American attack on Uyghurs in Xinjiang


Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security, shown in 2019, announced the ban on Wednesday. announced the ban on Wednesday. Photo: EPA-EFE

"'Made in China' does not just indicate a country of origin - it's a warning label," Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security, said at a news briefing.

The ban applies not only to finished goods shipped from Xinjiang, but to items routed through third countries as well. It will also cover goods that are assembled outside Xinjiang but that use raw cotton and tomato from Xinjiang, officials said.

China denies the existence of forced labour in Xinjiang. In a statement, a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in Washington said that the forced-labour issue was "a political lie concocted by some US politicians and is totally groundless".

Accusing Washington of seeking to undercut Xinjiang's economic development, the spokesperson said the US intended to "deprive Xinjiang people of their right to pursue a better life through work, and cause 'forced unemployment' and 'forced poverty'". Yahoo News

What is forced labour? Slavery, black slavery, is forced labour.  Catching black Africans like animals to work in the cotton fields of America under chains is forced labour.

Under the guise of forced labour, under the guise of defending the Uyghurs, the evil Americans again used their text book tactic to meddle with China's domestic affairs and to incite violence in Xinjiang. There was no forced labour in Xinjiang. The International Muslim Organisation has sent their delegates to visit Xinjiang and they have confirmed this after their visits.  The Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang are living a life better and far richer than many Muslims around the world. Poverty has been eradicated in Xinjiang.

The Americans are using this white lie, a standard American ruse, to impoverish the whole of the Uyghur population in Xinjiang just like they impoverished countries like North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and many Latin American and Africa and Arab countries. With this lie, they are not buying products made by the Uyghurs. The Americans love you Uyghurs, by banning your products! They are trying to punish the Uyghurs, disrupt their livelihood to make them go against the govt.

This evil Empire's days are numbered.  They would be consumed by the covid19 virus and civil war led by the Chosen One sent from high above to destroy them once and for all. The countries that are attacking China using this fabricated white lie are the Anglo Saxons and some European countries, all suffering from out of control Covid19 pandemic. This is God's way to punish these evil white countries.

On the other hand no Muslim country is condemning China for this ruse. They knew that it was all a white lie and they would not fall into it, to be manipulated by the evil white men to make enemies with China. In fact the two biggest Muslim oil producing countries, Iran and Saudi Arabia, have just received Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and signed very big deals with China, selling their oil to China using RMB as the medium of trade. These are clear proof that the Americans have lost the support of the Arab and Muslim world. They cannot keep lying to them and starting wars in their countries and killing Arabs and Muslims and pretending to be fighting for a few Muslims in Xinjiang with their lies.

Asean countries too are keeping a distance from this madness created by the evil Americans. Asean leaders have wisen and would not be used by the Americans to fight China or to condemn the Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

For a start China should stop buying farm produce from the American farmers, ban Britain and Brits from Hong Kong and China. Cut off trade with Britain, Canada and Australia.

PS. DHS is complicit in this anti Uyghurs agenda of the evil Americans. 

To identify Xinjiang-sourced material in goods shipped from other countries, DHS is developing forensic technology "to more affirmatively shut down importers who are not policing their own supply chains," Cuccinelli said. Yahoo News


Anonymous said...

The evil Americans tried to destabilise China via HongKong. But now that their efforts had been foiled after China impose the HK national security law, the evil angmohs are now trying to destabilise China via Xinjiang.

Anonymous said...

The USA is getting more vicious, vile, inhuman and satanic, all laced with lies, fabrication, shameless hypocrisy.

The only country in the world that can do that without blinking an eye, smiling their usual cruel twisted smile, propagating their twisted warp logic and always attempting to export their evil culture to others. A 100% satanic nation never in doubt, following Satan's path in planting hatred among men.

Made in the USA. 250 years in the making. When they reached 5,000 years, wonder what kind of human beings they will turn into? Hitler would look like an angel.

Anonymous said...

The British government recently published a foreign policy review on “Global Britain.” In particular, the 100-plus-page document asserts Britain’s “absolute commitment to upholding the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea in all its dimensions.”

Absolute? Not quite. Not for Britain, nor for America. The United States is one of the few countries not to have joined the treaty.

Both appear to see the law of the sea as a useful tool to clobber China, especially following a arbitral award handed down in 2016 by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. The tribunal ruled that China’s claims over vast swathes of the South China Sea, enclosed by a mythical “nine-dash line,” were illegal under international law, violating basic principles of freedom of navigation and the rights of other states.

Yet today, Britain, a party to UNCLOS, is ignoring its obligations under the treaty.

The cause is a little-known group of 55 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean known as the Chagos Archipelago. For 150 years they were part of the British colony of Mauritius. Then, in 1965, at the instigation of President Lyndon Johnson, Britain decided to separate the islands from Mauritius and, at just the time that the world was agreeing the era of colonialism was over, created a new colony, called the British Indian Ocean Territory. One of the islands, Diego Garcia, was leased to the United States for a military base.

Mauritius got its independence in 1968, but without Chagos. The entire population of the islands — about 1,800 Black people, mostly descendants of slaves who lived and worked on copra plantations there — were forcibly removed and transported to other parts of Mauritius, the Seychelles and Britain.

Mauritius has long sought to get Chagos back, and its effort has been supported by numerous states — including India, the entire African continent, various governments in Latin America and Europe — and the many displaced Chagossians who never gave up on their hope to return to their homes.

Those efforts have borne fruit. In February 2019, the International Court of Justice, in The Hague, ruled that Chagos has been separated from Mauritius illegally, in violation of both the right of self-determination and the territorial integrity of Mauritius.

The U.N.’s official maps have been changed to show the Chagos Archipelago, including Diego Garcia, as belonging to Mauritius, not Britain.

Three months after the I.C.J.’s advisory opinion, the General Assembly overwhelmingly voted for a resolution affirming that Chagos was an integral part of Mauritius and called on Britain to withdraw from the islands within six months, by November 2019. The resolution — which Britain and the United States opposed — also said that Chagossians should now be able to return to their homes.

But the British have refused to leave, which has resulted in another case before the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, in Hamburg, Germany, a body operating under UNCLOS — the treaty to which Britain proclaims its absolute commitment.

That tribunal, in a case brought by Mauritius to delimit the maritime boundary between its Chagos territory and the Maldives, ruled in January that the I.C.J. decision had confirmed Mauritius’s sovereignty over Chagos and rejected Britain’s claims. Yet rather than leave or allow the Chagossians to return, Britain has done a China and thumbed its nose at the rulings and the international rule of law.

Anonymous said...

All this while I wonder what the Muslims of the world thinks of the issue in Xinjiang.

The USA is trying very hard to drive a wedge between China and the Muslims of the world. But those countries that have tasted the USA's and the West's cruel colonisation backlash should know the US and Western agenda very well. They should be able to differentiate reality from hubris, invented to make them weak, divided and easy to control.

If China managed to bring the Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere to their side, it will be the USA's day of reckoning. That is probably the USA's biggest fear, now that Russia and Iran are being driven towards China's side.

I am not tech savy and knows little about uploading things on the internet or Youtube etc, but it will be really great if RB, Southern Glory or anyone else on this blog are able to go one step further by taking views espoused by them or others on this blog to a wider audience.

On a separate note, talking to many elderly folks, men to be precise, of which I am one, they are very well informed despite not accessing the internet. Never underestimate the value of letting old folks sit in coffeeshops. It opens their outlook and enhance their view of world issues. By word of mouth they are able to grasp issues very precisely and clearly. That is a good sign.

southernglory1 said...

RE: Anonymous : 10.56 am and Anonymous :12.01 pm

Hi! comrades Anonymous 10.56am and 12.01pm both of you intellectuals are very knowledgeable and it would be a waste of your talent if you don't contribute articles in this honourable blog of Comrade Chua Chin Leng. Please post articles in this blog to let the natives of 4As countries know how outrageous and evil the EWR countries are. Comrade Chua Chin Leng will definitely wellcome you as contributors and netizens will be enriched more knowledgeably by your contributions.

NB : 4As refer to Asia, Africa, America and Australia and EWR (evil white race) Europe


Friday, 2nd April, 2021

Anonymous said...

Have they look at what pollution of the sea is in Japan after Fukushima? The whole world is already eating contaminated seafood without realising it. But after much propagandising, they will probably be pronouncing that those seafoods are safe. They know the world cannot avoid it.

There is also a mountain of nuclear waste stacked along the coast of California, in drums that experts predict will leak very soon because of the thinness of the containers.

There were also thousands of drums of nuclear waste dumped into the sea discreetly. Now, if all those drums leak eventually, after so long in seawater, I wonder what is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

What do you think schools of whales and dolphins beached and died? Highly probable that they were victims of radioactive waste dumped into the sea by those irresponsible nuclear powers. The dumping of radioactive waste into sea could also be a cause for it.

This nuclear waste would also lead to mutants in the future for eating radioactive fish.

Anonymous said...

Southernglory1, I concur. You too are very knowledgeable and enjoyed your piece too.. Cheers.
kindest regards, JC