US Senate legislates Hong Kong as a colony of the USA

The US Senate unanimously passed a Hong Kong Bill to support protesters in Hong and warning China against a violent suppression of the demonstrations as if  Hong Kong is a colony of the American Empire. The American Senators are voicing their strong support for the violent demonstrators and warned China against responding with violence. So what would the Americans do should China be so angered by this outside interference and whacked the demonstrators as they deemed fit? The Americans going to war with China?

The House said they were not kidding and also sanctioned Chinese officials deemed responsible for undermining Hong Kong's autonomy. 'Today's vote sends a clear message that the United States will continue to stand with the people of Hong Kong as they battle Beijing's imperialism,' said Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri. 'The Chinese Communist Party's quest for power across the region is a direct threat to America's security and prosperity. Also reported in YahooNews, 'The Senate Foreign Relations Committee's top Democrat, Robert Menendez, added that the legislation "makes it clear that the US will stand firmly and unambiguously with the legitimate aspirations of the people of Hong Kong."

The cocky Americans still think they are the Empire that rules the world. American Imperialism is on the decline and they are madly clinging onto their past glory and military superiority without wanting to know that those days were gone.

Hong Kong is not an American colony and the Americans can do nothing about it except screaming like drunkards boasting about how powerful and strong they are. Hong Kong is a Chinese territory. Period. Stop behaving like Dennis the Menace and meddling with other country's internal affairs. Stop supporting violence and lawlessness.

Down with American Imperialism!

Would China spite Donald Trump with this stupid piece of legislation and prolong the trade negotiation without signing?


Anonymous said...

As predicted by the old man lky HK become a Trogen Horse (aka humans rites) for the UaSs to enter into China's territory ( a history repeat of Troy). Will China allow it? Of cos not. China will use all its diplomacy, wits and wisdom to deal with the situation in HK & it doesn't rule out the use of force as the last last resort.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

HK could do very well as a defacto colony/satellite state of the USA.

It could work out quite well for China too, since they need HK to raise US Dollars (psst...China runs a CLOSED capital account)

This could be win-win.

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

Part 1:

Quote of the day:


"The dull and daft Singaporeans should confine themselves to the bland and lifeless 4 walls of their
HDB flats to be safe from the wildlife."

By Sinkieland TOP political scientist, FIRST CLASS (1974)


Uncle R,

What u wrote quite true lah.

(At times) "Nowhere" is "safe anymore" (for sinkies outside the 4 walls especially for the schooling daughters/ grand-daughters/ nieces/ cousins , working wives/ sisters/ daughters/ nieces/ cousins/ mothers/ daughters -in-law .....?) ?

Many Sinkieland men, husbands, boyfriends quite "WIMPY" lah ...?

So many things happening at some work places, some hospital O(bstetrics) & G(ynaecology) clinics but many fathers-in-law, sons, husbands, boyfriends, bros etc also dunno, IN THE DARK, DON'T BOTHER accompany the women there (or too lazy, borchap, only KNOW how to and can fxxk their wives, gal friends can liao, other things happening DON'T CARE, DEAF FROGS, eyes pasted envelops NO HEAR NO see...?)

In the past xxx years, eveLEEtime accompany old relatives to hospitals, for appointments, when passing by the O & G clinics, noticed the name tag on the individual clinic doors ... So many male gynaecologists? (many with unfamiliar names)... The women patients along the corridors or in the waiting areas mostly alone... So???

Some abang (bros) though have tattoo but (at least) have some backbones and sincerity and true care for their wives and gal friends and can be seen accompanying their loved ones there.

At least be there see what is happening lah (and intervene if necessary?) ...? (If the husbands, boyfriends are there PERSONALLY, they can decide whether) Can accept or not (other males trainees see see pry pry open here open there their gal friends pussycats lah?)

How come male trainees/ students can stand there see/ even "help investigate" the women "pussycats" (pry here pry there see see?) when PATIENTS already requested "female gynaecologist"?

What is happening?

Then what for (request for female gynaecologists) but such things happening?

How come inside some female gynaecologists clinics inside got male pple inside de WHEN PATIENTS ALREADY REQUESTED FEMALE GYNAECOLOGIST?

Are they supposed to be there for female patients who already requested female gynaecologists?

Are the patients' boyfriends, husbands etc aware (of such "anomaly" going on?)?

Stupidity Got No Cure = 87 (Paitt Qi)? said...

Part 2:

Hypothetically, if a Sinkie want to "feel verLEE DEPRESSED" in life, POSSIBLY he can try walk past or spend a few mins sit there and observe what is happening... (from the outside can see "some things " le...)

Why such happening?

Mb some women tell their husbands / boyfriends seeing FEMALE GYNAECOLOGIST but got male inside ("conveniently") never tell them and let it happen also (even tough they can OBJECT)?

Maybe some women their pussycats "like to be checked or seen or touched/ investigated" by other males (bcoz at the end of the day they NEVER object)?

If female gynaecologist means female gynaecologist mah?



How come got males (trainee or whatever) inside the clinic together with the female gynaecologists (when patients strictly want to be seen by ONLY female) ! ?

Then the patients can object or not?

Why some women never object let the males help to check/ touch/ investigate/ pry here / pry there their "pussycats" since the ladies ALREADY REQUESTED strictly female gynaecologists?

Make sense meh?

Won't u scratch your head also?

Can the men, boyfriends etc... accept if (they are there PERSONALL and see) their gal friends, wives kena such things?

Why put male trainees inside female gynaecologist clinics (and allow to check / see /pry open here, there the women pussycats) when patients already strictly REQUESTED female gynaecologist?

Many sinkieland males just borchap lah... Thus whether their homeland, wives, daughters, granddaughters.... Etc one day kena "robbed, taken away, snatched " from them they deserve such things lah cos lazy, borchap mah? Just (same same) JIAO liao bee except know how to fxxk, enjoy but wimps lah (smoking crack in the 爱腐李大傻 (Ivory Tower)) ?

Some work places same same?

Some punks bastard?

(Next time (Mb) might tell (and spill the (red) beans ..... )


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Today China does not need Hong Kong anymore. Shanghai, Shenzhen and many other cities can replace Hong Kong.

It is Hong Kong that needs China. Without China Hong Kong is dead duck.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Shanghai and shenzhen for local listings and trading...yes.

However HK is still THE PLACE where China gets most of its USDs they need for foreign investment etc etc. Chinese companies listed on the HangSeng attract foreign capital too.

No one really trusts the financial system and banks in China. In contrast HK has a sterling reputation as a global financial centre with world-beating performance and trust.

RB, you must take into mind the FACT that China runs a CLOSED CAPITAL ACCOUNT with very strict controls for Remnimbi-Yuan cross-border movements.

Chinese citizens (who all love their money) come up with increasingly creative ways to beat the govt-imposed capital controls, so that these folks can buy property in Sydney, California, London and Vancouver. Dun pray pray when it comes to Chinese and their money. 🤣

As per my usual disclaimer. I have no stake in whether you believe me or not. FACTS are FACTS...and you should make up your own mind, perhaps seeking out evidence from the people inthe know, who deal in international financial markets and capital raising...very important jobs. You want your cuntry to be attractive to as many people as possible, so that they will give you money to invest.

imho said...

DT needs a reason to stay on throne for another 4 years. Using hk is a good reason. Facing up to china will win many votes and donations. After dealing with china, yankies will deal with india.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ President Xi kiasu guy (smart move)

Only a few years ago China started relaxing capital controls....and then they shut the fucking door and completely reversed the policy.

Xi has little choice lah. China's growth is the lowest on record, many businesses are been artificially propped up so they don't collapse and throw people into mass unemployment.

Many businesses are over-indebted, banks have been allowed lower liquidity ratios....China is doing what it can to stop stalling or worse...go backwards. PBOC has no good choices...it has to make HARD choices...see which one causes the least damage to the capital structure, and lowest risk to inflation which will send food prices skyrocketing and cause massive social dislocations...maybe even RIOTS.

So Xi has to clamp up and NOT ALLOW CAPITAL TO LEAVE. Because you know lah, Chinese people with money...as soon as they sense "trouble" they will want to get all their money out and into places like Singapore...or anywhere but China. Chinese love their money!!

Like Mahathir in the Asian Financial Crisis, Xi needs to keep Chinese money in China or risk a severe liquidity crises...bank runs, financial institution collapse, mass unemployment, food shortages....all sorts of really bad shit.

Mahathir was roundly criticised by the worldos financiers (like Soros) for capital controls but by doing so Mahathir "SAVED" Malaysia from total financial and economic DEVASTATION.

So who is "the boss" in times of crisis? Your cuntry, its economy and welfare of the people OR the banksters and corporate criminals of the world?

The answer isn't hard lah.

Anonymous said...

Dun forget China can make HK dead duck but the World can make China dead duck as well. World big or China big? ...

Anonymous said...

China does not need Hongkong as Shanghai, Shenzhen and many Others Chinese Cities have overtook Hongkong. This is highly superficial. China shall want evrry inch of its' territory even if it is barren desert land.
Inderstand Sovereignty?

Anonymous said...

USA's TOTAL WAR Against China

From the way events have been taking place over the last decade, the USA is actually launching a total war on China, even with military involvements (deploying more forces to surround, dominate and intimidate China.

Trump's Trade War is not just on trade. It is actually a Economic War, like the one the West launched against Japan just before World War II.

In addition, the US has also launched the Technology War against China recently.

In fact, it is not just Economic and Technology involved. It is TOTAL WAR, encompassing Economic, Technological, Financial, Political, Psychological, Diplomatic, Geographical, Scientific, Cultural, Educational, Medical, Personnel and Star/Space Wars.

China needs to move fast to compete in all fields, not just on Economic and Technological aspects.

China's Xi Jinping is very quiet about what the US is doing to and in Hongkong nowadays. Only using his deputies to make some noises. That's all. But no concrete direct acttions. Why?

Only the Chinese military is carrying out some direct maneouvres in Shenzhen, Xinjiang, Mongolia and the Taiwan Straits. Why?

Knowing Xi, he must have something up his sleeves. He is one soft-spoken person who works quietly in the background until he is ready to make the kill.

Most probably, he has a master plan for Hongkong, Taiwan , Xinjiang, Tibet and Inner Mongolia? These are the flash points the US has been exploiting and taking advantage of, and infiltrated many spies into to cultivate dissenting groups like the Urgurs, Tibetans, Hongkees and Taiwanese.

Those spies usually disguised as tourists, teachers, students, academics, businessmen and diplomats. China's national security and counter-intelligence agencies are over-stretched. They have to be supported by a new organization which can take immediate actions by using all the necessary covert physical force, including cyberspace security. Otherwise, China is fighting a losing war again - like the Opium War.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If you read the western media and narratives, China is the worse place to invest with all kinds of ills that the West have but unspoken.

The truth, every country wants to trade with china and wants to invest in China. Without the Chinese manufacturing base and consumer markets, many big companies and economies would have no where to go. Australia is now hanging high and dry.

China does not need Hong Kong to attract investment. China does not need the expertise of any country to move ahead. It is now a complete economy, the combination of Europe and USA. Who wants to teach China how to do business?

China welcomes FDI. But with its hoards of reserves, China does not need to depend on FDI to grow its economies.

The silly West kept harping about how bad China's 6% growth is. How many developed countries can chalk up 3% growth? Many are on the verge of recession. A 6% growth of a US$14 trillion economy, you know how much growth is that annually and compounded?

Anonymous said...

Singapore's economy has suffered a straight 8-month decline. And there is still no silver lining in the distant horizon, though one crystal-ball gazing self-appointed "expert" is trying very hard to paint an encouraging picture against the background of facts so evidently displayed for all to see.

The question is: What is the Trade and Industry Minister doing about it, other than threatening and intimidating online patriots critical of the "sold-out" CECA agreement with India, allowing India to invade the Singapore Jobs Market at will and in unstoppable force?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bro Chua,

Update: I was correct suggests donation drive for 57-year-old Lee Chi-cheung's wife and two school children. More than 3.7 million yuan or over US$500K were raised two funds. PRC are not heartless and care for ppl even NOT from mainland. I'm a senior now if I'm young I would most likely choose to emigrate to China rather than Americunt.


Regarding "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act", only one Republican Rep Thomas Massie voted Nay and Democratic Rep Tulsi Gabbard not voting. I support Rep Tulsi Gabbard an abulay from Hawaii for Pres , she is the only Democrat against endless wars and regime change.


Anonymous said...

Oops.. forgot



Anonymous said...

Singapore is not only the most expensive and costly place to do business, a having the most competitive jobs market in the whole wide world. It is now known that Singapore is the second highest most stressful country in the whole wide world.

It is evident in the colour of the hair of most young executives of between age 30 to 40. They start to get grey before reaching 50-60. This is a clear sign of stress at work and late nights activities.

It is also evident in the increasingly huge number of obese children in primary schools. Eating too much is one of the clear signs of stresses in school or at home

Stress-related illnesses have cost Singapore’s economy about US$2.3 billion (S$3.2 billion) a year, and forms about 18 per cent of the country’s total health expenditure.

This ranks Singapore as the second-highest among the nine countries and territories surveyed in terms of healthcare spending that is attributable to stress-related illnesses.

Going forward, it is unlikely that this trend will stop. With the increasing number of foreign job-seekers coming into Singapore to give Singaporeans problems of livelihood, space and transmission of diseases, the probability of the stress problem to grow even greater is there for the taking. And worst of all the millions$ leaders are not doing anything about it except paying lip service.

Anonymous said...

Latest news from Yahoo, Old Man kaki Henry Kissinger said that the US-China trade war might turn into real war when both sides fail to co-operate,collaborate or compromise with one another.Passing of HK human rights law in US Senate r one of it to destabilize/pressurize mainland China & also sending its naval ships to SCS also part of its game plan to intimidate China to enter into a conflict & a war, fortunately China didn't fall onto the US traps and US r still seeking ways to tempt the dragons more until tat dragoon wakes up to shoo the badASS to fxx o.

Anonymous said...


///If you read the western media and narratives, China is the worse place to invest with all kinds of ills that the West have but unspoken.///

LOL!!! But you have ZERO CENTS invested in ZERO CHYNAH KOMPARNEES!!!

Pot calling the kettle black?!?!?! Don't be a Hypocrite!! LOL!!!

Anyway the latest news of how S'pore is investing your taxpayer monies:

"CHINA Railway 11 Bureau Group Corporation (Singapore Branch) has snagged a S$739.5 million civil contract to design and construct Tengah Depot and associated facilities, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced on Wednesday evening."

So even though RB & 99% losers here are BLOODY HYPOCRITES, at least PAP is working hard to invest your $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ into CHYNAH!!!

S'pore is the 2nd largest foreign FDI into China (a lot of hidden & 3rd parties also go thru HK)

E.g. In 2017 Singapore taxpayers contributed 3.6% of the US$134,000,000,000 FDI inflow into China, i.e. US$4.8B



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

WSG, Singapore's investment in China, like all the major western companies are doing, is exactly what silly bananas like you kept complaining about, that China is a bad place to invest. Why so silly, putting money is such a risky place?

These people who put their money where their mouths are knew what they are doing unlike cocks like you and Matilah, only parroting the western narratives, China very bad.

The western companies are all begging to go into China and those that are selling are begging China to buy. This is the reality that silly bananas cannot accept.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to propaganda, especially from people who repetitively, persistently and consistently labelling you as "LOSERS". He has shown his inherent bias and total contempt against you. Such a psychopathic venomous pest, suffering from acute superiority complex, should be fumigate at the earliest and quickest instant.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

JC, as the Chinese middle class grows and gets richer, they would be kinder and more generous like the evil West once was.

The West could be generous in the past because they robbed the wealth of the world to make themselves rich, then threw a few pieces of crumbs to those they robbed and made poor.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia - Najib is Finished?

The court had earlier heard the meeting was called and chaired by former chief secretary to the government Tan Sri Ali Hamsa, at the behest of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Nor Salwani, who was under examination-in-chief by lead prosecutor Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram, said the recording device was placed for her to have the meeting minutes.

"I was appointed as the coordinator for the preparation of 1MDB audit report. Therefore, I need to know what was discussed in the meeting as I was not allowed to join.

"Saadatul did not know I placed the recorder inside her pencil case. After the meeting ended, I took the device," she said.

Nor Salwani made the revelation during the joint trial of Najib and former 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda Kandasamy, dubbed as the PAC trial, here yesterday.

And so on and so forth...........

Is Najib finished?

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.07pm

That's the reason why the ceepuifxx monies can't be given to the people but only in installment s at a later date lah, see most of the people money r all held ransom not by the govt but by the countries tat they invested. So even if the dafts voted for Oppies also useless becos all the monies r all locked up (jus like Ah Jib case ), so the dafts die die will also vote for the whites ruling party ( as the dafts tot they got all solutions to get back their monies & be secured, stupidity is no cure in Sinkieland liow)

Anonymous said...

Uncle, Chinese saying 风水轮流转 or changing of one's fate in life lah.
China will get wealthier but to be a more generous people will take generations or a very long long time judging by the countries vastness & some of its arrogance/bad habit attitude people around.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is only natural that when people become rich, they have more to share and give. But there are exceptions.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB...as usual anyhow hantam,

Redbean, I want to call you a BARE FACED LIAR, but today I'm in a good mood, so I'm going to be civil 😁

>> These people who put their money where their mouths are knew what they are doing unlike cocks like you and Matilah, only parroting the western narratives, China very bad. <<

Like I said, I don't care if you subscribe to the same FACTS as I do. I'm not here to change your mind...and I wouldn't want to.

Markets go up and down. Cuntries have good and bad economic periods. Governments come and go. Bottom like: What I cannot CONTROL, I DON'T CARE about., even though in the short term it may cause a feeling of trepidation temporarily (after all, I am human)

What I can control is where I put my money. At the moment ~25% of my superannuation (retirement) is in China ETFs. I hope the prices go down some more, so I can load up.

So yeah, I want to know the FACTS about China. I could care less on what the western or the Chinese propaganda narratives are.

Similarly for Singapore/ Australia---what I cannot control, I don't care. Are the govts a bunch of assholes? I don't care. Are people happy? I don't care...but they should be. (No one should have anything to complain about in Singapore or Australia). The most important question is: Can I make some dough and is it secure?

The answer is a resounding yes. So ok lah, do the thing I CAN control: deploy capital

>> China welcomes FDI. But with its hoards of reserves, China does not need to depend on FDI to grow its economies.

You either don't know what the fuck you are talking about, or you are deliberately bullshitting people. 💩💩💩

imho said...

No need argue, maybe there will be war soon.
All stocks will crash. The vatican will be the big winner.
China vs USA is just like Catholics vs Protestants.

Anonymous said...


///WSG, Singapore's investment in China, like all the major western companies are doing, is exactly what silly bananas like you kept complaining about, that China is a bad place to invest. Why so silly, putting money is such a risky place?///

You're still a BLOODY HYPOCRITE LOL!!!

And I'm a MUCH BETTER FRIEND to CHYNAH than you .... At least I have substantial amounts of my own Blood & Sweat $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in chinese investments.

That's why we need PAPies to force losers like you to invest your taxpayer monies into CHYNAH!!!



Anonymous said...

A reboot of mankind is on the cards, so a nuclear war is imminent.

The cursed US thinks that it will be the only country that can survive a nuclear war, or should I say those that have the ability to live underground for ages, which is the elites and the richest. The rest of the US population will just be as toasted to ashes like the other races.

Of course they have been known to be looking for other planets to inhabit. But I think the cursed US elites will not be welcome by any alien being in any other alternative universe. The cursed US elites will only bring chaos and destruction to wherever they go.

Anonymous said...

Deliberate Killing By The State Through Laws Devised And Designed By Man Is Premeditated Murder

SINGAPORE: A 36-year-old Malaysian man convicted of drug trafficking in Singapore was executed in Changi prison on Friday (Nov 22).

Lawyers for liberty advisor N. Surendran said that sources told him that Abd Helmi Abd Halim was hanged at the Changi Prison.

“I am appalled that they have done so despite the intervention and reasonable pleas from the Malaysian government," said Surendran.

He added that Singapore continues to execute drug mules in defiance of international law and decent opinion.

“Executing Helmi does not in any way help in the war on the drug trade. It is also disturbing that Singapore continues to target poor Malaysians in its so-called anti-drug policy, ” Surendran told the Star on Friday (Nov 22).

Abd Helmi was convicted and sentenced to death for trafficking in 16.56g of diamorphine into the island state in March 2017.

Helmi is from Johor and left behind a wife and three children. His plea for clemency was rejected in July this year by President Halimah Yacob

Malaysian Law Minister Datuk Liew Vui Keong had also pleaded with the Singapore Government to show mercy to Helmi but was rejected too.

Several Malaysians have been executed for drug trafficking in recent years, with many more sentenced to be hanged until dead.

Human rights organisations have said that kingpins of the drug trade continue to ply their trade despite the relentless executions of the mules.

Killing the small fish but allow the Drug Kings to enjoy their lives freely is nothing but unthinkable and despicable.

Anonymous said...

US-China War Unavoidable?

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warned on Thursday that an armed conflict could break out between the United States and China if they fail to resolve their trade war.

The sober remarks from Kissinger, who was instrumental in normalising diplomatic relations between Washington and Beijing, came at a conference in Beijing on the future of the two economic giants.

"If conflict is permitted to run unconstrained, the outcome could be even worse than it was in Europe," he said at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum.

"World War I broke out because of a relatively minor crisis ... and today the weapons are more powerful," the former top diplomat said.

China and the US have been caught in a trade dispute for 18 months, with the two sides struggling to reach an agreement despite a series of negotiations.

Tensions have also been running high on the diplomatic front.

Beijing has lashed out at Washington over US naval operations in the disputed South China Sea, US criticism of China's mass detention of ethnic Uighurs and US Congress support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong.

"China is a major economic country. And so are we," Kissinger said. "And so we are bound to step on each other's toes all over the world."

The 96-year-old said that during the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union, a plan to reduce the nuclear capacity of both countries was a top priority.

But because conflicts between the US and China have always been "passive", he warned there is no framework for Washington to deal with Beijing as a "military power".

If the two sides keep seeing "every issue in the world in terms of conflict" with each other, it could be "dangerous for mankind", he said.

Kissinger said the trade negotiations were just a "substitute" for more substantial talks about conflicts between the two, including tensions over Hong Kong.

When asked if unrest in the semi-autonomous region of China could be the "flashpoint" for a new Cold War, Kissinger said he hoped the "highly emotional" issue would be "settled by negotiations."

- 'Wrong direction' -

Former president Richard Nixon's secretary of state flew secretly to Beijing in 1971 to begin talks on new relations between the US and Communist China.

Kissinger still has the ear of top Chinese officials, who give him the red carpet treatment when he visits Beijing.

He held a meeting with President Xi Jinping in the Chinese capital in November last year.

In a later session at the forum, former US treasury secretary Henry Paulson said he believed the US and China "are now headed in precisely the wrong direction."

He warned of growing barriers on visas and the movement of people, restrictions on trade and technology, and that the ongoing economic tensions would "leave our countries and the entire world worse off."

"When the next crisis comes, and it will come because financial crises do come, we will regret it big time if the world's two biggest economies do not have the mechanisms to cooperate," said Paulson, who was treasury secretary under former president George W. Bush.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


These old farts think that they can still apply their 1900s thinking in today's world which is vastly different in many key areas.... mainly that we're now implicitly and explicitly GLOBALISED and not just connected, but INTEGRATED by way of communications networks, media, culture, commerce, finance, economics...even mundane things like commercial travel and mobility for the average person.

These fuckers have past their "expiry date" and have not updated their minds. They're still stuck in the Cold War and Industrial Era political economies.

Look at all the protests all over the world. Young people---for better or worse---are rejecting the status quo set by their "old fashioned" and "ancient thinking" silly old fools.

It's not so easy to go to war nowadays. We've had long period of peace with conflicts contained in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Except for terror attacks, other cuntries have enjoyed peace and prosperity previously UNKNOWN in the entirety of human history.

OK BOOMER! Keep taking your shit. Keep showing the world how stuck in the past you are and continue making fools out of yourselves 🤪🤣

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

These fuckers have past their "expiry date" and have not updated their minds. They're still stuck in the Cold War and Industrial Era political economies.

Look at all the protests all over the world. Young people---for better or worse---are rejecting the status quo set by their "old fashioned" and "ancient thinking" silly old fools.

It's not so easy to go to war nowadays. We've had long period of peace with conflicts contained in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Except for terror attacks, other cuntries have enjoyed peace and prosperity previously UNKNOWN in the entirety of human history.

Matilah said the above to tell people he is in touch with the young and the latest fad in this world. First thing, the old farts he is referring to, those in Washington?

Two, not so easy to start a war, we have peace for so long? Come on you silly old fart. Ask the Americans how easy it is to start a war and how many wars they have been fighting since the so called end of WW2. Peace? Really?

Please pull down your western blinkers, the blinkers the West put over you and see the world as it is. All the refugees all over Europe a result of peace? The world is not just Australia and Singapore.

Virgo 49 said...

Pope in Asia exhorting Disarmament of Nuclear Arsenals.

How about America?

Dear Pope.

America no need disarments?

Anonymous said...

Assumption vs Reality

1. In every country, power comes out of the barrel of a gun - the military, not school boys.

2. Protesters, young old or middle age, are just that, protesters - making a lot of noises to seek attention, not revolution.

3. Violent protesters or rioters, even with foreign supports (usually from US, UK and EU (the Whitemen Supremacists) are usually met with violent suppressions from their governments, using both the police and military.

4. Revolution is a totally different thing. It is not the same as protest. Revolution, like the Arab Springs, to topple and replace the existing government (ie regime change) by the people, from the people, requires long-term planning and execution, and foreign supports. It also requires good, resilient and clever leaders at every level, as well as weapons and training. That means it requires a fighting force to not only counter the government's military forces but also overwhelming them. That means war - a civil war with the resolve to win.

5. A few thousand students running amok in the streets attacking everybody and everything, without sensitivity and rationality, cannot constitute a revolution. They are called unthinking destructive elements. Revolutionaries have proper aim, objectives, organizations, plans, strategies, tactics, well co-ordinated executions and excellent leadership, e.g Chinese Revolution under Mao, Russian Revolution under Lenin and Stalin.

6. Last but not least, as long as the military and para-military forces are on the side of the ruling government, no organised and foreign supported protesters can effect a regime change - e.g. Syria and Venezuela.

So, assumptions, presumptions, hearsays are not the same as facts and reality. Think again.

Anonymous said...

Based on the character of the UaSsA, there is a high possibility that US-China trade war might become a real war ( this is not assumptions, presumptions, hearsay or naysayers or soothsayers kind of thing), this is a logical sense (based on what Henry Kissinger's wise words, his reasoning r logical base on with meeting with the Chinese officials & his Americans comrades), his logical prediction of a war might be imminent in a near future when both countries don't communicate, collaborate or co-operate with one another, it will be a failure of humanity & a sad tragic day for the planet earth.

Anonymous said...

10:28 pm,

Totally agree with you about Henry Kissinger's warning. That's why I put out his warning in the first place. Deceptive propaganda to Iull leaders into complacency and unpreparedness for the next war iomplacency is a form of evil psychological warfare, subtle but effective in the unaware.

However, you are shooting at the wrong person. My "Assumption vs Reality" is not directed at Henry Kissinger's warning but at someone else.

Anonymous said...


All this talk about war ... Doesn't it prove me right since 3 years ago when I told you fuckers to invest in War Stocks?!?!?!

Easily multiply your money by 20X to 100X.


Exposure said...

@ All

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Amongst And Within All Of Us

Some exceptional persons would indulge themselves in anything - no holds barred, no principles, no morals, no ethics, no laws, no qualms at all - in order to chase after money the rest of their miserable, pathetic, greed-driven lives, thinking that they are winners and the rest of humankind are losers. In their screwed-up skewed brains, "winners" and "losers" are the only two terms they can comprehend. Such persons, no matter how much money they have amassed already, can never be satisfied. Their desires and greed control them , not the other way around.

Many among the masses are usually law-abiding, ethical trying to maintain some moral standards, and are happy to live within their means, To them gambling is bad enough. Gambling in war stocks is even worse. That is equivalent to supporting the military weapons industries to develop, sell and use massive lethal weapons to injure, maim and kill innocent people in wars, invasions, incursions and violence. That is also equivalent to living on the immoral earnings of others, and enjoying oneself at the expense of the immense sufferings of countless innocent people all over the world.

Of course, there are also fence-sitters in existence. They are the switchers, pragmatists, jumpers in band-wagons and the unconscionable

Anonymous said...

/// Of course, there are also fence-sitters in existence. They are the switchers, pragmatists, jumpers in band-wagons and the unconscionable. ///

Many of the switchers, pragmatists, jumpers in band-wagons and unconscionable can be found in the PAP, especially among the elites.

Anonymous said...

Letters to the Editor: U.S.' HK bill shows how blind it is to justice. From Sonny Tan, Singapore

Editor's note: This is Sonny Tan's letter to CGTN after U.S.' passing of the alleged "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act".

I'm Sonny from Singapore.

I am infuriated by the U.S. passing the "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act". I used to respect the U.S. for upholding justice globally, but not anymore.

Their passing of the "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act" shows how blind they are to justice. They chose to side with evils and the wrongdoings in Hong Kong. In their eyes, the rioters are still "peaceful demonstrators," while the atrocities they committed tantamount to civil crimes and city-terrorism.

When captured, rioters will often say before the camera, "I love Hong Kong; I just want to save Hong Kong," but it is so apparent that they love only themselves, they don't care for the victims of the city, the necessary infrastructure of which they are destroying.

Nevertheless, the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate chose to believe the lies perpetuated by the Western news media, such as CNN. How they put Hong Kong on trial with just one-sided testimonies of Joshua Wong and Denise Ho without hearing voices from the rest of Hong Kong people, particularly the affected four million people?

To me, Joshua Wong is a Chicken Little, who has been telling the Westerners that the Hong Kong sky is falling. He is one of those deluded fanatics who is trying to make the peaceful sky fall. Maybe, one day, he would be remembered in Chinese History for bringing chaos to Hong Kong in the year 2019.

Despite the Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming's clarification and video presentation of the full picture of the situation in Hong Kong, the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate still chose to believe their own reporters and media.

Perhaps, they think that the video that presents the complete truth is just a production of China movie industry, just as their Hollywood studio is capable of producing fictitious documentary clips.

Thank you for reading.

I concur with people around the world who see the U.S. as a bully and biased power in the Hong Kong protest situation. If I have the human resources and the power, I would like to stage a protest in key U.S. cities, demanding Senator Ted Cruz to resign because he sided with criminals and terrorists in Hong Kong, and I will put up five ridiculous demands for the U.S. to comply and see how they would respond.

If I were a politician, I would demand that the U.S. apologize to Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland as a whole for corrupting the Chinese with Western Liberal Democracy, which is like placing a gun in the hands of immature spoilt brats.



Anonymous said...

Australia - Safe Haven For Money Laundering

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Australia's second largest bank, Westpac, has broken Anti-terrorists and Anti-Money-Laundering Laws that require the bank to closely screen transactions with any international component. It has been found out that the bank has documented more than 23 million transactions without adequate screening. It also failed to report US$7.5 billion in international transfers.

According to Australian Banking Laws, each individual breach warrants a fine of up to A$21 million (US$14 million). That means the Australian government can legally collect A$trillions in fines from Westpac, making it essentially bankrupt.

AUSTRAC, the Australian Banking watch-dog, accused Westpac of enabling payments from "high risk" countries, UN sanction countries and counter-parties with specific histories of human trafficking.

Last year, AUSTRAC sued the larger Commonwealth Bank of Australia, which agreed for failure to screen 53,750 payments that violated similar regulations. CBA admitted the violations and paid a record A$700 million ($476 million) penalty.

The transactions that Westpac failed to monitor took place over five years (2013-2018).

Westpac maintained relationships with offshore banks without assessing their risks, products, customers or payments, even when those banks disclosed relationships with counter-parties in "high risk or sanctioned countries including Iraq, Lebanon, Ukraine, Zimbabwe, and Democratic Republic of Congo. As a result, those banks can easily access the Australian payment system, through Westpac.

AUSTRAC count filings said, "The breaches were the result of systemic failures in its control environment, indifference by senior management and inadequate oversight by the board. They have occurred because Westpac adopted an ad-hoc approach to money laundering and terrorism financing risk management and compliance."

The question is:

Why US President Trump did not go after Australia's Westpac like what he did to China's Huawei? Instead Trump treated the Australian PM exceptionally well when he visited the White House!

Anonymous said...

Actually u hv misunderstood the msg tat it was meant to direct against ur comment. Of cos, there r many different in a "A vs B" jus like apple vs berry thingies rite.

Anonymous said...

Fox News 22 Nov Friday:

President Donald Trump boasted he had saved Hong Kong from being destroyed by persuading Chinese President Xi Jinping to hold off on sending in troops to crush its pro-democracy movement.

"If it weren't for me, Hong Kong would have been obliterated in 14 minutes," Trump said.

He forgot that Washington DC can also be obliterated in 14 minutes and New York City in 15 minutes!

Anonymous said...

/// "If it weren't for me, Hong Kong would have been obliterated in 14 minutes," Trump said. ///

That is a signal for China to speed up her development of new and more Nuclear Weapons and Capabilities. Especially nuclear submarines for deployment around the USA mainland and key military bases.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB and other rank embarrassments to my (Baby Boomer) generation

Out of touch old fart thinker, you all are 🤡


@ Exposure 1203

>> In their screwed-up skewed brains, "winners" and "losers" are the only two terms they can comprehend. Such persons, no matter how much money they have amassed already, can never be satisfied. Their desires and greed control them , not the other way around. <<

This typical argument is foisted when those who did not "win" express their envy on those who have "won". It's a form of class warfare, and it will not stop as long as humans are competing with each other...which is FOREVER. (Human nature lah)

Si ve pacem, Para Bellum: If you wish to live in PEACE prepare for WAR. This too is the right response to Human Nature. If you cannot defend yourself by posing a "very expensive" threat to potential attackers and invaders, you will be attacked, invaded and occupied...or totally annihilated by a superior force.

You will become a CONQUERED RACE, and your progeny will moan and groan for all time about the "injustices of the past" and claim reparations (aka "free money") from present generation taxpayers who are totally not at fault for what happened to your unprotected and complacent ancestors.

Defence industries keep the world safe!

Anonymous said...

President Trump has refused to commit to signing the legislation in support of the pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, saying that he supported demonstrators but that China President Xi Jinping was his friend.

Anonymous said...

By 9am, the pro-democracy camp had won 17 out of 18 district councils, taking more than 278 seats, according to the South China Morning Post. All the district councils had been under pro-establishment control since the 2015 elections.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/hong-kong-protests-vote-election-result-12122518