Another great opportunity for Singapore to help India or is it the other way?

'India’s debt-crippled national airline is focused solely on daily survival and keeping its flights in the air, a spokesman said Thursday, after the government warned it would have to shut down unless a buyer was found.

Air India owes more than $8.6 billion and has struggled to pay salaries and buy fuel, with losses mounting following earlier privatisation attempts....

Aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri said Wednesday that the airline would “have to close down if it is not privatised”, adding the government would soon invite takeover bids.

The company’s debt mountain may be hived off in a bid to make it more attractive to potential buyers, according to media reports....'

The above is quoted from theindependent.sg.  It is a big surprise that India with so many talents could run its airline to the ground, in a mountain of debt. Let's see who should be blamed for this. Could it be that India had sent all its talents to help Singapore, including helping Singapore Airlines? If it is so, then Singapore must be blamed and must compensate India for such a big sacrifice. On the other hand, if not so, then Singapore must not bring in Indian talents to help SIA unless it wants SIA to be like Air India. This is funny, how come so many Indian talents helping Singapore companies to grow and make more profits but could not help Air India? Maybe India has talents in every industry except running airlines. Or maybe all the Indian talents flying to Singapore flew in SIA and not Air India.

So it is payback time for Singapore. Singapore should help India by pumping a few billions into Indian Airlines to save them or else many more Indians would be unemployed. After all we have so much OPM to spend and it is only right to reciprocate for so many Indian talents helping us and providing employment for Singaporeans. It is Singapore's fault for stealing all the talents from India. India, please stop sending your talents to teach Singaporeans how to do business, how to run an airline successfully.

I am trying to find a way to say that it is China's fault but unable to find a good reason for it. China did not steal India's talents. The most China could do is to sell cheap wares to lower the cost of operating Air India. So Singapore is a good scapegoat for the failure of Air India. It has to be, after taking a million of its talents to make Singapore's economy so healthy, with all the talented Indians in top posts earning millions of S$ instead of rupees. And because of CECA, SIA can fly to many Indian cities to pick passengers, to steal Air India's passengers, to steal the lunch of Indians. This type one benefit only Singapore cannot lah.

What do you think? Can't believe it, India has so many talents but cannot run its own airline but can run other people's and country's companies so well, including many Singapore companies and banks.

PS. Leaving for Kuching this morning. Will try to post when possible.


Australia spreading fake news and disinformation on China

A Chinese man claiming to be a Beijing-sponsored secret agent who defected to Australia is really a convicted fraudster and wanted criminal suspect, Shanghai police have claimed.

The police statement was issued late on Saturday, hours after Australian media reported that William Wang Liqiang gave a sworn statement to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) about Beijing’s efforts to ­influence politics in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

The reports said Wang had given ASIO the identities of senior Chinese military intelligence officers in Hong Kong, as well as ­details of how espionage work was funded and conducted there, as well as in Taiwan and Australia.

Shanghai police said Wang – described as a 26-year-old unemployed worker from Nanping in the southeastern province of ­Fujian – was given an 18-month suspended sentence in October 2016 for fraud by the Guangze county court in Fujian....

 According to Australian ­media, Wang said he had ­engaged in political infiltration and disruption operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and ­Australia.

“I have personally been ­involved and participated in a ­series of espionage activities,” The Age newspaper cited Wang as ­saying in his October statement to the ­intelligence agency.
He also said he was involved in the kidnapping and detention of Lee Bo, the owner of Causeway Bay Bookshop and one of five booksellers who disappeared in Hong Kong in 2015. ­Chinese ­authorities denied accusations that they had kidnapped the men, but accused them of ­distributing dissident materials.

Wang also said he was part of an intelligence operation hidden within a Hong Kong-listed ­company that infiltrated the city’s universities and media to counter anti-government protests that have been ongoing since June. He also said he was part of infiltration operations to meddle in last year’s regional elections in Taiwan and the upcoming presidential poll.

He is now seeking asylum in Australia and said he feared he would be executed if he returned to China. Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said on Saturday that Wang’s case and his accusations were “very disturbing”.

The above report by Yahoo News gave two sides of the story of a 26 year Chinese who is seeking political asylum in Australia and claiming that he was a Chinese intelligence officer. The China's side of the story was that this man was a fugitive, a fraudster and a wanted criminal.

Which side is telling the truth and which side is lying? This man is only 26 years old and he claimed to know so much about China's intelligence service and officers and also involved in so many intelligence activities that a normal intelligence officer would probably take half his career to experience. At 26, how many years would be he employed in an organisation, how much information would he be exposed to given his limited years in the service and seniority? The nature of an intelligence service is that one is exposed to only things within his scope of duty. How did this young man know so many senior intelligence officers? And how could he be involved in so many operations as if he was a master spy?

Of course Australia and ASIO would have all the reasons to want to believe in this young man's story to besmear China, to support their agenda of telling the world that China is setting up a big intelligence network and operation against Australia. The details and abundance of information provided by this young man clearly proved that he is lying and fabricating stories that ASIO planted in him, in collaboration with ASIO.

No young kids at a tender age of 26 would be exposed and be involved in so many intelligence activities. The time factor would not allow it to be real. The info supposedly given by this young man was likely fed to him by ASIO. Only ASIO has those info, not this ignorant kid. He is too young to know much or allowed to know so much.


USA evil hand in Hong Kong is part of its overall strategy to undermine China

          The United States interference in Hong Kong is part of its global strategy to undermine China as well as a step.to bring the whole world under USA hegemony and total control under its New World Order .

USA and the West are using Hong Kong related matters to interfere in China's internal affairs and as part of its overall plot to contain China's development. USA is using Hong Kong as a battle zone for great power struggle between China and the United States.

USA attempts to create choas and turmoil in Hong Kong and to damage its stability and prosperity must not be allowed to succeed. The USA hardline strategy against China and its strident overt and covert interference in Hong Kong shows a desperate USA trying to undermine China through organising and fomenting choas and public demonstrations , a USA historical strategy of undermining USA targeted countries for regime change. However this evil trick will never work on China. It is just a wishful dream which will rebound on US in the just not too distant future. Neverthe less the Evil Empire had succeeded in carrying out regime change in the 1960s to 1980s in countries like Indonesia 1963, Chile 1973, Nicaragua, Parnama, El Salvador, Hondura, and Costa Rica and later in the 1990s and thereafter in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Peru, Ecaudor, Colombia, Brazil and last month, October, 2019 in Bolivia.  The list goes on.

The USA and the West interference in Hong Kong affairs post a challenge to China's national sovereignty and security when they try to seize control of the Hong Kong governance through proxies of the faceless subversive and separatist of the CIA sponsored and supported rioters and terrorists.

Further to its interference in Hong Kong affairs the USA and the West are now disgustingly conducting a toxic worldwide public opinion vile propaganda against China in related affairs to Hong Kong with strident vitriolic fake narratives to demonize China and the SARS Administration of Hong Kong.

The United States is creating trouble and turmoil all over the world to distract attention from its self imposed internal decay. Millions of poor Americans the majority of which are the native and the African Americans who are suffering from want and hunger due to deprivations by the whites ruling government and with no homes to stay except sleeping on roadside camps and in five foot ways with makeshifts cardboards as homes.

The American infrastructures are in shambles with shameful rickety trains and railway tracks, unsafe roads and bridges in desrepair and ugly dilapidated old buildings and horrid ports. Yet the ruling one percent white supremacist politicians in both the Republican and the Democrat parties see no urgency to remedy the poor horrid situation in the home front. Both parties are however strongly united in one common agenda of foreign aggression and world hegemony and illogical confrontation against China, Russia and all socialist countries.

They would rather the spend the thousands of billions of dollars of tax payers money every year on armaments and the Pentagon Industrial Complex, on the CIA, the NGOs and other related USA international and espionage spy agencies to create choas, destabilities and public demonstration overseas to undermine and topple foreign governments which do not toe the US line and dictates for regime change.

They are doing all this due to inherent white American greed and aggression. Since the end of the Second World War the white supremacist US government main agenda has been to focus on bringing all countries in the world under the American New World Order of one world government under the absolute American total control and hegemony.

Thus in this way the ruling Anglo-Saxons and the Jewish Zionist Rothschild Illuminati Cabal of Wall Street hope in addition to its control of all American banks and finance and big business conglomerates it will now be able to enjoy undream of fabulous wealth by bringing all trade and finance and big business of every country on earth under their full control.

They can dream and plan and plot so much for world domination and hegemony. But they should not forget the dictum 'Man proposes but God disposes.'  China and Russia and may be Iran and North Korea and other like minded countries will be just as determined as ever to ensure that this wild savage dream of the satanic Anglo-Saxon Jewish Rothschild Illuminati cabal will never be allowed to succeed.  However, one thing is certain, the evil United States imperial Empire is marching towards its own doom. It is only a matter of time.


Thursday, 28th November, 2019

This is Compassion - Singapore style

'SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Education (MOE) on Tuesday (Nov 26) clarified why a student’s original PSLE results slip was withheld after viral Facebook posts claimed she would need it to apply for secondary school admissions.

The withholding of PSLE original results slips due to school fee arrears is “a long-standing practice”, MOE said in response to CNA queries.

In a Facebook post on Monday, activist Gilbert Goh said a student had received only a photocopy of her PSLE results slip because she had "backlogged" school fees of S$156 due to financial reasons.
It went on to claim she would need the PSLE "certificate" to apply for admission into a secondary school....

"In the case highlighted by the FB (Facebook) posts, the parents did not pay miscellaneous fees for two years despite several reminders, and did not put in any application for MOE or school-based financial assistance which would have covered all the costs," the ministry said.

"The child will still receive a copy of the results, just not the original results slip, and she can still apply for secondary schools and will progress like all students."

MOE explained that its funding for each primary school student comes up to about S$12,000 each year and that each student co-pays S$13 of miscellaneous fees per month.

"Further, students from lower-income families can apply for financial assistance that covers their miscellaneous fees, uniforms, textbooks, transport and school meals," the ministry said in its reply.
"If it is about money then the easier solution would be to reduce subsidies and financial assistance."
It added that the issue was "not about recovering the money".

"MOE’s consideration stems from the underlying principle that notwithstanding the fact that the cost of education is almost entirely publicly funded, we should still play our part in paying a small fee, and it is not right to ignore that obligation, however small it is," the ministry said. "We hope parents support us in reinforcing this message."....

In one post, he acknowledged that MOE would “do their level best to assist all needy students and “will not leave anyone behind", but added that some do "fall through the crack".'

The above article from CNA is a good example of what compassion means in Singapore. It is compassion within the rules of administration. In short, if one has to pay a fee of $1.00 but paid only 95c, short of 5c, the rules applies and one would be treated as not having paid the fee and all the penalties would apply.

In the above student case, there are so many ways that someone or the school could offer a helping hand. Passing the hat around to raise $156 is not as difficult as going to the moon. And there are other financial assistance schemes that the student could avail. Just because the parents did not apply for it, maybe due to ignorance or whatever, it does not stop the school or teacher to put in a case for the student to be spare the agony and humiliation of her result slip being held back.

We will not leave anyone behind, but we have rules and rules must be observed. A crime is a crime no matter how small is the crime. Please understand, this is Singapore, a rule by law country. And we hope the parents will support us in reinforcing this message. What to say?

Anyone in this blog would be most willing to cough out the $156 for this student if asked. But the state, the school, the teachers etc etc would not or did not in this case.

This is Compassion, Singapore style, when $600,000 is peanuts and anyone earning less than $500k is mediocre. What is $156? For goodness sake, do something right for once. Remember Benjamin Lim?

And read this as reported in theindependent.sg
'In a Facebook post yesterday (Nov 26), social activist Gilbert Goh shared instances of many others, along with Aqil and Aqif. Goh wrote that the twins were “hit with a pay-first ultimatum by MOE or else their exam result will be withheld”. 

The mother of the boys is a single-parent who, as TISG understands through Gilbert, has been working part-time since April, making a monthly salary of only S$600 to S$800. Both boys have an unpaid school fee balance of S$310 each and their mother said that the boys’ father did not provide information necessary for them to complete their application for the Ministry of Education’s Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS)....'


Malaysia going hi tech to build flying cars

After Proton's success, the first Malaysian car, Malaysia is gaining confidence in building its own flying car. According to Yahoo News there are 4 proposals on the table. 'The first is a British initiative, the second a Malaysian initiative but it has to manufacture in Japan, the third is a collaboration between a Malaysian company and China which has the opportunity to export the first batch for inter-island hopping and the medical industry. The fourth is initiated by a drone industry NGO which is seeking Putrajaya’s assistance to bring the technology into Malaysia.'

This is what Malaysia boleh is all about. Malaysia is pushing ahead to become an industrial economy with modern technology. Singapore has yet to produce its own car. Malaysia is one up on Singapore in this area.

In the meantime Singapore can spend more money and effort to develop its food industry, have more hawkers and build more hawker centres or food courts. There was a time when the Malaysia Singapore Airways went separate ways and we have the Singapore Airlines and MAS. Singapore chose to go international, Malaysia chose to go domestic.

In this round, it is Malaysia that is choosing to go international, to go industrial. Singapore is going domestic, to go to the ground to encourage more Singaporeans including university graduates to become hawkers.

We will see the results in 10 or 20 years times to see who is more successful in this new economic strategy. Actually hawker food can also go international. Try to get a few Michelin stars and our hawker food can go places, prepared and cooked by graduates from NUS and NTU, super high class and high quality.


Hong Kong District Council Election - Hongkongers no longer naive?

'Hong Kong’s voters have turned out in record numbers to deliver a landslide for pro-democracy campaigners and a powerful rebuke to the government in local elections that were widely seen as a proxy referendum on the city’s protest movement....

According to preliminary results from partial counts, pro-democracy politicians should have control of 17 of the city’s 18 district councils, a sea change in Hong Kong politics, where pro-Beijing and government politicians have enjoyed a wealth of resources and support from the elite sectors.

“I would not use the word happy, but we have made progress towards a situation where we can fight back against the government,” said Clarisse Yeung, an artist-turned-politician who led campaigning in the Wan Chai district, and announced the shift of power with tears in her eyes.

“It’s important because we all know that we have been sacrificing too much in the past few months,” she said. “Hong Kong people are no longer naive. We have to prepare ourselves, we have to have faith in ourselves to bring change.”'

The above is from a report in Yahoo News describing how successful is the pro democracy movement in the district councillor election. 3 million voters turned out to give a big victory to pro democracy movement and they are now ready to take on China's 1.4b people. 

'Hong Kong people are no longer naive?'  Really, 3 million is a very big number, like a frog in a well would say the sky is so big when looking up. The hysteria and ecstatic cries to claim a big victory for democracy and maybe a break from China are in the air. If this is not stupidity what else is.

Is this really a victory and will change anything in Hong Kong, that Hong Kong can become an independent break away state of China, that Hong Kong can run its own political system to undermine the political system of 1.4b people in China that they hated so much?

What do you think, Hongkongers are no longer naive?


The Evil Empire Strikes Again

          The Evil Empire, USA strikes again in Latin America and the South China Sea. US fake withdrawal from Syria has already kick started its dangerous aggressions in Latin America and the South China Sea.

After eight years of aggression the United States finally realises its eight years of aggressive wars in the Middle East is untenable. Some factors that brought the US into the Middle East are greed for Middle East oil and natural gas, to secure and protect Israel's security as America's sheriff in the region and to establish military bases as a bastion in Russia's south to threaten and intimidate Russia and other nearby countries in the region like Central Asia and Africa.

US neocons toddle with the concept of nuclear bombing Iran to secure the whole of Middle East under US control and hegemony. However in the fall of 2015, when Assad invited Russia to help Syria militarily to foil US and its NATO allies to overthrow its regime the US - NATO dream of overthrowing Assad for regime change was shattered.

Having foiled by Russia and China in its vicious attempt to destroy the Assad regime and occupy Syria, the warmongering United States then heightened its focus on aggression against China in the South China Sea and the socialist countries in Latin America.

In the South China Sea US tries to create tensions and trouble by illegally and constantly sailing its naval warships close to Chinese islands in serious provocations under the pretext of freedom of
navigation. It constantly tries to stir up bad blood and fake issues to arouse Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia to go against China hoping to profit from a synonymous second middle east conflict in the region which it intends to create.

In Latin America the Evil Empire resuscitates and activates it imperialist monstrous Monroe Doctrine 0f 1823 of bringing all countries in Central and South America under US total hegemony. Under the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, all Latin America trade, imports and exports, natural resources both mineral and botanical products or services must be conducted through the United States. Such a vile scheme will only serve to enrich the United States and impoverish the countries in both Central and South America. Latin American countries which refuse to cooperate and toe the line will be brought to heel and suffer regime change.

That was what happened to many Latin American countries in the past. These countries like Argentina. Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Colombia are now controlled by the United States through its proxy lackey governments. As recent as during the last few years US tried to topple the governments of Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecaudor and Bolivia. It succeeded in Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecaudor and Colombia because of US use of hybrid warfare against these countries viz trade sanctions, economic sanctions, monetary and financial sanctions, tariffs and blockade and military coercion. Lastly it is also due to the high treason of white European descendants which consist of a large percentage among the impoverished native indigenous populations.

So far Cuba and Venezuela are saved from white American control and domination because of strong support from Russia and China. However president Morales of Bolivia is not so lucky because he trusted his Pentagon and CIA trained and indoctrinated military head, General William Kaliman , a Jew by ethnic race who committed high treason by forcing Morales and his government to resign. ( NB: a repeat of what CIA did to President Sukarno of Indonesia in 1963 when his Military head General Suharto , a pentagon trained general turned against him and topple his government resulting in the massacre of over three million Indonesians which CIA fakely claimed to be socialists or communists. ) Henceforth, Bolivia is now under white racists staunch pro-white American control, the control of white Spanish descendants who constitute about forty percent of the population.

Morales supporters have risen up in demonstrations everywhere in every town and city, in every village and countryside to condemn the coup and demand the restoration of the legally and democratically elected Morales government. It is sad the now CIA set up illegitimate fascist white supremacist government is carrying out brutal crackdown and suppression on the Morales supporters. Helicopter gunships directed by CIA are shooting down endlessly and indiscriminately on the pro-Morales demonstrators. It is a massacre of local indigenous native Bolivians.

None of the European countries as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand came out to condemn the coup or to condemn the United States for its hand in the brutal coup and regime change of the legally and democratically elected legitimate government of President Morales. Aren't these western countries staunch supporters of the principles of democracy. Or is it democracy is only for the white racists and serfdom and slavery is for the non-white people and countries. It is all western fake and hogwash. Damned the white Americans and the likes in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The United States has to control Bolivia so that it can have a free hand to  rob off its rich natural resources especially lithium which Bolivia has in plenty and possess about 70 percent of the world's reserve. Lithium is important and essential for the manuafacture of lithium batteries which are vital for the operation of electric operated motor cars and vehicles and in computers and mobile phones. China is the world's largest production of lithium batteries and prior to the coup Bolivia Morales government had signed with China in a win-win mining and production of lithium batteries in Bolivia.

So, now third world and non-white countries have better beware. Do not trust the United States and western countries. Do not allow CIA and the Pentagon military to infiltrate into their military organisations less they suffer the same fate of regime change. Do not allow American or western NGOs into any government departments for they operate like cancer cells and will eventually destroy your country and your people.


Monday, 25th November, 2019

Nobel Prize - 850m people lifted out of poverty not important

ANN ARBOR, Michigan: This year’s Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, and Michael Kremer for their experimental approach to poverty reduction.

In the Nobel Committee’s view, the economists’ use of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) to test whether specific interventions work – a method adapted from medical sciences – has “considerably improved our ability to fight global poverty”....

Conspicuously missing from this debate is the experience of China, which has accounted for more than 70 per cent of global poverty reduction since the 1980s, the most successful case in modern history.

Over the last four decades, more than 850 million people in China have escaped poverty. As Peking University’s Yao Yang notes, this had “nothing to do with RCTs”, nor did it involve giving handouts to the poor.

Instead, it was the result of rapid national development....

 What Yao fails to acknowledge, however, is that China’s impressive record of poverty reduction has been accompanied by two serious problems: Inequality and corruption.
When President Xi Jinping took office in 2012, China’s Gini coefficient (the standard measure of income inequality, with zero representing maximum equality and one representing maximum inequality) stood at 0.47, higher than in the United Kingdom or the United States.

A Chinese household survey reported an even higher coefficient of 0.61, nearly on par with South Africa.

A rising tide lifts many boats, but some rise far higher than others. So, while millions of Chinese were lifted just above the poverty threshold, a few individuals were catapulted to the heights of opulence.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/commentary/china-poverty-escape-economics-growth-inequality-nobel-prize-rct-12103676
The above CNA article is written by Ang Yuen Yuen, oops, it is Yuen Yuen Ang. Not sure to address her as Ms Yuen or Ms Ang. Anyway, after reading the article I came to the conclusion that poor countries should not adopt China's economic model to reduce poverty. The Chinese model may have uplifted 850m Chinese from poverty level, many becoming middle class, but the cost to pay is too high. The income inequality is too big to be acceptable. 
I would recommend countries to follow the models of the 3 Nobel Prize winners, go for small growth and small improvements and avoid the big inequality gap like in China. It is not a good thing to uplift 850m people from poverty and ended with high inequality income. This may be the main reason why no Chinese economist is deserving of a Nobel Prize for a historical feat of mammoth proportion, never experienced in human history, to uplift 850m people from poverty in less than 40 years. This is bad. 

The moral of the story is to stay poor as long as income inequality is kept low. This is good for the people, good for the poor. Why lift them up from poverty and create high income inequality? Better that everyone is poor than to have many becoming less poor with some becoming obscenely rich.

The Nobel Prize committee made a politically clever decision not to award anyone that helped to raise 850m from poverty level.


21st Asian Masters Athletics Championship in Kuching, Sarawak

We hosted the 19th Asian Masters Athletics Championship in 2016. China hosted the 20th and now the 21st will be hosted by Malaysia in Kuching, Sarawak from 2-7 Dec 19. The host Sarawak, Malaysia came to town to witness the Touch Run today at the Homes of the Athletes in Kallang. Among the officials of AMA were Sarawak Sports Minister YB Datuk Snowdon Lawan, Assistant Minister Youth and Sports and his entourage. Here are some pics of the event.

The Singapore Team going to Kuching with Team Manager Kannan and Team Captain Jason Wong.
The Singapore Team doing the Touch Run to...Kuching.

PS. I will be there running the 100m and the 4x100m relay for Men 70-74 age group. During this period I will try to post if possible but may not post daily given the circumstances.

Traitor is meaningless in Singapore

The word 'traitor' has been hurled frequently in the social media to condemn some individuals for doing wrong to country and people in Singapore. And rightly, these condemnations went nowhere, affected no one and were really meaningless in Singapore.

Singapore is a unique little piece of rock that belongs to everyone here, whether you are citizens or foreigners. Now they even have a new term called 'locals' to include foreigners who are PRs as 'locals'. What does this mean? No difference between citizens and PRs, all locals, enjoying and sharing the same rights and privileges as citizens. Who is trying to bluff who? Who is cheating who?

Singapore does not only belong to anyone here. Singapore belongs to the citizens of the whole world. Anyone can come in and work and given citizenship quite easily. One can come in as a tourist, applies for a job and get employed within weeks while daft Singaporeans could take months or years to find a job. There are now more foreigners in Singapore than citizens. In fact all those outside Singapore can claim a share of Singapore by coming here and work and be called 'locals', or simply being here. Singapore is theirs and daft Singaporeans are not complaining, getting use to it.

In many countries with some length of history, the words like motherland, home country, loyalty, pride of their citizenship, are common parlance and meant something very dear to their people. In Singapore, such terms are meaningless, just like the term 'traitor'. When there is no country, when the people are not proud of their own country or did not think or believe the country belongs to them, some even resigned to the fate that their country belongs to other people, to non citizens, what then is the meaning of a country, motherland, citizenship, loyalty, and what is wrong with giving the country away?

When giving the country away to foreigners, when inviting foreigners freely to take a share of the country, a big share of the country, do not evoke any sense of loss, any sense of guilt, then the word 'traitor' does not apply anymore. It is meaningless, irrelevant. No one cares whether one is a traitor or otherwise.

No Singaporean feels any misgiving or sense of guilt or loss of their country when the foreigners came flooding in. To these daft Singaporeans it is a natural thing, a good thing, an even better thing if the foreigners are here to take their jobs, steal their lunch, take over their country and to replace them. To the daft Singaporeans there is nothing wrong with displacing and replacing them with foreigners in their country. That is why no Singaporean would utter the world 'motherland'. The little piece of rock is not their motherland, not their country, can be given away freely.

When this is accepted as normal, then the word 'traitor' has no meaning anymore. If something belongs to you can be given away freely, no one thinking it is right to protect it, then it should be given away freely. The only time the word 'traitor' has some meaning is when one belongs to a political party and starts to go against the interest of a party. One then can be condemned as a traitor because the party has clear lines of what is theirs and what is not theirs. Being loyal to a political party can mean given million dollar jobs. Being loyal to a country means nothing, seen as kpkb by the unthinking and people with no country.

As for the general Singaporeans, nothing is theirs anymore, not this piece of rock, not the jobs and the good life. Thus, for those spouting the word 'traitor' they are spouting nonsense as the word has no meaningful meaning in this piece of rock. No one cares. Motherland, what motherland, we don't have one. This piece of rock belongs to everyone who wants it and who comes here and takes it.

When there is no ownership, there is no country and no pride to be a citizen. Singaporeans would soon be extinct or driven out of their own country by the 'traitors'. The new owners of this piece of rock are coming in by the plane loads everyday, and no one cares! No one bothers to ask if this is the right thing.


Use CECA to replace the expensive Singaporeans

Even if these India nationals’ credentials are not fake, also shouldn’t have allowed them to come to Singapore to compete for jobs.
How can ordinary Sinkies stand a chance if another 50 to 100 million India nationals – out of a population of more than 1.3 billion – with not fake degrees flood Singapore to take up the good jobs like in DBS, Citibank, JP Morgan, etc ?
India CECA is a stab in our backs, depriving us of our livelihood.

The above is posted in TRE following Aziz Kassim's post on the dabbawallas.  Yes, Singapore cannot afford to keep on paying high pays. Even the escooter food deliverers are expensive compare to the Indian dabbawallas. Let's bring in the dabbawallas to replace these expensive escooter deliverers. The dabbawallas only need a pole to bring their food everywhere, no need expensive escooters.

This replacement of expensive Singaporeans should go all the way. We should replace all the expensive CEOs in GLCs, those CEOs in MNCs, many already using Indian CEOs, we should also replace our top civil servants with cheap Indian civil servants.

And ultimately we should replace our millionaire politicians with Indian politicians. They are cheap and good, as good as all the CEOs imported and all the dabbawallas on the pipelines. If all the expensive Singaporeans are being replaced, the cost of living would definitely come down to the same level as in India.

What do you think?


US Senate legislates Hong Kong as a colony of the USA

The US Senate unanimously passed a Hong Kong Bill to support protesters in Hong and warning China against a violent suppression of the demonstrations as if  Hong Kong is a colony of the American Empire. The American Senators are voicing their strong support for the violent demonstrators and warned China against responding with violence. So what would the Americans do should China be so angered by this outside interference and whacked the demonstrators as they deemed fit? The Americans going to war with China?

The House said they were not kidding and also sanctioned Chinese officials deemed responsible for undermining Hong Kong's autonomy. 'Today's vote sends a clear message that the United States will continue to stand with the people of Hong Kong as they battle Beijing's imperialism,' said Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri. 'The Chinese Communist Party's quest for power across the region is a direct threat to America's security and prosperity. Also reported in YahooNews, 'The Senate Foreign Relations Committee's top Democrat, Robert Menendez, added that the legislation "makes it clear that the US will stand firmly and unambiguously with the legitimate aspirations of the people of Hong Kong."

The cocky Americans still think they are the Empire that rules the world. American Imperialism is on the decline and they are madly clinging onto their past glory and military superiority without wanting to know that those days were gone.

Hong Kong is not an American colony and the Americans can do nothing about it except screaming like drunkards boasting about how powerful and strong they are. Hong Kong is a Chinese territory. Period. Stop behaving like Dennis the Menace and meddling with other country's internal affairs. Stop supporting violence and lawlessness.

Down with American Imperialism!

Would China spite Donald Trump with this stupid piece of legislation and prolong the trade negotiation without signing?


22 year old PR caught for sex with 13 year old

Rojas Gil Dominic Babosa was caught again for having sex with a 13 year old student.  Caught again, not his first time. According to thenewpaper, 'He was given probation in 2014 and sentenced to reformative training a year later for having underage sex'.  And this 22 year old wildlife is a PR. How did he get his PR. And he is unemployed. How could an unemployed became a PR? Foreign talent? Do we have another CECA with the Philippines?

What kind of talent this wildlife possesses to be granted a PR? Special skills in having sex with underage children?  Is this skill so exceptional that he could still remain in this heavenly and peaceful island city and would not be repatriated because his special ability is lacking here?

Why no one in immigration or the govt thinks this kind of wildlife should not be here and be deported immediately as he is not only undesirable but also a risk to our young life? Or this is the new normal and his special sexual urge is nothing to abhor and nothing to be excited about all for nothing?

Now this wildlife is facing a 20 year jail, caned or fined. Why waste money and our highly expensive room space in Changi to keep and feed this wildlife? Send him away would be the best thing. And someone should check how this wildlife could become a PR without a job.

Today another wildlife was reported to be molesting girls brazenly in the bars and was in defiance when told to stop and even telling the bar manager how important he was. Singapore is really getting more oomph and vibrant with so many wildlife nesting here. It is indeed turning into a wild city with exciting adventures for the wildlife.

The dull and daft Singaporeans should confine themselves to the bland and lifeless 4 walls of their HDB flats to be safe from the wildlife. The city has become a playground, oops, hunting and mating ground for wildlife. Not to worry, such activities of wildlife will not get them deported. They are needed here for their talents and to create jobs for the jobless PMETs.


Lessons to be learnt from Hong Kong's riot and lawlessness? Do we know what is happening to Singapore?

What do you think Singapore can learn from the rioting and vandalism in Hong Kong?  Why is the rioting going on for so long and who and which country is supporting and protecting the rioters? What is the game plan of the rioters? Who are they fighting against? The answers to these questions would give us a clear understanding of what is happening and what Singapore can learn and to avoid.

One, they are anti China and anti mainland Chinese. Two, they want a western democracy to the extent that they would not mine becoming another colony of the British or Americans. Three, they can count on the West, especially the Americans, for support, financially, politically and even how to riot, how to vandalise, how to attack the police with the support of the western govt and media.

The answers are very plain and clear. If Singapore is to avoid becoming another Hong Kong, it must continue to be anti China and anti mainland Chinese. These are easy given the presence of so many bananas and their anti China and anti Chinese mentality. Hong Kong's 5m or so anti mainland Chinese think they are big and strong enough to beat up 1.4b Chinese. Singapore's 1m or so bananas may also think they are strong enough to be anti mainland Chinese and can beat them up too like the stupid Hongkongers with American and western backers. Singapore in this sense is safe.

And becoming a western colony is something quite pleasant. Singaporeans had a good time living under colonial rule, just like the Hongkongers and becoming a colony of the British would allow the old Singaporeans to reminisce singing God Save the Queen again. It is second nature. They love that. And the Queen of England could come visiting every now and then to grace this island and make the anglophiles very happy. If not becoming an English colony,  an American colony would be equally desirable. After all this is not a country for Singaporeans but for anyone that come here, invited here to make a living. The more foreigners the better. Singaporeans don't mind, did not know what is happening, did not know what it is like to lose their country and to be exiled from their once homeland.

As long as Singapore maintains an anti China and anti mainland Chinese policy Singapore would never become like a lawless Hong Kong. The Americans and the West would love Singapore dearly and would not instigate and support Singaporeans to go against the govt of the day.

Have no fear, Singapore would not become Hong Kong. But never try to break away from the American control and influence. Doing so would mean Singapore would become another lawless Hong Kong.
PS. important lessons, make sure the judges are Singaporeans, not new citizens. Also make sure the university professors are Singaporeans not foreigners whose loyalties are somewhere else. The education system and syllabus must be written by Singaporeans and for Singapore, not by foreigners, not by new citizens.

Only foolish govt would allow the judiciary and education systems to be controlled by foreigners.  Hong Kong is a painful lesson to learn from. Allow our IT, banking and financial systems to be controlled by foreigners ok?  Allow our employment and hiring system to be controlled by foreigners ok?

Still sleeping and living in ignorant bliss?


Shot policeman, hit by recoil of arrow bow

This video is going viral. The commentary is that this was the boy that shot the policeman with an arrow. Unfortunately the bow recoiled and hit his eyes. He is now in pain and fearing for his life that he could go blind on the injured eye.

What to say?

Thank you Singapore, for being so generous and kind

Thank you Singapore for giving jobs to more than 1m Indians that would be jobless and unemployed in India.

Thank you for helping to support our poorly managed telco companies by the billions and to pay for their upgrades and employees.

Thank you for investing in the US$5 billion Amaravati City Project in Andhra Pradesh. Sorry that we have to terminate the project and the millions that you have lost, a mere drop in your pocket, no big deal. Come try again next time, we have many such billion dollar projects waiting for Singapore to pump money in. Thank you very much.

As for the displaced Singaporean PMETs due to our 2m unemployed being employed in Singapore, please send them to India. We will provide the with good jobs and good environment for growth. India is a very big country and have plenty of jobs for unemployed Singaporeans. But we can only pay in rupees.

India still have a few hundred millions of unemployed and jobless talented and armed with many degrees available. Just open your legs and we will send them to you.  Thank you CECA.

And thank you for creating so many jobs here and all the investments in India and the billions pumped into our economy. We hope you are making money in India and not losing money as a result of your faith in India.

Singapore is such a wonderful place, with wonderful and generous people, so kind, so daft, so easily conned. We are coming to buy over Singapore, any land or properties that you can sell India and Indians will buy up.

Thank you Singapore. You are so nice.

PS. India has the money to buy up all the properties in Singapore, starting with the condos in the East.


The most destructive war in human civilisation-economic and population growth

Nuclear war is what everyone is afraid of. It would blow up mother earth in an instant and every human bean and living thing would be cooked alive or die within hours. Many more will die within months through radiation and hunger. And what everyone so fear about after a nuclear war would no longer need to fear, life ends on earth. All things passe.

This is something that is real and everyone is aware of and doing what they could to prevent it from happening. We know the danger and hopefully that is a good thing and that we can do something about it. The real danger is when we do not know what is dangerous, what is going to cause our extinction and happily chugging along as if they are the good things, the desirable things that we all need.

Unrestrained and uncontrolled population growth and economic growth are the darlings of the unthinking, the fake economists and leaders with simple ideas of what is good for a country and what is good for human civilisation, ie more population and economic growth.

All the problems of mother earth and human civilisation is caused by growth without qualification. Population growth and economic growth are about consumption. We consume everything, the more the population, the higher the economic growth, the more we consume ie the more we destroy mother earth. We eat up everything, we destroy the forest, the land, the sea...because we want economic growth so that we can be paid more.

Eventually we will destroy ourselves and the human race, by crying for more growth through consumption, by increasing population as the easy way out. Stop lying to the people, growth, real growth, sustainable growth, is not through population growth and consumption. The combination of economic growth and population growth is the surest formula to the destruction of mother earth and human civilisation.

WYSINWYG. What the charlatans and unthinking salesmens are selling about economic growth is like selling koyok. It is like selling drugs, the more you get the more you will need and the faster you die.

Don't not be deceived by economic growth through population growth driven by consumption of everything. Economic and population growth is a war of decay, a slow death we imposed on ourselves as something good and desirable, must have, good to have. There is something called enough. What is enough is enough. Anything more is dangerous, destructive and useless.

In thenewpaper today it quoted the study of scientists and experts saying this, 'the urgent changes needed include ending population growth, leaving fossil fuels in the ground, halting forest destruction and slashing meat eating'. Any actions against this is leading to the destruction of mother earth and human beans. The real causes of climate change is human consumption through population growth and economic growth.

And Hsien Loong was quoted during the National Day Rally speech, 'We must make this effort. Otherwise one day, our children and grandchildren will be ashamed of what our generation did not do.'  What is a speech? Let's get on with our population growth. We need 10m and later another 10m. You want economic growth? You want salary increases, you want bigger bonuses?


Another China bashing article in CNA

by DerrickA Paulo

China is hungry for food. The Amazon is left counting the cost

The face of Brazilian rainforest is changing, and China is responsible for that in no small way, with its newfound love of beef and demand for soya beans....(the bold emphasis is mine, and this is main statement of this article).

MATO GROSSO, Brazil: It is the world’s largest rainforest, containing 10 per cent of the world’s known biodiversity. And it is paying the price for helping to feed a country 17,000 kilometres away.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/china-hungry-for-food-amazon-left-counting-cost-beef-soya-beans-12097850

China needs to feed its population and would food from any country that is willing to sell, just like countries importing palm oil from countries that are clearing land for palm oil or soya beans, or importing weapons from countries that are manufacturing and selling weapons. Who is to be blamed, the buyer or seller? The buyer did not point a gun at the seller to sell their beef or palm oil/soya beans or weapons. It is the sellers that see good profit and decided to clear land for farming and plantations and factories to make weapons.

Why is it the fault of China that pays good money on a willing buyer willing seller basis. Why is China responsible for the deforestation of the Amazon? Did China send its soldiers that to clear the forest? This kind of western narrative at China bashing is prevalent to smear China as a irresponsible country. China on the whole eat less beef than the Americans or Europeans.  

All the irresponsible countries that are selling beef, soya beans and palm oils should stop their people from clearing land to produce these food to sell. If they don't sell to China they would sell to someone else. If they don't sell, they would have no money to feed their people and they will die or live in poverty. If they are so unhappy with what they are doing, then stop doing it. Why commit murders and blame China for it?

Singaporeans can also blame India for sending its unemployed and jobless in the millions to Singapore to work, depriving Singaporeans from good jobs, and also for clearing our little forest to build more homes and factories for these foreigners. Soon we would not have a single little forest in Singapore to talk about. Should be blame India for it? Using this stupid westernn logic, Asean countries affected by the annual haze should also blame China for buying palm oil from Indonesia?

What kind of stupid logic is this? And CNA is screening this programme that put the blame squarely on China for destroying the Amazon forest. I thought the anti China gang of four have been gagged, now this again. Is this good for Singapore China relations? What is the intent of Singapore to publish and screen such western narratives that always accused China of wrong doings when China is a distant innocent party? Why not publish and screen the crimes of the Americans and the West in the Middle East leading to the biggest exodus of Arabs and Muslims in modern history and the death and destruction of their countries and people? Why no narrative about the western wars and crimes against humanity in the Middle East and Africa that are worthy to be reported?

Oh the Americans and the West are so innocent. They are the angels helping the Arabs and Muslims, including protecting their oil fields. They are there to destroy their countries in order to rebuild them.They are there to kill them to force them to migrate to better places in Europe and America. See, what a generous, peace loving and magnanimous people the Americans and the West are compare to China for buying beef, soya beans and palm oil from countries that have to destroy their forests.

Brazil, please don't feed the Chinese, you don't have to, you don't have to clear your forest to do so. Is Brazil helping China or China helping Brazil? Brazil like all developing and underdeveloped countries do not need China's money or help. All the countries asking China to build their roads and railways and infrastructure did not need so. They do not need the roads and railways and infrastructures and ended in debt, owing money to China. They can continue to live their way of life, poor roads, no railways no infrastructure and be happy as they are. The West love them to be like that.

Why incur debt? If they want to incur debt, they must do it in a big way like the Americans in tens of trillions US$ or like other developed countries, including Singapore, all high in debt. These countries never complain about their debt but very happy with their big debt and development and all the good infrastructures. The poor and developing countries must remain as they are, poor and underdeveloped and debt free.The West love them so much that they pain to see them in debt, owing money to China but not to the West.


China should pass laws to support and protect the victims of rogue USA

The American Senate is going to pass a law to support terrorism in Hong Kong and interfere in China's domestic affairs under the pretext of protecting democracy and human rights. China cannot stand idly by and do nothing white the world's number one rogue nation is supporting the break away of Hong Kong from China and separatist movements and violence in Hong Kong.The white Americans thrive and prosper on stolen land, stolen oil, stolen money and abuses of human rights and crimes against humanity in the practice of slavery and genocides against the native Americans.They are the world's worse criminals against the human race. The Americans are the ones that are supporting terrorists movements and wars everywhere to support their war industries and prosper.

What China can do is to return the favour and enact laws to support the victims of American colonialism, imperialism, human rights abuses, genocides, slavery and white supremacist movements in the USA and around the world.

Among the causes China can pass laws to support are;

1. Support the descendants of native Americans to reclaim their land lost to the white invaders.
2. Support their claims for compensation for the genocide against the natives of North America and the violation of their human rights.
3. Support the descendants of African slaves to claim for compensation against the crimes committed by the white Americans against their forefathers.
4. Support their claims against white supremacy cruelties, oppression and lynching of their forefathers.
5.Support the claims of victims of American invasions and murders of the victim countries across the Pacific Ocean and SE Asian countries particularly the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.
6. Support the natives of Diego Garcia and surrounding islands to reclaim their land seized and occupied by the Americans and turned in nuclear fortresses, and claim compensations as well as compensating for the murders of their forefathers through bombings and diseases and testing of chemical weapons.
7. Support the claims for loss of lives and properties for the invasion of Iraq, Syria and other African and Arab countries by the Americans, and their forced dispersal and uprooting from their homeland.
8. Sue the American govt for racist anti Chinese immigration laws, the murders and exploitation of immigrant Chinese in early colonials days of North America.

The list can go on for another few hundred pages. China should set up a fund to invite the descendants of the above crimes against humanity and the robbing of the native lands to fight these cases in American courts of law and the UN, finance their leaders to visit China and offer them all aspects of support, financially, politically, emotionally etc etc.

Let the white Americans know that their crimes against humanity are not forgotten and it is pay back time. Make the white Americans pay and be ashamed of their crimes to prevent them from pretending that they are angels and protectors of human rights and humanity.

Shame the white Americans and their leaders everywhere and in every major world organisations, conferences, meetings and summits. China can support and champion all anti American movements across the world openly and legally. Both can play the game of viciousness and animosities. China have many more righteous causes and people to support than the fake and pretentious white Americans.


Singaporeans being shortchanged by....

To be a Singaporean is very tough and very expensive. From birth to death, it is a very expensive business all the way. Just ask how much it costs to prepare a child from conception to delivery in our world class hospitals, the prenatal visits to the specialists and consultants all costs a bomb. By the time a baby is born, it would cost the parents tens of thousands, in S$.

The next phase is the expensive milk power with special formula to make the baby grow up smart, to become not only an Einstein but also a star sportsman or sportswoman or an artiste. Of course the truth is that many would end up as security guards and food deliverers. And to make this happen, some already started teaching while the baby is still a foetus in the mother's womb. This would be followed by the most expensive childcare and pre school child development programme. The six years before school would not be cheap for sure.

The six years of primary school of intense pressure to get not only As but A stars to be good enough to be in the top secondary schools and Pre Universities. The tuition and ECA costs would be something the parents would be willing to bear to their best abilities. Never mind if the grown up child could not get a proper job but becomes temp.

And many would get into our really good polytechnics and universities, world class with world class fees. By the end of this journey, a few hundred thousands could be spent on the child from the rich families and not much lesser from the not so rich families.

Then there is this national responsibility to do 2 years of NS and reservist duties for another 20 years. Then there is this very expensive pigeon to pay for if one thinks of getting married, and the usual cost of living in this super expensive city.

The battle has just started. This super expensive young Singaporean is pushed into the deep end to compete with cheap and hungry foreigners that went through an education system, if there was one, or some fake education system with fake degrees for jobs. The cheap foreigners would be happy with anything, what more do they want when most of them don't even have a proper education or degree to start with. And they do not have to spend years in NS and to pay for the super expensive pigeon holes to live in and the high cost of living.

And they said the foreigners are more talented, willing to work for less, better than the super expensive Singaporeans coming from a super expensive education system and expecting to survive in a super expensive city with cheap third world pay or to compete with cheap third world half past six products.

Are Singaporeans being shortchanged? Is it fair for Singaporeans to compete with wildlife from god knows where with god knows what education that cost a fraction of what a Singaporean would have to pay for to start life as an adult? Is it fair to say everything is fair and square, Singaporeans have to be more competitive vis a vis the wildlife? How to, you tell me.

It is totally irresponsible to put our Singaporeans to compete with the wildlife in our home country without any protection or advantage but full of disadvantages. How could Singaporeans not gone jobless, unemployed, underemployed and eventually extinct, unable to compete in their own country with rules and systems that treat foreigners as equals to Singaporeans?

But it is ok. Daft and unthinking Singaporeans think the system is fair and meritocratic and the best man or woman, Singaporean or wildlife, deserves the job and pay he could get. There is nothing unfair to Singaporeans and those Singaporeans that cannot make it deserve to be losers, in their homeland.  Do not blame others, blame yourself for being not good enough, for spending hundreds of thousands to grow up, to get a good education and made to compete with those that did not spend a fortune on growing up and armed with fake degrees from dubious backgrounds and need only spend a fraction of what a Singaporean spent. And better still, no need to pay for super expensive cost of living that needs a comparable income to keep up with.

Thank you daft Singaporeans for being so understanding and dismissive of your own plight and taking responsibility for it. You deserve to be in this pathetic state of affair in your very own country.


Hong Kong - A festering wound turning cancerous

More violence on the streets of Hong Kong.  More burning, arson, fighting and more deaths are on the card. Anti rioting citizens beaten or burnt by the rioters. Rioter shot by the police. The recipe for violence against the police and govt of Hong Kong continues unabated and getting more and more destructive, and deadly.

What is the main difference between this violent protest and the historical protests against the colonial govt, against foreign invaders? In this Hong Kong case, the rioters are not protesting to drive out foreign invaders and colonialists, they are rioting to break free from China, to become a new state, a separatist movement.

The reality and practicality of such a movement is ludicrous. Hong Kong cannot survive on its on as a separate entity economically. The next reality is that Hong Kong is an integral part of China, just like Taiwan and Macau. A strong and unified China has no reason to let Hong Kong break away and is able to resist any foreign intervention to wrestle Hong Kong away from China.

China has many cards to play and foreign conspirators and agitators at most could only give lip service and no direct military, financial or any kind of support without facing the wrath of China. The ridiculous violent nature of the protest, the threats to life and property, could be put to an equally violent end should China choose to do so but not willing to do so to avoid more death of its own people. Is this a bigger evil than to let the unthinking youths and their unthinking supporters to continue to run amok in Hong Kong?

China can wait for as long as Hong Kong is allowed to burn itself down. The rioters, terrorists and arsonists could go on to destroy Hong Kong as a viable economy, turn it into a war zone. As long as the problem is contained in Hong Kong, Hong Kong can be dragged into a bottomless pit by the rioters for as long as they so chose. There is no sympathy for the thoughtless and mindless Hongkongers who think they could break Hong Kong away from China. Such naivety of the Hong Kong people is laughable.

In the meantime China would just wait it out and let Hong Kong burn itself out. Hong Kong would become a cancerous open wound that would be allowed to waste away.  At the rate it is going, it would not take long before the Hong Kong house collapses on its own. Hong Kong would have to be destroyed, by the Hongkongers, before it is rebuilt to be an inalienable part of China.

Let there be more violence and more killings. Let the rioters and terrorists attacked and killed more policemen and Hongkoners that don't agree with them. Only then could China come in to wipe the killers and murderers out of Hong Kong. Violence would be met with violence. China is letting the world witness how destructive and deadly are the Hong Kong terrorists before moving in to shoot them on sight.

Let it burn, let Hong Kong burn to the ground, by the stupid an unthinking Hongkongers.


White House Invitation - No free lunch

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two White House officials described tensions and frustrations among some of the nation's top diplomats as President Donald Trump, backed by his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, pressured Ukraine to investigate Democrats.

In closed-door transcripts released by House impeachment investigators on Friday, Fiona Hill, a former White House Russia adviser, and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, an Army officer assigned to the National Security Council, detailed an extraordinary series of meetings and interactions before and after a July phone call in which Trump asked new Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate political rival Joe Biden and Ukraine's role in the 2016 U.S. election. At the same time, the U.S. was withholding military aid to the country.

Like previous witnesses, the two describe their concerns about the call and a gradual understanding that the aid and the investigations were linked. That connection is at the center of the Democrats' impeachment probe....

Both Hill and Vindman describe a July meeting in the White House, before the call, in which Trump's E.U. ambassador, Gordon Sondland, told Ukrainian officials that Trump would hold a meeting with Zelenskiy if they launch the investigations.  Yahoo News

The impeachment of Donald Trump is gathering steam and more evidence are pointing to the road of full impeachment, not just an investigation. The evidence and witnesses are standing up for all to see. No amount of con talks by Trump will be able get him out of this shithole. Trump is going to be dunked and drown in his own shit.

Another thing that came out from this investigation is the right to free lunch in the White House. No one will be invited to the White House for free lunch. There is an expensive price to pay. In the Ukraine case, it is to do the dirty work of Trump if he is to be invited.

Duterte was invited but turned down, knowing that there was a heavy price to be paid. So don't think it is so easy to be invited. A lunch in the White House is not a casual and innocent business with nothing going on under the table. How much is the price for a lunch at the White House?Trump or any American President does not have time for wasteful chit chat and lunch in the White House. The time of the POTUS is very important and expensive. Pay dearly, if you want to have lunch with him.


Hsien Loong - Hot button issues

In his party address to 2,500 PAP activists Hsien Loong raised two hot button issues, one, raising of GST, and two, amendment of Constitution to ensure the president is from the minority group, from time to time.

In the first issue, despite claiming that we have so many hundreds of billions, maybe trillions, in our reserves, the govt is showing signs of desperation for money, to collect money, and raising GST is what it is going to do. Why so urgent, so desperate I don't know. Only reason is money not enough. If money enough, there is no need to keep on taxing the people. Right? Or because money got so much, more reason to want to tax more, to collect more money? I leave it to you guys to guess what is wrong or right with this desperation.

I think it is ok to amend the Constitution to provide for a minority president every now and then. I also think that this is unnecessary as long as the ruling party knows what it is doing, to every now and then put up a minority president as it should be. Having to amend the Constitution is a very serious thing and in our case a very complicated thing that would only aggravate the already sensitive and emotional situation, now made more complex with the irresponsible increase in population with more new minorities becoming significant in numbers.

In the past we have the CMIO formula that was quite readily accepted. Now with minorities that may become majority, with new minorities growing in numbers, a change in the Constitution is unlikely to please anyone and may even become a problem for the future. The number of Indians is increasing rapidly and could become a majority or near majority. The number of Pinoys, Myanmese and whatever tribes are also growing. How to cater to these new minorities?

We used to lump the significantly lesser minorities as Others conveniently. But if their numbers grow, would it be necessary to include in the Constitution for a Pinoy PM, a Malay PM, an Indian PM, maybe a Myanmese PM etc in the future? Would the now bigger Others be able to be grouped under Others when their numbers become significant to demand their rightful place in the island that once did not belong to them?

What would happen if Indians and Chinese are equal in numbers in the future, or nearly equal in numbers when the difference is undefined? Is there a need to define how many is necessary to be considered majority or minority? Hypthetically, what if the distribution becomes 40% Chinese, 35% Indians, 15% Malay and 10% Others? When the Chinese are no longer the absolute majority, and the minorities are not significantly lesser than the Chinese, how would the majority minority formula be defined or redefined? Would the current presumptive formula in the about to be amended Constitution still be valid and relevant?

Amending the Constitution on racial grounds is opening a can of worms that would be difficult to put back in. This is truly playing with fire as no formula is going to be right or acceptable to all. I would suggest stick to the present formula and do not try to fix something that is not broken. There is no one formula that would please everyone and it is better to stay with what we have now.


CECA - what is real and what is fake news

'Among these was the claim that CECA has allowed Indian nationals to take PMET (professional, managerial, executive and technician) jobs away from Singaporeans.

Mr Chan clarified that all FTAs, including CECA, place no obligations on Singapore with regard to immigration.

"Indian professionals, like any other professionals from other countries, have to meet MOM's (Ministry of Manpower's) existing qualifying criteria to work in Singapore. This applies to Employment Pass, S Pass, and work permit.

"Second, CECA does not give Indian nationals privileged immigration access. Anyone applying for Singapore citizenship must qualify according to our existing criteria," said Mr Chan....

While Mr Chan acknowledged that economic uncertainties have created anxieties over job security, he asserted that perpetuating fear, is not the right response.

"We understand, and we share Singaporeans' concerns with competition and job prospects in the current uncertain economic environment. But the way to help Singaporeans is not to mislead them and create fear and anger," said Mr Chan....

Mr Chan said that MOM is aware of companies that have breached fair hiring practices and will weed them out to protect Singaporean workers and businesses.  
Source: CNA/hs
Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/chan-chun-sing-clarifies-ceca-ramesh-erramalli-12078768

In the above report Chan Chun Sing explained that while Singapore allows Indian nationals to work in Singapore under CECA terms, Singapore's Immigration rules still  override the terms in the CECA to protect the interests of Singaporeans. What about the special clauses that allow 127 Indian professions to come in with no need to check their qualifications, in a way recognising every and any shit institutions in India?

In 2017, the Indian govt threatened to sue the Singapore govt for tightening the immigration rules to regulate the free flow of Indian nationals under the CECA terms. 

India had signed its first ever CECA with Singapore in August, 2005, under which both sides have a preferential tariff arrangement for over 80 product lines. Besides, India and Singapore enjoy greater access in services and investment under CECA.

The CECA's second review was launched in May, 2010, but since then the review had been held up mainly on two important issues. One is allowing Indian banks to Singapore and second the free movement of Indian professionals. I think this has been enhanced since to make it easier for the Indian professionals to come in, unchecked.

The Singapore government, in its effort to reduce reliance on foreign workers, passed the ‘Employment Pass Framework’ in 2010 under which the foreign share of the total workforce has to be brought down to around one-third by the companies located there, while encouraging employers to invest in productivity in return for incentives in the form of tax breaks.  Is this being practised in Singapore's 'Chennai' Business Park in Changi? There have been so many eyewitnesses claiming that on entering these offices they are shocked to see at least 80% of the workers are Indians.

However, India has argued that while Singapore has done this to address its own domestic concerns, it had committed a separate provision under CECA, exempting India from such a rule. The matter has taken a political colour now….’

Since then there was no more threats of India suing Singapore. Maybe some agreements had been reached that satisfied India's demand for more free flow of Indian nationals or some relaxation on the part of Singapore's immigration rules. Whatever, if the Indian govt is not complaining, it means they are very happy with the arrangement. On the Singapore side, everything very quiet except that the unemployment of PMETs and young Singaporean graduates get worse by the days.

Now it is exploding and everyone is talking about it. The opposition parties are also raising this as a major issue in the coming GE. What is real or fake can only be judged by the numbers of Indian PMETs here versus the sad and miserable stories of Singaporean graduates losing their jobs or unable to get a decent job, not half baked part time jobs or as Grab drivers or Grab delivery boys and girls.

In the past there was this policy of allowing foreign graduates to work in Singapore if they came from recognised and reputtable universities. Today this is forgotten and with CECA, any rubbish universities, real or fake also can, and their dubious and funny graduates are now in top positions in Singapore's economy, bossing around and ridiculing our local graduates from the world's best universities overseas and our NUS and NTU.

It is time to reintroduce the practice of only recognising the degrees of good and reputable universities, not karang guni universities and back lane degree mills.How would this affect the unbelieveable loose conditions in the CECA if it is implemented?

PS. Thanks Frog Outside Glass for the below extracts from CECA.

CECA Article 9.3 Para 3 states:

"Neither Party shall require labour market testing, economic needs testing or other procedures of similar effects as a condition for temporary entry in respect of natural persons upon whom the benefits of this Chapter are conferred.”

Article 9.5: Long-Term Temporary Entry:

"Intra-Corporate Transferees:

1. Unless there has been a breach of any of the conditions governing temporary entry, or an application for an extension of an immigration visa has been refused on such grounds of national security or public order by the granting Party as it deems fit, each Party shall grant temporary entry to an intra-corporate transferee of the other Party, who otherwise meets its criteria for the grant of an immigration visa, for an initial period of up to two years or the period of the contract, whichever is less. The period of stay may be extended for period of up to three years at a time for a total term not exceeding eight years.


2. Each Party shall grant temporary entry and stay for up to one year or the duration of contract, whichever is less, to a natural person seeking to engage in a business activity as a professional, or to perform training functions related to a particular profession, including conducting seminars, if the professional otherwise complies with immigration measures applicable to temporary entry, on presentation by the natural person concerned of:

(a) Proof of nationality of the other Party;

(b) Documentation demonstrating that he or she will be so engaged and describing the purpose of entry, including the letter of contract from the party engaging the services of the natural person in the host Party; and

(c) Documentation demonstrating the attainment of the relevant minimum educational requirements or alternative credentials.”

3. Each Party shall process expeditiously applications for temporary entry from natural persons of the other Party, including requests for further extensions. Each Party shall notify applicants for temporary entry, either directly or through their prospective employers, of the outcome of their applications, including the period of stay and other conditions.”

Unless there are valid reasons concerning National Security, Public Order or Public Health, all applications for the 127 listed industries and fields should be approved without delay. That means approval is just a formality.

CECA also provides spouses and dependents of Indian PMETs granted employment pass in Singapore to be employable in Singapore. This is stated in Article 9.6:

"For natural persons of a Party who have been granted the right to long term temporary entry and have been allowed to bring in their spouses or dependants, a Party shall, upon application, grant the accompanying spouses or dependants of the other Party the right to work as managers, executives or specialists (as defined in paragraphs 2(f)(i) to (iii) of Article 9.2), subject to its relevant licensing, administrative and registration requirements. Such spouses or dependants can apply independently in their own capacity (and not necessarily as accompanying spouses or dependants) and shall not be barred by the Party granting them the right to work from taking up employment in a category other than that of managers, executives, or specialists solely on the ground that they as the accompanying spouses or dependants are already employed in its territory as managers, executives or specialists.”


Reading the relevant critical details, one can’t help but conclude that CECA has basically given Indian Nationals (including their dependents) unlimited access to Singapore's jobs markets on a No-delay fast-track approval channel and, therefore, many Singaporeans' rice bowls have literally been handed over by the PAP elites to India Nationals.


Brad Bowyer - A plea to reclaim Singapore for Singaporeans

'To make matters worse, behind all that is an air of entitlement and unaccountability from a group who pursues policies that appear ever more clearly to be meant for the benefit of the few and to the detriment of the many. Policies and economic models that are moreover being put forward by a team who inherited most of what they have, who are insular and far less competent than their forebears, and are designing and implementing ways to make the nation unlivable for all but their chosen few.

So this coming election won’t just be about restoring good governance and running the nation as a country for all the people again. It will be about the very survival of the ordinary citizen in the face of what I can only describe as a cold, calculating and, for want of a better word, vicious “elite” who have no compunction to sacrifice anything or anyone to stay in their positions of power because they must know in their hearts exactly how undeserving they are and exactly what they are doing to Singapore as a whole.

This Machiavellian group must be ejected before the damage they are doing becomes irreparable. Already our society is fracturing and faltering and our country and culture is drowning in a sea of imports and the worst top down examples of extreme capitalism, callousness and indifference towards others. Poverty is growing, suicides are increasing and depression, stress, unhappiness and a sense of isolation are becoming widespread. We are now feeling like outsiders in our own country and it is only getting worse.'

The above are quoted from Brad Bowyer's article posted in the TRE. I am putting them up for discussion here. In the first paragraph Brad talked about entitlement mentality, a phrase that is often used to belittle Singaporeans for wanting to be treated like citizens for their sacrifices and the contributions of our forbears in building this successful city. Yes, we Singaporeans and our forbears built this island to what it is, not the wildlife that came recently, claiming that they built this city and some silly dumbasses also echoed this myth, that we owed it to the wildlife that came after we have made this island a success. We are entitled to a better life in this island than the wildlife. We don't owe the wildlife anything. They are parasites here to fleece on what we have built.

But what about the entitlement mentality of the elite that Brad Bowyer said above? What are the entitlements that the elites are demanding and taking them for granted, taking the people for granted? In short, economic benefits and power to the few that ruled the island as if it belongs to them. For mediocre performance they are demanding to be paid out of this world salaries as elected politicians, non employees that designed their own jobs as if they are employees with career path and salaries that can go up and up.

The people have been going along with the govt for several decades without questioning as they too benefited from the growing affluence and success of the island and economy. But this success story that benefits everyone is starting to look different, with the majority of the working class starting to feel the pinch, working furiously and desperately to make ends meet while the elites enjoy their world class living and lifestyle and demanding for more and more. The social divide is widening everyday with many of the pioneer generations have to work as cleaners to survive their golden years.

The survival of the ordinary citizens is at stake as Brad Bowyer said, 'inn the face of what I can only describe as a cold, caluculating and, for want of a better word, vicious "elite" who have no compunction to sacrifiice anything or anyone to stay in their positions of power...socienty is fracturing and faltering and our county and culture is drowning in a sea of imports...We are now feeling like outsiders in our own country and it is only getting worse.'

I can't disagree with Brad Bowyer's perception of the new realities that are affecting the people in general except for the elites and the few fools here earning a few dollars and thinking that they are very successful and pretending to be very happy with what is going on.

What do you think? Do you think it is time to reclaim our country from the elites and the wildlife they brought in?