American motive for pushing the Uyghur genocide lie


This is a 35 min video by Kim Iversen explaining the motive and agenda of the Americans for pushing this genocide red herring, to create another hot spot to destabilise China, to stall China's growth and to derail the Belt and Road Initiative. She is calling out to all Americans not to fall into this same trap, a standard American play repeated all over the world all the time, just to perpetuate American dominance and hegemony. 

In the course of her show she exposed the hypocrisies of the Americans and also explained what went on in the recent meeting between China and the US in Alaska.

A fair and objective presentation of the geopolitical contest between the US and China. This is a sensible voice but no red neck Americans would listen to her views.  The arrogant racist Americans only want to hear voices like Trump's, America is number one, America is going to thrash and thumb down China. How can China talk back to the most powerful and exceptional white race in the world? America must attack China and stay as the number one super power forever.  

No one can be better than the Americans by their sheer industry and ability to be better, to live better. Peaceful and peace loving America will start a war and crush them. And it is doing exactly that, ganging up with Japan, India and Australia and the EU to start a war with China. Americans aggressive, warmongering? No, no, no, starting a war with China is a peaceful thing. China is the aggressive country for merely working very hard to be better than America in science and technology and in everything, not necessary in wanting to start a war with America.

The Americans did not know that when the time is up for the American Empire to fall, it only takes a little invisible virus to bring the whole Empire come tumbling down, and all the nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers could not do a thing to prevent it.


Anonymous said...

Kim Iversen also did a piece on why China set up re-education camps in Xinjiang for radicalised Muslims. They were to fight terrorism, that at one time was a big issue surfacing in Xinjiang. Like the creation of ISIS in the Middle East, it was probably the work of some sick and demented country trying to create chaos using the Muslim issue.

China has more Muslims than the USA. There are more than 20,000 mosques in China, with only about 2,000 in the USA. Minority races in China even enjoy more privileges compared to Han Chinese. The one child policy of China only affects the Han Chinese and Minorities are exempted. This has been relaxed of late. Are all these not an indication that Minorities in China have not been badly sidelined, compared to the non-Whites in the USA?

All these facts have been twisted by the USA and the West to further their evil agenda to destablise China, notably the BBC and Western MSM. The Brits and USA are the biggest culprits when it comes to destabilising regimes and manufacturing fabricated news. Look at what they did to Iraq, a country destroyed and oil seized. The USA has lost all credibility and destroyed their standing, thinking that they are beyond reproach and can always have their way.

The Rise of Russia and China cannot be stopped and the world is going to be different going forward. More countries are aware of what the USA had been up to the last few decades, thanks to social media. The truth can only be hidden for so long, but not forever. The same with Empires having to wax and wane. That is the rule of nature. COVID19 is one of nature's way.

Anonymous said...

The USA can boast of it's nuclear arsenal, nuclear aircraft carriers, stealth fighter jets, hypersonic missiles, space force. But when it comes to fighting a little virus, all these weapons of war becomes impotent pieces of useless metal. The so called impregnable aircraft carriers are themselves invaded and crippled by the virus. How ironic!

That shows the wisdom of the saying - Men proposes, but God disposes. There are more virulent viruses lurking to resurface when the time is ripe.

Anonymous said...

This is the best time for China to skin the Brits. Without Brexit, this has been Empire is a lame duck. Still thinking of the Chinese market? Idiots.

The Germans and French also hate the Brits and should do likewise, strangle the Brits to death.

The Americans would not help out the Brits and would not open the American market for them.

Die also don't know still want to stir shit, want to fight China?

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB,

I had copy and paste the link of the video so that contributors can see and contribute more ideas and comments


Hope that will attract more attention.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I clicked this link, video not available.

Anonymous said...

Taken down by Youtube?

Anonymous said...

Nope, video still there on Youtube.

Type the title: Kim Iversen - US accuses China of Genocide, China accuses US of Imperial War Mongering.

Anonymous said...

In Alaska last month, Blinken & Sullivan gave a public dressing down on democracy, human rights to Yang Jiechi & Wang Yi, China’s top foreign policy officials. They did so in confident belief that US knows how to triumph slowly, patiently over a communist adversary.

Yet even though US won the Cold War, China may understand better why Soviet communism failed & determined not to make same mistakes.

China’s analysis would match that of US master strategist George Kennan, who wisely predicted that the Cold War would be determined by US ability “to create among the peoples of the world generally the impression of a country which knows what it wants, which is coping successfully with the problem of its internal life and with the responsibilities of a world power”. Here’s the shocking comparison. Vis-à-vis Soviet Union, the US was ahead on all 3 counts. Vis-à-vis China, it's not.

1st hint of Soviet collapse came from negative trends in indicators of social wellbeing: life expectancy, infant mortality, suicides, opioid (alcohol) addiction. Today it’s US that's doing badly. In contrast to other developed societies, US life expectancy is declining. Educational standards of US teenagers lag behind those of many advanced industrial countries.

Kennan, if alive today, would be shocked to see US spending $5tn on unnecessary wars, while bottom 50% of Americans have seen their incomes stagnate for decades. There's a “sea of despair” among white working classes.

China's doing opposite of former Soviet Union. China believes Soviet leaders failed as they lost touch with their own people, ignoring their welfare while engaged in foreign wars. China hasn’t fought a major war in 40 years. Unlike Soviet Union, it controls military expenditures.

No country has improved its people’s wellbeing as much as China. In terms of human development, past 40 years have been best 4 decades in 4,000 years of Chinese history. Against backdrop of century or more of humiliation and suffering, the lives of Chinese people have never been better. Hence, US cold war strategy will not work.

Biden admin is making a strategic mistake carrying on with Trump’s policies towards China. Curiously, Biden himself declared in 2019 that Trump’s trade war had failed to help US workers. Data backs Biden’s assessment - in 2009, size of China’s retail goods market was $1.4tn, compared with $4tn for US. By 2019, after 3 years of Trump’s trade war, China’s market was approaching $6tn, bigger than that of US at $5.5tn.

Even if Biden’s admin wished to change course on China, it's constrained by anti-Chinese mood in US body politic. Unwise steps taken under Trump remain in place: closure of China’s consulate in Houston, restrictions on Chinese journalists, ending Peace Corps & Fulbright Scholarship programmes in China.

Biden admin officials are clearly afraid to be seen as “soft” on China. However, if they wanted, they could construct a strong case for reversing Trump’s policies by pointing to the reality that Trump admin actually strengthened China and Xi Jinping.

Chinese people can see their government has protected them well in Covid-19 emergency. Meanwhile, Trump admin floundered, resulting in deaths of more than half a million Americans. When Mike Pence and Pompeo hurled insults at China, they only strengthened the standing of the Chinese government. Similarly, most Chinese thought that their policymakers won the public argument in Alaska, as did many other Asians.

All this points to a wiser course available to the Biden admin. It should declare, as Biden did earlier, that Trump was wrong on China. It should then press the pause button on the US-Chinese geopolitical contest, while assessing whether Washington can formulate a better strategy against such a formidable competitor.

Ending trade war with China would boost economic growth in US, helping Biden in 2022 midterm elections. Most of world would cheer if Biden admin pressed the pause button, especially while Covid-19 is still raging.

[ KM ]

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Kishore has a very clear understanding of what is going on in China and the US.

Anonymous said...


US strength is our destiny, not China: Labor economist

Australia must not underestimate the United States’ enduring economic strength over China, given a projected halving in the Chinese population as America’s migration and fertility rates fuel growth, says Labor’s economics committee member Daniel Mulino.

Dr Mulino, who is writing a book on the topic, told The Australian Financial Review that, given the demographic projections, it was unlikely China would ever maintain an economic and/or military advantage over the US, and that Australia should stick with its long-term ally.

“If demography is destiny, it would be unwise to underestimate America’s enduring strength and its long-term great power advantages,” Dr Mulino said.

“Demographic forecasts suggest that it is premature to write off the US or to assume that other nations will displace its economic and military pre-eminence just because of recent political and diplomatic turbulence or medium-term economic trends.”

Following China’s punitive trade restrictions on Australia, but still roaring iron ore demand, politicians have been sharpening their views on China and Australia’s reliance on it as its biggest trading partner.

A widening rift between Washington and Beijing, exacerbated at last month’s high-level talks in Alaska, has also dragged Australia’s treatment by China back into the limelight.

Dr Mulino, whose PhD in economics at Yale University focused on the economic impacts of an ageing society and the potential for capital and migration flows to mitigate such impacts, expects America’s power base to only keep expanding.

“The long-term movements of the tectonic plates of demography cannot be ignored,” he said.

“China is now confronting the lowest fertility rates it has experienced in seven decades, as well as a material gender imbalance, with the Chinese male population exceeding females by over 30 million.

“In time, these powerful demographic forces are likely to lead to an absolute decline in total population – especially in the absence of significant migration to China from other countries.”

Anonymous said...

He cites several major demographic studies, including the recent so-called Vollset study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and published in The Lancet that estimated China’s population to be 732 million in 2100 – roughly half its current level.

The big difference, Dr Mulino said, was that the US was much more open to migration and also had higher fertility rates.

“Relatively higher levels of fertility in the US, coupled with its continued appeal as a destination for migration among young and skilled workers from around the world, will see a US population at the end of the century that is higher than today – uncommon amongst advanced economies,” Dr Mulino said.

“These long-term demographic trends don’t just indicate a median scenario in which the US has greater relative geopolitical and economic heft than countries with slower (often negative) population growth and a more rapidly ageing population.

“They will help to perpetuate the dynamism of the American economic model while restraining rapid ageing, blowouts in dependency ratios or population collapse.”

One key ratio in the Vollset study is the old age dependency ratio (OADR), which measures the number of people over the age of 65 compared with the working age population.

“In 2050 China’s OADR will be materially higher than the US, the UK, Germany and Australia – which will present both a social and economic challenge given that per capita income levels will likely still be materially lower in China than major advanced economies.

“The Vollset study linked their population projections with a simple, yet nonetheless instructive, economic model which forecast that, by 2100, the US will regain its position as the largest economy in the world. This outcome is driven by the rapid fall in working-age people in China and continued US immigration.”

Last month the Morrison government’s Mandarin-speaking China expert and economics committee member, Ted O’Brien, delivered a powerful condemnation of what he says is a victimisation game being played by the Chinese Communist Party that Australian businesses urgently needed to wake up to.

Mr O’Brien said the CCP was now “seeking to sow division between Australian businesses and the Australian government so the former might pressure the latter into folding”.

“As China’s trade sanctions have bitten over the last 12 months, senior business leaders have lined up to publicly offer the Australian government gratuitous advice about how to improve relations with China. Every time this happens, the PRC smiles,” Mr O’Brien said.

Anonymous said...

Australia should categorically reject any attempt by the PRC to drag us into their master narrative about national humiliation and threats from the West. Unless we immediately dismiss any such claim every time it’s raised, we risk it becoming a permanent feature of China’s narrative and thus provide the PRC with a degree of legitimacy for taking a hard line against us.

The second principle I advocate to guide our approach to resolving the China question is to stand firm in the face of coercion. When the PRC seeks to punish Australia with unfair trade sanctions, we must not back down. There is something unique in our DNA; we Australians are a warm, friendly and humble people, but put our backs against a wall and we become fiercely defiant. Where the PRC adopts coercive tactics, we should call them out for their bullying behaviour. Where possible, we should initiate proceedings against them through the World Trade Organisation or other relevant international institutions. This is why we need a rules-based system.


Anonymous said...

The annual Lowy Institute poll shows 8 in 10 Australians want travel and financial sanctions imposed on Chinese officials associated with human rights abuses. After years of squabbling, including vitriolic attacks on Australia by Chinese state media and Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokespeople, opinion of China in Australia is at a record low. Even in the Chinese Australian community, which is generally is more positive about China, there is majority support for these sanctions.


Virgo49 said...

All these nutty professors can write and said what's they want.

Dont called them Nutty Professors for nothing.

Most are hairbrained and short circuited nuts.

Main preoccupation is to steal women under garments in their hostels and took them showering.

Hokkien said Tak See Chek until Cantonese said Chee Sin.


Virgo49 said...

A intelligent and brave Leader knows to stop and implement Reforms and Policies even antagonising his own Political Party and his damned Predssors.

You as the Head must have a mind of your own to lead.

Not to wait and just simply followed other whims and wishes.

This, you must give credit to Dotard Trump.

But, unfortunately he led them to HELL

Virgo49 said...

Aussies the Most RED NECKs Barbarians.

Most Racists and Bums.

Humble and Friendly by Arses.

Anonymous said...

The USA could not even deal with current population trends, with homelessness on the rise in several cities and getting worse. If US population growth accelerates, this problem will be much, much worse.

Looking at US Presidents, past and present, their agenda is not solving problems at home, rather looking for bogeymen or inventing them for war is the top topic on their minds. This current one is so blurred, it pains to see him giving speeches, forgetting issues, names, notes, mixing up numbers and has the appearance that he is dozing off on the rostrum.

Sometimes experts look and argue from their point of view in one direction that they favour, without looking at whether the current homelessness problems are solvable first before talking about increasing the US population. This is putting the cart before the horse.

Anonymous said...

'Lowly Institute poll shows 8 in 10 Australians want travel and financial sanctions imposed on Chinese officials associated with human rights abuses' unquote

I believe not only those officials will automatically avoid travel to Australia voluntarily, but mainland Chinese are avoiding Australia like the plague due to their racist policy. Of course there are those who have little choice who are studying or living there, but that is probably a dwindling segment now.

Australia has no moral right or authority to talk about human rights abuses if they just care to look into the mirror regarding the Aborigines.

Anonymous said...

Those jokers only want to see what they want to see. China sowing division or the Americans and the 5 eyes sowing division?

China fucking the Australians or the Australians trying to poke China in the eyes and now got screwed in the ass?

Australia will go into a recession with big retrenchment in the mining and agriculture industries and many others. China is just tightening the screws and the effect will come in about 6 months to a year.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why these three countries, USA, UK and Australia so evil? They are all from one source - the UK. The USA originated from 13 British colonies in North America. The same gene pool, the same mentality and the same evil nature.

Anonymous said...

But the data shows that Australia is not nearly so important to China. The United States, Japan and Korea all import multiples of what Australia takes from China. Even relatively distant countries like the United Kingdom and Germany are far bigger markets for China’s goods.


Anonymous said...

The Australian economy is predicted to rebound faster than expected from the coronavirus recession, reaching its pre-pandemic size within weeks, but it will continue to be supported by record-low interest rates for years.


Anonymous said...

The Australians can keep on hyping and lying about how strong their economy is when the truth is several hundred billions of trade deals had been cut high and dry. So many coal, iron, gas, wines, seafood, farm produce lying in waste, no buyers.

All the workers need to be paid, the rents, and the machinery and cost to keep them would continue to burn. The farm produce and seafood cannot wait for long. Storage and refrigeration are not cheap.

See how long they last before they crawl back to Beijing to beg for forgiveness. Incidentally the trade ministers have made tens of calls but no one in China picking up the calls.

No one will buy the volumes that China was buying and at the price the Australians were asking.

Anonymous said...


The impact of myriad Chinese trade sanctions on Australian goods in the past year has been "quite limited", with most exporters managing to find other markets, according to a new report.

China has targeted Australian beef, barley, coal, copper, cotton, seafood, sugar, timber and wine.

Before the sanctions, these exports were worth about $25 billion in 2019, or 1.3 per cent of gross domestic product.

Scroll to continue with content
As of end-January, the value of these exports to China had dropped to about $5 billion a year, the analysis by Lowy Institute chief economist Roland Rajah shows.

But most exporters - barring wine and beef producers - appear to have managed to shift their goods to markets other than China.

"Looking at exports of barley, copper, cotton, seafood and timber, sales of these products to other markets rose sharply, but only after China's sanctions intensified in late 2020 - with the stark shift signalling this was indeed mostly a result of trade diversion," Mr Rajah said.

"However, Australia's wine industry has struggled to make up for the loss of the premium China market.

"Total beef exports are also down, though this is more a reflection of supply-side issues after years of drought."

The effect of China's trade sanctions on Australia's exports "has been completely swamped by the booming iron ore trade - which China hasn't been game enough to touch".

"Hence, the total economic impact of China's trade coercion against Australia seems to have been quite limited thus far," Mr Rajah said.

Mr Rajah argues while China had targeted products for which it had alternative suppliers, there were also alternative buyers for Australian goods.

"And this shuffling of global trade is precisely the reason the damage inflicted on Australia has been limited," he said.

The research published on Thursday comes after the federal government urged exporters to look for new Asian markets to combat the economic fallout of coronavirus and strained relations with China.

Trade Minister Dan Tehan on Wednesday released the final report of the Asia Taskforce - a joint project between the Asia Society and Business Council of Australia.

It provides a blueprint for Australia to compete more successfully in the region.

Mr Tehan said business and government needed to work together in order to keep trade with Asia moving.

"The Asia Taskforce does more than make the argument that businesses should expand into diverse markets across Asia," he said.

"It advocates a 'Team Australia' approach and identifies practical, specific actions that business and governments can take to strengthen the presence of Australia, and our businesses, in Asia."

The report proposes focusing on markets and sectors where Australia has competitive advantages, such as healthcare in Indonesia and financial services in Japan, as well as India, Vietnam and Korea.

However, also it found diversification does not replace the need to adjust to Australia's complex relationship with China.

Business Council chief Jennifer Westacott said the rise of Asian economies and their growing middle classes presented strong opportunities for Australian companies.

"But only if we grasp the opportunity," she said.

"If we succeed, Australians will have the best standards of living in the world but if we fail, we run the risk of becoming a second-order economy in a thriving region."

Anonymous said...

China has decided to end its trade with Australia. Wait for a year when all the excess capacity and goods start to overflow into the rivers and scrap yards or lay in waste.

China is diversifying its imports. Australia is diversifying its exports.

Virgo49 said...

Self consolation and self conning oneself.

Left to be seen when their Collaspse.


Anonymous said...


China imports need not hurry, like eating, can wait.

Australia exports like wanting to 'poo', no waiting.

See who can tolerate the aching!

Anonymous said...

India, Indonesia benefit as China's ban on Australian coal reshapes trade flows

“Theoretically, supply from Russia, Mongolia, Canada and the U.S. can be the alternative, but these countries have their own problems,” Feng said.

The ban has also hit Chinese utilities, which have complained to state planners about high prices and low inventories in the first quarter, said a Beijing-based coal trader. Record low temperatures during the winter that just ended sent demand for heating surging.


Anonymous said...

It's not all doom and gloom for farm trade despite China's tariff war

Australian farm exporters were enjoying success in finding new markets to offset the decline in shipments to China.

Barley exports actually rose year-on-year in January with Saudi Arabia and Thailand taking up much of the slack left by China, it said.

Latest data from the Bureau of Statistics reveal Australia had an overall trade surplus of $8.1 billion in February.

Australia has recorded a goods trade surplus above $8b for three months in a row which was a first, the ABS said.

The bureau's head of international statistics Andrew Tomadini said February 2021 exports for cereals was the highest ever at $1.3b.

"Australia's two largest markets for wheat, Indonesia and Vietnam both saw increases," he said.

Overall exports of goods in February reached $32.11b while overall imports were $24.01b.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans will lie about everything to pretend everything is good. Now the Australians are doing the same, not only no impact, but everything is even better.

The whole of Asia combined would not be able to buy from Australia what China was buying. The Americans would not buy, Japan would not buy, India would not buy.

All their statistics are plain lies, to think they can deceived China that without China they could sell just as much and even more.

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Right, the USA said the same thing. Then their soya bean farmers had to contend with rotting produce with no bigger markets to absorb.

And what did Trump do? He did what the USA always accused China of doing. He subsidised his farmers to the tune of tens of billions and begging China to lend a hand by buying some of the farm produce in subsequent talks.

Let us wait and see how big the market elsewhere is for Australian produce.

Anonymous said...

Singapore can help by buying 2 more bottles of Australian wines.

India can buy a few containers of wheat or iron ore or coal. Ooops, India is producing them and exporting them. No need to import them, no money to pay for them.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. USA can help. USA knows how to win trade wars. They say trade wars are easy to win. USA is winning in so many ways and must be tired of so much winning. They need to share their expertise in winning to their allies and their other 'eyes'.

Anonymous said...

India is toast. With 127,000 infections a day, it is a world record. How are they going to deal with it? And they say this is only the tip of the iceberg. It is really out of control.

Anonymous said...

Can you trust their numbers? The people are like flies on the streets. How to control, how to count? How not infected? How not spreading like wildfires?

What is the real number of infected cases? 100m? 500m? 600m?

Why the Americans did not complain about fake numbers?