CNA being accused of complicity in Myanmar


 I am quite shock to see this video accusing CNA reporter May Wong of complicity in America's evil agenda in Myanmar. This is a very serious accusation against a Singapore reporter of CNA to be part of an American conspiracy. True or false is one thing, but Singapore govt must now stand up to defend this accusation as it is very damaging to Singapore's reputation as an independent nation state with a mind of its own and not to be seen as working for the Americans. 

Let's hope the govt will take a tough stand as a matter of principle to prove that this is not the case. No Singaporeans would want to see Singapore playing such a role for the Americans and the accusation must be challenged and the video producer be sued until his pants drop. Agree?


Virgo49 said...

All the while Sinkieland is UAssA running dog.

Don't think they take any actions but encouraged more.


Anonymous said...

ST already banned in China according to their China Bureau Chief Tan Dawn Wei, so not surprised if Singapore MSM accused of being mouth of American propaganda . .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Vivian would vouch that this is not true. Singapore is an independent country, not beholden to any country. 100% not a crony of the Americans and the Americans would not dare to order Singapore what to do and what not to do.

Singapore speaks on principles. Singapore would not compromise and embarrass itself in front of the whole world and Asean. Singapore is a morally upright nation state, would not be coerced by any country, would not be influenced by any country.

Ex diplomats and top civil servants that attacked China were speaking in their own individual capacities. Nothing to do with the govt.

Anonymous said...

In a 2010 gathering of foreign ministers in Hanoi, Yang Jiechi warned the attendees that “China is a big country and other countries are small countries and that’s just a fact”. Yang was looking at Singapore’s foreign minister as he spoke.

Anonymous said...

How Bloomberg describes Singapore . . .

Tiny Singapore Accounts for One-Third of Global Cruise Travelers

SSO said...

I believe that there must be some truth in the accusations.

ST and CNA have been publishing pro-Western and Anti-China for quite some time now. And in a very frequent regular basis. So far, none of the Singapore Ministers have come out to censure ST and CNA on those pro-Western articles. They seem to be very comfortable and happy with being seen/thought of as Western Stooges.

Anyway, most of them are educated in the West and by Western professors.

Some of the writers/editors might even have close links with either CIA or MI6 or have been under their payroll. Who knows?

If the hat fits, put it on.

Dogs Watcher said...

Singapore leaders, for the past decades, have been quick to dissociate Singapore from being under China's influence but slow in dissociation themselves or Singapore from being a Western running dog.

Anonymous said...

"They can hide the fire, but they cannot hide the smoke." - Congelier Vincenzo

Virgo49 said...

Wow. You watching this drama also Bro.

Good for you another episode tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

This is another reason for Pinky to stay longer. Sinkies must wish him well, like Putin wishing Biden well.

The COVID19 and with the succession issue going back to square one, and now obviously in the crosshairs of China and Myanmar. It is not good for Pinky's health. He looks terrible already.

Anonymous said...

what about the reporting by bbc news' asia pacific hq in the city-state ?

Anonymous said...

You are right man

Queen of Hearts said...

The more Singapore is being singled out and targeted, the more Singapore needs new and revamped leadership.

Pinky is the main problem. He should step down graciously instead of clinging on despite his very poor health and poor performance.

He is the one who calls the shots. Therefore he must take full responsibility and step down for good.

Then and only then will Singapore begin her first step towards achieving the past glory again.

Let 3 million flowers bloom.

Let the courts stop betting on the wrong horse.

Let freedom reign and suppression and repression be bygone and gone.

Anonymous said...

Man threatens to stab undercover Asian officer in the face inside Penn Station
Sunday, April 11, 2021 3:44AM

A man was arrested after he allegedly threatened to stab a police officer of Asian descent in the face in Penn Station Friday.

MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) -- A man was arrested after he allegedly threatened to stab a police officer of Asian descent in the face in Penn Station Friday.

Juvian Rodriguez, 35, was arrested around 1:20 p.m. inside the station.

Police say Rodriguez and the officer, who was working undercover, were on an escalator near 7th Avenue and 32nd Street going into Penn Station.

Rodriguez allegedly told the officer to "go back to China before you end up in the (expletive) graveyard" and then threatened to stab him in the face.

Rodriguez is charged with harassment as a hate crime, aggravated harassment based on race or religion, menacing as a hate crime, and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

After his arraignment Saturday, the judge gave Rodriguez supervised release.

He's scheduled to be back in court in May.

This is the second arrest in just two weeks by the new team of undercover officers as part of the NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force.

Anonymous said...

Historical experience tells us that the US is a country which can turn its back on any ally, let alone Singapore, to pursue national interests.

Anonymous said...

During Trump presidency, India had been warned not to purchase Russian military ware and Iranian oil. Now India wants to be a US ally. Even after the Quad recent diplomatic meetings, US naval ships were recently discovered to have sailed into Indian territorial watets without seeking permission and clearance.
Great friends India want to seen to be with when over their border when there is one which can help them economically but always being treated as an adversary.

Virgo49 said...

These Indians have no BACK BONES slimy snakes.

Go near chickens eat chicken,

Go near Ducks eat ducks

Go near you Ahha you kena making


Virgo49 said...

MAKAN lah stupid!


Anonymous said...

Pinky is so pale and sickly looking. Cannot call him Pinky any more. Must change to Pale-ly, or Pale-li.

Anonymous said...

He looks so frail, haggard and tired.

May be too much stress that he cannot cope?

May be not enough sleep and rest?

May be being tormented by some unhappy spirits from the underworld?

Whatever it may be the cause, I think it is not good for him, and for all of us (because of his bad decisions that affect us).

Anonymous said...

One a recent visit to India and Pakistan, Russian foreign minster, Modi did not meet with him. In Pakistan, Lavrov met every single member of the Pakistani ruling elites. That shows Modi is leading India more closely to the USA. India is now truly the bitch of the USA with Harris the VP. I believe Trump has other ideas, being a White Supremacist himself.

On China and India, Lavrov said that China is a brother, while India is just a friend. The USA is cultivating India to counter China. How successful that is going to be, is left to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Indians are like bamboos. They bend with the wind. 80% of Indian Military hardware are still from Russia. They even bought Russian Missile Defence system despite being warned by the USA. They want the best of both worlds. That is why it is a blessing in disguise that they are not inside the BRI and RCEP. Otherwise they will demand benefits but never contribute.

Truly what they say of a snake trying to swallow an elephant.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One thing you must give it to the Indians. They are not stupid but cunning. They read the Americans very well. They knew the Americans needed them badly to be a counter force against China and Russia. So whatever they do the Americans would still have to bear with them. How could the Americans break relations with the Indians? If they do so, they would have no one to balance and be the barking dog against China.

Similarly they needed Singapore in SE Asia, an ocean of Muslim countries they hate and cannot trust. But Singapore leaders are stupid and unable to see their value to the Americans. Without Singapore, the Americans have no where to go in SE Asia, no one they can trust and depend on.

Duterte also saw how important the Philippines are to the Americans and even dare to defy and squeeze the American balls, making demands on the Americans, holding the Americans at ransom. If they Americans do not play ball with him he would boot out the Americans forces in the Philippines.

See how smart these leaders are compare to our imbeciles? Singapore is America's trump card, indispensable. So there is no need to be pressured by the Americans to act silly and compromise Singapore's position in relation to China.

It should be the Americans begging Singapore to stay here than the other way. Die, die the Americans want to stay here to control the Straits of Malacca and the region.

Anonymous said...

[The rumblings started shortly after Singapore’s ruling party won 89% of seats in last year’s election.

What would be hailed as a fantastic outcome in most places amounted to the worst parliamentary performance ever for the People’s Action Party, which has been in power since the country’s independence in 1965, one of the longest uninterrupted stretches for any party around the world.]

Embarrassing first lead sentence from Bloomberg article by Faris Mokhtar (with assistance assistance by Joyce Koh, Ishika Mookerjee, and Lilian Karunungan - underscores the lousy professionalism of these Bloomberg reporters. How to believe what they are writing if they are dumping such wrong "facts" - facts that all Singaporeans know - into their articles?