Australia spreading fake news and disinformation on China

A Chinese man claiming to be a Beijing-sponsored secret agent who defected to Australia is really a convicted fraudster and wanted criminal suspect, Shanghai police have claimed.

The police statement was issued late on Saturday, hours after Australian media reported that William Wang Liqiang gave a sworn statement to the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) about Beijing’s efforts to ­influence politics in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

The reports said Wang had given ASIO the identities of senior Chinese military intelligence officers in Hong Kong, as well as ­details of how espionage work was funded and conducted there, as well as in Taiwan and Australia.

Shanghai police said Wang – described as a 26-year-old unemployed worker from Nanping in the southeastern province of ­Fujian – was given an 18-month suspended sentence in October 2016 for fraud by the Guangze county court in Fujian....

 According to Australian ­media, Wang said he had ­engaged in political infiltration and disruption operations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and ­Australia.

“I have personally been ­involved and participated in a ­series of espionage activities,” The Age newspaper cited Wang as ­saying in his October statement to the ­intelligence agency.
He also said he was involved in the kidnapping and detention of Lee Bo, the owner of Causeway Bay Bookshop and one of five booksellers who disappeared in Hong Kong in 2015. ­Chinese ­authorities denied accusations that they had kidnapped the men, but accused them of ­distributing dissident materials.

Wang also said he was part of an intelligence operation hidden within a Hong Kong-listed ­company that infiltrated the city’s universities and media to counter anti-government protests that have been ongoing since June. He also said he was part of infiltration operations to meddle in last year’s regional elections in Taiwan and the upcoming presidential poll.

He is now seeking asylum in Australia and said he feared he would be executed if he returned to China. Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said on Saturday that Wang’s case and his accusations were “very disturbing”.

The above report by Yahoo News gave two sides of the story of a 26 year Chinese who is seeking political asylum in Australia and claiming that he was a Chinese intelligence officer. The China's side of the story was that this man was a fugitive, a fraudster and a wanted criminal.

Which side is telling the truth and which side is lying? This man is only 26 years old and he claimed to know so much about China's intelligence service and officers and also involved in so many intelligence activities that a normal intelligence officer would probably take half his career to experience. At 26, how many years would be he employed in an organisation, how much information would he be exposed to given his limited years in the service and seniority? The nature of an intelligence service is that one is exposed to only things within his scope of duty. How did this young man know so many senior intelligence officers? And how could he be involved in so many operations as if he was a master spy?

Of course Australia and ASIO would have all the reasons to want to believe in this young man's story to besmear China, to support their agenda of telling the world that China is setting up a big intelligence network and operation against Australia. The details and abundance of information provided by this young man clearly proved that he is lying and fabricating stories that ASIO planted in him, in collaboration with ASIO.

No young kids at a tender age of 26 would be exposed and be involved in so many intelligence activities. The time factor would not allow it to be real. The info supposedly given by this young man was likely fed to him by ASIO. Only ASIO has those info, not this ignorant kid. He is too young to know much or allowed to know so much.


Anonymous said...

CNA also spreading Anti-China misinformation and disinformation on behalf of America.

CNA should now be known as

Virgo 49 said...

Taiwan's CTI past few nights been discussing about this Hue Liam or William banana traitous nonsense.

Even Taiwanese do not believe in this boh lean chor sia suay Chink chink.They critised his bullshits with eyes shifting as he speaks.

Many of these traitors including cjink chink Sinkies are in the same insane boat as him.

A real disgrace to their Race.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, holy Gracie's, james bond movie or the Bourne supremacy or good shepherd spy movie alike coming into reality.

imho said...

Some asylum seekers were actually criminals who have committed fraud in china and parked their money in many western countries and granted refugees status. we do not live in an ideal world.

Anonymous said...

China must reorganize her internal security and counter-intelligence organizations and expand it ten-fold in order to catch up with the expanded CIA and the Five Eyes.

In this area, China has been found slacking. That's why there are so many leakages and traitors escaping the security nets.

This reorganization and expansion should include cyberspace security as well.

Dictatorship Must Be Eradicated said...

Sudan - A Lesson For Singapore

Chan Chun Sing said what has happened in Hongkong can also happen to Singapore.

To extrapolate his wisdom, I also say what is happening in Sudan can also happen to Singapore.

Read the following report from worldnews.com:

"Sudan's new authorities on Thursday ordered that the party of ousted autocrat Omar al-Bashir be dissolved and his regime "dismantled", heeding the call of protesters whose campaign led to the leader's overthrow.

Bashir and his Islamist National Congress Party (NCP) had ruled the northeast African country since 1989 before a nationwide protest movement resulted in him being deposed earlier this year.

The country's new ruling sovereign council and the cabinet led by Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok made the decision to dissolve the party, approving a law titled "Dismantling of the regime of 30th June 1989".

"The National Congress Party is dissolved and its registration is cancelled from the list of political parties in Sudan," the decree said, adding that a committee would be formed to confiscate all its properties and assets.

"None of the symbols of the regime or party would be allowed to engage in any political activity for 10 years".

The dissolution of the party was "not a revenge" against the country's former rulers, Hamdok wrote on Twitter.

"But it aims to preserve the dignity of Sudanese people which was crushed by dishonest people.

"This law aims to recover the plundered wealth of the people.""

All Forms Of Dictatorship Must Be Eradicated for the common good of all mankind!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 956

>> All Forms Of Dictatorship Must Be Eradicated for the common good of all mankind! <<

Yeah, goog luck with that.

The People Get The Dictator They Deserve.

Without dictators, there is no human progress, because...

The Tree Of Liberty gets THIRSTY and has to drink from the blood of patriots and DICTATORS frequently.

Dictators are the saviours of our species!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I tell you lah, human beings are EXPENDABLE when taken in context with the BIGGER PICTURE for continuation of The Cuntry.

Anonymous said...

// Chan Chun Sing said what has happened in Hongkong can also happen to Singapore. //

Who cares what that PAP Mental Masturbator has to say.

Anonymous said...

Country is expandable when taken into context of the One World Order!

One World Order is expandable when taken into the context of Universal Law of Impermanence and Change.

Nothing is not expandable. Another 50 years and most commenting at this blog today will be dead and gone.

So even dicks-tators or dicks tasters are expandable when taken into larger and larger context.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1255 & 100

No one knows what will happen tomorrow let alone in 50 years time. It could well be that Dictators in 50years time are even more "havoc" than what human history has shown thus far.

Of course lah, everyone is "impermanent". However it is very difficult to "expend" a dictator. They can last long long time...and in that time they can kill many thousands even millions of "more EXPENDABLE" people.

Face the hard truth lah...in the realm of politics you are expendable, so are you family, your friends, even your enemies.

That's why smart Singaporeans have EMBRACE REALITY: you die, your business. (ie no one gives a flying shit about you or your problems)

It is up to you to choose to live and prosper. If you leave it to politics, then like the rest of the losers, you'll be "canon fodder", to be used up for the benefit of the others more worthy than you people wasting oxygen.🤪☠️⚰️

Got "majullah juice" in your veins?

PS Singapore is a soft dictatorship. Got plenty of free kicks. Up to you to exploit lah.🤑

Anonymous said...

Any surprise that Australia is spreading distorted news about China? This is one of the clique that is spying on the Chinese for the USA. And don't forget Australians are the descendants of criminals of the UK in exile.

I agree with Frog that China must tighten it's internal security and expand it's counter intelligence operation worldwide, which it is particularly lacking. China needs to set up their version of the CIA to counter external subterfuge if needed.

Much has been made of Chinese spying activities, but all that pales in comparison to the US, which has all the social media vehicles like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc which are all at the disposal of the state. Of course they will deny, even when they got caught spying on the German leader. What about those leaders that do not have the German sophistication to uncover such spying on them?

It takes a thief to catch a thief, which really speaks volumes of their fear of Huawei's 5G, insinuating that they have been using 4G platform in their spying activities all along and which will not work on Huawei's 5G platform.

Anonymous said...

The Good Die Young, The Bad Live Long

Yasuhiro Nakasone, who survived combat and escaped the war crime tribunal for his war crimes during World War II as a navy officer, has died at age 101.

This proves that bad people live very long while good people die young.

He is also the one who revived and expanded Japan's postwar military and economy as one of its most influential prime ministers.

Nakasone’s hawkish policies as prime minister from 1982 to 1987 and his push to solidify defense ties with the U.S. influenced the next generation of politicians in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, including Japan’s current prime minister, Shinzo Abe.

As a result of these hawks' aggressive intention, Japan is now poised to dominate Southeast Asia militarily again. Japanese leaders have repeatedly expressed their desire to take over the US as the Policeman of the Asia Pacific region.

In addition, Japan has always harbour the intention to defeat and destroy China like what it has done 80 years ago.

Moral of the story:
Atrocity is a winner. The meek is a loser.

Anonymous said...


Singapore's newest billionaire is a 39-yo ex-PRC geek.

Co-founder of Sea Ltd (listed on NY stock exchange), which also owns online retailer Shopee.

Tencent is a big investor in Sea.

Singapore has already become a virtual biz-and-talent connect with China (and rest of the world).

Becoz of our openness & connectivity, it is easy for people to have 2nd or 3rd homes year.

Because of our financial hub & stability, it is easy for people with business ideas to raise fundings & money here.

Because of the ultra-strong SGD, it is a no-brainer for people to park their monies here either in local properties or local businesses or local banks or park with SG govt bonds.

Singapore is looking for more people like Gang Ye to replace LOSERS here. Whether yellow skin or black skin or brown skin or white skin or green skin or purple skin is not important.


Anonymous said...

There are many Native Sunniesmany times more professional than Gang He anytime.
At least there are two who are most active here atMy Singapore News.

Anonymous said...

How to become millionaires and billionaires?

How many billionaires are there in the world?
How many millionaires are there in the world?
How many hundreds of thousand- hairs are there in the world?
How many ten thousand hairs are there in the world?
How many thousand hairs are there in the world?
How many hundreds hairs are there in the world?
How many no hairs are there in the world?

How many con men are there in the world?

Anonymous said...

How to become millionaires and billionaires?

Very simple and easy lah. Just join PAP and poa lan par, and get SAF scholarship for your sons. Teach them to poa lan par and become paper generals. Then become Ministers. The rest is plain sailing.

Anonymous said...

The age itself tell it is quite impossible story.