Singapore - The Beginning Of The End?

The Blackdot Survey's latest revelation shows that only 20% (1 in 5) of Singaporeans are confident in the 4G leadership leading Singapore forward.

That means an overwhelming majority of Singaporeans are not happy with the 4G leaders handpicked by the PAP Tea Party Team, led by you know who.

This is a shocking revelation if it truly reflects the overall sentiment on the ground. It clearly shows a few things:

1. That the shepherd who selected the 4G sheep does not have that keen pair of eyes that on real leadership qualities, or

2. That the shepherd deliberately sacrificed true and good qualities for loyalty. That's why many personal secretaries and personal lawyer were picked to hold ministerial and other key positions? And we are to believe that there is no conflict of interests? Or,

3. That the PAP has already been scrapping the bottom for real quality talents. Or,

4. That the out-of-this-world obscene pay not only did not attract real quality leaders but actually attracted "don't rock the boat", self-survivalist, yes-men followers instead.

Together with many other critical issues, does this loss of confidence in the chosen ones mean the beginning of the end for Singapore and Singaporeans?

I may be wrong. I hope I am wrong. If so, I stand corrected.

What do you think?

April 19, 2021 8:08 am


Anonymous said...

The imbeciles are thinking of when they are going to have an increase in their million dollar salaries and when to buy another piece of private property and how to keep inflating the property prices so that their numerous properties would be worth billions for eternity, no estate duty to cut them down to size.

And to support the never ending rise of property prices, more and more wildlife must be brought in to keep the bubble growing.

Why would they care about what is going to happen to the island and the losers?

Anonymous said...

Holding 'tea parties' to select from a narrow circle of 'kaki nan' is bound to end in trouble.

If talented people, who cannot agree with their policies, are treated as bitter enemies and automatically disqualified from taking part in Government or even forced out of the country, what this boils down to is depleting the stock of talents that they could choose from.

Where does the PAP get it's new inductees? Either the Army, NTUC or the administrative services. And if they keep harvesting from these sources, the harvest will get less and less promising. That is why the 4G ministers, in the eyes of those with discerning eyes, is not really up to par.

Anonymous said...

This is the consequence of inbreeding, incestuous relationship.

Anonymous said...

The worst case scenario is the use of parachutes to bring them into Government, even for some that have already been rejected elsewhere.

Those who parachuted in have not even fought their own battle in a single seat ward to warrant a place in Parliament. Some are even deemed PM material even though they dropped in by parachute. How to have good leaders using such quick fix methods?

Virgo49 said...

The Worse is that they brought in foreign Nationals from Matland, Indian Nationals who just skippied and jumped into the Ranks and be selected to run for Parliament.

So many of them with allegiance and loyalties still with their mother countries.

All never served National Slavery and escaped all these allegiance to Singapore.

As what's LKY learnt.

You never have a Real Calibre PM sheep dog if you are not one born with the ingenuity and tenacious and ferocity of a Real Genes Sheep Dog.

They cannnot be trained to be one.

What's nonsense long runway for him to run and learn?

A capable and ingenious man or woman is already an unborn ingenious man or woman.

No need runway to run. What's there to learn when you can just lead?

Did LKY and Company needed a long run way to run?

They were caught in the middle of big crisis and they just do their callings.

What's runaway to run and learn?

Smart and cunning and ingenious people are born NOT created.


Anonymous said...

Right, when you have all the time in the world to bake a cake in a sanitised kitchen, you can bring out all the recipes etc to bake the cake according to the recipes.

Real leaders are not cakes, cannot be baked using recipes.

Anonymous said...

This is unlike the China leader Deng who said that black cat or white cat whoever catches a rat is a good cat. Well, seems like we don't have any of these cats but have Fat Cats unable to even catch any rat and depend on Master to spoon fed them with nice fatty fishes, woah no wonder these fat cats wud jus sleep all day all night not interested in catching rats, when their time is up then jus retire or self promote to senior or emeritus fat cats till their 4 legs r up...signed.

Anonymous said...

Bookworms need model answers from books. Play by the rule books.

Clear eyed said...

The bigger the reward the harder it is for the recipient to hear the voice of conscience, reason and good sense.

Virgo49 said...

Fat cats like that Son of a Gan not only catches no mice but also ate too much big fish from the public.

Sons of Gan, Ong, Wong, Tan and Chan.

SSO said...

Me, The Lucky Millionaire?

If I am assured of striking lottery of more than $1,000,000 a year, for the rest of my easy-peesy life, would I be so stupid as to deprive myself of this rare and special gift that my God (or Godfather, whichever appropriate) has engineered for me?

And in return for that all I have to do is to take and follow orders?

And all my brain-works are actually done by my subordinates, my consultants, the specialists and some young up-and-coming "promising" scholars?

And my supervisory role is done by my personal secretaries and the many side-kicks I have been given.

And I don't need to shoulder any responsibility whatsoever when I blundered. All I have to do is to give a statement that I do not accept what others say about my role, responsibility and performance, whatever they maybe?

What a wonderful life!

Do you think I will care for my own rice bowl more than I care about you, the digits most of whom I don't even know existed?

And doing it day by day, month by month, and year by year, I have become so accustomed to such comfy, easy-peesy, multi-million job with no responsibility (with scapegoats aplenty down below always ready to cushion the blow for me), what do you think I will become?

A Fat Cat? That cannot catch the mouse?

Over-confidence, arrogance, incompetence and inefficiency set in, naturally with time?

And I don't even put my clothes on anymore, exposing myself totally naked, yet I keep wearing a mask to cover my face, to hide my real face from the world?

Thank my lucky star! Thank God! Thank Godfather!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Interesting rant. Will put it up to amuse everyone tomorrow.


Virgo49 said...

Any blunders just a slap on the wrists and said let's move on from here and we learnt a valuable lesson.

No need resignations

Where to find these types of STEEL STEAL rice bowls, you tell me?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is controlled by a group of self serving book smart yes men. Big salaries and comfortable jobs without any responsibility for failures must be the best positions to be in. Long live the PAP and all FAT CATS.

Anonymous said...

Recently one Fat Cat was forced to step aside becos it tot that it had a very short runaway to catch a rat. Come on lah, such excuses r never heard of, probably it was being check mate by his Master. And in opposite side were some Skinny Cats, though small in number now but they r quickly gaining speed to capture more territory to catch more rats to survive, they r a force to be reckon with, one of the Skinny Cat leader was given 'special title' by the Master so as to tame this hungry Skinny Cats. The Master wanted to maintain his power in the House, probably think that his Fat Cats might one day be overrun by these competitive hungry Skinny Cats, so the Master decided to import many Foreign Cats to his House, some of these Foreign Cats later were added into his line of Fatty Cats to help him control the house. And some of the Fatty Cats were made all sorts of fancy title jus to keep them in being Yesses to the Master.

SSO said...

Q: What is the name the Fat Cats called themselves? Do you know?

A: Of course, we all know it. It's ARISTOCATS!

Virgo49 said...

Frankly, this is a cruel ploy by the Master.

He is reserving the position for his previous son when the time is ripe for announcements.

He is proding the other four who thought that they have chance to be the Master Chef, ooops sooryy Master Cat in charge to fight nail and tooth to be champion cat.

Fat hope. Just a flimsy excuse that the previous cat is too old to catch any mice.

In the first place why put him second in line if you think that he is too old to learn new tricks.

This ploy is just to mark time lah.

Now let the four fat cats fight for that position and in the end will also told them you are too old lah.

My son is the youngest and have long runway to understudy under me lah.

Understudy? Where in.the world a PM and President understudy?

Once they are elected it's the button GO.

You have to lead on your own.

Singapore's PM must understudy meh?

Rare useless breed of sheep dog that are not naturally sheep dog with their genes.

A true breed sheep dog no need training. They are just natural sheep dog.

Not should be cats.

Asked LKY. He will tell you so. The Sheppard told him so.


Anonymous said...

The Master knew that his age is catching up and would eventually need to find a heir to run the House of Cats. But amongst his rank of Fatty Cats the Master told them that you all gotta find a leader & he would still be the Master till they can ownself find a leader. Of cos, the Master wudn’t wanna handover his power to any of his Fatty Cats, nope not unless on one condition – this chosen cat must listen to me & hand over to my Sonny Cat in time to come same like wat the GrandMaster did. So the Fatty Cats fight among themselves & after all the hoo ha it was that Cotton Fatty Cat who won without xia suay to be the next leader. Cotton Cat wud jus wayang wayang kulit a bit and when times is up the Senior Master wud jus signal to Cotton Cat to pass baten to Sonny Cat. …And this story of House of Cats will jus continue whether it will fall or rise it will also depends on the votes of these Dafts Cats awakening or in slumber z Z Z …

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon 8.49

Very smart and accurate.

Best bet is cotton cat. The most obedient and beholden cat to the Lee Familee.

One Juicy Cat is not PM materials as he is ah gua ah gua National Development.

The other two are too dangerous.

Very ambitious and garang.

Hard to remove them.when entrenched.


Anonymous said...

Singaporean PAP fat cats have grown so fat they are not fast enough to catch the rats.

Anonymous said...

Virgo u be careful lar as your posts offended too many people. After kena caught put in jail then your old ass can tahan or not on tuakee dodom7ding u jialat jialat leh

Virgo49 said...