US destabilising South China Sea in attempt to turn it into an American pond

 The United States will deploy Coast Guard patrol ships in the western Pacific to counter what it described as “destabilizing and malign” activities in the region by China, the country’s top security adviser said on Friday.

The US Coast Guard was “strategically homeporting significantly enhanced Fast Response Cutters … in the western Pacific,” White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said in a statement.

Describing the US as a Pacific power, the statement added that China’s “illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, and harassment of vessels operating in the exclusive economic zones of other countries in the Indo-Pacific threatens our sovereignty, as well as the sovereignty of our Pacific neighbors and endangers regional stability”.
The above is reported in the Al Jazeera news. The Asia Times also had this in his headlines, 'US Coast Guard churns South China Sea tensions'.
These news of the evil intent of the aggressive American adventurism in South China Sea is raising concern among Asean states.  Coast Guard ships are mainly for patrolling territorial waters equivalent to a police force, not the military or marines. The Americans deployed its Coast Guards to guard the territorial waters of mainland America and surrounding seas of its islands like Hawaii and Guam. 
To deploy American Coast Guards in the South China Sea is as good as signalling to the countries in the littoral states that the Americans are making a claim to the not only the islands in the South China Sea but the South China Sea as American territory.  This illegal and provocative behaviour of the evil Americans is dangerous as it stokes the fire of war in the South China Sea. Not only China would be provoked, the expansionist intention of the Americans would not be welcomed by the Asean states.  Any such moves by the Americans could mean war in the South China Sea.
The evil Americans are bent on starting a war in the South China Sea and turn the region into another war zone. This is all the American's doing, sailing warships and coast guard ships thousands of miles from American shores to the western Pacific, an area owned by China and some Asean states.

The evil Americans have dropped its mask of pretension. It is going to seize the South China Sea after failing to agitate the Asean states to fight China.  It is claiming territorial sovereignty of the South China Sea! The evil Americans are going to do it on their own, to confront China and Asean states, and China would have no choice but to fight the Americans to protect its territorial waters and islands.

The Americans are going to start WW3. The Americans are solely responsible for this massive war of destruction of the human kind. It is aggressive American provocation, provocation and provocation all the way.
PS. My Saturday contribution as I will out early in the morning and unable to post on Sat.

Too Much Pay Breeds Complacency and Incompetence

When was the super salary of ministers introduced?

That year, since that year, the pay was so good that they most probably began to think (I assume) of how to grow their cunningly-gotten through parliament windfall, that everyone of them was spending more time thinking, planning and executing to increase their instant wealth, instead of how to develop the country and the people (the only natural resource Singapore has).

The excuse used was the magic words: "Globalisation. So let the market forces dictate."

In other words, they don't have to do anything. Just let the market forces move accordingly.

What is "market forces"? They are basically manipulative people who have the capital and the cranium to think, plan, exploit and manipulate the markets to their advantages.

That means, let these people exploit and manipulate our markets, our labour forces, and our capital. So, just sit back and enjoy the instant riches acquired with a stroke of the pen through the parliament.

Now, with Covid-19 wrecking havocs to the economy, the labour market, stock market, travel market, all sorts of markets, these happy-go-lucky multi-millionaires suddenly woke up from their euphoric slumber to the horror that we need Singaporeans, not foreigners, to run our country. That we need local-born talents, not imported make-belief talents turned into instant new citizens, like the ones at MAS, DBS, and Temasek and expect them to be loyal to the country like the local-born.

It is a bit too late. (But first, get rid of CECA. Without getting rid of CECA, their hands are tied.) The smarter local-born birds have flown. Those who have not are planning to fly away too.

For example, all my three children are working overseas and are planning not to come back. They have bought REAL properties abroad which they can call their own, not the fake leasehold (long-term rental) HDB government flats sold under the fake "Home Ownership" scheme, that will end up ZERO VALUE at end of 99 years.

What are the basic requirements to live a happy and satisfying life?

1. A permanent and stable place to stay and raise your children.

2. A steady and good-paying job, not a two-year contract job.

3. No NS to interrupt with your job or your family life.

4. A variety of reasonably good and affordable food and clothing.

5. Freedom to possess what you own, not someone decide for you how to spend your savings and force you to donate your organs (unless you opt out) and force you to pay for insurance premiums for insurance policies that you do not want to buy.

6. Freedom to move around, to protest and to assemblies and freedom of speech.

7. Medical services and educational institutions that are easily reached and affordable.

Which country can provide you the above 7 basic conditions?



PS. Posted on behalf of SSO.

How Emperor Kangxi saved China from the hypocrisy and scourge of the European Christian faith.

      Five hundred years ago in 1455  Pope Romanus Pontifex claimed himself to be the representative of the Christian God, Jesus Christ and in doing so he claimed dominion over the entire world. He issued statements which gave European rulers the sanction to colonize all of the non-Christian world. He anointed the rulers and their representatives the plunderers and pirates as sanctified conquerors with legal and moral license to dispossess natives of their possessions. The Bulls gave Christian plunderers like Columbus, Cortez, Pizarro, Cook, Hudson and the rest both legal and moral license to plunder, dispossess, enslave and  murder  the natives. They were given ample faculty to to invade, search out, capture, vanquish and subdue all pagans. They were to convert all natives to Christianity and to kill those who could not  be converted.

The arrogance and tyranny of the Vatican assumed the entire world was under the jurisdiction of the Pope, a God's representative on earth. Any land not Christianized or not under the sovereignty of a Christian ruler could be possessed on behalf of God. All time and space was considered  empty until Christians arrived with God's truth and until then all lands and territories were considered Terra Nullius. Thus this set the precedent and the rules for all the aggressive and warmongering European powers to set out to conquer and terrorize all the non-Christian world. It was the catalyst for the 500 years curse of white Christian domination and terrorism of all non-Christian countries which continue non-stop to this day.

Under this self-assumed totalitarian  godly power the Pope of the Catholics in the Vatican, the power house or headquarters of all the Catholics sent missionaries to China with intent to convert The Middle Kingdom to the Catholic Christian faith. 

The Catholic priests sent to China during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty were known as Jesuits or Dominicans, two different orders of the same Catholic church. However, the Jesuits predominate in the Chinese court, the hall of power and rule in the Middle Kingdom.

Emperor Kangxi ascended the Dragon Throne at the age of seven and ruled China from 1661 to 1722. In the early decades of Emperor Kangxi's reign, the Jesuits played a large part in the imperial court. As the Jesuit priests had great knowledge of astronomy Emperor Kangxi made the Jesuits in-charge of the Imperial Observatory. Emperor Kangxi was introduced to western music. A Jesuit priest Thomas Pereira taught him how to play the harpsichord. Emperor Kangxi appointed Karel Slavicek as court musician. Emperor Kangxi was broadminded and was always opened to new ideas. He was later to found out that his broadmindedness was being made use of by the Pope and the Vatican to destroy Chinese culture or to deculturalize China and the Chinese people from Chinese culture in favour of Christian teachings and tenets.

The Vatican sent preachers or missionaries known as Jesuits or Dominicans to China to evangelize or propagate the Christian faith or Christianity. They always believe in starting to convert the ruler or king of the country first as once the king is converted the rest of his subjects and the whole country will easily follow suit. 

Some of the early Jesuit missionaries sent to China in 1705 were Ferdinand Verbiest and Karel Slavicek. In 1711 the Pope through "The Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples" sent Matteo Ripa to China to propagate the Christian religion. Matteo Ripa an Italian priest was also a painter and copper engraver at Qing Court. In Beijing Pope Clement X11opened a religious school, The Collegio Dei Cinesi" to help the propagation of Christianity in China. 

In 1723 Matteo Ripa returned to Naples, Italy with four young Chinese converted Christians. They were to be groomed to become Christian priests before sending them back to China later as missionaries. At the same time the Vatican opened a school in Naples to teach Chinese to Italians. It was the first Chinese institute and the first school of Sinology in Europe.

Emperor Kangxi was grateful to the Jesuits for their contributions and the many languages they could interprete. He made use of the service of Jean Francoils Gerbillon and Thomas Pereira as translators for the negotiations of the Treaty of Nerchinsk in 1689 with Russia. Little did he know that the Jesuit priests were sabotaging China's interests and subbordinating China's interests to the Russians who were also Catholic christians. Thus China was to lose large chunks of territories to Russia under the treachery of these Jesuits who manipulated the Chinese Emperor Kangxi under subterfuge to accept the lobsided treaty in favour of the Christian Russians. The Jesuits did the same treason to China in subsequent treaties with Russia in later years in the 1830s to 1900s which resulted in China losing more than two or three million square miles of territories north of the Heilongjiang River and the Ussuri River to Russia.

The Jesuits intent to convert Emperor Kangxi to Christianity.

Emperor Kangxi was a very conservative and very highly cultured man steeped in the knowledge of Confucianism, Chinese culture and Chinese rites. But he was also fond of the Jesuits respectful and unobtrusive manner. The Jesuit priests could speak Chinese well and wore the silk robes of the elites, the mandarins.Thus under these pretensions the Jesuits were able to ingratiate with Emperor Kangxi and gained influence in the emperor's court.

The Chinese rites controversy and the attempted deculturalization of Emperor Kangxi by subterfuge.

Jesuits intent to convert Emperor Kangxi to Christianity.

In 1692, when Thomas Pereira requested tolerance for Christianity , Emperor Kangxi was willing to oblige and issued "The Edict of Toleration" which recognized Catholicism and barred attack on their churches and legalized their missions and the practice of Christianity by the Chinese people.

However, controversy soon arose over whether Chinese Christians could still be allowed to take part in traditional Confucian ceremonies and ancestor worship. The Jesuit priests were in favour of tolerance but the Dominican priests took a hardline stand against Chinese traditional rites. The Dominican position won the support of Pope Clement X1 who in 1705 sent Charles Thomas Maillard de Toiurnon as his representative to the Emperor Kangxi to communicate the ban on Chinese rites and worship. 

Through Maillard de Tournon the Pope insisted on sending his own representative to Beijing to oversee Jesuit missionaries in China. This was not allowed by Emperor Kangxi as he treated this as an overstep to hijack the Emperor's power and authority and an  infringement on China's sovereignty and dignity. Emperor Kangxi refused the Pope in the Vatican for his audacity to challenge the Emperor's authority to keep missionary activities in China under his own oversight and control.

However, in the Vatican, the Pope chose to defy Emperor Kangxi's order and authority. On 19th March,1715, Pope Clement X1 arrogantly and defiantly issued the Papal Bull  Ex illa die which officially condemned Chinese rites and religious practice and forbade converted Chinese Christians to carry out the traditional practice. This was tantamount to killing Chinese culture , an attempt to deculturalize the Chinese from their traditional customs and cultural practices. Armed with the Pope's Papal Bull Ex illa die the Jesuit and Dominican priests went around destroying Chinese families worshipping tablets and deities causing untold choas, quarrels and trouble among Chinese families and society.

This Pope and Vatican arrogance was too much for Emperor Kangxi to tolerate. Under the dictates of the Pope's Papal Bull Ex illa die even Emperor Kangxi was not allowed to pray and pay respects to his ancestors base on Chinese traditional rites and customs. Emperor Kangxi was flagbbergasted and deep offended. Henceforth Emperor Kangxi officially forbade Christian missions in China, as they were causing too much trouble.


Friday, 30th October, 2020.


Bring Singaporean talents home - Vivian Balakrishnan

SINGAPORE: Having people well versed in digital skills is key to Singapore’s Smart Nation drive, and the country hopes to attract Singaporeans based overseas to return home to work on such projects, said Minister-in-charge of the Smart Nation Initiative Vivian Balakrishnan. 

This is on top of continued efforts to grow the local talent pool, he added. 

Dr Balakrishnan noted that with the global shortage of tech talent, there are “hundreds” of Singaporeans who are working abroad in places such as the Silicon Valley in the United States, China and Southeast Asia. 

“So the first thing is wherever possible, bring our people back home … The second source is (to) grow our own people,” he said during an interview conducted as part of the CNA Leadership Summit 2020.   CNA

For many years, even today, we are still hearing this obsolete mantra of sending our small pool of talents overseas to compete with the rest of the world when they are badly needed back home. In those days when our currency was weak it made sense. Now the exchange rate is so low that earning foreign currency is losing money.  No need to mention about earning rupiahs or rupees or even ringgits. And to make matters worse, at the same time we are recruiting all the fake talents and con men to replace our real talents overseas and paying them in S$.  How ridiculous can national policies be to allow this transfusion of talents, good Singaporean talents being replaced by fake and funny foreign talents, a hollowing out of our Singaporean core!

Now Vivian is making a strange call, a little late, to bring back our talents from overseas. Well, as they said, it is late than never.  Look at the banking and IT sector, the academia and the Science Parks, how many third world fake foreign talents have been brought in, and indirectly how many of our talents have been forced out by these foreigners that now control these positions and industries and quietly and strategically make sure they hire more of their own kinds and keep Singaporeans out!

If Singapore continues with this stupidity of wanting the best of the world to replace Singaporeans, all the 3.5m Singaporean would be replaced as there are 7b people out there, enough talents to replace every Singaporean here.

So, is what Vivian is saying another politically correct statement for the ears of Singaporeans or just another PR exercise, not to be taken seriously, not to be pursue or implemented?  How real is this change of thinking and policy?

Have we had enough of the fake talents and wildlife? Is Singapore really thinking of wanting its Singaporeans back home to contribute to the country or just forget about them? Foreign talents, fake talents are aplenty and queuing up at the door? Is this another case of all talks and no action?


War has begun - Not Trump or Pompeo's war

God grimace in pain seeing evil men like Pompeo and his fellow evil gangsters going all out to spread hate, tell lies and fake news to justify a war against China and Chinese and to round up equal minded evil people in this wicked scheme. These warmongers are accusing China of aggression when they are the ones that are planning to start this war. They have gone around the world to find more evil men and women to join them. They think that their evil intent would go unnoticed and silly people would believe that they are the good guys. They may be able to con and lie to the unthinking and evil men, but they could not lie to the ONE up there. HE is watching their every move. The accomplices of these evil men will suffer equally in the hands of God.

While these evil men are scheming for a war, they could not see that war has started.  The ONE has started his war against the evil white men to exterminate them for the good of human kind. He has sent his messenger on the Pale Horse to do the destruction he has planned for them. The Pale Horse rider has arrived and sitting in the White House and busily doing HIS work to spread the plague on the white people. 

Not only the USA is being hit, the whites in Europe are not spared. This pandemic will destroy all the evil white men and other evil men that chose to go along with the evil white men. And the best thing about this scheme of God is that they did not know that HE has started his war of extermination of the white men. And the evil white men are going around merrily as if this is nothing, another common flu, to be ignored, nothing serious. Nothing will happen to them!

This state of delusion is best seen in what Pompeo, Trump, Esper etc are doing, thinking that there is nothing wrong with this plague and still have the luxury of wanting to start a war with China, to conduct more wicked deeds, to kill more people. They did not have a clue that DEATH has arrived in his Pale Horse and living among them. And God said, 'This is good.' Let them continue in their evil ways without knowing that the virus are devouring them.

HIS mysterious way has spared the innocents, especially China, by allowing the villains to plant the virus first in China and helping China to rid itself from this disease. HE has seen how the whites bullied, smeared, oppressed, cheated, looted, plundered and killed the Chinese over 200 years. This must come to an end. HIS fury was set on fire with the plague spreading across the earth like wild fires and hitting America and Europe without them having an inkling of what hit them. And this plague is going out of control, except in China. HE has spared China, after seeing how the Chinese lived through two centuries of injustice, oppression and poverty under the white men, and with evil white men continuing to wrong China and gathering evil men to attack China and wanting to kill more Chinese people.

HE would not allow the evil white men to commit more mischiefs and more murders of the innocents. God's war to terminate the evil white men has started and will not stop until all the evil white men are thrown into the sea of fire. And while HE is getting his work done, the evil white men are still clueless, and still intend to do more evil, thinking they are still in control of the destiny of other people, to be manipulated, condemned and destroyed by them.

The real threat to world peace and human civilisation is the evil American Empire. HE will destroy this evil Empire before it destroys the world.

When the work of God is done, there would not be any evil white men left on mother earth. HE shalt have no mercy on the wicked white men and their evil accomplices. What man proposed, God shalt dispose. Amen.


Singapore to import electricity from Malaysia

SINGAPORE: Singapore will import electricity from Peninsular Malaysia under a two-year trial, said the Energy Market Authority (EMA) on Monday (Oct 26). The trial aims to "assess and refine the technical and regulatory frameworks" for importing electricity into Singapore, said the authority in a press release. CNA

After reading above I could only shake my head. Some were commenting why sold all our power stations away, one to Malaysian owner and now must import electricity from Malaysia? Is this a case of stupidity has no cure disease manifesting itself as another class act, a brilliant stroke of the pen to do the unthinkable and the end result must be good?

It cannot be. It is worse than stupidity has no cure. Remember our water problem and over dependence on Malaysian water and always got threaten and held at ransom by Malaysia? After great effort and expenses and enduring all the threats, Singapore finally broke free from this Malaysian blackmail by building several reservoirs of our own.

Now this. We had several power stations, now have nothing, all sold. Then we are going to the Malaysians to buy electricity. Are we not putting our head on the chopping block once again, to be held at ransom, to be threatened, from being independent of electricity, self sufficient to becoming dependent on Malaysia, our great friend up north all over again?

Who is the genius that came out with this brilliant idea? Or who is the 'khong cum' strategist who is putting Singapore into another compromising and precarious situation again? From self sufficiency to dependency from our most reliable friends up north. Mahathir must be smiling at the stupidity of it all. 'Can squeeze your balls again!'

Clap, clap, clap.

Is this part of the plan and requirement for 10m population?

PS. I am wondering if Singapore has a national body looking after the national and security interest of the country, like protecting strategic assets, like making sure foreigners are not put into positions that would compromise our security and national interest, like in charge of banks, control of IT systems, demographic distribution, in defence matters, control of the media and national narratives, etc etc?


Ironies and hypocrisies of American anti Communist thinking

 The Americans made Communism like a devilish ideology, to be feared and hated and to be destroyed. On the other hand, the Americans professed to be devout Christians and extolled the goodness of Christianity as a way of life, more sacred than Democracy, a religion with a God they prayed and asked for support when they go out to kill coloured people in the name of war.

What the Americans could not understand and would be shocked to know, Communism is a by product of Christianity.  Jesus was the first communist. The way he lived with his followers, the way he shared whatever food he had with them, were all about communal living. All things are to be shared by all his followers, no hoarding of private properties but sharing of common properties, belonging to everyone.

Karl Marx borrowed heavily from the way Jesus and his followers lived their lives as a commune. All men and women were equal except for Jesus. Christianity was subsequently embraced and adopted by the Romans as a state religion and the Catholic Church was formed. The organisation of the Church, the cell groups, confession of sins, collection of tides, sharing of the collection, pooling of resources for the common good of the Church and the believers, were very similar to what is being practised in communist countries. The only difference is the name given to the religion and the political ideology, and one with God while the other is godless.

The communist organisation structure and communal living are a mirror of the Catholic Church and also the churches of other Christian denominations. Both have their cell groups and cell leaders and confession sessions for believers to tell their sins to be forgiven, like the communist self criticism and confession.  And both practise communal living and communal wealth and resources. Ever the hierarchies of church elders and the primates were copied in the form of cadres and central executive committee members.

So, given the similarity between Christianity and Communism, one the mother and the other the child, why are the Americans chose to hate Communism but at the same time embraced Christianity? Whenever they go to church, make their donations to the church, pay their dues for the community or parish or communes they belonged, were they not practising communism?

If only Jesus was around, he would have slapped the Americans for hating his way of life and the way of life of his followers living in his commune as brothers and sisters, as equals, more equality than inequality, not private properties and winners take all, white supremacy etc etc. The Americans are practising Communism on Sunday and hating Communism on other days.

What do you think? What is so different about Communism and communist ideology versus Christianity and its practices? Why is one so hated and the other so dear? If communal living is bad, what about communal activities of the churches, cell groups and sharing of wealth, and Jesus' communal community?


GST hike cannot be deferred indefinitely?

 Singapore — Speaking in Parliament on Thursday (Oct 15) during the debate on the latest supplementary budget, Deputy Prime Minister said a hike in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) cannot be deferred indefinitely. CNA

I was scratching my head after reading the above. The only thing that I know that cannot be deferred indefinitely is death.  Death would surely come, cannot be delayed. But... GST hike, cannot be deferred indefinitely, must surely come also, got fixed time frame? What law is this? Death is ruled by nature's law. GST hike is governed by what law?

What are the assumptions and justifications for GST hike? Inflation, more salary increases, higher cost of govt? Oil price increases? Gravity?

It is also reported that Medishield Life premium also cannot be deferred indefinitely. They must be thinking that this Medishield is like food, that one must eat if not will surely die.

I am still scratching my head.  This must be from some hard sciences or universal law. Medishield is not necessary for everyone. No one is asking for it. No one is volunteering to give up their CPF savings for something they did not want.

As for GST, it is just another tax and taxes can come in many forms, not necessarily in this crude and pervasive GST that would tax the babies, the unborn or even the dead, and definitely the retired and the jobless.

What do you think?


Kishore Mahbubani at his best against white man with an anti China agenda


Kishore Mahbubani, consumate diplomat extraordinaire, Distinguished Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore.


Steve Orlins, President of the National Committee on US China Relations

Kishore has been in the academic and political theatre far more longer than many of the western scholars, academics and politicians. A product of LKY/GKS and Rajaratnam vintage, he has met enough of westerners and their stereotyping views of China, a China that is bad and the West that is good, despite the later butchering the world after invading them and snatching lands to call it theirs like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and many lands and islands all over the world. And they had the cheek to call China expansionist and aggressive when China was also a victim of their invasion, colonialism and looting. And China's crime was for adopting the communist ideology and for building islands in the Pacific Ocean that belonged to them, discovered by China long before the Asean countries became nation states and know about these islands and atolls.

In this one hour video, supposedly to discuss about Kishore's book, 'Has China Won', this was only touched on in the beginning and at the end, the whole video was how this smug and mischievous self professed China expert regurgitated the American fabricated lies about China and the problems they created for China and treating China as the bad guy, and they, the whites, the Americans, the good guys. The intent and motive of this Orlins were expressed clearly in his facial expression of an ugly American when he touched on China, unable to hide or disguise his screwed up views and hatred for China from his upbringing. A hillbilly wanting to pass off as a well travelled and well exposed learned man.

The favourite lines were Xinjiang, Taiwan, South China Sea, Hong Kong and of course Covid19. No one can miss where this Steve Orlins was coming from and where he wanted to take Kishore to. And he insinuatingly attempted to play on Kishore's ethnicity in the Sino Indian Border dispute, trying very hard to snook Kishore to take an anti China stand.

Kishore has seen these all, having been in the same position with many same thinking or unthinking Americans and casually parried off his loaded suggestions as questions like a suave diplomat without telling this American not to be foolish. In the process Kishore tried his part to educate this man on how to think logically. Kishore was at his best, having honed this skill to take on the western stereotypes and their one track mind so very often, to turn all the accusations and allegations into baseless hot air.

This Orlins could only smile and accepted Kishore's view and unable to add more salt and pepper to fuel his anti China agenda. It was so nice to watch, without knowing that it was a one hour webinar, how Kishore gave this man and the audience a lesson in American fabricated lies and hypocrisies. Kishore is getting better and better with so many opportunities to practise with the American and western unthinking stereotypes and their echo chambers.

This was a class act by Kishore in front of a mainly American audience that stay tuned to the webinar till the very end as acknowledged by Orlins.

By the way, the Chinese people are the happiest people at the moment and are fully behind the CCP that brought them prosperity, security and a good life. What shit the Americans are talking about totalitarian state, communist state and all the rubbish.There are now more billionaires in China than in the US. China is now better than the USA in many respects, clean, orderly, safe, peaceful and the Chinese people going about chasing their China Dream unlike the circus in the USA runs by clowns and evil men, bickering, cursing, lying, cheating, corruption, disorder, shootings, killings, and the Americans not only suffering from the Covid19 mess but also getting poorer and poorer. Many have lost their jobs and going to lose their homes and with an empty bank account and have to leave on charity and food banks.

Today the Chinese are very proud and confident of being Chinese and with a future brighter than the Americans. What shitty democracy, fake human rights, fake freedom and fake rule of law, who cares! The most important thing is for a country to be run well, the people's life getting better and better and richer and richer to live peacefully and well.


Mike Pence demonize China with wild savage remarks reflects on US uncivilize nature and roguish behaviour

     The United States is not a legitimate state. Over two hundred years ago the White Americans broke away from its forbears the evil Anglo-Saxon British invaders of America to form the new state of America. The white American USA then systematically exterminated the native population through genocide. As time went by the evil white Americans instituted a new doctrine, "The Doctrine of American Manifest Destiny". Under this doctrine the white Americans began its non-stop continual aggression and territorial expansion. Between 1840 to 1890 it invaded and seized more than one million sis hundred and sixty-five thousand squares of Mexican territory. Then from 1895 it went across the sea to invade Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines and all the Pacific Ocean island kingdoms. The US joined the British and France in the Opium War against China from 1830s to 1860s whereby China was devastated and extensively impoverishd by their imposition of war indemnities to the amount of seven to eight hundred million taels of silver.  Then on October,1860, Lord Elgin the British High Commissioner to China led about 4,000 British troops and together with France they looted the Old Summer Palace of all the treasures before setting it ablaze. All the buildings were burnt down with over three hundred palace workers burnt alive to death. Only thirteen buildings survived intact as they were in the remote areas of lakeside. But the Old Summer Palace was sacked again in 1900 when US joined eight European countries and Japan on a rampage to attack Beijing and completely burnt down  the Old Summer Palace - The Yuanming Yuan after looting it again. In this attack China was again forced to pay each of the Western powers and Japan substantial amount of war indemnities of about six to seven hundred million Chinese silver dollars. This weighed down heavily on Chinese poverty, the impoverishment of which  had a deteriotrating lasting effect on China's national livelihood and the people's substandard living condition for decades or almost a century.

Up to now China has not  yet  settle its account with the predatory western powers and Japan for causing China's immense suffering, destruction and extreme poverty  and yet America and its western allies still think fit of disparaging China with all kinds of lies and unkind remarks to demonize China and the Chinese people, intending to humiliate the Chinese people once again. They despised and hate we Chinese when we were down, poor and weak. Now they hate we Chinese just as much for having risen to become strong, powerful, rich and glorious. 

Recently a friend forwarded to me an article via WHATS APP  about the vile Mike Pence and his likes villifying and damning  China in no uncertain terms. Below is the article reproduced for all people in the world especially the Chinese people to realize  how shameless and revulsive the white Americans can descend so low to tell all kinds of unwarranted lies to besmirch and disparage China and the Chinese people.

Quote as forwarded:

The Taiwanese host fought the US vice president for the Mainland.

English translation from Chinese. 

U.S. Vice President Pence delivered a speech against China at the Washington think tank Hudson Institute. His speech was tough and provocative. ( Taiwan hostess Huang Zhixian published an article in the media "Response to U.S. Vice President Pence ." 

Huang Zhixian is known as "ashamed of the Blue Army , ashamed of the green camp, and a strange woman in Taiwan , " and her article on the U.S. Vice President is reasonable, well documented, and worth reading.

The text is as follows:

Your Excellency Mr. Vice President:

1. When President Trump's present trust and prestige are extremely low on the coming election, it is really regrettable that you have made such a speech with much lies and accusations, disregarding the facts, and much slander towards China. You obviously don't know the true and complete story of China , or you deliberately ignored or twisted it.

2. China never owes the United States anything, and is more generous and kind to the United States than you can imagine. What we Chinese people desperately resent and resist is the attitude of not treating the Chinese as humans. I know very well that until the 1960s black people were still not regarded as a whole person in your country until 1963, the great Dr. King, in his great speech " I have a Dream ", that all men are created equal and that black children can work hand in hand with white children like brothers and sisters. However, racial discrimination against blacks and other minorities in the United States is still a very serious problem.

3. In history, cooperation between China and the United States has always been beneficial to the peace of mankind , and the United States has benefited much more. When the Qing Dynasty was weak and corrupt, the foreign powers invaded and almost carved up China. Although the United States is vast and rich in resources, it was not absent or innocent. When Britain acquired a concession in Tianjin, the United States actually got a concession too. The United States was too lazy to use it, and privately transferred it to Britain. You mentioned about the Boxer indemnity. When Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded the Forbidden City and China was looted, they were forced to pay sky-high compensation - 450 million taels of silver. This is China's five-year fiscal revenue! Although the United States did not send troops, it actually received 7.3 percent of the total compensation. That is the state of the declining China, the deadliest knife on the back, and the gold of blood and tears of the hundreds of millions of the Chinese people.

4. The United States has a far-reaching vision, as the territory of the United States has expanded. What the United States wants is economic and trade interests and political influence. James the president of  the University of Illinois, suggested to Roosevelt: If the United States can successfully attract Chinese students, then they can control them culturally and intellectually. To control China's development in the most satisfactory and ingenious way is to manipulate the Chinese leaders with knowledge and thinking. This is the original intention of the United States with regard to the Boxer compensation, in order to control China spiritually, intellectually and culturally. Tsinghua University was built. However, some people want China to be grateful to the United States for this!

The American Chinese Exclusion Act of 1880s made the Chinese people angry and they spontaneously boycotted American products. Within three years, China imports from the United States fell from 55 million yuan to 25 million yuan. The US envoy to China was worried and proposed to "return part" of Boxer's compensation to China in order to calm this anger. The "Boxer refund" in the United States is actually returning the part that the United States considers "extra."

Moreover, China still has to pay the full amount of the indemnity on schedule, and the United States will then return the 'surplus' money to designated funds in installments. Yes, we are grateful that China has the Gengzi students studying in the United States and Tsinghua Academy. But what the U.S. got is this: spend most of the compensation in the U.S. to expand its long-term influence in China. It also tried to repair the image of the United States in China, promoted the American ideology, and to solve this China's urgent boycott problem of American products and produce.

5. After the First World War, at the Paris Peace Conference, China's lands were taken. Japan invaded China during World War II, China was isolated and helpless, and the United States did not lend a hand. Even in China's most critical moment the United States did not declare war on Japan until Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. Even so, China still did not receive a fair treatment and assistance from the US. The tens of millions of casualties of Chinese soldiers and civilians, and the blood and tears of its people, almost annihilated the country. The world is totally unwilling to mention that China changed the history of World War II with its own flesh and blood. The United States, Britain and Russia betrayed China. Diaoyutai island belongs to China along with Taiwan after the war. The U.S. as an occupier handed over Diaoyutai to Japan instead of handing it over to  China the rightful owner.
Japan's 731 biological units used the Chinese as animals in their germ warfare experiments and thus US handed Diaoyutai to Japan as a trade of for  Japan's handing over intact their experimental reports to the US and also  in exchange of decades of silence from the United States. In this manner all the first class Japanese war criminals including Abe's grandfather and all the scientists and generals involving in 731 were spared the death penalty by the United States. After the war all the top rate Japanese biological  scientists were put to work in top American universities and in many United States biological labs both in the US an in US overseas military bases. As a result of this macabre biological research in cooperation with Japan the United States was able to use germ warfare extensively and with devastating effect in the Korean and Vietnam war and more recently in October 2019 when US military of 300 soldiers spread the Fort Detrick Coronavirus in Wuhan hoping to exterminate the Chinese population throughout China.

6. China has experienced aggressions, wars and various calamities in its recent history. It still has many short comings and challenges ahead. Since the reform and opening up in the 1980s China's population experienced much abundance, progress, peace and stability, it never experienced before  in the last 200 years or so. 

More than 800 million of its population were lifted out of poverty and ignorance by the policies and programes carried out by its government. We the Chinese people, cherish this very much. And China's current state of peace and security does not depend on aggression and colonization. It depends on the creativity, ingenuity, wisdom, enterprising, sacrifice and diligence of the Chinese people. The US has also gained much benefits from China's hardworking and cheap labour. The Chinese bought 30% of the American Iphones . But the Iphones is priced $300 each in China. China only took the $10 labor cost for assembly, while the United States benefitted more than $200 each in profits from the Iphones.

7. Human civilization has different development paths. For all countries invaded by foreign powers, why can't China embark on its unique road to prosperity and progress, as it has a much longer civilisation and history than any nations in the world? Many countries that have pursued western model democracy are destroyed and became failed nations. The reasons are simple - there are much injustice, corruption,nepotism, divisions, racial and class discriminations, selfishness, ignorance, persecutions and police brutality etc etc in those countries. 

There is still a gap between China and the United States in most aspects. However, with the ingenuity, creativity, hard work, enterprising, perseverance and the sacrificial attitude of the Chinese people, it will not only narrow the gap but will eventually lead all other countries as a world leader in every field of human endeavour. The benchmark for evaluating China should never be the American leaders as they have never shown any examplary and inspirational model or guide to the world. To them it is all about power, regime change, control,wars money, politics etc and all the evil selfishness in their hearts. The U.S. is a hypocrite, never practise what it preaches, prejudiced and ignorant of other nations and people, and presently a very dangerous world leader.

8. We understand that the US based on its desire to exert global dominance  has a negative vision of China's rise and prosperity. It feels threatened. In order to suppress China, the United States has launched a three dimensional and all-rounded containment against China. U.S. warships even rampage in our territorial waters. This is unwise and dangerous as China and its people's humiliating experience over the last 200 years will never allow this to ever happen again. You can rest assured they will fight to the bitter end! God will not be pleased with all these dominance and oppression of the US or any other powers. The Chinese philosophy is simple: " achieve, improve oneself and also benefit others" believes that it is not only more beneficial to serve mankind , but also more pleasing to God.


Huang Zhixian, a well known hostess,writer and commentator in Taiwan.

When you finish reading, there are two options: 

1. Spread this out and forward to as many people as possible be they friends or relatives and wherever they may be.

2. Just as if you haven't seen the article before , go on and refuse to be indifferent.

No matter how busy you are, please take 1 second to put it in your circle . Maybe your friends need it. 

Remember, the Godless evil wicked West headed by the United States intend to repeat the oppression and suppression of the Chinese people and China as they did to China and the Chinese people during the last 200 years in the Opium Wars they imposed on China 1830s to 1860s and the Boxer Rebellion in 1900  as well as from 1910s to early 1940s until the Chinese Communist Party of Chairman Mao's People's Liberation Army liberated China on October 1st 1949, whereby China and all Chinese people regain back their honour, self-respect and dignity. We should never allow the humiliation of the Chinese to happen again. We should resist and fight to the end the new danger of US  and Western aggression and imperialism and destroy them completely. Long live the Chinese people and the Chinese Civilization.

Saturday, 24th October, 2020

NB : Please forward this article to all Chinese friends and relatives wherever they may be as well as to other  people around the world

Raising salary must equate with raising skills?

 'PAP’s Edward Chia: Wage increases without corresponding skills puts workers at a higher risk

The PAP MP said that otherwise it would burden businesses and put jobs at risk and increase costs for consumers without adding value, which he called “a slippery slope towards lower competitiveness”'

Reading the above comments reminds me of the raising of ministerial salaries. How was minister's salary raised? Was there an exercise to measure new skills required or acquired or value add?

Anyone can remember how they raised minister's salary? What was the methodology used and what criteria were used? Any mentioned of skills or value add?

My old fading memory said none of the above. They did not talk about raising skills or value add. All they did was to take the salaries of the top 10%  or 15% income earnings  and pegged them accordingly. Tiok boh?

It was like since these top earners earned to much, the ministers must earn so much. What skills to talk about, no need to attend any skills upgrading courses.  Suddenly become experts in everything. The skills just come naturally with the title/position.

And no need to bother if salary increase would be sustainable or increase cost. No slippery slope towards lower competitiveness. No competition to talk about.

And oh,  wage increases without corresponding skills would not put them at a higher risk

What do you think? Where to find this kind of jobs? And all becomes more than mediocres.

Kong chin ho, thia chin song. (in Hokien)


Robert O'Brine - USA is the threat of the century

 By Hugh Hefner

ABOARD HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH (msn) - President Donald Trump's national security adviser accused US on Wednesday of trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine research from China, casting it as a malign rival that was seeking to monopolise every important industry of the 21st Century.

Trump identifies China as the United States’ main competitor, but admitted that the Republican Party of taking advantage over trade and not telling the truth over the novel coronavirus outbreak, which he calls the “China plague”.

In a 20-minute broadside admission, Robert O’Brien told top British and U.S. military and intelligence officials that USA was a predatory power that repressed its people and had sought to coerce both neighbours and Western powers.

"The USA is seeking dominance in all domains and sectors... (and) plans to monopolise every industry that matters to the 21st century," O’Brien told the Atlantic Future Forum via a video link to Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

"Most recently the US used cyber-enabled espionage to target companies developing Covid vaccines and treatments in Europe, the UK and China, all the while touting there is no need for international cooperation," O’Brien said.

 Source mysingaporenews 

PS. The Americans keep spreading lies and fake news to attack China and countries they branded as enemies.

Medishield Life premium may up by 35% - Another CPF is not your money scheme?



Dr Koh said that the net premium increase after subsidies will be limited to around 10 per cent in the first year and added: “We will continue to hold to our commitment that premiums will be affordable and no Singaporean will lose their MediShield Life coverage due to financial difficulties.”

The MediShield Life Council has recommended that the Medishield Life scheme be enhanced and the premiums be adjusted to…

Posted by Koh Poh Koon – 许宝琨 on Monday, October 19, 2020


SINGAPORE: Premiums for MediShield Life may increase by up to 35 per cent in the next few years - before subsidies - as the MediShield Life Council seeks to improve benefits of Singapore’s national health insurance scheme.

The MediShield Life Council has made preliminary recommendations for the MediShield Life benefits to be enhanced, and for premiums to be correspondingly adjusted,” said the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Tuesday (Sep 29)." ....

Under the recommendations, those aged 61 and above will see the highest increase in premiums of about 35 per cent, before subsidies.

But the net increase for all Singaporeans will be kept to about 10 per cent in the first year, after factoring in existing and additional subsidies, including a one-off COVID-19 subsidy announced on Tuesday.  CNA


While the premiums collected in the last 4 years have been more than the payouts,  with an average of $1b left in the reserves, ie premium collected less payout.the conventional term for this is gross profit, Medishield Life premium is expected to go up as much as 35%. There are two main reasons for this. One, must make provisions for more claims, real or just a projection only, never mind. It is the people that will be paying, ie OPM. When making other people pay is concerned it is always good, excellent, to err on collecting more than collecting less. Must build on the reserves, the bigger the reserves the better. The profits are now termed as reserves or put into the reserves for payouts in the future, like a rainy day.

The second reason for premium hike is more benefits, enhancements. Wow, the govt is so caring. They want the people to be very well taken care of, with more benefits. Say thank you to the govt for this kind and compassionate intent. Wait a minute, someone said before, when the govt is going to help you, be frighten, be very frighten. I think no need to be frighten lah. Only pay and pay with your CPF that is actually not your money what. So why worry, why be unhappy? But make sure you put in more money into your CPF to save for your retirement. There is a big hole that will keep leaking money from your CPF. You can never have enough money in your CPF just like you can never have enough of enhanced benefits. Think of it also feel shiok. Come on, tell us how much more benefits we can get, just like looking at the CPF statements and smile.

Singaporeans are so fortunate to have so many caring people, caring about their CPF savings and their well being. You can never save enough to contribute to more voluntary schemes that are planned for your own good by the govt. What more compulsory schemes in the pipeline to tap on your CPF savings? 

Got some more or not? Thank you very much.

The moral of the story is that other people plan and you pay. The good thing is that you don't have to think and don't have to plan. Let others do the thinking and planning for you, using your life savings. And you cannot say no, cannot opt out.

PS. This is another scheme that says CPF is not your money. Other people will decide what you need, how much you need even if you don't need, and how much they want to take from your CPF. And you cannot say no, cannot complain. You just have to pay and pay.


Banning Huawei will lead to ban from China's 1.4b market


In banning Huawei and ZTE, Sweden calls China a national security threat

Stuart Lau

Sweden’s ban on Tuesday of Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp from its 5G networks – which has already drawn a strong rebuke from Beijing – did not surprise observers. It is the blunt reference to China as a threat to national security that did.

For its part, Beijing seems ready to take retaliatory measures, casting doubt on future business in China for the Sweden-based telecommunications giant Ericsson, Huawei’s nearest rival in 5G technology....

Italy has put up costly bureaucratic hurdles for operators using high-risk vendors, making it uneconomical to choose Huawei or ZTE.

Tim Rühlig, an expert on EU-China relations at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, said that Swedish authorities banned Huawei in the most explicit way possible.

“Sweden could have done something similar [to Italy] and ban Huawei in silence. Today’s decision shows that Sweden is up to taking a clear stance,” Rühlig said.... 

Jan Weidenfeld, of the Mercator Institute of China Studies, a Berlin-based think tank, said that “currently, Europe is playing chicken, seeing what other countries are doing on 5G”.


The above is what America and its allies are doing to ban and kill Huawei. China is retaliating by banning Swedish telecom companies from its market. But this is not enough. China should ban major companies from countries that banned Huawei from the China market. And this should not be limited to telecom companies. China must not just be reacting and let the rogue countries set the agenda, take the lead to decide what to hit China. China should initiate what it wants to ban and which company it wants to ban to make it painful for these countries for attacking China. Take out a few countries and a few big companies for a start to let others know that they would not get away if their country is rogue.

This is the only way to deal with gangsters and bullies. Do not let them get away with their bullying and hostility. It must be a tit for tat or else more and more little countries would think it is ok to follow the evil Empire to attack China. Many big companies especially in the US and among its allies need the China market more than China needs them.

China, just whack. Or else the little monkeys would get embolden and more little monkeys would join the bandwagon. Any weakness in China's response would be an invitation for more problems for China's companies to operate in American controlled countries.

PS.   China awarded a big contract to Ericsson to build 5G network. With Sweden accusing Huawei as a security risk, China should do likewise to Ericsson, declares that it is a security risk and cancels its contract and bans its operation in China. China cannot afford not to ban Ericsson once Sweden banned Huawei. What are you doing China? It is plain silly not to do so.


USA - An Empire in decline, all things falling apart

When an empire is in decline, whatever will go wrong will go wrong. The decline of the American Empire is so obvious that no one can miss it. The Americans knew it and are seeing it for themselves how they are falling behind from its glorious days after WW2. All the signs are there, from doing all the wrong things, like fighting wars, making enemies instead of building a strong economy and improving the well being of the American people, like having a string of mediocre leaders and getting worse with every new president till this pathetic state when the most important job of the American Empire, POTUS, is being contested by a conman aka a liar aka a psychopath versus another that has nothing up inside his head, a dunce, as conman Trump called him. And no American is standing up to dispute this claim. They have to live with either of the clowns as their leader.

And then comes Covid19, a tiny invisible virus that should prove elementary to the sophisticated and well trained medical and scientific professionals in America, but proven too daunting a task to overcome. It is not that the Americans were incapable to rise up to the challenge. But at a time when it is in decline, the whole American government machinery is hijacked by a clown who refused to deal with the problem and forbid others, the medical and scientific experts, from doing the right thing. And the number of infections and death toll in America are not funny, the highest in the world, in the millions and climbing.

Covid19 is turning the American Empire into a circus with its POTUS the dominant clown surrounded by many smaller clowns. This is not all. The most advanced country in science and technology, in medicine, with hundreds of biological labs studying viruses, could not come up with a vaccine to treat this Covid19. And its arch rival China, a country that actually joined the international community as a full fledged member, a very backward country 40 years ago, is now taking the lead in developing the vaccines for this pandemic. Out of the handful of contenders in the forefront of this race to produce an effective vaccine, 4 are from China. 

And to make things worse, all the high hopes of America, like their big white hopes, are falling by the waysides one by one. AstraZeneca working with renowned Oxford University was the first to hit a snag. Then came Johnson and Johnson and quickly followed by Eli Lilly, all facing problems with their final stage trials. At the same time, the trials of Chinese vaccines continue smoothly and are at the last days of successful completion and ready for mass production. Keep the fingers crossed that evil men and women will not fake a few problems to throw in the spanner into these trials. A reminder to the evil men and women that the whole world is waiting for this vaccine and any attempt to mess them up by unscrupulous means is cruel, unethical and evil to the core. It is a matter of life and death, it is about economic recovery of the whole world.

Yes, when an empire is in decline, everything will go wrong. The Americans are going to face a lot of unforeseen problems in the development of the vaccine which under normal circumstances would be chicken feat to the world's most advanced nation. The mandate of heaven has departed from America.  God has traveled to the East. The new hope is in the East. The sun is setting in the West.

Adios Pax Americana.

After 3 Nov, the fall of the American Empire will gather more speed as either of the contenders for the position of POTUS is just too inept for the job. Their intellect or lack of intellect is public knowledge. Not a state secret. And the American people know it but could not do anything about it.  It is between the devil and the deep blue sea. What a choice, between a donkey and an ass...to be POTUS!

What hope is there for the American Empire? How to make America Great Again? A hand when the best card is a Trump card.


World's number one terrorist branded 4 countries as terrorist countries


WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump said on Monday (Oct 19) he was ready to remove Sudan from a US blacklist of state sponsors of terrorism, a landmark boost for the civilian-backed government as it turns the page on the nation's decades as an international pariah.

Trump said that Sudan, which has sought the delisting for years, had agreed to a US$335 million compensation package for victims and relatives of past attacks.

"At long last, JUSTICE for the American people and BIG step for Sudan!" Trump wrote on Twitter, vowing to delist Sudan as soon as the compensation is "deposited."

Sudan is one of four nations branded by Washington as a state sponsor of terrorism, along with Iran, North Korea and Syria - severely impeding economic development, with few major foreign investors willing to run afoul of US laws.  AFP

Can you believe it, the USA, the world's number one terrorist country, is delisting Sudan as a terrorist country and branding another three countries ie Iran North Korea and Syria as terrorist countries. Ask a simple question, are these countries fighting wars outside their country, killing other people with bombings and modern weapons of mass destruction? None of these 4 countries are engaged in wars with another nation. 

Only the USA is engaged in wars, invasion of other countries and still killing innocent people of other nations daily and with their soldiers of wars in many countries.  These Americans soldiers are the real terrorists!

The world's number terrorist country has the monopoly of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, with the most bioweapon labs all over the world, with the biggest number gangsters in arms in their aircraft carriers plying the high seas waiting to attack and destroy whoever they branded as enemies. The world's number one terrorist country is now in the South China Sea terrorising China. It is also in Thailand terrorising the Thai govt.

And this terrorist country is blaming Russia and China for interference in their Presidential Election. Can you believe it? For several decades it has been this terrorist country that was interferring in other countries' domestic politics and in extreme cases conducting regime change or military invasion. Now it is crying out loud that Russia and China are interfering in domestic American politics without a shred of evidence but fake news and lies. 

For details of American interference in other countries domestic affairs, read SouthernGlory's post on 20 Oct 20,

'The White Peril or Pale Face Peril & its perverting menace : Regime change, Military coups, Sanctions, Blockades, Killings, Assassinations and genocide of Non-white people continue to this day. PART Two'

When is the UN going to stand to the world's number one terrorist country and call it a terrorist country?

The White Peril or Pale Face Peril & its perverting menace : Regime change, Military coups, Sanctions, Blockades, Killings, Assassinations and genocide of Non-white people continue to this day. PART Two

        In Part One the discussion was on how the Catholic Pope, Romanus Pontifex  in 1445 claimed himself to be the representative of God and under God's empowerment he had dominion over the entire world. His proclamations that he was the representative of God and whatever  evil or wicked deeds he did was carried out on behalf of God. Thus in the name of God he ordered, anointed and sanctified European rulers and their representatives to go out and steal non-christian lands and to dispossess, enslave and murder the heathens or non-christians if they could not be converted into the Christian faith.

 Part Two  will reveal how from Romanus Pontifex in 1445 and down the ages of the last over five hundred years subsequent Popes similar evil and wicked proclamations against non-Christian countries and people resulted in the merciless killings and murders of hundreds of millions of non-white people and the dispossession of their lands, wealth and resources. The evil popes proclamations are so entrenched that white supremacists now still feel they are entitled, empowered and anointed to rob other non-christian lands and their resources and to continue their killings and genocide as the sins of their killings and murders will be forgiven by their Christian God. These popes wild and savage policies have been faithfully followed and adhered to closely by all subsequent white Christian countries for centuries that such inhuman policies have been the worst calamities and sorrows to ever suffer by non-Christian countries and their citizens. It has been the  white men's Christian curse on non-white countries and people for the last 500 years. This curse needs to be destroyed so that non-christian countries and people can live in peace and security.

White men went to America and invaded the native lands by force of modern arms, the guns and cannons. They claimed they discovered America. How could they claim to discover a place where there were already millions of natives living in the lands for thousands of years. Adding insult to injury they called the natives sub-human and savages. The American natives have strict rules regarding social orders and human relationship as well as rules regarding wars and internecine strives among the various native tribes or nations. But white men just went there to butcher and genocide them to rob them of their lands, wealth and resources. Now, who are the sub-humans and savages , the native victims or the predators, the killers, murderers and genociders of the white European Christian  invaders. Over a hundred million native Americans in North American were genocided by the Anglo-Saxons of the British Empire and their French counterparts. Even with a few couple of thousands native survivors the white invaders and supremacists leave them no peace. The natives are put in Indian Reservations, euphemism for concentration camps which totally lack of decent human amenities for survival. The natives are subjected to all kinds of abuses. Their children are separated from their parents purportedly to be taken care of by the US government but eventually most of them were ill treated and died of disease and starvation. The adults in the concentration camps were subjected to the most degrading human abuse. They were either jobless or given the most menial jobs with very little or no pay at all. Both the men and women native folks are subjected to injections to keep them infertile and stop them from procreation.

 And the same disgusting abuse and torture is carried out by the Anglo-British Saxons in their invasion of Australia and where the native population has been  decimated to almost extinction since the British pirate and buccaneer Captain Cook landed in Sydney in 1788. In the British invasion of New Zealand the natives were similarly ill treated and slaughtered.

 It must be pointed out that the Chinese Admiral Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty in his voyages of friendship, trade and commerce had sailed to Australia in around late 1420s. Some of his smaller ships could have sailed upstream of the Murray River as the remains of a Chinese ship which might have wrecked in the river was found in the river bed with some Chinese porcelain plates, bowls and dishes which were the famous objects of trade and in great demand by foreigners in those days. Admiral Zheng He and his men did not intimidate the natives with his armada but befriended them instead. But  Captain Cook the British pirate, ruffian and robber was different. It was because of his  aggressive and violent behaviour he was almost killed in one instance. However,  he did meet his destined violent death in Hawaii in the later years in his third voyage to the Hawaii Islands as his wanton and brutal behaviour was too much for  the natives to tolerate everywhere he went.

Central America and South America were first invaded by white men from Spain and Portugal. The Spanish and Portuguese Catholic Christians were no less cruel and brutal than their cousins the British Anglo-Saxons, the French and Dutch protestant Christians. Under the same insidious militant religious Doctrine of Christian Discover they attacked, dispossessed and genocided more than a hundred million or two of the natives. After the conquests of Spain and Portugal, other European Christian countries followed to invade and colonize Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecaudor. In each of these countries more than half of the population now are white savage people from Europe, mainly from Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Poland. The natives are sidelined and marginalized in their own lands and often ill treated and killed. 

Since the early 1800s the United States had instituted as its foreign policies to ensure US have a sole monopoly of influence and control in Central and South America especially in trade and commerce and in the internal politics and affairs of all countries in the region to the exclusion of other powers.

 In 1823 President James Monroe established the "Monroe Doctrine" foreign policy that stated clearly the United States would prevent European intervention in Latin America. And in later years President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed that the US had the right to military intervention in Latin America with the motive of using US presence and power to cement itself within the region to the exclusion of all outside powers.

Since the early 1900s America  has been interfering and bullying central America countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. In the 1970s Nicaragua had a socialists government known as the Sandinistas. The Sandinistas is an open minded socialist organisation consisting of a coalition of progressive capitalists, socialists, Marxists and Catholic Christians. It had ties with Soviet Union and Cuba which is anathema to US government. This is enough reason for President Reagan  to take down the Sandinistas government as opposed to earlier policy of containment by President Carter.

In fact since the start of the Cold War in the aftermath of the Second World War in 1945, US had a large faction of aggressive warlike conservative thinkers and politicians who strongly advocated a foreign policy rejecting containment of socialist or communist governments but instead insisting an aggressive policy to roll back or take down socialist or communist governments by force of arms wherever they may be found. Thus under this scenario America made use of  counterrevolutionaries known as the Contras to topple the legitimate socialist government of the Sandinistas.

In the early 1980s of President Reagan's administration, US funded the Contras, armed and trained the Contras in subversion and fomented riots and demonstrations as well as murders and killings to topple the Sandinistas socialist government. CIA the terrorist arm of the American government claimed that USA was just trying to " create conditions for democracy ." It was in fact creating conditions for white American tyranny and hegemony. The white Americans were vicious in mining and blockading Nicaraguan ports. But on 10th May, 1984 the International Court of Justice - The World Court ruled unanimously that US should immediately halt any more attempts to mine and blockade Nicaraguan ports. Fourteen of the fifteen judges of the World Court ruled that Nicaraguan's political independence should be fully respected and not be further jeopadized by any US military or paramilitary actions. The Court included judges from UK, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

However, the Reagan administration and Congress refused to accept the World Court decisions regarding Central America issues. Thus in Central America just as in elsewhere the white Americans of the Unlawful States of America have always been flouting international laws and rulings. It clearly shows  USA ruleless and unlawful behaviour in international conduct and reflects its vicious policy of 'might is right.' 

CIA routinely use NGOs to infiltrate socialist countries to subvert and sabotage their governments under a fake vicious policy of helping these countries to protect democracy and human rights. USA has destroyed many Latin American countries and killed millions under this insidious policy. In 1973 CIA engineered a brutal military coup against the democratically elected President Allende Salvador and installed a pro American callous military dictator, Pinochet. CIA directed Pinochet's crackdown on socialists and suspected communists or workers union members and in all more than a hundred thousands were hunted down and brutally murdered. In 2018 CIA carried out another military coup against the legitimate and democratically elected government of Morales of Bolivia. In both cases the evil white American capitalists corporations under the protection of American military were able grab Chile and Bolivia's natural resources almost for free. In Chile American corporations of Wall Street exploited and robbed off Chile's copper while in Bolivia they monopolized the lithium mining industry and shipped out all the lithium to US almost for free.

For many years the CIA and Pentagon have been trying to overthrow the Venezuela democratically elected  socialist governments of Maduro and his predecessor Chavez. CIA has been using subterfuge and all kinds of wicked stratagems such as funding and fomenting public riots and demonstrations , attempted military coups, use of toxic and illegal trade and financial sanctions and carrying out blockades and mining of Venezuela ports. USA  and Britain even try to hijack more than thirty tons of Venezuela gold deposited years ago in the banks of England and America. All these evil tactics are calculated to bring Venezuela down to its knees.

For the last 70 years since the end of the Second World War the savage white Anglo-Saxon Americans and its European allies have been turning the world upside down in topsy turvy with savage attacks and illicit wars on practically all the non-white countries of the world with killings , murders, assassinations and regime change.

In 1950 US instigated, provoked and fomented  the Korean Civil War. It attacked North Korea with the aim of bringing the whole Korean peninsula under American rule. Its ultimate objective was to make use of Korea as a spring board to attack and invade China while at the same time to use its Seventh Fleet and airpower to help the Chinese traitor Chiang Kai-shek to invade China from Taiwan. The American instigated Korean War caused the death of a few million Chinese and Koreans. The war was a stale-mate and an unstable truce was signed which last to this day. 

America tried to help France to recolonize Indo-China from the late 1940s to 1960s. Inspite of US help France was defeated by the Vietcong. The US continued to attack the Vietcong and continued the Indo-China war until it itself was defeated by the Vietcong in 1975. US was hoping to control the whole of Indo-China and use it as a flank  to invade China from the south.

In 1953 US staged a military coup against the democratically elected prime minister Mossadegh of Iran and installed a US puppet Shah Pravi on the throne. Under US guidance the Shah carried out brutal killings and murders of tens of thousands of Iranian socialists or leftists. However, in 1977 the tyrannical Shah himself was overthrown by a muslim revolt which placed a Ayatolah as Iran's new ruler.

In the meantime US continued to organize many intrigues and plots to destabilize the whole of the Arab Middle East so as to provide an excuse for US to seize control of the region so that it can have full control of all the oil resources and minerals in the region. US  earmarked seven Arab countries for invasion and regime change. The targeted countries were Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran and Yemen.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 25th December, 1991, the Evil Empire of the United States thought that for the first time in history it is possible for the whole world to be brought under the control of one country that of the United States of America. America is now the most powerful country in the world. It is the only superpower and it can take any action and bully all other countries. And nothing is the matter because nobody would dare to question or defy America's insidious actions.

On 23rd March, 1999 US initiated the illegal Kosovo War on Yugoslavia. This constituted as part of US design to expand eastward to control all of Europe and to contain Russia so as to fulfil US objective of ruling the world as its sole hegemony. 

The Kosovo War was illegal and illegitimate as it was against the United Nations charter which does not allow military intervention in other countries. The evil Unlawful States of America attacked Yugoslavia despite the United Nations Security Council disapproval resolution. 

In the Kosovo War, the US bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was calculated to intimidate China. President Jiang Zemin  of China said, " USA is using its economic and military superiority to aggressively expand its influence and interfere in the internal Affairs of other countries. "

Recently in 2018 the evil empire and its western allies UK, France, Germany and Australia took concerted coordinated actions to try to destroy China from within. America created and funded the Hong Kong riots and public demonstrations and contorted the fake Xinjiang Uyghur issues to demonize China hoping that these two events would cause a catalyst to ignite an orange revolution in China and thus to destroy China from within. At the same time the Unlawful States of America and its white European allies try to destroy China's immense scientific and technological advancement by taking illegal and illegitimate actions against Huawei, Tik Tok , ZTE and Ten Cent WE Chat which is against the rules and regulations of the United Nations World Trade Organisation.

Having failed to destabilise and destroy China in an attempted biological COVID - 19 attack on China and a failed colour revolution and trade war the evil empire is desperately trying to lure China out to open physical confrontation by creating insidious issues and dangerous actions in both the South China Sea and the East China Sea to provoke China. America is also trying to instigate and incite ASEAN countries to go against China with the diabolical motive to use these countries to fight its proxy wars against China and thus fulfil US objective of ultimate control and hegemony over the whole of Southeast Asia. Being a coward the US is even forming the QUAD with Australia, Japan and India as allies to take on China. Being the most powerful country America should have the guts to take on China alone and not pushing its weaker minions to take the frontline assault.

The desperate evil empire the Unlawful States of America is now funding the selfinterest pro America oppositions in Thailand by organizing, instigating, inciting and fomenting choas, riots and public demonstrations in Thailand to create an Orange Revolution to take down the democratically elected Thai government just because the Thais refused to toe the American line in the South China Sea to confront China. Also Thailand is a significant partner in the economic Belt and Road program together with Loas, Cambodia, Burma and Malaysia building the High Speed Railway connecting Southeast Asia to mainland China. America's main objective in creating the Orange Revolution in Thailand is to destroy the Belt and Road program. What they cannot compete fairly with China in uplifting the economy of third world countries the evil empire will have no qualms to use violent ways to destroy and bring down everybody. In short the riots and insidious illegal and unlawful CIA funded Orange Revolution attempt in Thailand is part of the Evil Empire's geopolitical design against China.

America is an evil satanic country. It is not a democracy. USA is a dual tyrannical dictatorship of two evil white supremacist parties. The duopoly dictatorship is run by hoodlums, crooks and scoundrels who are in turn controlled by the Deep State Shadow Government of the  Anglo-Saxon-Jewish Zionist-Rothchilds-Illuminati Cabal of Wall Street. The diabolical Cabal through the military in the Pentagon and CIA exercise totalitarian control over the economy, industries, trade and commerce, monetary issues, banks and finance and over every aspect of political and social life. People who protested against racialism and inequalities are either brutally shot publicly or arrested and send to hard labour prison camps and later to be executed in secrecy.

The world must denounce these brutal inhuman policies of the demonic brutish American tyranny and its hypocritical use of fake democracy and human rights as a medium and vehicle to hold the world to ransom under its toxic control and vicious hegemony. Free countries of the world must unite solidly to take down the diabolical and draconian white American Imperialism and destroy it forever.


Tuesday, 20th October, 2020.

Tan Kin Lian - High level of corruption in democratic countries

Below is an article by Tan Kin Lian on the high level of corruption in many democratic countries. Tan Kin Lian also praised the socialist or even communist countries for uplifting the livelihood of the people, alleviate poverty and more equality.  In the past, such a statement would be sneered at at fake news, false. Democratic countries are the epitome of goodness, fairness, less corruption, more equality, less poverty. 

Now the statements are turning everything upside down. The problems are in democratic countries and the solution or goodness are in socialist and communist countries.

The whole has come full circle. The good has turned bad and the bad has become good.

Here is the article.

"There is a high level of corruption in many democratic countries.

I am not referring to low level corruption where a lowly paid government servant need to collect small brides to make a living. I refer to corruption at the highest level where people in power favor families and friends and put them in top positions to earn very high income.

The corruption is worse in countries where the leaders remain in power for many decades. These leaders even fix the electoral system and abuse state funds and facilities to remain in power.

They claim to believe in the free market and appoint regulators to ensure that big businesses do not abuse their market power to take advantage of consumers. Sadly, these regulators are also corrupt. They do not control the businesses adequately. In fact many hope to take top position in the same private sector (that they are supposed to regulate) after they leave government service. This is called "the revolving door".

Do not think that a democratic electoral system and the free market is good for the people. In most cases they lead to a corrupt government, high inequality and a hard life for the people.

The ordinary people in most countries are probably better off with a socialist or even a communist government which has the social goal of uplifting the likelihood of the people and alleviate poverty. It is better to live in a relatively poorer country with more equality than to live in the relatively prosperous country with high inequality.

Do not believe in the propaganda of democracy and free markets. They are deceiving. They serve mainly the rich and elite. They leave the ordinary people with a harsh life and an uncertain future.

Agree or not?"

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Covid19 a natural reset for China to be the new world leader


Why we need to know China - Martin Jacques. 41 minutes lecture on the misconception of China by the West and how to understand China better minus the smearing and demonising by the Americans and the West, the menace and real threats to peace and security.

The Covid19 pandemic, intentionally planted by evil and wicked people to kill the Chinese people in unimaginable numbers, waiting to be proven, has turned around to propel China to the forefront of international affairs as the de facto leader the world needs today. The Americans and the West have demonstrated dismally their failure to deal with the pandemic, their incompetence and their lack of leadership to handle the crisis.

China was the first country to be hit by this unknown virus. China grappled with it like a man finding its way through a dark tunnel. And the Americans and the West, instead of lending a helping hand, not showing some sympathy, lambasted China for not transparent, for hiding information, for not telling the truth, when China was equally in the unknown, and presenting every information they could to share with the world. 

And China was the first to identify this virus that could possibly be all over the world, with new information available, very likely quite widespread in the USA. The Chinese scientists deserved a Nobel Peace price for this. This effort, in such a short time, to share with the world its genomes and to warn the world of this deadly infection, gave the world plenty of time to take preventive measures to curb its spread. During this time the virus was a national crisis in China and the only thing China could do and must do was to curb its spread all over China and killing the Chinese population in a genocide. And China did what it could, after being infected with more than 80,000 cases while the rest of the world watched, the Americans and the West in glee at the plight of China, not a single case reported outside China, the virus was contained by the super efficient Chinese measures to lock down Wuhan city and Hubei province. The rest is history.

While China did the world a big favour by identifying the virus and gave notice that this is coming, the world, especially the Americans and the West, ignored these warnings and information. They thought and believed that this would not happen them, China would be the only victim, like if it was intended by some evil scheme of wicked men, not to worry, let it spread across China, only in China, to kill only the Chinese. They could not be so wrong. And...the rest is history. America now has more than 8m infections and more than 200,000 death and growing. Europe is plunging itself into darkness with a very serious second wave.

All these could be avoided if they took China's early warning seriously and took serious measures to keep the virus out of their country. China did its part to contain the spread of the virus in China. If China had failed, the whole of China would have gone down with the virus and the whole of Asia and the rest of the world would have gone down with China. Most Asian countries did very well in containing the virus, except the USA, Europe and one Asian country, India. Neighbouring countries of China are all in good shapes!

The Americans and Europeans were given the privilege to assume leadership role to fight this pandemic when it only hit China. They were free of the virus then and had the time and resources to do what they could to prevent this pandemic. But they did nothing, they did nothing except politicising the virus and laughing and sneering at China and bashing China.

The lack of world leadership from the Americans and the West is so appalling. They were the most advanced nations and the world looked up to them to take the lead, but they failed the world so miserably. They stood out eventually, as a bunch of misfits, incompetents, in the handling of the virus. Now they are the epicentres of this pandemic. They lacked leadership, management, focus and attention, and they even lack the equipment not only to fight the virus but to protect their health workers and their people. No masks, no protective clothings, no test kits.... And they got infected, and they died.

The irresponsibility of American and western leaders did not stop there. It was their people, all behaving irresponsibly, refusing to wear mask, wanting to party and have a good time, not abiding by all the basic and simple measures of distancing and contact, and now the problem has snowballed to a crisis they could not imagined and unable to deal with.

In the meantime China has sorted out its problems at home. Being the first to be infected, Chinese scientists were hard at work, non stop, unlike the bickering and politicking westerners and western leaders, to find a cure to this virus. China has at least 4 vaccines that could be ready for the world in a matter of weeks.  It was an opportunity thrown to the Chinese by this Covid19 virus. Either China swim and survive or die with it. China overcame the odds, and is in the best position to lead the world in this fight against the pandemic. 

The virus crisis in China is as good as over. China is free of the virus, just like the USA and Europe were in the beginning of the crisis, and has all the time in hand to do what is necessary. While the USA and Europe are deeply embroiled and bogged down in the pandemic and sinking, like in the Titanic, and fighting for their lives, and continue politiking, China is left to assume the leadership role to help the world in this fight. Xi Jinping and his colleagues are sipping tea in Zhongnanhai planning how to deal with the virus and how to save the world. China has promised to share its vaccines with the rest of the world, helping WHO to fight this battle. Many poorer countries would enjoy this benefit of cheaper vaccines Made In China. The Americans and the West, God willing, will not come up with an effective vaccine in time and would not be able to profit from it by charging the world a ransom and the bragging rights.

The Chinese economy is back on the roll. The Chinese people are free from the virus and living life as normal and could share their good fortune with the world. This is how history is being crafted, a brave new world is in the making with the evil Americans and West unable to do a thing. Their hands and legs are tied by the virus and struggling to break free. Not so easy. The One up there would not let you go free so easily to cause more wars and damages to the rest of the world.

Yes, God willing, the virus will reset the world by crippling the Americans and the West and pave the way for China's rise as the new world leader. There is nothing that the Americans and the West can do to stop this, the rise of China. He up there would not let the Americans and the West to stop His plan.