No forced labour in USA - ONLY SLAVERY!!!

 Now you hear it, forced labour in Malaysian glove making company Top Glove. Its gloves were seized by the Americans in American ports, maybe to be used later for free, like the hijacking of PPEs and masks destined for European countries. What, what, Malaysia using forced labour? This is nothing new, very familiar, just like the fabricated allegation of genocide in Xinjiang.  What else can you not expect from the lying Americans? When would Singapore also be accused of using forced labour in the construction industry or poor living conditions for foreign workers in the dormitories? Maybe Singapore will be safe as it is a friend of the Americans.

There is no forced labour in the USA. The immigrants from Latin America were treated fairly and well taken care off. Throughout the American history, there were no forced labour being used. Americans are very kind people and very conscious of using forced labour to make themselves rich. They also cared about human rights.

What about the blacks working in the cotton fields and all the manual jobs? Were there forced labour? No, they were not. They were slaves. Slaves are not forced labour. Slaves in America were approved by legislation, legal, institutional and constitutional slavery! In the case of forced labour they would still have to pay them wages.  For slaves there was no need to pay them anything. You just catch them from the grassland in Africa, chained them, beat them if they did not behave well. They were like wild animals, to be used to work for the white masters. Slaves therefore did not come under the category of forced labour. So, please don't talk about slaves.  The issue today is about forced labour, ok? America did not have forced labour, so they can go about alleging others of forced labour.  Americans are standing on high moral grounds, like angels in white. Such sweet and nice people.  How can they do evil and kill Muslims in the millions and still doing so daily? Must be fake news.

Now poor Malaysia would have to be busy defending itself.  This is standard American playbook. Make wild allegations and the victims would be very busy trying to prove their innocence and got no time for anything else.  And have to pay heavy fees to American lawyers. Who is going to come to the defence of Malaysia? How about obeying American request to repatriate North Koreans alleged to have committed crimes by the Americans? Would such acts of obedience help to appease the Americans to let Malaysia off the hook? 

The way things are going, Malaysian glove maker is going to be pressured to bankruptcy. Share price of Top Glove is tumbling. Maybe Malaysia should offer to supply the Americans one year of free gloves. Or Malaysian PM should go and play a round of golf with the American President and beg for forgiveness.  Oops, this is now not possible as Sleepy Joe would not be able to do that.

The evil and trouble making Americans are looking everywhere to stir shit, finding excuses and fabricating lies to attack countries for their own political gains. Another option for Malaysia is to be an American crony, don't do business with China, don't use Chinese vaccines, provide military bases for the Americans, talk bad about China. That may make the Americans happier and would not poke at Malaysia's backside again. Maybe the PM would be invited to the White House to dine with the Emperor.

What do you think?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thomas Jefferson Founding Father 3rd president of US a slave owner, Wrote the Declaration of Independent owned slaves. He loved his slave so much that he screwed them especially..

Now cannot screw descendants of slaves, so trying to screw everyone by manufacturing lies about forced labour.

Anonymous said...

Putin is right all along? What the USA accused others of doing, they are the biggest culprit.

The USA used forced kidnapping of Black Africans to work as slaves in their cotton fields and building railroads. That is an even worse crime against humanity.

But they seem to take that involvement in such mafia minded criminal activity as 'a badge of honour', even giving them the moral authority to accuse others.

Anonymous said...

By the same argument the USA will say that there were no killings of innocent women and children in the wars they started - only collateral damage.

Judge the way they talk about the 500,000 children killed in Iraq, as if they are KfC chickens. No remorse, no conscience, no apology, and no one at the UN or human rights raise a whimper then.

If Muslims still do not open their eyes to hypocrisies of the USA in Iraq, they should remember there is no such thing as the USA caring about Muslims in Xinjiang as well. Proven beyond any reasonable doubt

Anonymous said...

The white men have yet to pay for their crimes against humanity during colonialism, in invading and massacreing natives, looting and plundering, in slavery in the past and today, still killing and bombing people by the millions.

Their way to richness and power is wars and killings and more killings.