Systematic and unending oppression and genocide of the Muslims

 The Muslims are concentrated mainly in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia. The luckiest of all the Muslims are those in South East Asia where the govts are Muslims and running the countries quite independently from foreign coercion. The Muslims in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia have no fear of being victims of oppression or genocide, because white men do not dominate their politics.

Muslims in Central Asia were the forgotten lot, left to fend for themselves as backward and underdeveloped countries. But this is changing with the BRI. There is a big economic revival in these states and the Muslims are the main beneficiaries. They are now in the centre of the new trade routes between China and Europe and Africa. These landlocked countries have found a way out, with China committed to make the BRI a success. They are going to be the new growth centres, to be as rich as the maritime states.

The fate of the Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East is the worse of the lot. Many could be living a very good life because of the abundance of oil in their countries. But this blessing turned out to be a curse when the West took liberty on them, to exploit, control and steal their oil, making themselves awfully rich but the owners of the oil utterly poor, exploited and oppressed and even murdered in senseless wars of invasion, unending wars just to keep the Muslim govts busy with the wars and forever dependent on the West to supposedly helping them to find peace but an elusive peace that would not come. The few years of peace under Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi were shortlived when the West invaded them and messed up their countries and their peaceful existence.

Other than oil, there is the implanted country by the West in their midst, called Israel. For its own security arising from insecurity in an unnatural state created in the Muslim world, Israel's primary goal is to keep the Muslim/Arab countries forever weak, warring and bickering and unable to pose a threat to its existence. Israel is the main enemy of the Muslim/Arab states. And who are the friends of Israel, propping up Israel, protecting and defending Israel against the Muslims/Arabs? The Americans and the European states.

Together, they have colluded to keep the Muslims and Arabs forever fighting and their economies and states in turmoil, even committing endless genocides on the Muslims and Arabs. How many millions of Muslims and Arabs have died in their hands? How many millions have been maimed for lives, wounded, made homeless? How many orphans, how many widows and widowers, how many have lost their parents and children? No genocide? No war crimes?

Oh, genocide only happened in Xinjiang, against the Muslim Uyghurs. And the Americans and the Europeans are standing up as the protectors of Muslims in Xinjiang. Funny, are the Muslims in the Middle East not the same as the Muslims in Xinjiang? Why committed endless wars and oppression against the Muslims in the Middle East, genocides, and then wanting to be champions of the Muslims in Xinjiang and fabricating white lies that genocide has been committed in Xinjiang, by China?

Who is the best friend of Muslims states like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and all the Muslim states in central Asia and in Africa? The US and the Europeans or China?

China is the biggest trading partners of many of these Muslim states. China's BRI is the key to a better life and development for the Muslims in Central Asia and in Xinjiang.  These Muslims in central Asia and Xinjiang are going to be the new rich of the 21st Century, thanks to China's development plans and trade in and through the region. China is there to help the Iranians, a big Muslim states under threats of war and sanctions by the Americans.  The Americans and Israel would not allow a Muslim state to be strong and rich. That is how they hate the Muslims and wanting to oppress them. China is helping to rebuild Iraq and defending Syria against the Americans and the West and Israel who destroyed these Muslim countries.

Why is China the best friend of so many Muslim states and now falsely accused of 'committing' genocide against its own Muslim citizens by the Muslim haters, the white men? How ludicrous! The white men's hands are dripping with the blood of Muslims. They really wanted to help and fight for Muslims?

See the hypocrisy of the evil white men and their lies? They have been systematically oppressing the Muslims all over the world, committing genocides against them, invaded their countries, destroyed their economies and way of life, and now shedding crocodile tears about 'genocide' in Xinjiang?

These evil white men really think the Muslims are stupid to believe in their lies, that the whole world is equally stupid to fall into their sinister plot to demonise China in their war against China.

This is the 21st Century. The evil white men may lie and lie, but they cannot keep on spreading lies and thinking that they can con the people of the world all the time. In their stupid lies they are only exposing themselves and their evilness for the world to see.

Who in his right mind would still believe in these white lies?


Anonymous said...

When India, in dire straits from the second wave of COVID19, desperately turned to the Muslims world for help, with China and Russia also offering help, the West and the USA were caught between a rock and a hard place and had no choice but to step in under intense pressure from the rest of the world. After the weeks of ravage by the virus in India and infections breaking records every other day, they are afraid of losing their leverage and are now offering aid. Too little too late, but just in time to take the credit.

Why is the USA, calling India a close ally, refused to provide the raw material for them to make vaccines since the start of the second wave? Now the situation is dire for India and even if the USA gave the go ahead for India to import their raw materials for the vaccine, the damage has already been done.

India better learn their lesson well, because the USA cannot be trusted, even as an ally. It is always the Whites first no matter what. When the British ruled India, food were sent by shiploads to the UK while Indians starve. They should have learned their lesson not to trust the Whites.

Virgo49 said...

Asian Natives are just too daft and beholden to their Ex White Colonial Masters.

Till today, they still have a lingering fears and slavery traits to the Whites.

Thinking that they are a Superior Race.

Should have see them begging in their own countries and lining up for food.

They had a mentality with no shames unlike the Chinese when we beg or even ask for help.

They openly can opened their big luxurious car booths to fill up their required groceries and scooted off as through it's their entitlements.

Too many good years that they had looted and stole from the daft natives of the coloured world that now their spent dirty wealth are all gone that they wanted to colonise again.

Now the only capable and Upright Races that can stand to them are China and the North Koreans.

They had their fears on these two daring and not afraid to die human beans that dared to face off with them.

The Rest, unfortunately are still slaves to them in their own ways.

Anonymous said...

They are still robbing the world by not working, just print paper money to exchange for the goods and service produced by the rest of the world.

The world is feeling cheated and is putting this to an end. Americans no need to work, just print money to feed themselves at the expense of the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

How can a most powerful country in Asia need grip from a weak country like China , no way man
Face is more important than the life of Indian people

SSO said...

India, an anti-Muslim country, is now in very deep shit. PM Modi is more prepared for the Elections than for the COVID-19 second wave that is now sweeping throughout India.

As expected and predicted last year, India is now the Epicenter of the COVID-19 Pandemic. He who laughed at China first, has now become the laughing stock of the world.

More than 300,000 Covid-19 infections and more than 2,000 deaths per day, if their official reports can believed. Take it with a handful of salt.

Hospitals are all overloaded and overwhelmed. Patients die outside the hospitals while waiting for admission.

There is a severe and serious shortage of oxygen and oxygen tanks to cater for the urgent needs.

There is not enough doctors and nurses (some of them have been happily exported to Singapore under CECA deal).

There is an acute shortage of vaccines for their own people, after boasting that it's the world's biggest vaccines producing and distributing country.

Politicians and political parties, especially the ruling party, are more interested in organizing rallies (without requiring the spectators to wear masks) to help the COVID-19 viruses to spread instead of helping to prevent the voters from getting infected.

Yet, India is still wanting to wage a border war with China!

That is what India was, is and will be.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

True, true, India the next super power in the world. Ask our imbeciles they will tell you this is true and will put their bets on India.

Virgo49 said...

Supper POP Power in only having the next biggest POP which majority will live in Poverty.

It's be POP POP and POO then.

China trying to lift up their POP in Poverty whereas the Indians will be having the Biggest POP in Poverty.

Also, their hungry scavengers will be roaming around the daft countries that they thought are World's Talents and have them taken over their built up businesses.

Then they would claimed credits that they are the Ones who built these Companies under their watch.

More idiots will signed their lopsided CECA and will be short changed and black mailed by them under their Balls.

The stupid natives who believed them will then have jobs as Funeral Creators doing their wood cremations for them at their Holy Rivers.

When China built their Dams across the Great Himalayas Rivers, their Holy Ganges River will be as dry as dirts.

Never know that they are at the mercy of the Chinese and they still want to how lian with them.

China just simply cuts off these life giving supplies and the Rest of the South Asians countries would be under their Mercy.

But, thankfully the Chinese are not this type of Evil Bastards like the Indians and their Whites.

Anonymous said...

India will win everything, every war, if it is a war of words.

Anonymous said...

DBS is built by Indians.

Anonymous said...

It is a matter of time before they take DBS back to India. And when it happened, our daft would not know what's happening.

Anonymous said...

If the policy is to target Indian nationals, then “something is wrong”, added the Transport Minister, who was speaking after announcing the new launch date of the Hong Kong-Singapore air travel bubble.


Virgo49 said...

Sinkieland can bring in thousands and millions of the Indians Nationals, Hong Kong won't give a damn.

But please don't send them over here.

So it's not a matter of discriminating them but too dangerous for us to allow them in.

Ours sardines packed island like yours. If kena infected we are dead.

Yours kena infected that your business.

Anonymous said...

Temasek joins 64-year-old founder on path to next India unicorn

The higher education and upskilling startup raised US$120 million from Singapore-based investor Temasek Holdings Pte, according to its co-founder. That’s the first time UpGrad — which had been funded entirely by Screwvala and its founding team since it was established in 2015 — is getting an external investor.


Anonymous said...

in Sept last year, an article in the washington post clearly said that there are western and asian countries which very much wanted hindu ethnic indians to form the majority ethnic group in the city-state, in the next 20 years.

Anonymous said...

Chinese Firms Are Listing in the U.S. at a Record-Breaking Pace

Firms from the mainland and Hong Kong have raised $6.6 billion through initial public offerings in the U.S. this year, a record start to a year and an eightfold increase from the same period in 2020, data compiled by Bloomberg show. The largest IPO is the $1.6 billion listing of e-cigarette maker RLX Technology Inc., followed by the $947 million offering of software company Tuya Inc.


Anonymous said...

The whites fabricated all kinds of lies to invade Muslim countries and commit genocides against the Muslims.

Today, they are doing the same, fabricating lies about genocide against Muslims in Xinjiang to fool the Muslims and the world that China was committing genocide.

They are trying to use the Muslims as their pawns in their war with China. They are so shameless that despite all their manufactured lies, no Muslim country believes in their lies but instead forging closer relations and ties with China.

The Muslim countries know who are their real enemies, who are committing genocides against the Muslims. Not China but the whites in all the Middle Eastern countries, and about to commit the biggest genocide against the Muslims in Iran, threatening to invade Iran.

The whites are walking around like fools with their megaphones but no one is listening to their lies. Every country is avoiding the evil whites with a thousand foot pole, not wanting to be seen to be beside them.

Anonymous said...

共機襲擾高度創新低「30公尺」 可能針對西南空域找雷達死角


Anonymous said...

One of the best website I stumbled on "Difference Frames the World"
They post a new Title every day from Canada and today title:

"Game Over They Want To Respect Its Sovereignty Now So Surprisingly!!! (2021).mp4"

briefly the vid is China past and future and American withdrew from Afghan, it also mentioned China relation with other nations.... something I rarely heard from pro China but true USSR, or the Soviet Union annexed vast territories and tributaries once belong to China under Mogul and Manchuria rulers - China Northwest and mostly Northeast including Sakhalin Island during and about Mogul...


Kindest Regards JC

Anonymous said...

A Singaporean in Xinjiang speaks exactly like a Sinkie. His name is Noel Lee...

Singaporean in XinJiang | Kashgar Coffee Shop chat with local Uyghur | in the


Good stuff kindest regards JC

Anonymous said...

There are now many foreigners in China reporting or telling the world what China really is and not what the MSM of the West is lying about.

Just came across the fiasco of the Democrats blaming the Capital Hill rioters killing Brian Sicknick with the MSM and even Biden spouting fake news, until medical examiners came out with the report that he died of a heart attack, not mob attack. But the MSM did not admit that they were reporting fake news all along.

That is how credible the MSM is in the West. You believe what they say about Xinjiang? They failed in Hong Kong. Probably will fail in Xinjiang. Now going after Turkey. Will India wake up? Keep digging.