Singapore's next PM...all planned and carefully thought out

 With Heng Swee Kiat calling it a day, not wanting to be the face of the country, not wanting to take the pressure that is building up in all corners, he must have seen them coming, I would agree that he made the right choice not to be in the way when the roof comes tumbling down.

4 names are now in the front page of the local media as the possible contenders to be PM. Chan Chun Sing, Ong Ye Kung, Lawrence Wong and Desmond Lee are the ones put up by the PAP to prepare the people to get use to them.

What would be the reactions of the people? The real feelings of the people on the choice put forward could not be missed. The heads are all shaking in disbelief but not a word would be spoken. The little noises in the social media were just meaningless noise that at best be forgotten. Without seeing anything, hearing anything, I could still feel the unhappiness, the grudging frustration from some quarters that this could not be, but withholding the words that wanted to throw out from their stomach...but had to swallow them back in silence. Better not to say anything.

The situation is so uncomfortable in the politically conscious quarters struggling to accept what is happening. The reality presented to them is just unbelieveable, more like fiction, more like a badly written script that is best not written.

This is looking like the calm before the storm. It is too peaceful and quiet to believe that all is well. No one will go against the plan, everything will be smooth flowing according to the script and the script writer. The sheep will be sheep, black sheep, white sheep, all will be sheep and will behave exactly like sheep, headless, leaderless, and the sheep dog would have his day.

Is that going to be the order of the day? Dunno about what others feel, I can feel the tension under this fake calm of inactivity.


SSO said...

When The Crown Prince Has No Crown And Is Not A Prince...

The selection of a successor can be both very easy and very difficult. It depends on the primary motive and idiosyncrasies of the Selector, the King-Maker.

It also depends on the perceptive and judgemental abilities of the King-Maker in identifying the diamond from the arrays of precious stones.

Above all, it depends on the power behind the politics at play.

Usually, in the past, when the PM was on leave, one of the DPMs was appointed as Acting PM. But when the PM was on leave recently and the one and only DPM was not appointed as Acting PM, a deviation from past practices, the discerning public have already sensed something was amiss.

Coupled with a series of "blunders and bungles" made from 2018 onwards, with Netizens questioning the suitability and capabilities of the Crown Prince, the situation had become too hot for comfort. So much so, the inner circle had to come out to openly say "we are completely united behind" so and so ...

That was a real give-away that something was not right. One doesn't do such a thing unless one has had very strong negative feedback that needed to be countered and expelled urgently.

Ironically, by taking such a quickie counter-action, one also in the same instance let the cat out of the bag.

Next, using the COVID-19 Pandemic as an excuse to further delay the already delayed and long overdue handing-over of power to the ownself hand-picked Crown Prince, is too obvious an indication that another succession plan has been developed behind the scenes.

Handng over the Kingdom to the Crown Prince only when he reaches 70 years old means that he cannot stay in the Kingship for more than one term; or at the most two terms. This indicates that the Crown Prince was not meant to be the new King, but a Eunuch Seat-Warmer only.

Therefore, by throwing in his towel into the ring of fire, it is clear that the Crown Prince has refused to be a Eunuch Seat-Warmer. He wants to be King!

Moral Of The Story

When you are not a Prince and you do not have a Crown, no matter what, you can't be a Crown Prince. You can only be the Clown in a circus or the Prince in the Darkness.


The real Crown Prince will appear in due course, when the time is ripe.

This latest development could be linked with the removal of the Empress Dowager. The Black Power must have become stronger and stronger, a forceful political force to be reckoned with.

Chinkies Singaporeans have better be prepared for hard times ahead.

SSO - 9 April 2021.

Anonymous said...

The President are directly elected in by the voting Singaporeans. Whereas Prime Minister are not directly elected. Currently, PAP are the elected government and can appoint the PM of their choices. It is the party affair, many of the Singaporeans may not be bothered with it. Why discuss such an important matters in the public. Many peoples maybe scratching their heads.

Anonymous said...

Despite all the talk about succession planning and how immaculately thought out, the tea invitation, the many cycles of interviews, the final selection, things still turn out 'chow tar' or burnt.

Man proposes, but God disposes. Keep in mind!

Anonymous said...

Are we sure the President is directly elected or just a 'Hobson's choice' offered to voters?

I am scratching my head.

Anonymous said...


This is just the beginning of.........!

All the BEST-est!


Anonymous said...

If someone picks a cat and a dog for the people to elect as president, can the people say they elected the dog or cat as president?

I think yes. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, the choice is yours. But who picked the cat and the dog as well is another mystery.

Anonymous said...

But both the cat and dog are someone's pet. Take it or leave it. Oops, you cannot even leave it.

Anonymous said...

To make things easier just disqualify one, then no need erection.

Anonymous said...

When the thinking and reasoning are so contrived...

SSO said...

Since when was there a real succession planning in any political party in the world?

At the back of someone's great mind, there is always a great choice, which boils down to no choice.

This no choice is the choice to ensure continuity of power within the power centre, within the party that exists for and at the pleasure of the Supreme Leader and the Number One Family of, for example, North Korea or Saudi Arabia, or Jordan, Russia, or China, or Japan, UK or USA.

Or Singapore, or Timbuktu?

Anonymous said...

Having a succession plan looks like making sure the power does not fall out of the hands of someone or some group of people wanting perpetual rule. Therein lies the problem.

It categorically excludes other capable people who may not agree with them or inside their circle, preventing talents from outside to rise up and taking over the reins, and just totally relying on the closely knit familiar you know who. It is what they call 'inbreeding' in human procreation terms. And it may be the reason why some regimes eventually fail.

Man can plan all they want. It is God that has the final say.

SSO said...

Since the beginning, God never has the final say. It is the Serpent that has the final say.

God is also not all-powerful. If he was omnipotent, he would have commanded the unquestioning obedience of Adam and Eve, and subdued the Serpent before it could create any havoc.

God is also not all-knowing. If he was omniscient, he would have known what the Serpent was going to do and therefore stopped it from doing what it did, ie influencing Eve to eat of the fruit from the tree of knowledge. He would not have created the Evil Serpent in the first place.

So, God started on the wrong premise, wrong assumptions and wrong footing. As a result, He became the actual loser right from the beginning. A loser of his own choice - a faulty choice.

So, if God can make such a big blunder, the man that he has created in his own image must be even more blunder-prone.

As such, all secession plans are just that, plans.

Plans are not reality.

Plans have never been carried out in perfection. No plans are perfect.

Plans are meant to be modified and altered under new extenuating circumstances.

No one plans to fail but everyone fails to plan in one way or another, in one aspect or many aspects, in one instance or many instances. In other words, all plans failed!

Therefore, it is best to stay in the Present, without thinking of the Past nor the Future. If you can do that continuously, you are Enlightened.

Virgo49 said...

Simple, very simply

Mother wants to retire from Tummy Sick.

Father also getting senile and weak.

So SON is now ready to take over the Dynasty.

Goldfish Eye,to be fair to him is an affable and nice man. Many Sinkies loved him and his benevolent style.

So actually if he carried on and his popularity is enhanced then sudden asked to give us seat then the Public would be disquiet.

Also he is quite a capable Leader and Man. Though maybe excellent in Admin and Management He is not in the temperatant to be a Hatchet And Ruthless Fighting Cock Man who dared to kill and pulled up even all the roots of his adversaries to be in Power.

That's what's we called an Operations Man is an organisation why they don't really do all the mundane administrative works but as Kwa Lan like RSM who ordered one and all.

Also, he must have this temperament to deal with hygena, wolf, leopards and crows and black panthers unscrupulous World Scoundrels Leaders and also even internal the same as well.

It you have Oppo Leaders like Lin Tean, Pritram Singh who are the vocal and Fighting cocks types that you are dead in meeting them.

For TCB and others they are from the same school of affable and gentle type of people who will only debate gentlemanly.

So let come to how's the succession to the Throne.

He will put Kee Chiu to warn up the chair like Woody Goh. Then next election his beloved SON will also be elected in. Now He will have a long runway to understudy under his Father.

Why needed a long runway? If you are the Smart type you can always run your own shows with no need of what's understudy of all these ministeries.

Because you would also be influenced by the still old and mundane policies.

You must be a Fresh Man with different out of the boxes ideas to run your own.

A PeeAyam is the Capitan of the Ship so he must be competent to run the whole ship and not let others run his ship.

So for WangLiangPoPo and Orr Yew Tang, these two are very ambitious and dangerous men. They are what's I described PM materials as they are both aggressive and fighting cocks men.

So they be put in cold storage. So the best choice would be Lee Chiu as he is the clown who just a Court Jester to waste away his time. As long as these Jokers are been fed well they would not rebel.

Just wait for the right time to try again.

So my guess is that KeeChiu will be the warm up seat man as he can be get rid of easily to have the Holy Son take over.

Virgo49 said...

There I told you. Pick a Leader in a year or two. So meanwhile LHL is still PeeAyam. Calculate the timeline nearer to the next Elections.

Then his beloved Son in time to join. So must rid off Goldfish Eye before he is entrenched in his popularity and power.

Because you cannot let acting PeeAyam for so long and yet no confirmed him.

So if Goldfish Eye became full fledged PM then will be too difficult to remove him as he already had his grounds and supports.

So better rid of him before too late and just tell him to step aside giving all sorts of frivolous excuses of what's a long runway to understudy.

Hogwash, SMART and capable man no need long runway to understudy.

Some countries even without any political experience they just took over and ran the country better than those old tired dead brains politicians

Anonymous said...

Or probably Kee Kiu olso step aside as he is too Xia suay saying cotton comes from sheep, maybe Ah Sham might take over but he black skin so cannot, or might be skekali Desmond Li take the baten ax seat warmer than later pass to Crown Prince it can be tat, let's not speculate cos there r still many things awaiting to happen by next erection..

Virgo49 said...

Kee Chiu is the best candidate. He is aligned with the Lee Dynasty as their Servant's godson.

Very tame poodle ask to bark will bark. Asked to step down will do so in double quick time.

He is beholden to them as his benefactor as he in a way is raised and groomed by them. But still as an outsider you can only go so far. Did not see he always at LKY's side to prop him up each time he needed to stand?

Also put him in Tanjong Pagar the Pioneering Constituency of LKY.

Desmond Li is nothing a washout. You can see no PeeAyam materials. Not aggressive enough like a softie ah qua. Only thru connections of his father who is also medicore nobody.

Those only good for administration and management affairs have no PM ingredients. Only good for pen pushing.

That's why you see Operational Staff always run the shows. They had the vigor and aggressiness in them to deal with any emergencies.

Administration and management staff are just so
Support staffs.

A PM must be an Operational Man who can dealed with the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

Not administrative Man.


Anonymous said...

White Horse is Kee Chiu
Black Horse is Lauland
Crazy Horse is Demond Li
GILAt horse is On Gee Gang
...let's see which Horse comes in 1st or may be all ka..booyah..

Anonymous said...

@ 1:51 pm:

"White Horse is Kee Chiu
Black Horse is Lauland
Crazy Horse is Demond Li
GILAt horse is On Gee Gang
...let's see which Horse comes in 1st or may be all ka..booyah.."

None of the above are of PM quality. They are just outstanding administrators. Not leaders. They are "Yes-men". Not "X-men".

The King purposefully selected such men so that his Prince can outshine them and control them easily.

SSO said...

I strongly believe that HSK has been ordered to relinquish his Finance Portfolio because he removed HC from Temasek because of the DBS-India fiasco.

As such, HSK not happy. So, he threw in his towel.

While his reasons for abandoning the position of Premiership of Singapore are not logical, yet his letter was so quickly accepted by the incumbent PM. This smells fishy.

By throwing in his towel and surrendered so abruptly, HSK has caused a leadership crisis. This is definitely not in the interests of Singapore, though he has struggled to say that his action was for the interests of Singapore.

How is a 60 year old too old to be PM when the present PM is coming close to 70 and still think of continuing indefinitely on the reign of power?

It takes many years to groom someone to take over as PM. How long more must Singapore wait for the next PM to be selected, groomed, prepared, and be ready for taking over?

Is it in the interests of Singaporeans to wait and wait, and yet wait again while indecisions and indecisiveness continue to champion for the days past and days ahead?

SSO said...

When Prince Philip was discharged from the hospital on 16 March, I predicted that he had not long to live.

Today, heads of state and prime ministers across the world, past and present, send tributes following the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at the age of 99.

My next prediction is that the Queen would follow suit within one year. Just watch.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the 'crown prince' cud be unseated & even can't survive in a erection, watever it is it doesn't spell good for this tiny island to by rule under a dynastic as wat even the same clan as Prof Har ward said b4.

Anonymous said...

Alamak why u cursed the queen. She is still young

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. The Brits can always sing 'God save the Queen' and she will live to a thousand years. Even well after the disappearance of the Great Empire.

Anonymous said...

Goldfish was already 59 during the last GE. That was just one year ago. Why is age the reason for his quitting now? Why not quit immediately before the last election, if his age is a factor. But stepping down then would be another questionable decision, being the designated seat warmer.

It is his poor showing during GE2020 that provided the push. The PAP cannot afford to have him standing in the next GE with little guarantee that he will perform better. He may even be voted out. He must have been under pressure, so quitting is a relieve for the load on his mind.

Of course all these are just speculation. We will never know the real reasons.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Little Boy Blue aka Cotton Chan aka teaboy at International conferences.

Anonymous said...

Cotton-Come-From-Sheep, Me Xia Shuay Chan, if become Pee Ayam, we all will be known as Xia-Shuay-poreans instead of Singaporeans.

Virgo49 said...

They have to sing God Saved the Queen as they had committed hideous and crimes against Humanity.

But no matter how long they sang They be still condemned to HELL as it is just a myth that once you believed in HIM you shall be saved to Heavens.

This is just a catch to convert those who had committed untold sins and crimes and were just desperate to be saved.

But when the time draws near they were just as hesistant and sure that they be still be condmened to HELL as Heavens had eyes to see.

That's why they always exclaimed aloud their usual hypocritial God Bless You just to tell you that they are already condmened as Helljuallah

Virgo49 said...

Right me too.

To me he is easily removed once the Crown Prince had arrived.

The others besides that girlie girlie Desmond Lee will be a big headaches to.deal with them

Both are Kwa Lan and How Lian in characters.


Virgo49 said...

60 and too old to be PM?

Mahathir with his mouth opened and said "HUH?"

Anwar and me still fighting and running to be PM!

Dont bullshits and tell to the little children your daft sinkies.

Your government can tell you to work till 75 and 60 too old to be PM.

Anonymous said...

That is why they have managed to convert so many naive and wide eyed natives into their faith. Believe and you will be saved is a big big lie. But sinners also want to go to heaven, no matter how heinous their crimes.

As the old man said, the Whites have already lost faith in their religion, with Churches converted into Bingo halls, while those people in the East have still not opened their eyes to reality.

Virgo49 said...

They just wanted the numbers so that they can collect alms and tithles during their sermons.

See so mant chia liak bee Pastors and Fathers and Mothers living on these charities of sweat and hard work of the dafts.

Anyway do not pity them for they are just blind blind blind and daft. Will clutch at any straws from drowning from their unforgiveable crimes and sins.

So smarter ones even had the luxury of living in Sentosa Cove on the stupid contributions of their dafts.

Also can send wifey to dance pole dacing half naked and be touched and screwed by the big pricks.

Real Chinese will said sia suay and cuckoo hubby.

Why mourned for a parasite Prince? Who lived on.the alms of others?

Better go early than at 99. So many packets of bread and eggs fed for his existence.

Real stupid human beans.

Anonymous said...

I know that that particular faith is a short cut to wealth, since it is a no holds barred, no barrier to commitment of heinous crimes, and killings are all pardonable and designated 'collateral damage'. After that, it is still a path to Heaven.

But hoping for a short cut to heaven? That is a whole new ball game for the believers.

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Bro.