The most destructive war in human civilisation-economic and population growth

Nuclear war is what everyone is afraid of. It would blow up mother earth in an instant and every human bean and living thing would be cooked alive or die within hours. Many more will die within months through radiation and hunger. And what everyone so fear about after a nuclear war would no longer need to fear, life ends on earth. All things passe.

This is something that is real and everyone is aware of and doing what they could to prevent it from happening. We know the danger and hopefully that is a good thing and that we can do something about it. The real danger is when we do not know what is dangerous, what is going to cause our extinction and happily chugging along as if they are the good things, the desirable things that we all need.

Unrestrained and uncontrolled population growth and economic growth are the darlings of the unthinking, the fake economists and leaders with simple ideas of what is good for a country and what is good for human civilisation, ie more population and economic growth.

All the problems of mother earth and human civilisation is caused by growth without qualification. Population growth and economic growth are about consumption. We consume everything, the more the population, the higher the economic growth, the more we consume ie the more we destroy mother earth. We eat up everything, we destroy the forest, the land, the sea...because we want economic growth so that we can be paid more.

Eventually we will destroy ourselves and the human race, by crying for more growth through consumption, by increasing population as the easy way out. Stop lying to the people, growth, real growth, sustainable growth, is not through population growth and consumption. The combination of economic growth and population growth is the surest formula to the destruction of mother earth and human civilisation.

WYSINWYG. What the charlatans and unthinking salesmens are selling about economic growth is like selling koyok. It is like selling drugs, the more you get the more you will need and the faster you die.

Don't not be deceived by economic growth through population growth driven by consumption of everything. Economic and population growth is a war of decay, a slow death we imposed on ourselves as something good and desirable, must have, good to have. There is something called enough. What is enough is enough. Anything more is dangerous, destructive and useless.

In thenewpaper today it quoted the study of scientists and experts saying this, 'the urgent changes needed include ending population growth, leaving fossil fuels in the ground, halting forest destruction and slashing meat eating'. Any actions against this is leading to the destruction of mother earth and human beans. The real causes of climate change is human consumption through population growth and economic growth.

And Hsien Loong was quoted during the National Day Rally speech, 'We must make this effort. Otherwise one day, our children and grandchildren will be ashamed of what our generation did not do.'  What is a speech? Let's get on with our population growth. We need 10m and later another 10m. You want economic growth? You want salary increases, you want bigger bonuses?


Virgo 49 said...

Today's News Reports that Singapore with their even now ridiculously present pop of 6.9 in a tiny rock will have a killer influenza in close density environment.

Many unknown diseases left to be seen.

On with the 10 millions just for what's nonsense economic growth.

When unemployments and recession and Depression takes full circle, it will like Second Hong Kong.

Better spring clean Mat Land Hut and avoid this catastrophe.

Irony of Ironies said...

Let's all die together.

If we have to become slaves to the greedy get-rich-quick, let's die together.

If life becomes meaningless by just focusing on growing the GDP and BONUSES OF MINISTERS and their SPOUSES, let's die together.

If population becomes too big through deliberately importing scavengers from 3rd world villages, and everything becomes a constant competition, everywhere becomes congested, every fart someone makes you are bound to smell it, while the elites hide in ivory towers amassing $billions to buy themselves safe havens elsewhere, let's all die together!

You lead us to sure death, don't run away and leave us in a lurge. Let's die together!

Didn't someone said, "Don't cause division in our society"? United as one. Let's die together!

We are one people, one nation. Let's die together!

Let us increase the population to 20 million millionaires! Let's get rich together! Let's enjoy life together! Then die together!

Mother Earth shall be destroyed one day, one way or another. Not a single country can prevent it. Let's die happily together!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ How awesome is your cuntry?

I don't have a cuntry. I have 2 places where I can hang my hat as a Permanent Tourist and I refer to them as "Hotels".

I have frequently commented on how AWESOME and ROCKING Singapore is. It seems I'm not alone in that idea! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ฏ‍♀️๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ†

It is good to be in a wealthy cuntry where people have so much time on their hands, they can "chit-chatter" and "complain" about "problems" they create in their IDLE MINDS.

If Singapore was a poor shithole, these waste-of-oxygen-types would be motivated to survive and not have the time to "create problems suka suka".

"Economic growth" is the only play in the book which ensures that a TINY RED DOT of a city-state can not only prevail, but continue UPWARD and FORWARD in societal wealth creation and development.

9 million is going to happen whether you like it or not. But not to worry, it take time for "new ideas" to take hold and be accepted by the public.

Progress occurs ONE FUNERAL AT A TIME. Old shitheadss need to "up lorry" and take their out-dated ideas with them. They had their time. They had their chance.

Now, it is someone else's turn....someone YOUNGER, SMARTER and MORE IN TOUCH with present world and its cultures.

Anonymous said...

So wat is the main purpose of Homo sapiens existence on this planet (created by its Creator)?
To procreate & populate? To eat sleep leisure & economic growth? To lord over others & enslaves the weak or poor? To co-coperate for co-existence or to destroy one another so as the strongest prevail? To transform to better beings? ...u all choose...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 949

C'mon,life is not that hard lah...

>> So wat is the main purpose of Homo sapiens existence on this planet <<

To have as much wild, dirty sex as possible with as many people as possible before we DIE!

Anonymous said...

Let us all pray for sickness and curses to fall upon the PAP Leedership before our next General Elections.

imho said...

At some point, people will only have one or two kids - not enough for population replacement. Only cuntries that can offer jobs can keep growing.
It will only be a handful.
Others will copy the model.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Back in the day, the PAP actually PENALISED people for having more than 2 children during the "Stop At Two" campaign...older folks here will remember that epic failure of public policy.

If the PAP didn't do that stupid thing, Singapore's birth-death replacement model for population growth would be INTACT.

This is a textbook example of why you should never trust the govt to "fix problems". When they make a mistake, EVERYONE ends up paying for it.

Anonymous said...

imho said...

At some point, people will only have one or two kids - not enough for population replacement. Only cuntries that can offer jobs can keep growing.
It will only be a handful.
Others will copy the model.
November 18, 2019 10:18 am

What utter rubbish. Look at the third world countries, no jobs, not enough jobs, but producing like rats. Look at India and its growing population.

Anonymous said...

Countries that made the mistake of restricting its population growth will pay a very heavy price.

What is that heavy price?
Answer: Demise, Destruction, Invasion!

Anonymous said...

@All, @8:47am,

///Let's all die together.

If we have to become slaves to the greedy get-rich-quick, let's die together.///

Naaaaahhhh .... The rich & successful will evolve, thrive and/or migrate.

It's mainly the losers that will die out.

E.g. Han Chinese used to only occupy an area around the Yellow River before AD 300. It was only 1 of many various tribes in the overall area known as China today.

It took the Hans 1,700 years to conquer & assimilate the other various tribes, mainly to the east, south & southwest .... and later to the far north & west.

The rich & powerful in the other tribes didn't all just die out --- they evolved & adopted Han culture & inter-married into Han blood .... all of course to preserve & then grow their place in the world.

Sinkies today will also be the same.

If you possess the ability & capability --- you will assimilate others into your culture.

If you don't --- you will be assimilated or displaced or killed.

But even if your current culture is overtaken or conquered, you can still thrive & grow in the new culture. It's whether you & your children are capable enough or not.


imho said...

those third world have not reached that ''some point'' lah.

my mom was fined for giving birth to us.
maybe thats the reason i am so angry with papists.

Btw, anyone knows where to borrow $1m today and return $995k tomorrow?
Negative interest is quite a good idea.
No one needs to work anymore.
Just play the ''borrow and repay'' game.

Virgo 49 said...

You are in Aussland feeding the rattlesnakes and ostriches and kangaroos.

What's you know of Singapore STOP at TWO campaign?

At that time, three quarters of POP below or just simply above Proverty Line.

The Brits are leaving. Not enough jobs for all Singaporeans.

LKY have the STOP at TWO campaign. A wise one.

We have only two children and most are well educated and NON druggies. With Unis degrees and able to fend for themselves.

What's the fark like India and so many ASEAN and Asian countries where Proverty is still prevalent today?

Two, just nice for replacement. No encroaching of others and remitted carbon killing the world.

Only now the Imbecile Son does the reverse and suffocated all Singaporeans except themselves and their cronies.

So don't critised LKY and the Old Guards for this policy.

It's a wise policy at that time for Singaporeans survivals.

Now your have too many and MOT many will be destiutes and social upheavals will be like HK.

Having millions of scavengers in and made Singaporeans doing menial jobs of serving them.

Traitors should be fire squads like in China.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon

Sinkieland, those who unwittingly got themselves hooked and have children are going to experience HELL.

With this artificially inflate costs of living, you think can have more than one or even two children.

That's why so many Singles in Singapore. Wise decisions.

Free like birds. Earn your keeps and just passed on.

Anonymous said...

Jia lat! LHL Kena shot by Ang Moh Tua Kee. Somemore is from the country he deliberately went there to carry balls! Like that how? See liao. Carry balls USA, China not happy. Carry balls China, USA not happy. Finish lah!

"A United States senator on Fri (15 Nov) condemned Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong for allegedly prioritising his economic and political deals with Beijing at the expense of “human rights” in Hong Kong.

Rick Scott, a representative of the State of Florida, in a tweet had branded Lee’s “shaming” of the Hong Kong pro-democracy protestors “fighting for their human rights” as “shameful”.

Singapore’s Prime Minister is so concerned with his deals with Communist China that he is shaming the brave people of #HongKong for fighting for their human rights.

This is shameful! The global community should stand together against human rights violator President Xi. https://twitter.com/SCMPAsia/status/1185114050415472640 …

Singapore PM @leehsienloong a social media hero in China for #HongKong comments https://buff.ly/35J6ACa By @deweysim "

A smart leader makes the big elephants fight each other. An idiot makes both elephants charge at him at the slightest movement.

Anonymous said...

Does PAP = Crony Capitalism + Nepotism?

Anonymous said...

Our Leeders have been exhorting Singaporeans to integrate with foreigners. With the deluge of CECA Indians flooding into the Little Red Dot, very soon it will be one big Little India here instead of several smaller Little Indias like now. We may have to wear the sari and mundu and eat with our hands if we don't want to stand out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous said...

China confirmed on Monday that its first domestically built aircraft carrier had sailed through the Taiwan Strait for "routine" training and tests after Taipei accused Beijing of intimidation around upcoming elections.

The ship, which has yet to be named, is Beijing's second carrier and will add massive firepower to its navy once it is officially put into service as it faces tensions with self-ruled Taiwan and regional neighbours around the disputed South China Sea.

The carrier crossed the sensitive waters on Sunday before entering the South China Sea for "scientific research tests and routine training", navy spokesman Cheng Dewei said on an official social media account.

Cheng said it was "normal practice" for carriers that are under testing to conduct cross-regional trials.

"It is not aimed at any specific target and has nothing to do with the current situation," Cheng said without elaborating.

The sail-by comes as Taiwan gears up for presidential elections in January.

Taiwan had dispatched ships and planes to track and monitor the carrier's movements. US and Japanese vessels also trailed it in the strait.

China, which sees self-ruled democratic Taiwan as part of its territory, has stepped up military drills around the island since Beijing-sceptic President Tsai Ing-wen, who is seeking re-election, came to power in 2016.

Tsai, who has voiced support for Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement, has described the elections as a fight for Taiwan's freedom and democracy.

Her challenger favours much warmer relations with China.

The "Type 001A" carrier was launched in 2017 and sea trials began the following year, but it has yet to be officially put into service.

Global Times cited an anonymous military expert as saying the ship likely sailed through the strait to dock at its possible home base in south China's Hainan island.

Hainan province is in the South China Sea, east of Vietnam.

China has one other carrier, the Liaoning, a repurposed Soviet carrier bought from Ukraine that went into service in 2012.

A US think-tank reported in May that recent satellite photographs indicated that construction of a third Chinese aircraft carrier was well under way.

Singapore exports contract for eighth month, as US-China ‘trade war heat’ saps city state’s growth.

Anonymous said...

I call upon the God of Israel to strike the PAP Ministers down with death and sickness.

Anonymous said...

I call upon all evil doers to repent and feel remorseful NOW for what you have done, deliberately or otherwise, to make life of commoners Singaporeans more difficult and expensive. For the day will come when you have to meet your Maker and account for all your evil deeds and it will be too late for you to say sorry.

Anonymous said...

PAP Ministers will never repent.

Dafts Are Forever Dafts said...

CPF Savings - Your Blood And Tears Money

Speaking at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 90th anniversary gala dinner held at Carlton Hotel yesterday (15 Nov), Manpower Minister Josephine Teo hinted that CPF Minimum Sum may be raised again.

It is important to help Singaporeans save more for retirement adequacy, she said. To meet their needs, especially as Singaporeans live longer, the CPF basic retirement sum should be regularly adjusted to ensure that payouts remain relevant to members.

The last time when the CPF Minimum Sum (Full Retirement Sum) was adjusted upwards was in 2015. It defined the Minimum Sum up till the year 2020 (next year).

For example, those who turned 55 this year, the Minimum Sum would be $176,000. This is the mandatory sum to be kept with CPF Board at 55. One can only get monthly payouts from it at 65th birthday, only if you ask for it (not automatically) or at 70th birthday is you are still alive (automatically).

See? The PAP Government really takes care of you. Especially you money. From the day you started working and contributing to the CPF Savings, your CPF monies are used as LOANS to the G for use by Temasek Holdings, GIC and Finance Minister/Ministry. That's why you cannot use them so easily. Do you understand?

Nevermind if you understand or don't understand, you just vote for PAP like a good obedient soldier and everything will be taken care for you, especially your money. Just continue to vote for PAP in any election, whether it is General Election or By-Election. Is that clear?

"Yes, Sir!"

I can't hear you! Say louder!


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, vote for PAP for more good years.

Anonymous said...

That CPF Board is supposed to grow your savings at 10% to 12% interest per annum, so that you will have sufficient money to retire comfortably, based on compound interests.

But instead, it short-changed you by paying you only 2.5% per annum, which cannot even cover annual inflation of 4-5%.

The CPF Board of Directors and CEO instead of investing your money for you in order to grow at a target of 10-12 percent ROI, they switched off totally and collect fat pays every month, and send your money to the Finance Minister, who in turn send your money to MAS, GIC and TH for them to use as cheap loans. And those three charlies make money out of your money and pay a misserable 2.5% interests to you. This is a clear negligence of responsibility for 40 years. Yet nobody, not even opposition MPs make a squeak about CPF Board of Directors and CEO not doing their rightful duties for the past 40 years.

What a bunch of idiots!

Anonymous said...

The CPF Board is operating like a Post Office for the past 40 years or so. It should be operating like an investment bank or like Warren Buffett.

Anonymous said...


You are a retard. Of course FRS is going to increase EVERY YEAR. Anyone who is shocked or surprise is simply lacking in financial awareness & common sense.

(1) The increases were already announced & confirmed back in 2015 when govt revamped the Minimum Sum to the Full Retirement Sum, and changed the date of annual increase from every 1st July to every 1st January.

The announced FRS:
2016 - no increase from 2015 ($161K)
2017 - $166K
2018 - $171K
2019 - $176K
2020 - $181K

From 2021 onwards - either maintain 3% annual increase or increase by annual CPI (inflation).

(2) Unless we are living in a persistent deflation like during the 1930s Great Depression, cost of living will always go up. You are already lucky that inflation has been very low for many years .... otherwise CPF minimum sum will already be over $250K today.

Healthcare will be the problem. Double whammy becoz healthcare inflation is rising much faster than overall inflation AND you oldies WILL kena disease & health problems.

The full retirement sum of $176K is a laughably small amount to be able to even retire.

If this small amount you can KPKB it means 4 things:
(1) You cannot retire.

(2) You are lousy at building, growing & preserving money.

(3) If your CPF monies are given to you, you will use up whatever amount in less than 3 years.

(4) You will become a menace & parasite to society when you run out of money & will resort to cheating, scamming, emotional blackmail and violence to get society to give you living allowance.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Even at $200k, that is very little money. If you take the 4% rule, that's only $8k a year...cannot live lah, you need other sources of (passive) income.

CPF return 10-12%? What universe you living in bro? Pension funds are STRUGGLING to get their stipulated 7-8% in safe, conservative manner...they are just not making it, so they have to take MORE RISK (riskier assets, more leverage) to get the returns. Which means we can rest assured that there will be A FEW PENSION/ INSURANCE FUNDS COLLAPSING in the near future.

Virgo 49 said...

Sinking Land exports figure sank below 12%.

Wah piang, no chance to escape recession liao.

With 6.9M, who be on the firing lines first?

6.9M question- definitely Sinkies!!

Virgo 49 said...

Hello 5.45pm.

Still got chance to poh 4.8M Toto.



Anonymous said...


///Still got chance to poh 4.8M Toto. Faster///

You another retard.

Might as well every 3 months take cheapest plane tickets to US, UK, Oz for their lotteries?!?!? Theirs all in the 100s & 10s of millions ---- FUCKING BIGGER PAYOFF!!!

KNN lah ... we're talking about Retirement Adequacy of millions of Sinkies lah. Not masturbating about individual Strike Toto situations that is only in the masturbatory fantasy of 1 in 14 million.

All this talk about CPF etc confirms ONE THING:-



PAPies fucked up the CPF system (no, not the low 2.5% to 6% interests rates). What used to be a pretty OK retirement funding system has become bastardised & manipulated for political ends.

But PAPies are SMART --- a lot of CPF's bastardising are actually optional .... you need to purposely make use of the bastard options!!! And PAPies also build-in various good options & good tricks to maximise CPF returns. Smart PAPies avoid the bastard options & instead make full use of the good options & good tricks!!!


Unfortunately, 90% of Sinkies whole heartedly make use of CPF's bastard options, while NOT using its good options & good tricks.

PAPpy & Singapore system is like this!!!! There are MANY MANY good stuff & opportunities around. But!!! .... Only you yourself need to DO THE HARD WORK & FIGURE THESE OUT YOURSELF!!!


Anonymous said...


///Even at $200k, that is very little money. If you take the 4% rule, that's only $8k a year...cannot live lah, you need other sources of (passive) income.///

Virgo can .... He only needs $500 a month, remember?!?!?? LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

I want PAP Ministers to fall sick and die.
I don't want them to repent.

Virgo 49 said...

500 x 3 = RM1500.00

Nasi lemak only RM3.00

S$500 only allownace.

Magnum Life payout- eqv Sinkieland CPF life at Rm1000.00 per day x 30 days a month for next twenty 20 years.


Virgo 49 said...

WSG bigger braggart RETARD..

Aussie lottery. Aiyo lucky no strike. If not have to be neighbour with that scoundrel Mati Lah.

Had foolishly invested quite a neat sum in what their luxury bungalows and condos with beautiful views.

Last time land of milk and honey and what's not.

Now kena burned to ashes.

What's the need for these chow ang moh lotteries.

Just across the Second link and causeway already have jackpots prizes of 40 to 50Millions.

Aiyo, good enough. How much can you eat with your balance two to three years of your life.

Or is it your shares all kena washed OUT? ?

RM50M can buy you a few luxury condos and bungalows in Matland.

Tomorrow, hoo say another trip to the City Above The Clouds.

Second look at the Pahang Genting middle way Trellis.

Wah, beautiful. Can just pop in to the City without sleep anytime without booking any hotel rooms.

Concerts every month, Bona Cinemas with the latest movies.

Lion Dance completion next month.

Where to find such pleasures ina single place.

Away from the stink of the scavengers, locusts like Matilah and the hygenas and Sinkies braggart like you.

Chinese saying: Lau koo beh see, boh kwek ai see.

You boh how lian teng see pei.- Teochew version

Boh how lian ai see- Hokkien version

Empty vessels make the most noise.

Ang mohs lotteries kena take one lump sum pittance conpared to Matland.

Virgo 49 said...

Just to add a ordinary salary man guy and a beggar with a dollar to spare.

When Lady Luck smiles at them, they be one thousand times richer than your empty boasts riches.

What Retard?

Your shares can beat this coming Thurs 8.8M meh?


Anonymous said...

$Millions Chan Chun Sing Took Five Months To Learn Four Lessons From Hong Kong's Civil Unrests

Typical of PAP-style when elections are near, CCS tried to frighten voters by highlighting that what has happened in Hong Kong can “easily happen” to Singapore if the country is complacent. (But complacency already set in for sometime already, yet he is still sleeping?)

His four lessons:

1. To have a well-functioning political system, which works closely with the public service to anticipate challenges, execute policies well, resolve problems and improve people's lives (who don't know, kee chiu).

Regardless of political systems and party interests, the exercise of leadership must be to put people’s and country’s interests foremost.

Feedback channels will also be required to enable responsive and responsible governance,

Only with a well-functioning political system, the right political culture and a well-oiled feedback-to-action mechanism can we make adjustments to policies as necessary, execute decisively and communicate effectively.

2. Long-term policy making as the success of any government cannot be measured just by the short term.

Our success must also be determined by our ability to enable the next generation to do even better than us.

Today, too many governments and societies are too focused on the immediate and domestic, without sufficient considerations for the future or external. (True. Signing CECA with India for example.)

As an example, he cited how the access to affordable housing and essential services is fundamental to keeping society stable. (HDB flat reduced to $ZERO on 99-year lease expiry date.)

The transfer of land ownership and properties across generations cannot be at the expense of depriving future generations’ opportunities to be rewarded based on hard work and capabilities. It cannot be that those who are rich first will be rich forever without due effort. (Well said but please lead by example. Don't just talk while you and other ministers amass wealth at the expense of taxpayers)

3. Social cohesion and conflict resolution. Unity amidst diversity requires all parties to bear in mind the wider good of the country, while championing the respective wants of specific communities.

To insist on maximal individual gains, at the expense of the common and collective good, cannot be the Singapore way. (Please lead by example and reduce your $millions pay by 90% then talk. Otherwise you do not have the moral authority to even whisper this into our ears!)

The “Singapore way” also includes dialogue and constructive actions, instead of violence, when it comes to resolving problems. (Should also become a police state to enforce obedience, otherwise dialogue won't work.)

Conflict resolution requires all parties to take actions that are responsible and constructive. Singaporeans are also ultimately responsible for their future. (Not the Ministers).

Regardless of what others say, we must bear the responsibilities and consequences of our own choices and actions. This is why we are against foreign interference in domestic politics. (What about towing USA's line, hook and sinker?)

4. It is never easy for small city-states to survive and thrive without a conventional hinterland for supplies, markets and opportunities.

Singapore will have to pick up the pieces ourselves should things go badly wrong.

Therefore, Singapore's continued relevance to the world is “never a given” and the country must continue to work hard, distinguish itself and stay exceptional amid global uncertainties.

This includes growing opportunities for local enterprises and workers, as well as providing value to regional and global geo-strategic affairs with principled perspectives and clear-eyed analysis of the challenges and opportunities, among others. (e.g. CECA?)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:26pm

Don't need any PAPpy to frighten sinkies. LKY already castrated most sinkies' balls back in the 1970s & 1980s.

The 3G and 4G are merely riding on LKY's castrated sinkies.

Symptom of a castrated sinkie -- hates PAPies & talk big about voting for Oppo online but on election day kuai kuai put X next to PAP!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

LONDON: China will not simply sit back and watch if months of protests in Hong Kong develop into an "uncontrollable" situation, the country's ambassador to Britain said Monday (Nov 18).

"I think the Hong Kong government is trying very hard to put the situation under control," Liu Xiaoming told a London press conference, as fresh violence erupts after months of protests.

"But if the situation becomes uncontrollable, the central government would certainly not sit on our hands and watch. We have enough resolution and power to end the unrest."


Anonymous said...

Chan Chun Sing
- champion mental masturbator
- mister "say the obvious" man
- talk only but ownself never do

- very clever at talking about vague generalities
- very lousy at executing anything specific

Anonymous said...

The Paper General does acknowledge that what is happening in Hongkong can and could happen in Singapore.
The Sin Cabinet better be mindful and remind itself constantly that revolution and bloodflow are common throughout histรฒry.
Any regimes going overboard must face and bear the Consequences for being abusive.
Extreme begets extreme.