheap and good. It costs maybe $100k to build a hot air balloon and suit up the space travellers. //

Please build the launching pad for the hot air balloons next to the Parliament Building.
- plentiful supply of free hot air

Blah, blah, blah ... and therefore Singaporeans must be more resilient.

Blah, blah, blah ... and therefore Singaporeans must work for free for the greater good

Blah, blah, blah ... and therefore we must pay higher salaries to attract more good people to become Ministers.

Anonymous said...

Huh ? Sinkieland to follow the AhNehLand for a futuristic modern city? Gu Yiah boh? Tot Sinkies went AhNehLand to teach them build AhNehLand's smarties city leh? Not other way lah. Aiyah, dun teach Ah Long new tricks lah. He is now coming up of ways to persuade his ahgon people to vote for his kakilangs come this erection. Anyway he got no time fof this new tricks one lah, he wud asked his Atmonkey to do for him mah. Or even consult the Jiffpon Mary Condo to do a KonMari con job of decluttering all his opponents & his kakilangs will win pant downs in the coming erection, so why bother that new trick of AhNehLand mah ? He already got that paper called CeKa or BaiKa or TekKa lah.

Anonymous said...

Ah Looni Long put many Generals around himself, then found out that all those Generals are only good for General Erections, nothing else. So he decided that the only General that can be useful to himself is the Atone-me General working in a chamber with all the subservient, obedient and kiasi, rice-bowl protecting legal-eagles, to safeguard his King-dom.

Now, he is still scratching his head to find out a way to put his Prince from 2nd wife to take over him. His Prince, pretended that he was not interested in politics, but actually seems to be very interested in limelight, fame, power and status. So, I think the spurt-of-the-moment "not interested in politics" can be easily changed to: "if the people needs me, I will do my part to help" - very political, whether interested or not interested, and looks very magnanimous, isn't it?

Time will tell, soon. Very soon. Could be at the end of this year, when the General's Erection is held once more, immediately after the 200th British Balls-Carrying Anniversary is held.

India comes in very neat and handy. Singapore was run by the East India Company at one time. Now, Singapore is run by CECA and Local Indians. Just look at how many key top posts in the government are being held by Local Indians. And also look at how many key top posts in the private sector are being held by foreign fake-degrees Indians (Chenai Business District in Changi, Centre for Indians Training Indians at Asia Building, and Bombey Financial Centre in Marina Centre), sprinkled with a few Ang Moh Tua Kee (in DBS, Singpost, Biopolis, Research Centres, and not forgetting the brilliant HIV Brochez who used to be having a great time in Singapore, protected and looked-up upon by the Health Ministry and Education Ministry.)

Just be patient. The Lee (or Li) Dynasty is alive and kicking asses......

Anonymous said...

FBI Infiltrated Into The Trump Campaign, But It's Not Spying

A top FBI official admitted to Congressional investigators last year that the agency had contacts within the Trump campaign as part of operation "Crossfire Hurricane", which sounds a lot like FBI "informant" Stefan Halper - a former Oxford University professor who was paid over $1 million by the Obama Department of Defense between 2012 and 2018, with nearly half of it surrounding the 2016 US Presidential Election.

According to portions of transcripts published on Tuesday by the Epoch Times of a Aug. 31, 2018 deposition by Trisha Anderson, the FBI relied on sources who "already had campaign contacts" in order to surveil the Trump team.

"To my knowledge, the FBI did not place anybody within a campaign but, rather, relied upon its network of sources, some of whom already had campaign contacts, including the source that has been discussed in the media at some length beyond Christopher Steele," said Anderson - who was the #2 attorney at the FBI's Office of General Counsel, and had extensive involvement with the Trump counterintelligence investigation.

Halper is reportedly a longtime CIA and FBI informant, and has been involved in US politics at the highest levels for decades, becoming George H.W. Bush's National Director for Policy Development during his presidential campaign. After Bush lost to Reagan, Halper worked as Reagan's Deputy Assistant Secretary of State - where he served under three different Secretaries.

Halper's involvement in surveilling the Trump campaign was exposed by the Daily Caller's Chuck Ross, who reported that the 74-year-old spook was enlisted by the FBI to befriend and spy on three members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 US election.

Halper received a DoD contract from the Obama administration for $411,575 - made in two payments, and had a start date of September 26, 2016 - three days after a September 23 Yahoo! News article by Michael Isikoff about Trump aide Carter Page, which used information fed to Isikoff by "pissgate" dossier creator Christopher Steele. The FBI would use the Yahoo! article along with the unverified "pissgate" dossier as supporting evidence in an FISA warrant application for Page.

Halper approached Page during an election-themed conference at Cambridge on July 11, 2016, six weeks after the September 26 DoD award start date. The two would stay in contact for the next 14 months, frequently meeting and exchanging emails.

He said that he first encountered the informant during a conference in mid-July of 2016 and that they stayed in touch. The two later met several times in the Washington area. Mr. Page said their interactions were benign. -New York Times

And as the Daily Caller reports, Halper used a decades-old association with Paul Manafort to break the ice with Page.

In September 2016, the FBI would send Halper to further probe Trump aide George Papadopoulos on an allegation he made that Russia had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton.

According to Papadopoulos in an interview with Dan Bongino, Halper angrily accused him of working with Russia before storming out of a meeting.

Halper essentially began interrogating Papadopoulos, saying that it’s “obviously in your interest to be working with the Russians” and to “hack emails.”

“You’re complicit with Russia in this, isn’t that right George” Halper told him.

Halper also inquired about Hillary’s hacked emails, insinuating that Papadopoulos possessed them.

Papadopoulos denied knowing anything about this and asked to be left alone.

- Bongino.com

By the way, don't know ISD got do the same or not? Infiltrate into SDP and WP, got or not har?

Anonymous said...

Australia and New Zealand, following in the footsteps of the evil US Hegemonic Empire, have banned Huawei and all China's telecoms equipment from being imported and used within Australia and New Zealand. China retaliate by banning the import of coal from Australia and many other products from New Zealand. Also the property markets, that have been driven by the purchasing power of Chinese investments, have been dampened by the withdrawal of Chinese people's property investments in these two lap-dogs cuntries, same as in US of Asses and lap-dog Canada.

More retaliations by China are in the making - slowly, slowly, catch the monkeys.

What about Sinkieland? Punch above its weight? Keep punching China. Dare to tell China to obey rule of law but simply keeps the mouth shut about US of Asses violating international laws with impunity in the Middle East and in Latin America? When will China retaliate this one-sided rule of law shit at Sinkieland's no-principle leaders?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry lah.
China will squeeze the leedersheep's balls hard and proper.
Just watch how The-Ma-sick performed in 2018.
Just watch how Sg's economy performs in 2019 and 2020.

Anonymous said...

Hi 722pm

So far Sg ok what...,,,,

Everyone is smiling and very very happy with life leh........

Where got problems.........


Anonymous said...

7.36 pm anon. Who told u everyone smiling. Wake up from your dreamland Kar or do u need to be sodomized to wake up😰

Anonymous said...

Hi 7.54pm

Hahaha,,,, ,,,$&@?$/)(&@!!!

Anonymous said...

736 pm
You must be PAP IB. Planted to create look-good propaganda to deceive the daft sinkies into complacency. In the end, all your minion millionaire ministers themselves become complacent.

You need to be sodomized by African-American Tua Kee for the rest of your life for deceiving others.

b said...

There is this advantage of being big. India is in a good position to be next super power. Unless the rest know how to work together, sit back and enjoy the rise. The big four super power in future : us (together with ca, oz , nz with plenty of anti commie chinese), eu, chinarussia, india and the rest will just be not important cuntries unless they have great links with the big four.

b said...

Singapore should chose properly thy friend. Its better to be someone near. us/oz is a good option. learn from the china lesson. dont throw away money again.

Anonymous said...

Chinese app beats US tech giants like Apple, Amazon to be crowned world’s most innovative company
Published time: 23 Feb, 2019 10:21 Edited time: 23 Feb, 2019 11:18
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Chinese app beats US tech giants like Apple, Amazon to be crowned world’s most innovative company

The world’s two most innovative companies this year are both from Asia, with Chinese tech platform Meituan Dianping unseating 2018 champion and Silicon Valley giant Apple, according to ratings by US business magazine Fast Company.

While Washington keeps saying that Beijing is stealing its technology and uses this mantra to justify the ongoing trade war, the Chinese “transactional super app” claimed top spot among 50 of the most innovative companies in the world. It is the first time that a non-US company has emerged on top since Fast Company started running the rankings in 2008.

In its “definitive list of who matters in 2019,” Fast Company gave the crown to Beijing-based Meituan Dianping, which was making its debut in the ratings. The app-based service expedites the booking and delivery of services such as hotel stays, movie tickets, and food.

The Chinese platform was followed by Singapore-based Grab, which forced American rival Uber out of the region in 2018 and acquired its local operations. The company now not only includes ride-hailing, ride-sharing services, food delivery and travel booking, but also offers its 130 million users financial services and will soon add healthcare services. Grab hit $1 billion in revenue last year and is likely to expand further after it managed to attract more than $3 billion in fresh funding.