The Hubris, Humbug and Hypocrisy of Western / USA Human Riights.

      From now on I will refer to the evil white race as EWR and the natives of Asia, Africa, America and Australia in general as the 4As with A1 refering to Asia, A2 toAfrica, A3N to north America, A3S to South America inclusive of Central America  and A4 to Australia. Many of my friends and readers have requested me to write shorter articles because as being working people they really do not have the luxury of time to read all the full length articles. Therefore I will try to write as briefly and as concisely as possible without losing the gist of the subject matter.

1. Every non-white country and people must know there is only fake human right and fake democracy  in US and the West. Just look at their ill-treatment of their non-white citizens, the African Americans, the natives, the Mexican Americans and the Asian Americans. For more details please refer to my two articles on Truth and Facts In Brief:   PART  ONE :  The United States An Evil Savage Illegitimate Barbaric Country - Published on 6th March, 2021  and  PART  TWO  : The United States Sham Democracy :  Published on  12th March, 2021. 

 2.    The evil white race ( EWR ) abuse and transgression of human rights is unparallel in history. The cruelties, brutalities and atrocities they committed and are still committing now against the people of the 4As are immeasurable and unpardonable. However being great hypocrites they especially the US try to accuse others in the 4As of the evil things they themselves have been doing since time immemorial as they try to shift the guilt to others.

3.     The abuse and transgression of human rights by the West has been going on for the last 500 years. They indulged in taking other people's land by force and massacre of resistant fighters. They trafficked in slavery and illegal drug running. They steal and rob the lands they dominate by exploiting their mineral and biological resources which impoverished the natives with no end while enriching the west tremendously. So far they have been trampling on the 4As human rights and sovereignty and killings and genocide of 4As citizens with impunity. But their days of reckoning are coming near and fast. The EWR countries are in choas and they will implode from within for sure.

4.    I will describe separately in separate parts the atrocities against the 4As committed by the EWR countries such as the United States of America, England ( UK ), France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Holland ( Dutch ) Belgium and Italy and thus to showcase their travesty and transgression on human rights and crimes against humanity.        

The United States of  America.            PART     ONE  -  A 

1.     The US commits endless numbers of heinous crimes against humanity in their diabolical cruelties and atrocities against the 4As both in the past and in the present. In the travesty and transgression of human rights and democracy the United States is the worst of the worst  among the EWR countries.

2.      Crimes against native Americans

The EWR from Europe invaded the Americas from 1492. The Anglo-Saxons British took North America by force of their guns and cannons from the natives. From then on  to the present the British and its offspring the United States of America have butchered and genocided over 100 million defenseless native Americans. The EWR - USA were extremely brutal and cruel in their treatment of the natives. Frequently natives were lured to meetings for peace talks and then all of them were mauled down by gunfire. They played one tribe against another tribe among the hundreds of different native tribes and instigated and incited them to fight among themselves. When the natives were weakened by their internal strives the EWR Anglo-Saxon Americans would move in for the kill. It was a common occurrence for EWR Americans to burn down native crops and settlements. When the natives both men, women and children rushed out from their burning villages they were all cruelly mauled down by fierce gunfire. Even babies in their mothers' arms were not spared. How cruel and atrocious these Anglo-Saxons Christian Americans were. This is only a brief inkling of the EWR Americans travesty and transgression of 'Human Rights' in the past. For more details read my past articles on white Anglo-Saxon genocide of the Native Americans as per example : Massacre & genocide of Native American Indians by EWR European invaders and Anglo-Saxon white Americans in four parts :   PART   1 : Published on 12th October, 2016,   PART  2 :  13th October, 2016,   PART  3 :  14th October, 2016  and  PART : 4 :  17th October, 2016.

3. Today. in this modern time the brutalities and atrocities carry out by the EWR Americans on all defenseless non-white people and countries are even more cruel and atrocious in propensity. US covets the Middle East oil and therefore it creates false excuses to attack and invade Iraq, libya, Syria and Yemen. Just through bombing by their jet bombers, drones, missiles and rockets the EWR Americans have killed about 30 million non-white muslims of the Arabs and Africans in the last sixty years since the 1960s to the present. The EWR American wars also caused further tens of millions of innocent civilians in dire suffering and agony. Their use of biochemical weapons on the muslims aggravated the suffering and agony of the victims whom they bluntly dismissed as war collateral of no concern to them.  

4.   The evil empire occupied by military force the isllands of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam and Diego Garcia through fraud and subterfuge. Between 1895 to 1905 the native Hawiians strongly resisted EWR - Anglo-Saxon Americans occupation of their country but they were brutally put down with the lost of over two hundred thousand Hawaiian resistant fighters. Puerto Rico and Guam were taken over from Spain in 1898 in the American - Spainish war in which America replaced Spain as the new imperial power. 

5.  In the mid 1960s England and the United States conspired to build a huge  gigantic military base    in Diego Garcia an island archipelago in the Indian Ocean to contain Soviet Russia and China in the Cold War. Thousands of Diego Garcians were then forcefully evicted from Diego Garcia in a inhumanistic criminal way without compensation or help to deserted slum areas thousands of miles away in Mauritius and Seychelles. Both the High Court in London and the International Criminal Court described the deportation as illegal and the expulsion by coercive acts as a crime against humanity. The United Nations had also demanded that the islands of Diego Garcia be restored to the rightful owners the Diego Garcians who should be allowed to return to Diego Garcia and that they should be justly compensated and helped in their resettlement. However, the evil empire and UK have arrogantly ignored the rulings of the courts and the United Nations. The Diego Garcia issue has exposed US - UK grave injustice to the Diego Garcians. The illegal deportation of the Diego Garcians is a criminal act and shows the US wanton travesty, transgression and grave abuse of human rights.

6.   US wars in the Middle East to grab the rich resources and the oil of the Arab muslim countrries resulting in the death and suffering of millions of Arab muslims is a crime against humanity and a grave abuse, travesty and transgression of human rights. The EWR Anglo-Saxon-Americans should be brought to justice one of these days and hopefully God will destroy them.

7.     In the last seventy years since the end of the Second World War, America has relied on its raw military power to forcibly establish military bases all over the world and by that power it had interfered and intervened in over a hundred countries internal affairs for brutal regime change to place leaders who are pliant and subservient  to obey US dictates.  In the course of American intervention usually via CIA and NGOs like the NED - National Endowment for Democracy not only national leaders were killed and assassinated but also millions of the citizens which US considered as leftists or communists were targeted and killed. This illegal American interference and intervention in other countries internal affairs is a criminal travesty and transgression of democracy and human rights. 

Below is a list of countries and the years which US  had brutally interfered and intervened in their internal affairs :

Asia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           China : 1930s - 1950s and To Present,   Philippines:  1945 - 1990s,   Iran : 1953,   Middle East : Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria : 1956 - 1958, 1970s - 2021 ( Still interfering now ), Libya :  1981 - 2020,  South Yemen : 1979 -  1984 and 2013 to present,   Indonesia : 1957 - 1965,                Vietnam : 1945 - 1975,  Cambodia : 1955 - 1975,  Thailand :  1965 - 1975,   Loas :  1957 - 1975 ,  Korea 1945 - 1955 and to present, Fiji : 1987, 2010 -2020,  Afghanistan :  2001 to Present. Diego Garcia :  1960s To Present,       Seychelles :  1979 - 1982,  East Timor :  1975 - 1999. Australia : 1972 -19975 USA via CIA plotted the overthrown of PM Edward Gough Whitlam who was against American bellicose policies.


France :  1947,   Greece : 1947 - 1950,  Italy :  1947 - 1970s,  Germany :: 1950s - 1970s ,  Albania : 1949 - 1953, 1990s,  Eastern Europe : Poland, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Zechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia :  1945 - 1990s,  Portugal : 1974 -1976,  Soviet Union :  1940s - 1980s

Central America:

Guatemala : 1953 - 1990s,  Costa Rica :  1950s - 1970s,  Haiti : 1959 -1960, British Guiana : 1953 - 1960s,  Cuba : 1959 -1960s to present time,  Panama 1989 - 1990s, El Salvador : 1980 -1995,  Grenada :  1979 - 1985,  Suriname :  1982 - 1985 ,  Honduras : 1980s to present, Nicaragua 1979 - 1990 to present.   Jamaica  :  1976

South America 

Brazil : 1960 - 1965, 2016 - 2020,  Ecuador : 1960 -1964, 2015 -2020,  Peru : 1965, 1990s, Dominican Republic : 1963 - 1965,  Chile :  1964 -1975,  Uruguay :  1969 - 1973,  Bolivia :  1964 - 1975 , 1990s - 2020,  Venezuela :  2001 - 2019,  Colombia :  1990s to present,  


South Africa : 1960s 1980s,  Ghana : 1966 - 1968,  Angola : 1975 - 1980s,  Chad  : 1981 - 1982,  Somalia : 1993 - 1995,  Algeria : 1960s,  Congo / Zaire 1960 - 1965, 1977 - 1980

8.    US commercial and financial scams

US sordid control and manipulation of the petro dollar is backed by the might of its diabolica military bases all over the world and with its control of SWIFT it is able to carry out arbitrary illegal toxic sanctions against victimised countries. With these illegal sanctions US blatantly acts as a shameless unconscionable   financial highway robber which robs off billions of dollars from victimised countries. As the sanctions deprived people of livelihood resulting in deaths and suffering of millions of innocent civilians it is a crime of the first magnitude in transgression against human rights in which US has to face justice one day.

9.    Other US grave abuse and transgression of human rights and democracy and crimes against humanity are assassinations of leaders of victimised countries, indiscriminate genocide of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians  which US marked as leftists, socialisrts or communist; the US via CIA use all kinds of physical and mental torture on victims to extract information which is a crime against humanity and is in contravention to the UN Convention Against torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. US send victims for torture in concentration camps like Abu Ghraib in Iraq and Guantanamo in its occupied encrave in Cuba. 

The CIA also train all its allies in the technique of torture against their opponents calling it a common fight in the interest of freedom and democracy.

10.  One of the most heinous crimes against humanity and a grave abuse and transgression on human rights is the US military use of chemical and biological weapons in wars especially in the Korean War 1950 -1953, Indochina War 1960s to 1970s, Afghanistan wars, Iraq wars  and Syria wars. Such heinous crimes cannot be forgiven and one of these days all Americans from the president downwards to the CIA and Pentagon personnels will be brought to justice.

The most shameful and despicable things about the Americans is that they like to falsely accuse others of all the evil diabolical deeds they themselves have been doing all the time in order to white wash their crimes and pass the blames to others.

The demonic Americans who by their own admission live by their evil values of telling lies, cheating, stealing and killing should be terminated by God  once and for all so that the people on this earthly world may once more enjoy a safe and secure life.


Saturday,  1st April, 2021.


Anonymous said...

The demonic Anglo-Saxon white Americans and its Western allies the Europeans have been using human rights and democracy as tool kits to smear, disparage and demonize victimized countries so as to provide excuses and preambles for their eventual attacks on these countries for regime change.

The evil USA and its Western allies thus have no right and no moral or ethical basis to lecture other countries on human rights and democracy. People and non-white countries of the world better beware and play safe.

Anti evil USA and its savage allies

Anonymous said...

Prof Wei Shin YU:
March 31, 2021 at 7:06 pm (Quote)

Anyone know the USA ethnic cleansing of Chinese after the railroads were built by mass deporting them, or the deportation of the blacks back to Africa?

Or the Australian ethnic cleansing of Chinese by establishing the White Australian Policy, which effectively “decimated” its Chinese population in Sydney form 30% to near 0 in a few short years after 1920 — same effect as genocide?

Or the killing of ethnic Chinese by the Spanish in Philippines, or by the Indonesian “natives” and army during the “Konfrontasy”?

Let’s think, in this World, which country will stand up for ethnic Chinese and prevent such injustices to repeat? USA, UK, rest of EU, Japan???
Despite its many imperfections, before you throw stones at China again, pls think!

Whatever your political belief, education and outlook, your face and skin colour remain YELLOW, and you have “CHINESE written all over your face” — like my Jewish friend in Sydney once said. Westerners and the non-Chinese will always regard you as a “Chinese” and even “despise” you as such!
Go live in a Western World for a few years and experience yourself, even in NZ!

The above is a comment in TRE.

Anonymous said...

The United States spy and terroriist agency CIA indulges in drug and heroine smuggling and trafficking for the last seventy over years since the end of the Second World War in 1945. CIA is the heroine and drug lord and master in all the continents from Europe,to Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Every year USA via CIA makes hundreds of billions of dollars through heroine and drug smuggling and trafficking. It is said the source and command of all American heroine and drug trafficking can eventually be traced to the president's table in the white house. The billions of dollars that the US make not only provide capital for their war industries but also enrich fabulously the dirty politicians and high command generals and admirals in the Pentagon.

But on the downside CIA's drug trafficking and smuggling destroy millions of ordinary citizens all over the world. Isn't CIA heroine and drug smuggling and trafficking a terrible travesty and transgression of human rights and democracy.

People of the Non-white world must wake up to the evil and hypocrisy of the USA and its Western allies.

Eagles Eyes

Anonymous said...

The vile evil empire the USA is also the world's financial highway robber. It robs the countries of the world trillions of dollars every year through sanctions and via its control of the World Bank and IMF plus its use of extra-territorial rights in imposing its own rules and laws arbitrarily on victimized countries. So how can other counties believe in their fake human rights and democracy. The evil United States should be destroyed for the safety of the world.

Non-white countries beware, be wise and be safe

Anonymous said...

They are now eyeing Myanmar. On the pretext of upholding human rights and using this as an excuse, slowly but surely, using the CIA to incite further turmoil, and instigating poodles to join in their sanctions to create more difficult conditions for the people resulting in more unrest.

This has been their mode of operation throughout their rise to power after WW2.

Taking down their power which has evolved into terrorism, is not a matter of calling smaller countries to rise up by taking arms. It will be an exercise in futility, knowing that most are fearfully under their control and what happened to Saddam and Gaddafi serves as a reminder.

Taking down their US$ hegemony is a step in the right direction and countries big and small should use less of the US$ like Russia, China and Iran to make the idea work. Otherwise, talking about matching military might is a path to extinction.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is itchy trying to poke poke at Myanmar under the order of you know who.

China said don't interfere in other country's domestic affair.

Anonymous said...

In July, the Chinese Communist Party will be celebrating its centenary with great fanfare. The arrival of the British carrier at China's maritime gateway to the world, timed to coincide with this special birthday, will not be welcome. The Chinese state media will draw comparisons to the Opium Wars and China's "century of humiliation" at the hands of imperial powers, stoking nationalistic sentiment.

There is a real possibility that China will orchestrate an unpleasant welcoming reception for the HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Anonymous said...

The Brits are getting more stupid than ever. Not that they were really that smart in the past but using force and the gun to defeat a weak Manchu China.

Aircraft carrier without air cover, with no defence against missiles coming in from space, is sitting duck, hapless and waiting to be sunk. Since they asked for it and offering themselves to be sunk, China might as well do them a favour and sink it.

Then see what else have the got, more opium?

It would be easier for Chinese fishing boats to scatter thousands of fishing nets to strangle the propellers would do.

Anonymous said...

'The Brits are getting more stupid than ever'. Does that tell us anything about the Royal Family as well?

Never more true with stupid Bojo at the helm, with his hairstyle resembling one of the 'three stooges'

Anonymous said...

U said he looks like one of the 3bstioges but he can attract young woman new graduates to be screwed by him leh

Anonymous said...

That is the only thing he is not stupid lah! It is not these women are attracted to his looks. They are probably gold diggers, attracted by his position and power.