Why should Singapore allow irresponsible and reckless people to come here and spread their virus?


This pic from Reuters shows how reckless and irresponsible the Indians are in not wearing masks and spreading the virus.

Why is Singapore not putting a ban on Indians coming here? Does Singapore really believe that our Newater could protect us from the virus, with more and more deadly mutants evolving?

Are we really that smart or damn stupid, gambling with the lives of the population by opening our doors so freely? How bad would it take before it is bad enough to close the door? Or would it then be too late?

Our people try so hard, to be disciplined, to take jabs, to wear masks, to keep a safe distance, and we let people that don't care a hoot about wearing masks or safe distancing to come in so easily, so freely.

Many countries have stopped people coming out from India to enter their countries.  Malaysia has implemented a temporary ban for in and out of India flights and ships.  Are we doing that ?

What is going on? Why no complete ban for going in and out of India? The aircrews flying this route would be unnecessarily exposed, risking themselves and spreading the virus on their return.

I cannot believe this is happening. I cannot understand why.  Singapore cannot afford a big outbreak to happen. It is better to be safe than sorry.

PS. The latest from the coconuts. 24 Apr 21

The national COVID-19 task force has announced it will ban travel from India tonight onward as the number of cases and deaths explode in that country.

As of midnight, long-term pass holders and short-term visitors who had been in India in the last 14 days will not be allowed in the country, even to transit. The tightened measures come after India shattered all records by topping 300,000 cases in a single day this week, and the virus has reemerged at one of Singapore’s migrant worker dormitories.


Anonymous said...

ST headline Apr 26: S'pore's ban on visitors from India not aimed at any nationality: Ong Ye Kung

Why must Ong sound so apologetic on barring the reckless Indians, like so scared of offending the Indians?

Anonymous said...

We got a very good team ,everything under control
No problem ok

Queen of Hearts said...

Speaking in fork-tongue is not good for self image and not good for Singapore's image.

You ban Indians from India and you said "not aimed at any nationality"?

You are obviously and very distinctively aiming at the Indian Nationals!

I thought only Whitemen speak with fork-tongue.

But now we have a brand new Health Millionaire Minister also speaking in fork-tongue.

Is there a need to bend backwards to sound so apologetic and inadvertently corner yourself to double-talk?

Anonymous said...

He was asked a loaded question but did not have the toughness to tell it straight.

Call a spade a spade. No need to be apologetic.

Anonymous said...

With Indians now probably the 'Deep State' running Red Dot, it probably makes sense.

Indians in India believe that taking a bath in the polluted Ganges will protect them from COVID19, so with no Ganges in Red Dot, Newater is just as effective. Or so they think. So, just open the legs wider. We are going to be safe because we have a weapon - Newater. They must tell the world about this marvellous discovery!

Anonymous said...

Who originated the idea of "NE water" taken from toilet bowls filled with faeces and urine and make all Singaporeans drink? Hmnn . . .




Actually with just 3.4 million Singaporeans, the natural water supply is enough, We drink NE water because of the additional 2.3 million foreigners. Before 2004, there're only less then half million foreigners in Singapore and the island state was thriving well.

Anonymous said...

Only leaders with shit and urine brains made their citizens drink shit and urine water, plus a whole lot of strange chemicals from clothes washing and dish washing detergents, and industrial chemicals that the filtration and purification plants can never get rid off 100%.

Singapore now have idiots leading the daft and subservient kiasi kiasi kia chenghu lot of nincompoos.

Anonymous said...

Cause without the indian, the financial, IT and construction sectors will collapse overnight here

Anonymous said...

Well, Japan said that their radioactive contaminated water has been treated to remove all toxins, save one, and is even safe to drink. I wonder if their Deputy PM, who vouch for it's safety, has taken a sip of their Fukushima treated water yet.

Oh, yes the tall one in Red Dot did drink Newater on television when it was first produced, so it must be safe. Unless....you think what I am thinking?

Virgo49 said...

They always tell you "You are Not Safe until Every One is Safe"

Mere empty platitude.

So many countries taking the WHO guidelines seriously and implementing them whereas so many Others are so reckless in their behaviours.

And they can quote loudly this slogan.

Likewise, Climate changes. So many don't give a damn so only foolish sinkies without minds of their own are foolishly followed every instructions to the dot like sheep.

How the World gonna control and eradicate this pandemic when so many wayward countries especially those big ones are simply not following the WHO's guildlines and protocols.

Sinkies 4G leaders are now all clamouring who is the fore runner to the PM post.

So each and every one in the running must show their meetle.

Our Great Ex Transport Minister is a Maverick Gung Ho Thrown All Cautions to the Wind bravado man.

He wanted to prove to firstly Sinkies and also to the World that it could be done his way by opening up and managing calculated risks.

That's why he had even transit positive and highly infected passengers going thru our Air Terminals thru Sinkieland to other countries.

He is trying to show that we must not slow down and opened up with calculated risks that will worked.

Let a few working in.the Terminals like the poor uncles and aunties anyway NOT long to live toilet cleaners as collateral damages as compared to the importance of our opening of our White elephants air terminals which needed badly to be revived.

Not knowing that all these dying uncles and aunties after their days work go back and infected their whole families.

In return one infected ten and ten went out to malls and shops and will infected hundreds into thousands and then into millions.

Sinkieland Por Lam Pars are only good in victimising their own with all out stupid enforcement attitudes on their own but too scared to enforce on the foreigners.

See the Farking Americunts kamakize gung ho behaviours opening up without masks in their open which they deemed to be safe under the pressure of their fun loving and freedom loving Americunts.

Whereas Sinkieland MOM even went to the Offices of so poor souls employers even to measure the distances of their working tables.

What's farking nonsense. Brainless idiots. When you eat at coffee shops with five strangers without masks eating together isn't it more dangerous that not keeping a safe distance of how many feet from your colleagues?

Also every now and then you still have to communicate to each other at just inches apart.

Use your bloody brains lah followed stupid procotols without thinking.

Once at a Specialist clinic to see my Dr for a review for my recent knee cap operations.

That clinic is so packed as usual and all their sitting arrangements still have gaps NOT to seated arrangements.

Stupidity of them. So many patients had to sit as they had just been operated or needed to sit as they are old and frail.

I stood for half and hour and was feeling the strain of my legs so no choice had to sit on a marked seat that was not supposed to be seated.

At that time two young punks ambassadors, poor souls gig woekers who lost their full time jobs happened to pass thru.

Wow wee business come already. Must show off our Great powers.

Started telling me off not to seat on this marked chair.

I told them in buses and MRT we sat side by side so what's the fuss that now we sat together also side by side.

He told me that's different because you are now in the hospital.

U said what's the difference? Even if you are 100 metres apart in hospitals or buses you get it
You will still get it.

Why allowed groups to be together in buses and MRT and coffeshops and now allowed elsewhere.?

Pure stupidity!

So these are the unthinking rote learning Sinkies that are been swallowed up by the foreign scavengers of the talented third world countries.

Anonymous said...

In food courts, now they forced strangers to sit together in one table and leaving a lot of tables empty. What the fuck!

Why not one or two in one table, why forced 4 to 6 strangers sitting in one table?

Which is safer or which is more dangerous?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.00 am

Without Indians in China, their bridges, buildings, airports, ports, AI infrastructure, satellites, economy did not collapse? How come?

While in India, a little virus is causing the collapse of everything - supply of oxygen, transporting them to hospitals, hospital not being able to cope, corpse with no crematoriums to cremate and done by the roadside, the government blaming the people and vice versa.

So do not brag or try to elevate the importance of Indians in Red Dot or anywhere else in the world. Their occupying top positions is not due to their ability, because the companies they headed were all started by non Indians. They are just parasites climbing up trees to suck the nutrients, trees that others planted. If Indians are that talented, why are they not going back to help the helpless Modi fight the virus pandemic ravaging the country, instead of bragging.

Ask Virgo. He can elaborate.

Anonymous said...

Virgo 10.08

Talking about climate change is all bullshit. Climate change is only about asking the grassroots to contribute, not the big boys of industry. They have their license to pollute, and are the biggest polluters causing climate change.

Just one example that made me cringe is that toilet paper rolls now comes with individual rolls wrapped with another layer of plastic. For what?

I thought having organic toilet rolls was laughable enough.

Organic food, as I found out, are not really what it seems. They still use insecticides that are different from those non organic food, but because they are easily washed off by water, they needed more spraying to be effective. How safe is it with repeated spraying is up to you to imagine.

Virgo49 said...

Sinkieland is now in Control of the "DARK DEEP STATE" which they themsleves do not admit or just kooning pretending NOT to know.

We are in deep shits as we be grouped into castes soon.

Dalits here we come.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese should bottled up their Fukushima radioactive waste water and market it for treating Covid19. $10 per bottle. Ask Trump to be their international salesman, ask Trump to drink it first and claim to be safe from Covid virus.

Also can ask Sinkie leaders to drink it as proof that it is safe and an effective vaccine against Covid19.

Clear eyed said...

Our leeders are always two steps behind the curve. And they are able to take only baby steps. When they finally take the first hesitant, fumbling step, they do so leaving loopholes huge enough for elephants to enter. India Indians can still enter here. They just need to spend 14 days in Nepal or some other country before coming here. One ex-NMP had in fact advised them to do this.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.16

Their stupid rules are making the restaurateurs and employers so stupid in following them.

Why all the double standards? You allowed sitting and crowding together like sardines in your buses and MRT trains because you needed the revenues to balance your expenditures.

What's about the poor restaurateurs who also needed their revenues to survive and justify their hard work of opening up their businesses.

They also needed to balance their expenditures. You must haved them to have empty tables feet apart to be buffers in not spreading the virus. But at these buses and MRT trains are there any buffers that can stop the spread of the viruses?

Employers had a hard.time to segregate their employees into what's stupid safe distancing measures.

What's you want are just fines for your coffers with all these stupid protocols.

Colleagues still have to communicate each other only inches apart. You want them to shout to each other ten feet away?

Stupidity no cure.

Virgo49 said...

Now channel news America reported that many stupid allied countries including Sinking land sending help to India

Why help them when they brought this stupid disaster upon themselves?

Let them learnt their lessons.

Why helped them when they themselves are so stubborn and their politicians Only thought of their own powers.

Stupidlty no cure.

Virgo49 said...

Oh America very good hearted. Send their vaccines that can caused blood clots and strokes to India as they needed them urgently.

Can see the Devils in actions.

Good for India let them die more and Saved the world from pollution.

Anonymous said...

Well, for India at this point, as they say - no fish prawn also can. As they keep on repeating, the benefits outweigh the risk, as long as they and their families are not victims.

Anonymous said...

The Australian report titled “Modi leads India out of lockdown… and into a viral apocalypse” had written, “Arrogance, hyper-nationalism and bureaucratic incompetence have combined to create a crisis of epic proportions in India, with its crowd-loving PM basking while citizens suffocate.”

In the last 24 hours, India recorded 3,23,144 fresh Covid-19 cases, taking the cumulative tally to 1,76,36,307. Of these, 28,82,204 are active cases. 2,771 deaths were also reported on Monday. While Maharashtra reported 48,700 cases, Uttar Pradesh’s number stood at 33,351.

Australian paper sneering at India's mishap.

Anonymous said...

FOLLOWING A request from the Delhi High Court, the Delhi government has ordered Ashoka Hotel, a five-star facility, to set aside 100 rooms for a Covid Health Centre for judges and judicial officers of the court and their families. The facility will be linked to Primus Hospital in Chanakyapuri.

An order to this effect was passed by the Chanakyapuri Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Geeta Grover, on Sunday. The Indian Express

Virgo49 said...

Wow special treatment for their differenct castes.

Hope when they took over Sinkieland this sad happening don't happen here.

Anyway it's the daft new generation Sinkies that are going to taste it.

Hopefully not during our life time.

Sinkieland is sold. Lock stock and barrels to them.

Sad sad Indeed

Anonymous said...

Singapore's state investment company Temasek Holdings on Sunday started sending oxygen concentrators, ventilator machines and other supplies, with the first batch arriving in Mumbai. "No one is safe till everyone is safe," the company said in a Facebook post.

Ah Gong money . .

Virgo49 said...

While we are making efforts that everyone is trying to be safe. The Indians themselves not only made themselves unsafe but the whole world also unsafe.

And yet the dafts go all out to save them to make them safe.

Balls carriers dafts.

That's why I always said Sinkies are the World's most daft imbeciles who took pride in recognition to help others other than their own

For their own, you die your business.

That's why they deserved to be screwed and replaced by the others without themsleves even aware of it.

Virgo49 said...

Just gave them some kachang puteh business in India and they so beholden to them.

Even allowed them in by the hundreds causing their own Sinkies to the risks of their deadly infections as collateral damages.

Anonymous said...

"No one is safe till everyone is safe" - how can everyone be safe when they every day keep on importing new COVID-19 cases ?

Anonymous said...

Indian tycoons and rich families have reportedly fled India for boltholes across Europe, the Middle East and Indian Ocean destinations such as the Maldives, which will ban flights from India on Tuesday, sparking a last-minute rush.

Australia will suspend passenger flights from India until May 15, the federal government announced on Tuesday, and Canada, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and the UK have already done the same.

Rich Indians flee crisis on private jets: https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/indias-rich-and-famous-flee-countrys-covid19-outbreak-on-private-jets/news-story/53f37b73b1b1f262b9b636435a799535

Anonymous said...

When they tell you two doses, then three doses needed, then booster doses and on and on. That means they think the virus will be here for eternity and no one is going to be safe.

You can see that India tried to be 'gung ho' and opened up early, now jialat. USA and UK also moving up in infections despite vaccinations. USA is also said to be slowing down on vaccinations. Thailand is bracing for a spike. So does Japan, less than three months away from the Olympics.

When is the normal coming I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Singapore cannot stop Indians from India to come to the little red dot. Why??? CECA!!!!! Without the super talents from India who will do the CEOs jobs? Who will run your banks? Who will man your MNCs??? Please lah, do not stop them coming, Singapore will grind to a halt when they stop coming. Don't worry about the mutant virus. Singaporeans are sacrificial lambs because GDP is more important to life. As long as GDP is on the rise, what d a few lives matter? You get what you voted for. Singaporeans are truly suckers.

Anonymous said...

Just like Australia saying cancellation of BRi with China wasn't aimed at any country. Conflicting doubletalk.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Indians will run our banks. They will run them into the ground, like what they did in India. India is the bank fraud capital of the world. Only Red Dot think they are talents (in fraud).

Run MNCs like in India? Factories producing oxygen not even able to produce oxygen for hospitals and need to beg for help from overseas. The drug manufacturing hub of the world is not able to produce enough vaccines for themselves. Even moving oxygen to hospitals is a mess and they talk about managing Red Dot's transportation system?

They can't even manage to count their COVID19 death numbers, which is multiple times the official figures, and how are they going to manage the MNC billions. Only those that died in hospitals are officially counted, while those thousands that were turned away from hospitals and died at home were considered non COVID19 deaths. That is the reality.

Yeah, don't worry about the mutant virus because at this rate, there may not even be enough Indians left to send to Red Dot. They have to send their chiefs. Enough said!

Anonymous said...

ST Apr 28 headline: 24 foreign workers test positive for Covid-19 at Westlite Woodlands dormitory

We had been warning for months about letting into Singapore so many imported COVID-19 cases from India, exposing Singaporean society at large to virus dangers, but the ruling PAP 4G elites were so complacent.

Anonymous said...

A plane from India landed in Hong Kong with more than 46 COVID19 passengers. How about those tested negative but still carrying the virus, the mutated version? It is scary!

I think the travel hub between Red Dot and Hong Kong is going to be toasted again.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Hongkies are beginning to become as stupid as sinkies to let this happen.

Anonymous said...

US treat QUAD partner India like a beggar

Virgo49 said...

WHO reported that 17 strains of Indian Variants in several countries including Sinking Land.

My oh my No wonder so many clusters in the Dorms.

Finally reaches out shores

Anonymous said...

Of greater concern, however, is another man who had received both vaccine doses by March 19 and who became infected.
His parents had flown in from India on April 15. His father was diagnosed with Covid-19 on arrival and sent to hospital, while his mother was placed under quarantine. He received permission to care for her, and he was diagnosed with the disease last Saturday.


Anonymous said...

The whole infected family should be sent back to India, instead of being allowed to stay and enjoy the Singapore's public medical facilities and Singapore taxpayers funded medical expenses.

All foreigners, irrespective of status, should be sent back to their country of origin when detected with COVID-19 infections upon arrival at any port of call or checkpoint.

Virgo49 said...

Why takes all these unnecessary troubles?

Just banned them from entry like North Korea Kim.

No entries no infections.

Simple as that

Anonymous said...

Rich Indians are using chartered flights to flee India. Operators of chartered flights are doing a roaring business, with fares multiple times the norm. The rich also tried to outsmart the system by flying first to less infected countries before moving to the country of their choice.

China caught scores of rich Indians trying to sneak in via a third country.

As long as they are Indians, extreme care must be exercised to ensure safety. But who knows? One slip and everything falls apart.

Anonymous said...

China is the safest place to be in for this pandemic. Rich Indians are smart.

China would not take the risk with so many fake doctors, fake vaccines and fake certificates.

They should try Singapore. Singapore would welcome rich foreigners and their money.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, a survey claimed Singapore is the best place to be in this Pandemic. That is an advertisement that is sure to invite rich Indians here.

Red Dot is looking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

Red Dot's $billions investments in India in jeopardy as COVID-19 cases explode in India.

"No investment is safe until all is safe!"

Virgo49 said...

Ruch foreigners and Indians into Sinkies Land and had their wealth trickled down to the masses?

Joe Biden just said in his Congress Speech that it's Not gonna to work?

So does the Papies Leaders still believe in this?

Hello you're big brother said it's all bullshits

What's said you?

Having a kuching kurap Indian just have mortgaged a one million condom unit and telling our poor local security uncle to farking off not to charge his friends ten dollars overnights parking as they cannot afford to pay it.

Is this the socalled wealthy foreigners that you want to attract and pollute our Country hoping that their socalled wealth will trickled down to our begging locals for alms?

They cannot even afford a ten dollar overnight parking you think their wealth can trickled down to the masses?

Virgo49 said...

Even that Brit Dyson guy also packed and return back to his homeland.

Just come here to sodomise those who allowed him.

You think they wanted to stay in this barren little red dot?

Virgo49 said...

Whites only come to Asia to screw Asian gals and sodomised Asian Guys Ah Kwas.