Brad Bowyer - A plea to reclaim Singapore for Singaporeans

'To make matters worse, behind all that is an air of entitlement and unaccountability from a group who pursues policies that appear ever more clearly to be meant for the benefit of the few and to the detriment of the many. Policies and economic models that are moreover being put forward by a team who inherited most of what they have, who are insular and far less competent than their forebears, and are designing and implementing ways to make the nation unlivable for all but their chosen few.

So this coming election won’t just be about restoring good governance and running the nation as a country for all the people again. It will be about the very survival of the ordinary citizen in the face of what I can only describe as a cold, calculating and, for want of a better word, vicious “elite” who have no compunction to sacrifice anything or anyone to stay in their positions of power because they must know in their hearts exactly how undeserving they are and exactly what they are doing to Singapore as a whole.

This Machiavellian group must be ejected before the damage they are doing becomes irreparable. Already our society is fracturing and faltering and our country and culture is drowning in a sea of imports and the worst top down examples of extreme capitalism, callousness and indifference towards others. Poverty is growing, suicides are increasing and depression, stress, unhappiness and a sense of isolation are becoming widespread. We are now feeling like outsiders in our own country and it is only getting worse.'

The above are quoted from Brad Bowyer's article posted in the TRE. I am putting them up for discussion here. In the first paragraph Brad talked about entitlement mentality, a phrase that is often used to belittle Singaporeans for wanting to be treated like citizens for their sacrifices and the contributions of our forbears in building this successful city. Yes, we Singaporeans and our forbears built this island to what it is, not the wildlife that came recently, claiming that they built this city and some silly dumbasses also echoed this myth, that we owed it to the wildlife that came after we have made this island a success. We are entitled to a better life in this island than the wildlife. We don't owe the wildlife anything. They are parasites here to fleece on what we have built.

But what about the entitlement mentality of the elite that Brad Bowyer said above? What are the entitlements that the elites are demanding and taking them for granted, taking the people for granted? In short, economic benefits and power to the few that ruled the island as if it belongs to them. For mediocre performance they are demanding to be paid out of this world salaries as elected politicians, non employees that designed their own jobs as if they are employees with career path and salaries that can go up and up.

The people have been going along with the govt for several decades without questioning as they too benefited from the growing affluence and success of the island and economy. But this success story that benefits everyone is starting to look different, with the majority of the working class starting to feel the pinch, working furiously and desperately to make ends meet while the elites enjoy their world class living and lifestyle and demanding for more and more. The social divide is widening everyday with many of the pioneer generations have to work as cleaners to survive their golden years.

The survival of the ordinary citizens is at stake as Brad Bowyer said, 'inn the face of what I can only describe as a cold, caluculating and, for want of a better word, vicious "elite" who have no compunction to sacrifiice anything or anyone to stay in their positions of power...socienty is fracturing and faltering and our county and culture is drowning in a sea of imports...We are now feeling like outsiders in our own country and it is only getting worse.'

I can't disagree with Brad Bowyer's perception of the new realities that are affecting the people in general except for the elites and the few fools here earning a few dollars and thinking that they are very successful and pretending to be very happy with what is going on.

What do you think? Do you think it is time to reclaim our country from the elites and the wildlife they brought in?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree. Time to fight for our country. Time to make it out home again. Time to make those who put us into these predicaments pay for their sins caused by selfish, greedy and power-craving ambitions.

Anonymous said...

The following is an abstract of what the boyish-looking Chan Chun Sing said while trying to threaten recent disquiet and unhappiness about the unfair CECA with India. Please read with critical thinking and read in between the lines (what that is not said):

[ Mr Chan said that CECA does not give Indian nationals privileged or unconditional access to Singapore, and that “none of our FTAs do”.

“Indian professionals, like any other professionals from other countries, have to meet MOM’s (Ministry of Manpower’s) existing qualifying criteria to work in Singapore,” he said, adding that anyone applying for Singapore citizenship must likewise satisfy existing criteria.

Read also: PM Lee calls on Asean and India to 'redouble' economic integration efforts

“All our FTAs, including Ceca, place no obligations on Singapore with regard to immigration matters.”

Mr Chan noted that there will always be some employers and employees that try to “circumvent our system” but added that “they are the minority”.

Less than 1 per cent of those who employ foreigners who are Employment Pass holders are on MOM’s FCF watchlist, he added. 

Being placed on the watch list means that the MOM will scrutinise these firms’ Employment Pass applications more closely.

Mr Chan said Singapore’s network of FTAs, including Ceca, has attracted more global multinational corporations to Singapore and created more opportunities for businesses and better jobs for Singaporeans.  

“Since 2005, PMET jobs for Singaporeans has grown from 825,000 to 1.25 million now,” he added.

This is more than half of all Singaporean jobs, Mr Chan noted. There are 2.2 million Singaporeans in the workforce, according to MOM.

Mr Chan added that the unemployment rate of Singaporeans has been one of the lowest globally, both before and after the signing of Ceca. The FTA has also allowed homegrown companies such as BreadTalk and Teh Yih Jia to expand into the Indian market. 

Bilateral trade between the two countries has grown from S$16.7 billion to over S$26.4 billion, with Singapore now one of India’s largest foreign investors, he said. ]

Anonymous said...


The word "abstract" should be "extract".

Anonymous said...

/// Less than 1 per cent of those who employ foreigners who are Employment Pass holders are on MOM’s FCF watchlist, he added. ///

That means MOM only monitors less than 1% of the hundreds of thousands on employment pass! In other words, 99% of these easy-entry job-grabbers are not being monitored by MOM!

Anonymous said...

'Mr Chan noted that there will always be some employers and employees that try to “circumvent our system” but added that “they are the minority”.

Less than 1 per cent of those who employ foreigners who are Employment Pass holders are on MOM’s FCF watchlist, he added.

Being placed on the watch list means that the MOM will scrutinise these firms’ Employment Pass applications more closely.'

Only fools and dafts would believe in the above. Only 1 percent are affected when more than 50% of these foreigners are here with fake degrees and more than 80% came from lowly rated universities, ranked in the 1,000s.

Anonymous said...

/// "Since 2005, PMET jobs for Singaporeans has grown from 825,000 to 1.25 million now,” he added.

This is more than half of all Singaporean jobs, Mr Chan noted. There are 2.2 million Singaporeans in the workforce, according to MOM. ///

2.2 million working minus 1.25 million PMET jobs, means 950,000 Singaporeans are working as taxi drivers, security guards, delivery men/women, self-employed, tissue-paper sellers, ice-cream sellers, toilet cleaners, dish-washers, etc.

According to SM Tharman, foreign workforce in Singapore amounts to one-third of total workforce, that means 1.1 million foreigners are working in Singapore.

Out of the 1.25 PMET jobs, how many are taken by people of Ramesh The Bully new citizen type?

How many PMET jobs are taken by PRs?

In real terms, how many True Blue Singaporeans are holding PMET jobs (excluding those in the civil service)?

Anonymous said...

/// Bilateral trade between the two countries has grown from S$16.7 billion to over S$26.4 billion, with Singapore now one of India’s largest foreign investors, he said ///

Bi-lateral trade increased from $16.7 Billion to $26.4 Billion because Singapore (especially Temasek Holdings and subsidiaries, GLCs and GIC) have pumped in more than $10 Billion into India to help its economy. In the process, $4 billion has been wiped out in a new project which has now be arbitrarily cancelled by India. And Singapore cannot sue to recover the taxpayers' money.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the more Chan Chun Sing tries to defend CECA, the more he shoots himself in the foot.

It clearly shows he still does not fully understand the intricacies and loop-holes in the Modi-Modified CECA!

OMG! And he is supposed to be the best strategist among all the top paper generals!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky for Singaporeans, he is not going to be next PM?

Virgo 49 said...

On MOM terms.

What's farking terms?

Made a mistake in allowing unlimited access to Singapore's 123 or is it 127 professional jobs and just simply said on what's their farking terms.

Their farking terms could be twisted and allowed by them as NO one or even not one oppo MP asked for them to.be declared.

That's why daft sinkies must vote in Opposition MPs to grill the policies.

Not under their mercy to do as they fancy and hai kow yew falsehoods to your simplistic minds.

This AA idiot rebuked that Oppo Candidates are lazy and are just opportunistic to be elected to be paid millions like the Papies.

Did the Opposition Candidates if elected are asking to be paid millions?

They might even amend that all their remunerations to be slashed.

Taking thru his Ass hole.

Anonymous said...

The "vicious elites' must be taught to be not vicious and not elitist.

But how can the daft Sinkies, who are also Money-greedy, Kiasu and Kiasi, be able to teach those top scholars anything?

This is the biggest irony. The situation can only perpetuate and become worse and worst.

Only when the 99-year lease expires, and thousands of families have no homes, no jobs and no respite for depressiob, unhappiness and convoluted anger, will there be a sudden awakening to repell the long-suppressed emotions from within, to focus full-blust upon the uncaring faces of the "vicious elites".

Anonymous said...

From his latest speech, CCS is clearly qualified to be one of the "VICIOUS ELITES"!

Anonymous said...

"Brad Bowyer - A plea to reclaim Singapore for Singaporeans"

TCB's PSP ready to be govt or not?

If not, how to reclaim if PAP will still win and win big?

If not, what's the difference between TCB's PSP and CSJ's SDP?

Will PSP also end up like SDP? Don't forget TCB, and despite his calibre, is no more baojiak PAP candidate, u know.

Anonymous said...

Brad Bowyer is just like another Chee Soon Juan.

Talk a lot and talk big but party is not even strong and ready to be govt.

This type of politician majority Sinkies will sure reject one.

Don't believe, just wait and see lah.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Bread Boiler? I mean Brad Bowyer. He is Ang Moh or smelly prawn?

Anonymous said...

Sinkie opposition must learn from Matland politicians.

Before their 2018 GE, Matland opposition announced that their opposition coalition is ready to be govt with Dr M as their PM. And with that, they won their 2018 GE.

Sinkie opposition must also announce that they are ready to be govt with TCB as their PM before the coming GE.

Only then will they even have chance to win more seats or better still, replace PAP as govt.

Can the Sinkie opposition do that?

If not, forget about even existing lah.

Anonymous said...

Ya lor. How to reclaim Singapore from a Sinking Singapore? Even if reclaimed, also no use mah. The land is sinking all the time. The tide is rising all the time. The pressure-cooker is pressurizing all the time. The situation is even more hopeless when flooded with the shits and fakes from 3rd world villages like India via the easy backdoor afforded by the lobe-sided CECA???

Anonymous said...

Opposition until now cannot be united. Don't want or not ready to be new government to replace PAP. Only happy to have 30 seats so as to chit-chat with PAP MPs in Par-Lee-Men and then get screwed by PAP Ministers in front of everyone....

And if opposition get 51% of seats, who can be PM? Who can be Balls-Carrying DPM? Who can be Financial-suicide Minister? Who can be Defied Defence Minister? Who can be Foreigners' Foreign Minister? Who can be Law-Abiding Minister? Who can be Home Decoration Affairs Minister? Who can be Women Power Minister? Etc ...

In short, who are of ministerial materials?

Anonymous said...

I think if Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling were to throw in their weight to the opposition, there will be a big stir in the hearts of many fence-sitting voters.

Virgo 49 said...

All these Dafts harping nonsense.

Why the need to be the government when you can still have them here to answer for their past blunders?

Just an articulate Opposition MP can bring them to their knees

Just see how even SL and PEH of the Workers Party had gold fish eyes karang kabok when he cannot answer their questions.

Don't you think that the Opposition MPs for the time before they become the Ruling Government grill and query the PAPies before they can vanished??

imho said...

too late. so many living overseas. the gov do not even let them retain their passports but allow many new citizens to easily have two passports.

Anonymous said...

BreadTalk and Teh Yih Jia can expand into India ... so what?
- how does this benefit Singaporeans?

Please do a cost benefit analysis.

What do Singaporeans have to give up in order for these two companies to be able to expand into India?

Anonymous said...

Chan (Mental Masturbation King) Chun Sing.

King of the Ivory Tower.

Ah Beng of the PAP Millionaires

#1 Cocksucker of the Leedershit

Anonymous said...

Do you think it is time to reclaim our country from the elites and the wildlife they brought in?

Low Thia Khiang already said Sinkies are very scared that they may accidentally vote the PAP out because the opposition is not ready to be govt.

So do you think it is time for the opposition to be ready to be govt so that Sinkies are not scared to vote the PAP out and reclaim our country?

Anonymous said...

PAP will not lose as long as majority who are smart Sinkie PMETs still have jobs.

Only daft Sinkie PMETs who are a minoirty of Sinkie PMETs will lose their job to CECA talents.

That's why PAP can still win despite daft Sinkie PMETs becoming jobless or as GRAB drivers.

I think TCB is wasting his time fighting for daft suffering Sinkies who are a minority.

So even if TCB got their votes, TCB will still lose because they are minority votes. LOL

Anonymous said...

Fuck PAP

Fuck Chan Chun Sing,
the fucking PAP Ah Beng

Anonymous said...


You can fuck Keechiu all day (or imagine yourself to). But the hard truth is that Keechiu gets to fuck much more beautiful women than you, and he gets to remain RICH!!!

Human nature is human nature. If oppo or even virgo by some miracle gets to form the govt --- they too will implement policies similar to PAPies ... and fuck the rest of you. WHY?!?!?! COZ HUMANS WANT TO GET RICH & BE WINNERS, THAT'S WHY!!!

The correct response is not to KPKB, it is this ==> Got Greed & Focus?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

Don't blame pap lah! No point!

It is the masses! No matter what is done to them, they will DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE vote for pap!

At most the masses will only TCSSssssssss and kpkbssssssssss! They are kwai kwai one! Everyone also bo-chup cheng-hu! Let cheng-hu do what they want!

Sg is like that liao! Don't scold me. Seriously Sg is like that liao.

You can change the masses?


Anonymous said...

// Bilateral trade between the two countries has grown from S$16.7 billion to over S$26.4 billion, with Singapore now one of India’s largest foreign investors //
Chan (motherfucker) Chun Sing

So what if bilateral trade between Singapore and India is $26.4 billion?

So what if Singapore is now one of the largest investor in India?

Anonymous said...

Anybody except PAP.

Vote them out.

PMD riders who have just been fucked by yhe PAP ban.
Please vote Opposition.
Tell PAP to fuck off

Anonymous said...

Hi 148pm

Best wishes to you!

But on the ground many many people are talking about pap 75%-80% with 100% seats at the next GE.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


2:01 pm

Very possible, or at least 93% possible.

Even TCB will lose, because he is no more PAP brand.

Even CSJ can win, if he become PAP candidate.

Singapore is like that one lah, so I think TCB is wasting his time because he is no Mahathir. And at almost 80 years old already, TCB has not much time to waste.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ All

Bowyer is not saying anything most of us already know. Every new "wannabe" political-contender tries to find "new ideas" when they step up to the hustings. There are none. What they have are the same-old ideas just "re-packaged" for the current "audience".

The PAP has bested any attempts to oppose them...Chia, Chee, JBJ, James Gomez...etc...etc, and recently John Tan...all kena "ousted" from upcoming GE's by fair means or foul. After every GE, the PAP grows its power and influence such that our tiny island has a GIGANTIC STATE APPARATUS administered by an EMBEDDED PLUTOCRACY which shows no signs of quitting.

In my case, after weighing my observations, I concluded in the 1980s that The People had lost their cuntry to The State, and its administrators. Within a short time thereafter, The Administrators claimed the cuntry for themselves by TOTAL CONTROL of everything and everyone, from cradle to grave and the RICE BOWL in the peoples' lifetimes too.

After Goh Chok Tong made his famous "quitters" speech, I said, "Enough is enough lah. Fuck this guy and from henceforth, because my cuntry is GONE, I shall now consider Singapore a HOTEL!That's when the idea of "Hotel Singapore" was born, as a SNUB, 2-finger salute to the fuckwit Goh, who is still hanging around like a foul stench at a garbage dump.

Annoying and troubling aspects of life require analysis and CONTEMPLATION. Time is our most valuable resource. Then we have our physical resources like our material assets and biological faculties...like the mind, our skills our capacity for physical and mental grinding. All these resources are LIMITED. Especially the fact That we are mortal and going to DIE!

So in my case, I was made to choose. Do I :
1. Stay and fight to get my cuntry back?
2. Make my own way, concentrating only on MY self-interest and letting the fates take care of Singapore.

Of course, I chose the latter. Either choice involves the PROBABILITY of success and failure. Either choice involves trade-offs and INCURRED COSTS (nothing is "free"). So I chose to live in 2 cuntries as a "Permanent Tourist". That is my choice, and it's worked well.

But, I'd be an ass if I thought I was the only one behaving in my own self-interest. Millions of Singaporeans do the same every second of every day. We all have different methods and objectives but the UNDERLYING MOTIVATION is self-interest .

Our resident War Stocks Guy has found his way. There are another few chaps here who own condos (Condo Rental Guys) and are "winning" from their rental cashflows. All have made the choice: do I get on with my life or do I go down and burn my weekends attending gabfests at Hong Lim Park only to achieve No ACTIONABLE solutions ? (come Monday, same-o-same-o)

If "misery loves its own company", then surely those who seek to "win" will be thinking about the world differently...No?

What Mr. Bowyer said is true, but not new. I am glad he makes mention of the entitlement mentality among the "leaders". when you have all the power and a sense of entitlement within themselves, the outcome is bound to be "entertaining". 🤣

Tick tock, The Death Clock.... 死亡 💀⚰️

Anonymous said...

Study the straits times classified add carefully.

Compare the things advertised through the years.

Result very crystal clear.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 212pm

Hahaha... you are 1o8% correct!

Branding is everything! To many many many many, PAP is the old trusted brand. They are now too BIG TO FAIL!

Anonymous said...

Opposition Parties Can Easily Form A New Government

There are eleven political parties in Singapore - PAP and 10 Oppositions parties.

That means there are 10 Secretary-Generals in the Opposition Camp. If these 10 Secretary-Generals join force, they can easily form a Cabinet of good Ministers.

Don't forget, there are also 10 Chairmen, making a total of 20 good calibre people.

That's not all. There are also others within each Opposition party who are also good calibre people.

Moreover, there are many others like Lee Hsien Yang who may be ready/waiting to join the Opposition parties.

So, examine in proper perspective, the Opposition Camp can in reality form a good calibre government to run Singapore.

Therefore, do not despair. Do Not Give Up On The Opposition Camp. Democracy do not come easy, especially when dictatorship have been instilled, embedded and forced upon and accepted by the populace for so long.

In many countries, like the USA, only human sacrifices and blood-shed brought about democracy. Hope there is no such a need in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

What's so good about the PAP government?

Cancer Loong
Nearly die of stroke Heng
Fucking in small places Jo Teo
Mental Masturbation Chan Chun Sing
$8 bypass Khaw
Breach of security Gan

Anonymous said...

Agreeable that Dr Tan Cheng Bock is no Dr Mahathir.
However, at over 30 years younger,
Dr Tan certainly has many years to contribute.
The lmportant Criteria he has to fulfill is to unite the Alternative Parties and have the Wellbeing of the People as his motivation to be in politic.
Thus far he has done well, it is now up to the Other Party Leaders to work with him.

if Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling work with him/TCB,the Coming GE Result shall favour the PSP very much.

Anonymous said...


Only in Singapore where the State Prosecutor appeals to the High Court on behalf of a company that the sentence is TOO MUCH!!! LOL!!!!

Hence if you're SMART in Sinkieland, you ought to know what to do & how to capitalise on the ENTIRE SYSTEM to benefit you, yourself & your family!!!!

Don't be a loser who can only KPKB & blame all others, while being a hypocrite yourself since you won't bother to help anybody else who is even worse off than you are.


Anonymous said...

The Reality of PAP And Predicaments Of Singaporeans Today

PAP used to be good - very good, 80/100 marks. It used to take good care of the people. But that is history now.

"Past is past,
Now is now.
Time is over,
Cannot count!"

Now PAP only takes care of their power-base, elites and cronies.

And pretend to take care of the people tokenly and cusorily. Not sincerely. Not whole-heartedly.

There are always excuses. Sometimes absurd excuses. Sometimes, reversed-logic excuses. But they are nevertheless excuses.

Whatever benefits it dishes out, there is always a hidden agenda behind it.

What are the hidden agendas?

1. To trade for your vote - this is easily understood over the last 50 years or so.

2. To go after your money, e.g. CPF insurance schemes (or scams, depending on which side you are standing).

3. To increase existing taxes, e.g. Water Tax to 30%, GST to 9%.

4. To introduce new taxes, e.g. Carbon Tax.

5. To enact new laws or amend old laws, e.g. POFMA and numerous amendments to the Penal Codes

6. To manipulate the Constitution or your Constitutional Rights, e.g. amendment after amendment to the sacrosanct Constitution, which each minister has sworn to protect and defend, but instead attacked, mutilated and rubbished it until it is no more the original, carefully thought out, and carefully laid out as the foundation stones for the existence, progress and prosperity of ALL Singaporeans (not just the Ruling Elites and never Foreigners or PRs) regardless of race, language, culture and religion.

7. To install a stringed-puppet "ELECTED President", converted from Indian by birth to Malay by CONvenience.

8. To cater to foreigners' needs over Singaporeans' needs, under the guise of foreign talents, to replace and displace Singaporeans' jobs and increase PAP votes through granting New Citizenships.

9. To control you and your family, from cradle to grave. This goes without saying. No need to give examples. You should know better by now. If you still do not know, you must either be apathetic, brain-dead or still in the kindergarten and primary school.

10. Suppression of freedoms of assembly, movement, speech and access to legal avenues of redress (without having to spend a bomb) - Hong Lim Park protests compared with Hong Kong's prolonged six months' protests would easily substantiated what I mean.

So, are you awake or still blur like sotong? If you are awake, do you know what to do next? Majulah or Matilah? War Srock Guy, Condo Rental Guy, or Ordinary Guys?

Happy-go-lucky or Take Action for your Future and your Children's Future?

Change or Status Quo?

The vote is in your heart and mind. The power is in YOUR HANDS! Be a slave forever or be a collective Master of Your Own Destiny?

Enough said. Talk too much becomes counter-productive. People's Action Party only understands ACTION!

Don't be NATO. ACT!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Other than Tharman, no one MP or Minister dares to open his/her golden mouth to say anything against the foreigner that hurled vulgarities against the security guard.

No wonder Tharman is seen as the natural leader to be the PM. The rest are either protecting the wildlife, fully in support of CECA or increasing the population with more wildlife, or afraid to say the politically incorrect thing.

Anonymous said...

oh, please do not say anything bad about my darling wildlife. They are the most talented people to bring progress and growth to Singapore. Without them Singapore will surely mati.

Anonymous said...

What can the opposition do when most Singaporeans, rich, middle-class and poor including those who have problems having three meals a day, seem comfortable with or have no wish for a change of the governing party which will likely continue in perpetuality

Anonymous said...

Other than Tharman, no one MP or Minister dares to open his/her golden mouth to say anything against the foreigner that hurled vulgarities against the security guard.
RB 9:03 pm

Tharman open his mouth is enough already what.

Even if no minister open their mouth, PAP will still win election what.

So why need other ministers to waste energy to open their mouth, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Hi good evening.....

In conclusion........the masses will DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE vote for pap!

So don't waste time lah!


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB.

Not forgetting the two NMPs who abstained from voting against the WP.

At least, they have the conscience of human beings who had souls and knew the truths unlike the PAP parrots who toed the line just for the sake of their monies.

Anonymous said...

Zero EQ and Zero Critical Thinking people of the rich, the middle class, the poor and the destitutes will continue to support the "vicious elites" in perpetuity. This is fate.

A nation started off with deceipt will end in deceipt.

A nation started off with gruesome cruelty will end in extreme cruelty.

A nation started off with nothing will end in nothing.

Anonymous said...

What does this true life story tells you?

A prominent Saint Petersburg-based Napoleon expert has confessed to murdering his young lover and former student and dismembering her body in a grisly crime that sent shock waves across Russia.

Oleg Sokolov, a 63-year-old history lecturer who received France's Legion d'Honneur from Jacques Chirac in 2003, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of murder after he was hauled out of the icy Moika River with a backpack containing a woman's arms.

"He has admitted his guilt," Sokolov's lawyer Alexander Pochuev told AFP, adding he regretted what he had done and was cooperating.

A court on Monday will decide whether to arrest the historian, who was being treated for hypothermia in a hospital.

Sokolov was reportedly drunk and fell into the Moika, a tributary of the Neva, in central Saint Petersburg as he tried to dispose of body parts near the offices of investigators.

After disposing of the corpse he reportedly planned to commit suicide at the Peter and Paul Fortress, one of the former imperial capital's most famous landmarks, dressed as Napoleon.

He told investigators that he shot and killed his lover during an argument and then sawed off her head, arms and legs, media reported.

Police discovered the decapitated body of Anastasia Yeshchenko, 24, with whom Sokolov had co-authored a number of works, and a blood-stained saw at his home.

- Shock and dismay -

The historian, who also taught at the Sorbonne, is the author of books on French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

He acted as a consultant on several films and took part in historical re-enactments of Napoleonic wars.

Both he and his lover studied French history and liked to wear period costumes, with Sokolov dressing up as Napoleon.

Students described Sokolov as both a talented lecturer who could impersonate the French emperor and his generals and a "freak" who called his lover "Josephine" and liked to be addressed as "Sire".

Many expressed dismay, saying Sokolov had long been known for his hostile behaviour but officials had ignored several complaints.

Vasily Kunin, who studied with the victim, blamed the university management.

"They did not pay attention to certain things," he told AFP.

"There was a policy of hushing things up."

Media said that Sokolov also beat up and threatened to burn with a hot iron and kill another female student in 2008 but was never charged.

More than 800 people have signed a petition calling on authorities to punish the Saint Petersburg State University leadership.

"What happened is simply monstrous," a Saint Petersburg State University lecturer told AFP.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said Sokolov was dedicated to his work but was also emotionally unstable and abused alcohol.

Screenwriter Andrew Ryvkin said Sokolov was one of his lecturers, describing the Saint Petersburg-based university as a place where "alcoholics" and "anti-Semites" felt at ease.

- 'How did this happen?' -

But some people who have known the lecturer for years said they were flabbergasted and at a loss to explain the tragedy.

His former student, Fyodor Danilov, said Sokolov was regarded as one of the university's best lecturers but also an eccentric man who at times yelled in French.

A spokeswoman for the Grand Chancery of the Legion of Honour, indicated that Sokolov might be stripped of his award.

The final decision rests with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Sokolov was a senior member of the Russian Military-Historical Society headed by Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky.

The organisation immediately sought to distance itself from the controversy.

Sokolov was also a member of Lyon-based Institute of Social Science, Economics and Politics (ISSEP), which announced Saturday that he had been stripped of his position on its scientific committee.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Yew

Anonymous said...

The Shocking Facts About CECA

CECA Article 9.3 Para 3 states:

"Neither Party shall require labour market testing, economic needs testing or other procedures of similar effects as a condition for temporary entry in respect of natural persons upon whom the benefits of this Chapter are conferred.”

Article 9.5: Long-Term Temporary Entry:

"Intra-Corporate Transferees:

1. Unless there has been a breach of any of the conditions governing temporary entry, or an application for an extension of an immigration visa has been refused on such grounds of national security or public order by the granting Party as it deems fit, each Party shall grant temporary entry to an intra-corporate transferee of the other Party, who otherwise meets its criteria for the grant of an immigration visa, for an initial period of up to two years or the period of the contract, whichever is less. The period of stay may be extended for period of up to three years at a time for a total term not exceeding eight years.

2. Each Party shall grant temporary entry and stay for up to one year or the duration of contract, whichever is less, to a natural person seeking to engage in a business activity as a professional, or to perform training functions related to a particular profession, including conducting seminars, if the professional otherwise complies with immigration measures applicable to temporary entry, on presentation by the natural person concerned of:

(a) Proof of nationality of the other Party;

(b) Documentation demonstrating that he or she will be so engaged and describing the purpose of entry, including the letter of contract from the party engaging the services of the natural person in the host Party; and

(c) Documentation demonstrating the attainment of the relevant minimum educational requirements or alternative credentials.”

3. Each Party shall process expeditiously applications for temporary entry from natural persons of the other Party, including requests for further extensions. Each Party shall notify applicants for temporary entry, either directly or through their prospective employers, of the outcome of their applications, including the period of stay and other conditions.”

Unless there are valid reasons concerning National Security, Public Order or Public Health, all applications for the 127 listed industries and fields should be approved without delay. That means approval is just a formality.

CECA also provides spouses and dependents of Indian PMETs granted employment pass in Singapore to be employable in Singapore. This is stated in Article 9.6:

"For natural persons of a Party who have been granted the right to long term temporary entry and have been allowed to bring in their spouses or dependants, a Party shall, upon application, grant the accompanying spouses or dependants of the other Party the right to work as managers, executives or specialists (as defined in paragraphs 2(f)(i) to (iii) of Article 9.2), subject to its relevant licensing, administrative and registration requirements. Such spouses or dependants can apply independently in their own capacity (and not necessarily as accompanying spouses or dependants) and shall not be barred by the Party granting them the right to work from taking up employment in a category other than that of managers, executives, or specialists solely on the ground that they as the accompanying spouses or dependants are already employed in its territory as managers, executives or specialists.”


When we go into the details, we can’t help but conclude that CECA has basically given Indian Nationals unlimited access to Singapore's jobs market on a No-delay fast-track approval channel and, therefore, many Singaporeans' rice bowls have literally been dispensed off by the PAP elites to Indians. How can this be falsehood?

Who are the real culprits causing divisions in our society?

Virgo 49 said...

A Nation Masquerading as A Democracy And As A Mock Prosperous Nation will also ended up as a Dictatorial and Beggar Nation"

Virgo 49 said...

MOT even so called SMART sinkies will also joined their not so smart sinkies in losing their jobs.

Thinking they are sheltered and protected.

What's happened to one can also happen to you

Always remember this.

Virgo 49 said...

Wow, Today All the Media Mouthpieces of the PAP will have a Field Day propagating the Virtues of the PAP.

Looks like they starting to instill FEARs into the Daft Sinkies with their Hai Kow Yew.

Have the Slogan PAP 65. Reminiscent of his Papa Pioneer PAP to gain traction from the Daft Sinkies.

Looks like the Election is near, very near.

Announcing their giving you a chicken drumstick and taking back a whole chicken philosophy.

Still have to sell his Father's Reputation to gain the Dafts votes.

No wonder no want to demolish his House. So can every now and then tried to con the Dafts of their merits.

Singaporeans better VOTE wisely or you gonna have another five years of HELL with Opposition MPs to stop their destruction.

Paid heavy GST and Taxes just for the sake of the new Citizens.

They came here to NOT only steal your livelihoods but also all the reserves that your fore generations and you had built up

Virgo 49 said...

Should be another Five Years of HELL with NO OPPO to stop their destruction.


Anonymous said...

GE is probably in December. The three musketeers have fired the first three shots already.

All three use FEAR-MONGERING as the tactic to scare off any fence-sitter from voting the Opposition.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Anon.

A little Twetty Bird hinted that Dec 14th.

But it seemed they want to con the Dafts by announcing the GST enhanced benefits to lure the unthinking into their traps.

This could be after the next Bull Shits Speech which may be brought forward.


Anonymous said...

Hi good morning everyone...

Don't believe anyone who tell you "Don't waste time lah." You are not wasting time. Fighting for the survival of our descendents is never a waste of time.

The masses are very very very very very awaken now! Most are now fed up and flabbergasted.

They will die die die die die die die die will not vote for pap under any condition!

So... really really you have all the points!

Hahaha Hahahahahaha....VTO PAP!

imho said...

too late. the dumb and greedy papists have made the agreement to allow india to colonise singapoor many years ago.

Play Bazaar city said...

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Anonymous said...

The most sensible, albeit not too prettty, comments are by WSG and Matilah Singapura. Especially Matilah, on time being the most important resource. It is good to have RB kept you around here.

Maybe, had this place been not so full of hypocritical bullshit and self-serving serfs (yes you the men in white, you; you and your little prince mentality), they may have grown to embody a different kind of mentality (of co-operation and fairness) for themselves, and I may have grown up to see a different kind of Singapore today.

So much wasted opportunities and potential to grow a society that is organic, unique and proud to call our own (rather than importing $$ via cheap labours). Gone with the wind to never return in my lifetime.

Ah well, while I know who to always vote for as my part and voice, I know the rules of the game and history well enough to know to not expect anything at all from the white money grubbers. I can only lament the sad waste of that kind of power by the Lees to not build something more interesting than their own $$ kingdom.

Off to systemic exploitation then gentlemen! The world awaits us for our riches!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 517

>> they may have grown to embody a different kind of mentality (of co-operation and fairness) for themselves, and I may have grown up to see a different kind of Singapore today.

Cheer up! You still can grow and develop into who you choose to be! There's nothing stopping except for the stories you tell yourself in your own head. Change the narrative and your outlook/ experience will change.

As for "fairness" and "cooperation": if you are perceived to be "unfair" you will not go very far. If you do not "cooperate" with others, you won't even get off the starting block.

Everyone has self interest---it's basic human nature. Everyone is looking for ways to satisfy their agendas and objectives which result from self-interest . Everyone wants to be appreciated, respected and treated nicely.

Everyone also thinks themselves as a fair person when it comes to doing deals and making judgments. And therefore they all perceive that something is a "fair deal", when what they actually mean is that they got the best deal for THEMSELVES!!.

I have written many posts on the importance of Guanxi, and the fundamental life skill of always keeping YOU OWN SELF INTEREST clearly in mind and ONLY making choices and taking action which are in your OWN SELF INTEREST.

Bringing Guanxi and Self Interest together: The more you are able to create "value" to satisfy other peoples' self-interest, the more they will like you, and probably offer you more opportunities to "create value"....might not be from them directly, but they'll help you through their own networks. Most Singaporeans SUCK AT SERVICE and "value creation" because their own self-interest doesn't extend to making other people "happier" or "wealthier". This kind of narrow self-interest is the real career-killer.

I'm no "ex-spurt". I'm simply sharing what works for me...and I learned these ideas in the most painful ways. I have a nagging suspicion that this starts off in the schools: people are encouraged to COMPETE for good grades, not cooperate to achieve greater outcomes. The "success" culture is complete bullshit. No one "wins" alone, not for long, anyway.

P.S. The government is made up of Singaporeans. Therefore they are instilled with the same "toxic aspects" of Singaporean culture as the people they are governing. I think it is LUDICROUS to expect anything different

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