American role in Yemen Genocide exposed!


This 10 min video revealed the role of the Americans, from Obama, Trump and now Biden, in supporting genocide in Yemen, committed by the Saudis and backed by the Americans. The producer, an American, was saying that if the USA was genuinely against genocide they should a stop to this genocide in Yemen immediately where a human disaster of disproportionate scale is happening, ... not ignoring it while mustering its allies all over the world against china on a fake claim of what is happening in Xinjiang.

400,000 children are suffering from serious starvation and malnutrition and dying, not counting the adult Yemenis.

The hypocrisy of the evil Americans knows no bound, lying with eyes white open.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi everyone, moderation lifted. redbean

Anonymous said...

Satan has no qualms about committing such acts of genocide and Satan is still doing that. The USA has been doing that for ages, only reason not highlighted is the Western MSM are complicit in hiding the truth. There is little reason to believe that Journalists of so-called reputed (maybe should be disreputable) MSM do not know that the USA is committing such acts?

In this world today, what you see or what you read is not what you think it is. Even a picture can be doctored, changed and used in different ways. Even experts and analysts have their agenda. How do they earn their keeps without pandering to the wishes of whoever is feeding them. Even the US President has to pander to the agenda of his big campaign supporters.

Take all views with a pinch of salt. Sieve through them and form your own opinion.

Anonymous said...

None of the Arab countries have criticised the so called "genocide" committed by China in Xinjiang because the Arabs knew the true situation there. In fact, they praised China for doing a good job in alleviating poverty in Xinjiang. This fact alone is enough to refute the malicious lie propagated by the evil Americans and their Western allies.


Anonymous said...

RB, Hi


I'm speechless it's does matter how many died or gonna to die. The evil of the American just mean nothing to Biden or any Americans politicians, law makers and etc... This is not new it had been going for years... Thanks Kindest Regards JC

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If any respectful media would to tally the deaths and wounded caused by the American wars of aggression, it would come to millions compare to practically zero or nothing from China. But the hypocritical and evil Americans and their media are painting China as an aggressive warmonger, to be feared but did not engage in any wars for the last 40 years.

The one that should be feared, the evil ones, are the killers and murderers of millions of innocent men and women, old folks and children. Make no mistake about it. Their crimes cannot be swept under the carpet, not to talk about. Even if the western media refused to report about them, God knows. This is the very reason why the Covid19 virus is spreading like wild fires in the white criminals' land, unstoppable and many will be terminated for crimes against humanity.

No country can make these criminals, liars, killers, murderers to pay for their crimes, but God can! The Pandemic is just beginning and a long way to go before endgame.

Virgo49 said...

Yes. Mr RB

This is the beggining to their End of their Evil Deeds.

Now, they are impatiently wanting to return back to their decadent lifestyles of wonem

Virgo49 said...

Women wine and Songs.

Their Pampered Decadent Lifestyles of living.

The Virus would be exterminating millions of them soon.

They thought that they are safe just by vaccination and hoarding of their vaccines.

But Heavens knew better to punish them for their Evil Deeds.

Now even their White God told to SHUT Up and see the Deaths of His Followers.


Anonymous said...

The vaccines have immunity of just between 6 to 9 months. The USA, to return to normality, have to keep on vaccinating after the vaccines wear out to maintain their immunity. And vaccinating the whole population of the USA takes at a least three years to complete one cycle. Is this workable?

I think we, in the rest of the world, are in for a long long hibernation.