Black army officers threatened by white policemen, pepper sprayed and handcuffed...


This black officer could have been shot and killed by the white policemen, just because he was black. His army uniform, his rank as a lieutenant were of no relevance, not respected by the white policemen. He was as good as a nigger. If he dared to insist on his right or stood firm, his life would be at risk. He could be dead.

This is white racist America where black men, coloured people, Chinese, Muslims, Latinos, Jews, have never been treated as equal citizens. This country belongs to the white men and the rest were tolerated as second or third class citizens. The blacks would always be treated as descendants of slaves, bad people, dangerous people.  The only people that is more dangerous than the blacks are the white policemen. They have killed more innocent black people than the criminals did in the USA.

Watch this short video to see how the whites bullied and held the blacks in disdain. The blacks have no human rights under the whites. The blacks just have to remain meek and be bullied. They cannot rebel or revolt against the white brutality. The blacks knew their place in white America.


Virgo49 said...

The UAssA Armed Forces are just a SiaSuay outfits.

In any Country, the Armed Forces are the mightiest Forces even their Civil Police or whatsoever units are under their command.

Here in UAssA their own soldier a Lieutenant some more killed by their Police and they just sucked thumbs and sat quietly.

My God what's a disgrace.

In other countries like Matland their own would have draw arms the next min and gunned down the polis.

In Thailand and Burma who dares to touch the soliders.

In Sinkieland in the 60s not now we are under the balls of the Civil Police now, our time we would also do the same.

At that time in the 60s our soldiers are Kings of the Roads and country.

Even Dicks won't dared to touch us.

Now Sinkies soldiers are under the mercy of the civil police.

Under NEA who booked them for smoking.

Under jamban inspectors who booked them never flush the toilets.

What's s Farking disgrace wearing that uniforms.

So UAssA soliders lived up to your name draw arms and start killing your polis.

Lived up to your reputations.

Don't just go round and killed innocent Arabs and children.

Anonymous said...

RB, the China-Hater US-cum-Australian spy MATILAH is very hard at work again.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No sweat. I only need to press delete.

Anonymous said...

3 kids or more: Chinese researchers call to ABANDON birth limits to ensure immigration-fed US can't outperform Beijing by 2050


Virgo49 said...

Hey UAss Armies.

Wake up your farking idles!

One of your comrade in arms been killed by your Civil Useless good for nothing Polis and still no action from you.

Are you also good for nothing except to kill unarmed innocent Arab old folks and children only?

Or is it just because that soldier is a Black that's why you also tak bodoh.

Hello UAss black soldiers, one of your kind is shot dead for nothing by your white police bitch.

Why your still suck thumbs and do nothing.

You also tak bodoh just collect pay only and lan lan kena killed and bullied like dogs?

Rise and fight and kill the Whites.

Don't be a disgrace to your own Race.

Virgo49 said...

Anyway you are a lot of farking disgrace that needed to be killed by your White Masters.

No sympathies for you.

Black dogs all of you.

Anonymous said...

If the Blacks don't do anything concrete but just be content to shout 'Black Lives Matter' for another thousand years, nothing will change. Targeting Asian Americans is not going to change their status in the eyes of the Whites.

And that is going to antagonise the Asians, who had been supporting their cause, but are now changing their views and are saying they deserve the kind of treatment at the hands of the Whites. It serves them right to be trampled on by the Whites.

SSO said...

Singapore - The Beginning Of The End?

The Blackdot Survey's latest revelation shows that only 20% (1 in 5) of Singaporeans are confident in the 4G leadership leading Singapore forward.

That means an overwhelming majority of Singaporeans are not happy with the 4G leaders handpicked by the PAP Tea Party Team, led by you know who.

This is a shocking revelation if it truly reflects the overall sentiment on the ground. It clearly shows a few things:

1. That the shepherd who selected the 4G sheep does not have that keen pair of eyes that on real leadership qualities, or

2. That the shepherd deliberately sacrificed true and good qualities for loyalty. That's why many personal secretaries and personal lawyer were picked to hold ministerial and other key positions? And we are to believe that there is no conflict of interests? Or,

3. That the PAP has already been scrapping the bottom for real quality talents. Or,

4. That the out-of-this-world obscene pay not only did not attract real quality leaders but actually attracted "don't rock the boat", self-survivalist, yes-men followers instead.

Together with many other critical issues, does this loss of confidence in the chosen ones mean the beginning of the end for Singapore and Singaporeans?

I may be wrong. I hope I am wrong. If so, I stand corrected.

What do you think?

Virgo49 said...

LKY went to Australia and asked a Shepherd how he choose his Sheep's Dog.

Does he trained them?

The Shepherd laughed. You don't train a Sheep Dog.

They are naturally a GOOD Sheep Dog by their tenacity and nature.

You choose a Sheep Dog by looking into their eyes of the dogs or puppies.

You can see their fercious and piercing eyes of a REAL sheep dog.

They don't need to be trained.

They are Naturals as Sheep Dogs.

So the same is thus;-

You don't need a long runway to train a high calibre Minister to be the PM.

All you need is a Natural Born Breed with tenacity and ferocity and smartness and cunniness to be a REAL TRUE PEE AYAM.

No amount of runaway for him to run are totally uselsess.


Virgo49 said...

Question: Do We Have ONE in our midst of the 4G or 5 G LEDAERS?

THAT'S A critical and crucial 64 million question?


Anonymous said...

To quote Deng Xiao Ping, Black cat or white cat, if it can catch mice, it is a good cat.

So, likewise, Black man or white man, if they can fight each other, it is a good sign for the world.

Virgo49 said...

Hahaha bro that's a good one.

You using the same analogy for different meanings.


That's a good one.


Anonymous said...

This is how the whites belittled the blacks.

Of course, the “peaceful protests” would soon turn to violence as the suburbs get a taste of the BLM revolution against decency, order and civilization:

The protests at the Pentland home have become violent. The family was removed after it was vandalized. They were moved to another location and the neighborhood is being closed off except to residents. Please stay out of the area
— Richland County Sheriff's Dept. (@RCSD) April 15, 2021

It is very common for these sort of thugs to claim they are “doing nothing wrong” as they commit acts of violence and search for victims. The low IQ mob, completely unconcerned with facts, will happily perpetuate lies if it gives them an opportunity to smear and demonize the white population they hate so much.

Big League Politics has reported about the case of Armaud Arbery, the serial burglar who regularly posed as a jogger as a pretense to rob property owners across his city:

“25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery became a national icon after being shot dead in Georgia after trying to wrestle a firearm away from concerned citizens last year…