The Anglo-Saxon countries USA, England and Australia showed disdain and contempt for India during its Coronavirus Crisis.

      This article is  republished on today, May 1st being May Day or International Labour Day to let the whole world know how contemptible and treacherous the Anglo-Saxon countries England,the United States and Australia are in the way they treated India with disdain in its hour of need for help during its extreme Coronavirus Crisis. The article is self-explanatory regarding the true nature and inherent evil hidden beneath the facade of their fake exposition of their friendship to India which is couched with insincerity and evil intent.

In its hours of need, India best friends the  United States, England and Australia and their lap dog Japan just look the other way and keeping silent pretending not to know what is happening to its most important QUAD member India.

India must know the US, UK and Australia are white racist and supremacist countries and Japan is US protectorate. They are using India as a geopolitical tool to serve their diabolical objective of containing China. Other than that they will view India more as a burden and will always be shunned and despised by them as being hopelessly poor, weak  and useless just as they had been treating China in a similar manner in the recent past. 

India and China's future lies in their ability to see a common destiny where they can see beyond their narrow prism of the historical border problems as it was purposely and proactively implanted by the former evil British imperialist to sow the seeds of future contention and confrontation between China and India. For thousands of years India and China have been living with each other in peace and harmony and with mutual respect until the evil warmongering and aggressive British invader appeared in the 18th century when it wrenched away large chunks of Chinese territories and ruled them under the British India government. England failed to settle the China - British India border issues when it was forced to leave India in 1947. Its intention was evil because it intentionally and proactively left a poisonous baggage for India to have a future struggle and conflict with China. England then organized the British Commonwealth Countries to oversee its ex-colonies affairs. So though India got its independence in 1947 it has always been under the evil British influence.

India needs to get over that evil and poisonous leftover British baggage of the India-China border issues and accommodate China half way to secure permanent peace, security and harmony so that both countries can progress together in development to prosperity and strength and thus be able to jointly confront the inherently evil British and the West headed by the evil empire the United States.

China and India must get back to their previous long history of friendship where they had mutual respect, security and harmony long before the warmongering British and the savage Europeans came as trouble makers and invaders.

Learning from India's pathetic experience, all non-white countries must realise that white people and their countries are unreliable and can never be trusted as friends.

India and China must wake up and get over their border issues to unite in friendship and solidarity to make the dream of 21st Asian Century a reality. Don't let the evil and poisonous white people of the West diabolical plans destroy that dream.


Friday, May 1st , 2021


Anonymous said...

If not for other countries pledging aid, you think the USA or members of the QUAD would send aid to India? The USA is under pressure by the Russians, Pakistanis and Chinese answering India's call for help first and they had no choice but to follow. It is their way of saving face, not their readiness to help. Do not construe that as humanitarian help from their evil hearts.

Virgo49 said...

Right Southernglory1

India and China had a long time good relationships since the times of Nehru and ChouEn Lai and even can be mended till today's.

They are the closest neighbors side by side and should be closer than any other countries together.

They must not let the western devils divide them into becoming enemies.

Must not fall into the evil traps.

They are both of the earliest Civilizations before the barbarians.

So they must be together to fight their Evil influences.


Virgo49 said...

Now Moody or Modi must take this opportunity to seek China's help and be friends once again.

No shames in saving your lives of your people first.

Spurned and scorned the West hypocritical help.


Anonymous said...

Hi Virgo, me agree to your proposal of India China mending ties. For thousands of years they had been friends, only these few yrs their relationship got tensed due to border issues. They had been exchanging trade, culture, religion before. Just pray that India leader will come out from his slumber bcos a real friend will never forsake or abandon a friend whose is in trouble.

Anonymous said...

With USA, Australia and Japan having bought over Modi's soul, mending ties with China is not going to happen during Modi's watch.

Japan, besides going to throw poison into the Pacific to poison China, is already discreetly giving Modi advice how to poison China/India relations, even during this difficult hour in Indian history.

I thought Abe was bad for China. Suga seems worse. Like the USA, we thought Trump was bad, but this present foggy is even worse.

Anonymous said...

Following the coronavirus outbreak, India has issued a travel advisory on Singapore and asked its citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to the south-east Asian business hub.


India says Singapore is very infectious.
Tells its citizens better don't gp to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

did malaysia and indonesia help india ?

Anonymous said...

New Delhi, Following the coronavirus outbreak, India has issued a travel advisory on Singapore and asked its citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to the south-east Asian business hub.

This was decided at a high level review meeting taken by Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba on COVID-19.

Four new countries are being added to the list for screening at airports. After a detailed review, in addition to the universal screening as per earlier advisories, universal screening at airports is now being planned for flights from Kathmandu, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

southernglory1 said...

VIRGO - 49

I think you were misinformed regarding the villain Nehru.

Nehru was a villain in sheep's clothing. He had betrayed Premier Chou En-lai's trust and stabbed China on the back. All the time he had been plotting with his military and under the secret advice and guidance of UK and US he had planned a quick and surprise attack on China to take over the Chinese province of Tibet or Xichang under India's rule and occupation. He had connived with UK and US to stage the sudden attack in October 1962, claiming that it was the best time to attack China and take over Tibet since China was very weak after decades of Western invasion and just soon after a devastating Korean War and moreover UK and US had supplied India with the best modern weapons and airforce of the day at that moment in time. He and his military with the support of UK and US arrived at the conclusion that there wasn't a better time to attack China and dislodge China from Tibet than for the occasion planned.But their calculations were all wrong and they were all soundly defeated by the peasant soldiers of the Peoples Liberation Army who though poorly armed with outdated rifles were highly compensated for their invincible and indomitable fighting spirit. The rest is history.

Virgo - 49
I had written two articles on the India-China War 1962, in 'My Singapore News Blog' in may be 2016. You may check it out and read the said articles.

Also you may try to get hold of the book India-China War 1962, written by Neville Maxwell. This book has a very detail account of the war.


Virgo49 said...

Tks Southernglory1 for your enlightenment.

Thought saw a old photo of Nehru with ChouEnLai in a smiling pose.

Will look into recommendations.


Anonymous said...

Prior SARS-CoV-2 infection boosts response to variants after first vaccine dose

A single dose of vaccine boosts protection against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus variants, but only in those with previous COVID-19, a study has found.


Anonymous said...

Angmoh cyclists act like colonial masters on Singapore roads

Singapore belongs to everybody!

Virgo49 said...

Our Enforcement officers won't dare to book them.

They still have a colonial hangover that they are still our Masters.

Only seow and gong ah bengs made the mistakes to rant and honked at them and get into affrays with them.

In the end the seow and gong aj bengs even though they are the victims have to be fined and some even had to spend their time serving in Changi Resorts Hotels whereas these provokers and aggressors goes Scott free.

It's became our next line of SPF officers also gave darling reports that the chow ah bengs are the aggressors.

The Farking bananas the Englishman educated will be sniggering away saying that the silly chow ah bengs deserved it.

They will slanged and talked like them carrying their Balls worshiping their Ang Moh Daring Heros.

This is the life in Sinkieland.

Virgo49 said...

Chow bananas English Electrocuted Spineless Ah Guas sia suay a disgrace to their Race.

Slanged like them thinking that they are also Grand Englishmen which in reality are Papuers now.

Virgo49 said...

These chow ang mohs practically can spend their times cycling in groups round Sinkieland and in gyms building up their muscles to intimidate the stupid smaller natives why?

Because our stupid Papies and even our bananas employers thought too highly of them with high paying posts for them with their fake qualifications and glib tongues.

They just simply shown their faces and off they scooted away to enjoy their luxurious lifestyles whereas their stupid daft natives do the donkey work for them with them getting all the credits and high salaries.

This is the state of affairs now in Sinkieland.

Sold lock stock and barrels.

Anonymous said...

They talk only. There won't be laws requiring cyclists to be registered - because ANGMOHs TUA KEE!