Why are Chinese vaccines still not approved in Singapore?


 Chinese vaccines have been used in more than 100 countries. Presidents, head of states, royalties, have been reported to have been vaccinated using Chinese vaccines and no adverse reactions have been reported. All the countries using Chinese vaccines are happy with their results and the demand for Chinese vaccines is growing and China is ramping up its production to meet the demands.

WHO is at the final stage of approving the use of Chinese vaccines despite all the political pressure from the Americans. Chinese vaccines are thus not something new and not tested with hundreds of million users in and out of China. Why is it so difficult for Singapore to approve its use?

The only group of countries not using Chinese vaccines are the western countries in USA and Europe, all being coerced by the Americans for political reasons and vested interest to promote the use and sale of their dangerous mRNA vaccines. AstraZeneca, John & Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna all have adverse cases and even death. And if not of the coverups, the reported cases could be very much more. 

If the number of deaths and blot clotting incidents were due to Chinese vaccines, the vaccines would have been banned. Now the West are stretching their arguments that the benefits outweigh the number of deaths and adverse cases and refusing to stop using their western mRNA vaccines.

As a senior, I rather use the time tested traditional method of producing vaccines from dead virus.  The Chinese vaccines are produced using this traditional method and have been proven to be safer and effective. Many seniors I have spoken to are all waiting for the Chinese vaccines rather than risk using mRNA vaccines and having blood clots and in some cases death. No body wants to get vaccinated and die when there are other alternatives available.

When would Singapore be able to approve the use of Chinese vaccines? Why is it taking so long? It has been more than 2 months since it was reported that Singapore already received 200,000 doses of Sinovac but cannot be used until HSA approves its use. 

Singapore is not an EU country and should not be affected by American politics of not approving the use of Chinese vaccines. Why is it taking so long to approve their use when practically the whole world, other than the white anti China countries, are using Chinese vaccines?

Why, why, why? 

“Why would I put something into my body that has more of a chance of killing me than the thing it’s trying to cure?” a friend of mine recently said.  Diana Bruk, journalist

PS. New Zealand is right not to align itself too closely with the US’ relentless anti-China crusade.  

Wellington has made it clear to Five Eyes partners, the US, UK, Australia and Canada, that it won’t be coerced into unnecessary confrontation with China. This is a sensible move for a country heavily reliant on trade with Beijing. 

Wellington reserves the right to speak for itself on China as and when it sees fit.  Tom Fowdy in RT


Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB and all

Why China's vaccines still not approve for mass vaccinations?

You be surprised by how many Sinkies especially our own who told me in causal conversations that China's vaccines is NOT safe.

They can tell me luckily we had the Pzfier jabs. Many been brainwashed as usual our daft Sinkies.

Think it's a politicial reason why they still holding on.

Pzfier jabs to go for third round booster as according to them?

Lost of efficacy or monies making?


Anonymous said...

Those who have a very short military training stint at West Point will forever be in the evil American camp.

Queen of Hearts said...

With pro-Western and Anti-China Son of the Guns at the controlling end, the Chinese vaccines have been driven to the back because of obvious reasons. Too bad for Singapore's Chinese!

Anonymous said...

The western moon is bigger what they believed

Anonymous said...

New Zealand, like Germany, has a level headed leader that can think. The other leaders of the 5 eyes are, weak men, just blinded by propaganda, fabricated by the USA and they cannot think independently. Everything has to follow their master.

Now, what about Red Dot? Not a 5 eyes, but one of the cotton wool blinded eyes.

Anonymous said...

From the comments by analyst, the Pfizer vaccine probably needs a third booster shot for now. And from the narratives being released in bits and pieces, it is morphing into a yearly booster shot.

Little wonder why so much effort is being expended to put down other vaccine manufacturers? They want to monopolise and even weaponise their vaccine.

India is the first country to be victimised by monopolistic policies by the most evil country in the world.

Anonymous said...

The Indians now know they betted on the wrong horse. Indians are now paying the price for Modi toadying up to the USA. It is too late to regret. Modi is going to run road and leave the country in grave danger. There is no way for him to wriggle out of this calamity.

Anonymous said...

PM Modi's boast in January: "Today (Jan 09), India is ready to protect humanity with not one, but two Made in India corona vaccines.”

In his virtual address on the theme of ‘Contributing to Aatmanirbhar Bharat’, he said: “Being the pharmacy of the world, India has supplied important medicines to all those in need in the world in the past and is also doing so now.”

Fast forward to Bloomberg news today (April 24): "India has become the terrifying new epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic. New cases have topped 300,000 daily and are still rising; the official death toll of over 2,000 per day is almost certainly an underestimate. Every hour brings horrifying new stories of mass cremations, overwhelmed testing centers, people dying while waiting for a hospital bed. The country desperately needs help — and the U.S. should provide it."

So embarrassing ...

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.07

If I am not wrong, Pfzier had a written clause that if u want to purchase further our vaccines then you are NOT allowed to use others and publicise them as we would put you last on lists for further supplies.

Thus, Sinkieland Govt cannot use China's vaccines now after getting more supplies from Pzfier.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.38

As always pride comes before a fall. Trump was boasting in early 2020 that the USA would not be affected, only 1 case and nothing to worry about. What happened?

India is in deep trouble, having signed agreements to supply vaccines to many countries and now backtracking on their words. In fact countries like Bangladesh ordered and fully paid for 60 million dozes of vaccines from the Serum Institute of India, only receiving 10 million dozes so far. Some EU countries are also in this situation and will be suing SII. India has lost the trust of many countries. Boasting that it is the vaccine hub of the world but unable even to manufacture enough vaccines for home use.

India has been sodomised big time by the USA's ban on ingredients for their vaccines. That is how dangerous it is to depend on the USA.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The World Health Organization’s review of two Chinese Covid-19 vaccines for emergency use licensing - a prerequisite for their inclusion in the Covax Facility global vaccine distribution programme - is proceeding as scheduled.

Kate O’Brien, director of the WHO’s immunisation department, said on Thursday meetings to discuss Sinopharm and Sinovac were planned for Monday and May 3, respectively.

The politicising of vaccines and deliberate delays in approval Chinese vaccines for Covax to be used in poorer countries is first degree murder. Many people are going to die for not being able to be vaccinated because of the politicisation and delays.

This is a very cruel thing to play politics with.

Anonymous said...

Delaying approval of one vaccine and pushing the advantages of another is the same way as advertising in business strategy. Keep advertising the advantages of one and using discreet demonisation of all others and you know who will corner the market?

The delay in approval is already putting doubts in people's mind.

Anonymous said...

India is going to pay a very heavy price in this politicisation of vaccines. India is on the western camp, cannot use Chinese or Russian vaccines. That must be the condition for the rights to produce AstraZeneca vaccine.

Now with the virus spreading rapidly, India can only turn to the west for help. The selfish west would not help. It is their people that will come first. The hoarding of vaccines in the US and UK would not be used to help India.

Even the Quad, something the Indians are gloating and bragging about, as a member of the Empire, none of them would extend a helping hand to India. India by now must know, you die your business.

Thank you very much for being a good partner of Quad. We will call you when we need you to be a prick on China's back.

Anonymous said...

The USA, UK, Quad whatever, all are promising help. Stand by India and doing nothing is their way of helping. Standing close together with India is another way of helping. Puffing hot air to gain political points is another way of helping. Not giving vaccines and still demanding India fulfill it's obligations to the EU is another way they are helping. What hypocrites!

All NATO only or 'No Action Talk Only' or for show lah!

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo definitely there are humans with lots of underlying medical problems that even a influenza jab would killed them.

What's more Pfzier cases? Also same problems what.

Sure cannot be 100% safe.

Anonymous said...

Only one or two deaths with low efficacy rating of 65%? That is good news already. Did those who died have other illnesses? There are so many other factors.

Those that touted 96% efficacy also had problems and deaths. Even need to have 'no liability' clause attached in order to cover their arsehole.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Big Brother has told Singapore to ignore the vaccines from China?

SSO said...

I will never trust the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines which have now been propagandized far too much of the good sides, with very little negative sides, for its own good. They have become too good to be true.

Every negative discovery of their bad side-effects has been either demonized or quickly brushed aside by quickie propagandists in the name of experts and researchers, or dubious selective surveys and questionable studies, probably done by people we have never heard of and who have probably been paid handsomely for their advertising pull-factors.

I will definitely wait for the Chinese vaccines, which are more reliable and definitely safer.

I will not subject my lif, health and personal safety to the world well-known money-making Big Pharmas, that treat us as mere digits in their schemes of things.

The fact that they have put in their sales agreements the exclusive clause of no liabity to absolve themselves of all responsibilities in the events of mishaps and deaths resulting from the injections of their vaccines is already a huge tell-tale sign that we must be stupid if we failed to recognise it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

If someone tells you something too good to be true, probably it is not true. Take it with a handful of salt and be very very careful. And walk far away from that person, promising yourself you would never want to meet that person again.

That's what I would do.

Anonymous said...

One of the five locally transmitted Covid-19 cases reported on Saturday (April 24) was a male Singapore Permanent Resident, 45, who was looking after his mother at a government quarantine facility. The Ministry of Health (MOH) said he had received his first dose of the vaccine on Feb 26 and the second dose on March 19.

His parents had arrived from India on April 15, and his father had tested positive upon arrival in Singapore and was admitted to a hospital.

Thot they were supposed to be certified virus-free before leaving for S'pore ?!

Virgo49 said...


Anything can be manipulated by dirty monies.

Just pay and they certified you virus free

Simple as that

That's why those s smart countries banned them altogether.

Only sinking land had soft spots for them

Naive and trusting

Anonymous said...

When imbeciles are in charge, things can turn very dangerous overnight.

Singapore can easily plunge into the same situation as in India.

Don't pray pray with imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

Vaccinated with two doses of 96% efficacy rate can still get infected.

This speaks a lot about the 96% number. Believeable? Only silly bananas and imbeciles would believe in this number. And so many had already died because of mRNA vaccines.

Anonymous said...

The Times of India reported on Thursday that India was looking to import oxygen from countries in the Gulf and Singapore, but not China even if China said it is ready to help, as China was "not among the countries India was looking to source oxygen from."

Anonymous said...

Modi is anti China pro USA hardcore nut. He will never turn to China for help, even in this case of being offered help. The border conflict, the ban on Chinese apps, it all shows Modi's infatuation in following the orders of the evil one, whose agenda is plainly cultivating India into an obedient pawn to contain China, even at the expense of India's own people's life at stake. Madness indeed!

Suffice to say, it is also a blessing in disguise for China not to be helping, since the snake is bound to bite China's hand, like during the first wave. Let it be. China offered help and was rejected, so nobody can claim China is not giving humanitarian aid. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Modi govt has surrendered India’s strategic interests to China, compromised national security: Congress


Anonymous said...

There were 40 new coronavirus cases confirmed in Singapore as at Sunday noon (April 25), all imported.

Amongst the 40 imported cases,

- 2 are Singaporeans and 10 are Singapore Permanent Residents who returned from India, Indonesia, the Philippines and UAE.
- 4 are Dependant’s Pass holders who arrived from India and Nepal.
- 5 are Work Pass holders who arrived from India, the Maldives and Nepal.
- 12 are Work Permit holders who arrived from India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, of whom 6 are foreign domestic workers.
- 4 are Student’s Pass holders who arrived from Bangladesh and India.
- 3 are Short-Term Visit Pass holders from Indonesia and India.

Anonymous said...

None from China !

Anonymous said...

JERUSALEM: Israel's health ministry said on Sunday (Apr 25) it is examining a small number of cases of heart inflammation in people who had received Pfizer-BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine, though it has not yet drawn any conclusions.

Pfizer said it has not observed a higher rate of the condition than would normally be expected in the general population.

Israel's pandemic response coordinator, Nachman Ash, said that a preliminary study showed "tens of incidents" of myocarditis occurring among more than 5 million vaccinated people, primarily after the second dose.

Ash said it was unclear whether this was unusually high and whether it was connected to the vaccine. CNA

No, they would not want to admit that it is related or caused by the vaccine. They are in deliberate denial of the link. All the deaths, blood clotting etc etc caused by mRNA vaccines were denied, or deemed too small so can go ahead and use them. A few died is worth it. People dying because of being vaccinated when they need not die, is worth it?

Anonymous said...

The benefit outweigh the risk is all they will say. If any of their family members are among the casualties, I hope they will continue to say that, sacrificing their own family members for the benefit of the others.

Anonymous said...

I blinked twice when I saw the headline of the ST article – “2 of 3 local virus cases had received both jabs of vaccine.”

My half asleep brain had read “2 of 3 had not received the vaccine” which is not surprising, after all, the vaccine is reported to have a 95% efficacy rate. One would expect more people who have not received the jab to catch the virus than people who have. Foong Swee Fong in TRE

Still believing in 95% efficacy?