US Asean relations - A snub for a snub

'An offer by the United States to host a Pacific rim summit in America in 2020 after Chile abruptly cancelled this year's event was "not a good idea", Malaysia's foreign minister said Thursday.
The sharp retort comes days after most southeast Asian leaders snubbed a meeting with US officials in Thailand when President Donald Trump failed to show.

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit had been scheduled for November 16-17 in Chile, but President Sebastian Pinera pulled out of hosting it because of ongoing civil unrest in the country.

According to Malaysian Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called him during a meeting of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) leaders in Bangkok last week.

Pompeo told him that "because Chile is not able to host APEC this November... the US is thinking of hosting APEC somewhere in January in the US", and asked for Malaysia's position.
Saifuddin said he told US officials in Bangkok that "we don't think it is a good idea".'

The above Yahoo report said it all, the Emperor cannot always have his way, to snub the smaller countries as and when he likes and think the smaller countries would continue to bow to the Emperor's wishes. Trump did not think the APEC Summit was important enough for him to turn up. Instead he sent junior ministerial rank advisors to the Summit in US national security advisor Robert O'Brien and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. He thought the Asean heads of states would only be suitable to meet these two junior officials instead of himself, the Emperor.

Then in return he 'invited' or summoned the Asean leaders to his summit in the US. Come pay your respect to the Emperor in the White House. At the APEC Summit most of the Asean leaders snubbed the meeting with the US representatives except for 3 hard core cronies. The new directive from the Emperor is again snubbed by Asean leaders with Malaysia taking the lead. The days when the Emperor called the shot is over. The Empire is now a shadow of its past and no longer feared or held in awe by the smaller countries. The Empire and the Emperor can be ignored, just like that.

The Americans must not think too highly of themselves in Asean except for a few capitals that still see the white men as gods. The Asean countries may be smaller but they have pride and dignity. Do not summon or beckon them to do your bids at your becks and calls.


Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland Leaders would loved to crawl and bowed in front of the White Emperor.

So proud to be in the Company of the White Emperor and in the White House.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

I dun think it was a matter of "the brown savage standing up to the great white god-emperor" lah. Hosting international summits, cost a shit ton of money and resources for the host cuntry.

Applying Occam's Razor (the simplest explanation is not always, but usually the best): Malaysia is unwilling or unable to finance such an event.

Pompeo should have just made ONE CALL to PM LHL. Problem solved. LHL would have just said yes, and LIKE MAGIC the money to fund such an event would appear.

Singapore has been sucking US dick for decades. Silly Mike Pompeo...can get FREE BLOW JOB from USA's #1 Asian Bitch...oso dowan.

Picture this in your mind's eye: PM LHL sucking Mike Pompeo's smelly Italian salami, fondling his balls, fingering his asshole. Can you feel it? 🤡😛👍🏻

Anonymous said...

// The days when the Emperor called the shot is over. The Empire is now a shadow of its past and no longer feared or held in awe by the smaller countries. //

Too bad 70% Singaporeans still believe that PAP still call the shots in Singapore.
- even though PAP is just a shadow of its past
- and should no longer be feared or held in awe

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 955

>> Too bad 70% Singaporeans still believe that PAP still call the shots in Singapore. <<

In politics, "perception is reality", i.e. what is "believed" is TRUE.

The PAP are calling the shots in Singapore with even greater sway. 2 potential candidates from the opposition-in-waiting have just been BARRED from contesting the GE. Apparently, they shit-talked our "independent judiciary" , and so they've been tossed out like a used tampon. (Note: Tampons are items used by BLOODY CUNTS) 🤓

You can dream all you like about the PAP. They hold the power, and their grip is stronger than ever, even though more people appear to be "complaining". 💪🏽💪🏽

Learn how to read the ground properly lah.

Anonymous said...

The Descendants of the Dragon in the Mainland/神州
are united and stronger than ever under wise and enlighten folks.
lt is the Bananas outside the Mainland that have become traitors. Even then, most of the Chinese Diaspora are fidel to their origins.
the World is likely to be destroyed by mankind and natural disaster as soon as within the Next Few Hundred Years.
Will there be any civilization left after that ? There should be some remnants left and it shall be in China, the Land/神州 of Living Gods aka Human Beings

Anonymous said...

In the mind of Mike Pompeo, Singapore never existed. To him, his memory equates Singapore as a small city within Malaysia - has been in the past, is now, and will be in the future.

Can everyone still remember? During the Kim-Trump Summit in Singapore, when Mike Pompeo gave a News Conference? On his table was clearly displayed: "Trump-Kim Summit, Malaysia"?

Having been CIA Chief, and now Secretary of State, his knowledge on Political Geography is found wanting. Together with the hundred over key personalities in the Trump Administration having resigned, asked to resign, sacked or charged in court, this shows Trump's ability to surround himself with good humans is atrocious.

A good leader, like LKY and Xi Jinping, surrounds himself with good and upright people. A bad leader, like Trump and someone very close, surrounds himself with bad and sycophantic people.

imho said...

The world is slowly splitting into two under trump, the americans on one side and the rest on the other side. The high debt means a war is imminent.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.55 am

So early you start playing your broken record! Nothing more nothing less to say?

Now, where is our resident sodomiser to pass his judgement!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9:55 am is a typical example of Zero EQ and Zero Critical Thinking. Even if a million sodomizers ripped off his asshole, he would still continue to be a DDD (daft, dumb and dud)!

Anonymous said...

You wont be surprise if you ask the normal American citizens on the streets and they will tell you Singapore is in China. Some are not even able to name 10 countries in the world and they have the audacity to laugh at the Chinese citizens of being uninformed!

We thought normal Americans are well informed, but the reality is that they are like some of the people in China, devoid of real news coming from their not believable and baised MSM like CNN, Fox News etc, where real news is distorted and hard to come by. People always thought the USA is so democratic with freedom of information, but such information are as sanitised as those in China.

Many Americans who travelled to all parts of China have made videos of the places they visited and YouTube has been known to have removed some of them while comments have been made that those are fake videos made by communist sympathisers. How about the beautiful airports, highways and train stations in Africa that Africans themselves have shouted and praised aloud?

Many countries are now in favour of moving the UN headquarters out of NY, and Sochi being the choice of some. This was in response to US immigration refusal to grant entry to certain diplomats from Iran over the years quoting security reasons.

Anonymous said...

Discard Google Chrome and Facebook - the well-known snooping and spying platforms. Make use of Firefox and Twitter.


Anonymous said...

By-Election in Malaysia - Who Will Win?

The Tanjung Piai by-election will see a six-way contest:

1. PH - Karmaine,
2. BN - Wee,
3. Gerakan - Subramaniam,
4. Berjasa - Badhrulhisham
5. Ang Chuan Lock - independent
6. Faridah Aryani - independent

This by-election was called because of the death of incumbent PH’s Dr Md Farid from Bersatu on September 21.

Early voting is set on November 12, while polling is on November 16.

Tanjung Piai has 42% Chinese, 46% Malays, 10% Indians and 2% Others.

Most probably the Malay votes will split 50/50 to PH and BN. The candidates therefore will have to depend on the Chinese votes in order to win. The Indian votes, being a small minority, will probably follow the Chinese minority.

At present, the sentiments on the ground does not seem good for the pro-Islam PH candidate, who used to be an Imam, and is seen as being in-approachable, aloof and indifferent to the Chinese community's needs and aspirations.

The BN's candidate, though a Chinese, has already alienated the Chinese voters in the past, when he was the incumbent MP who failed to look after the needs of the Chinese community in Tanjung Piai.

Will The Chinese votes go to a third party or an independent?

Guess who will win?
What do you think, if voting is along racial profiling?

Anonymous said...

The jobs situation for local Singapore people is so bad that many are turning to selling pornographic materials using social media:

Singapore — Another chat group on the message app Telegram has been discovered selling pornographic material, and four men were arrested by the Police on Wednesday, November 6.

The four men are between the ages of 26 and 45.

This seems to be the 4th known case within the last one month.

This group is known as “Sam’s lots of CB Collection.”

The Police was notified about this group's activities on October 24.

The arrests were announced on Friday, November 8 but when exactly the arrests were made is not known.

According to the Straits Times, police investigations revealed that three of the men acted as the Administrators of “Sam’s lots of CB Collection,” and the fourth man had advertised in the Chat Group that pornographic material was on sale,

P/S: What is CB?

imho said...

without white people, we will not have the cure for small pox. in reality, white people are not the worst. they will never want to settle in singapoor and compete for jobs. just look around, who are the ones competing for jobs from locals. they even used their leaders to force our dumb leaders to open doors for them.

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