The Anglo-Saxon countries USA, England and Australia showed disdain and contempt for India during its Coronavirus Crisis.

      This article is  republished on today, May 1st being May Day or International Labour Day to let the whole world know how contemptible and treacherous the Anglo-Saxon countries England,the United States and Australia are in the way they treated India with disdain in its hour of need for help during its extreme Coronavirus Crisis. The article is self-explanatory regarding the true nature and inherent evil hidden beneath the facade of their fake exposition of their friendship to India which is couched with insincerity and evil intent.

In its hours of need, India best friends the  United States, England and Australia and their lap dog Japan just look the other way and keeping silent pretending not to know what is happening to its most important QUAD member India.

India must know the US, UK and Australia are white racist and supremacist countries and Japan is US protectorate. They are using India as a geopolitical tool to serve their diabolical objective of containing China. Other than that they will view India more as a burden and will always be shunned and despised by them as being hopelessly poor, weak  and useless just as they had been treating China in a similar manner in the recent past. 

India and China's future lies in their ability to see a common destiny where they can see beyond their narrow prism of the historical border problems as it was purposely and proactively implanted by the former evil British imperialist to sow the seeds of future contention and confrontation between China and India. For thousands of years India and China have been living with each other in peace and harmony and with mutual respect until the evil warmongering and aggressive British invader appeared in the 18th century when it wrenched away large chunks of Chinese territories and ruled them under the British India government. England failed to settle the China - British India border issues when it was forced to leave India in 1947. Its intention was evil because it intentionally and proactively left a poisonous baggage for India to have a future struggle and conflict with China. England then organized the British Commonwealth Countries to oversee its ex-colonies affairs. So though India got its independence in 1947 it has always been under the evil British influence.

India needs to get over that evil and poisonous leftover British baggage of the India-China border issues and accommodate China half way to secure permanent peace, security and harmony so that both countries can progress together in development to prosperity and strength and thus be able to jointly confront the inherently evil British and the West headed by the evil empire the United States.

China and India must get back to their previous long history of friendship where they had mutual respect, security and harmony long before the warmongering British and the savage Europeans came as trouble makers and invaders.

Learning from India's pathetic experience, all non-white countries must realise that white people and their countries are unreliable and can never be trusted as friends.

India and China must wake up and get over their border issues to unite in friendship and solidarity to make the dream of 21st Asian Century a reality. Don't let the evil and poisonous white people of the West diabolical plans destroy that dream.


Friday, May 1st , 2021

PSLE - Another change in grading system


 Another big exercise involving a lot of expertise from the education industry has just been completed. This musical chair or merry go round exercise has been going on for years and it seems that it would never be satisfactory as far as the parents are concerned.  The results only helped to meet some of the needs and expectations of the parents but would never be enough as the demands would keep on changing as the moods and expectations of clever and rich parents keep changing.

By now the education ministry and ministers and experts must have known what the parents really want. If they are still guessing or not wanting to face the truth, or knowing the truth but trying to meet the parents half way or a quarter way but still wanting to maintain certain educational objectives and standards, then the cycle will go on and on and every new minister would have his hands full when new sets of parents would have new demands and new axe to grind.

What the parents really want are very simple. Less stress ie less work, less study, and good results and easy to get into branded schools. Actually all three demands are very easy to meet. Less work and less study can be QED.  Just tell the teachers to go slow and teach less and just pretend that the children will then learn more. As for good results for all students, this is even easier. Grades should just be good and excellent and all students would be marked Merit or Excellent. Children will be happy, parents would be happier.

The next big demand is good schools. This is also easily done by a little restructuring and renaming of schools. Pick the best 10 schools that are most desirable by the parents and children. All the schools should be renamed under these 10 schools.  As an example, there can be 50 Raffles Institutions and 50 Hwa Chong Institutions to choose from. Raffles Institution, Bishan, Raffles Institution, Radin Mas, Raffles Institution, Tanglin, Raffles Institution, Ang Mo Kio, Raffles Institution Bedok etc etc The same would apply to Hwa Chong Institution and the other top 8 branded schools.

Now, would that make all the parents and children happy?  Oh, school placement would be very much easier. Can still give preference to citizens and location of homes and the top 6 choices in order of preference.

 Now what is so difficult about this? It took me 5 minutes to solve all the angst of parents. There will be no more stress for parents and students.  No more needs for expensive tuition and spending so much time studying. Go to school and play and enjoy. Many great countries are producing great talents by just giving their students distinctions in all subjects even if they failed. This is only a piece of paper.  What is important in life is whether the student eventually can work or can bluff their way through in life.

No need to sweat the small stuff. No need to put so much pressure on the Education Minister and the teachers and principles.  Singapore will be a very happy place to bring up children and with good grades in good schools without having to study and mug.

I rest my case. It is very hard work to formulate such a big change in the education grading system to please everyone.


Covid19 - India lockdown by the rest of the world

 India at its best in a speech by Modi reproduced by Arundhati Roy in theguardian.com.

“Friends, I have brought the message of confidence, positivity and hope from 1.3 billion Indians amid these times of apprehension … It was predicted that India would be the most affected country from corona all over the world. It was said that there would be a tsunami of corona infections in India, somebody said 700-800 million Indians would get infected while others said 2 million Indians would die.”

“Friends, it would not be advisable to judge India’s success with that of another country. In a country which is home to 18% of the world population, that country has saved humanity from a big disaster by containing corona effectively.”

Modi the magician takes a bow for saving humanity by containing the coronavirus effectively. Now that it turns out that he has not contained it, can we complain about being viewed as though we are radioactive? That other countries’ borders are being closed to us and flights are being cancelled? That we’re being sealed in with our virus and our prime minister, along with all the sickness, the anti-science, the hatred and the idiocy that he, his party and its brand of politics represent?

This was India at its best. The speech was given at a time when the USA and Europe were plunged into darkness by the virus. India could win a war by just talking. In the above speech Modi must have mesmerised the Americans and the whole world about the prowess of the Indians in handling the Covid19 crisis, in the same way the Indians have impressed the Americans and Europeans in how to run their businesses and taken many of them over to be run by the Indians.

Now Modi must be crying for speaking out loud too early. The Indians are now very angry for his incompetence and mismanagement of the Covid19 pandemic. The world is now watching how India is going to dig its way out of this tragedy. No amount of talking would the Covid19 virus go away.  Only science and hardwork to contain the virus could help India.  Smooth talking would just get India so far.  But when luck runs out, when the truth needs to surface, the truth can be very ugly and painful.

India is under lockdown, the whole of India, not by India, but by the rest of the world. The rest of the world has no choice, no matter how sympathetic they are to India's plight. They will all chip in to help India. But locking down India is a must. Draconian, what is the alternative?

As Arundhati Roy puts it, 'We are witnessing a crime against humanity'. It is a catastrophe. You can lie, brag and cheat all the time, but you cannot lie, brag and cheat and get away with it all the time.

'This one was predicted, although its virulence has taken even scientists and virologists by surprise. So where is the Covid-specific infrastructure and the “people’s movement” against the virus that Modi boasted about in his speech? Hospital beds are unavailable. Doctors and medical staff are at breaking point. Friends call with stories about wards with no staff and more dead patients than live ones. People are dying in hospital corridors, on roads and in their homes. Crematoriums in Delhi have run out of firewood. The forest department has had to give special permission for the felling of city trees. Desperate people are using whatever kindling they can find. Parks and car parks are being turned into cremation grounds. It’s as if there’s an invisible UFO parked in our skies, sucking the air out of our lungs. An air raid of a kind we’ve never known.'

Covid19 - The West monopolising and cornering the vaccine market at the expense of saving lives

LONDON: British lawmakers on Monday (Apr 26) called on the government to publish all communications with pharmaceutical companies to understand if private lobbying influenced its opposition to a waiver of intellectual property rules for COVID-19 vaccines.

The United States and a handful of other big countries, including the United Kingdom, have blocked negotiations at the World Trade Organization (WTO) involving a proposal spearheaded by India and South Africa that now has the support of 100 WTO members.

The proposal would temporarily waive the intellectual property (IP) rights of pharmaceutical companies to allow developing countries to produce vaccines.

The waiver is opposed by the US Chamber of Commerce and big pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

A cross-party group of UK lawmakers has signed a statement calling for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, ministers, and senior civil servants to publish all email, text, and WhatsApp messages exchanged with pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists.

Patient advocacy and vaccine equity organisations have also signed the statement, including Global Justice Now, Just Treatment, StopAIDS, Frontline AIDS, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines UK, Students for Global Health, and Nurses United UK.

"The UK's opposition to an intellectual property waiver on COVID-19 vaccines is utterly indefensible," said Heidi Chow, senior policy and campaigns manager at Global Justice Now, which organised the joint statement.  Reuters

From the above Reuters' article it is clear what are the motive of the Americans and their pharmaceutical companies.  It is purely profits and the protection of American lives. They are not allowing other companies the right to produce the vaccines. They are not allowing other countries to use Russian and Chinese vaccines.

In the meantime, while they are unable to produce enough for themselves, the rest of the world shall have to wait for their vaccines and if they can't wait, they shall die. They cannot use Russian and Chinese vaccines to save themselves. 

When the Americans have finally vaccinated their own people and the Brits, only then would they offer their vaccines to the rest of the world at a price much more expensive than those of the Russians and the Chinese, to make a pile at the expense of the lives of the people of the world.

This is the American and British way of saving the world, to line their own pockets first.

The rest of the world are so lucky that Russian and Chinese vaccines, better and safer vaccines, are available to them. But this is not all.  The evilness was exposed by a former Pfixer chief scientist, Mike Yeadon. According to Yeadon, the Pfizer vaccine is part of a process of eliminating the vast majority of human beings iving today. ...the first vaccine injection o, a total of 0.8% will die withing 2 weeks...those that survived will live for an average of 2 years. This ability to live will be shortened by further vacccine injections.  According to Yeadon, the final goal of the vaccine is to lead to massive population reduction. 

Some are critical of Yeadon's view and disagree with him. Whatever, no one really knows what is the truth and what is really going on. Just take note of the alternative views.

For further info of what Mike Yeadon said, go to https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/exclusive-former-pfizer-vp-your-government-is-lying-to-you-in-a-way-that-could-lead-to-your-death

And this is Bill Gate's view on protection of IP for vaccines and saying it is ok to wait for 10 years for poorer countries to get vaccinated.  Smart poorer countries can avoid being blackmailed by the West and opt for cheaper Russian and Chinese vaccines that are available immediately.


The US and Its Western allies new Gun Boat Policy against China will be their nemesis and end of mankind.

    This article is written as an adjunct to Chua Chin Leng's article today, "UK led naval strike force to enter within striking distance of China - An act of war."

 The West headed by the US is in decline and is  desperately trying to reactivate their imperialism and colonialism to force all third world countries under its control again to resurrect the 500 years curse which they had previously imposed on all non-white countries.  By far they have destroyed many countries in the Middle East, Africa and South America and imposed new western economic and financial colonialism  on all the countries therein. Now they are wishfully trying to use the Gunboat Policy on China again. Their gunboats during the Opium Wars 1830s to 1860s and in the Boxer Rebellion 1900 managed to cause great national disaster to China and the Chinese people and caused China to lay prostrate for over a century unable to fight back until the rise of the Chinese Communist Party headed by Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and his  heroic compatriotrs who managed to defeat the British, American and Japanese imperialism during the Second World War in 1937 to 1945.

Now the desperate West headedby the US is driving the war clouds over China again. However, today's People's Republic of China is not to be trivialised  as they who try to do so are courting  their own downfall and destruction.

There is a similar repeat of their past aggressions against China. America and many  of these European countries  are combining their arm forces to provoke China. Not single day, week or month past without their provocations. Now they are testing China's grit and patience to the limit with their military naval and air force encroaching very close to China's shores and airspace. China should not treat these provocations lightly as it would embolden them to interprete wrongly as China's cowardice and cause them to make sudden surprise attacks on China.

China must take counter actions immediately and give the US and its Western European allies their own medicine. China should not be afraid to arm Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico with nuclear weapons. China should station nuclear submarines by the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean of America, in the Atlantic Ocean close to western Europe, in the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and in the North Sea of England and not be afraid to let them know what China is doing. China should reserve the right to blockade the British and the European warships in the Indian Ocean and in the Straits of Malacca. China's nuclear missiles in nearby Pakistan or Iran should be directed and aimed at US military base in Diego Garcia.  It is definitely going to be an all out nuclear war. China should not hold any delusion of the US and its allies diabolical intentions against China and stop thinking that a peace can be negotiated with the US and the West. The United States and its white European allies are toxic and dangerous and to think that they can be trusted is to delude yourself that  you can  hug a tiger or a lion safely without consequence.


Wednesday, 28th April, 2021



UK led naval strike force to enter within striking distance of China - An act of war

'The strike group will be led by the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, marking its maiden deployment. The ship, one of the UK's two aircraft carriers, is the largest warship the UK has ever sent to sea.

Joining the carrier will be two destroyers, two anti-submarine frigates, a submarine and two auxiliary supply ships, a ministry statement said.

A United States Navy guided-missile destroyer will sail with the group as well as a frigate from the Netherlands that will be tasked with air defense, the ministry said.'  CNN

A total of 10 warships, including aircraft carrier, submarines and nuclear weapons, will be heading to China, sailing through the South China Sea and East China Sea.  As the group has appropriately called itself, a 'strike group', it is an offensive military force capable of inflicting very heavy damage to China should it turn hostile once it comes withing firing range of its missiles and attack aircraft.

The concentration of such a formidable offensive force at the doorstep of China or any country without an invitation is unwelcome, is a hostile act. Any country facing such a show of force cannot take it lightly and allow the strike force free passage through its waters to within striking range of its weapons. China must declare this as a hostile act,an act of war, and take serious steps to prevent it from getting close enough to launch a strike at China mainland, just like the sneak Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. An attack by such a strike group at near distance would be very difficult to defend and would exact very serious damage to China in lives and properties. No country can afford to suffer a first strike from such a military force, not even China at close quarters.

China cannot simply protest and allow the strike group to get too near for its own security. China must draw a red line and crossing it would be an act of war. This is no simple freedom of navigation exercise. these are heavily armed warships ready to attack. It is not just a show of force. It is too dangerous for any country not to do anything. The risk is unacceptable. It is like the Russians placing missiles in Cuba that risked a war with the USA in the 60s.

Before China puts itself into harms way by not doing anything and allow the strike force to get too near for comfort, a hard decision must be made.  The evil Brits are not up to any good intention. Like the Chinese saying, ζ₯者不善, China must meet the Brits half way, not allowing such a massive military force near its mainland. A confrontation is called for and it is time China stand up to these military brutes and tell them to get lost or face the consequences of war.

China has no option. China has to make a stand. This is a small town bully foolishly thinking that it is big enough to threaten and bully China. It is time for China to take out the cane and whip them silly. A red zone must be drawn around China and crossing it would mean China would take offensive actions to sink the warships. Period. 

This message must be made known to the world and give notice to the silly Brits that this is not a game. This is violation of Chinese territory, a hostile act and would be challenged and stopped.

Why should Singapore allow irresponsible and reckless people to come here and spread their virus?


This pic from Reuters shows how reckless and irresponsible the Indians are in not wearing masks and spreading the virus.

Why is Singapore not putting a ban on Indians coming here? Does Singapore really believe that our Newater could protect us from the virus, with more and more deadly mutants evolving?

Are we really that smart or damn stupid, gambling with the lives of the population by opening our doors so freely? How bad would it take before it is bad enough to close the door? Or would it then be too late?

Our people try so hard, to be disciplined, to take jabs, to wear masks, to keep a safe distance, and we let people that don't care a hoot about wearing masks or safe distancing to come in so easily, so freely.

Many countries have stopped people coming out from India to enter their countries.  Malaysia has implemented a temporary ban for in and out of India flights and ships.  Are we doing that ?

What is going on? Why no complete ban for going in and out of India? The aircrews flying this route would be unnecessarily exposed, risking themselves and spreading the virus on their return.

I cannot believe this is happening. I cannot understand why.  Singapore cannot afford a big outbreak to happen. It is better to be safe than sorry.

PS. The latest from the coconuts. 24 Apr 21

The national COVID-19 task force has announced it will ban travel from India tonight onward as the number of cases and deaths explode in that country.

As of midnight, long-term pass holders and short-term visitors who had been in India in the last 14 days will not be allowed in the country, even to transit. The tightened measures come after India shattered all records by topping 300,000 cases in a single day this week, and the virus has reemerged at one of Singapore’s migrant worker dormitories.


Systematic and unending oppression and genocide of the Muslims

 The Muslims are concentrated mainly in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia. The luckiest of all the Muslims are those in South East Asia where the govts are Muslims and running the countries quite independently from foreign coercion. The Muslims in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia have no fear of being victims of oppression or genocide, because white men do not dominate their politics.

Muslims in Central Asia were the forgotten lot, left to fend for themselves as backward and underdeveloped countries. But this is changing with the BRI. There is a big economic revival in these states and the Muslims are the main beneficiaries. They are now in the centre of the new trade routes between China and Europe and Africa. These landlocked countries have found a way out, with China committed to make the BRI a success. They are going to be the new growth centres, to be as rich as the maritime states.

The fate of the Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East is the worse of the lot. Many could be living a very good life because of the abundance of oil in their countries. But this blessing turned out to be a curse when the West took liberty on them, to exploit, control and steal their oil, making themselves awfully rich but the owners of the oil utterly poor, exploited and oppressed and even murdered in senseless wars of invasion, unending wars just to keep the Muslim govts busy with the wars and forever dependent on the West to supposedly helping them to find peace but an elusive peace that would not come. The few years of peace under Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were shortlived when the West invaded them and messed up their countries and their peaceful existence.

Other than oil, there is the implanted country by the West in their midst, called Israel. For its own security arising from insecurity in an unnatural state created in the Muslim world, Israel's primary goal is to keep the Muslim/Arab countries forever weak, warring and bickering and unable to pose a threat to its existence. Israel is the main enemy of the Muslim/Arab states. And who are the friends of Israel, propping up Israel, protecting and defending Israel against the Muslims/Arabs? The Americans and the European states.

Together, they have colluded to keep the Muslims and Arabs forever fighting and their economies and states in turmoil, even committing endless genocides on the Muslims and Arabs. How many millions of Muslims and Arabs have died in their hands? How many millions have been maimed for lives, wounded, made homeless? How many orphans, how many widows and widowers, how many have lost their parents and children? No genocide? No war crimes?

Oh, genocide only happened in Xinjiang, against the Muslim Uyghurs. And the Americans and the Europeans are standing up as the protectors of Muslims in Xinjiang. Funny, are the Muslims in the Middle East not the same as the Muslims in Xinjiang? Why committed endless wars and oppression against the Muslims in the Middle East, genocides, and then wanting to be champions of the Muslims in Xinjiang and fabricating white lies that genocide has been committed in Xinjiang, by China?

Who is the best friend of Muslims states like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and all the Muslim states in central Asia and in Africa? The US and the Europeans or China?

China is the biggest trading partners of many of these Muslim states. China's BRI is the key to a better life and development for the Muslims in Central Asia and in Xinjiang.  These Muslims in central Asia and Xinjiang are going to be the new rich of the 21st Century, thanks to China's development plans and trade in and through the region. China is there to help the Iranians, a big Muslim states under threats of war and sanctions by the Americans.  The Americans and Israel would not allow a Muslim state to be strong and rich. That is how they hate the Muslims and wanting to oppress them. China is helping to rebuild Iraq and defending Syria against the Americans and the West and Israel who destroyed these Muslim countries.

Why is China the best friend of so many Muslim states and now falsely accused of 'committing' genocide against its own Muslim citizens by the Muslim haters, the white men? How ludicrous! The white men's hands are dripping with the blood of Muslims. They really wanted to help and fight for Muslims?

See the hypocrisy of the evil white men and their lies? They have been systematically oppressing the Muslims all over the world, committing genocides against them, invaded their countries, destroyed their economies and way of life, and now shedding crocodile tears about 'genocide' in Xinjiang?

These evil white men really think the Muslims are stupid to believe in their lies, that the whole world is equally stupid to fall into their sinister plot to demonise China in their war against China.

This is the 21st Century. The evil white men may lie and lie, but they cannot keep on spreading lies and thinking that they can con the people of the world all the time. In their stupid lies they are only exposing themselves and their evilness for the world to see.

Who in his right mind would still believe in these white lies?


The Evil Empire is resurrecting the 500 years curse of the evil white race on all non-white countries: PART TWO

      The United States has reduced Japan and South Korea as its  semi-colonies  or protectorates and the Middle East its strangle hold as its milking cows to succour US economic wealth and  well-being. America brought Indonesia under its influence as a client state when it helped General Suharto in a military coup d'etat in 1963 that toppled President Sukarno, the founder and father of modern Indonesia. Then in 1965 - 1966 USA via CIA  supported General Suharto's massacre of East Timorese who were fighting to establish an independent East Timorese socialist state. USA was complicit in the crime against humanity because without  its strong and heavy military support  Suharto would not have been able  to kill hundreds of thousands of East Timorese.

US has since the 1830s held a firm political and economic control of Central America and South America countries. Under its Monroe Doctrine it arbitrarily prevented other foreign powers from trading directly with Latin American countries. All trading such as imports and exports between the Latin American countries and other foreign countries from Europe, Asia or wherever else must go through the United States clearance. Under this arbitrary control through its military might US has been able to enrich itself at the expense of all the countries in Central and South America or Latin America as it is known.   

Since the end of the Second World War in1945 the US has constantly used brutal tactics via CIA to bring Latin American governments under US control. CIA operations follow the same recurring pattern. First CIA would allege that American business interests in the socialist countries are threatened by the intended victimized countries the leaders of which were elected by the people to carry out land reform, redistribute wealth, regulate business to protect workers, consumers and environment, crack down thugs and drug traffickers and drug lords , in which CIA itself is the overall chief drug traffickers with full monopolistic control of the illegal drug business. 

Then on behalf of US business CIA would mobilize the opposition right wing groups within the country, usually the military by promising to put them in power if they agree to give USA a favourable deal. CIA then hires, trains and works with the local traitors to overthrow the existing government. CIA would use every trick in its operation such as by using mass propaganda, stuffed ballot boxes, purchased elections, vote buying extortion, blackmail, sexual intrigue, false stories about opponents in the local media, infiltration, obstruction and disruption of opposing political parties, kidnapping, beating, torture squads and assassinations. These clandestine CIA tactics culminate in a military coup which installs a pro USA right wing dictator. 

Under these clandestine CIA covert operations for regime change many millions of local people were killed and murdered for being labelled as communists, socialists, left wings or communist sympathisers. The countries in Latin America that are subjected to regime change by CIA are as follows. Guatemala 1954, Haiti 1959, Cuba failed coup in 1961, Ecuador 1964, Brazil, 1964, Bolivia 1971 and again 2016, Uruguay 1969, Chile 1973, Argentina 1976, El Salvador 1980, Nicaragua 1980s, Honduras 1983,  Panama 1989, Venezuela 1992, 2002 and 2019 all these CIA attempted coups in Venezuella failed because of strong support from Russia, China and Cuba.

US horrendous brutal regime change in Central America and South America as well as throughout Asia, Middle East and Africa caused millions of deaths and untold hardship and agony to further millions is America's glaring and obscene travesty of human rights and democracy. US has shown to the world that it is morally bankrupt and nothing it says or suggests can be trusted. The world has for a long time viewed the United States as the most contemptible terrorist and criminal rogue state.

America is clearly the number one enemy of all the non-white countries. America may try to resurrect the 500 years white men's curse on the non-white countries all over the world. But it will never succeed with the non-white countries in the world fighting back fiercely under the leadership of China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. On the contrary the United States and its evil white race allies are now under heavenly curse and will eventually be destroyed by the unseen warriors of the Coronavirus or Covid - 19. However, there is fear and consternation that the evil empire may try to get its way out of this heavenly curse by starting nuclear wars against China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela, a very dangerous and desperate last ditch venture which may lead to the destruction of this earthly world and together with it mankind.


Sunday, 25th April,2021



Singapore should consider banning one piece swimsuit

A woman who accompanied her three-year-old son in a swimming lesson was allegedly told by staff to put on one of the swim school's t-shirts to cover up her one-piece swimsuit, as other parents might complain.

The swim school in question, Happy Fish Swim School, has since clarified that all parents are encouraged to wear t-shirts in order to facilitate their children's learning process.

The school has apologised for the staff member's behaviour. The swimsuit Linda was wearing. From themothership.com

In an email reply, Linda voiced her disapproval with the way that the swim school handled the situation.

"I am there to teach my son to swim, not to seduce other people’s husband," she wrote.

She added that Happy Fish should teach their staff how to respond to such complaints, saying:

"Should their husband could not control their roving eyes, perhaps the husband should be out of bound of the premise.

I assume those family do not go to hotel pools, public pools and beaches. If they do, I can assume how busy the wives are to go around telling people to cover up because their husband is present."


The above is from themothership.com. In view of the above incident, and to protect men and their roving eyes, Singapore should seriously consider banning one piece swimsuit for the safety of men and their uncomfortable wives.  One piece swim suit is just too revealing. How, Shanmugam?

Now what other dresses should also be banned for being too revealing? Sari? Cheongsam with high splits? What about tight fitting jogging pants and tops?

Uniquely Singapore. What is Singapore turning into? Men should put on a t shirt when swimming so as not to expose their bare chests?  Too sexy, attracting roving eyes from the women? Should these be banned as well?


Natural Justice - Karma - Part I

For the numerous commoners who are unable to find justice in the mundane man-made legalistic courts of law, you may find redress in the Court of Public Opinions. If you are also unable to find redemption in the Court of Public Opinions, you may find solace in Natural Justice.

Natural Justice is the law of cause and effect operating, hand-in-gloves, with the law of gravity. Every action begets a reaction or a series of reactions, plus what goes up must come down.

This is widely known as Karma (or Retribution in the Western world).

In simple words: "What you sow is what you get".

If you sow a sweet seed, you get sweet fruits; if you sow a sour seed, you get sour fruits; if you sow a bitter seed, you get bitter fruits. As simple as that.

And, if you flew up very high, you will fall down very hard; if you flew up not so high, you will fall down not so hard. The higher you climb, the deeper you fall. Understood?

Operating together with the law of gravity as one overall single entity, Karma is very real, irrespective of whether one believes it or not, irrespective of whether one realises it or not, and irrespective of whether one accepts it or not.

No one, not a single soul, can escape from his own Karma. You made it, you created it, you own it. It follows you like an obedient and well-trained dog, wherever you go, to heaven or to hell, in body and in spirit. In the air, on earth, underwater or in space, it follows you. Twenty-four hours a day and 365 days a year, without taking even a micro-second of holiday, it follows you, diligently, responsibly and tenaciously like your guardian angels. Even when you are already dead and your body burnt to ashes. You can't run away nor hide from it. It is actually YOU!

Yes, YOU. The BIG YOU. The Ever-So-Important YOU. The EGOISTIC YOU!

Without fail, Karma is always out there operating with an open heart and with a pair of open arms, ever-ready to embrace you and act upon your calls and desires, ever-ready to act upon your deliberate, mindless or careless actions derived from your body, speech and mind - both virtuous and non-virtuous, both meritorious and de-meritorious, both good and bad.

Take heart, do not despair or despise, Karma can be altered in due course to a certain extent and to a certain degree, if you learn how to do it, and apply it.

There are three types of Karma:

1. Sealed Karma - The karma accumulated in the past awaiting fruition. There is nothing anyone can do to alter its course.

2. Operating Karma - The Karma created in the past that is now rippening and the Karma being created at the present life-time that you are experiencing now. You can do something to alter the course of the Operating Karma if you know how, if you try hard enough consistently, diligently, repeatedly, rigorously and relentlessly. It is quite difficult but not impossible. You need to form good habits and remain positively-charge throughout your life, unfettered by all the bad things that come your way.

3. Stored Karma - The Karma accumulated in the present life-time that will only bear fruits in the future. You can also alter its course if you apply the remedial actions that you have been taught and hopefully learned whole-heartedly, persistently and resiliently. Never give up, no matter how difficult your situation may be. It is really very hardwork but you can do it if you put your heart to it during your entire lifetime.
It is not impossible. It is never too late to start cultivating good habits that will store good karma for you and your family. That's why some people spend their entire life-time in secluded hermitages or caves up in the mountains or deep in the jungles to practice throughout their whole lifetime, until they have achieved certainty. Until they have realized liberation. Until Enlightenment!

If you attain Enlightenment, your merits can benefit NINE generations, two generations up and seven generations down.

To be continued .....

SSO - 24 April 2021.


Why are Chinese vaccines still not approved in Singapore?


 Chinese vaccines have been used in more than 100 countries. Presidents, head of states, royalties, have been reported to have been vaccinated using Chinese vaccines and no adverse reactions have been reported. All the countries using Chinese vaccines are happy with their results and the demand for Chinese vaccines is growing and China is ramping up its production to meet the demands.

WHO is at the final stage of approving the use of Chinese vaccines despite all the political pressure from the Americans. Chinese vaccines are thus not something new and not tested with hundreds of million users in and out of China. Why is it so difficult for Singapore to approve its use?

The only group of countries not using Chinese vaccines are the western countries in USA and Europe, all being coerced by the Americans for political reasons and vested interest to promote the use and sale of their dangerous mRNA vaccines. AstraZeneca, John & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna all have adverse cases and even death. And if not of the coverups, the reported cases could be very much more. 

If the number of deaths and blot clotting incidents were due to Chinese vaccines, the vaccines would have been banned. Now the West are stretching their arguments that the benefits outweigh the number of deaths and adverse cases and refusing to stop using their western mRNA vaccines.

As a senior, I rather use the time tested traditional method of producing vaccines from dead virus.  The Chinese vaccines are produced using this traditional method and have been proven to be safer and effective. Many seniors I have spoken to are all waiting for the Chinese vaccines rather than risk using mRNA vaccines and having blood clots and in some cases death. No body wants to get vaccinated and die when there are other alternatives available.

When would Singapore be able to approve the use of Chinese vaccines? Why is it taking so long? It has been more than 2 months since it was reported that Singapore already received 200,000 doses of Sinovac but cannot be used until HSA approves its use. 

Singapore is not an EU country and should not be affected by American politics of not approving the use of Chinese vaccines. Why is it taking so long to approve their use when practically the whole world, other than the white anti China countries, are using Chinese vaccines?

Why, why, why? 

“Why would I put something into my body that has more of a chance of killing me than the thing it’s trying to cure?” a friend of mine recently said.  Diana Bruk, journalist

PS. New Zealand is right not to align itself too closely with the US’ relentless anti-China crusade.  

Wellington has made it clear to Five Eyes partners, the US, UK, Australia and Canada, that it won’t be coerced into unnecessary confrontation with China. This is a sensible move for a country heavily reliant on trade with Beijing. 

Wellington reserves the right to speak for itself on China as and when it sees fit.  Tom Fowdy in RT

Defamation Law Suits - A Double-Edge Weapon


Why is the public at large willing to donate to the crowd-funding of Leong Sze Hian and Roy Ngerng the required full amount in double-quick time?

I think the public at large saw RED. Anger rose. Blood boiled internally with agony. Witnessing fellow citizens unable to fight and win any battle for a just, fair and equitable playing field in our own society, on our own land, many of them took action - the simplest and easiest action offered and opened in this long and winding path, the path of least obstacles and least resistance - for the redress of injustice done, as they saw it and as they saw fit to do it. So much so, many are willing to let their money do the talking and walking.

Their collective message to the power that be is very clear and enlightenedly significant.

It clearly shows that defamation law suits can be transformed into a double-edge weapon. It can operate both ways. One may gain something but one may also lose something. One may gain some monetary rewards from the judge's awards to fatten one's already over-bloated bank accounts, but one can also create a negative image of oneself, a more damaging aspect that one might not have calculated for.

In today's context, using the legal process and hoping to indirectly "intimidate" the public at large (via making someone become a scapegoat of convenience - killing a chicken to frighten the monkeys, so to speak) is not only a no-brainer but also of bad taste and is disgusting, to say the least. Time has changed. People have changed. It is not LKY's time anymore.

Today, there is the Internet and more people are educated and more discerning. They can and are willing to spend time to think deeper and obliquely into what the whole issue really means - the wider ramifications that involve the social fabrics of our society, of our beloved country.

Over time, this defamation law suits thingy has also become out of fashion and out of synchronization with the inspirations of our more matured society.

Our society, by and large, has already moved on beyond such old-fashion, petty, small-minded, convenient quick-fix. It's just like flogging a dead horse now. In fact, it has become counter-productive and counter-effective.

Instead of mending the alleged damage caused to one's reputation, it actually inflicts more damages to one's own image and reputation. Ironically, self-inflicted - like self-mutilation.

Lesson learnt:

Next time, before one starts suing and inadvertently also helps one's favourite lawyer becomes richer, think again. One may inflict more damages to one's own image and reputation instead of mending them. It's better to act like a lotus flower. Let whatever dirty or contaminated rain drops fall off by themselves without soiling its petals at all. That requires anger-management and self-restraint. That requires a person with a big heart, magnanimity and patience - a higher level of beings that money-making professional lawyers do not and will not understand.

If not possible, just simply think of what the public may perceive of one's actions. It is not a one-way traffic. It is definitely not going to be a win-win situation. It is highly probable to end up in a lose-lose conclusion.

In the eyes of the more discerning public today, they are likely to perceive a huge bulldozer ploughing through the earth and killing thousands of innocent helpless worms without an iota of feelings for the deaths and sufferings it has caused!

Even with artificial intelligence, a machine simply cannot have feelings!

Think harder.

SSO - 23 April, 2021


Covid19 - A disaster waiting to happen

 Note. This piece was written a week ago before the ban on visitors from India was imposed yesterday. But many points are still relevant and need to be aired.


Learning from other people's mistakes. We have seen many countries that were doing quite well in controlling the pandemic but plunge into despair overnight just because of a slip or a little carelessness. There was only one case in the USA, now more than 30m cases.

Other than China, the only country that is taking this pandemic very seriously is Australia.  They don't mess around and clamp down quickly whenever a few new cases appeared. But they too are waiting for a disaster to happen as they are also in a hurry to want to open their economy. They have started gingerly with New Zealand. But all is one minor slip and the infection could spread beyond control. So far they are acting very fast and snuffing out every new cases that appeared. But luck can run out if one is flirting with this virus.

What about Singapore? We have 600,000 or so time bombs in the dormitories. Yes, they have been infected and have some immunity.  They are also checked frequently. Presumably all have been vaccinated but from what we know today, vaccination does not mean one would not be reinfected.

The other big hole in Singapore's control is to let in people from three of the worse infected countries in the world, the USA, India and Britain. Not sure which is the most infected as the numbers reported are not real, not the truth. To make matter worse, new strains keep mutating and getting more serious. 

And these people are let in and the only safe guard, when found positive, is stay home notice. (OK, this part is overtaken by events). There is this hope that after they recovered, all is well. Never heard of reinfection? Never heard of the virus still hibernating in their bodies? Never mind, no symptoms means ok and after stay home notice they can socialise with the locals, exchange their breath with the community. Not to worry.

In the same logic, those in the dormitories are safe, just let them out. There is nothing to worry about. Let them drink more Newater will do. Never mind the new cases from those that have recovered. These are once in 50 years stuff. These very nice people should not be kept in the dormitories or more will turn into wildlife like the one at One North that molested two locals, a student and an adult woman, on two consecutive days. He was so desperate and must satisfy his urges.

Singapore has been lucky so far. But for dancing with the virus daily, flirting with the virus with each new arrival, luck may soon run out. Many are very disturb by this over confident or lackadaisical attitude, open the door wide wide. OK, OK, door is closing now. Singapore is a lucky country. How dare the virus come here?

Singapore cannot afford to live with an outbreak that runs amok. It is better to be safe than sorry. Hong Kong is stopping entry of flights from highly infected countries like India. We were embracing everyone from India. Soon Hong Kong would also stop flights from Singapore if the Indians switch flights from Singapore to Hong Kong. But this is small problem, other people's problem.

The big problem, the big disaster is the numerous infected cases from India that are now residing here, in our community. It only takes a few cases to become infectious with the new mutants and we will be dead ducks. Why is Singapore exposing itself to such unnecessary risks, especially allowing people from India that is likely to be the worse infected country in the world to come in so easily? The unreported cases could be many times more than the reported cases in the USA?

PS. If one dose of mRNA not enough to cause adverse effects or mutation, what about two doses, three doses or more doses? As things develop, it is looking like getting vaccinated is an ongoing affair, not going to stop at 2 or 3. With more and more mRNA being injected into the body, the risk will only get higher. the probabilities for mutation will also get higher. 

When are we going to get Chinese vaccines that are produced using the traditional method? Why is this taking so long when half of the countries in the world are using it?


The Subjective Aspect Of Awards For Defamation Law Suits

How do judges come up with the magic figure for the sum of money to award the plaintiff in a civil law defamation suit?

In addition, how does the judge know how much legal cost to allocate to the winning side's lawyers?

If the plaintiff engages a big team of expensive lawyers led by a famous and popularly-known sure-win $enior counsel, instead of using one reasonably-priced, equally-qualified but not-so-famous counsel, where does the judge draw the line? Or, the sky is the limit?

Does it mean that the legal cost must be tailored to the amount demanded by the winning side only? If so, is it not an unfair and subjective way of allocating costs? What is a fair yardstick of measure? Is there even a fair yardstick in practical existence today?

How does the judge determine how much compensation is fair?

Isn't the whole question of compensation and cost a very subjective issue, left to the arbitrary decision of one imperfect human bean, which is subjected to personal idiosyncrasies and innate biases? And sometimes under pressure of time and stress due to heavy workloads or other reasons.

More often than not, it is a matter of conjuring up a figure by estimating (or guesstimating) in favour of the plaintiff, keeping fingers crossed and hoping that it is acceptable, isn't it?

Why must defamation law suits be pegged to large monetary awards, like tikam tikam, like lottery prizes? Isn't such an award defeats the purpose of the defamation law suit itself? It stinks big time. The bigger the award, the bigger the stinking effect (pun intented).

How does the amount of money restore the fame that is lost?

Money can never replace the damage already inflicted upon the image of the person.

The right thing to do is to order the defendent to retract the offending words that were said or written, make a public apology unreservedly and promise not to repeat the same thing again. (Which were asked for in the first place but the defendent has refused to acceed.)

If money is to be considered as a part of the compensation, a $1 symbolic representation should suffice. Otherwise, the defamation law becomes a vehicle for clever and/or unscrupulous lawyers to exploit for quick and easy personal monetary gains and also as a means to institute vindictive punitive pursuits.

In all fairness, shouldn't there be a limit to the extent to which the monetary compensation and cost can be imposed? Otherwise, as has been seen many times, the civil defamation law has inadvertently allowed the rich and powerful to take advantage over the poor and weak, by suing them "until pants drop", as has been popularly referred to in the streets, and even in the Parliamentary debates!

Justice must be seen to be fair in order to be fair.

From the bottom of my heart,

Yours truly,

The Queen of Hearts.
22 April 2021.

Crowd-Funding As An Indirect Form Of Redress By The Court Of Public Opinions?

Following in the footsteps of Leong's successful crowd funding to pay the entire sum of $130,000 to pay Lee for the defamation suit on Leong's posting of a link to an article in a Malaysian website, Roy has also managed to crowdfund the entire sum of $144,000 owed to Lee due to the court's award of $150,000 to Lee for the defamation suit on Roy's article about the CPF Scheme six years ago.

The payment of $150,000 is to be done in monthly instalments of $100 for six years. Thereafter, $1000 per month until 2033.

Such a long-drawn cruel/merciful punishment!

By 2033, another 12 years to go, may be one of the two parties would be dead already?

Justice must be seen to have been done. It must also be seen as impartial and not contaminated or twisted in anyway whatsoever.

There should be no doubts, displays or indications of fear, favour or ill-will on the part of those who decide on the ultimate outcome in the applications of the common and civil laws.

The collective minds of the educated and learned discerning public are more powerful and impartial than any individual or group of legal practioners.

The fact that both Leong and Roy are able to attract the public to contribute the full amount required in both instances in record times means there is a very strong public Message being sent to those involved in the outcome of the defamation law suits.

To me, it is a form of redress by the Court of Public Opinions on what the public might have seen or considered as injustice, miscarriage of justice, wrong application or misinterpretation of the defamation laws. This is only my personal view.

What do you think?


April 20, 2021 10:35 pm


Muslims the most hated people by the evil West

For centuries, the western world has been conducting endless wars against the Muslims particularly in the Middle East and Africa.  The Muslims are the most hated people of the West with some exception for their allies like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and UAE.  The intense hate culminated in the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria after the questionable bombing of the Twin Towers on 911. Many believed that the 911 event was staged and used as an excuse to invade Muslim and Arab land, just like the fabricated intelligence of Iraq possession of WMD. 

What happened following 911 was a series of blood letting of Muslims and Arabs in the countries invaded.  The West invented a new phrase, war on Terrorism aka War on Muslims, as the terrorists were all Muslims to justify their military adventure and to kill Muslims under the pretext of killing terrorists. How many hundred thousands of Muslims and Arabs have they killed, and still killing, and how many millions of Arabs and Muslims have been maimed for life, homes destroyed, became jobless, countryless, became refugees, without home and country?

The hatred for Muslims and Arabs can be best summarised in this Wikipedia definition of the War against the Muslims and Arabs - War against Islam is a term used to describe a concerted effort to harm, weaken or annihilate the societal system of Islam, using military, economic, social and cultural means, Or means invading and interfering in Islamic countries under the pretext of the war on terror, or using the media to create a negative stereotype about Islam. The perpetrators of the theory are thought to be non-Muslims, particularly the Western world and "false Muslims", allegedly in collusion with political actors in the Western world.  

The West have no sympathy when killing Muslims and Arabs is concerned. They even joked about it, calling them war collateral, not killing of human beans. There was no outpouring of sympathy for the killing and destruction of human beans in such a scale as compare to the killing of a single white man or woman in their war against the Muslims. Such disgusting display of hate and belittling of the lives of Muslims and Arabs were not condemned by the western media and taken as part and parcel of their way of life, their western narratives. Arab and Muslim lives are cheap and dispensable, not even worth mentioning.

Today the West are crying buckets of crocodile tears of their alleged genocide of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, in their disinformation war against China.  The West suddenly were bowed over by their fabricated genocide of Muslims and are all united to stand up to defend the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang like another Crusade, this time their enemy is China. While they are beating their war drums in their farcical campaign of defending the Muslims in Xinjiang, the killings of Muslims continues daily in their wars against the Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Eygpt, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, etc etc.

How real are the hypocritical West in their defence of the Uyghur Muslims, when the Uyghur Muslims are having a great life in Xinjiang, living in peace and prosperity, many many times better than the Arabs and Muslims in war torn countries invaded by the western forces, and the refugees scattered all over the world because of the invasion by the West? The few trouble makers in Xinjiang were trained terrorists, trained and armed by the West to commit terrorist acts in peaceful Xinjiang to create instability and chaos in the region. These are the real people the West are trying to protect, their paid mercenaries, their terrorists. But their real agenda was their war with China, to bring down China, nothing to do with the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. They are still trying to hookwink the Muslims to fight and die for the white Empire and rule over the Muslims and Arab world.

It is good that the rest of the world have gotten used to western lies and wild unsubstantiated allegations and no longer believe in them. The Muslim and Arab world too totally ignored the western media and go about their lives as normal, and cooperating with China to improve trade to better the lives of their people. Only the western media and a few evil western countries are still singing this chorus of genocide in Xinjiang to a disinterested international audience. They still think the Arabs and Muslims are so gullible. They can see the Arab and Muslim countries being invaded and destroyed, the arabs and Muslims being killed and scattered as homeless refugees. The Arab and Muslim world have seen through the western hypocrisies and their wars against the Muslims and their hate for Muslims. 

Without the Arab and Muslim world believing in the white lies, the West can do nothing much to harm China other than harming themselves and exposing themselves to more ridicules by the rest of the world. White men and white lies are no longer believeable by the rest of the world.

Just look at how vicious are the Americans and the whites are trying to destroy Iran, another Muslim state.  The West would not allow a Muslim country to have nuclear weapon to stand up to them. Look at how they cooperate with Israel to bully the Palestinians and control the whole of the Middle East? How's that compare to their their love of Muslims in Xinjiang?

PS. Now read this quote from theguardian.com

Donald Trump had made headlines before, in June 2015, when he had called for a “great, great wall” along the Mexican border. Back then, he was hovering around ninth place in a crowded field of Republican candidates. But by 7 December, when he released a short statement calling for the “total and complete shutdown” of Muslim immigration, he was the frontrunner for his party’s nomination. His message, that Islam itself was a threat to America, was heard loud and clear across the globe, not least by 1.6 billion Muslims.

Now, as president, he appears to be following through. On Friday he stunned us again by announcing that citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries – encompassing around 220 million people – would be barred from entering the US for 90 days. On Sunday, his long-time ally, Rudy Giuliani, traced the order back to a conversation about the “Muslim ban” in which Trump asked him to “show me the right way to do it legally”. While commentators have had their work cut out trying to follow the twists and turns of Trump’s logic on everything from climate change to the CIA, on this issue his attitude has been consistent. If there is a Trump doctrine, “war on Islam” has to be a strong contender.

The Evil Empire is resurrecting the 500 Years Curse of the evil white race on all the Non-White Countries : PART ONE

  The shadows and apparitions of the evil white race 500 years curse seem to be occuring everywhere in non-white countries during the last 70 years. Is it a pre-cursor to evil white countries trying to reassume their continuation of the 500 years evil white race dominance over non-white countries. Non-white peoples and countries must make sure this would never happen again. Never trust the evil white race. They have every intention to again subdue all non-white peoples and countries under their savage hegemony.

 The United States under the guise of bringing democracy and human rights to non-white contries is actually using them as political tool kits to bring these unsuspicious countries under US and Western hegemonic control again and thus bringing back the 500 years curse of the evil white race.

 After the Second World War most of the non-white countries had thrown off the yoke of Western colonisation after years of life-long violent struggle of resistance against the return of the white colonialist powers. India and Pakistan  got their independence in 1947 after some years of resurrection against the return of British Empire as Winston Churchill the obnoxious white racist  killer and genocider of non-white people  intended to continue  British rule in India, Pakistan, Ceylon and Bangladesh. President Sukarno achieved independence for Indonesia after he led  the Indonesians in their long fight and struggle from 1945 to early 1950s to get rid of the Dutch imperialists.  China which suffered the most from Western imperialists for about 200 years only managed to get its independence in October 1st, 1949, after years of violent and bloody struggle and resistance against the return of the British, American. French, Russian and Japanese imperialists.

After the Second World War America saw itself as the only pre-eminent superpower which could establish world hegemony in place of the Britiish, French and Russian empires. American policy to dominate the whole world is not new or incidental through circumstance of history. It has been the established policy of US since the first day of its independence. As Christopher Black a renowned international criminal lawyer based in Toronto in his article on 8th June, 2019 in New Eastern Outlook,  'This Outlaw Power ' said : 

"The aggressive objectives of the successive American governments were and are not accidents or mistakes arising out of immediate political circumstances but are a deliberate and necessary part of American Foreign Policy. From its inception the American political leadership has claimed to unite the American people with a consciousness of their mission and destiny  to dominate the world. War is seen as inevitable or highly probable to accomplish these objectives where intimidation and bribery fail."

The Chinese feel insulted and indignified when the US falsely and wrongly accused the Chinese people as thieves for stealing their technology. On the contrary US and the West have been stealing and using Chinese technologies for thousands of years. A world renowned British scientist, Professor Joseph Needham of Cambridge University, said long ago, "The world owes much to ancient Chinese science and technology."  "Every modern science and technology has its basic foundation in China." And in the early 1960s he said, "Give China a hundred years peace abd she will produce wonders in the world." Thus China's advance in 5G, AI, Quantum computing and surpass the USA and the West in many branches of latest science and technology attest to Professor Needham's farsighted forecast of China's plausible achievents for the benefit of mankind. For now US and the West are trying to steal China's latest discovery in science and technology. 

However, being unable to compete with China in science and technology in a fair level playing field the US has resorted to diabolical means to constrain China's progress and development. It started a trade war against China hoping to pin China down economically. Then it falsely accused and illegally targeted Chinese high tech companies of spying hoping to destroy these companies and stop them from competing with Google, Facebook, Apple and Intel. The US had earlier in 1980s destroyed the Japanese high tech company Toshiba and in the 1990s the French firm Alstom. But it is a high wet dream if US thinks it can destroy Chinese high tech companies like Hwawei, Alibaba, ZTE, Tik Tok and Ten Cent. The US is relentlessly plottinng the downfall of China hoping it could eventually bring China under its demonic control. Nevertheless though it can never succeed to take down China it has in the meantime cause a lot of trouble and irritations to the Chinese people and China.

The US has always been  flaunting ostentatiously to the world of its superiority, its wealth and glory. They should stop bragging as the whole world  knows  the truth that the US acquired its wealth in an illicit and clandestine diabolical manner. Christopher Black wrote: "The early prosperity of the US was built on the backs of slave labour, extermination of the indigenous peoples and theft of their lands, colonization and exploitation of other countries, including China, and over two hundred years of continual warfare to secure the resources and markets of first the Western Hemisphere, then the world. Their 'prestige' comes out of the barrel of a gun. The US economic and military aggression against those nations that refuse to obey American demands to serve their interests ever increases and never abates."

In the light of Christopher Black revelations we see in the last 70 years,  the West headed by the US have been increasingly hostile and aggressive towards all non-white countries in Asia, Africa, Central and South America. Though US lost the Korean War which it started in 1950 it managed to reduce South Korea and Japan into US semi-colonies or US protectorates under US absolute military control. Under such US coersive control the South Koreans and the Japanese cannot claim to have any more self-respect, dignity and sovereignty. US instigated and incited internecine strives amongst the Middle East Arab muslim states which ended up with US taking full control of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, UAE  and partial control of other states and as a result US monopolizes and exploits the oil resources in the region for its own benefits to the detriment of the Arab states which are immensely impoverished.  

The state of Iran is anathema to the United States and America has never failed in trying to take down the Ayatolah government for regime change. It blockades Iran and uses extreme economic, financial and political sanctions to bring  down Iran. However, although all these evil US designs failed to bring Iran to its knees they nevertheless cause tremendous sufferings and deaths to millions of the common Iranian people.

US  continues to interfere in China's internal affairs. It created the Honkong riots under its Umbrella revolution to destabilise China. Failing in the Hong Kong umbrella revolution it now tries to stoke a Uyghur spring revolution with false allegation of genocide and forced labour of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang hoping to incite the world muslims to go against China. America pays only lip service to its One China Policy when it continuously tries to provoke China by instigating Taiwanese Chinese separatists with illicit actions and activities.  Moreover US has wicked designs to foment suspicion and hostilities between some South East Asian countries  and China to serve the evil motive of its geopolitical interests of controlling the whole of South China Sea. On hind sight it can be seen that US created the United Nations Conventions on the Laws of the Seas was to deprive China's traditional and historical legal ownerships and sovereignty of all China's island territories in the South China Sea. And US ultimate design  was to work behind the screen of UNCLOS to instigate some littoral states of South China Sea to illegally steal many of the Chinese islands in the South China Sea  under the UNCLOS rule of right to claim 200 miles of offshore waters as exclusive economic zones. However, the treacherous US and its western allies have themselves never signed the UNCLOS agreement. Isn't there  something fishy and odious behind? Similarly by illegally handling over the trusteeship and administration of the Chinese islands of Diao Yudao in the East China Sea to Japan, US has planted the seeds of contention and future wars between Japan and China to satisfy US geopolitical agenda of not only controlling Japan but also the whole of East China Sea and the South China Sea arena.

It is important China must find ways and means with Japan and ASEAN countries to settle and break down  this unnatural US created entangling problem in order to avoid future wars and the never ending choas and hostilities of the Middle East syndrome which will exactly fit into US well  calculated geopolitical agenda.

US and UK also worked behind the scenes to instigate and encourage India to steal Chinese lands in South East Tibet and the Aksai Chin region in the South West of Chinese province of Xinjiang. Constant Indian encroachment and invasion of Chinese lands culminated in the India-China war of 1962 in which India was soundly defeated by China's Peoples Liberation Army. However with US support and encouragement India never stops its infrigements on Chinese territories which have been the cause of constant border clashes. Thus by stoking animosities between India and China, the evil US hopes to recruit India as its ally to confront China in its geopolitical agenda. 

The United States thinks if it can take down China and Russia the world will be at its feet and it will be the first time in history that the whole world and all the countries therein will be brought under the sole absolute hegemonic control of one single country of the United States. That is a wild dream and we the countries of the free world must unite to dash that vile dream and destroy forever the evil demonic United States.


Wednesday, 21st  April, 2021.

Redress Of Injustice

Redress of injustice can come in several ways. Not necessarily by the way of the legalistic courts through fallible human judges who are imperfect beans subjected to all sorts of natural and unnatural influencing factors and sectors.

Humans are the most emotionally unstable creatures on Mother Earth. A judge's thinking, interpretation of the laws and decisions can easily be influenced by countless factors and sectors. No one can claim that he is perfect under any circumstances. No one should even dare to think that he is perfect in anyway, in anything, in any subject.

No one is an actual expert as far as the laws of man are concerned. Why? Very simply put, it is because the man-made laws are made by imperfect human beings and interpreted and applied by imperfect human beings!

Man-made laws, like man-made languages, are evolving all the time. What was considered right yesterday can be considered wrong today. What is considered right today might be considered wrong tomorrow. It all depends on changing circumstances and changing environments, from country to country.

Personalities also play a very substantial part in the interpretation and application of man-made laws. No one person in the world can claim that he is always fair, unbias, non-corrupt, non-influenciable, totally upright and completely fair in all situations, under all circumstances.

A strong and steady character differs widely and significantly from a weak and meek character. An appointed position differs widely and significantly from a self-made and elected position.

Especially in any case involving high-powered dignitaries verses commoners, whether perceived or real, there is a strong tendency for the public to scrutinise the judge (or judges) and his (or their) judgement more closely and in depth, more inclined towards thinking that undue behind the scenes influences directly or indirectly could have been the devil in the works of deliverance.

Especially so, when records show distinctly that out of 10 cases involving high-powered personalities, at least 8 resulted in favour of the high-powered personnel, then the whole legal system and process is automatically called into question by the educated and learned discerning public. A 50/50 probability would be more palatable. A 80% tilt towards one side, any side, of the scale of justice cannot and must not be so easily accepted and swallowed, and happily pat one another's back and move on. If it does and carries on for a long time, frictions will accumulate, until one final day it will explode for sure. This kind of ostrich mentality cannot and must not be condoned for the good of our nation and the future of our people.

Yes, justice is blind. But the problem is that judges are not blind!

Therefore, redress of injustice must also come from the following ways:

1. Divine Intervention.

2. Natural Justice.

3. Court of Public Opinions.

SSO - 21 April 2021, Wednesday.


Roy Ngerng has raised $144,000 in 8 days to pay Hsien Loong

'Over the last 8 days, you have helped to crowdfund the balance amount of S$144,000. At the start of this crowdfunding campaign, after seeking the advice of my lawyers, I have already transferred the first installment of S$1,000 from this crowdfunding to Lee Hsien Loong, which leaves S$143,000.'

The above is quoted from Roy Ngerng's post in the TRE. His lawyer, Eugene Thuraisingam, has written to Hsien Loong to make a lump sum payment for the full amount outstanding of the award by the court. 

In a short few weeks, one after another, Singaporeans have come forward to donate $133,000 and $144,000 to Leong Sze Hian and Roy Ngerng to pay for the damages awarded by the courts to Hsien Loong in his defamation suits against the two. This generous act of the Singaporeans, many did not know the two personally, some were even unemployed, speaks a lot about the generosity of the Singaporeans, and more. In a way they have taken sides, and helped to relieve the financial burdens of the two men and free them from the stress and anxiety arising from the defamation suits.

Oh, Leong Sze Hian's financial burden is not over. The legal fee for Davinder Singh's service is another $130,000. So the crowdfunding must go on.

What's more is there to say about the politics of Singapore? What's more to say about the kindness and big hearts of Singaporeans especially during a pandemic when many are also financially stressed?

The Singaporeans are willing to pay from their own pockets when it has nothing to do with them, or is it?

What do you think?

What about this from theindependent.com? 

'Singapore — Courts should take into consideration that libel damages can be crowdfunded and the amounts should be increased accordingly, says Mr Calvin Cheng.

In a Facebook post on Saturday (Apr 17), the former Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) contended that courts should increase the libel damages as supporters of the libellous causes can share in the punishment.'

My immediate thought is that if Ah Kow's reputation is worth $2 the court could award him $2m in damages if the court thinks the public through crowdfunding would be willing to contribute $2m to pay for the award. I am so brilliant with this kind of logic. Oops, cannot call this logic.

Sometimes stupidity could be mistaken for talent.

Is Singapore looking for a 4G PM, look no further. Singapore can have its own version of Donald Trump.  Can anyhow hantam, the President is always right. If wrong it is called alternative truth. Heard of a clown President?

Me, The Lucky Millionaire?


Me, The Lucky Millionaire?

If I am assured of striking lottery of more than $1,000,000 a year, for the rest of my easy-peesy life, would I be so stupid as to deprive myself of this rare and special gift that my God (or Godfather, whichever appropriate) has engineered for me?

And in return for that all I have to do is to take and follow orders?

And all my brain-works are actually done by my subordinates, my consultants, the specialists and some young up-and-coming "promising" scholars?

And my supervisory role is done by my personal secretaries and the many side-kicks I have been given.

And I don't need to shoulder any responsibility whatsoever when I blundered. All I have to do is to give a statement that I do not accept what others say about my role, responsibility and performance, whatever they maybe?

What a wonderful life!

Do you think I will care for my own rice bowl more than I care about you, the digits most of whom I don't even know existed?

And doing it day by day, month by month, and year by year, I have become so accustomed to such comfy, easy-peesy, multi-million job with no responsibility (with scapegoats aplenty down below always ready to cushion the blow for me), what do you think I will become?

A Fat Cat? That cannot catch the mouse?

Over-confidence, arrogance, incompetence and inefficiency set in, naturally with time?

And I don't even put my clothes on anymore, exposing myself totally naked, yet I keep wearing a mask to cover my face, to hide my real face from the world?

Thank my lucky star! Thank God! Thank Godfather!



China's moment to cross the Rubicon, carrying a big stick

 China has had it enough of being attacked by countries that benefited from its trade, attacking, smearing and demonising China.  Some even openly called China enemy. Now with a strong military able to take out any country that dares to flirt with a war against China, and the biggest consumer market in the world and growing rapidly with the rise of a new middle class hungry to acquire all the accessories of a good life, the Chinese consumer market is irresistible for any profit driving corporations or countries to ignore. Not participating in the Chinese consumer market is as good as not doing business at all.  There is no other market that is hungry and has the money to pay for all the goods and services at the a volume unmatched elsewhere.

With the cocky and hostile West and their crony countries still thinking that they could trade and make insane profits from China and could still take liberty to attack China, taking sanctions against China, the time has come for China to take a stand, no deals with hostile and enemy countries. The Americans, British, Japanese and even Europeans would have to lick their own ass if they insist on their bullying and unfriendly behaviour towards China.

The recent spat created by the BCI and the stonewalling of H&M, Nike, Adidas and a few other  related countries and their imminent expulsion from the Chinese market is a good lesson for the sillies and unthinking to know what they are dealing with.  Australia is licking its wound and acting tough, pretending that it doesn't hurt when hundreds of billions of revenue vanished in thin air.

Britain, Canada are top on the no trade no deal list. Japan and Taiwan come closely behind. There is no reason for China to be nice to these ingrates. There is no reason for China to continue to do business with hostile and unfriendly countries.  There is no reason for China to engage and meet up with unfriendly countries to talk about human rights, democracy or its domestic affairs. China would completely stop talking to anyone or country should any of these items be in the agenda. It is better not to waste time with them, no talks is better than talking. China does not have to entertain enemies of China with hostile intent and agenda. Just completely ignore them. China must not allow troublemakers to set the agenda for talks.

Anyone or country wanting to talk, meet or negotiate with China would have to a common agenda agreeable by both parties.  Talking nonsense, talking about China's domestic affairs are interference and would not be allowed. Period.

China has to cross the Rubicon, to say No to all rubbish. Anyone or country wanting to talk or meet up with China, it must be for mutual benefits, on trade and development, not on politicking and definitely no talks on China's domestic affairs.  Anyone or country wanting to meddle or interfere with China's domestic affairs should go home and talk to themselves. China must be prepared to cut off relations, cut off trade ties with trouble making corporations or countries. Period.

If Japan insists on making an enemy out of China, wanting to support Taiwanese independence movement, wanting to poke its fingers in the South China Sea, they can pack up all their investments in China. This is the way to deal with rogues, ruffians and hostile people and countries.  There is no need to be nice to them anymore. China does not need to trade with Japan. Japan needs the Chinese market badly as they have no where else to go. Asean market is too small and challenged by the South Koreans and China. America and European market have a lot of barriers the Japanese were unable to penetrate. Best, America is imposing sanctions and raising trade barriers against Japan.

Japan will be dead duck without the Chinese market and without China as the manufacturing base. Dare to do a Pearl Harbour on China?

Singapore - The Beginning Of The End?

The Blackdot Survey's latest revelation shows that only 20% (1 in 5) of Singaporeans are confident in the 4G leadership leading Singapore forward.

That means an overwhelming majority of Singaporeans are not happy with the 4G leaders handpicked by the PAP Tea Party Team, led by you know who.

This is a shocking revelation if it truly reflects the overall sentiment on the ground. It clearly shows a few things:

1. That the shepherd who selected the 4G sheep does not have that keen pair of eyes that on real leadership qualities, or

2. That the shepherd deliberately sacrificed true and good qualities for loyalty. That's why many personal secretaries and personal lawyer were picked to hold ministerial and other key positions? And we are to believe that there is no conflict of interests? Or,

3. That the PAP has already been scrapping the bottom for real quality talents. Or,

4. That the out-of-this-world obscene pay not only did not attract real quality leaders but actually attracted "don't rock the boat", self-survivalist, yes-men followers instead.

Together with many other critical issues, does this loss of confidence in the chosen ones mean the beginning of the end for Singapore and Singaporeans?

I may be wrong. I hope I am wrong. If so, I stand corrected.

What do you think?

April 19, 2021 8:08 am

Nobel Peace Prize needs a cleansing



Listen to a Norwegian talking about how the Nobel Peace Prize has been dragged through the mud and going completely against the will of its founder, Alfred Nobel. The mission of the Nobel Peace Prize was to recognise and reward people who have contributed to improving and uplifting the lives of humanity, disarmament and peace, not wars and killings and manufacturing and selling arms.

The recent recipients of this Prize were people that have not contributed anything as required for this Prize. Obama was awarded the Prize a few days after he became President of USA, done nothing yet but eventually proven to be a warmonger, killing a lot of innocent people through wars, dropping the most bombs of all American Presidents. The award of a Peace Prize to Obama has totally discredited and destroyed what the Nobel Peace Prize was supposed to be.  It was the most shameful thing to do for this organisation, to award this reputable Prize to someone that had done nothing worthy when he received it but then went on to do everything against what the Prize was created for.

And the most deserving individual that should be honoured with such an award, lifting 800m people out of poverty, initiated the Belt and Road Initiative to connect millions of people, bring prosperity to millions of people in more than 100 countries, a massive project for economic growth and peace, is still not recognised and nominated for this Prize, is an insult and abuse to the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize.

When would anyone with some sense of justice, nominate Xi Jinping for the Nobel Peace Price for the things he had done in the spirit and mission of the Nobel Peace Prize?

It is very shameful that this honourable Peace Prize has been politicised and hijacked by the Americans to honour the crooks and murderers, the warmongers but refused to recognise the deserving individuals that this Prize is supposed to honour. The contributions of Xi Jinping for humanity and peace of humankind are unmatched by anyone alive today. The BRI may still be work in progress, but take a look at Africa and see what China under Xi Jinping has done to rebuild Africa into a new continent of growth and opportunities and the uplifting of the lives of hundreds of millions of Africans, once exploited, looted and left to rot by the European Empires. 

Xi Jinping not only improves the lives of 1.4b Chinese but also hundreds of millions of Central Asians and Africans. No one in human history has done a fraction of what Xi has achieved during his time in office. But for political reasons, no one would dare to even suggest to include Xi Jinping as a nominee for this Prize. 

How hypocritical this Nobel Peace Prize has become. It is turning into a joke that honoured warmongers and murderers but ignored those that really contributed to peace and progress for humankind. It should be renamed as the American Dishonourable War Prize. Alfred Nobel must be turning in his grave for the insult to his noble contribution to better civilisation.


Black army officers threatened by white policemen, pepper sprayed and handcuffed...


This black officer could have been shot and killed by the white policemen, just because he was black. His army uniform, his rank as a lieutenant were of no relevance, not respected by the white policemen. He was as good as a nigger. If he dared to insist on his right or stood firm, his life would be at risk. He could be dead.

This is white racist America where black men, coloured people, Chinese, Muslims, Latinos, Jews, have never been treated as equal citizens. This country belongs to the white men and the rest were tolerated as second or third class citizens. The blacks would always be treated as descendants of slaves, bad people, dangerous people.  The only people that is more dangerous than the blacks are the white policemen. They have killed more innocent black people than the criminals did in the USA.

Watch this short video to see how the whites bullied and held the blacks in disdain. The blacks have no human rights under the whites. The blacks just have to remain meek and be bullied. They cannot rebel or revolt against the white brutality. The blacks knew their place in white America.

Fox News Tucker Carlson calls out American lies on western Covid19 vaccines

Below are some paragraphs of an article in RT. Tucker Carlson was furious with American lies. For this to come out from an American hawk surely must mean something, something really bad.

Here’s what is relevant. The first question: Is the vaccine safe? The second question: Is it effective? Safe and effective. That’s all that matters. Let’s address them in order.

From the moment the first shipments arrived in the U.S., we were assured this was the safest vaccine science has ever produced. The risks of taking it were so small that we could ignore them completely. "The worst thing that could happen," explained one medical expert on ABC News, "is having an allergic reaction." Clinical trials, they said, revealed no evidence at all that the vaccines could cause any life-threatening condition. In February, an infectious disease researcher at the University of Rochester called Dr. Angela Branche explained that the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine was particularly safe.

"The bottom line," Branche said, "is that nobody who has gotten these vaccines has died from COVID." As far as we know, that's still true. That vaccine does not cause COVID.

But it was hardly the bottom line or the end of the story. In fact, we know now that there are people who have become gravely ill from taking the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Some patients who received it developed complex and poorly understood immune system responses. Their bodies suddenly stopped developing adequate blood platelets, leading to bleeding and dangerous clotting.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), at least six young women experienced this response to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. One of them, a 45-year-old Virginia woman, died of a stroke last month, two weeks after getting the vaccine. Another woman, who apparently lives in Nebraska, is in critical condition. That’s pretty much the extent of what we know. The government won’t tell us more.

How significant is this? Well, if it happened to you or someone you loved, it would be highly significant. But here’s the statistical context: About seven million Americans have received the Johnson & Johnson shot so far. We know of six who have developed blood clotting disorder as a result.

By comparison, for some context, some versions of the birth control pill are believed to cause blood clots in one out of every 1,000 women, a far higher rate. So why the concern about this vaccine? Because there are reasons to believe those aren’t the real numbers. The real numbers may be much higher than that. Why do we think that? This morning, federal health authorities, including the FDA and the CDC, called on state governments to stop administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. According to no less an authority than Tony Fauci, this ban could be permanent:...

Now, Fauci has declared that because the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has injured six people — which, if true, would make that vaccine much safer not just than birth control pills, but safer than many other vaccines we’ve distributed in the past — because this vaccine has hurt six people out of seven million, we need to stop using it immediately. Does that make sense to you? No, it really doesn’t. It seems possible there’s a lot more going on here.

It’s possible this vaccine is more dangerous than they’re indicating it is. Federal officials appeared to acknowledge that today. They noted that it's easy for physicians to miss the connection between the vaccine and the blood disorder it can cause. That may be happening. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is structured much like the AstraZeneca vaccine, which also uses DNA technology.

Across Europe, the AstraZeneca vaccine has been linked to blood clotting at a rate of approximately one in 100,000 patients. Several people have died from it. That's why a number of advanced countries -- including the U.K., Denmark, Canada, Germany, and the Philippines -- have limited or banned the use of the AstraZeneca shot.

Do authorities in this country believe the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been causing reactions at a similar rate? We don’t know the answer, because they haven’t told us. We do know that the way this country keeps track of Americans who are hurt by vaccines — something called the "Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System" — is notoriously inaccurate. (Ask any physician.) But, no one seems in a hurry to improve it. Our public health bureaucracy doesn’t seem that anxious to know all the details. 

So, after reading the above, who is lying, who is not producing the true data, who is not being transparent? China or America? The Americans are lying just to get their people vaccinated with vaccines that are not as safe as they publicly declared! Their vaccines are dangerous but still being pushed and jabbed into the bodies of Americans and hoping for the best, keeping the fingers crossed that nothing bad would happen.  This is the America that is being exposed to the world, and to the Americans. Liars playing dangerously with the lives of millions of Americans.

The only good thing is that they are doing it to the Americans first, hoarding these dangerous vaccines for themselves and saving the rest of the world from being hurt.

Thank you America and good riddance.