China should continue to be a punching bag to the West and the rest of the world?


Nice pic from RT - What a beautiful sight
The Americans and western countries are getting very unhappy with China today, and their daily grievance is that China is now so assertive and at times very aggressive. China is so different from yesteryears when it was just a punching bag for everyone. Not only America was throwing punches at China with impunity, with China standing there to be punched until blue black all over. Small little European countries too were doing the same and enjoying every moment of it, not expecting China to hit back or dodge the punches. In a way China was just there for them to throw punches as and when they liked. 

Even silly little Asean countries also took potshots at China like it was a right, a right thing to do to China. Some even threatened China, smeared China, badmouthed China, and some were so arrogant as to want to send their patrol boats to confront China. Some arresting Chinese fishing boats like real. For they knew then that China would not hit back. China was a perfect whipping boy for everyone.

In a way China was a joke. A country of continental size, with a population of more than 1b people, but standing out there like a punching bag for everyone to punch for free and to be ridiculed. The more China restrained itself from hitting back, the more China was attacked. It was like an invitation to the world to punch and kick China as and when they liked.  No one was complaining that China was assertive or aggressive.  Everyone took China for granted, that China was there like a vase, a vase made of china.  That was how China got this name, by courtesy of the Brits. China was like a porcelain vase, easily broken when knocked.

China must continue as a china vase, meek, docile and a punching bag. It is inconceiveable and improper for China to hit back when slapped, unbecoming to stand up when attacked and smeared or admonished by any country, big or small. No one respect China for its restraints. No one country ever considered whether it is right and proper to take liberty at China and whether China has the right to hit back. The world took it for granted that China would always be the China, the punching bag for the rest of the world.

When China stood up and hit back, it was a shock to the world. How could China do that? It was supposed to turn the other cheek, in silence. How could China be so rude, so aggressive and dare to hit back at anyone? And how could China talk back to the Americans, to the Europeans? How dare China imposed sanctions on Americans and Europeans?

Every country and business enterprise doing business in China and with China did not think anything about China. They made huge profits from China but think that was their entitlements. And while benefiting from China's big orders and domestic markets, these countries and businesses felt very free to dig at China, to attack China without any concern that China would cut off their businesses. As the Chinese said, eating from a Chinese bowl and smashing the bowl after having their fills. Or as the western saying, have the cake and eat it. This is how the foreign companies and corporations see China.  China is there for them to make profits and to be kicked around.

Australia was the best example of such a relationship. China was practically throwing billions and billions at the Australians and the Australians openly declared that China was just a business partner and also an 'enemy'. And Australia would join the Americans to attack, provoke and threaten China, conducted 'freedom of navigation' trips in SC Sea, humiliate China, making it very difficult for Chinese investments in Australia, harassing Chinese businessmen and business in Australia, thinking that there would be no consequences. China would accept the punching and humiliation quietly. 

And when China hit back, the Australians sniggered, laughed it off as a joke. Nothing serious would happen and China would back off. China is now at the point of cutting all trade and business activities with Australia, maybe even diplomatic relations. 

The Canadians arrested a Chinese national that did not commit any crime in Canada, on behalf of the USA and also thought they could get away with it. China responded by arresting two Canadians on charges of espionage that could end up with death sentences or life imprisonment. They too thought that it was a joke. Nothing will happen to the two Canadians. How dared China arrest Canadian citizens.

Till today, the Australians and Canadians could not believe it is true, that China meant business. Upto today, the Europeans are also wondering why China is so aggressive. They could not understand why! This is not the China they knew and expected to be, that they could bully and threaten and piss off. China was a joke, a punching bag for them and for the rest of the world for a long long time. To them, China was a non entity, a non state, no rights, no need for self respect, cannot retaliate or get angry.

The Americans are still threatening China and attacking China daily as if it was normal and their rights as the Empire to do so. China is hitting back as well but the Americans would not stop and persist in the smear campaign, fabricating lies, provocations and challenges, treating China as an enemy like little Japan and Russia. It will be a piece of cake, a cake walk like invading Iraq or imposing sanctions on Iran or North Korea or Venezuela.

Time to wake up, bullies. The dragon has risen and will blow fires. No, the dragon is not assertive nor aggressive. The dragon will just bite and tear whoever that crosses its path to pieces. Whoever is still sleepwalking and thinking that China is a Sick Man, a piece of china, would not hit back, must be prepared for a rude awakening, and be prepared to feel the pain. China has bit the time, rebuilt and strengthened itself as a superpower. China has been preparing for this moment for a very long time. It is now in a different league from the little countries of the world. China would stand up to the Americans, eyeball to eyeball. China would throw punches right at the Americans for every punch the Americans threw at China. China would not dodge anymore. China is no longer the punching bag of yesteryears.

Small little countries of the world are well advised to know their places in the packing order. A new world order is in the making. Do not cross the line and take cheap potshots at China. You will get blue black eyes for sure. For those still thinking that it is alright to play the role of American cronies to conduct sneak attacks at China, they are asking for it. As for America, the evil Empire, the day of reckoning is nigh. China is not a walkover.  China will take America head on if needed be.

Anyone still thinks China should continue to be the docile and meek punching bag, to be kicked around by everyone? China cannot be assertive, cannot be aggressive when provoked, when attacked, when wronged?


Virgo49 said...

Wake up you White Bastards and bananas who took delight to punch China while she is trying her best to be patient and not to retailate.

For SHE knew that once she gives her first blow due to her might, many would NOT only lose their teeth but have their limbs and arms broken.

Their Oto-pathetic surgeries depts would be kept busy all year round.

Do not try to taunt a friendly Dragon when she is try to be congenial and friendly to one and sudry. Once she is irriated and gets real mad, then HELL will break loose.

Those Chinkees bananas who thought that their GodFathers are the Whites gonna to regret when China is really down which is now a pipe dream.

For when if ever China is really brought to her knees by these White and others bastards, they will also be crawling on their fours.

Do NOT think that they will spare you just because you are an Overseas bananas who spat perfect English and try to be like them

For they would in their racist blood and genes would not take you as one of them.

To them you are still a Chink, a slant eyes yellow rat.

Do NOT forget that.

Anonymous said...

Avoid travelling to China’s Xinjiang: Canada warns its citizens

In an advisory on Saturday, Ottawa said, “Chinese authorities are increasingly detaining ethnic and Muslim minorities in the region without due process. There are reports of extrajudicial internment and forced labour camps. Family members of Canadian citizens with Chinese citizenship have been detained.”

Canada also cautioned those who undertake journalism or research in China, particularly in Xinjiang or Tibet. “You should be particularly vigilant if researching or reporting on subjects critical of or sensitive to the government and in areas such as Tibet or Xinjiang,” says the advisory, pointing to instances of arrests of foreign journalists on grounds of national security violations.

In general, Canada asked its citizens to exercise a high degree of caution if travelling to China “due to the risk of arbitrary enforcement of local laws”

Anonymous said...

After 'Black lies matter' it is now 'White lies matter' movement headed by the KKK. It looks like BLM and WLM have clashed. Trump is back.

There is now protest also going on in many European countries, with many saying 'it is a beautiful sight to behold'. I agree. There is also a war in the making between Russia and Ukraine, with much posturing by both sides. There were 22 policemen killed by Maoist rebels in India. But these are not news for Channel News America. Their news is all about South China Sea, Xinjiang cotton, who is poking China, who is joining in sending warships to the doors of China. Nothing about trouble brewing in the West.

Yeah, 'White lies matter' is going to be the new war cry.

Virgo49 said...

Why they chia pak boh sai pang to do report and research on other affairs?

Why don't they do their reports of their own insane injustices in their own backyards where the people of the world are laughing at their hyprocitisy and stupidty.

In UAssA they are killing their Blacks and all sorts of injustices to the coloured people.

Why they so concerned of the Muslims Uigurs in Xinggang when for decades they been killing millions of them.

They knew that there Muslims are a problem to deal with themselves and they took the easy way out to kill them.

But China is trying to reeducated them from their extremisim and trying to change their lives productivitly.

These are more humane ways than just forcing wars on them and killing them.

Anonymous said...

Will you believe that if the UN did send a delegation to Xinjiang and were to produce a result favourable to the PRC, the West, particularly the USA, will say the UN is paid by China to say such things, like what happened to the WHO.

Besides that, the USA will definitely come up with claims that the UN team were not allowed the full access to information and therefore not credible.

Wanna bet?

Anonymous said...

China should tell the UN to go fuck off. Stop meddling in China's domestic affairs. China must not yield to white pressure to let them go and dig into China's administrative records on the pretext of Covid19. China should not allow foreigners to come and go and do what they want inside China. Piss off.

Why don't they go and investigate Fort Detrick?

Why don't the UN go and investigate the killings of blacks by the whites in the USA?

Why don't they go and investigate the plight of the Red Indians?
Why don't they investigate the genocides in Iraq and Syria, the war crimes committed by American and Australian soldiers?

Anonymous said...

Virgo, all these posturing overseas are to divert attention away from their problems at home.

There is the big problem of how to deal with a 'mentality deficient' President that is clearly a dementia patient.

The racial violence is getting worse, now with the 'White Lives Matter' rearing it's ugly head with the KKK involved.

When one talks about falling infrastructures in the USA, bananas will counter and say if that is the case why are Asians still flocking to the USA. Now that the USA Government is talking of pouring almost two trillion US$ to rebuild those infrastructures, you can understand how bad the situation is. Self consolation will not solve the problem.

The poverty issue is rising and homelessness is spreading more widely, with tent cities springing up in more and more cities. Populated by drug addicts and criminals, it is a time bomb waiting to explode. And the USA Government is doing nothing about it.

More to come. Years of dumping nuclear waste and toxic chemicals into the Pacific off California are starting to develop signs of danger to life, once those radioactive and toxic stuff leaks. It is not a problem that is easy to solve.

Anonymous said...

China eradicates poverty in Chinese people. America breeding poverty in Americans.

Chinese people getting richer by the day. Americans getting poorer by the day.

Anonymous said...

This is the right way, the white way, to treat the blacks in America.

Two Virginia police officers are being sued by a US Army lieutenant after they were caught on film seemingly threatening and pepper-spraying the black man during a traffic stop after he repeatedly refused to exit his vehicle.

In a December 2020 bodycam video, which went viral after appearing online this week, officers Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker could be heard ordering US Army Medical Corps Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario to leave his SUV over 40 times.

Nazario, however, did not comply and instead asked the officers what he was being stopped for and protested, "I'm actively serving this country and this is how you're going to treat me?" After claiming he was "afraid to get out" of his vehicle, one of the officers responded, "You should be, get out."

These cops should be arrested tonight https://t.co/3EoHphZxyG
— Brandon Friedman (@BFriedmanDC) April 10, 2021

After he refused the order, one of the officers then sprayed Nazario in the face with pepper spray several times before telling him, "You made this way more difficult than it had to be if you'd just complied. Get out of the car!"

Nazario eventually complied with the order, but then refused to get on the ground, instead asking the officers what was going on. The officers could then be seen trying to get Nazario on the ground as he resisted and tearily called the situation "f*cked up."

This is disgusting, un-American, abusive, racists, and NOT representative of 99% of the men and women serving honorably in #Virginia as troopers, officers and sheriffs. Throw these two off the force and make sure they are never hired again in any uniform anywhere —period. https://t.co/aeYH

Anonymous said...

Silly Matilah very busy these few days trying to sneak his disgusting posts here.

All got deleted by RB.

Anonymous said...

The blacks deserved to be ill treated by the whites. They still believe they are Americans and America belongs to them.

They are too dull to think of forming their own black states of America.

Anonymous said...

The blacks need to liberate themselves from the whites and be free for once. If not, under the present condition they are still slaves in many ways, and the whites are treating them as slaves, nothing more, nothing less.

Virgo49 said...

Bro, frankly this Black Ltn also deserved to be gunned down.

They themselves also very Kwa Lan thinking that they are wearing the uniforms. Only MPs can arrest them.

You can see that these Blacks always put up struggles when they were confronted by their Police. It's in their genes and Farking behaviours. They cannot simply just let them arrest them in a calm manner.

Thus they deserved their Deaths when the Whites are agitated and are already hell bent to kill them just looking for an excuse.

These Bastards Whites Policemen are bent in killing these Black Men whether you are civilians or Armed Forces Personnel.

In most countries Armed Forces and Police Forces they seldom can jelled as one. Each envious of the other and wanted who is more powerful.

In Tiger Or Matland if this were to happen then you can find riots and fighting between these two forces.

But the Americunts are just too lame and good for shows.

In Sinkieland if in the 60s it would be the same. The two forces would clash to death.

Any soldier worth his salt would not let his comrades be killed and kept quiet by a Ah Gua Police Force.

They would draw arms and started a fight soon after.

If not they would lose faces.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The black is a lieutenant, a commissioned officer. The police were other ranks. Though different uniforms, they still need to recognise the rank.

In this case, it was white versus black and white men, even non commission police officers of lower rank, have no respect for black officer of higher rank.

They treated the black officer as blacks, not as officer. Thus they attacked him like they attacked any black man.

Anonymous said...

The blacks in USA need a black Moses to lead them out of slavery, to be free from the whites, to be free men.

Martin Luther King came but was shot dead. Now no blacks dare to be another Martin Luther King, for fear of being killed by the white men. They are happy to march in the streets shouting and dancing.

The other blacks in position of power think they have arrived and are whites, like our bananas. So they enjoyed some white privileges and forgot about the blacks, forgot they are blacks.

SSO said...

Singapore's western-oriented and western educated banana leaders would love China to continue to be their punching bags so that they can boast to the whole world, especially Indonesia and Malaysia, that they can punch above their own feather weight.

This, I am quite sure.

Until and unless China takes direct punitive actions to punch back all these tiny flies with a huge electronic fly-swapper, China will continue as the Free Huge Punching Bag of the World. With such a big and free target, it is not easy to miss even if one were to close one's eyes while punching.

This free-for-all mugshorts, bullying, demonizing and punching must stop. It has been going on far too long by far too many countries.

China's leaders must use their brains to come out with counter-measures to stop these hooligans and gangsters from getting away Scott free with their mischievous acts and calculated crimes.

Just do it!

Virgo49 said...

Not to worry Mr RB.

When the comrades of that slain Lieutenant sank in thru the Ranks and Files of his unit you will expect some hotheads not too satisfied with the killing of their Officer and would took up arms to riot and start creating unrest to their civil police.

Just mark my words. MOT as soldiers are afraid of losing their prestige and if especially if they are combat soldiers.

So matter of days they be fighting their own soon.

Virgo49 said...

This when they fought would be real disastrous as both sides are trained and fully armed.

What's a beautiful sight it would be

Must chok chok and chok and hopefully they read and turned red with anger.


Virgo49 said...


China's Leaders also takes very careful and calculated shots at those pests.

MOT they will retaliate.


Anonymous said...

Not to worry. The whole USA has lots of guns in people's hands. They will be used to shoot their own foot.

The MSM media said of one recent shooting in a school that they do not know why the student carry a gun to school. Good question?

Virgo49 said...

Still Cowboys Mentalities.

Loved to gun fights and show off.


Anonymous said...

When racial violence breaks out and all the guns come out, it will be a big fireworks display.

That would indeed be 'a beautiful sight to behold'!