The White Peril and Its Perverting Menace PART ONE

 The source of the white peril and its perverting menace can be traced back to the Vatican more than 500 years ago in 1455. The European renaissance in the 13th century  was fired by the stories of Marco Polo which described the fabulous wealth of China and the rich, luxurious and pompous life of the Chinese nobilities. Then there were also mind provoking stories told by the Mongols and the Arab merchants of the wonderful Chinese science and technologies and of the great voyages of Admiral Zheng He round the world from 1420s. These stories had awakened the half savage Europeans who were constantly indulging in fighting and warfares to follow the trail to fabulous China and to follow Admiral Zheng He's wonderful astounding voyages.

But the Europeans or white men's cravings for fabulous China and to follow Admiral Zheng He's voyages were  ominous signs for the non-European and non-Christian countries and people around the world. They brought in the 500 years curse to all non-Christian countries, a curse which is still persisting and continuing to this day. How to get rid of this 'White Peril', this white-men's curse, the non-Christian and non-white countries have to unite to get rid of the problem.

In 1455 ( Romanus Pontifex ) and then again in 1493 ( Inter Caetera ) the Pope arrogantly  claiming dominion over the entire world, issued statements which gave European rulers the sanction to colonize all of the non-christian world. Speaking as God's representative the Pope anointed these rulers and their representatives as sanctified conquerors of anything they discovered not already claimed by Christian rulers. 

The Bulls gave Columbus, Cortez, Pizarro, Cook, Hudson and the rest both legal and moral license to do whatever they wanted to the people and lands they encountered, including dispossession, enslavemment and murder. They were granted "free and ample faculty to invade, search out, capture, vanquish and subdue all Saracens or muslims and pagans whatsoever, and other enemies of Christ wherever placed, and the kingdoms, dukedoms, principalities, dominions, possessions and all movable and immovable goods whatever held and possessed by them and to reduce their persons to perpetual slavery and to apply, appropriate to himself and his successors the kingdoms, dukedoms, counties, principalities, dominions, possessions and goods and to convert them to his and their use and profit. By proclamation of Romanus Pontifex 1455.

The European christians , the catholics headed by the Pope and subsequently down the ages all the white christian countries arrogantly carry a presumption of entitlement to invasions and possessions claiming they were empowered by their Christian God, Jesus Christ. This is the greatest fraud imposed on the world by the evil white Christians who fraudulently make use of their faith and the name of Jesus Christ to carry out their evil wars of aggressions, conquests, atrocities, tortures and dispossessions of other people. This white peril that brought curse to the world for over 500 years must be exposed and destroyed henceforth. 

Pope Urban 11 launched the first crusade to compel Christians to conquer Jerusalem, a land settled and ruled by muslims for centuries. His imperial war cry was "God wills this." From this day up to the present time the white Christians like to remodel a theological edifice built on Jewish foundations which claimed that 'the Jews are the Chosen People' of God. The European christians or white christians and presently white American christians pervertly adapt the concept of God 'Chosen People'  for themselves in place of the Jews and claim the Promise Land to be any land anywhere they conquer, settled and occupy providing a convenient justification for their conquests and enslavemments of other peoples.

The greatest danger of the 'White Peri' to the world is its insidious savage concept that ' All white Christian wars are undertaken on God's behalf and are referred to as crusades'. The white Americans have been continuing the crusades of bygone years and believe that crusading, the Order of the Day is God's commanding Americans to wage pre-emptive wars . So crusades or pre-emptive wars of aggression, conquest and domination is now the prevailing and controlling idea of the U.S. the white Americans. This is the most dangerous white peril of the white American supremacist version. 

Different countries and different peoples live on earth as part of a vast interdependent web of life. But dominant white Christianity especially the white Americans see the earth not as sacred but as something to be conquered and ruled over under white Christian dictatorship as God commanded.

So as to entrench and preserve white dictatorship and domination over all other peoples the white European Christians and subsequently the white Americans had to adopt new religious cum  militant doctrines  to claim a certain empowerment and command of their illicit God.Thus we see their evil doctrines like The Doctrine of Christian Discovery, The Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny, The Doctrine of Exceptionalism and the Jewish American Zionist Wolfowitz Doctrine of aggression and pre-emptive wars against all competitors or rising powers.

This perverting white peril and menace against other non-white and non-Christian countries is now extended from political, military and social aspects to practically all other aspects of human life and fabrics like in the periphery of science and technology, cybertology and the internet, trade and commerce,  monetary, currency and finance matters, stock markets and banks . The white supremacists especially the white Americans want to continue to have a dominant and total   hegemonic control of everything to the exclusion of others so that they hope to maintain their evil dictatorship and hegemony over all other non-white countries on earth. To this the non-white people of the world must resist and destroy the diabolical American hegemony so that all others can have freedom to live in peace and harmony.


Wednesday,30th September, 2020

Bad words and derogatory phrases must be banned

Singaporeans have been bombarded with bad words and phrases that degraded their existence and insulted their intelligence and have been keeping quiet about it either for fear of speaking out or just being plain dumb. After being trained to fear authority, not to question the natural aristocrats, not to question abuses and threats, daft Singaporeans have turned themselves into meek sheep to be controlled by sheep dogs, the perfect creature to live under authoritarian rules. They can no longer tell what is good for them what is bad for them, what is dismissive and derogatory, even willingly allowed their country to be occupied and taken over by foreigners.

Here are some of the dismissive and bad words and phrases that Singaporeans must take note of, wake up.

1. 'locals' is a word invented to mean citizens and PRs when used to tell how many foreigners/Singaporeans are employed or unemployed. By using the word 'locals' it treats PRs as the same as citizens/Singaporeans. So when they said 60% of locals are employed, it gives the impression that 60% of Singaporeans are employed. The truth could mean that of the 60%, only 10% is Singaporeans and 90% PRs. 

2. Foreign talents. How many are real foreign talents? How many are fakes and cheats. Are they really better than Singaporeans? Are the few hundred thousand foreigners here really better than Singaporeans to deserve to replace Singaporeans in the jobs they are hired?

3. Singapore belongs to everyone here? No need to elaborate on this. Can't believe my ears.

4. Here is another dirty word, 'residents'. When Singaporeans start to use residents instead of Singaporeans, it diminishes the importance and value of Singaporeans. This is Singapore and we should be talking about Singaporeans, not residents, not locals! Foreigners are foreigners and they are not the responsibility of the Singapore govt. They have their own govts to take care of them.

Below quote is from TOC.

'Singapore People’s Party (SPP)’s Jose Raymond on Sunday (27 September) called on residents of Potong Pasir Single-Member Constituency (SMC) seeking new employment to send in their résumés through his website.

In a Facebook post yesterday evening, Mr Jose said that residents can also recommend the function to anyone living outside of the area who is currently seeking a new job after being retrenched.

“We managed to put another resident back to work, thanks to my network of friends and business owners who have pledged to provide support to residents who are in need of help, or who may have been laid off over the last few months as a result of COVID-19.'

 If we keep on talking about foreigners, locals and residents, then where is the place for Singaporeans, where are the Singaporeans? Are Singaporeans no longer important in this island called Singapore?  This island no longer belongs to Singaporeans but to foreigners, to locals and to residents?

What is the point of calling this a nation? What is nation building all about? What is National Service all about?


Why are key ministers taking up the cause of opening the door for more foreign talents

The pain and angst of having too many foreigners employed here with equally too many Singaporeans unemployed at the same time is going to be a hot potato issue in the next GE. The Covid19 only makes this situation even more dire with more Singaporeans losing their jobs and more going to lose their jobs. With heavy responsibilities to bring food on the table, losing jobs, losing an income in Singapore is very tough for Singaporeans. There are big housing mortgages to pay, expensive education fees for children, household expenses and other financial commitments that are essential and must be paid, are going to make many Singaporeans very miserable.

And like it or not, the jobless or retrenched Singaporeans are going to look over their shoulders to notice that many foreigners are still having a good time here, fully employed and some even resorted to pass sarcastic and insinuating remarks about how good they are and how bad Singaporeans are. The feelings against foreigners, the sight of foreigners, are not going to be soothed in times like this. 

On the other hand, several key ministers, Hsien Loong, Swee Kiat and Chan Chun Sing, the 3 ministers that matter most, not Tharman, Shanmugam or Vivian, find it important to keep on harping about how important it is to bring in more foreign talents, how bad it is to close the door, how it would impact our economic growth model not to have foreign talents. There seems to be a lack of sensitivity to the plight of Singaporeans falling through hard times but playing music to the ears of foreigners. This could be one of the reasons why the foreigners here are getting so cocky, so arrogant to sneer and smear at Singaporeans losing their jobs to them in times like this.

Why is there a necessity for these key ministers, not kucing kurap ministers, to keep on reminding Singaporeans of how good foreign talents are as if without foreign talents Singapore is going to collapse, that the Singaporeans are not good enough. And to some certain extent some foreigners even got the cheek to claim they are running Singapore. Is there something that Singaporeans ought to know?

Seriously, how many jobs really need foreign talents, I mean real talents not the fake talents that earn less than $10,000 pm or the mediocres that earn less than $500k a year? A good example is branch managers of banks. Are foreigners better than Singaporeans to become local bank managers when the business is local, customers are local?  Then the hordes of Human Resource Managers, you mean Singaporeans cannot do these jobs? Then there is the spread of ministry jobs that don't need a foreigner with foreign experience to do a better job. There are many of these jobs that I termed 'chicken rice' business that do not need foreigners. Singaporeans are more than adequate to be in these jobs.

And to think that there are a few hundred thousand foreigners here, is the govt saying that these few hundred thousand jobs need the expertise of foreigners and Singaporeans would not do? Chicken rice business do not need foreign talents. Period. There is no need to hire foreigners so that one chicken rice biz can compete with another chicken rice biz and pushes up the cost and price of chicken rice.

Again, I am puzzled by the constant reminders, and appearing to be urgent and very serious and must be spoken, by the 3 key ministers to make it a point to repeat the need to open our job market to foreigners and the guise of 'foreign talents'. Is the message meant for Singaporeans or meant for foreigners, foreign investors? Many of the foreign investors and companies need not be here, we would not miss them, if they hired mainly foreigners. Their contribution cannot be significant unless they are the Fortune 500 companies. 

Who are the 3 key ministers talking to, or why or who is pressurising them to keep repeating these unpleasant jingles that are painful, hurtful to the ears of Singaporeans? Is there something else that Singaporeans did not know and need to know? There are good reasons to want to have some good foreign talents. But why is this need to keep blaring about it like there is a need to assure the foreigners that we will always want them, begging them not to go away? With a few billion foreign talents out there all queuing to come in, what is the fear if a few did not want to come, a few are unhappy? What we need is only a few, not the whole world, not 100m or 10m foreign talents. Not the few hundred thousands of fakes and funny degree holders here. And definitely not wildlife.

Foreigners can come but must accept our terms. There is no need to bend backwards to bring in foreigners unless the long queue waiting to come in is a lie, no foreigners want to be here,... so the leaders are panicking, trembling and wetting in their pants and as good as going down on their knees to tell the foreigners...please come, please come.....


New narrratives, new initiatives and new dynamism in the 21st Century - Bye bye to endless wars and clueless West

Bye, bye Mackinder

As President Putin has made it very clear over and over again, the US is no longer “agreement capable” . As for the “rules-based international order”, at best is a euphemism for privately controlled financial capitalism on a global scale.

The Russia-China strategic partnership has made it very clear, over and over again, that against NATO and Quad expansion their project hinges on Eurasia-wide trade, development and diplomatic integration.

Unlike the case from the 16th century to the last decades of the 20th century, now the initiative is not coming from the West, but from East Asia (that’s the beauty of “initiative” incorporated to the BRI acronym).

Enter continental corridors and axes of development traversing Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Indian Ocean, Southwest Asia and Russia all the way to Europe, coupled with a Maritime Silk Road across the South Asian rimland.

For the very first time in its millenary history, China is able to match ultra-dynamic political and economic expansion both overland and across the seas. This reaches way beyond the short era of the Zheng He maritime expeditions during the Ming dynasty in the early 15th century.

No wonder the West, and especially the Hegemon, simply cannot comprehend the geopolitical enormity of it all. And that’s why we have so much Sinophobia, so many Hybrid War techniques deployed to snuff out the “threat”....

Above is by Tyler Durden in www.zerohedge . It briefly summarised the behaviour of the USA over the last 70 years post WW2 and how it spent all its financial, economic and military resources on wars and the continuation of wars outside mainland America, preferably in Asia and the Middle east and Europe. The American agenda and preoccupation was war as a basis for the existence of its huge military forces around the world, and for this it has to create enemies.  With Russia fading away after the collapse of the USSR, new enemies must be created. The Arab/Muslims became next and the next war zone culminating in the war on terror and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. 

China's rise has provide another enemy for the Americans, a bigger one and all efforts and resources are now targeted at China with daily attacks on China in all fronts. China became the new American lie, branded by the Americans as the expansionist and aggressive superpower to conquer and rule the world. Unfortunately for the Americans, this lie has gone too big and too ridiculous and beginning to sound silly, dull and irritating to the rest of the world. It has come to a point that no one believes it anymore and becoming a farce. And the message is clear, no country would want to take sides in this war between the Americans and China. No country wants to be the unthinking and clueless pawns of the American Empire anymore.

For 70 years, the American narrative has been wars and threats of wars by imaginary enemies they created and propped up to threaten the rest of the world. This tape recorder is wearing out, worn out. No more crying wolf. No one is listening. Put an end to perpetual wars you evil Americans!

The rest of the world can see a China busily engaging in trade, economic and infrastructure development, pouring millions and trillions of dollars all over the world, investing and trading with the rest of the world. The Americans on the other hand spent several trillions in the same time doing nothing but conducting wars, provoking and inciting wars. The aggressiveness of the Americans are on records. The same for China, but not wars. China has not fought a war since 1978. China is in trade, investment and economic development.  The BRI of China has no equivalent in the history of humankind, and the Americans have no answer to it and only could badmouth it and trying to stir suspicion, instigate fear and doubts in the project. But the countries participating in it could see the goodness of the BRI and totally ignored the doomsayer Americans.

Despite the cold shoulder and ineffectiveness in the American white lies against China, the show must go on, hoping that it might work.  China is being attacked on all fronts. The Americans are politicising everything to attack and smear China. Trade wars, espionage, sabotage, spreading lies, politicising the petrol dollar, politicising the greenbacks, politicising the international banking system, even politicising education and the universities. Even the challenges of health, medicine and climate change are being politicised. This is how bankrupt of ideas the Americans have become. They have no idea on how to compete with the Chinese fairly anymore, devoid of ideas, clueless, feckless.

Maybe that this the only way to go, competing with China is futile. The Chinese have marched on in many fields that were once the dominance of the Americans, in economics, engineering, science and technology, in AI, in space and satellites.  China is now moving ahead as the leading player in space and would rule the sky when the International Space Station is retired and only the Chinese Space Station remains in orbit. And China is going to prove to be the first country that puts man on the moon, tearing away the American hoax of the century that they have put men on the moon many times. The Americans are in panic, wanting to return to the moon race, to go back to the moon that they lied to the world that they had done it. 

What else is there for the Americans to do to harm the rise of China? Attack China for ill treatment against the minority Uyghurs in Xinjiang. When have the Americans become the champions of Muslims when they have been killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the Middle East for ages and now playing out the Palestinians by outright support for Israel and the grabbing of Palestinian land? And the lapdog Australia is fabricating more lies, that China destroyed thousands of mosques in Xinjiang, while the Americans were lying about 1m Uyghurs in detention camps. How to put 1m prisoners in detention camps, how many such camps must be built, how much land must be used, how much food and logistics? Who built the Guantanamo Camp?

Below are a couple of reports from the Organisation of Islamic Countries and Pakistan to debunk the American and Australian lies about Xinjiang and Uyghurs.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, representing the above nations, welcomes the outcomes of the visit conducted by the General Secretariat's delegation upon invitation from the People's Republic of China; commends the efforts of the People's Republic of China in providing care to its Muslim citizens; and looks forward to further cooperation between the OIC and the People's Republic of China. Carried unanimously by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, The Collective Voice of the Muslim World. Adopted by the 46th session of the Council of Muslim Foreign Ministers, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 1-2 March, 2019. 24-25 Jumadah Al-Thani 1440....www.oic-oci.org

 No Cultural, Religious Repression of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang says Pakistan Diplomat: A senior Pakistani diplomat on Thursday put up a staunch defence of the controversial education camps in China's volatile Xinjiang province where thousands of Uighur Muslims have been reportedly detained, saying there is no forced labour or cultural and religious repression in the region. "During this visit, I did not find any instance of forced labour or cultural and religious repression," Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, the Charge d'affaires, Pakistan's Embassy in China, told the state-run Global Times on Thursday. 

"The imams we met at the mosques and the students and teachers at the Xinjiang Islamic Institute told us that they enjoy freedom in practicing Islam and that the Chinese government extends support for maintenance of mosques all over Xinjiang," said Baloch, who visited Xinjiang as part of delegation of diplomats. timesofindia.indiatimes.com/pakistan/no-cultural-religious-repression-of-uighur-muslims-in-xinjiang-pakistan-diplomat/

And the unseen hand has come into play to bring about the early demise of the evil American Empire and the West.  Covid19 is a miracle. It exposed the stupidity and idiocy and incompetence of the Americans and the West to deal with a health pandemic. They could not cope, could not handle the problem. They used to lead the world, to set the examples for the world to follow. Now not only that they fumbled, did not know how to lead, they are setting all the bad examples on how to curb the spread of the virus. It is the Asians that are showing them the way, how to behave and doing the right things to stop the spread of the virus. But the Americans and the West are behaving like primitive tribes, uncontrollable, irresponsible, choosing to break every rules and norms and behaviour recommended to stop the virus. They are the main cause of the spread of the virus.

The Americans and the West are failing in every field, in everything. They are lost, stumbling around like zombies or irresponsible and reckless uncivilised human beans, and the infection of the Covid19 and death tolls keep climbing. What a beautiful sight! Oops, I mean what a pathetic sight!

The initiative and agenda for growth and prosperity are now coming from the East, from Asia. Asian countries are quietly and peacefully seeking growth and development and prosperity for their people, barring no silly idiots got conned by the Americans to start another war. 

Asia is the new centre of growth. Asia is the new dynamism of the 21st century. All the good and positive things are happening in Asia.  The clueless evil Americans, like a one trick pony, still believe in wars and agitating for wars.  That is the only thing they know today. They have forgotten about the basics, good economic growth, trade and investment, infrastructure development and progress and a good life for all humankind. No thinking person would want to go to war. Every country wants development and prosperity. And for these to happen, the world needs peace and globalisation and free trade. And this is the agenda of China, a share destiny for all humankind, not America First and the rest of the world can go to hell, with more wars started by the Americans and supported by the Americans.

There is a new initiative from Asia with Asia as the new dynamic centre for peace, economic growth and prosperity. Covid19 has dragged American growth to -15%, and about the same for Europe. China is still growing at 5-6% annually. This in effect is closing the gap between the American and Chinese economies at the rate of 20% annually instead of 3-4% pre Covid19 pandemic. The day for China to become Number One and America Number Two would come a few years earlier than forecast.

Asia is the future while the West fades into oblivion.


MOM data on PMETs- What is the truth?


Under pressure from MPs in Parliament, the Manpower Minister Josephine Teo released data of past decade (2010 to 2019) concerning the breakdown of Professionals, Managers, Executives & Technicians (PMETs) by industries and residential status earlier this month (4 Sep).

From the data, it can be seen that the total number of PMETs working in Singapore increased from 1.25 to 1.70 million (36% increase) from 2010 to 2019.

However, the proportion of Singaporeans among the total number of PMETs working here decreased from 64.2% to 61.7% while that of foreigners (including PRs) increased from 35.8% to 38.3% during the past decade.

 The above is quoted from TOC. 

I just have one comment. How many of the Singaporean PMETs are new citizens? Just a guess, if 30% are new citizens what does it say? If 50% are new citizens, what does it say? As they said, the devil is in the details.

Oh, why just 10 years, from 2010 to 2019, why not 20 years from 2000 to 2019?

What do you think? 

PS. 'We know for a fact that in recent years, Singapore welcomes an average of just over 22,000 new citizens a year. Latest available figures show that there were 22,102 new citizens in 2016, 22,076 in 2017 and 22,550 in 2018....The fact remains that the country currently takes in just over 22,000 new citizens a year. With at least 110,000 new citizens every five years, they could be a force to be reckoned with at the ballot box.'  From an article in TOC by Augustine Low.  

And our annual birth rate is about 35,000.


China standing up to American interference and bullying - Enough is enough! Shame on you Americans.

 Both can dance. If the Americans want to play dirty, China will play by it, China will do what the Americans are doing against her.  The Americans have been launching all kinds of attacks against China, interfering in Hong Kong to stir secessionist causes, sailing warships and aircraft into the South China Sea to agitate and provoke China, threatening and violating Chinese territorial integrity, sanctioning and arresting Chinese citizens on fabricated charges, trade wars etc etc. 

The time has come for China to return the favour and let the Americans have a taste of its own medicine. Below is an AFP report on China criticising the Americans for its racism against the blacks and coloured people in the USA. 

MADISON, United States: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday (Sep 23) accused China of trying to foment unrest in the United States through its criticism of racism.

Pompeo, known for his hawkish views on China, went on the attack on Beijing in an unusual address to state lawmakers in Wisconsin, a crucial swing state in November's presidential election....

"The CCP wants to foment the kind of strife we've seen in Minneapolis, and Portland and Kenosha," he said, referring to three cities that have seen protests over racism and police brutality in recent months.

"That's disgusting. We can't let it happen," he said.

As evidence of China's intentions, Pompeo pointed to a letter from a Chinese diplomat to a lawmaker from Wisconsin.

The letter said that Beijing was "firmly opposed to racial discrimination and xenophobia" against the Chinese community in the United States over the coronavirus crisis....


China for a very long time have refrained from talking about the internal affairs of the US but the incessant attacks by the Americans to incite rebellions in China cannot go on without a response in kind. China has stepped up to the plate to do what the Americans think only it can do, to interfere in other countries domestic affairs. China must also support the oppression of the native Americans to reclaim their land, and the Pacific Islanders and native of Diego Garcia to retake their islands.

There are many causes in the USA that China must speak up to support the victims of white supremacists against their blacks and coloured citizens. Both can play the same game and dance to the same tune. This is only the beginning. If the Americans want to stir shit, China too can stir shit in American occupied territories and in American homeland. 

All the problems China is facing today have one source, the Americans.  All the problems the Americans are facing today also have one source, the Americans or karma, self inflicted problems. The Americans are creating the problems for China and the rest of the world so that they could have peace in their homeland. Someone up there said this is not fair and started to pour problems on the Americans in their homeland. No country could cause problems for the Americans or would bother to do it, only the Americans of the One up there could do it.

And here is the latest in the UN as reported by AFP.

UNITED NATIONS: China on Thursday (Sep 24) lashed out at the United States at a high-level United Nations meeting over its criticism on the coronavirus, with its envoy declaring, "Enough is enough!"....

 "I must say, enough is enough! You have created enough troubles for the world already," he told a Security Council meeting on global governance attended through video conference by several heads of state.

"The US has nearly seven million confirmed cases and over 200,000 deaths by now. With the most advanced medical technologies and system in the world, why has the US turned out to have the most confirmed cases and fatalities?" he asked in English.

"If someone should be held accountable, it should be a few US politicians themselves."

Using a phrase often told by US leaders to China, Zhang said, "The US should understand that a major power should behave like a major power."

The lying Americans are so shameful and disgraceful!


Parti Liyani - The Liyani Party has just begun, by invitations only

The Parti Liyani case has the social media filled with all kinds of chatters, including the Singapore elites being on trial. The latest change, with Parti Liyani taking her case against her prosecutors, is effectively putting the elites on trial. TT Duria's case was one such example but is now history.  Liew Mun Leong's case would have died down after he resigned from all his high posts in the GLCs. But this...

The Liyani Party has just begun. Where would the can stop? Oops, when would the music stop?

Below is a CNA report on what is going to happen to her prosecutors. The AG Office would also be in the spotlight for the wrong reason, like the prosecutors being prosecuted, and many questions waiting to be asked and many embarrassing answers to be given in court. This is like stirring the hornets nest. The police officers would likely to be called as well to explain their handling of the case. Many people will be very busy and feeling very uneasy, many will have sleepless nights.

An ordinary unassuming maid is now putting the elites and the whole judicial system on trial.  Can you believe it? There will be plenty of red and green faces by the time this is over.

Don't pray pray with the maids.

'SINGAPORE — Parti Liyani, the former domestic helper of ex-Changi Airport Group chairman Liew Mun Leong, has began court disciplinary proceedings against prosecutors in her case.

She and her lawyer, Anil Balchandani, attended a High Court pre-trial conference on Wednesday (23 September) against representatives from the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC).

The hearing was for an originating summons under Section 82A of the Legal Profession Act. Section 82A covers misconduct by legal service officers or non-practising solicitors.

The respondents listed in the case are two deputy public prosecutors who dealt with her trial: Tan Wee Hao and Tan Yanying. They are represented by AGC’s Kristy Tan, Jeyendran Jeyapal and Jocelyn Teo.

If the Chief Justice grants Parti leave for an investigation to be made into the complaint of misconduct, he may appoint a disciplinary tribunal.'

Here is a post in TRE by a SojouRner

Disgracing 'The Quintessential System of Justice' 

The hypocrisy of calling for others to respect our justice system while ignoring due process when it suits our own goals diminishes our credibility and is an equal threat to a just and fair society. When office-holders were products of the party’s establishment, this mostly didn’t matter, as they quite naturally acted within the unwritten boundaries of the system and process. This is a cogent description of the erosion of the process of justice at the lower levels. Even more troubling are those ‘nominated for judgeships’ who are utterly unqualified....



Covid19 - When the world stop listening to the compulsive liar Trump

 NEW YORK: US President Donald Trump told the UN General Assembly on Tuesday (Sep 22) that China must be held accountable by the world for its actions over the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a recorded message played to the annual meeting of the UN, Trump accused Beijing of allowing the coronavirus to "leave China and infect the world".  AFP

When lying too often becomes second nature to a compulsive liar who would not feel any shame or discomfort from his lies, the listeners felt very different and often repulsive. It has become very painful to the ears of the listerners when a liar, infamous for that, keeps on lying on the same thing.

Donald Trump is a disgrace to the Americans. He has not only brought shame to the White House, the office of the American Presidency, but also to the American people.  He is not only stupid, idiotic but a shameless compulsive liar. His families and relatives have sworn by it, that he was lying all through his life from a child to a silly old man. And his office as the President of the USA gives him ample opportunity to tell lies everyday and to be put on record by the army of journalists, reporters and news media. In a nutshell, Trump is a conman with no morals, unprincipled, a cheat, a racist and all put together a scoundrel of a man.

And no one, not a single American would go up to his liar and tell him to shut up and stop making a fool of himself and the office of the American President. This is how pathetic the American people have become, electing a lying fool to lead this once the most powerful country on earth. Surely this cannot go on and on without causing damage to the integrity of this country.

The world is watching and the clown Trump is performing daily and with pride what he does best, lying and making a dunce of himself by confirming to the world that his IQ is super below average.

And he is going to Make America Grieve Again and again and again. And above all, he is a white supremacist that hates blacks and coloured people. Now who in his right mind would want to listen to this scoundrel of a man?

Good riddance.

All the evidence about the origin of Covid19 has been exposed, from Fort Detrick, USA. Period. No more lies or distraction can show otherwise. The Americans must be held accountable for this crime against the people of the world, for creating a very infectious and deadly virus and spreading to the people of the world.  And thank God, this has boomeranged and causing the most infection and death in its country of origin.  What you sowed you shalt reap.


Xenophobia on the rise when foreigners become too cocky and deluded

 On 21 September (Monday), a HardwareZone user shared a Facebook post by an individual named “Khan” on the forum, which garnered a lot of negative responses.

The post by Ms Khan explained her recent Xenophobic encounter with a number of Singaporeans who stated that expats in the country have taken over jobs meant for Singaporeans.

“I just had a very Xenophobic encounter with some Singaporeans which started of with snide comments about my country of origin and then going further to say ‘expats are taking over jobs from Singaporeans’,” she wrote.

She added, “Has anyone ever had an encounter like that in Singapore? I’m a bit worried now because I never thought that this would happen in Singapore. For expats with families in Singapore, do they experience this as well?”

In the comment section of her post, many foreign talents (FTs) have expressed their thought on this matter. Some of the points that they pointed out include FTs are “necessary to sustain this country”, Singaporeans are not “good enough” for the job so foreigners have to do it, Singaporeans’ lack the qualifications for the jobs and Singapore will be badly affected without expats.

The above is posted in the TOC on foreigners mocking at Singaporeans for lack of qualifications for jobs and Singapore being run by expats. This trend of thinking among the foreigners is a result of stupid people telling Singaporeans that foreigners from hopeless countries, could not get a job in their own countries, are coming here to work and thinking that they are better than Singaporeans. And many of these foreigners have fake qualifications or papers from funny universities, not from our very good universities, world class, quality measured by the expensive fees to match.

How could this happen to Singapore and Singaporeans, the only first world city state in a third world region and got despised and insulted by third world people that could not find jobs in their own third world countries? Who created this silly situation?

And as expected, when the numbers got big enough, the presence of foreigners, the novelty and goodwill will go down the longkangs. And to make matters worse, the foreigners not only sneered and despised Singaporeans, they even discriminated against Singaporeans, ganged up to marginalise Singaporeans in the work environment, in getting jobs. This is recipe for xenophobia.

Yes, you don't expect this to happen in Singapore, an island of daft that do not mind having millions of foreigners coming here to steal their lunch with a govt boasting about how important it is to bring foreign talents to work here instead of competing against Singapore and Singaporeans.  They forgot that if Singapore is not going to provide the jobs, the so called foreign talents would be jobless. They forgot that many jobs and industries are nothing more than selling chicken rice and have no need for these fake foreign talents. They did not know that many of the jobs can be done by Singaporeans instead.

The tolerance for foreigners is wearing thin and anger is rising. Don't bet on it that more ugly incidents would happen and foreigners would not be having it so good as before. It is a matter of time when Singaporeans would say enough is enough and good riddance to foreign rubbish.

Here are some responses to the mocking by foreigners.


Indian lies in Ladkh exposed - Keep on lying

After I posted an article questioning the success of Indian sneak attack on PLA positions in the Spangur Lake region and saying that the Indians have no pictures to show, the below picture is going viral in Indian social media, giving the impression that Indian soldiers have done it, captured Chinese position. But eurasiantimes.com has a followed up to this fake photo by showing the original photo and how the background was superimposed onto an old photograph in another area. What more is needed to talk about Indian lies? 

Published 15 hours ago on September 19, 2020 By Smriti Chaudhary An image of the Indian Army soldiers near the sacred Mount Kailash is being shared on social media which is getting viral. Has the Indian Army captured the Kailash mountain which the Chinese occupied in the 1962 Indo-China war?

This is what Indian social media are spreading and getting many Indians to believe and to cheer their great success in the sneaky attack on PLA positions in Ladakh on 29/30 August 2020. They needed something to show, to prove that their lies are real.

And this is the original photo to expose the lies. When India has to resort to such lies, how much of what they said and claimed are truth is questionable. Living in self deception and own lies and feeling good is good for the Indian psyche and blind followers and hawkish nationalists. 

Below are more proofs of Indian lies and deceit to incur across the LAC but spreading lies of China wanting to expand into Indian territory from eurasiantimes.com. Published 23 hours ago on September 19, 2020 By Smriti Chaudhary 'The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) may be actually eyeing the Depsang plains while creating a diversion in Pangong Tso and Galwan. 

Several Indian media reports have cited top security officials revealing how the Chinese troops have been blocking the Indian soldiers to patrol the points in Depsang plains.' This statement clearly exposed the lies and intent of the Indians. They accused China of eyeing the Depsang plains and exposing their aggressive activities, ie patrolling across the LAC. The Chinese are forced to stop them from crossing the LAC, so with their provocative patrolling inviting Chinese response, they used the response to accuse China of wanting to move into the Depsang plains on the Indian side. 

 Here are more points from Smriti Chaudhary's article on the aggressive Indian patrolling and why China has to stop them. 'For the last five months, PLA has been blocking Indian troops at the bottleneck to patrol these points. “He (PLA) has not come and permanently sat down at Bottleneck. Whenever we go, he comes and blocks us… blocking each other, a game that has been going on in a number of areas. We have not lost access. If we want, we can go tomorrow also. But I (Indian Army) do not want to create another flashpoint right now,” the officer told Indian Express.' 

The PLA only stopped the Indians from intruding into their area of control and when the Indians moved back, the PLA moved back as well. The moving back of the PLA showed clearly that they did not intent to stay but only to stop the Indians from their aggressive patrolling to change the status quo. 

Another lie. 'The PLA activity in Depsang plains invokes the memories of the 1962 war when the Chinese occupied all of the Depsang plains. More recently, in April 2013, the PLA crossed the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the plains to pitched tents on the Indian side for about 21 days until the pullback. The standoff was resolved using military and diplomatic channels and the status quo was restored.' The PLA pitched tents on their side of the LAC. It was a silly and cocky Indian colonel that led his men into the Chinese camp to pull down the tents, leading to a fist fight with the Chinese driving them out and throwing them into the river, and 20 Indian soldiers died for the stupidity and aggressiveness. 

Modi and many Indian leaders confirmed that PLA did not cross the LAC. It was the Indian soldiers that crossed and paid the price for their transgression across the LAC. If this was on the Indian side of the LAC you think Modi would keep quiet and let it settled or the Indian hawks would let it rest, killing Indian soldiers on the Indian side of the LAC? 

And another fake news and disinformation from American media reported in eurasiantimes.com. Asia Pacific China’s Border Adventurism Against India Has ‘Unexpectedly Flopped’ – US Media Reports Published 6 days ago on September 14, 2020 By EurAsian Times Desk 'As India and China have agreed to a five-point consensus, Indian news agency PTI quoting US magazine Newsweek writes that Chinese President Xi Jinping is the “architect” of recent hostilities against India and by doing so he has endangered his future with the high-profile intrusions into Indian territory that “unexpectedly flopped” in the face of a fierce fightback by the Indian Army.' 

 It was all Indian intrusions and preemptive strikes against the PLA, with the intrusion in the Galwan Valley and the pre emptive strikes in the Spangur Lake area with confirmation from India media. But where are the evidence of Chinese intrusion across the LAC except accusations by the Indians and the western media. Where are the proof, where have PLA crossed the LAC? Modi confirmed the PLA has never crossed the LAC and has remained on the Chinese side. Keep on lying and keep on spreading fake news and disinformation against China and smearing China. 

The biggest Indian lie of all time is that China is going to invade India. What for? Why would China want this piece of shitty country? In 1962, after the Sino Indian Border War, China captured a lot of land from India. The whole of Arunachal Pradesh was in Chinese control. But China withdrew to the McMahon Line and literally returned the whole state to India, which China has claimed as belong to China. 

And on the western front, China pushed back the Indians to status quo at the current LAC that was China's position since 1959. For more than 50 years, China has maintained the PLA along these two fronts without crossing the LAC. It was the Indians that have been crawling inch by inch towards and LACs and are now on the LACs using the lie that China was planning to invade China. If China wanted to, it would not have withdrawn after the 1962 War or would have marched into India long ago, no need to wait till now. 

It is the treacherous Indians that are the aggressive party, moving their troops forwards and now launched a pre emptive strike in Ladakh like in Doklam, like in 1962, meaning Indians struck first. Now they are crowing victory like in 1962, simply because they struck first and China has yet to hit back. 

They are insulting the PLA as incompetent, unable to detect the sneak attack. The Indians did not understand why the Chinese outposts were empty, no soldiers and no equipment. They walked in without having to fire a bullet. Why? If the Chinese were caught sleeping, they would be taken as prisoners of war by the Indians. 

And they are continuing with the lie that China wanting to move into India when the PLA have been staying put in their positions on its side of the LAC. Now after seizing some Chinese outposts and feeling guilty, it is panicking and calling for American help, expecting the Chinese to strike back to retake what the Indians have taken. This is the truth, and the PLA is planning to retake the lost positions, not to invade India, just to return to status quo. 

The PLA is bringing their troops to the area of conflict and will launch a counter strike like in 1962. And these sneaky Indians are claiming that they are well prepared with all their troops in position, an admission that they have planned for this war. China is only reacting now to take on the Indians. 

The Indians are learning from the evil Americans, start a fire and accuse China of lighting the fire, like in the South China Sea, being the aggressive and provocative party, raising tension and blaming China for it.

American cheap tricks in the South China Sea increase risk to civilian flights being shot down

China has warned the US after it flew its ‘spy planes’ over the South China Sea several times electronically disguising as a civilian airplane. “It is the old trick of the US military to use a transponder code to impersonate civil aircraft of other countries,” said Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Wenbin, during his briefing. 

A report by Beijing think tank the South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI) said that US surveillance aircraft had been disguising as civilian planes of other countries operating alongside China’s coastlines. In a recent incident, SCSPI reported that between September 8-10, a US Air Force spy plane disguised as a Malaysian civilian plane entered the South China Sea and patrolled intensively over the disputed Paracel Islands as well as the sensitive Taiwan Strait and the Yellow Sea near the Chinese coast. 

During the briefing, this report was confirmed by the Foreign Minister. “We urge the US side to immediately stop such dangerous, provocative behaviors to avoid accidents in the air and at sea,” said Wenbin. He claimed that the US has disguised the identity of its reconnaissance aircraft as civilian planes at least 100 times this year. “

This above-mentioned practice is egregious, which has severely violated international aviation rules, disrupted the aviation order and safety in relevant airspace, and threatened the security of China and countries in the region,” he added.... 

 “This undoubtedly added up to great risk and uncertainty to international flight safety, which could lead to misjudgment (by ground air defense systems) and probably bring danger to civilian aircraft especially those being impersonated,” said the SCSPI report. 

 In 1983, a Korean Airlines flight 007 was shot down by the Soviet Union air force killing all 269 people on board as the plane was mistakenly identified as a US spy plane. The above is quoted from eurasiantimes.com. 

This sneaky and dangerous behaviour of the Americans is putting the safety of international flights at risk of being shot down in the South China Sea. It is totally irresponsible and unacceptable behaviour of these dishonourable gangsters to use civiian codes for their spy missions in the South China Sea. The ICAO and UN must raise their objections to this irresponsible behaviour of the Americans. Civilians lives, hundreds and thousands of them are now at risk. 

How disgraceful the Americans have become to stoop so low to achieve their aim of world dominance and hegemony? Disguising as Malaysian aircraft with no respect to the Malaysians or other countries. But what can the world expect from this dubious country that cheat, lies and steal and infamous for creating false flag incidents and fabricating disinformation? 

The evil warmongering Americans are raising tension in the region and risking war with China involving Taiwan and other Asean states. The evil Americans have no care or qualms for the destruction of property and lives of countries and people in the region. There is peace at the moment but this peace could easily be blown away by the irresponsible and reckless acts of the evil Americans.


Be warned, do not anyhow wear Indian clothing

A husband-and-wife real estate agent couple have elicited backlash after they posted a property listing video online and it attracted attention for all the wrong reasons.

In the video, the duo — Jasen Tan and Shiqi Lim — donned traditional Indian clothing, made gestures that appeared to be mimicking Indian dance moves, and spoke in poorly-pronounced Tamil and Malay. 

Photo credit and quotes from mothership.sg.

I thought it would only happen in Malaysia, but now in Singapore also. In Malaysia, a Malay actress had to apologise for wearing Indian clothing in a commercial ad and was attacked for doing so. Now this couple, housing agents, wanting to sell a flat to Indian buyers thought it was good to dress up in Indian clothes and doing a bit of Indian dance, mimicking Indians, and were attacked as being insensitive.

Non Indians, especially Chinese, must be extremely careful about the sensitivity of Indians about their culture and dresses.  Do not anyhow put on Indian dresses, mimick Indian dances etc etc or face the prospect of being attacked, as insensitive to Indians.

As a majority, do not assume that you understand how the minorities feel and be very careful not to do things to offend the minorities.  Just stay clear from putting on Indian dresses. You may think it is fun but the minorities may be offended. But if you visit their temples and they made you wear their dresses, it is ok.

The above couple have apologised for their insensitivity. Shanmugam may want to consider coming out with a new law and guidelines on what is allowable to wear and what is not to prevent such insensitivity from becoming a hot racial issue. It is so dangerous for the innocent and insensitive Chinese to do something like this and be accused of being racist. Better to nip the problem in the bud.


Exposing Indian lies, deceit and fake news with Indian maps and news

The past weeks the Indians had a field day gloating about how they captured Chinese positions in Ladakh while the PLA were caught sleeping, caught by surprise, unaware of what was happening, Chinese satellites not seeing anything etc etc. The Indians were glorifying the great defeat of the PLA that they accused of being aggressive and trying to invade India but repelled by India's pre emptive strikes across the LAC. It was victory after victory, with Indian soldiers occupying strategic positions to prevent a Chinese invasion. It was a reenactment of the early days prior to the 1962 Sino Indian border war when the Indians were victorious with their surprised incursions into China. China today and then were caught off guard by the Indian aggression with the latter accusing China of aggression just to invade China. It does not need much thinking to see who would be in a better position in an unannounced attack, the aggressor that made the first move, ie India. China was not doing anything and thus would be taking the blows from the Indians. The attackers would always have the advantage of surprise and well prepared.

Let's see how dirty the Indians were in the first few rounds of incursions into Chinese territory with the element of surprise. The map below shows two LACs, one on the left, proposed by Zhou Enlai in 1959 and another further to the right appearing in Indian maps today. In the 1962 war, China pushed back and held on to the 1959 LAC till today with both sides agreeing to pull back 20km from this LAC. A LAC is where actual control is, not imaginary line one wish to have like the one on the right.

This is from Wikipedia, 'The Line of Actual Control (LAC) is a loose demarcation line that separates Indian-controlled territory from Chinese-controlled territory in the Sino-Indian border dispute. The term was first used by Zhou Enlai in a 1959 letter to Jawaharlal Nehru. It subsequently referred to the line formed after the 1962 Sino-Indian War, and is part of the Sino-Indian border dispute....The term "LAC" gained legal recognition in Sino-Indian agreements signed in 1993 and 1996. The 1996 agreement states, "No activities of either side shall overstep the line of actual control." However clause number 6 of the 1993 Agreement on the Maintenance of Peace and Tranquility along the Line of Actual Control in the India-China Border Areas mentions, "The two sides agree that references to the line of actual control in this Agreement do not prejudice their respective positions on the boundary question".'

In this second map, the Chinese and Indian positions are clearly marked in red and blue respectively. The Chinese positions are 20km behind the LAC as agreed but the Indians are on the LAC, not 20km behind. The Indians have been making such aggressive moves, disrespecting earlier agreements and take it for granted, and ignoring the Chinese protest. This is what Indians are good at, making unacceptable aggressive moves but blaming China for it. China is in control of the region right of the LAC and India left of the LAC.

And here is a satellite pic showing details of Chinese soldiers and buildings in the observation posts Every one of these posts is manned by at least a company of PLA soldiers, fortified with fences, surveillance radars and minefields around the peripherals.

With these maps and pictures, let's exposed the recent Indian lies and myths about their victorious advance and capture of Chinese positions. To attack and capture one such observation post, the Indians would need at least 3 or 4 companies to mount the attack. And if successful, there would not only be prisoners of wars but also casualties on both sides.  Even if the Chinese were caught sleeping and did not put up a fight, the Indians would have taken them as prisoners of war. It would be something that the Indians would trumpet to the world to prove how good their soldiers were. Capturing such fortified positions is no easy task and there would be a lot of fireworks.

But no such news. There was no news of prisoners of wars, no wounded or dead soldiers from both sides, no pictures to show the world the captured Chinese positions.

The only news of casualties coming out from India was the Tibetan Special Forces soldier, Nyima Tenzin, died from an exploding mine. There was also news of another Indian or Tibetan soldier that died from an IED explosion. These two deaths could be from the Indian sneak attacks on 29 and 30 Aug, trying to capture Chinese positions like Black Top but failed. Whatever positions they claimed to have captured were actually hilltops on the LAC that were not manned by PLA soldiers. The Indian soldiers moved up from the base of the LAC to the hill tops and claimed to have captured Chinese positions that were 20km away.

What the Indians were crowing about were imaginary victories that they trumpeted but with nothing to show, no pictures of the sites or wounded or dead soldiers. A military operation of such a nature would definitely have casualties on both sides. And China would have launched an immediate counter attack when their positions were attacked and captured. It was like the proverbial saying, all quiet on the western front, except for the Indians beating their drums of an imaginary war.

While talking about Indian myths, let me revisit the brawl at Galwan Valley a couple of months earlier. The Indians were furious and mad that 20 of their soldiers were killed in that fist fight and none from the Chinese side. So embarrassing. After making many attempts to find out Chinese casualties and with the Chinese not saying anything, the Indians have come up with another imaginary version that there were more casualties on the Chinese side, Indians won again. So clever.

Think again. Two sides fighting with hundreds of soldiers involved. How come no Indian soldier could tell from what they saw at the scene of Chinese casualties? How come all the soldiers that were thrown or forced into the river and some died were all Indians? How come the Indian soldiers fought so bravely and so well but only Indian soldiers were in the river, no PLA soldiers in the river?

These facts only show that it was a one sided affair with the Indians being chased and thrown into the river. And they were running away so fast that they did not even have the time to look back to see if there were casualties on the Chinese side. The Indian soldiers were fleeing or being pushed into the river by the Chinese soldiers and unable to drag one or two Chinese soldiers along. That was how well the Indian soldiers fought, more like what happened in 1962. And they were hoping to hear news of more casualties on the Chinese side. After spreading the lie that China had more casualties, the Chinese foreign ministry has came out to confirm that Chinese casualties were much less than India. This must have pissed off the Indians more.

What do you think?

PS. The only thing to say about the Indians is that they violated the agreement with China to pull back 20km from the LAC. Also in a way they 'captured' China's unmanned hilltops on the LAC but trying to give the impression that they fought the PLA and won. Sneaky, sneaky as usual.They have moved onto the LAC instead of being 20km behind and pointing the finger at China for aggressive moves while China maintained its position 20km from the LAC. This is the logic of Indians. Who is the aggressor and breaking all the agreements and conducting aggressive movement of troops?


Killer Trump admitted order to assassinate Bashar Assad

 In Bob Woodward's book on Clown Trump it was revealed that he ordered the assassination of President Assad of Syrian. He was only stopped by then Defence Secretary Jim Mattis who opposed the operation. To these descendants of the murderers of more than 100m native Americans, killing is second nature to them.  They have no qualms about killing people of coloured, black is their favourite victim, and ordering the killing of Assad is like ordering breakfast. The killing of hundreds of thousands of Koreans, Vietnamese and Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East is a full course for them to savour.

'"I woud have rather taken him out. I had him all set," Mr Trump told the morning show Fox & Friends. "Mattis didn't want to do it, Mattis was a highly overrated general, and I let him go."' AFP

With these murderers in the White House and the stupid world still regard the Americans as decent human beans, protector of the weak, defender of human rights, is utterly unbelieveable.  These are killers, beasts, sub humans that have not progressed through time. Their animal instinct to kill is a common behaviour like animals. Do not be misled by the suits and the smiles they put on their faces.

And their national policy is endless wars to support their war industry, their military industrial complex and their economy and Empire. They must have wars daily to keep themselves going, to keep the Empire going. 

While silly human beans failed to see through their evilness, God is not going to let it go by forever. The time has come to take down these evil human beans, and Covid19 is just the necessary and effective tool to do it. And if this is not enough, floods, fire and street fightings would do the rest.

The evil Empire and its evil men and women must be taken to task, and only God can do it, effortlessly and effectively and these evil men and women are hapless, no one to blame or to attack with their nuclear arms and powerful armed forces.

The days of these evil men and women are numbered.  They always think they could order the killing of so and so, this country or that country. And on country can stop them in their killings. Not really, the ONE up there will do the necessary and finish the job.

PS.  While they suppressed other countries to have their own means of defence, like nuclear arms for Iran and North Korea, the evil Empire is launching an ambitious plan to build up a more powerful and deadly military force. Here is a quote from AFP.

'WASHINGTON: Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced on Wednesday (Sep 16) an ambitious plan to expand the US Navy with a range of unmanned and autonomous ships, submarines and aircraft to confront the growing maritime challenge from China.

The Pentagon chief said a sweeping review of US naval power dubbed "Future Forward" had laid out a "game-changer" plan that would expand the US sea fleet to more than 355 ships, from the current 293.

The plan, which requires adding tens of billions of dollars to the US Navy's budget between now and 2045, is aimed at maintaining superiority over Chinese naval forces, seen as the primary threat to the United States....'


Arrogance of foreigners now referred to as 'locals'

A local entrepreneur named Rudy Irawan Kadjairi took to Facebook on Monday (14 September) to highlight that Singaporeans, who have over the years discriminated minorities in the labour market, are now voicing their displeasure towards foreign talents in the country....

As such, Mr Rudy asserted that there will always be Singaporeans who are not affected by the “indiscriminate insertion of foreign manpower”, and these individuals will keep “drowning the voices of those aggrieved.

“At the end of the day, the ones lamenting are still, for now, the minority, in numbers. Stop it with the xenophobia. If you want to be upset, don’t be upset at the foreigners who are here to earn a living. They are our guests. If you want to be upset, get upset with the policies.

“Work at changing the policies for the better. But don’t be as discriminatory as the way discrimination has put many of us in harm’s way. Rationalise more strategically. Reason better. Articulate your thoughts in a manner that will convince, not rile,” Mr Rudy expressed.

“We’ve been through this “scenario” before. As an experienced individual in this matter, all I can say is, “suck it up, dudes”.  Work harder. As I have had to all my life.”


The above is from an article posted in the TOC about how a 'local' arrogantly dismissing the grievances of Singaporeans now affected by the discrimination against them from foreigners in Singapore. Unbelieveable for a foreigner to talk like this to daft Singaporeans thinking that this sorry state of affair, where foreigners are now the darling of a silly govt that faun on them at the expense of Singaporeans would continue unabated, unchanged. When the breaking point is reached, not only xenophobia will fall through the roof, even the silly govt would be booted out and replaced by a new govt that is pro Singaporean and not pro foreigners.  And when that day comes, there would be no mentioning of this four letter word 'locals' and foreigners would be treated as foreigners no matter if they are PRs.

The temperature is rising as more Singaporeans start to feel the pain. How could daft Singapore afford to live for another 20 or 30 years without a job in this extremely expensive city on their miserly savings? Losing their jobs in the 50s and 60s is going to be hell of a problem, an existential threat to their well being. They could bear with it for a few years, but when they get older, their little savings in their CPF got depleted, when having 3 meals is going to be a struggle, hell will break lose.

The 'local' foreigners would face the brunt of the unhappiness of a people unable to put food on the table for sure, and xenophobia in its real sense, not the so called casual xenophobia of now, would surface to destabilise the society and the relationship between Singaporeans and foreigners. When things become unbearable, there would be ugly incidents on the streets and in public transports against foreigners when Singaporeans no longer can bear their presence, stealing their lunch.

Such 'local' foreigners would then not be in a position to write such acidic and cocky comments about Singaporeans as if they are the upper class in this island when Singaporeans stood up to tell them to get lost. 'Local' foreigners must not take the generosity and stupidity of daft Singaporeans for granted, as if it would last forever. When the straw breaks the camel's back, the leaders would be forced to protect themselves and their million dollar salaries and would have to tell the 'local' foreigners that this place is called Singapore and for Singaporeans and would have to do the necessary and not paying lip service like today.

Then it would be good riddance to foreigners, 'locals' or otherwise. The Covid19 crisis and rising unemployment are a preview of what's worse to come if jobs do not come by and more and more Singaporeans became unemployed.  Then no silly leaders would dare to utter the word foreign talent or 'locals' in passing and with immunity. Singaporeans voted them into govt to serve Singaporeans not to serve foreigners, PRs are foreigners. Period.


Over reliance on foreigners to write about Singapore news - marginalising of Singaporean correspondents


If one bothers to notice, the serious news column in local media are often filled by foreigners writing about Singapore affairs. If this is not foreign interference in our domestic politics, what is?

The corollary to this trend is the marginalisation of our own reporters and journalists. Singapore is becoming a sick country that does not bother to train its own talents and keeps on bringing in foreigners to replace them in every industry and profession. If the govt does not bother to give Singaporeans the opportunity to grow into bigger players, who else would be interested to groom or help Singaporeans to grow in their jobs and professions? 

A case in point is the CEO of DBS bank. If the top job is to be filled by foreigners, to train foreigners instead of Singaporeans, what is left for Singaporeans to gain the experience to helm such jobs? Thank God we have Wee Cho Yaw to train Singaporeans to helm UOB. If not, UOB would also be handed to foreigners in a silver platter and making Singaporeans looking silly.

When would such silly policy of training foreigners and exposing them to top jobs be given to Singaporeans? I still remember the days of Goh Keng Swee when he would throw Singaporeans into the deep end of the pool, to learn the rope, to gain the experience that no one would give them, to grow into the jobs.  That is how we train our first generation of top civil servants, military leaders and captains of industries. Today we stupidly retrain our PMETs into lower paying jobs to become gardeners, nurses etc etc while bringing inexperienced foreigners to be put into top jobs to gain the training and experience.

It is so sad that the pages of local media is now being filled by foreigners who would write their narratives from the eyes and perspective of foreigners, and foreign interest while our own writers are writing about food, pets and poos.

How sad that Singapore has deteriorated to this level where Singaporeans are being downgraded everyday in every industry while foreigners are taking over and in charge. There will be no future top Singaporean bankers in the making.  There will be no good quality Singaporean correspondents in the making, and neither would there be many top Singaporeans in other industries if this silly policy continues.

Stupidity has no cure is a national disease in Singapore and is spreading like wild fire across every level of Singaporeans. If you don't train Singaporeans in top jobs, not stupid low level jobs, if you don't give Singaporeans the opportunity to gain the experience, soon there will be no Singaporeans left in top jobs. No country would be as silly as Singapore to train foreigners and marginalise its own citizens in this way.

It is so disgusting and painful to see this happening in Singapore.

Sneaky India changed the status quo but accused China of 'trying' to change the status quo in Ladakh


What happened on 29/30 Aug was claimed by India as a precision military operation by a brigade size force across the LAC to occupy 6 hill tops in the Chushul/Spangur Tso region and a great achievement to the Indian Army. The occupation of these strategic positions was a replica of what they did in 1962, preempting the Chinese side and crowing victory and Indian cleverness to seize new territories and changing the status quo. Changing the status quo was what the Indians accused China of wanting to do, and precisely what the Indians did using this as an excuse and then accusing China of aggression. The Indians won, they moved into these positions while the Chinese did not do anything. The same thing happened in 1962. But after the humiliating defeat they turned around to say China started it. Now we have it in the news, the Indians started it again.

The Indian sides are now talking big, that despite drones, satellites and new technologies, China did not detect their military incursion and could not prevent the clever Indians from occupying the 6 mountain tops to cut off any attempt by PLA to move into Chushul. They were so confident that China did not know of their sneaky attacks but the truth could be far from what the simplistic Indians were thinking. The PLA could be watching every Indian move and let them commit the first offensive move just like in 1962 and claiming victory. In any early phases of a war, the side that made the first move would have the advantage of surprise and could look victorious. 

India is using the same cheap trick the Americans are using in the South China sea, thief shouting thief. The aggressive and reckless Americans sent in their warships to provoke China and raise tension but accusing China of doing so. Here the aggressive Indians moved in to take strategic positions and accused the Chinese of trying or wanting to do so but did not.

China now has all the moral ground to hit back and retake the positions occupied by the Indians. And the Indians knew and feared that this is going to happen. They made the first offensive move against China. Now they are panicking and in a hurry for India to form a military alliance with the US to protect India against an impending Chinese offensive to push back the Indians. And like the Americans, to hide their aggression, they are accusing China of being aggressive.

The two foreign ministers have met in Russia and agreed to deescalate. Let's see if the Indians withdraw from these positions. China would not allow the Indians to change the status quo and occupy these positions inside the LAC. Failure on the part of the Indians to pull back would guarantee an attack by the PLA. China would not change the status quo and would not allow India to change the status quo.

Is India cocky enough, with a misplaced sense of confidence that they could reverse the fate of 1962 and be victorious this time? While bragging about their successful incursion into the Chinese side of the LAC, the Indians have admitted that they have started this war. Every quarter in India is cheering about how brilliant and successful this sneaky attack was, like in the early days of the 1962 war. They have out flanked the PLA....for the moment, when the PLA is not retaliating. The PLA is still restraining itself from attacking and hoping for the Indians to pull back. But be very sure that the planning to retake these positions is going on. India would face another 1962 rout if it persists to stay put.  The China today is hundreds of times stronger than in 1962 and would not allow India to sneak in and take an inch of its land.

What's next?

PS.  We are now living witnesses to this new Sino Indian Border War 2020. India made the first incursion to occupy 6 positions inside China's LAC. Let's not allow the Indians to wriggle away should they be defeated one more time and to blame China for making the first move. The Indians are crowing that they are all prepared and ready to take on the PLA, with superior Rafale fighters and other superior military equipment and all their forces in position.

Place China and India side by side and it is so easy to notice that nothing in India that comes close or comparable to China.  The couple of things that the Indians are better than the Chinese are the use of the English language and talking. Talking and bragging are the forte of Indians. Hope they can win this war just by talking blowing their own trumpet.


Pompeo pushing Asean states to fight China

Pompeo said it was time for Southeast Asian governments to reconsider their own relationship with firms working in the sea.

"Don't just speak up, but act," he told the 10 foreign ministers of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) during an online summit.

"Reconsider business dealings with the very state-owned companies that bully ASEAN coastal states in the South China Sea.

"Don't let the Chinese Communist party walk over us and our people."....The United States this year has escalated "freedom of navigation" operations in waters claimed by China, including bringing two aircraft carriers into the region for the first time since 2014 and lifting submarine deployments and surveillance flights....

But the Philippines already said last week it would not follow the US lead because it needed Chinese investment, even as a fresh dispute between the two nations over Scarborough Shoal - one of the region's richest fishing grounds - hangs over the talks....Indonesia's foreign minister Retno Marsudi cautioned the United States and China on Tuesday (Sep 8) not to entangle her country in their regional struggle for influence, telling the two superpowers: "We don't want to get trapped by this rivalry."

Retno said ASEAN must remain steadfastly neutral and united.

“Firstly I do not want Malaysia to be dragged and trapped in a geopolitical tussle between superpowers,” said Mr Hishammuddin.

“We must prevent any unwanted incident from happening within our territorial waters. We must also prevent any military clashes in the waters between any relevant parties,” he added.

Secondly, Mr Hishammuddin said that the South China Sea dispute cannot be used as an issue that will cause disunity between ASEAN countries.

“If we follow the narrative and succumb to the pressure of superpowers, the potential for ASEAN countries to bend and take sides with certain countries will be high. When facing big superpowers, we must be united, as one bloc, so that our strength will be synergised effectively,” he said.   CNA


The above are some reports from CNA on the evil scheme of the Americans to stir trouble in the region and trying very hard to agitate and provoke the Asean countries to fight China for the Americans. The Americans have been raising the tension in the South China to the point of an all out war with China. And if the Asean countries are stupid enough to be dragged into this war, the people and countries that would suffer and die will be the people of Asean, and the Americans will be laughing at the Asean's stupidity and making money out of it by selling more weapons. 

It is a stroke of luck that Asean now have a few thinking leaders that saw through the deceit and vociferously told the Americans that Asean would not be the pawns of the Americans in its war with China. This tough stand has put a stop to the few American cronies in Asean that still wanted to take the side of the Americans to provoke and start a war with China. Thank God the number of cronies is down to probably one or two in Asean.

The Philippines is lucky to have Duterte to stand up to the Americans, but for how long? Below comment is the mentality and thinking in the Philippines especially in the miliitary. The distrust is because the dispute in the island claims. But the silly Philippines military trusted the Americans, the people that invaded their country, massacred their people and colonised and ruled them while China did not step foot on Filipino soil.  Can you believe it, they trusted the murderers of Filipinos and invaders of their country!

'The Philippines, particularly its military, has a deep mistrust of China over what it sees as intrusions into its territory, bullying of its fishermen and denial of access to its energy resources. Vietnam and Malaysia have made similar complaints this year.'

PS. 'LKY always used ‘white trash’ as a weapon or goad.' Graeme Dobell, Australian Strategic Policy Institute.  SCMP

Companies that did not want to hire Singaporeans are not welcomed in Singapore


WSG subsequently contacted the company in question for clarification and the post was amended at 2.25pm on Sep. 9, three weeks after it had been first put up on the MyCareersFuture portal on August 26.

The Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) is also expected to follow up with the employer to review its employment practices....

In emphasising that it took a serious view of the matter, WSG stated that all Singapore-based jobs and related posts must be aligned with the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices (TGFEP).

It elaborated that under TGFEP, it is "discriminatory" to exclude Singaporeans or indicate preference for non-Singaporeans during the hiring process, which includes job advertisements.

Such breaches will also be referred by TAFEP to the Ministry of Manpower for the "appropriate" action to be taken against the employer. 

 Above is from www.mothership.sg  Does Singapore need such companies that prefer to hire westerners/Europeans and not Singaporeans? What can WSG/TAFEP do about it? What is MOM going to do about it? A company that does not want to hire Singaporeans, even if they remove the add would not make any difference with their intent.

MOM or the Singapore govt must make it clear that such companies are not welcomed in Singapore and take decisive actions to ask them to operate elsewhere. Singapore is for Singaporeans and companies that are not working for Singaporeans have no reason to be here.

Get them out of Singapore.

Below is posted in an article in TOC.

Companies caught for pre-selecting foreign job applicants and didn’t conduct any local job interviews

Together with the announcement of harsher penalties for discriminatory hiring practices in January this year, MOM named a few companies caught for flouting FCF.

One company, Ti2 Logistics Pte Ltd, was caught for making a false declaration to MOM. It submitted an EP application for a foreign job applicant for the position of business development manager. It had also advertised for the position of accounts manager on the Jobs Bank.

For the former role, it made a false declaration that it had interviewed two Singaporeans and considered candidates fairly when it had not done so. For second role, the firm also treated the job advertising requirement under the FCF as a paper exercise, posting a job description unrelated to the actual job.

In reality, it had already pre-selected an EP applicant for the business development position and had no intention to interview any Singaporean candidates. MOM charged the company with one count of making a false declaration to the Controller of Work Passes in its EP application. It has also been debarred from hiring new EP holders or renewing existing work passes for two years.

Like Ti2 Logistics, two other companies also did not interview any locals even though they had put up advertisements on Jobs Bank. Before putting up the job advertisement, Meyer Burger (Singapore) Pte Ltd had already interviewed a foreigner overseas and deemed him suitable for a process engineer post in Singapore. It then advertised the position on Jobs Bank for the purpose of applying an EP for him.

Meyer Burger did not carry out any interviews since it had already made up its mind to hire the foreign worker. The job advertisement was posted solely to make an EP application. MOM debarred the company from hiring new EP holders or renewing existing work passes for two years.

Tarantula Global Holdings Pte Ltd similarly submitted an EP application for the position of senior IT support engineer. Like Meyer Burger and Ti2 Logistics, the company had pre-selected the EP applicant, who was a former employee of an affiliated overseas company. It put up a job advertisement, but likewise did not interview any candidates other than the chosen one. The company was debarred by MOM from hiring new EP holders or renewing existing work passes for 12 months.

Another company, Nihon Premium Clinic Pte Ltd, submitted an EP application for the position of regional customer development manager. It omitted listing critical key criteria in its job advertisement like the ability to speak fluent Japanese and Mandarin, when they were actually required for the job.

As a result, none of the job applications submitted was suitable for consideration as the local job applicants did not know that fluency in Japanese and Mandarin was required. Instead, an EP applicant recommended by one of the company’s shareholders was deemed suitable after an interview.


Trump lied and lied but insisted he did not lie - Evil Americans cannot be trusted


'I didn't lie,' US President Donald Trump says

President Donald Trump insisted Thursday that he never lied to Americans about the dangers of coronavirus after a bombshell new book by journalist Bob Woodward revealed that he deliberately tried to downplay the crisis.

Trump's taped admission to Woodward that he minimized the pandemic in public, while being aware of the unique danger from Covid-19, has set off alarm bells less than eight weeks before election day.

Asked bluntly at a hastily organized White House press conference "Why did you lie to the American people?" Trump responded: "I didn't lie."....

"Rage" is filled with startling episodes, including the assessment by Trump's then director of national intelligence, the respected Dan Coats, that the president "doesn't know the difference between the truth and a lie."....

"He knew how deadly it was," Biden said Wednesday. "He lied to the American people. He knowingly and willingly lied about the threat it posed to the country for months."  Yahoo News

The congenital liar lied and lied and lied. And his professional liar, the big piece of lard called Pompeo lied to the whole world without feeling any sense of guilt or shame. This is American culture, the shameless behaviour of a people that lived on lying, cheating, stealing and killing.

During the last few years under Trump assisted by Pompeo, the world was given a clear view of what evil Americans are like. The tarnished image of this evil country and evil people cannot be hidden anymore.  The longer these two liars are in the White House, the blacker would the White House turn into.

American culture is a lying culture. And to deflect their lying behaviour, they accused China of lying in its Covid19 report to WHO when China did not. How to trust the lying evil Americans?

Another example of American lying culture on display by Trump's spokeswoman Kayleigh in Yahoo News.

'CNN cut away from a White House press briefing Wednesday and anchor Brianna Keilar told her viewers press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was “lying” about President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response.

During the briefing, McEnany was asked to respond to new reporting from Bob Woodward that Trump knew about the coronavirus threat in early February, but downplayed it significantly.

“The president never downplayed the virus,” McEnany said. “The president expressed calm.”'

The Americans run up to their presidential election is the moment to see the ugliness of these evil people. See how they lied to tear down each other and exposing the sickness of a people that use lies and deceit to win in whatever competition. Both Trump and Biden are examples of the shameless and evil people that Americans are made of. And it is part of God's plan to let them show to the world what they really are, their ugly faces revealed for the world to see, and how their racist and unthinking people would go all out to support two of the worse specimen of human beans they wanted as their President.