Alaska endgame the Americans failed to see


By  Rei Tanotsuka, 27 March 2021

As a kid growing up in Australia, I didn’t think my life time would see an Asian nation snatch the crown, not for lack of ability, but because the Western system does not pride itself on objectivity when assessing the winner. Even as a child, I imbibed the notion that David and Goliath was an illustration of an archetype that White people endeared themselves to, namely they as little Davo overcoming the great adversarial powers of the “undemocratic” Goliaths. In reality, the West is the most diabolical leviathan unleashed upon the world. A Goliath who proscribes any kind of dissent – the end of history is mandated to be a Western tale of life, liberty and justice. The caveat? White justice involves the removal of equitable rights between them and everyone else – they are ALWAYS RIGHT even when they’re wrong.

My decision to destroy the authority of the blacks in Saint Domingue is not so much based on consideration of commerce and money, as on the need to block forever the march of the blacks in the world.” —Napoleon Bonaparte”....


On Thursday, 18th March 2021, the world got a glimpse of what strong Asians are really like via the most humiliating summit for the US thus far.

The Anchorage, Alaska bitch fes was more than a heated political discourse between two NUMBER ONES, it was a K.O of epic proportions to a bunch of bloated, moue faced know it all’s, by spry, articulate modern Mandarins. Wang Yi (Foreign Minister) and Yang Jiechi (Chinese Diplomat) not only noticed the naked hillbilly American “emperor”, but pointed out its saggy ass, halfie and alopecia chest! The Yanks got shit slammed to the ground despite them pulling out the good ol’ sanctioning of  24 Chinese officials trick right before the meeting to try to spook the Chinese into acquiescence.

For the full article go to this link:  "...if life had no hurdles, no history would be made.....". The Rise of Asian Titans - Asian Straight Shooter

 The above is a good read and intro to what I am going write, about the endgame that the Americans failed to see and is still trodding along nicely towards its expected demise of the white abusive and destructive domination of the world. The Alaska Meeting was a full course in American boorish diplomacy of oppression, all worked out to embarrass China and put the rising China back into a bottle.  

Prior to this Meeting, the Americans have skirted to the other half of the earth, working and sharing their devious plan with the Japanese, Indians and South Koreans, including the shameless Taiwanese, on how they are going to tame the Chinese in Anchorage. And Anchorage was only the beginning, to be followed by a wide range of sanctions and coercion with the Anglo Saxon rogues and the European semi colonies to slam China before the Chinese could realise what was going on. 

The attack against China started on the eve of the Meeting with the sanctioning of 24 Chinese leaders and the day after the Meeting was immediately followed by more sanctions coming from the Brits, Canadians and EU countries. This barrage of acrimonious attack was a coordinated assault by a new coalition, 27 EU countries and 5 Anglo Saxon countries, more than the 8 white rogue nations' attack on China in the late 19th Century.

This was what the Americans were gloating, a firm and strong message to China to accept American and white dominance. The forceful and aggressive agenda was a show of force that China was no match and would crumble under American hostility and the rest of the world would take the cue from there on, to isolate and contain China and to stop its growth and ascend as the next super power.

This aggressive strategy did not escape the Chinese leaders and they stood firm and glared down at the Americans in front of the whole world. The one that crumbled and lost their plot was the Americans. The rest of the world not only watch but cheered the Chinese for their robust stand against the bullying Americans. China's confidence and displayed of strength nip the bud in the minds of those sitting on the fence, thinking that it would be better to toe the line and sing the same tune as the bully, the American Empire or be made to face the same fate as a thumb down China. The rest of the world must be rejoicing for given a choice not to take sides, not to be part of the mafia, to attack China and be cowed to become subservient American cronies, to be forever under the dictates of the warmongering and abusive Americans.

China continued to respond strongly and hit back doubly hard against the American led sanction and took the EU countries by surprise. Many began to warble and wanted out from this aggressive American plan, not wanting to break ties with China and losing the biggest consumable market in the world. There was no tidal force in the direction of China. Japan and India, supposedly would also become cheer leaders, kept mum.

The Asean states also lied low, no one Asean state chose to open its mouth to be seen to be on the American side. Not even one of the American cronies in Asean would dare to breathe a word of support for the Americans.

The silence in the Arab and Muslim world was even louder. Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two biggest and strongest Arab and Muslim countries were extending an olive branch to China, hosting the Chinese Foreign Minister and signing envious economic packages with military and political implications in favour of China, with China. This was done despite the American wolf pack howling about genocide of Muslims in Xinjiang. The actions of the Arab and Muslim nations must be a terrible blow to the Americans. No Muslim country bothers to listen, bothers to hue the Americans. None wanted to be seen as friends of the evil Americans or accomplices against China, but rather as friends of China in a time like this.

Did the Americans notice what is going on around the world? What were the receptions of their manufactured lies about Xinjiang and their warmongering antics against China? They have never felt so lonely, so alone in this concerted effort to destroy China. No one is answering to their calls. Those EU countries that were coerced to be in the camp are standing up and breaking ranks. No, they are not going to be bullied and dictated by the evil Americans to become enemies of China. Their future lies with being good friends and trading partners of China. 

As each day passes, the American camp is dwindling and the lights are starting to flicker instead of glowing. Soon the light would be snuffed out in the American camp. It would be game over before the Americans know what is happening. The EU nations are deserting the Americans. Eastern European countries would not be the pawns of the Americans. Their national interests are more important than the interests of the Americans. Germany is facing the brunt of the American wrath with sanctions for wanting to buy Russian oil using Nordstream 2 pipelines. Germany is forbidden to benefit from cheap Russian oil and gas while the Americans are one of the biggest buyers of Russian oil. How ironic and treacherous?

The uprising against China that the Americans were planning for was muted, did not happen and would not happen. Life goes on as normal everywhere and trades with China continues at a heighten pace.

The Americans can now be looking at the number of days left before they become history. America is no longer the dominant world power that would shout and the rest of the world would follow, fearing reprisal if they did not do as the Americans commanded them to do. The Americans can continue to shout and beat the war drums, but no one is heeding their calls. The light is getting dimmer by the day for the Americans.

The Alaska Meeting exposed the Americans in their full nakedness as a spent force while a confident China looked straight into their eyes. A new world power has arrived on the world stage. China made the world waited on tender hooks in Alaska fearing another disappointment. The whole world was praying for a new leader to replace the oppressive, evil warmongering bully, the USA. The world heaved a sigh of relief when China finally told the Americans off, that China was ready to be the leader of a new world. 

There was applause all over the world...enjoying every moment looking at the Americans behaving meekly when China stood up. It was a moment in history to be remembered for eternity.

PS. My Saturday's contribution. Would be busy this weekend.



Anonymous said...

Morning RB,

An excellent piece except the phrase, what the hell the author thinking "an Asian nation snatch the crown.” I do not and never expect anyone or nation to take "the crown" especially China.... Me a Chinese just want peace from the USA or 4Eyes, include the freaking Jap. (Rei Tanotsuka) I still never forget the years we were cut off in a remote place (not Singapore) from my dad while he was visiting my grandma in China...I never got to see or know my grandma, we still at war a civil war plus fighting the fucking Jap. - the century of humiliation never left my mind.. Kindest Regards JC

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Every country got good n bad. Btw China n Japan, it is a national debt. Individually there could be exceptions. Or else life will be very difficult.

Anonymous said...

Yup, the Anglo whites had it all planned - sanctions concerning HongKong a day before the Alaskan meeting, then sanctions concerning Xinjiang after the meeting to show that the Anglo whites talk from a position of strength. The Europeans thot China won't retaliate because China won't want to jeopardize the EU-China investment pact waiting for the EU parliament to ratify, but didn't take into a/c China's new "dual-circulations" philosophy to make China more self-reliant, reducing reliance on external demand and envisages a future in which China no longer needs to rely on the world.

Anonymous said...

When the Whites want to preach, they must first look at themselves in the mirror and be free of the dirty baggage they carry. When they themselves never act under the law, but behave always above the law, how can they talk about 'rule by law'? When they committed genocide themselves, trampled on human rights against the Blacks, how can they accuse others of doing so?

Not only are they accusing, but fabricating narratives to advocate such acts in the belief that no blowback will happen. Well, It did happen in Alaska, to the delight of the global community that have been enlightened. Not the brain dead poodles of course.

There will always come a time when someone is strong enough to tell them off, and that will be the end of their forever right and dictatorial use of force to take anyone opposing them down and prevent others from complaining.

I believe the Russians and Iranians, apart from the Chinese are telling the USA, enough is enough. And knowing that to do that they must come together, because using fragmented power individually is not a solution, knowing the military might of the USA is tailor-made and solely for the long term agenda of putting others down and unable to strike back.

To claim that their military stationed in almost a thousand countries is to protect those countries is pure hubris and hogwash. It is to create a bogeyman mentality so that they can remain in control. Look at NATO and how the USA is using NORD stream 2 to create a Russian bogeyman. Are the Russian threatening? Look at Iraq after 18 long years. Would they leave the Iraqis alone?

Not only are these three big powers, Russia, China and Iran, the only opponents of USA forever right thinking, but there are a host of other countries with the same thoughts. North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Pakistan, Afghanistan are some of the countries, that by themselves, are not able to voice their unhappiness directly, having seen the outcome in Iraq and Libya. They are bidding their time!

But some small countries are now having second thoughts. North Korea is one such country stirring to disagree with the USA. Having accumulated even a tiny nuclear arsenal compared to the USA, North Korea is at least being given a voice to say 'don't threaten us'.

Anonymous said...

If China wanted to rule the world they would have done that when Admiral Zheng He visited most of the countries around the region and even further afield. And that was even before the USA was born. Think about that!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They are exploiting the Muslims, invade them, kill them, Rob them, pretend to fight for them, using them and inviting them to go against China.
The Muslims have seen thru their evil lies n agenda n not buying any more. They no longer can control n oppress the Muslims any more.

Anonymous said...

The Muslims are the Trump card to be used by either side. The USA's oppression of the Muslims in the Middle East is a done deal. The USA cannot hope to buy back Muslim support. They can only use Israel to counter them in that theatre.

Trying to cultivate Muslim hatred of China is the major alternative for the USA in Xinjiang. They hope to turn the Muslim tide by deflecting the hatred towards China. That is why so much effort is invested in fabricating all the fake narratives, even roping in the poodles to exaggerate the hubris.

But the Muslim world is not that ignorant. Having been on the receiving end of USA treachery, I doubt they will be that easy to manipulate.

Anonymous said...

On another issue, we are now seeing that India, once the big mouth talking about trying to challenge China in it's vaccine diplomacy, is itself mired in a massive shortage of vaccines itself, after a spike in infections at home. With reportedly only 3% of it's population vaccinated, India can ill afford to talk big and has now been brought down to earth.

Poorer countries are now at India's mercy and rich countries like the UK are also caught by the Indian about turn.

Now it is still down to Russia and China to provide those poor countries with vaccines that they desperately need.

Anonymous said...

Many European countries also have little or no vaccines because the Americans forbid them from using Russian and Chinese vaccines but could not deliver western vaccines to them. Most of the vaccines are retained in the US and UK for their own people first.

Anonymous said...

We can forget about the Europeans at each other's throat right now. Serves them right!

The poorer countries actually could not afford those vaccines from the West and have to rely on Russia, China and India.

With India pulling the rugs from under the feet of the poorer countries after blaring loudly together with USA, their intention to counter China in vaccine diplomacy, the hot air balloon is now deflated. That is the price to be paid for those poor countries believing the treacherous and forked tongue USA and India. Birds of a feather do flock together.

As I always say, the USA and the West will never give vaccines to non-Whites. Just token help may be given to stop tongues wagging and make them look angelic. Their intention was to destroy the non-Whites using the COVID19 virus. There is little logic for them to share their vaccines to save the non-White races. The would rather hoard or destroy any unused vaccines.