Meng Wanzhou - Extraterritorial rights to arrest foreign nationals

Chinese tech giant Huawei on Monday said it had reached an agreement with HSBC in Hong Kong to secure documents that its senior executive Meng Wanzhou hopes will help her fight extradition to the United States from Canada.

Chief financial officer Meng -- whose father is the company's founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei -- has been in a two-year battle against extradition over allegations that Huawei violated US sanctions on Iran.  Yahoo News

The HSBC has finally agreed to release documents requested by Meng Wanzhou's lawyer to prove that HSBC knew about her company's business transactions with Iran. The details have yet to be disclosed and it is not sure what HSBC would produce eventually. Like it or not, HSBC is cooked for its part in implicating and compromising a Chinese national by passing confidential documents to the Americans. Its future in doing business in Hong Kong and China is now under a big question mark and the likelihood of its operations being curtailed or even its licence being terminated cannot be ruled out. Trying to be a monkey at the expense of China has a very high price to pay.

What is pertinent in this case is the abuse of the Americans in passing laws that allowed it to arrest citizens of other countries for violating American laws. China must take a lesson on this and pass as many such laws as possible to forbid trade and military exchanges between Taiwan and any country.  Countries and individuals in violation of such laws passed in China would allow China the right to make arrest under Chinese laws. China could ban all military transaction, sales of military weapons or acts that undermine China's national interest with Taiwan. China can then set out to arrest Americans and Europeans or American cronies that violated these Chinese laws. 

China must not wait and let the Americans arrest its nationals freely.  Both sides can play the same game. China must impose sanctions on military transaction and sales of arms to Taiwan by any country immediately. Pass a law and wait to arrest some Americans and throw them into Chinese jails. This cannot be a one way traffic, that America can create such excuses to arrest Chinese nationals and China could only look helplessly and unable to do anything. All American companies and their personnel involved in selling arms to Taiwan would be immediate target for arrest. There are plenty of them in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

China must just do it and not be a hapless victims China could start throwing warnings at the Aemricans for violating Chinese laws and undermining China's national interests. Let the Americans have a taste of their medicine. Chinese sanctions should also include arms sales to China's enemies or countries hostile to China like S Korea, Japan and India. The placing of offensive weapons in S Korea should also be sanctioned. 

Oh,  China can also pass laws to arrest foreign journalists for spreading lies against China. There are so many of them out there waiting to be arrested.

China, just do it. What are you waiting for? China must also have extraterritorial rights to arrest Americans and 5 eyes countries' nationals violating Chinese sanctions and Chinese laws.


Virgo49 said...

What's they are talking? Ban on trade with Iran and those countries that are just been sanctioned by the unjustified without total agreements by all U.N members states is wrong.

Even if China will to defy their what's Lame Duck planned white devils' plans on those countries under their targeted and unjustified sanctions it's China's perogative and rights to do so.

You think the Rest of the World's are Angels that do not also broke their not to trade with those sanctioned countries?

Won't be surprised that they are the biggest trading partners and devils in doing so.

Anonymous said...

You are right on this. While America egged the silly Aussies to go against China resulting in China stopped buying from them, the US stepped in and sold to China what China is not buying from OZ. How convenient and complimentary.

The silly Aussies still did not know what is happening behind their backs.

SSO said...

The American companies are selling the US "illegally sanctioned" goods to China and North Korea through Vietnam and Myanmar and to a lesser extent, Taiwan and Thailand.

SSO said...

Corruption In Singapore - An Isolated Case?

A National Parks Board (NParks) officer was charged in court on Tuesday (April 13) for allegedly attempting to take S$10,000 in bribes from a contractor and cheating the State. 

Lee Choon Phing, 48, a Manager of the Community in Bloom Branch of the NParks, was also slapped with nine counts of insulting the modesty of women. 

He allegedly took upskirt photographs of women using his mobile phone.

His alleged victims included three women at a nursery that supplies plants used along Singapore’s roads and parks.

He also took upskirt photos in MRT trains and near Cedar Girls’ Secondary School.

In a press release, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) said the corruption and cheating charges are related to his dealings with Tan Beng Khoon, the sole proprietor of SBM Easi Trade. 

NParks had contracted SBM to deliver 10,000 hats by the stipulated deadline of March 13, 2020.

Lee allegedly attempted to obtain S$10,000 from Tan as a reward for misrepresenting to NParks that SBM had fulfilled the order in full when the delivery was late, and the firm could only deliver 5,000 hats.

Lee then allegedly cheated a NParks’ finance branch officer on April 14 last year by deceiving him into believing that SBM had delivered the full order by the deadline.

As a result, SBM avoided any late delivery penalty, and NParks paid SBM the full contractual sum.

What do you think?

Virgo49 said...

Last time our time and even now this time, only red herrings jobs like Customs Officers, Immigration Officers and maybe some SPF and CNB officers were on the targeted lists of the CPIB.

Now even what's a joke even Nparks and later Sewerage Parks also under close watch by the CPIB.

Nowadays all greedy for easy monies especially most of the Ministries are napping.

Anonymous said...

My uncle is in the X'mas decoration business and every year-end travels to China to source for new items. In China, it is not unusual for factories and shops to follow such secrecy because the factory owners told my uncle that you cannot let unknow people into the factories as they will secretly copy their products. In China, the factories the situation is so oompetitive that the moment one manufactures new items, there are already others making the same stuff. Innovation is so fast and quick.

It is always easy to ignore facts and report only the parts MSM wants people to read by twisting the facts and making it sound suspicious. That is the way the MSM in the West works. In the case of the Bloomberg visit such protocol was necessary, knowing the agenda of this anti-China media, whose purpose being there was nothing moral but to cook the facts to suit their agenda, not to look for the truth.

Anonymous said...

What the USA did to Huawei, the Chinese are now doing to Nike and H & M with others on the way. Two can play the same game.

Throughout the decades the USA had been forbidding it's own companies, with threats of punishments, from doing business with those countries that could not agree with the USA policies. The targeting of Chinese Tech Companies recently is an example. China already retaliated against Trump's trade war and there is more to come.

Now China, I would say with the Chinese People themselves voluntarily boycotting those USA companies that are themselves boycotting Xinjiang cotton, shows patriotism is a rising star in China. Nike and H & M will soon lose their China market, and it is their biggest market. If they lose it, they will never recover in China because in China, local Chinese companies are always very quick to seize the market void left by them. You don't leave and try to take back later. It will be gone for good.

The USA Government, the West and their people are said to be in shock and stunned that this is happening to them and does not know what to do. All throughout the decades the USA, after WW2, had been doing this to other countries without any blowback. They did that to Toshiba of Japan and Alstom of France because the USA could not compete fairly. And of course they are still on Huawei.

China's action, or should I say Chinese patriotic action is changing all that. The USA has never been in such a situation before, as all what it has done to others, no one has the guts to retaliate. Well, the game is changing and changing fast.

Anonymous said...


“We believe that the negative impact on Nike branding and perhaps on its sales in mainland China will be short lived,” wrote Junheng Li, head of research at China-focused JL Warren Capital, in a recent note to clients. Li noted that most channels selling Nike products remain open, indicating the government isn’t looking to make the crisis worse.

On the other hand, he said, Chinese consumers covet Western luxury brands and have few local alternatives. Chen identified Tapestry (TPR) and Farfetch (FTCH), a technology platform for the luxury fashion industry, as among the Western brands with substantial exposure to China that are better positioned for a spell of tension between Beijing and the West. He recently reiterated Outperform ratings on both.

Anonymous said...

Nike sales channels are there, but empty of customers. It is early days yet.

Virgo49 said...

Americunts are NOT just the most cruel animals but also the Greatest Liars.

They can defended their hand gun or taser guns so called bums well trained police idiots who cannot differentiate what's a hand gun and a taser gun.

Maybe they always only played with their dumb fleshy hand guns in toilets.

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All Bullshits lies without even blinking their bloody eyes.

No wonder they appointed a Blinking Idiot called Blinken as there stupid spokes person.

Better asked them to stand at traffic links or barber shops and do his blinkings.

Virgo49 said...

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Virgo49 said...

Called your First World Countries and worse than Fourth World Idiots country bums.

See them speaking in own language bumbling and rambling worse than Natives not their First Language.

Only ten percent of them literate.

Virgo49 said...

Understand that that stupid policeman is a policewoman who shot that Black Army Officer.

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You must take up arms with all your full arsenals and out with your tanks and Arty's and bomb the shoot the Stupid Police to ashes.

To restore your Honour.

Only only for killing old folks and innocent unarmed civilians only.

Won't dare to fight against your armed policemen?

Anonymous said...

Killing blacks is normal to the whites. Nothing to be excited about.

Anonymous said...

A man's 'teaser' gun is indeed different from a handgun. She was probably still dreaming of the ecstatic moment playing with someone's 'teaser' gun the previous night and mistook the handgun for it.

What a load of rubbish. Like the guy who shot the massage parlour people, they claimed that he was feeling down and therefore did what he did. Feeling down and have to shoot people? it is beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

Barely one year after George Floyd was strangled to death by a US policeman, unarmed 20-year-old black man Daunte Wright was shot dead by a Minneapolis police on Sunday. According to media reports, the incident took place just 10 miles (16 kilometers) from where Floyd was killed.

In the aftermath of Floyd's death, massive protests against police brutality and racism swept the US. Within less than one year, when the trial of Floyd's death is still under way, a similar tragedy happened again. It sparked a fresh round of demonstrations. The vulnerable black community in the US has every reason to feel angry toward police brutality and the systematic discrimination against them.

"US cops tend to use violence on black Americans and other ethnic minority people while being relatively polite to whites. This reflects the internal cultural problem in the police system. Such a problem is the culprit for racist moves during law enforcement," Li noted.

Virgo49 said...

Right Bro.

She should have bring that handgun to her mouth to have a lick of it to make sure.

To make doubly sure shud have pulled the trigger to ascertain whether it is a man's teaser gun, a taser gun or a real hand gun.

From the voice it sounded like a Negress.

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Virgo49 said...

Forgot most of them in uniforms are Whites.

Only a sparkling of Blacks.

Anyway, even just have a dozen of them Blacks who went amok and draw arms with live ammo would be a big headaches for them to confront them.

Hope that a few will do so for their black comrade

Now maybe all Blacks soldiers banned from the Armouy and on home leave.

Anonymous said...

There was a black doctor that wanted to know the truth about the virus leak in Fort Detrick where he worked but was shot and killed on the spot.

Anonymous said...

China Poses Biggest Threat to U.S., Intelligence Report Says


China Poses Biggest Threat to U.S., Intelligence Report Says

Anonymous said...

How about USA poses biggest threat to the world?

But not to worry. Racial polarisation and riots will bring all these to an end. There are protests starting all across many states. They are beautiful sights to behold!

If the above does not bring the USA to it's knees, the Russians, Chinese and Iranians will dump the US$ and devise and create their own crypto-currencies, putting an end to the ultimate weapon the USA uses, the US$ Hegemony, that it uses to sanction other countries and personnel. It will then be game over for the USA. In this the Russians are taking the lead.

Anonymous said...

“Crypto assets are highly volatile — see Bitcoin — and therefore not really useful as a store of value. They’re not backed by anything. They’re more of an asset for speculation,” Powell said, during a webinar sponsored by the Bank of International Settlements.

“It is essentially a substitute for gold rather than the dollar,” he added.


Anonymous said...

Russia calls USA 'adversary' over the situation in Ukraine. Ukraine is now being used as the pawn between Russia and NATO with the instigator, the USA behind them. Why is Biden asking for a meeting with someone he calls a 'killer'? He knows Ukraine will fall into Russian hands if war breaks out.

The Russians know how to fight a prolong war. Hitler found that out and so does Napoleon. The two 'Gods of War' triumph wherever they fought, but both fell at the feet of the Russian Bear.

Lavrov warns that if any war breaks out, Ukraine will disappear. NATO has been trying to coax Ukraine to join the EU for years and Russia is strongly against it. Ukraine in the EU means the USA can have a foothold to station troops very close to the Russian border. The Russians are not foolish enough not to see through the evil one's plan.

War drums are also beating between Iran and Israel, said to be the one causing the present disaster at Natanz Nuclear Facility. And the USA is withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. Aircraft carriers are being redeployed. For what we should be able to guess.

Anonymous said...

All those warnings about Trojan Horses, Tech Authoritarianism etc pertaining to crytos are just for one reason only. To maintain the US$ Hegemony and put to sleep eventually the SWIFT system of settlement that the whole world depend upon now.

That the SWIFT system of settlement between banks can be marginalised is the biggest fear of the USA and the West. Sanctions would no longer be effective. It may take five to seven more years to be in working shape, and longer to be really effective, but it will come.

Would anyone being the biggest player, manipulator and the one controlling SWIFT not be alarmed? They are eventually going to regret weaponising the US$. Someone will come out with something else. That is how the world works.

Anonymous said...

Correction: To maintain the US$ hegemony and the SWIFT system of settlement that the whole world depend upon now.

My apologies. Typing faster than thinking!

Anon 6.59

Anonymous said...

Russia will be trying out it's crypto currency system in Crimea very soon to see how it works.

Anonymous said...

"This is economic war that we're talking about. The bad news is we don't have an economic war department. We have a great kinetic war department. We have a great cyber war department. We don't have an economic war department and we need one," says @Jkylebass on China.


Anonymous said...

LILLEY UNLEASHED: Trudeau bows down to China again over Halifax/Taiwan award


Anonymous said...

China Smears Former Xinjiang Residents Who Testified About Abuses in the Region


Anonymous said...

US pushes Japan to back Taiwan at Biden-Suga summit

Anonymous said...

Lot's of wholesale quotations now. Before only in bits and pieces. Too long for reading.

Virgo49 said...

Evil bastards always have a phobia that everyone is a threat to them.


Virgo49 said...

My apologies. It's a WHITE butch with twenty six years,of service and she still cannot differentiate what's is a taser a teaser and a real gun.

See how well trained they are!

How about their soldiers?

Know a real hand gun or their own hand gun or not?

Chinese scolded you hand gun means you chiu cheng means useless.

Still wants to go war with China ?

Must be too tired of their lives


Virgo49 said...

Also even NEA funeral services personnel also wanted kopi monies on the confused and rushed state of affairs of their deceased activities.

What's a greedy and sick society we are heading now.

Luckily had lived thru enough bliss and good times in our bad times not to see the worst decadent lifestyles later on for the pitifully new generations

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 said...

Evil bastards always have a phobia that everyone is a threat to them.

Not really, not a phobia at all. They just used this as a label to attack another country just like using the tags human rights, democracy and terrorism to interfere and meddle with other countries internal affairs.

The whole world has seen how evil these white bastards are, trouble makers, everyday trying to find trouble with this country and that country, acting like a ruthless empire.

The rest of the world must unite to bring down these evil white men and their empire and be free from wars and terrorist attacks, be free from their wicked sanctions and interference.

The USA is a satanic country runs by liars, cheats, murderers and warmongers.

Anonymous said...

The americans and anglo saxon clique are the worse threat to peace and security in the world.

They are the real terrorists and killing innocent people non stop, especially killing the arabs and muslims and robbing their countries and destroying their economies.

They are the greatest enemies of the arabs and muslims.

Virgo49 said...

Arabs and Muslims and Mats and and Indons.

You must take up arms and fight against this Evil Whites and their cronies.

Don't waste time on such trivial issue of just wearing the tudangs.

Must unite and exterminated them for the World to be safer.

Anonymous said...

Well, with poodles obediently kowtowing to the evil empire, even those who choose to go to the Middle East to take up arms against the evil empire are being castrated by their own Government. How to take up arms?

As I said many times, the only way is for the Muslim world and Asian countries to unite to take down the US$ Hegemony. The USA will collapse. A tall order for the world, but Russia, China, Iran among others are working on it.

Anonymous said...

The USA still trying to tell the world they are withdrawing from Afghanistan, presumably to save face but not highlighting the fact that they have not defeated the Taliban or Al-Qaeda.

Twenty long years in Afghanistan and what have they achieved, other than destroying the country, leaving it still in chaos like Iraq.

Afghanistan is not called the 'graveyard of empires' for nothing. The former Soviet Union found that out earlier. The USA knows it will follow in the footsteps of the Soviets if they stay on and suffer the same fate that they suffered in Vietnam. Flee with tails between their legs!