Muslims the most hated people by the evil West

For centuries, the western world has been conducting endless wars against the Muslims particularly in the Middle East and Africa.  The Muslims are the most hated people of the West with some exception for their allies like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and UAE.  The intense hate culminated in the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria after the questionable bombing of the Twin Towers on 911. Many believed that the 911 event was staged and used as an excuse to invade Muslim and Arab land, just like the fabricated intelligence of Iraq possession of WMD. 

What happened following 911 was a series of blood letting of Muslims and Arabs in the countries invaded.  The West invented a new phrase, war on Terrorism aka War on Muslims, as the terrorists were all Muslims to justify their military adventure and to kill Muslims under the pretext of killing terrorists. How many hundred thousands of Muslims and Arabs have they killed, and still killing, and how many millions of Arabs and Muslims have been maimed for life, homes destroyed, became jobless, countryless, became refugees, without home and country?

The hatred for Muslims and Arabs can be best summarised in this Wikipedia definition of the War against the Muslims and Arabs - War against Islam is a term used to describe a concerted effort to harm, weaken or annihilate the societal system of Islam, using military, economic, social and cultural means, Or means invading and interfering in Islamic countries under the pretext of the war on terror, or using the media to create a negative stereotype about Islam. The perpetrators of the theory are thought to be non-Muslims, particularly the Western world and "false Muslims", allegedly in collusion with political actors in the Western world.  

The West have no sympathy when killing Muslims and Arabs is concerned. They even joked about it, calling them war collateral, not killing of human beans. There was no outpouring of sympathy for the killing and destruction of human beans in such a scale as compare to the killing of a single white man or woman in their war against the Muslims. Such disgusting display of hate and belittling of the lives of Muslims and Arabs were not condemned by the western media and taken as part and parcel of their way of life, their western narratives. Arab and Muslim lives are cheap and dispensable, not even worth mentioning.

Today the West are crying buckets of crocodile tears of their alleged genocide of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, in their disinformation war against China.  The West suddenly were bowed over by their fabricated genocide of Muslims and are all united to stand up to defend the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang like another Crusade, this time their enemy is China. While they are beating their war drums in their farcical campaign of defending the Muslims in Xinjiang, the killings of Muslims continues daily in their wars against the Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Eygpt, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, etc etc.

How real are the hypocritical West in their defence of the Uyghur Muslims, when the Uyghur Muslims are having a great life in Xinjiang, living in peace and prosperity, many many times better than the Arabs and Muslims in war torn countries invaded by the western forces, and the refugees scattered all over the world because of the invasion by the West? The few trouble makers in Xinjiang were trained terrorists, trained and armed by the West to commit terrorist acts in peaceful Xinjiang to create instability and chaos in the region. These are the real people the West are trying to protect, their paid mercenaries, their terrorists. But their real agenda was their war with China, to bring down China, nothing to do with the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. They are still trying to hookwink the Muslims to fight and die for the white Empire and rule over the Muslims and Arab world.

It is good that the rest of the world have gotten used to western lies and wild unsubstantiated allegations and no longer believe in them. The Muslim and Arab world too totally ignored the western media and go about their lives as normal, and cooperating with China to improve trade to better the lives of their people. Only the western media and a few evil western countries are still singing this chorus of genocide in Xinjiang to a disinterested international audience. They still think the Arabs and Muslims are so gullible. They can see the Arab and Muslim countries being invaded and destroyed, the arabs and Muslims being killed and scattered as homeless refugees. The Arab and Muslim world have seen through the western hypocrisies and their wars against the Muslims and their hate for Muslims. 

Without the Arab and Muslim world believing in the white lies, the West can do nothing much to harm China other than harming themselves and exposing themselves to more ridicules by the rest of the world. White men and white lies are no longer believeable by the rest of the world.

Just look at how vicious are the Americans and the whites are trying to destroy Iran, another Muslim state.  The West would not allow a Muslim country to have nuclear weapon to stand up to them. Look at how they cooperate with Israel to bully the Palestinians and control the whole of the Middle East? How's that compare to their their love of Muslims in Xinjiang?

PS. Now read this quote from theguardian.com

Donald Trump had made headlines before, in June 2015, when he had called for a “great, great wall” along the Mexican border. Back then, he was hovering around ninth place in a crowded field of Republican candidates. But by 7 December, when he released a short statement calling for the “total and complete shutdown” of Muslim immigration, he was the frontrunner for his party’s nomination. His message, that Islam itself was a threat to America, was heard loud and clear across the globe, not least by 1.6 billion Muslims.

Now, as president, he appears to be following through. On Friday he stunned us again by announcing that citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries – encompassing around 220 million people – would be barred from entering the US for 90 days. On Sunday, his long-time ally, Rudy Giuliani, traced the order back to a conversation about the “Muslim ban” in which Trump asked him to “show me the right way to do it legally”. While commentators have had their work cut out trying to follow the twists and turns of Trump’s logic on everything from climate change to the CIA, on this issue his attitude has been consistent. If there is a Trump doctrine, “war on Islam” has to be a strong contender.


Anonymous said...

The killings of Muslims already started from the Crusades by the Latin Church since the Medieval Period. The Church tried to impose, by force, their religion on the rest of the world. It was religion that caused the Natives of America to lose their land. Now it is preserving the US$ Hegemony that resulted in all the wars waged by the USA against all and sundry. But the Muslims suffered the greatest losses in the Middle East.

If the Muslims cannot see the hypocrisy of the USA and the Western Allies with respect to Xinjiang, all is really lost. They still have not woken up from the genocide carried out by the Whites in the Middle East, denied of course. The Whites are using terrorist to destabilise Xinjiang in the hope that such unrest will ferment hatred against China by the Muslim world.

When China put it's foot down on terrorist activities in Xinjiang, using re-education camps, the USA and it's Western allies started spreading propaganda that re-education camps were concentration camps. If China follows the USA with torture in Guantanamo of Muslim terrorist treated like animals, you can imagine what the reaction of the USA and it's Western Allies will be like.

Now about Trump's wall. Migrants are using $5 ladders to scale those walls, making the wall useless, and all that money spent in building them is becoming an exercise in futility. But much has been said of the money that went into the pockets of Trump and cronies. Anyway, it is nothing more than printing and printing.

Anonymous said...

Tom Fowdy in RT

Tuesday saw another rocket attack in Iraq against a US military base. A total of 10 rockets were launched at the Ain al-Asad facility, where American and coalition forces are stationed. As in a previous attack at Irbil last month, one allied civilian contractor was killed.

The last time this happened, Joe Biden’s administration responded with an airstrike against Iranian linked militias active in Syria, blaming Tehran for the situation as the two countries haggle over potential talks concerning their nuclear deal....

But that claim is disingenuous. While it has become a repeated theme over the past year for Shi’ite militias to attack US bases with rockets, one ought to remember that this is their country. It’s not America’s.

The West constantly feeds us the one-sided notion that attacks on American soldiers in Iraq are an act of aggression and a crime against the peace, and not, in fact, the other way round. The US has no real business being in Iraq, and never did. The Iraqi government doesn’t want the Americans there – but doesn’t seem to have a choice – and bar the Kurds, neither does its population at large. Being majority Shi’ite, they largely have a natural affinity with neighbouring Iran.