Satan shoes on sale in Satan country

 The evil America now selling Satan shoes. Nike sueing rapper Lil Nas X for this pair of shoes that supposedly have a drop of blood in making the colour of its soles red.

666 and Luke 10:18 are printed on the shoes. The limited edition already sold out. not sure how many pairs were produced. And the price, $1,018 of course.


Anonymous said...

Rb what is luke 10:18?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is a verse in the bible.

'He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.'

Anonymous said...

Cud it be that the Evils Empire r falling apart like the Satan? & it's pretty fast like lightning, Evils Empire doomsday is coming Fast!

Anonymous said...

Using blood? From Clinton, Bush or Obama? Otherwise who cares. They may be using chicken blood from KFC slaughterhouses and Satan's followers do not care. As long as it is blood. The favourite drink of the evils like Dracula.

Using blood from those three evil monsters will be at premium prices. Their hands killed millions of innocent women and children.

Anonymous said...

That idea can only come from sick Western minds. I hope it is not a belated April Fool's joke!

SSO said...

To Tudung Or Not To Tudung? That Is The Question!

To allow the nurses to wear the tudung (the special head scarf that identifies a follower of the Islamic faith) or not to wear the tudung in public uniformed service?

The above irritating question has been in existence for many years, since independence. For the past 51 years, all uniform services have not been allowed to wear the tudung because it is not a part of the uniform.

So the question continues to arise and simmer like a yoyo or swing left and right like a dingdong in a bell.

Recently, this same irritating question arose again in Parliament. An Opposition MP sought Parliament's decision to allow nurses to wear the tudung.

Minister for Law and Home Affairs voiced his opinion that he could see good reason for nurses to wear the tudung.

Minister in-charge of Religious Affairs said that such an issue must be discussed behind closed doors because of various reasons.

MUI Chief, the Mafti, also voiced his support for nurses to wear tudung. He wrote to the PM for his support on this issue.

The PM replied that such a move must be carefully considered.

PM Lee reiterated that sensitive issues concerning race and religion are normally discussed behind closed doors “so that we can all talk candidly and honestly, and understand the problem from different perspectives”.


The Mufti then replied that the Muslim community understands the complexity of the issue.

He added, “We fully support the government’s secular and neutral stance in treating various religious groups evenly, while it consults the community and considers the impact of its policies on society”.

The Mafti also recognised that societies all over the globe have become more polarised, and that “In pursuing one step forward, we should not inadvertently take a few steps back. Therefore, it is more important than ever to “affirm our commonalities, emphasise our shared values and pursue the common good together.”

So, the battle for the tudung has become a dingdong battle again.

Big Question:

Why Sikhs are allowed to wear the Turban while in uniform, in public service, especially so in the SAF?

(Can the turban replace the helmet to take on a direct hit from a bullet to the head? The answer is NO.)

Double standard or not?

SSO - 2 April 2021.

Anonymous said...

Sso likely the Sikhs believe r hurt e turban is a stronger defense against bullet that is the bullet won't even hit their heads?

SSO said...

Belief is one thing. Reality is another. The bullet has no belief, only reality. The bullet has no religion.

The question is not what the Sikhs believe but what made the political leadership made such a decision that gave in to the Sikhs community's demand while not willing to accede to the request of the Muslims?

What logical reasons have made the political leadership to decide thus?