Singaporean beaten by a foreigner

I copied this picture from TRE. This Singaporean was beaten by a foreigner when the foreigner shafted his car into a parking lot he was waiting for in East Coast Park. The case would be heard in court on 25 Aug.

It is so depressing to see Singaporeans being repeatedly beaten by foreigners in Singapore. Where is the Singaporean identity and where is the pride to be a Singaporean when foreigners coming here to make a living has no qualms and hesitation to beat up a Singaporean?

While we are going to celebrate SG50, think about this face.

It was reported that the attacker, a John Duncan Tasker, a PR, is a grassroot leader, a vice chairman of a Neighbourhood Committee.

Sino Indian relations – Time to wipe off the silly myth of a China threat

Bloomberg has this article ‘India sends China stern message with naval build up’ reprinted in the Today paper on 30 Jul 15.  What stern message? China must be shivering in its pants. Remember 1962? Anyway the message is very clear, India and China are military rivals and India is gaining on China and telling China not to mess around with India. The western media has been playing up the rivalry and hostility between two nations like they are arch enemies, China trying to swallow up India and India in a hurry to fend off an aggressive China? How true is this myth?

The Indian media and the mentality of its leaders did not help either to dispel this myth. They want to believe that China is going to invade and take over India like the Americans telling themselves of Chinese wading ashore along the western American states to take over America. What is the truth? It was America and western countries that invaded China and turned China into a semi colony. And the West has been bullying China and trying to contain China by building military alliances to ring China when not a single Chinese soldier is outside China. Modern China has never invaded any country but being invaded by the colonial powers of Japan and the West. But China is demonized by the West as an ambitious and aggressive power trying to conquer its neighbouring countries when it was the West and Japan that conquered and colonized these countries and China.

What about the fabricated fears of a hostile China invading India? Historically China had never invaded India nor conduct wars of aggression against India. There was this recognition that land over the other side of the Himalayas was not part of dynastic China. What about the Sino Indian border war in 1962?

The Indians have been harping till today that it was China who invaded India when they knew that it was the opposite. The invasion of China, to seize Chinese territories, was an Indian game plan with the formation of a 4th Indian Army Corp specifically for this purpose. And to move back a few centuries in Indian history, there was really no India for centuries until the British conquered, colonized and consolidated all the loosely held kingdoms in the subcontinent under British rule. The British Empire went further to carve out Chinese territories as theirs at a time when China was weak and broken up.

A formal Indian state came into existence in 1947 when it was given independence by the British. And India claimed that all the land carved out by the British from China is part of India. The border areas were territory snatched from China. China did not attempt to reclaim the land by force. It was an ambitious and ego inflated India that thought it could seize the land by force when China was a weak new country under communist rule in 1962.  The rest is history.

Till today, the Indians are putting on a false front accusing China of invading India. The fact, China repelled the invading Indian 4th Army Corp, marched to the outskirt of New Delhi, and then withdrew. Would an invading army do that, would an aggressive China harbouring an intent of conquering India withdrew from a defeated enemy on the run? China treated tens of thousands of Indian POWs like lost boy scouts, treated their injuries, fed and clothed them, clean and polished up all the captured weapons and returned the POWs and the weapons to India.  What did all this said about a hostile China?

India should stop its nonsensical accusation of China and the myth that China is waiting to invade India. In 1962 China could over run New Delhi in pursuit of the defeated Indian Army but did not, voluntarily withdrew without looting and raping or burning India along the way. India got away too lightly for its invasion of China.

In today’s geopolitics, conquest and colonizing another country is no longer acceptable and feasible as an option to global ambition. Only the Americans think so. China has no bad intent or ambition to want to have a war with India, to conquer India. All the Indian talks about building intercontinental missiles, aircraft and aircraft carriers and now submarines to defend an imaginary China running over India is simply hogwash. Too much toddy in the head.

India and China should continue to build economic ties and friendly relations and grow economically and military powerful as big countries. There is nothing wrong for the India to harbour wild ambitions to be the most powerful nation in Asia or in the world. But to build a straw man that China is its arch enemy and India must do everything it could to counter a China military threat is simply silly.

Stop drinking toddy and come to your senses, build your military machine for whatever purposes, but don’t create a myth that China is India’s enemy. There is no reason for China to want to invade India or any neighbouring country. North Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and many central Asian states with common borders with China have not been invaded nor have any border dispute with China. The Indians should negotiate with the Chinese and return the land carved away by the British warlord from China peacefully.

China is not asking for more land, not an inch of an India created by the British Empire. If there is going to be war between India and China, it would be the Indians conniving with the Americans to attack China, not the other way. The hostile and aggressive country is India and its superpower ambition. China is already a super power in its own right by trading and manufacturing and helping countries building infrastructures, without having to go to war, not invading or conquering any country. China is now a superpower without having to grab any country’s land by force. What for?

GE2015 – A hand with no aces

The past PMs used to hold a hand of aces and kings and queens during an election. And they could simply throw in an ace or a king in a weak constituency or when the opposition mounts a serious challenge. There was no problem when every minister was an ace, a king or queen. If one minister is not enough, throw in another one or get a heftier minister and the constituency was won. It was as simple as that. And PAP’ strategy was a strategy based on strength. And they went to battle to rout the opposition. There was no contest when a minister was thrown into a GRC.

Today, when Hsien Loong holds up his cards, he cannot imagine that the cards are so weak. No aces, maybe a few kings and queens, a number of 2s and 3s and the rest of the pack are the 6s and 7s. How to play with such a weak hand? How to go into an election with a hand of cards that spells losers?

I can imagine the strategy for this election would be drastically different from the past. It would be a defensive strategy on how to save and protect the weak ministers? Hsien Loong would have a hard time trying to place them to save them and keep them in his cabinet. The East is a sea of blue. Too dangerous.  The mentioning of Aljunied would send fear to potential PAP candidates. Where are the safe GRCs to hide the weak ministers and to prevent a GRC from being overran?

The end result would be considered good if lesser ministers were lost in battle. Notice the change, from a minister taking the fight to the enemy to a situation where ministers would have to be carefully placed to prevent losing them and losing the GRC?

Are there still gungho ministers daring to go to the East or to a GRC helmed by strong opposition candidates? Anyone up to it to volunteer to fight in Aljunied or in Marine Parade or in East Coast, or even in Tanjong Pagar?

How did the mighty PAP reach this point when every minister is no longer an ace and with so many no better than a 6 or 7, with some obviously 2s or 3s? Has the tea party gone wrong? Why is the tea party not turning up aces or kings and queens? What happens to all the good men and women? Why are they not appearing at the tea parties to be selected and to stand for the PAP? The few potential that have become the ‘knowns’ are a far cry from what the PAP used to have.  Is it that the good men and women are seeing things that they are not comfortable with, that they did not want to be associated with?

What is the real problem with the PAP? Or I am just having wild imagination, that Hsien Loong is holding a hand of aces and kings and queens and the GE would be just another walkover?

The only ace in the PAP game plan, and the only trump card it has and using furiously, is a man of the past.


Ecuador, a China show piece

The New York Times has an article posted in the Today paper titled ‘China extends global reach with loans and strings attached’ giving a pretty good picture of what China is doing in Ecuador. While the South East Asian countries are still shying away from Chinese infrastructure development, due to centuries of western demonization of China, the picture is very different in Latin America and Africa. The southern American countries have had enough of western colonization, domination and American Imperialism and are striking out on their own to be free. They are embracing China’s offer of trade and development with open arms, better to pay a little more interest than to be robbed by the colonialists and imperialists. Both did not charge higher interest rates, they just came and carted away whatever resources from these countries for free. Which is a better deal?

The Latin Americans are not stupid. They negotiated freely with China for loans and infrastructure development. And they are paying in kind, mainly oil, and other raw material, that the Chinese would have to pump up themselves. In turn, the Chinese have pumped in billions of dollars into Latin American countries. Ecuador alone is receiving tens of billion in dam building that would provide enough electricity to light up one third of the country, according to the NYT article. China is also helping Ecuador to build an oil refinery that would make Ecuador ‘a global player in gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products’. Bad deal, cheated by China?

The Chinese are also building ‘roads, highways, bridges, hospitals, even a network of surveillance cameras stretching to the Galapagos islands’. These infrastructure developments are badly needed by Ecuador to transform itself into a modern industrialized country, something that the west and their formal colonial masters refused to do while extracting all the natural resources for free.

When Ecuador takes off, it would be a show piece to show to the world what Chinese money, technology and engineering could do to rebuild a country. Singapore taught the Chinese how to build an industrial park. China learnt from it and is helping the world to rebuild their countries’ infrastructure and industrial parks. China is helping the developing nations to move up the economic ladder on fair and equitable terms. China is doing everything, providing financing, technology and manpower. The West would not do that. Obama just visited Kenya and talked about helping Africa to develop after the West had colonized and looted African for centuries. And they are the good guys.

The NYT did not miss the opportunity to sabo the Chinese effort in these countries by playing up on higher interest rate, which was anytime better than letting the western powers robbed them for free and meddling with their domestic politics. It also complained about Chinese methodology that would harm the environment and what not. The NYT is assuming that the Latin Americans are daft and could not understand what they are going into and their agreements signed with Chinese companies. If these were bad deals, why would they agree to them when China did not bring their warships and guns like the colonialist and the Americans?

The hard truth, and testimonies to the value Chinese companies are offering to the rest of the world was when they held an economic development conference in Beijing.  Global financial and corporate elite and heads of major banks and pharma, auto and oil companies came to mingle with the Chinese officials. And according to Christine Lagarde, MD of IMF, China’s effort to engage globally through investment and trade and economic reforms, ‘is good for China and good for the world – their fates are intertwined’.

China is all over the world investing in infrastructural developments. Just to quote a para from the NYT article, ‘Chinese companies are at the centre of a worldwide construction boom, mostly financed by Chinese banks.  They are building power plants in Serbia, glass and cement factories in Ethiopia, low income housing in Venezuela, and natural gas pipelines in Uzbekistan.

Not really all over the world as many South East Asian countries are still pondering on what China could offer under the dark cloud of doubts spun by their former colonial masters and the West, that China is bad, China is bad like Red Indians were bad, Red Indians bad. They could not remember that the centuries of colonialism and western domination did not do them much good except being robbed by the very robbers that are telling them China is bad and filled them with imaginary fears and hate against China.  On the other hand, the rest of the world, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America did not have the same fear and apprehension and are welcoming Chinese developments in full force on a complimentary basis. The West are telling the South East Asian countries to demand China to go it for free, and China to pay for it as well.

It would take a long time before the South East Asian countries could break free from their colonial mindset, fixed and implanted by their colonial masters and the West over centuries to look at China objectively. China is not there to colonise them but to trade, to help them rebuild their countries with a proven blue print, successfully implemented in China and now sharing with the rest of the world. What did their colonial masters left them after centuries of colonial rule and looting? What have their colonial masters and the West to offer them today other than military pacts and more weapons of war?

The joke, they trust their ex colonial masters more than a China that has never stepped foot on their shores. They trust their conquerors more than China that never had a soldier in their land nor kill any of their people.

GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 8 – Voting for more subsidies?

Do you want to vote for more subsidies? Subsidies in HDB flats, subsidies in medical bills, subsidies in paying utilities bills, subsidies in school fees, university fees….

What are these subsidies? Are they real or fiction? Heard of market subsidies? Heard of discounts, annual sales, Great Singapore Sales, Great Singapore Lelong?

Are subsidies and discounts just another sales gimmick, deceptions with inflated prices and then telling the customers of the great subsidies and discounts, that it is a very good deal, a great savings or else they will be paying more?

Do you want to vote for more subsidies when you don’t even know the real cost of things or if the prices have already inflated that after subsidies you are still paying much more than you should be paying? Do you know that the more subsidies you get the more you are paying for the goods or services? Everytime there is a subsidy you end up paying more. Not true?

Be careful with what you are voting for? Stop this subsidy thing. Stop being conned and happily thinking that it is a good deal.

Hsien loong –Spore has only 25 years to get demographic balance right

There is this article in the Today paper on 24 Jul 15 about what Hsien Loong said and his concerns for the well being of Singapore and Singaporeans. Why needs another 25 years to get it right when we got it right 20 years ago? Did not we prosper with the mix of population we had? It was not that we got a blessed combination but the govt then made it right, made them work as a people and a nation. Now we are in shit and need another 25 years to get things right again. Obviously things are going bad. Some one must have add a lot of shit into the pot, stirring it and causing it to smell.

In the article Hsien Loong shared his concerns of losing our national identity as Singaporeans, a lack of a Singaporean core and a population growing too big and going beyond this number is going to be undesirable. I quote his words from the paper, ‘With a million foreign workers here, Mr Lee said, this is “not a small number” and he did not think policymakers could “go a lot beyond”.’ Why has it got to this number? Or how did it come about, anyone knows?

For raising these concerns, Hsien Loong is in a way admitting openly that he did not see these coming. Knowing him and his pro active nip in the bud approach for solving problems, these problems would have been nipped in the bud before they reached this proportion. I am sure he did not know who decided to let in so many foreigners into the country. I am sure he did not know that we are losing our Singaporean identity and our Singaporean core.

I too must confess that I did not know how all these things developed to such a state that they are going to break this country apart, and the danger of Singapore losing its Singaporean identity. We are so lucky that Hsien Loong has acknowledged these problems and are standing up to address them. And we are so lucky to know that we have a window period of 25 years to put it right. Tharman needed 30 years to create a Singaporean core in the banking and finance industry. I am not sure how many years would be needed to have a Singaporean core in the IT industry and some other industries that have been taken over by foreigners.

Lee Kuan Yew must be turning in his grave to know that things are happening this way. Let’s hope he will quickly jump up from his grave to get things right again, maybe no need 25 years knowing his style. He wants things done right immediately. No mumbo jumbo, no dilly dally, and allow people to fumble along for another 25 or 30 years and not even sure if things would turn out right.

What would Lee Kuan Yew say or do to get his Singapore right again? Would he be able to put his Singapore together again?


PMEs – Kena kelong then lelong

Whenever I think of this huge group of local talents that have been forced out of their comfort zone and unable to find a job to make a living, I can only think of kelong and lelong.

How could professionals in top management with 20 or 30 years of experience become useless overnight and no longer employable? If their salaries are too high, many would not mind taking a 50% cut to do something they have been doing all their life and very good at, their contacts and connections. How can they be unemployable? What is the real reason that they become unemployable? Kelong?

At 55 or 60, some even in their 40s, cannot find a decent job in the same trade needing their expertise but the companies could find the same expertise from inexperienced 3rd World ‘cuntries’, no mistake in the spelling. And no one thinks something is wrong? Oh, someone knew but could not do anything about it. The foreigners are in charge and it is their right to hire their own kind and to boot out Singaporeans in Singapore. Can you believe it, is this a country or a ‘cuntry’?

And they have accepted that this is it, nothing can be done to get the PMEs back into their profession.  The best option is to lelong them to the 3rd World countries or Timbucktoo. Hopefully in such places, our ‘rejects’ could find employment at a fraction of their income. And they should be grateful, got job is better than no job. And the NTUC is spending money and resources, setting up a special institution to train them just to be exported to God knows where. How lucky these PMEs are.  Some countries are famous for exporting maids and construction workers. What would Singapore be famous for, exporting taxi drivers or security guards?

Lelong, lelong, one PMEs for two, or take one and have one free. And we guarantee their certificates and degrees are genuine, from reputable and world class universities like NUS and NTU, some from good universities in USA, UK or Australia. We will certify that they are no fakes. You can double confirm with us. We will provide all the references plus a e2i certificate. We have our own seal of quality and authenticity, the Singapore Brand.

Getting use to a new face as the PM

The GE is coming and as in any general election, a new man or woman could be thrown up as the new Prime Minister. This is normal and common in any democracy except in Singapore. Here the PM is like a life time tenure and would go to the PAP’s candidate. In this GE the PM in the aftermath would be Hsien Loong. There is hardly any doubt about this. Many things would change but the PM of Singapore after the GE would not change.

Let’s put aside this reality and go on a trip to wonderland and let’s say a miracle happens and a new party or coalition is swept to power. And Singaporeans would have to live with a new face as the new Prime Minister. Who would that face be, Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim, Chen Show Mao, Chee Soon Juan or Tan Jee Say? Try to imagine that one of them would be the new Prime Minister. The feeling is quite strange.

Strange it might be, but would anyone picture Jokowi, a businessman, not an elite or a general, an unassuming man being the President of Indonesia? Jokowi has been the President of Indonesia for more than a year and is looking more and more like a President. And who says you need to have experience in politics and an apprenticeship to become a President or a head of govt?

In a democracy every citizen is good enough to be the President or Prime Minister. Singaporeans must get use to a new face as the Prime Minister sooner or later. Maybe not in this election, but it will come. Look at Low Thia Khiang and get use to his face as the PM. Or look at Jee Say or Chee Soon Juan, get accustom to their faces and get use to it that their faces could be the face of a PM. Imagine them in formal business suits and ties and looking dignified as the Prime Minister. I am not talking about the money type of dignity, but the dignity of the Office of the Prime Minister, the Head of the govt of a country.

It is just a matter of getting use to it. Get the idea? In a democracy you don’t need to be from the nobility or aristocracy to be the Prime Minister. There is no need to look noble and rich, just look like a Prime Minister will do. And the strange thing is that it will grow on the person in the Office.


Muhyiddin – Checkmate!

Channel News Asia reports,

Malaysian media reported on Tuesday that Prime Minister Najib Razak has dumped his deputy and four others in a cabinet reshuffle, with the attorney general also replaced amid the fallout from a graft scandal at state investment fund 1MDB.

Najib's government announced in a statement that Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail, the man who had led investigations into the 1MDB scandal, had been replaced by Mohamed Apandi Ali. It gave no reason for the change.’

I cannot believe it. I thought Najib was in a fix. This amiable guy has pulled off a near impossible coup while under pressure from the most powerful political forces in Malaysia. I must say I never expect him to get out of this rut unscarred. And now he got one up on his opponents by removing his deputy PM Muhyiddin, the most outspoken UMNO critics on the 1MDB saga. And the attorney general investigating the case is also removed. There was also an edict that no newspaper is to report on the 1MDB case until the investigation is over.

I think even Mahathir could not see this coming. What is happening? What Najib has done is even more ingenious than Mahathir in his heyday. Mahathir was only able to drag a piece of mattress all over the courts. Najib simply disposed off his opponents in a a simple stroke of the pen, no drama, and no time wasting. Respect!

What’s next Najib? Or what’s next Mahathir? The power play has just begun and Najib is on top. And Rosmah has not even appeared or said a word. Can’t imagine what would happen when Rosmah pulls the rug off Mahathir’s feet. Don’t pray pray with a woman’s wrath.

The hunter is now the hunted. How would this game end is still too early to tell but you can bet there will be more surprises from both sides of the camp.


GE 2015/16 issues for the voters to consider – Issue 7 – Would you want to be replaced by a foreigner?

The plight of PMEs is real. There is no record of how many have lost their jobs, how many are under employed and how many have opted to retire completely, unable to find employments anymore.

And how many of the good jobs have been taken over by foreigners while Singaporeans were told to go overseas. There is no need for Singaporeans to go overseas to eke a living when there are 2m foreigners here, happily employed and their dependence enjoying the safe and hospital environment we have built.

Do you want to be replaced by foreigners in your own country?

Think very carefully when you vote.

70 years of nice and polite Japanese

Many silly Asians are trumpeting the goodness of the Japanese in the last 70 years of peace and stability in the region. Yes, after their invasion of Asia with the wild ambition of ruling Asia by brute force and cruelties failed and defeated by the Americans, and with the badly hurt Americans out to avenge the sneaky attack on Pearl Harbour, the Japanese war demon was bottled up and kept under lock and key. The Japanese were not given a chance to be their evil self again. The constitution was forcefully changed to a pacifist one, denouncing wars and forbidden to go to war. And to make sure it stayed that way, the Americans sat on Japan like a semi colony. American forces are still in many bases in Japan, outwardly to counter China and North Korea, but at the same time keeping a check on Japanese ambition. Japan would not be allowed to do mischief again without the approval of the Americans.

And the world has peace for 70 years. And Asia and South East Asia have peace as well. Without a sword, the Japanese went around in briefcases and business suits to woo the Asians for trade and commerce. These are the activities they were allowed to engage in. The peaceful Japanese were an enforced animal. They swallowed their pride and arrogance, hid their aggressive and belligerent nature and bowed and bowed all the way. Such nice and polite people cannot be war criminals. Many Asians today could believe that the Japanese were so barbaric and depraved during the war years. What is the true nature of the Japanese if the forceful hands of the Americans were removed? What is a true Japanese?

Historically the Japanese were a martial people, starting with piracies and attacking Koreans and Chinese merchant ships, they went further to conquer and to colonize Korea and semi conquered China. South East Asia was invaded and conquered and colonized in the same brutal way. The Japanese would attack a country when that country was seen as weak. They were so vile and wild as to think of conquering China and Asia. They succeeded and almost ruled China by force as their colony. And when they became the colonial masters, they were cruel and harsh, forget about the Hollywood romanticing of samurai honour. The Koreans lived under the rule of the Japanese for several decades like slaves. China lost millions in the invasion by the Japanese, and so were the South East Asians.

The pre war Japanese believed in power and being the aggressor when they were more powerful than their neighbours. They still believe in the Sun God and their destiny to rule the world. They were very nice, very polite, very peaceful, very gentlemen in the last 70 years not out of free choice, not by nature. Their hands were tied by the Americans.

Today, with the American Empire being challenged by a rising China, the Americans find it expedient to unleash the Japanese butcher to stop the rise of China. The Japanese are allowed to remilitarize with the consent and encouragement of the Americans. The last few years, and recently, the ugly Japanese are revealing themselves again, banging their chest and showing the middle finger to China. They wanted the right to engage and conduct wars. They have torn their pacifist Constitutions to bits. The public protest is only a minority, and done for public relations purposes. The majority of the Japanese wants to return to militarism, imperialism and a powerful Japan that can go to war. The passing of the bill to have the right to go to war is testimony to the real intent and nature of the Japanese, the real Japanese behind the mask of civility.

Without the Americans sitting on them, instead giving them the green light to become a military power, to conduct wars, Japan has come full circle, to be its militant and aggressive self once more. Asia and the world should brace themselves up for an aggressive Japan to create havoc and war. Yes, the rise of an aggressive and belligerent nation to be a global power, in Japan, will not be peaceful. It is building up its war arsenal like it did before the Second World War. The process of Japan’s rearmament and remilitarization is in full steam.

The Americans said yes, the western powers were muted, the silly Asians and South East Asians cannot remember the brute Imperial Japanese Army and the beheading of people and the colonizing of their countries. They only remember a falsified face of Japan in the last 70 years as a defeated invading country. They are going to live with the beast in their homes thinking that it is a nice domesticated pet.

Do they want to know the real Japanese? Do they want to read their histories again to understand what the real Japanese were like if not shackled?

GE 2015 – Counting the pins fall

GE2011 was a watershed election in the sense that a formidable GRC helmed by a top minister plus another minister plus another going to be minister fell to the opposition. It was quick a shocking event to know that it could happen and happened to a top minister with PM potential. And he took along two other ministers with him.

After this event, the infallibility of a GRC do not seem so infallible after all. But what is more troublesome were the series of events of policies that occurred after elections. The unease and uncomfortable feeling of the voters cannot be simply ignored. The slew of unpopular policies by the Govt is still right up there in the minds of the voters. The PWPs, the jobless PMEs, the high cost of living, the CPF that cannot be withdrawn but for a small amount, the Medishield Life, CPF Life, and many others, make the issue of high ministerial pay so small, would all come into play in the run up to polling day.

The opposition parties would not have enough time even to talk about the consequences of these policies. There are just too many things to talk about time. And then the departure of LKY which to the PAP looks like a big plus seeing so many people queuing up to bade him final farewell. From another angle, it is like removing the crown of a huge tree and everything looks so naked and fragile below, so vulnerable. How LKY’s departure will tell on the PAP, whichever way, is going to be dramatic.

What the ground is saying, or what the little bird is saying, is that the results would be quite earth shaking. Never have Singaporeans ever think they are going to see this in a GE. Many are counting how many ministers will no longer be ministers after the GE. The pins will fall. It is a matter of how many and which pin will hit the ground first.

Would it be 4, or 8 or more? Never has this pins falling been so sure, only a matter of how many.  This is going to be an election where many ministers would hope would not have been called. It would be a case of minister one day and common folks the next. It would be the same for many MPs and MP hopefuls.  How many will become commoners again?

This would be a GE that only the khong cums would be shouting, we want a good fight, we are looking for a good fight, we were so disappointed we did not get a good fight.


Marine Parade the first GRC likely to go to the opposition

The redrawing of electoral boundaries makes Marine Parade a ward with the most changes, with a cut and a paste. Presumably the changes are meant to favour the PAP in Marine Parade. The weakest link in the team, Tin Pei Ling, has been hived out to front a single seat in MacPherson. Many political observers see her as a liability and her absence in a way should strengthen Marine Parade some what. But this is off set by the inclusion of Joo Chiat. The marginal win at Joo Chiat must be scary for the PAP and it must be hoping to retain Joo Chiat by making it part of the firmer Marine Parade GRC. How would this work out is yet to be seen as the voters in Joo Chiat seem to be swinging towards the WP camp.

The incumbents in Marine Parade are no guarantees for a win. Chok Tong, the strongest candidate due to his Premiership status is likely to be retired. Tan Chuan Jin has not much to show during his term in MOM and would not be the persuasive factor to carry Marine Parade. The rest of the team are just so so.

Now comes the checkmate move by Low Thai Khiang. He has announced that WP would contest Marine Parade. Low Thia Khiang has a very good track record in winning elections. He broke ground by winning Hougang. Again he broke the records by winning a GRC, once seen as near impossibility. For Low Thia Khiang to make his move in Marine Parade and East Coast, he must have read his cards well. He must have sense the moment has come.

PAP’s performance against NSP in the last election was nothing to crow about. NSP was a very weak team and the Nicole Seah effect was enough to rattle the PAP team and nearly knocked them over. The WP is no NSP, and has a more respectable track record and seen as a real challenger to the PAP in times to come. A so so team in Marine Parade is going to be a tough call and the chances of it falling to the WP is quite expectable. Would the PAP boost up the team with more ministers and take a big gamble to lose big?

Just a few days after the electoral boundaries have been changed and confirmed, and with some comments and indications of intent from the opposition parties, Marine Parade is now hanging by a very thin thread. And the bonus that could come along would be MacPherson. If top notch candidates like Dr Koh Poh Soon can lose to Ah Lian, Tin Pei Ling would need to a miraculous act to stand a chance against an opposition candidate on her own. Very likely she would be retired on medical ground from this GE.

It is looking like 1 GRC and 1 SMC down before the GE even started.  My God, if this is the case, Tan Chuan Jin would be no more a minister.

PAP taking things for granted without knowing that things have changed

The ground is sweet and things should go according to plans. The way the PAP conducts its election campaign has been honed over 5 decades and it must be presumed that other than some changes in the players, the execution of the election campaign would be very similar to the past, with a few minor touch ups here and there. It has been a winning plan, a winning formula though losing effectiveness, but another victory is just a formality.

The GRCs continue as a main concept to carry most of the candidates to Parliament despite the damage it can cause for each GRC lost. The tea party will continue to pick the best candidates to replace the ageing and less performing ones, and also as part of a renewal exercise. Some new faces will come, and some old faces will depart. All other things will more or less remain unchanged.

The theme or war cry may take on a new focus and emphasis. And that would be well discussed and taken care of.

What I think will be a major issue, other than the many hot potato issues, for the election would be the part time versus full time MPs. At $16,000 a piece, it is no small change to the average voters. The PAP may not think this is a big deal as they are accustomed to millions of dollars and would not see this as an important issue. To the voters, they will be thinking why they should be voting in a part time MP for $16,000 a month when they could get a full time MP working for them. Would they be thinking that they have been short changed by getting a part time MP? Would they be thinking that this part timer may not be fully committed to looking after their problems and issues affecting them? How much could they expect from a part timer when there is someone willing to work for them full time?

The concept of part time MP may not be acceptable today when the allowance is a healthy $16,000 a month and with a lot of perks, like being courted to be directors here and there. For such a lucrative position, why should the voters be content with a part timer?

There is a shift in the mindset of the voters today. They are demanding value for money. Spending quality time and disappeared, even disappearing from Parliament sessions would not be taken lightly. This is an area that the PAP did not think needs changing. And this is a point that may decide who the voters would vote for.

Do you want a part timer serving you or a full time MP? Would the voters take it kindly when offered a part timer by one party and a full timer by another party? Why settle for less?


Why the need to send Singaporeans overseas?

The NTUC has set up an institution called Employment and Employability Institute e2i, to train Singaporeans to compete and work overseas. This seems to be a big preoccupation of the NTUC and is like a cure all for the ills of Singaporeans, especially the PMEs who are finding it difficult to get jobs at home. The main reason is that since they cannot find jobs in Singapore, the NTUC is going to train them to find jobs overseas. 

Can anyone see the silliness of this logic? Our own talents, well educated and experienced, cannot find jobs here when we can provide more than half a million good jobs to foreigners who are likely to be less educated and less experienced, and may even be using fake degrees or degrees from degree mills, and we have to send our talents overseas to make a living. And with the strength of our dollars, and the low salaries that other countries are paying, (don’t ever think they could get better paying jobs in well paying western countries if they cannot make it here), is this a better alternative? Yes, better than being jobless at home.

I am not going to discuss why our PMEs are being replaced by foreigners. I know all the silly reasons that are craps at best. The answers are too obvious. Nothing to do with their talents and skills for sure.

There are times, and with good reasons when we want to send our talents overseas. The organisation is expanding and we need our people to go overseas to take charge of our investment. No need for e2i for such postings. Does this ring a bell, taking charge of our investment overseas by our own people? Does it make any sense to have foreigners coming here to take charge of our investments?

When we send out people overseas, it is a kind of promotion, and they are going to see an improvement in their income and value. We don’t send our people overseas to earn less, in more junior positions. Even when our PMEs went abroad, they are being head hunted or they found better positions that are paying them better and worth the sacrifice. Others may be venturing out on their own, not as low paying employees.

The govt of the past encouraged our people to go out to seek their fortune, not to beg for a bowl of rice. In those days jobs were not so plenty at home, and we need new fields for our talents to explore. And the exchange rates were in our favour. It made a lot of sense to do that for the able and talented.

Today, we have so many good jobs at home. Why the need to send our people overseas, and then fill these good jobs by funny foreigners with funny backgrounds and qualifications? Is there anything funny or wrong with this thinking and policy? We are not short of good jobs for our own people. Foreigners are flying in by the plane loads to seek their fortune here, a better quality of life in one of the finest city in the world, for good jobs and good incomes. We are telling our people to vacate this city to rough it out in the 3rd World cities to earn less, to live less comfortably without the convenience of home and to leave their expensive castles and families here!

On the other hand the foreigners are bringing their families here to enjoy everything we built, a safe, clean and orderly place, to bring up children. What the hell is going on? Lee Kuan Yew said, ‘nobody can just walk in and take over what we created’. What do you think the govt is doing? Inviting everyone here to take over what we have created, take over good jobs, our women, our homes, and celebrating it as a good thing. And then tell our people, please go out to make a living, this city state has no good jobs for them. We only want foreigners to live here and work here.

What is going on? Crazy, or something more serious is happening?

Japan not getting it right in immigration

There is this trend of thought that Japan is not doing it right with respect to welcoming immigration to promote economic growth. Japan should lear from Singapore by flooding the country with foreign talents to achieve economic growth. For the last 20 years, Japan was experiencing near to zero growth as compared to Singapore’s exciting growth numbers brought about by the influx of foreigners. Short of calling the Japanese stupid, Singapore is being polite by just sharing our great experience with immigrants and foreign talents

The issue is whether the Japanese are enjoying better quality of life or otherwise without the foreigners. What many did not consider is the external wing of Japan where Japanese companies are all over the world and this must have contributed to their national revenue other than GDP. What is certain is that Japan is still having the highest quality of life for its people, the richest nation in Asia on a per capita basis, with the biggest savings and can easily cough out billions, hundreds of billions if needed to share with the world.

Another important point is that the Japanese have little regards to the quality of foreign talents. They believe in themselves and not in a side look down on the foreigners. And they have proven that they are good, better than the foreigners unlike daft and untalented Sinkies, a city with no talents and very proud about it, bragging about it everyday.

Without the influx of foreigners, low fertility rate and low GDP growth, the Japanese are doing very well and not complaining. One thing for sure, the Japanese would not have to live with the complex nature of problems caused by race, religion, culture and lifestyle of foreigners. They would not be dragged down to the 3rd World with social problems brought about by the foreigners, bad habits, poor hygiene and primitiveness. They would not be a 10 tribe country. They will be Japanese and proud to be Japanese, with no compromise on what they thought best for themselves as Japanese. They don’t have to share political power with foreigners or fear being taken over by foreigners. Their soldiers need not have to look left and right or behind when going to war no knowing if their comrades can be trusted or be killed by their comrades with no chance of defence.

What Singapore has not talk about, refused  to talk about, are the social economic problems that the foreigners would brought with them, their religion, their racial and cultural differences, their lifestyle, beliefs, their loyalties, their primordial instinct and many others that would not surface but would surface at critical times to destroy the social fabric of our country. We have been in a state of denial that the influx of foreigners has only one positive impact, economic growth, and ignore the problems, some very serious to the people and country in the long run.

We are now starting to acknowledge some of these problems reluctantly. We are showing some concerns with the Singaporean identity, our work ethos, our lifestyle, a Singaporean core and how things are falling apart as a people and a nation. The people have started to question why they have to put up with the foreigners and have to provide good jobs and housing for them, losing out to them and to defend them. For the sake of one single factor called growth, we thoughtlessly neglect all the problems that the influx of foreigners have brought with them. And we have not seen anything yet but the damage to the fabric of our nation is indescribable. We should thank our lucky star that these problems have not blown up in our face yet.

The Japanese are not stupid or else they would not be miles ahead of us in everything. We have nothing that is good enough to compare with the Japanese except the fictitious economic growth that is unsustainable. Think we are smarter than the Japanese that we can teach them a thing or two on welcoming foreigners recklessly and thinking everything will be alright? Are we up to it?

The problems that are simmering and brewing and waiting to explode and destroy everything we have built in the first 30 years of our nation making are bidding their time. The Japanese can be very sure that they would not have to face with the kind of problems that we have created for ourselves with so many foreigners of so diverse backgrounds to live in our midst. We are not America, a huge continent with hundreds of millions of people that can absorb and cushion the influx of so many foreigners.

But of course I am likely to be wrong and the super talents must know what they are doing and things are well under control, like the public transport system, the high cost of living, housing and the squeeze that is getting unbearable and the disappearing Singaporean core.

Time for celebration. Let’s party. Look at the good things and how good things can be if we keep going down this road of prosperity. Celebrate like the Trojans and ignore the wooden horse in the city. This is the beauty of not reading history and enjoying the bliss of ignorance.


Celebrating the peranakans and early pioneers

I spent this morning at the Peranakan Museum to look at the latest exhibits on show. The theme is about the earlier pioneers and community leaders of Singapore from the 19th Century to present. The emphasis of the exhibits is the peranakans, our equivalent of local borns from the Chinese community. The exhibits are quite interesting as they put a face to all the names that we are seeing on the streets and put in perspective the roles of these peranakans and their contributions to society in kind, building schools, parks, hospitals and generous donations to the people. 

The exhibition features 50 peranakans to coincide with SG50 though there must be more than 50 of these pioneers out there. The  origins of Whampo, Yishun, Boon Lay, Chong Pang, Keong Saik, Hong Lim, Boon Tat, Joo Chiat etc etc were all carefully recorded by the curators. This is a part of our history of the old rich that were alike to the American's Kennedys, Rockefellers, Fords, Carnegies, Mellons, Morgans etc.

Here are some of the pics I took today.
The top pic is the Peranakan Museum. Photos of the early pioneers include Tan Chay Yan, Seah Eu Chin, Tan Jiak Kim. The most prominent Malaysian peranakan Tan Cheng Lock was also featured. Others featured but not shown here include Tan Tock Seng, Lim Nee Soon, Lim Boon Keng, Tan Keong Siak, Gan Eng Seng, Cheang Hong Lim, Ong Boon Tat, all 50 carefully selected movers and shakers of Singapore.

Uniquely Singapore – Metal gates along common corridor cannot open at the same time

There was this new country, I must emphasise, new country, probably 3rd World country, just got independence or nation hood, and they started to build public housing for the citizens for the first time. They were in a hurry, no experience, and ended building flats with common corridors with doors facing each other, and the metal gates cannot be opened at the same time. How could this happen?

The reasons, no experience, lousy architects, no building control, no clerks of work to check, never done it before and want it cheap and good some more. Ok, for these good reasons I must say excusable and forgiveable. It is not easy for inexperienced workers and architects with fake degrees or degrees from the degree mills to get such things right. In 3rd World countries, this is the norm.

But not to worry, in 3rd World countries they are very imaginative and will find ways to correct such design faults. The more serious architects would knock down and shift the door on one side sideways, maybe a foot or two, and eureka, the gates can be opened. Some may make the gates smaller. Some may change to sliding gates. No real problems lah.

No they would not change the rules and regulations. Remember, 3rd World countries got no rules and regulations to say smaller doors or gates cannot open are not allowed. Anything goes.

Singapore is so lucky. When we first built housing estates after the big fire in Bukit Ho Swee, we did not have much experience then. But we got good architects, architects with real degrees, not from degree mills. And the flats they built were very good. Gates can open at the same time even if facing each other. No need to design doors not facing each other. And one time done, no need to modify or alter or change the gates.

Now, 50 years after moving from 3rd World to 1st World, how can such things happened, unless we are back in the 3rd World, starting everything anew, learning to  be 3rd World again. Did we really design cheap flats, built in a hurry and ended up with gates cannot open at the same time, violating building regulations? Do we still hire real architects and not fake ones?  Our architects and engineers and building contractors are all properly qualified and real ones, and very experienced, 50 years of construction experience. And we got very strict BCA with rules and regulations that all architects, engineers and contractors know by hard. Can it really happen?

I think it would need a miracle for such a thing to happen in this country. Maybe the people are hard up for miracles and trying very hard for miracles.  Indeed we have become a city of miracles. And with such a miracle, there is no violation to safety requirements for sure. Anything goes, every inch like 3rd world.

PS. Maybe they have started to prepare for 10m population.
Note. The error in calling the metal gates as doors has been corrected.


The intent is good, it is all for the good of Singaporeans

I used to be very angry with all the bizarre policies of the govt. I could not understand why these policies are so anti Singaporeans. I could not understand and see any good in them except for the good of foreigners. Now I beginning to understand and see things differently after Hsien Loong said this,

‘There may be different views on how the policy should be, but I hope people understand that the Govt’s intent is good.  We are doing this for Singapore, and for Singaporeans.’  Lee Hsien Loong quoted in ST 22 Jul 15

When Hsien Loong said that the Govt’s intent is good and doing all for the interests of Singaporeans, how can one not understand and don’t believe what he said? He is telling the truth from this heart. Then I went on to reflect on those policies that I was angry with him and now I understand, the Govt’s intent was good, and the policies were good for Singaporeans. Now I am at peace. I know many of you are still very cynical. I don’t blame you.

Now I know why raising GST is good for the poor people. I am looking forward for the GST to go to 10% after the GE perhaps. And I am going to wait for all the goodies going to the poor people and making them happy. Before this I simply cannot understand how it benefits poor and have doubts about the intent of the Govt.  Now I know the intent of the Govt is good. Don’t understand is my fault. I must try to understand and if I don’t understand, I should just believe on the side of goodness. I must admit I still don’t understand.

Of course the biggest bugbear must be the people’s CPF savings, including mine. I was cursing and swearing. Now I know it is for the good and interests of the people, me included. Now I am happier, really happy to know that when I die, I will die very rich, with a lot of money in my CPF, die with a smile on my face. For those who still cannot understand the Govt’s good policy, at least know that the Gov’t meant well and has good intent. Just the good intent is enough to absolve all blame and unhappiness.

I also cannot understand why the Govt gave  and is still giving so much free money to so many foreigners, students and lecturers but not to our own people and their children. This one is very serious, I still cannot understand even if the Govt is doing it for the interests of Singaporeans. But I am more at peace now, because I know the intent is good. Singaporeans deprived of university places, Singaporean lecturers lost their jobs to foreigners, no Singaporean core in the academia, never mind, it must be good for Singaporeans. Sometimes it is like a religion, have faith, just believe and all is well.

What about the PMEs that have become taxi drivers? It must also be good for them, I think. Otherwise they would not be their own boss and enjoy the independence of being your own boss showing how good quality of service is all about, carrying and loading luggages into the taxi with a smile. And saying thank you when a big tip is received for good service. Never mind, the intent of the Govt is good. More foreigners here are good for Singaporeans, to grow the economy, to create good jobs for the Singaporeans. How come I could not understand this simple logic before? Now everything is looking so simple and so clear. The Govt is doing it for the good of Singaporeans. Tiok. How, I dunno, but tiok good enough for me.

Housing for poor Singaporeans, I mean HDB built public flats, and a bit higher income Singaporeans, not just the rich, must buy private flats, good quality and live well. Now I also understand. The income ceiling, last time I think not right that NS men cannot buy public flats. Now I also understand that this is good for Singaporeans also. If they cannot buy HDB flats they sure must buy private flats, good for them and good for the property developers also. Win win for everyone. So simple, but I was confused last time. Boon Wan must not change the policy to make sure every Singaporean can buy a HDB flat so that as NSmen they have something to fight for. Let them buy private properties. Private properties cheap and affordable to the richer Singaporeans. Now they have more expensive properties to defend for, and doing NS becomes more meaningful. They would love to pay their big mortgages for the next 30 years as proof that they are richer.

I could go on and on. Now everything seems so positive, knowing that the Govt’s intent is good and doing everything for the Singaporean’s interests. It cannot be otherwise right? If otherwise how can they be elected to the govt again in the next GE. It only means that many have known this truth but not me. Now with the intent so clear, sure get elected to the govt with bigger majority in the next GE. Hsien Loong should have talked about the intent part earlier to win the hearts and minds of the people.

Now I also agree the ground is sweet. Quick call for election, I can feel the sincerity all over the place.

PS. When I read some of the comments in similar posts in the TRE I just cannot understand why so many people disagree with me and still refused to understand and cannot see the intent and insincerity of it all. What a pity. But, but everyone has a right to disagree. Tiok boh? The difference is whether you see the intent or not.

China – The peaceful rise of a global power

There was an interesting article on the rise of global powers by Jean Pierre Lehmann in the ST on 23 Jul 15. The author is the emeritus professor of international political economy at IMD, Switzerland and visiting professor at the University of Hong Kong. The article titled, ‘ China’s historic quest for a peaceful rise’, reminded the western powers that their rise to global powers were never peaceful and never responsible. From Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Japan and the USA, their rise was accompanied by ‘conquest, destruction, enslavement, executions, looting and the like were the order of the day’. The Americans were infamous for genocide of the Red Indians, slavery and bullying of the Mexicans and land grabbing. The Spanish were infamous for their mass murders of natives in the name of God and civilization. Japan and Germany were key players of invasion, aggression and conquest in the two World Wars. The British were the criminals in the Opium Wars against China and subduing and robbing India.

China was the biggest victim to the rise of European and Japanese powers, being colonized piece meal by the foreign powers and robbed of everything. Jean Pierre found it ludicrous for the Americans and westerners to chide China to be a responsible stakeholder as it rises to be a global power. The hypocrisy was so clear that nothing more needs to be mentioned, especially from the irresponsible Americans in their conduct of world domination by provoking and starting wars in all corners of the globe.

In his thesis, Jean Pierre concluded that there is no such thing as a peaceful rise of a global power.  He has doubt as to China’s peaceful rise and asked whether ‘China will behave with the same ruthless cynicism and cause as much misery and mayhem as its nine predecessors, or whether it will break the pattern and tear asunder the great power rising paradigm by rising peacefully.’ And he said it again, ‘It’s a tough challenge, especially, I repeat, as there is no precedent, no guidebook one can take off the shelf, no historical mentor one can turn to’.

You see what you want to see. You believe what you want to believe, especially when one is conditioned to think by decades of fabricated truth. Even before China’s rise as a global power, it has been demonized as an evil power when in fact it was the victim of the rise of global powers. China is still the victim of western powers and western oppression. There is now a contradiction and an unpleasant truth that western thinkers and politicians refused to see or acknowledge. When there was a Chinese Empire before the invasion of western colonial powers, China’s global GDP was 30%, befitting of a global power. It was a global power without wrecking or savaging the world.  The rise of the dynastic Chinese empires did not lead to world wars. Dynastic China had its own world view of things and the only wars it conducted were the usual border wars with neighbouring tribes and countries when the borders were not defined. And many of these wars were defensive in nature, to ward off aggression from neighbouring tribes. In many ways, the rise of dynastic China as a global power without global ambition was peaceful in the global context.

This may not be sufficient to dispel the thesis of no peaceful rise of a global power. The proof for such a phenomenon is right before our eyes but none willing to see and accept this unpleasant truth. Is China now a global power? In many senses it is a global power, financially, economically, militarily, unless the definition of a global power is one that engages in wars of conquest. China is the undisputed second largest economy in the world. Militarily it is second only to the Americans.

Is China not a global power today? If the answer is yes, then China has proven that it is possible to become a global power without conducting wars and causing mayhem to the rest of the world or to its neigbours. Today’s China is happy as a global power without having to attack any country or indulging in conquest to acquire territories. It reclaims islands from the seas based on historical rights. Its only other claim is to reclaim territories ceded by conquest when it was weak.

China is already a global power and has yet to fire a single bullet to claim its arrival. China does not need a war to be a global power. In fact a war would derail China’s rise and ambition as a world power.  It is avoiding war to the point that little countries could provoke and agitate and even make claims on China’s islands in the South China Sea while Japan continues to claim Diaoyu Islands as theirs. China’s peaceful rise may not remain so if the Americans and the Japanese are bent on provoking a war with China. Even if so, its rise as a global power is already a peaceful one to date, unless one is denying that China is still not a global power. And what is this nonsense of an irresponsible stakeholder? China has been playing everything with the rules of international laws and norms and has not behaved aggressively like the Americans and the Japanese.

Who is or are the irresponsible stakeholders? Definitely not China!  The West cannot accept a responsible world power like China and its peaceful rise. To them there is no such thing as a responsible China and a peaceful China as a global power. They refused to see this reality, that China has risen as a world power, peacefully and acting responsibly as a global power. Their mindset is that China cannot be a world power. If China is a world power it must be an irresponsible world power. And it cannot rise to be a global power peacefully. So China is not a global power yet. It can only be acknowledged as a global power after it creates havoc and mayhem to the world.

China has risen, peacefully, as a global power. Get it? The Americans and their allies can keep on demonizing China. The hard truth, Americans and their allies are the real demons instead.


The lying and mischievous Japanese

Japan has published a White Paper branding China as an aggressive nation and putting up some of the unilateral acts committed by China as hostile acts. These included building oil rigs and structures in the waters within China’s sovereignty, reclaiming islands in the South China Sea and claiming Diaoyu Islands seized by the Japanese through war.  China’s growing military might is also claimed as an act of hostility as proof that China is an aggressive country.

On the other hand Japan is a friendly country but is tearing its Pacifist Constitution that forbids Japan to conduct wars of aggression so that Japan can conduct wars again. And what had Japan done to China before? Japan declared wars unilaterally on China in several occasions in the 19th and 20th centuries. It invaded China, attempting to conquer and colonize China and colonized Korea, putting it under oppressive Japanese rule. It invaded the whole of South East Asia and committed wars of aggression, killing wantonly, forcing neighbouring countries’ women to become sex slaves, robbing the conquered countries, raping, looting and killing millions of Chinese. It still held on to Chinese territories like Diaoyu Islands and renaming them as Senkakus, as Japanese territories.

It is now telling lies about China like it did before it invaded China unprovoked, unilaterally, to conquer China. It was defeated by the Allied Forces led by the Americans after it conducted a sneak attack on Pearl Harbour, destroying the American Pacific Fleet and killing thousands of American servicemen. Now with the connivance of the Americans, it is reclaiming its right as an Imperial military power to conduct wars again.

Who is the aggressive and dangerous country? Who is the peaceful country that was violated, invaded, lost territories and millions of live of its citizens, and now wanting to reclaim its lost territories due to conquest?

Japan a peaceful country? It has been peaceful in the last 70 years because it was defeated by the Americans and prevented from becoming another menace, forced to accept a Pacifist Constitution. It has no choice but to behave like a good boy. Now it is given the consent by the Americans to tear away its Pacifist Constitution, to remilitarize and to conduct wars again. It is showing its intent to be the aggressive and barbaric Japan all over again, spreading lies to start wars, just like the Americans.

The world and the Americans would live to regret once the Japanese have fully rearmed to take on the world again, and America would have to repay for the two atomic bombs on Japan and the millions of Japanese killed in the Battles of the Pacific Islands. The complacent Americans would have to relive Pearl Harbour once again, with more destructive forces than 1941.

The passing of the new bills to allow Japan to conduct wars is the clearest proof of the real Japanese intent and what the real Japanese are, like their forefathers during the Second World War, aggressive and imperialist militants. All the public protests against the Abe and his military ambition are only a sly act to deceive the world that they want peace and did not want wars. The majority in the Diet tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth of Japanese military ambition.

Good luck Americans!

Govt ‘has interests of citizens at heart’

‘Purely from the perspective of numbers, it makes sense to take in foreign labour and immigrants. But from an emotional standpoint, it is not easy for people to accept, to agree and support.  We have explained the reasons many times. I think people may not necessarily want more explanations.

What I hope people will know, and I mean this from my heart, is that on immigration and population, we have Singaporeans’ interests at heatt.

We have this responsibility; we are the Govt , we need to lead the country, we need to make the best possible decision for Singaporeans. Even on the most difficult issue, we need to make the best decision and be accountable to the people. There may be different views on how the policy should be, but I hope people understand that the Govt’s intent is good.

We are doing this for Singapore, and for Singaporeans.’  Lee Hsien Loong quoted in ST 22 Jul 15


In the above statement Hsien Loong’s position is that the people may disagree with govt policies and the decisions the govt is making, and that is fair. But he also said that the govt should do what it thinks is right, without quoting the example of the arrogant deaf frog, because it is the govt, and if it says it is for the good of the people it must be good for the people.

These two points deserved some discussions and disagreements. In the first instance, the govt must know that this is a democracy and the govt is elected to be the govt for only a 4 or 5 year term. It is not a life time govt. Any govt should take cognizance of this reality and when it makes decisions that have very long term impact on the people, with possible adverse effects, it must seek the consent of the people. The govt is there to represent the people’s interests and the people’s interests must be determined and decided by the people. A major decision like increasing the population to double its size, to turn the original Singaporeans into a minority cannot be taken lightly and not by a govt that is supposed to be there for a 4/5 term. When the people disagree, a democratically elected govt has no right to go ahead against the wishes of the people.

The second point is about Singaporean interests, for the good of Singaporeans. This is a very subjective statement. What is good for gander is not necessarily good for the geese. The govt may think it is good, the intent of the govt, which may be totally incongruent to what the people want,  may be good in the govt’s own interpretation. But does the govt ask the people whether the people agree and think so? Many political decisions are not necessarily a matter of good or bad. The people may have different interests and views on what is good or bad for them. Can a govt of a few men and women, elected to be the govt for a few years, decide the fate of the people unilaterally and go against the wishes of the people just because it claims that it is good for the people, and they are the govt and must decide?

The power of the people vested on an elected govt is temporary and not a blank cheque to do anything the elected govt pleases and thinks it is the right thing to do. There are things and times for an elected govt to come down to the people and ask what the people want eg the people’s money in the CPF or the billions given to foreign students. This is not an autocracy or a totalitarian state, not a dictatorship or a monarchy where the leader holds absolute power, unquestionable power to do as it pleases as if they own this country.

How many of you think or agree that the govt can do anything it likes because it is the govt and because it thinks it is good for the people? Does the political leaders understand what is the meaning of democracy, a republic?

In the same article in the ST, Hsien Loong was also quoted to say this:

‘No matter how the system evolves, we hope that politicians admit that the task is to serve Singaporeans – not a party, or an interest group, but all Singaporeans.’

I am sure every one of you would have a view on this statement.