Singapore Open 2019 - Athletics at the National Stadium

These are some of the pics taken at the Singapore Open on 29 Mar, the final day of this International Meet with competitors from Japan, South Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan and our neighbouring Asean countries. The schools sent in their supporters en mass to cheer their school representatives competing among the men and women in the various events. The school supporters and their parents contributed to an otherwise empty stadium and boosted the spirit of the game.

The organisers of such events need to create more publicity and find ways and means to bring in the crowds to keep the events alive and favourably received. It needs great effort, coordination and support from all the agencies and organisations to make such events successful.

The next big event would be the Singapore Masters Open cum the inaugural South East Asia Masters Meet in 3-5 May at Bishan Stadium and Home of the Athletes. Would there be supporters and crowd to cheer the seniors competing in the fields? Would there be publicity given to the event to inform the public and supporters to turn up and liven up the spirit of the game?

The main media could do a lot to lend a helping hand in such promotions and publicity.


Brad Bowyer left People's Voice out of the blue

Singapore – On March 28 (Thursday), former PAP turned opposition Brad Bowyer announced his resignation from the People’s Voice (PV) opposition party.

Through a post in his Facebook account, Bowyer said that as of March 24 (Sunday), he no longer has any direct association with Lim Tean’s opposition party.
The reasons for his separation remain unclear, although he did mention personal health issues....

While there is still no word from Lim Tean regarding Bowyer’s decision, netizens are already giving their suggestions for Bowyer’s next steps.
Hass Kamsun suggested joining the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and hinted that Bowyer would fit in nicely.

Above is reported in theindependent.sg

How many more opposition candidates would resign from their parties suddenly like being struck by lightning and claimed health reasons and wanting to start on a new journey? The clearest sign of lightning struck is this comment in theindependent.sg, 'Khong Marcus and Jack Ng suggested going independent although Bowyer replied that his path is still unclear'. Lightning struck victims often appeared blur or lost.

Would there be more akan datang?

I think Bad Bowyer should join the PAP, safer and better future. Guaranteed would not be struck by lightning. And if he is thinking of getting into parliament, no need to look elsewhere.

What do you think?


Fake news that senior managers applying for junior secretary job

Martin Gabriel, who runs HR consultancy and training firm HRmatters 21, shared on Facebook last weekend that a quarter of the 100+ applications his client received for a junior secretary job came from “applicants above 40 years of age and previously held senior positions making much much more than 3k.”
Mr Gabriel wrote: “I don’t usually discuss the confidential part of my work so openly, but I think it’s good to alert everyone, how bad the job market is. Recently my client advertised for a junior secretary position for a salary of about 3k plus.
“What was astonishing was that, even senior Managers and Directors were applying for that position. Most of them, out of work for more than 6 months.

“More than a 100 applications were received for one position with about 25% of the applicants above 40 years of age and (sic) previously held senior positions making much much more than 3k. That’s is how bad the job market situation is in Singapore.”

In a comment, Mr Gabriel added: “I don’t want to call people out, but even here in FB, I have friends who are desperately looking for a job and had (sic) gone into depression. There is even one person who had to seek medical treatment for 2 years and was suicidal. I feel so sorry for this person.
“No mainstream media would dare interview me for such stories because I can easily come up with 5 to 6 stories that would drive people to tears. And these are real stories, not made up. I’m a hands on person. My course of work brings me up close to such people and unfortunate situations.”
The above paragraphs copied from theindependent.sg blog 
My instant reaction is that this is fake news because with all the rosy reports in the main media that unemployment of PMETs is not serious and so many are getting employed, this type of news cannot be true. If it is, then PAP cannot be elected with so big majority election after election. 
Also you don't really hear PMETs complaining about being jobless or unemployed, at least not in the main media that always tell the truth. The only time you hear such news is from the social media like theindependent.sg and Gilbert Goh's unemployment blog. And you all know that social media are always guaranteed to be unreliable and famed for posting fake news, mysingaporenews also included. So you be the judge if this is fake news or truth.
I personally know of a PhD applying to be a cleaner supervisor. This one I swear is true. 
So, unemployment of PMETs real problem or fake news? Many senior remisiers are also going to be jobless soon, I know.


No jokes please, this is Singapore

Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has revealed that he “laughed off” the Facebook comments from two netizens about wanting to throw an egg at him, when he was informed about the comments.

I hope Shanmugam would also laugh at this pic and not to classify it as fake news. I swear I did not create this pic. Just received it in my whatsapp. Please, I will remove it if this is offensive, if it is wrong to repost this pic here or anywhere. Please, just let me know, I am a law abiding person, no intention to offend anyone or to break the law.


The Evil Empire - Everything is against the security of the USA

We have heard the Americans going around the world telling its allies that Huaweis 5G is a security threat without any proof. Huawei is now suing the Americans for lying and demanding that the Americans come up with proof of their wild accusation. 

The Evil American Empire has been using this red herring of security threat as an excuse to attack its enemies and the murdering of their national leaders, in Iraq and Libya and now Venezuela. They are still accusing the North Koreans for being a threat to their security when it is the Evil Empire that is a threat to North Korea and threatening them everyday with military exercise and possible invaation and preemptive strike. The Evil Empire is using this threat to impose sanctions on North Korea and the Venezuela causing severe economic problems and poverty to these countries.

Now it is using the same excuse to demand that the Turkish govt not to buy Russian S400 missiles. And Erdogan has outright told the Americans off, that the purchase has nothing to do with the security of the Americans. The only threat to American security is for the missiles to shoot down American planes attacking his country.  Below are some quotes from Yahoo News on this issue.

'Turkey's deal to buy Russian S-400 missile defence systems had "nothing to do" with the security of the US, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday after a Pentagon warning.

He was speaking a day after Washington warned Ankara of "grave consequences" should the deal go ahead.

"It is very clear why Turkey has bought this air defence system, under what conditions it has bought them and how it will be used," Erdogan said in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir.

"Everyone knows that this issue has nothing to do whatsoever with NATO, the F-35 project and the security of the US," he said during the televised speech.

The "issue was not about the S-400s" but about Turkey "taking actions on its own accord", especially in Syria, he added.

Ankara's push to buy the systems from Moscow has caused tensions with its NATO ally, as Washington has raised questions over the equipment's compatibility with the alliance's established weapon systems.'

The last part about compatibility with the alliance's established weapons systems is the way the Americans blackmailed its allies once they bought American weapons. They cannot buy weapons from Russia or China anymore. Singapore is likely caught in this bind as well. Once a member of the mafia, forever a member of the mafia. There is no way to get out, like what Turkey is trying to do in wanting better ties with the Russians after the failed military coup against Erdogan by the Americans.

Countries must beware not to choose to sleep with the devils in the Evil American Empire.


When your land is stolen from beneath your feet

The title The Atlantic selected for the video—”When Your Land Is Stolen From Beneath Your Feet”—may sound emotionally manipulative until we remember that theft was what the Singapore Prime Minister advised Singaporeans to do in order to stay ahead of global economic competition. As reported in TODAY, PM Lee Hsien Loong urged, “Singapore must not only protect its lunch but steal other people’s lunches.” This is not merely an unfortunate use of language, but a refrain repeated by Singapore’s leaders and citizens. However, one can no longer excuse Singaporeans by thinking that they are victims of brainwashing by the state. No, they are in cahoots with the government to extract the most from their poorer neighbors for themselves—sand, water, human labor. It makes one deeply ashamed to be a Singaporean, to be so morally bankrupt.

Jee Leong Koh posted the above in an article in the TRE. This Mr Jee or Mr Koh, I am confused, only bananas could do this kind of thing, to confuse others in the way they write their names, has an important point to make. His article was about Singapore buying sand from Cambodia by dredging its rivers and causing damage to the rivers ecosystem. True, everything human beans do affects the environment and lives around them. Dredging the river is only a small part of it, nature will repair it when things settle down, just like the reclamation of land from the sea. Life will find its own way back and thrives again, as long as the damage done is not permanent and beyond repair.

There are many worse things that we are doing daily to destroy the ecosystem and life on earth that we do not seem to care about right in the heart of this island. The worse thing that we are doing to kill ourselves and planet earth is the indiscriminate population of life on earth. Thing of all the things and livestock needed to sustain a life of 80 or 90 years. Thing of depleting the ocean of fishes because of the growing population, the consumption of raw material and energy and energy production etc etc. Dredging some rivers, if done responsibility is a necessity, to keep the river healthy for the ecosystem. It is greed, and irresponsible actions that are most destructive, just like natural population grow and death against inflating of population recklessly and irresponsibly.

But this is not the main contention of my article. My point is from this sentence, ”When Your Land Is Stolen From Beneath Your Feet”. Do the daft Singaporeans understand that your land is being stolen from beneath your feet by the foreigners being imported here in huge numbers that are unsustainable? Think of a confine space with 2 white mice, then 10, then 100, then 1000 and so on. When would the numbers reach a point when every mice will be fighting and eating each other?

The foolish concept of economic growth without looking at the limitation of space and the ecosystem can only come from fools with eyes blinded and not seeing further than the tip of their nose. Our country is being stolen from beneath our feet without the daft knowing what is happening.


Venezuela – Invasion 101, American boys and girls deserve to die

The Americans are gearing up for an invasion of Venezuela using a 20th Century text book plan. Smear a popularly elected President, imposed sanctions to cripple the economy and turn the people against their President, then picked an American financed and sponsored outsider and named him the American chosen President with American support and the support of American allies.

When the American puppet is in place, warned the govt of the day not to touch him or it would be an excuse for a military invasion like they had done in the Middle East. In the meantime continues with political and economic pressure to bring down the govt of the day, for a text book regime change.

While preparing for an invasion, get the support of the neighbouring countries to give access to American soldiers to move to the borders of Venezuela to mount an invasion. Get the American allies to drum up support in all forms, including military aids, weapons and soldiers to form a coalition of the willing.

The Maduro govt is now underseige from external forces and internal rebels. Any small country would quickly crumble under such pressures from the Evil Empire. In this case Maduro’s govt is lucky to have the support of Russia, China and Cuba to provide all assistance needed to stay in power, military, economic, financial and political. The Russians also have a text book plan to counter such regime change they learned from their successful experience in Syria, ie meeting force with force. The only thing the evil Americans feared is a counter military force as strong as theirs.

The rest of the Americans, many still pretending to be peace loving people, are waiting for the invasion to take place. There are a lot of money to be made and a lot of war heroes to be decorated. They could look to military victory parades and raising the American flags high in the poles. Time for celebration.

But not all Americans would be partying. Many of the unfortunate and unlucky ones would have to receive their darling boys and girls coming home in black plastic bags. And they would have to live the rest of their lives without them except memories of their loved ones invading another country and died doing so.

The Americans must be reminded that many of their innocent boys and girls are gonna die in Venezuela instead of having their hamburgers and hotdogs on a Sunday morning in the parks while they cry for the blood of the Venezuelans, a people that did them no harm.

Venezuela will be Vietnam once more but closer to home. The sad thing is that some of the people neighbouring Venezuela would also end up as gun fodder, many would also die for no reason except being drag into a war by the Evil Americans. The Brazilians and the Columbians with mentality like some South East Asian people, thinking war is fun and very fun to fight on the side of the Americans, sure win wars, never mind if their people ended up dying for the Evil American Empire would be most ready to join in the fun.

Who says war is not fun? Who says people don’t like wars? The USA is a nation of people steep in the culture of wars and cannot live without wars. After decades of continuous warfare and seeing so many of their boys and girls coming home dead, they did not squirm or feel remorseful about it. They would create opportunities to start wars to send their boys and girls to die in wars.

PS. If this happens in Singapore, Guaido would be arrested immediately for conspiring with foreign powers to overthrown an elected govt. Singapore govt should open its mouth on grounds of principle that external interference in the internal affairs of a country to conduct regime change is unacceptable, illegal and against the rule of law.


Singapore football – Nazri did the impossible

Believe it or not, Nazri led the Lions to a 1-0 victory over arch rival Malaysia in the Air Marine Cup in KL, not on home ground. And this is an international event involving all Asian countries. Singapore will now meet Oman in the Finals while Malaysia will play Afghanistan for third place.

And believe it or not, Nazri is only a caretaker coach, not paid like the foreign coaches, and only in the job for a few weeks. And he did what the foreign coaches could not do in just a short time and with so little pay. A caretake coach cannot be paid much, definitely not the way they paid the super talented and super expensive foreign coaches.

Oh, some may say this was a flash in the pan event. Fluke lah. But a win is a win and Malaysia was not being kind to Singapore on home ground in KL. They would not kelong the match to make Nazri or Singapore looked good in beating the Malaysian national team.

It was a big win for Singapore. Now, are they still going around the world looking for the magic foreign coach to win matches for Singapore? Or would they give the job to Nazri and remove his caretaker coach title?

Still looking for Pinkertons and paying good money for rubbish?

Nazri and his team did not disappoint in the Finals last night against Oman. The score line was 1-1 and Singapore lost the Airmarine Cup in penalty kicks 5-4.