The Killing Of Iran's Nuclear Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh: A Cowardly Heinous Crime Against Humanity!

 1984 George Orwell said... The Killing Of Iran's Nuclear Scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh: A Cowardly Heinous Crime Against Humanity!

The blatant assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is nothing but a cowardly heinous crime against humanity.

So far, no nation, organisation or individual has come out to claim responsibility. Everybody is pretending that he knows nothing. Only cowards hide behind a wall of silence and secrecy.

Only cruel, cold and calculating inhumans would have hidden in ambush and murdered a defenceless scientist in cold blood, inside his own country, in broad daylight.

The assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand on June 28, 1914 was the main catalyst for the start of World War I.

Can this cowardly act of killing Mohsen Fakhrizadeh be part of a bigger plot to serve as a catalyst to start World War III? Who is so desperate enough to start a major war at this time?

From the way the assassins had executed the murderous act, it smells of the handicraft of the semi-defunct Israeli Intelligence Organization, the Mossac. If that is so, then Israel could not possibly be working alone. The US's high command could have been consulted before hand. The Central Intelligence Agency could have provided assistance in one way or another. President Trump could have given the green light to go ahead.

Perhaps, it could have been a joint operation carried out by Mossac agents and US Navy Seals.

This assassination of Iran's chief nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh has sent a shock-wave throughout the world. Yet the US and Israeli governments have kept curiously and eerily silent. Only an Israeli cabinet minister managed to say he has "no clue" who was behind the ambush and killing of the scientist.

How did he know that it was an ambush, if he has no clue at all?

Though no one has claimed responsibility for the well-planned assassination, many countries have already pointed the finger at Israel and the United States.

In the US, the ex-Chief of CIA has made a number of tweets to comment on the matter. Yet the present CIA Chief is keeping strangely quiet.

This reminds us of the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airline's MH370. Many countries were trying to provide assistance and volunteer information, yet the US was keeping eerie and strangely silent, even though it has so many satellites, airborne surveillance aircraft and navy fleets operating and covering the area where MH370 was last known.

Not saying anything is actually saying something: Coward.

Not providing any information is actually providing a vital piece of information: Guilty.

My intelligence tells me that at this time of chaos and havoc caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, only one country could be crazy and daring enough to open up a Pandora Box like this:

The Crazy Trump's Evil US Empire.

1984 George Orwell

Exhibit 2: US 5th Fleet Led By USS Nimitz Returned To Gulf Region Two Days Before Iranian Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Was Murdered Cannot Be Just A Coincidence

 SSO said... Exhibit 2: US 5th Fleet Led By USS Nimitz Returned To Gulf Region Two Days Before Iranian Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Was Murdered Cannot Be Just A Coincidence

The US Navy's 5th Fleet,
led by USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier Group, joined by warships from Australia, India and Japan, moved back into the Gulf region on Wednesday, two days before the murder of Iran's chief scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was carried out, cannot be just a simple coincidence. It has to be planned and coordinated in advance.

Probably, its real purpose was to inject a US Navy SEAL Team into Iran to carry out the assassination and then retrieve the team out quickly and safely.

(Remember: How a US SEAL Team murdered Osama bin Laden in Pakistan?)

The Naval Commander Rebecca Rebarich, a spokeswoman for the US 5th Fleet, said that the return Wednesday of the US Carrier Group led by the nuclear-powered USS Nimitz was unconnected to any "specific threats."

Of course, the USS Nimitz Carrier Group was there unconnected to any specific threats because it was there to carry out a mission.

"There were no specific threats that triggered the return of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group," she said in a statement.

Yes, it was a planned move, not a reaction to specific threats.

"The return of Nimitz is centred on maintaining CENTCOM's (US Central Command) ability to remain postured and prepared to help preserve regional stability and security," Rebarich added.

Yes, now we know it was there to "preserve regional stability and security", knowing in advance that the assassination of Iran's chief nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh would definitely incur a response from Iran and tensions would increase manifold.

The 5th Fleet's Twitter account showed pictures of the Nimitz's air wing conducting flight operations there on Friday.  


DF 21 and DF 26 effective range - Aircraft carrier killers and Guam Killers


It remains unclear exactly how many missiles the PLA fired during the exercise on Aug. 26. South China Morning Post‘s initial report had indicated that two weapons had been launched, one DF-26B and one DF-21D, from sites in China’s northwestern Qinghai province and in Zhejiang, respectively. A subsequent report from Reuters said that the U.S. government had assessed that the Chinese had fired four ballistic missiles, in total.

“The Department of Defense is concerned about the People’s Republic of China (PRC) recent decision to conduct military exercises, including the firing of ballistic missiles, around the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea on August 23-29,” the Pentagon said in a statement on Aug. 27. “The PRC’s actions, including missile tests, further destabilize the situation in the South China Sea.”

The DF-26B and the DF-21D are both understood to have maneuvering reentry vehicles capable at least of hitting large ships, such as aircraft carriers or large amphibious assault ships. The DF-21D has a maximum range in excess of 932 miles (1,500 kilometers), according to the Pentagon, while DF-26-series missiles can reportedly strike targets out to 2,500 miles.

Chinese media outlets, including the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, refer to the DF-21D, specifically, as a “carrier killer.” The longer-range DF-26 is nicknamed the “Guam Express or Guam Killer,” a reference to the strategic U.S. island territory in the western Pacific, which is home to major air and naval bases, but the B model with its maneuverable warhead also often gets referred to as a carrier killer missile, as well. Guam would be an important target for Chinese forces during any large-scale conflict.  www.anti-empire.com

The above article by Joseph Trevithick is posted in 'Here Comes China' covered the effective range of China's anti carrier missiles, the DF21 and DF26.  DF21 has an effective range of 1,500km while DF26 can travel 4000km nicknamed by the Americans as the Guam Express with specific missions to take out Guam and Pacific Island American bases. Singapore and the whole of the Indian Ocean is within range of DF26. American bases in South Korea and Japan could easily be taken out by DF21 with a speed of Mach 10.

The article highlighted China's ability to hit moving ships in the South China Sea, a show of force and to tell the warmongering and saber rattling Americans that their aircraft carriers and warships in the South China Sea will be sitting ducks. With these weapons, the most dangerous place to be in war is aircraft carriers and warships.  These would become floating coffins to be sunk on first go, including all the warships in South Korean and Japanese ports and in Okinawa. There is no where to hide and no where to run for the American ships and soldiers, priority targets number one for DF21 ad DF26 missiles.

This is the balance of power the Americans fear most. Their aircraft carriers used to be untouchables, can strike at enemy targets but enemies cannot hit them. Now, before the can hit their enemies, China for instance, they would be hit without knowing what hits them. At a speed of Mach 10, these missiles cannot be intercepted and will home in on their targets, unstoppable and undefensible.

The new Biden administration has a proposal to speed up the arm race to have enough weapons to take out every Chinese ships in the South China Sea and East China Sea. Only foolish Americans still think this is possible without thinking about the cost and also what China is doing and could do, to hit back at the same time or before the Americans could fire all their missiles. China is not going to sit there, like their aircraft carriers, to be sitting ducks. The aircraft carriers are beautiful high value targets. One strike means 7,000 highly trained American soldiers and a hundred aircraft to go with it, plus whatever nuclear weapons on board.

The game has changed, the balance of power has changed.

One thing came out glaringly surprising. Despite all the American claims of military superiority especially in spying over the sky of China, they did not know, could not detect how many missiles the Chinese fired? Why, what happened? They could only guess, hot gas.

Exhibit 1: New US Sanctions Coincided With The Murder Of Iranian Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

 Exhibit 1: New US Sanctions Coincided With The Murder Of Iranian Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

The United States on Friday announced economic sanctions on Chinese and Russian companies that Washington said had supported the development of Iran’s missile programme.

The four firms, accused of “transferring sensitive technology and items to Iran’s missile programme”, will be subject to restrictions on US government aid and on their exports for two years, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

The sanctions, imposed on Wednesday, were against two Chinese-based companies, Chengdu Best New Materials and Zibo Elim Trade, as well as Russia-based Nilco Group and Joint Stock Company Elecon.

“We will continue to work to impede Iran’s missile development efforts and use our sanctions authorities to spotlight the foreign suppliers, such as these entities in the PRC (China) and Russia, that provide missile-related materials and technology to Iran,” Pompeo added.

An earlier report by Bloomberg, citing a State Department filing, also mentioned a third Russia-based company, Aviazapchast, as among those being sanctioned. But it is unclear why Aviazapchast was not mentioned in the later statement.

President Donald Trump withdrew the US in 2018 from the Iran nuclear deal established by President Barack Obama in 2015.

Trump has since reimposed crippling sanctions on Iran in what he calls a campaign of “maximum pressure”.

The Trump administration has also since shown its determination to sanction any foreign country or company that does not comply with its Iran policies.

The timing of these new sanctions cannot be too clear a coincidence with the assassination of Iran's chief nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.


PS.  A self confession and admission by the evil Americans that they are part of the assassination squad.


Mohsen Fakhrizadeh - Who assassinated Iran's top nuclear scientist?

Former head of CIA, John Brennan, condemned the assassination of Iran's top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. Iran has pointed the finger at Israel.  The former CIA chief said he did not know who did it. But if he were the current CIA chief, very likely h,e would know or be informed before the execution or be part of the assassination team. Maybe he should ask that piece of walking lard, Pompeo, the evil ex CIA chief or his boss in the White House, the equally wicked and obnoxious Trump, both wanting to start a war to remain in offices to do more evil.

Brennan said, quoted from AFP, 

"This was a criminal act & highly reckless. It risks lethal retaliation & a new round of regional conflict," Brennan said in a series of tweets.

"I do not know whether a foreign government authorized or carried out the murder of Fakhrizadeh," he said.

"Such an act of state-sponsored terrorism would be a flagrant violation of international law & encourage more governments to carry out lethal attacks against foreign officials."

Who did this killing of a foreign national, a foreign country's official, just like the assassination of another Iran's top general, Soleimani by the Americans a few months ago in Iraq?  Which country or countries is/are infamous for conducting such devious and inhuman acts of wanton killings?  What kind of people are always out to kill, out to start wars, to incite wars, to support wars, to fan wars, to fight wars, to benefit from wars? To these evil people, wars and killings are good business, very profitable.

Why are the countries branded by the Americans and the West as belligerent and dangerous, a threat to the white men, always on the receiving ends of attacks, murders and wars by the so called peaceful, peace loving white men that are there to protect and defend peace, the peace keepers, the policemen? Or they are literally the white policemen that think of nothing about killing coloured people in American homeland or in other countries? Peace loving white men always at wars, inciting wars, supporting wars, selling weapons of wars and mass destruction, and threatening other countries with wars.

I can only say that the criminals of such dastardly acts are from a handful of countries, all whites. And these are the countries that have been pedalling the righteous calls for peace, human rights, democracy or whatever fake doctrines but be the first to commit acts against humanity, crimes against humanity. Their evil behaviour, irresponsible and reckless behaviour, are infamous. But they strut around like angels with a halo on their heads, condemning other peaceful countries for crimes they did not do, condemning peaceful countries as aggressive and belligerent when they are the ones conducting wars everywhere and everyday and killing and murdering the innocents all over the world, including assassinations of foreign leaders.

Who have been killing the Iranians and the Arabs and the Muslims? No one in his right mind would want to answer. No one wants to know but they knew who were the evil ones. And nothing could be done to bring these criminals to justice. They often or all the time got away Scot free or be pardoned by their presidents for such crimes. And any country that dare to think of bringing these cases to the International Criminal Court of Justice would be sanctioned and demonised and isolated, may be invaded or assassinated. Even the judges in the International Courts were threatened by these evil countries.

Ayatollah Khamenei has vowed revenge and this is the right of victims of assassination and aggression. If the victims dare not hit back, it would embolden the murders and perpetrators of violence to keep doing what they are doing. China too has been a victim of such violence, biowarfare, trade war, electronic warfare, outright military provocation and attacks. It is time that China hit back or it would only invite more attacks and violence. Even silly little countries would want to provoke and attack China thinking China would not dare to hit back

But, thank God, there is Covid19 to exact justice for the victims of such heinous crimes against the innocent and hapless. Look at the top countries that were attacked by the virus and you will have a good idea of the crimes they committed against humanity. A few have escaped the wrath of the virus for now, but not for long.

Who is shedding crocodile tears?


Ractopamine - Another Poison Being Stealthily Spread By The Evil US Empire

 SSO said... Ractopamine - Another Poison Being Stealthily Spread By The Evil US Empire

Taiwanese lawmakers, under the leadership of President Tsai, who is overly eager to adopt US President Trump's style of Democracy, but don't know how, have resorted to throwing punches and pig guts at one another.

Pig guts were thrown and scuffles broke out in Taiwan's parliament because of the easing of pork imports from USA.

The government of President Tsai have been criticised for a recent decision to allow pork contaminated by ractopamine into the country from the Evil USA.

The additive ractopamine is currently banned for pig use by 165 countries, including Taiwan, China, the European Union and ASEAN (except Singapore, who is also eager to please the Evil US Empire), due to concerns about safety for human consumption.

Ractopamine is a form of poison that can cause the Down Syndrome in children and heart attacks in adults, if taken over a certain limit in a short period of time. It is especially dangerous to pregnant women.

President Tsai, perhaps due to her corrupted thinking or perhaps being coerced by US President Trump, has allowed the import of US-produced pigs fed with ractopamine to increase their size and speed up their growth, so as to increase fast profits, but at the expense of others people's lives, similar to sales of weapons.

This is another way the Evil US Empire is trying to kill, maim or destroy other people, especially people of Chinese origin.

It should be condemned by all sensible countries.

Singapore should immediately ban the import of pigs from the US too.


Aggressions against China by Western imperialists; Past and Present: China need to fight back now.

          In the 18th and 19th century many European countries especially England and France were crazy about Chinese products especially Chinese tea and porcelain. England imported large quantities of Chinese tea and porcelain and made tons of money by selling them to other European countries. All purchases of Chinese tea and porcelains had to be paid in Silver dollars or gold soverein. England and other European countries could not sell China any of their products as China was self sufficient in most of the products. At the same time England was reluctant to pay for Chinese tea and porcelains with silver dollars. Therefore England through its British Jews the Sassoons started to smuggle opium into China and made huge profits in silver dollars from the illicit opium trade. As opium is a highly additive drug and health destructive the Chinese government took strong action to stop the illegal opium business. The Chinese government confiscated a few thousand cartons of opium in Canton and threw them into the sea. Britain was not happy and started using its gun boats to shell Chinese ports and cities to force China to open up to their illicit opium trade. Thus this started the British Opium wars on China from 1839 to 1860s. These opium wars resulted in China suffering over a hundred years of shame and humiliation under the British and other Western powers frequent attack on China and reducing China to a semi-colonial territory of England and the western powers inclusive of the United States and Japan.

It would seem to the evil western imperialists that the horrendous suffering and trauma they inflicted on China during the last over one hundred years is not enough. Now the same wild western hordes of savages headed by the white American imperialists have imposed an undeclare hybrid warfare on China by subterfuge. This time China must show them that the People's Republic of China is not to be messed around. If the Evil Empire dares to trivialise  with China it will be seeking its own nemesis.

From the 1830s to 1940s Western imperialists headed by England and France carried out unbridled brutal aggressions against China. Also during this period they had on several times betrayed China so badly as to cause untold harm to China and the Chinese people.

The Chinese patriots first made an attempt to overthrow the decadent Qing Dynasty in the 1850s to1860s.  The revolutionaries organized under the Taiping revolutionary leader Hong Hsiu Chuan could have succeeded in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty. But it was not to be. The white Christian European powers were strongly united behind the Qing Dynasty in destroying what they called The Taiping Rebellion. The Qing Dynasty was weak and pliant and could be easily manipulated and controlled by the white marauders. They did not want to see a powerful united Chinese nation arising in which they would lose all their extra-territorial rights and special priviledges. Thus they helped the Qing Dynasty to suppress and finally destroyed the Taiping Rebellion. Had the Taiping revolutionaries succeeded in uniting China under a pure Chinese government and nation the white Christian European barbarians could have been expelled from China and China would not have lost millions of square miles of lands to England, Russia, France, Germany, Japan and America. This was the first betrayal of China and the Chinese people by the western powers.

The next attempt to overthrow the Qing Dynasty was carried out by Dr Sen Yat Sen in 1911 when he and his compatriots succeeded in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty. But the new Chinese nation founded by Dr. Sen Yat Sen was in a very precarious position where foreign European powers still hold sway in major cities and ports. They colluded with the warlords in many provinces to cause internal strives against Dr. Sen's ruling party, the Kuomintang and against each other of the warlords who were also contending for the ultimate objective to rule China. Dr Sen Yat Sen could not achieve his objective of forming a powerful Chinese nation because of Western intrigues and interference of destroying the Chinese from within through overt and covert actions. This was the second betrayal of China by the evil Christian barbarians of the Europeans and America.

From the 1830s to 1940s China was reduced to a semi-colonial status by Western invaders inclusive of England, Russia, America and Japan. In the 1930's Japan invaded China. While Japan was invading China Russia quietly occupied Outer Mongolia with the connivance and tacit approval of America which wanted Russia to stop helping the Chinese Communist Party of Chairman Mao Tse'tung and Premier Chou Enlai. No western powers including England and France protested against Russia's illegal occupation of the Chinese province of Outer Mongolia. America was supporting the highly corrupted Kuomintang party of Chiang Kai Shek who instead of uniting with the CCP to fight the Japanese invaders chose to attack and fight Chairman Mao's communists who were concentrating on guerrilla war against the Japanese invaders. In truth for their own selfish ends both Russia and the western powers did not want to see a strong united Chinese Country either of Chiang Kai Shek or Mao Tse'tung. They preferred a disunited China in which they could continue to exploit financially and economically. This was the third time in a hundred years that China was betrayed by the western powers headed this time by the United States.

In the meantime from the end of the Second World in 1945, Chiang Kaishek and Chairman were involved in a civil war .

Throughout the Chinese civil war between Chiang's Kuomintang and Chairman Mao's communist party Russia never helped the Chinese communists while the United States kept on supporting Chiang's Kuomintang armies with military hardware and war planes to bomb the communist armies. Despite being greatly disadvantaged  Chairman Mao's communists evolved triumphant in the civil war. On 1st October, 1949 Chairman Mao proclaimed the founding of the People's Republic of China in Tiananmen.

But the white Americans and its European allies as well as the Russians had preconceived machiavellian plans to give Chairman Mao's People's Republic of China no peace. The Americans and the Russians have their own specific reasons for wanting to keep China in permanent insecurity and turmoil. For the Americans and its western allies the outward reason is expressly to destroy the Communist government in China and to plan for the  come back of Chiang's Kuomintang. But the actual reason is their illogical deep seated hatred of China and the Chinese people no matter what form of government is ruling China. Russia is fearful of a strong united China which may in future want to settle account with Russia for its illegal occupation of millions of square miles of Chinese lands to the north and east of the Heilongjiang and the Wusuri river .

After the Second World War The Americans supported the South Koreans to occupy Korea south of the 38 degree parallel and Russia supported the North Korean communists to occupy  Korea north of the 38 degree parallel. This was the usual divide and rule tactic of both the United States and Russia. 

The secret agenda of the Russians and the Americans were their motives to initiate a Korean war and to eventually involve China so that China would not have the chance of a peaceful environment to rise and develop itself. In early June 1950 the United States military instigated and aided the South Korean forces to make a series of sudden attacks on North Korea. Then on 25th June, 1950, the North Koreans counter attacked and almost routed the South Korean and American forces when they drove the South Korean forces to within a small perimeter of Pusan a short while after the war started.  North Korea could have defeated the South Koreans and liberated all of Korea had not the Americans and its western allies  rushed  in hundreds of thousands of troops and mass weaponery and fighters jets and bombers to help the South Koreans.

The Americans were not satisfied to just driving the North Korean army to north of the 38 degree parallel. It made a sinister move to bomb China's territory north of the Yalu River the boundary line between China and North Korea. In so doing China was forced to send in voluntary militias to help the North Koreans. The Chinese volunteer armies managed to drive the South Korean and American and its allies' armies down below the 38th parallel. However the war was fought to a stalemate and an armistice truce was signed in 1953.

When the American army and South Korean forces marched deep into North Korea beyond the 38 Parallel, Russia was apprehensive and Stalin encouraged Chairman Mao to intervene. Stalin promised that if China send in the volunteers Russia would help the Chinese armies with heavy weaponeries, tanks, long range artilleries and fighter jets and bombers. These were hot air promises except for some obsolete weapons. All these obsolete weapons were not free even for later after the Korean War Russia demanded full payment from China right down to the cost of the last bullet. This was another Russian betrayal of China who fought the evil American imperialists and its allied forces for the security not only of North Korea and China but also of Russia being a fellow socialist communist country.

During the fight against the  Japanese invaders from mid 1930s to 1945 and the  civil war against Chiang's Kuomintang from 1946 to 1949 America and its western allies had been sanctioning and blockading supplies on Chairman Moa's communists. The sanctions and blockade against the Chinese People's Republic of China continued non-stop right up to 1970s. The sanctions and blockade caused immense problems and difficulties to the Chinese economy. Nevertheless it galvanized and fortified the Chinese spirit and determination to strive even harder to rise up and build the nation .

PART     TWO                                                                                                                                                ------------------

In the aftermath of the Korean War China was at its most difficult dilemma. At Russia's demand China had to pay back to Russia  hundreds of  millions of dollars for the weapons and supplies Russia supplied to China in the Korean War though there was an earlier understanding that China would help defend North Korea with volunteer militias while Russia would supply the weapons and fighting gears. But Russia reneged on the agreement and demanded payment. It was this period from 1956 to 1960s when China had to pay back to Russia hundreds of millions of dollars while simultaneously under American sanctions and blockade that the Chinese faced great economic and financial  hardship  and suffering.  

Under this tragic predicament of Russian back stab and American sanctions and blockade China adopted a policy of self reliance. The years between 1956 to 1970 were the most difficult years for China. Facing hostile and threatening warlike situations from both Russia and America China had to quickly build up her economy, her industries both light and heavy industries to ensure her security. During this period the Chinese people were asked to make great sacrifices. Therefore the "Great Leap Forward" policy was adopted. As China was short of steel and could not import them because of sanctions by America and its allies as well as now by Russia it had to resort to extreme methods of melting all scrap irons and iron made utensils like iron pots, buckets, pails, saucepans and so on. At the same time the government had to develop the food industries to be self-sufficient. But most important for China's security the Chinese leadership  concentrated on building the armament industries, naval ships and jet fighters and bombers as well as rockets and missiles. China ultimately achieved its topmost military objectives when it succeeded in exploding the First Atom Bomb on 16th October, 1964  and the First Hydrogen Bomb in its testing ground in Lop Nor in the remote desert of the Chinese province of Xinjiang on 17th June, 1967. China had thus broke the nuclear monopoly of US, Russia, UK and France. On 25th October, 1966 China successfully launched its first nuclear missile.

Several times in the 1950s the United States had threatened to nuke China. The first time it happened during the Korean War when US was facing a rout from China's counter attack and President Truman  demanded China to a ceasefire for negotiation for a peace settlement or face nuclear attack from America. In 1953 President Eisenhower threatened China twice with nuclear threat unless China lifted siege on Quemoy and Matsu islands in support of the Kuomintang's Republic of China. US was still interfering in the unfinished Civil War between Chairman  Mao's People's Republic of China and Chiang Kai-shek's Republic of China.

America was not the only country which threatened China with nuclear attack. Both Russia and England also threatened to nuke China. In October, 1969 during some fierce skirmish between Russia and China's soldiers in Xinjiang and Heilongjiang River region Russia threatened to nuke China's nuclear base unless China agree to a ceasefire and start negotiation for peace. In 1961 England threatened to nuclear attack China if China used its military to take back Hong Kong.

From the  1960s to 1970s the United States and Russia were facing  each other with great confrontation. At the same time China was facing very fierce ideological struggle with Russia resulting in some skirmishes in the boundaries in Xinjiang and the Heilongjiang and Wusuri region.   It was at this time President Nixon of the United States sought common understanding with Chairman Mao Tse-tung to jointly face against the threat of the mighty Soviet Union.  

President Nixon visited China in 1972 from February 21st to 28th and that broke the frozen relations which had existed for about thirty years. The visit resulted in the US and China issuing the Shanghai Communique in which Kissinger promised that US would pull out its forces from Taiwan and both nations pledged to work towards the full realization of full diplomatic policy. This new approach to China is just an expediency of the United States making use of China to balance the Soviet Russian threat. It was a temporary detente with China . But sooner or later the evil savage American imperialists would surely return to create troubles for China.

However when the United States and its western allies had detente with Russia in later years America's attitude changes between atagonism to hostile actions. The period between1979 to 1995 was a more conducive  period  which bought time for China to relentlessly expedite her development in all spheres of science and technological advancements. But it was soon to be disturbed by some Taiwan Straits problems. Taiwan leader Lee Teng Hui who was actually of ethnic Japanese race tried to steer Taiwan closer to independence. Under such provocation China carried out heavy bombardmments of Quemoy and Matsu Island, two outlying islands close to Hokkien province which are under Chiang Kai-shek's rule. China also  fired heavy artillery cannons and missiles across the Taiwan Strait and frequently flew fighter jets along the Taiwan Strait to warn Lee Teng Hui and the renege Taiwanese not to play with fire of trying to steer Taiwan to independence. It was during this time President Clinton threatened China by sailing two aircraft carriers and some warships in the Taiwan Strait in a show of force to deter China from invading Taiwan.

In May 1999 during the Kosovo War in Yugoslavia  a United States aircraft carried out a precision bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade which killed a few Chinese embassy staff members. However, President Clinton claimed that the bombing of the Chinese was a mistake due to an error of an old map. In truth US was trying to instil fear on China with the accuracy of their precision bombing via their GPO satellites. Nevertheless US  tendered an apology for the mistaken bombing and paid due compensation.

In 2001 China was admitted as a member of the World Trade Organisation. From between 2001 to 2015 relations between the US and China turned for the better and things seemed smooth going. Most American big companies and corporations clamoured for doing business with China as China is  the biggest market in the world. Hundreds and may possibly be a few thousand American companies transferred their manufacturing plants to China being enticed by the very cheap high skill labour of the Chinese workers, the very low Chinese taxes and the very cheap land for their factories and offices.

This arrangement mutually benefits both the United States and China and is a win-win situation for both. American businessmen and the American-China Business of Commerce were very happy and satisfied. But many diehard anti-Chinese Anglo-Saxon white American and Jewish American leaders and politicians were looking at the prosperous trade with evil jaundiced eyes. The American Jews are especially the most anti-Chinese and incidentally they have shrewly contrived and worked themselves into positions of power as heads of many departments in the American governing administration. They gave a lot of spurious reasons that the trade is largely in China's favor and that China is stealing their technology and all the jobs from the Americans. China did not force the American corporations to go to China. They conveniently forgot that it was the American companies which chose to go to China because of the huge profits they were making from the Chinese trade. 

Some of the disgusting American Jews who spearded the tirade against trading with China are Peter Narvarro, Pig head Porky Pompeo John Bolton , Wilbur Ross, Robert Lighthiger, O'Brien and Steve Bannon seven of the most anti-Chinese and aggressive Jews against China,  Matt Pottinger, Steven Menuchin,  Christopher Wray, William Barr, Schiff, Schumer, Larry summers and Sheldon Adelson. These despicable Jews ironically remind us that it was also the Jews the god damned British Jews headed by the Sassoons and the Rothschilds Illuminati cabal which spearheaded the illegal illicit Opium trade and the Opium Wars against China in the 1830s to 1860s. And now the same horrendous Jews have been instigating and pushing Donald Trump the notorious rogue and most disgraceful American President to take strong actions against China. 

The American Jews and the Anglo-Saxon Americans share a common trait in their incomprehensible inherent trait of deep intense hatred for China and the Chinese people. The only reason could be they are too envious of the Chinese because they see the Chinese as too hard working, too clever and intelligent and too successful. Also they strongly disapprove and hate China and the Chinese people for helping all undeveloped countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to develop and achieve economic success thus depriving them the chance to continue to exploit economically  these third world countries of their wealth and resources.

As these American Jews and white American supremacists found China too strong and successful as their competitor they have all the evil intentions to use unfair means and underhand methods to take China down. They have adopted a confrontational policy towards China and quietly started a hybrid warfare against China. They have politicised and weaponized the petrodollar which is under their control but nevertheless is used as a standard of exchange in international business transactions. They have maliciously  manipulated the petrodollar to disadvantage China and other countries in international trade and commerce and very often sanctioned foreign companies either with illegal heavy fines or stopping them from access to the petrodollar so that they are unable to conduct international trade.

Their trade war against China is not about trade. It is a clandestine war to destroy China economically. They are trying to galvanize the Five Eye Anglo-Saxon countries and all other white countries to go against China. Trump claimed that trade war is easy to win. But China has shown them that trade war is not that easy to win. In fact China has an edge over US in this trade war. They have the American Jews like Peter Navarro and his clique of anti-China jews to thank for since they are the most strident and most determined  to force the American government to confront China headon. 

America has all along been spying on Chinese leaders and all other countries leaders via their spy agencies CIA, FBI, NED and their many thousands of NGOs as well as through their embassies. American internet companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and others are the open spying eyes for the American government. These spying activities do actually done a lot of harm to China's security as they were able to recruit the Chinese traitors to undermine China's peace and security. 

In the scientific and technological field they found China is more than a match as their competitor.  In certain areas they cannot compete with China in a fair playing field like 5G, 6G or AI and so on. So they resort to unorthodox and underhand methods to undermine and destroy China's advancement. They falsely claimed that China is stealing their intellectual products like 5G and AI.  They falsely claimed that Huawei is dangerous because it can spy on them.They kidnapped Huawei's Chief Financial officer Meng Wanzhou, holding her to ransom while hoping China would pay billions of dollars to secure her release and at the same time hoping to close down Huawei.  They gang up with Five Eyes and other white countries to boycott Chinese Companies like Huawei and ZTE. They try to hijack and steal Chinese internet companies like Tik Tok, Ten Cent and Wee Chat.

The United States had used chemical and biological germ warfare in the Korean War and the Vietnam war. Last year 2019 the evil Americans secretly introduced the Coronavirus into Wuhan, China. They have been secretly using their biological lab in Fort Detrick, North Carolina to genetically engineer  the coronavirus specifically targetting the yellow race . The white Americans and the American Jews are very wicked beyond redemption. In introducing the coronavirus they hope to wipe out the whole of Chinese population. Fortunately fate would have it and China was saved by the quick and competent response of the Chinese government to take fierce actions and contain the virus. However, heaven is punishing the evil Americans when the coronavirus turn back to attack the white Americans and European countries with greater ferocity . The evil white Americans almost made it to decimate the Chinese population and destroy China.

One other diabolical method used by US to undermine China's security is organizing orange revolution, colour revolution or umbrella revolution. CIA and American NGOs have recruited. organized and funded separatists and trouble makers in Xinjiang and Hong Kong to carry out destructive riots where lives and properties were brutally destroyed.

Finding the above insidious means not making any headway to take down China, the American imbecile leaders headed by the Jews try to harass China militarily. They are creating trouble, instability and distability in the East China Sea and the South China Sea. The United States is instigating and encouraging the Taiwanese traitors to work closer to separate from China  by selling to Taiwan offensive weapons. They illegally sail their naval ships and fly their jet fighters and bomber very close to China's coastline in provocation and intimidation. They try to instigate South East Asian countries like Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia to confront China. In addition the Evil Empire is trying to rope in many Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia to form an Asia NATO to confront China. To that extent so far they have failed miserably for most of the awakened Asians will no more be beguiled by untrustworthy and insidious American tricks and treachery.

In 2008 US hijacked the TPP - the Trans Pacific Partnership trade organization  which excluded China and some other Asian countries. US was then trying to use the TPP to contain China's trade with other Asian Pacific countries. However in 2016 Trump jettisoned the TPP on grounds that it benefits the Asian countries members more than America. He adopted a unilateral policy of America First in which America must have full control of all trading matters. Trump adopted Navarro's aggressive unilateralism as a geopolitical strategy to contain China and impair China's right of development.  Thirteen east Asian countries have signed the RCEP Agreement to work closely on trade and other regional matters in an open, reciprocal and mutually beneficial cooperation. RCEP agreement is a very important landmark step toward achieving closer economic integration in East and Southeast Asia. It reflects Asian countries will to take the matter of regional economic integration in their own hands rather than let the US dominated divide and rule TPP which excluded China  and some other Asian countries. Asian countries welcome  US to join the RCEP in future but they are not prepared to let a US  centric-like TPP encirclement of China.  Hopefully the signing of RCEP  will ward off  and end US hegemony in the west Pacific. Actually including Australia and New Zealand in RCEP is an anomaly. They can be American henchmen and may throw spanner in the wheel of RCEP to disrupt the unity and cooperation among East  Asian countries.

Under the present scenario of hybrid warfare against China it must  be seen in the context of Anglo-Saxon white Americans  imposing a modern gunboat policy against China just as their forebears the Anglo-Saxon British did to China in the 19th Century when they imposed the Opium Wars on China. However, the CCP People's Republic of China is not the decadent Qing Dynasty and China will not allow itself to be insulted, bullied and trampled again. China now is a very rich and powerful country. China's economy is very vibrant and her industries are humming continuously non-stop. China now is a nuclear power and her military and arm forces are equipped with the most modern weapons second  to none. Any foreign aggressor especially the rogue white Anglo-Saxon cum Zionist-Jewish Americans who try to trivialise with China will blindly walk to its own destruction or demise.

However China must still be vigilant as the Evil Empire and its western allies will never stop trying to create troubles for China with the evil intention to destroy China which they see it as an obstacle to US permanent motive of controlling the whole world under US total hegemony.


Saturday, 28th  November, 2020.


Covid-19 - A Global Problem That Requires A Global Solution

 1984 George Orwell said... Covid-19 - A Global Problem That Requires A Global Solution

No country is safe until every country is safe from the spreading of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

If the Diseased USA is proliferating the spread of their exceptionally-chosen Covid-19 disease, no country in the world can be safe, nor saved.

The only way for the world to be safe and saved, is to ostracise and stop all Americans from entering their country, as well as to stop buying goods delivered from the Diseased-Proliferating USA.

But USA is not the only country that is proliferating and unable to contain the disease. Countries like Brazil, EU, India and Russia are also seeing the escalated risk of the disease spreading wider, further and deeper. Some countries have already started the 3rd Wave, like running the marathon.

There is no central co-ordinating authority to ensure a coordinated concerted effort across the globe to tackle this disease as a whole. Each country is trying to tackle it by its own whims and fancy way. Exceptionalism or extra-stupidism will only make matters worse and worse.

This disease cannot be eradicated piece-meal. It has to be confronted at the global level.

The UN alone is unable to do much by itself without the political will and willingness of all countries to submit to its directions and instructions, except to monitor the global situation and issue warnings after warnings.

There is no lack of early warnings but only lack of political will and good political leadership to effectively catch the bull by its horns.

Most countries are trying to outsmart the COVID-19 coronavirus by lying and lying to their country-folks and the world at large. These are countries run by incompetent fly-by-night pseudo political hacks/hags.

The COVID-19 coronavirus does not only infect the lungs. It can also infect and weaken multiple organs in our body - especially the heart, brain, kidneys, liver and lungs.

The COVID-19 is not a short-term disease like the common flu. It is a long-term disease. Even if one has recovered from the initial infection, one still can be re-infected again and again.

Moreover, once infected, one carries the virus within the body for life. There is no way of getting rid of the virus from the body, even though you may have recovered.

Vaccines do not protect you from getting infected. It only helps your body to be prepared for the COVID-19 coronavirus intrusion into your blood circulatory system and triggers your immune system to fight it. How you fare from this fight is all dependent upon the existing state of your immune system. If your immune system is weak, in one way or another, you can still easily succumb to the disease and suffers the consequences.

So, the best thing to do is bear in mind that "Prevention is Better than Cure!"


Take good care of your own health. Don't depend other people or things to take care of your health for you.

May All Be Healthy,and Wealthy And Well!


1984 George Orwell


Covid19 - The great American Exceptionalism

 WASHINGTON: Americans defied pleas from state and local officials to stay home for the Thanksgiving holiday in the face of the surging coronavirus pandemic, triggering fresh warnings from health officials with the release of vaccines still weeks away....

Spiraling infections typically result in a rising death toll weeks later. Coronavirus deaths reached 2,157 on Tuesday - one person every 40 seconds - with another 170,000 people infected, as millions of Americans disregarded official warnings and travelled for Thanksgiving.

Nearly 1 million passengers a day have been screened at airport security checkpoints for the past week, with Sunday's total of 1.047 million being the highest number since the early days of the pandemic in mid-March.  Reuters


With 12m cases going 13m by end of the week and nearly 300,000 death, the brave Americans are taking Covid19 in their strides. They are going home for Thanksgiving reunion come what may.  Nothing can stop the American spirit from choosing freedom or death. They will do what they want and no one in the world would be able to do anything or say anything to stop them even knowing that the millions infected by Covid19 will become carriers and spreaders of the disease.

This is American Exceptionalism at its best. Who dares to whisper to ban the Americans from entering their country knowing that they are the greatest spreaders of Covid19, even with all the evidence pointing to the Americans for starting this deadly and infectious disease? The might of the American Empire would snuff out anyone who would dare to point the finger at the Americans. And any country that dares to ban the Americans from entering their country would be banned and sanctioned by the Americans and be isolated by the Americans, and the rest of the world would just do what the Americans said.

And since the rest of the world cannot do anything about the reckless and irresponsible behaviour of the Americans to spread this deadly virus, the world might as well celebrate this American Exceptionalism and cheer and clap as the Americans go home for Thanksgiving and party at home. Just keep the virus at home, in American homeland.

Yes, it is so nice to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones at home. The Chinese were stupid to lock down Wuhan and Hubei Province and not allow them to go home for annual reunion during Chinese New Year. This is lack of freedom.  They should have followed the American way, just go and celebrate, Covid19 or no Covid19, never mind, it will go away miraculously one day. If China would have let the Chinese people have the same freedom to celebrate reunion dinner, today it would have 30m or 50m or more Chinese being infected by Covid19 and the whole China would be locked down, and no country would want to let a single Chinese into their country. China does not have the same rights and privileges as the Americans, no Chinese Exceptionalism. 

After Thanksgiving the Americans would be celebrating 13m, 14m or more Covid19 cases. Only the Americans can enjoy having more infections and bragging about it as if it is a badge of honour. And they would be welcome all over the world with no bans against them trampling all over the world.

This is what an Empire is all about. The Empire has its privileges. Long live the American Empire. Long live Covid19.  After Thanksgiving there is Christmas around the corner to make bigger splashes and throw bigger parties. The lucky Americans should continue to enjoy life for as long as they can, a blessed people. Covid19 can do no harm to them or to spoil their good life.

PS. What is Thanksgiving Day?  To the white Americans, it was the day they celebrated the first harvest from the land they seized from the native Americans after massacring them. To the native Americans, it is a day of National Mourning of their forefathers being massacred and genocided by the white Americans and their land stolen. Some of the more sensitive white Americans understood the meaning of this day and the feelings of the native Americans and wanted to stop this celebration. But the insensitive and white supremacists did not see anything wrong with it, nothing wrong about massacring native Americans and stealing their land and to celebrate this event.

Thanksgiving Day is not just about the killing of native Americans, but also about the killing of the poor turkeys. The white Americans celebrate, the poor turkeys die. 

This 2020 Thanksgiving has another significant development. The Covid19 viruses are laid in waiting, to ambush the white men coming home for Thanksgiving. After the celebration, the virus would have a feast, the first harvest of the Covid19 virus on Thanksgiving Day.

Singapore - A Probable Target In The Event Of War Between USA And China


1984 George Orwell said...

Singapore - A Probable Target In The Event Of War Between USA And China

By signing the Military Agreement with President Trump to enable the Evil US Empire's Navy and Air Force to make use of Singapore as their refuelling, repair, rest and recreation, maintenance and supply bases (which is not different from a bilateral military pact), Singapore has by choice and design become an indirect threat to China at least for the next 15 years.

As China must always be ready for an all-out Nuclear War with the Evil US Empire, China has no option but to take precautionary measures against all probable secondary threats, both direct and indirect.

As such, on the slightest indication of an imminent threat of war by the Evil US Empire, China would probably have to take out as many as possible of the US military base in Asia and Southeast Asia, including communications, repair, refueling, supply and maintenance bases like Singapore.

Such bases, though not a direct threat to China, are actually the Life-lines of the US Military Might and are essentially necessary to support and to facilitate the US Military to operate with ease and confidence against China. They are, therefore, the indirect and more significant threats that cannot be brushed aside by any credible military strategist.

Therefore, in a precautionary move, these dangerous and threatening military bases would probably have to be TOTALLY OBLITERATED on the word "GO!"

There could be no second thoughts nor hesitation in this Game of Life and Death.

Even if China had destroyed them becauseoof a miscalculation, it's excusable because the governments of these bases knew before-hand what they were doing. Yet, they have deliberately chosen to sleep with a time-bomb under their pillow!

As their citizens did not protest, so they too had been complicit in this Game of Life and Death! It is fair game if they have to be taken off the map for good measure.

They have asked for it and they shall get it in time to come, for sure.

May God have mercy upon their souls! 


1984 George Orwell


When would the warmongering Americans start to behave like normal state?

ABU DHABI: US top diplomat Mike Pompeo has used a late-term Middle East tour to cement Washington's "maximum pressure" campaign on Iran, so President-elect Joe Biden cannot easily reverse it.

As the Donald Trump era draws to a close, US Secretary of State Pompeo has made containing the Islamic republic a key focus of his trip and even refused to rule out a military strike in a newspaper interview published Sunday (Nov 22).

While Biden has signalled a return to diplomacy with the Islamic republic, Pompeo has insisted Iran is the region's top threat, in a tour taking in Israel and the UAE and concluding in Saudi Arabia - all countries that view Iran through the same hawkish lens.

"This administration ... is here until Jan 20" and will "continue to pursue its policies", a senior US official travelling with Pompeo said during the stop in Abu Dhabi, which had followed a visit to Qatar's capital Doha.

"I would hope that this leverage that the (Trump) administration works so hard to get will be used to good purpose to get the Iranians to, once again, start behaving like a normal state." AFP

The above report is a clear example of the warmongering behaviour of the evil Americans, picking on countries to demonise and to attack and to start wars.  Iran is no different just another scapegoat of the evil Americans to support their war industries and their dominance as the world's number one hegemon at the expense of Iranians and Muslims. Its crap defence of Uyghurs in Xinjiang is a farce. The Americans have always been hostile to the Muslim and Arab world and exploited them by dividing them into opposing camps to be bullied and to be bombed and their countries and economies destroyed, crippled forever and become dsyfunctional states.

They are so wild and reckless that they are thinking of striking at Iran's nuclear power station on the pretext of making Americans safe. The Americans are the most vicious and warlike animals and Iran and the rest of the world need to destroy the Americans to their people safe.  As long as the Americans remain the uncontested and most powerful and destructive evil Empire, the people of the world cannot be safe. The Americans are the only wild and primitive animals that have been threatening one country after another with wars and destruction.

At this moment the rest of the world is hapless against this belligerent and reckless warmongering state. Thank God and Allah that covid19 is now released on these evil people and let them have a taste of being the victims of a painful war, launched and led by God/Allah, to make them feel hapless and seeing their people dying everyday instead of their war machine and warlike animals killing other people with no sense of guilt.

God is Great, Allah is Great. The warmongering Americans must be taught a painful lesson to behave like normal peaceful people of the world. Before they go around killing other people, they should be incapacitated by the soldiers of God, Covid19.

Behave you evil doers, killers, murderers, warmongers, or you shalt perish in the name of God.

The whites are setting up a debt trap for the world in the pricing of Covid19 vaccine. They are going to rob the world, especially the poorer countries from this deadly crisis. To the whites, pay up or die, led by the evil American Empire.

Resurgence Of Terrorist Activity Is Very Bad For Everyone And Everywhere

 1984 George Orwell said... Resurgence Of Terrorist Activity Is Very Bad For Everyone And Everywhere

"SINGAPORE — Following a resurgence of terrorist activity in France and other parts of the world in recent months, 37 people have been investigated by Singapore’s Internal Security Department (ISD) for suspected radical inclinations, inciting violence online or stoking communal unrest. Among the group are 14 Singaporeans.

One of the 37, a Bangladeshi construction worker, was arrested under the Internal Security Act on Nov 2 following investigations into his alleged terrorism-related activities." ~ TODAY.

Any form of terror is bad.

Any form of terrorism is very bad.

Any country, organisation or individual that instigates, promotes or supports terrorism or terrorists is terribly bad.

No organisation nor country should make use of terror or terrorism against others.

A country that is against terrorism and terrorists must do its utmost best, both covertly and openly, to alienate, condemn, denounce, oppose, suppress and destroy them totally, not once but at all times.

A country like USA, on the surface uses propaganda to blind the eyes and mesmerise the brains of the masses that it is against terrorism and terrorists but, behind the thinly veiled facet, is actually creating, organising, instigating, training, arming, supporting and promoting terrorism, terrorist organisations and terrorists. Some countries, big and small, turn a deaf ear,and a blind eye and a dumb mind towards the fact that USA is actually, for all intents and purposes, the BIGGEST TERRORIST IN THE WORLD.

Allowing the Biggest Terrorist to set up an operations military base in Singapore simply runs counter to what Singapore is advocating on the issue of Terrorism.

One cannot have the cake and eat it as well.

Economic gains should never be the paramount parameter to use as an excuse to fool the world in accepting the Biggest Terrorist in the World to set up a Terror Nest in the land-scarce tiny island. There are many more urgent and serious factors to bear in mind.

For example, during the US War in Vietnam, American GIs were lowed to R&R in Singapore. Though they brought in Tourist Dollars, they also brought in diseases, decadent attitude and behaviour, hatred and violence. In the long-run, anti-American sentiment developed and, I still remember, we formed small gangs to go after those GIs at their favourite water-holes. Whenever they drank and got themselves half-drunk, they would create troubles. They bullied and abused the local girls, women and children who were too weak and powerless to counter them. Every night, there were fights. And the police was nowhere to be found. So, our small gangs took over to protect our locals against those big bullies and skunks.

If the USA is allowed to set up an operating militarised terrorist base in Singapore, rest assured in a very short while, history will have to repeat itself!

1984 George Orwell


Singapore offering base for American Navy in the interest of peace?

 Should Singapore agree to the request by the US Navy to be their base? Will China sees this as a threat? How can the government respond to this request?

Here are my views.

a) Singapore already has an agreement to provide naval facilities to the US Navy. This new request can be an extension of the current arrangement.

b) I suppose that the facilities is being provided on commercial terms. It will give economic benefits to Singapore.

c) America will soon come under a new administration. The trade and other disputes between America and China will probably be resolved in the near future.

d) Singapore can have a dialogue with China (through the diplomatic channels in Beijing and Singapore) and explain our approach and decision. We can hear and address any special concern from China.

I am hopeful that this decision can be taken in the interest of preserving the peace and stability of the region and in furthering our economic interest.

Tan Kin Lian 

Above post by Tan Kin Lian in TRE.  When the Americans talked about balance of power, it means they have all the nuclear weapons, all the WMD, you have none. That's is the American meaning of balance of power, a situation when they can whack the daylight out of any country at will and no one can hit them back, ie they will be the big time gangsters holding the world at ransom.

When the Americans talked about peace, maintaining peace, it is about peace for the Americans, ie they are safe and you are not. Just look at Iran and North Korea, two countries that can never be equal to the Americans in terms of military might and possession of WMD. But the Americans are lying to the world daily that these two countries are a threat to them and must not be allowed to have any WMD, only the Americans can have them. And who is threatening to obliterate who, in the name of its own security? Who is the real threat to who? The Americans are the threat to world peace, to all the smaller countries, in fact to all the countries including Russia and China, that the Americans are calculating and planning when to nuke them. No country in their right mind would dare to talk or dream about threatening the Americans or attacking the Americans. This is only a myth, a red herring that the evil Americans are spreading to be used as an excuse to threaten other countries. Only the evil Americans is the threat to other countries, not the other way.

So, is providing a military base for the Americans for peace in the region and the world, or to enhance the Americans to create more mischief, to threaten China and all the countries in the region, to enhance American hegemony? If it is any about peace and stability, it is for the Americans, it is for American hegemony.

What is the intent and purpose of the Americans wanting to have a naval base in Singapore? To maintain American world dominance and to contain China, to threaten China in the region. How would China perceive this development when the Americans have been sailing its warships to the South China Sea to provoke China, to violate Chinese territorial integrity? Is this for peace or for the bullying of China and any wrong move would only start a major war with Singapore as an obvious military target if China strikes back at American military bases used to attack China? Singapore leaders must stop being naive and think they could get away with this, providing a military base for the Americans to attack China.

If this is for commercial reasons, for the money, then Singapore should offer its backside to every country, just like a prostitute, not choosing its customers. To just offer a military base to the Americans or the Quad members, Singapore is taking sides and be complicit in the American plan to threaten and contain China. By the way, the presence of military bases is anything but for commercial or economic interests to the Americans.

American presence in the midst of Asean in not going to be taken lightly by Asean countries and would be seen as a hostile act by China. Period. The Americans and the Quad countries have been talking about choking the Straits of Malacca to cut off the supply of oil and goods to China. For peace, for who?

PS. US navy secretary has called for a new command to be formed ‘in the crossroads between the Indian and Pacific oceans’ The Americans are claiming the Indo Pacific Region as part of their Empire. Asean leaders please take note. The American Empire is taking over the region, and this is not aggressive behaviour, not expansionist, just American Exceptionalism, the world hegemon in action, all peaceful and nice, very nice and very friendly. Please invite them to be your new masters.  Oops, no need, they already invited themselves here and no need to bother whether you like it or not. 

Pax Indo Pacifica is becoming a reality. The region will become like the Caribbean, an American pond. Would any twit be asking China to come in to balance this evil Empire? Or instead asking the evil Empire already here, to balance China that is not here? The same kind of excuse from the American playbook for starting war, create a red herring as an excuse to move into the region to be the hegemon.



Growing isolation of warmonger evil American Empire

The republicans are calling for international cooperation to oppose China after Trump failed in his unilateral approach against China. The lying evil lump of lard, Pompeo, was sent to visit almost 20 American allies and 'used to be dead and dumb' nations to forge another coalition of warmongers to start WW3 with China as its main target. This also fizzled off. No takers. No amount of lying and badmouthing China would be believed by the countries he was courting and lying to. The rest of the world has grown up, grown wiser and would not be dumb willing partners of crime against humanity at the behest of the evil Americans. Yes, not a single country outside the 5 eyes Anglo Saxon mafia group would want to join this evil and disastrous war against China, schemed and planned by the evil white men in Washington, except India. The white men must stop to see and realise that the coloured people are not stupid anymore. No longer sheep to be led to be slaughtered by the white men.

The president elect Biden would do no different and no better. Being fixed by Trump's gungho white supremacist rhetoric, Biden could not do less and could be more hostile to China than Trump. This viciousness and primordial animal instinct of the white men, to start wars, to perpetuate wars, to kill fellow human beans, is being flaunted by the white Americans without shame, without the need to hide their wild and violent primitive nature to kill, for the whole world to see. No amount of coverups by the white man's media could cleanse their basic destructive nature and their evil past and the daily drum beating for wars.

The latest, to save his position in the White House, Trump is toying with the dangerous idea of attacking Iran's nuclear facilities. These evil white men have no qualms about attacking other countries, even risking nuclear war that would annihilate human civilisation for good. Now which idiots are still praising the white devils for being peace loving and kind?

The most serious threat to human civilisation and world wars is the evil white men, especially from the Gang of 5 called the 5 eyes countries. These past evil colonial masters are still clinging to what they did best as evil invaders and colonialists, wanting to dominate the control the world for their own well being and inciting and mustering the dumb and stupid to join in the wars of division, exploitation and destruction of coloured people and nations. They want to be the overlord of the Indo Pacific region with the aid of a few regional countries that would betray Asean countries to please the evil white men, to assist the white men into the region.

Luckily, fortunately, the nations of dumb and dead are getting fewer and lesser.  The rest of the world has wised up to see the evil behaviour of the white men. Every war on this planet is started by the white men and fought by the white men against coloured people and the victims are only the coloured people. The stupidity of the coloured people is turning into the stupidity of the white men, thinking that coloured people would forever be stupid and would be easily conned and lied by the white men to do their biddings, to go on to kill other coloured people for the white men.

In a world facing existential problems like climate change and Covid19, the white men are still playing with death and destruction. Instead of cooperating with the rest of the world to face these problems, they have walked out of Paris Accord on climate change, walked out of WHO, walked out of free trade, and continue to recklessly and irresponsibly spreading the deadly Covid19 virus to the rest of the world. The combined infected cases of Covid19 among the white men could be as high as 50m or more at current count, as many are not tested, not counted, not reported. These are the spreaders of this deadly virus to the rest of the world. And no one dares to ban them from entering their country.

While the stupid white men think they are invincible, immuned to the virus and would survive, they would be rudely reminded that this virus is not going to spare them and would bring an end to white supremacy and the white race, if they go unheeded to the virulence of the virus.

No amount of white lies and threats would the rest of the world be cowed and frightened by the white men to go about killing themselves at the agitation and provocation of the white men. The white men can go and kill themselves, fight their own wars among themselves but leave the coloured people alone in peace. Let the virus do the necessary to wipe out the lying and hypocritical evil white men for the good of human kind.

No more white lies, no more white wars and no more whitewashing og white cruelties and white crimes against humanity.


'On 9 November 1938 Nazi SA paramilitaries and some ordinary Germans unleashed a campaign of violence against Jews.  

Across two nights, scores of Jews were killed, hundreds of synagogues burned and thousands of businesses trashed and looted while authorities stood by and watched. Some 30,000 Jewish men were arrested and taken to concentration camps.

The November pogroms became known as the "Night of Broken Glass" due to the shards of broken glass that littered streets in several towns and cities across the country. The violence, orchestrated by Nazi propagandist Joeseph Goebbels, acted as the catalyst for the Holocaust. Some six million Jews were murdered in the genocide.' The Independent 

Don't forget the 100m native Americans that were genocided by the white Europeans....and the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Arabs, Afghans, Africans, Mexicans, Latin Americans, Pinoys, Indians, Pacific Islanders, Asians etc etc


End days for Singapore social media


TR Emeritus on semi-hiatus

Please be informed that we will be putting TR Emeritus (TRE) on semi-hiatus status effective immediately, after consulting with the owner and our techie (who has been with TRE for over a decade).

What this means is that articles from contributors, readers and those who have given blanket permission will continue to be published on TRE, but there will be no editorials during this period, unless it is absolutely necessary. Readers can continue to comment on these articles as per normal.


The above is the latest development in social media in Singapore.  TRE is by far the biggest or second biggest in Singapore covering local social and political issues.  When TRE is down and out, the only one left would be TOC. It's editor Terry Xu is dated by Sue and kept very busy and under intense pressure due to the courtship.. 

Should Terry throw in the towel, TOC would be another closed chapter in history, leaving a beleaguered TRE limping along.

Look at the column on the left of this blog and you will see many of the earlier blogs and sites that are now history.  Blocked, banned etc etc. Think ASS or All Singaporean Stuff is being blocked.  Cannot access anymore.

Wondering when mysingaporenews would suffer the same fate. If TRE also goes the way of the dodo bird, then it would be the end of meaningful social media in Singapore except for those writing about food, pets and fashion. Yes, we have freedom of expression. Maybe by then I should also be writing about pets and wildlife.


War crimes committed by Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan - exposed after 20 years

Australia announced the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate alleged war crimes by Australian special forces in Afghanistan on Thursday after media uncovered evidence of civilians and prisoners being killed....appointed the prosecutor to deal with the issue domestically and forestall any move by the International Criminal Court.

Since then, a series of often-harrowing reports have emerged about the conduct of Australia's elite special forces units -- ranging from a prisoner being shot dead to save space in a helicopter to the killing of a six-year-old child in a house raid....

That probe identified 55 separate incidents, most relating to the unlawful killings of "persons who were non-combatants or were no longer combatants" as well as "cruel treatment"....

The matter first came to public attention in 2017 when public broadcaster ABC published the so-called "Afghan files", which alleged Australian troops had killed unarmed men and children in Afghanistan. Yahoo News

These reported crimes were only skimming the surface of many more war crimes that went unreported. And these were committed by the Australians.  How many more were committed by the 'angelic' American soldiers that went unreported while Pompeo threatened to sanction and blacklist anyone that dared to investigate and persecute American war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria or anywhere else.

The hypocrisy and cruelties of the white men in the conduct of their illegal wars against the Muslims and Arabs have always gone unreported or under reported by the western media. They only report war crimes of other countries and painted themselves as angels, flawless and clean to a fault.

Would anyone in the UN dare to breathe a word about American war crimes in all the theatres of wars where American and allied soldiers were fighting? Only a few righteous and guilt conscious Americans would dare to stand up to make a case but mostly would be thumped down and silenced.

When the curtain falls on the evil Empire, one by one would be taken to task in the International Criminal Court to face their crimes against humanity. Let's start with the Australians and see how they whitewash this exercise to cover up the crimes of their Special Forces by going through the motion.


Singapore Today: The Faultless Human Errors

It has been proudly, gloriously and openly reported in the news that about 3,000 public service officers, both past and present, have been short-changed for a total of about $10 million because of HUMAN ERRORS.

"About 3,000 public service officers past and present will be compensated with a total of around S$10 million after errors were found in the Civil Service’s human resource (HR) records, the Public Service Division (PSD) said on Wednesday (Nov 18).

“The errors arose primarily because of human errors in data entry and coding of the HR and payroll IT systems,” PSD said. “The IT systems also had inadequate error detection capabilities.”

Isn't this is a clear, distinct and outstanding example of carelessness, incompetence and complacency?

Some top people are very fond of saying, "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys." According Mrs Goh Chok Tong's standard, one peanut is equivalent to $60,000. Then what we get when ministers and top civil servants are paid 20 to 30 peanuts?

You are bound to get very lazy monkeys, because they have been too well fed. They over-eat the peanuts and grow so fat until they become huge orang-utans. So much so they can't move easily, become not agile anymore. Ultimately, complacency and incompetence set in, over the long years of service, and long years in power.

In the past, especially during the very strict, no-nonsense LKY-GKS Administration, we very seldom heard of HUMAN ERRORS being glorified as an excuse for big cock-ups like this one. Why?

Because heads would roll the moment the slightest display of complacency or incompetence
is uncovered. Not the lower rungs' heads. But the head who sits right at the top of the ministry or statutory board.

Basically, what does Human Errors mean? Isn't it as good as saying some human beings have been careless?

What causes carelessness? Isn't it caused by complacency?

What causes complacency? Isn't it due to incompetence?

What causes incompetence? Is it because of having been promoted to the level of incompetence, coupled with too much pay? Too-good-to-be-true type of pay? Instant millionaire pay? Out-of-this-world pay? Unconscionable pay?

Nobody is to be blamed. Cannot blame the humans who have HUMAN ERRORS because nobody is perfect. Everyone is bound to make mistakes. Everyone is entitled to make mistakes, especially when you are part of the Elite Entitlement Culture (EEC). So now blame who/what?

Hey, presto! Blame it on the IT system! Machines cannot fight back. So easy and convenient. Who don't know? But, but, but wait a minute. WHO approved the lousy, cock-up, blame-worthy IT system in the first place?

The IT System is not good enough because the person or committee that approved the IT System is not good enough. Simple as that. He/she/they are prone to HUMAN ERRORS. He/she/they have HUMAN ERRORS!

All civil servants are ENTITLED TO HAVE HUMAN ERRORS. So cannot fault them. It is not their fault that they have become so complacent, so careless, so incompetent that they now possess full of HUMAN ERRORS. It is because they have been paid out of this world unconscionable $million salaries to reach Multi-millionaire Status easily that they now take things easy so that they have so many Human Errors. It is not their fault that they are paid such obscene salary. Somebody else volunteered to pay them such obscene salary, plus even more obscene annual bonuses.

HUMAN ERRORS are faultless. It is honest mistakes because there is no such thing as dishonest mistake. If it is dishonest, the it cannot be mistakes; it would be deliberate, premeditated manipulations. Simple as that.

Is that loud and clear?


White devils, go mind your own business - China said

 China threatens to 'poke the eyes' of Five Eyes nations over HK

China has hit back at a joint statement from Five Eyes partners condemning its actions in Hong Kong, accusing the security alliance of threatening its internal affairs.

The Five Eyes foreign ministers from Australia, Canada, the US, Britain and New Zealand on Thursday said opposition MPs who were disqualified by Beijing from Hong Kong's legislature for not being patriotic enough should be immediately reinstated.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on Thursday night said China would not flinch if trouble came its way.

"No matter how many eyes they have, five or 10 or whatever, should anyone dare to undermine China's sovereignty, security and development interests, be careful not to get poked in the eye," he said.


Covid19 vaccines - The Great White Hopes

When the manufacturer of a car claimed that it could run 18km on 1 litre of petrol the buyer could say, wow, damn fantastic claim, but never believe that it could be achieved on the road when the car is used normally. The 18km per litre may be achieveable under very special conditions, and driven specifically just for that purpose. It may not have been achieved at all but just a sales claim for all you know.

Such claims are very common even in medicine or health supplements. The producers of the products would make all the claims they wanted, often never to be met by the users. The users are also realistic, not to expect too much, as long as it works somewhat, has some positive effects. 

My car initially gave me 14.1km per litre and now hovering about 13.5km. I never expect to get 18km and would be very happy to get anything more than 14km per litre of petrol.

The Great White Hopes of Covid19 are two vaccines, one by Pfizer and one by Moderna. Pfizer initially claimed that it was 90% effective. Moderna claimed to be 95% effective. Now Pfizer is reported to have changed its claim to be also 95% effective in producing antibodies against Covid19 when vaccinated. 

As these are manufacturers' claims, let's take it with a pinch of salt and wish them well. If they are really as good as they claimed to be, it would be good for everyone and we can say goodbye to Covid19 and the discomfort of so many restraints in our daily life.

What is unusual or expected is that these two vaccines are the Great White Hopes, to be out earlier than other countries, especially to beat Chinese vaccines in approval for public use. For being the Great White Hopes, they must be good, no need to question or challenge their claims. So far no one is posing any question or doubt about the claims and the efficacy of the two vaccines. Fauci also accepted the claims at face value, no need to verify like Gov Cuomo wanted to do. This is how the white men have been telling the world about their products for donkey years as the best. They only tell the truth, just like men landing on the moon until 5 years ago when they knew that they could not do it and decided to close down the moon landing programme in NASA, to produce rockets to put man on the moon. Now they are so pleased and excited that Elon Musk, a private entrepreneur, could save them the embarrassment of having to pay for a ride to the International Space Station on board Russian built rockets because they don't have the technology to do so.

The Americans have made great strides, backward, in their space programme, from claiming that going to the moon, landing on the moon, were cake walks, to paying a private rocket taxi just to get to the ISS. Ok, I digress. The two Great White Hopes are all they are banking on to save themselves, saving a lot of embarrassment, and a lucky few coloured people that are able to pay for them and are on their good books. In their state of desperation and delirium, they chose to believe and accept all the claims of the two vaccines, totally, completely, as the elixirs they have been waiting for, just like remdesivir, hydrochloroqine and disinfectants that were once their Great White Hopes. Not a single white man or scientist has raised a word of doubt or caution about the claims of the 2 Great White Hopes.

They have totally ignored and written off the vaccines that the Chinese and other non white countries are developing and well ahead of them in the final third stage of public trials and going on smoothly without major hiccups. It is silence all the way. In a way it is good that the two Great White Hopes appeared at this time to take their attention off and heat away from the Chinese vaccines.  Otherwise they would be smearing and ridiculing the Chinese vaccines in every word they spout to discredit them. They may even sabotaged their trials and testings. They have been casting aspersion and doubts everyday since the Chinese started to test their vaccines and nothing good has been said. That is only to be expected. How can the Chinese do better than the great white men? The low number of infections in China must be fake. How could there be barely 85,000 cases in China? The 11m and shooting to the sky numbers in the US must be real, no under reporting, no under testing, no bluff. 

It is good to question and have doubts and a bit of reservations about a new vaccine that has yet to be approved for use for the public. Science is built on this foundation.  It is another thing to blindly believe in what the manufacturers claimed wholesale and taking them as the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and willing not only to pay millions or billions for them, but to throw caution to the winds, and rushing to approve and apply them with no hesitation and apprehension. The price is death if the claims turn out bad.

All Great White Hopes are always well received by the white believers like believing in their white God, must be good, until they fell flat one after another. Thanks to Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson and many other great black fighters that stubbornly would not allow a Great White Hope to stand up tall and the Hope turning into reality.

Maybe these 2 Great White Hopes are different and will be the real things, or at least one of them will be. Even if they would not be 95% effective as claimed, 80% would be good, even 70% or 50% would be good enough a reason to celebrate. At least there is a Great White Hope standing and money to be made.

Chinese vaccines, a no no, a non starter to the whites. Never trust the Chinese! OK, OK, just stick to your Great White Hopes. Please don't come back. Please don't call Xi.

PS. The latest report, the Sinopharm vaccine has been tested on 60,000 volunteers and the result, 100% success. And the vaccine can be stored at temp between 2C to 8C, temperature in a home fridge. How's that for a start? Bear in mind that the Chinese vaccines were tested and put on trials in Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and several other countries, some with very strong anti China elements waiting to discredit the Chinese. These countries also have vested interest to want to make sure the tests and trials are done correctly, no rigging, no faking, no fixing as they are using them on their own population.  

The tests and trials of Sinopharm vaccine were done by third parties and under careful scrutiny and came out with flying colours. Who did the trials for Pfizer and Moderna's vaccines?