Singapore fixed by CNN to be anti China

Singapore is in damage control mode after being complicit by a CNN report that it is a party to the American’s anti China policy in the region. CNN claimed that the purchase of F35 fighter jets was ‘indicative of growing concerns within Asia regarding China’s regional ambitions’. The report ‘also suggested that the acquisition carried a message to China as Singapore will become “the fourth American ally” in the Pacific region to won F35s, after Australia, Japan and South Korea”. It also made it a point to magnify ‘Singapore as a “close and long time US ally” that even hosts a US Navy facility’.

With all the praises of how close Singapore is in the American camp and with the American pitching against the Chinese presence in the region, Singapore has been dragged into the deep pit of the American design to contain China, in the camp opposing China. This message to China is what the Americans are putting into Singapore’s mouth to compromise Singapore’s position and forced Singapore into the American camp and unable to extricate itself. With friends like the Americans, who needs enemies?

Singapore is now furiously trying to dispute this allegation. Mindef has came out strongly to deny this and that the acquisition of the F35s ‘is for Singapore’s own defence deterrence and not directed against or to align itself with any particular country… and Singapore is not a treaty ally of the US’.

After being tarred and feathered deliberately by the CNN as an American lackey, would the explanation by Mindef makes any difference in the eyes of China? Would China really believe that Singapore is not anti China, and not to forget with so many anti China articles in the Singapore media, not only written by foreigners but also written and produced by Singaporeans?

How would China view Singapore with all these developments? How would Singapore convince China that it is not anti China? Is there anything that Singapore can do to tell China that these are all white lies, Singapore is innocent?

Is Singapore in deeper trouble with China now? As they said, jump into the Yellow River also cannot cleanse oneself. The Americans are hyping this purchase as confirmation that Asean countries wanting the presence of the Americans in the region. It is not so simple as buying 4 F35s. The Americans are exploiting Singapore’s purchase to fix Singapore as anti China.

Better send Chan Chun Sing to China as a special envoy of Hsien Loong to explain Singapore’s real position. Not sure if it would make any difference.


Anonymous said...

Buy also from china lah!

Ah gong from China may!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, Sinkieland is fren to anybolee who got monies la, if Americuns got no monies they r no fren mah. This tiny red dot belongs to everyone who got the monies to live here mah. Who cares what super powder they hv. It no monies no honey dud.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Redbean, Singapore is an outpost for the USA in this part of the world. This is well known and China is not stupid to believe otherwise. Sitting on the fence is no longer an option for Singapore. There is no point for any envoy to China to try and convince China that Singapore is still China friendly. If ever the China/USA disagreement escalate, what do you think will be the sentiment of all the PRCs living in Singapor? Will the newly minted PRCs Singapore citizens be pro-Singapore or pro=China? We shall have to wait and see.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ it's NOISE,not SIGNAL,

Many here are old enough to remember the old Singapore passport which stated clearly, stamped in red, "no admittance to the Peoples Republic of China"...or words to that effect.

Until I see that warning in red letters on my passport, the above article by RB is a "nothing burger". Singapore's relationship with the PRC is intact lah. So are the relationships with Taiwan and the USA.

The media like to sensationalise nothing-burgers, to make it seem there's "a problem", so its hack-writer journalists can do their "busy work" (work that makes you look busy but of dubious value) to create content for their media outlet, which makes money from advertisers.

To me such comments are akin to "click-bait", designed to get eyes-on-website to boost online ad revenue.

If you want to know what's really going on in geopolitics, get yourself an "informant" close or in the diplomatic/ trade offices and go drinking with them.

Anonymous said...

The problem now is not how to CONvince China but how to prevent Chinese Singaporeans from aligning with China.

Anonymous said...

Cn/Sg relationships growing or deteriorating not just because one cnn f35 article.

Hahaha.....many moons ago.

Cn is not stupid! They got ears and eyes and top top top brains!

The balls are in our court!

Again......Cn is not stupid!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore can make things more palatable to China by hosting a Chinese naval base here just like Djibouti. That would balance out the odds a bit. But the Americans would not agree, as you said, an American outpost does not have the freedom to do otherwise without the approval of the American masters.

The Americans are calling the shots here. Still pretending to brag about not allowing foreigners to influence our policies.

Maybe American influence and control not counted.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "control freak" 939

>> how to prevent Chinese Singaporeans from aligning with China. <<

Now, why in the hell would you want to do that...place restrictions on people’s “alignment” or who they choose to admire?

Even in “soft-fascist” Singapore, citizens still have the freedom to make up their own minds lah, as do you.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Put a Chinese base in Singapore? Wah, Malaysia will freak out lah
...maybe Indonesia too!

actually, just for the "entertainment value" that could be quite good!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Also, after the "Whitefly" state-sponsored hacks of Singapore's govt IT infrastructure, I seriously doubt our govt will be allowing a permanent presence of the Chinese military.

So far no one has dared to publicaly name the cuntry of origin for Whitefly. Yeah, those in the biz sorta know which cuntry. No prize for guessing. 🀣

I don't have an issue with state-sponsored hacking. Until reently, the USA was the largest and BEST state-sponsored hacker. But now, china is the top-dog.

Cyberwars are going on right now. As are numerous cyber crimes. It is alarge theatre with many actors: state-sponsored hackers, for-profit cyber criminals, malicious hackers...and the people who just do it "for the lulz" (lulz = lols, just for fun and games and "who is the best" type contests).

Botnets (networks of "zombie" computers) have grown in size and number. It isnow impossible to give an accurate estimate on how big and how many botnets there are. Even in enterprises small DIY botnets are being used to do bad shit. Anyone with mediocre computer skills can setup a botnet --- instructional videos are on YouTube.

Virgo49 said...

Now CNN Don Lemon.

He reported that Dotard Trump lied 9000 times in Office.

Did our Bananas Leaders also Kena lied by HIM?

Buy their F35 Fighters than also can be downed by them by just a push of their button and they will nose dived.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, why don't disclose who the Hacker is.

WhiteFly. Does that ring a bell?

YellowFly. Straight away it is the Chinese.

Cannot antagonize White Big Bro.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam's duplicity stinks to the ninth heaven. Singapore could be dragged unwillingly into being involved in a potential conflict between Uncle Sam and China. Buying F35s from Uncle Sam has become a bane rather than a bonus. China will use its economic muscles to ensure that Singapore remains neutral. The PAP government will be severely tested as it seeks to fine tune its balancing acts. CNN is committing mischief. To appease China, the Singapore government may have to act tough and ban CNN. That is easier said than done.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo

The "shit list" of state-sponsorsed hackers are:

1. USA (thanks to Ed Snowden many lobnags are being pechah)

2. Russia (you accuse them, they just brush it off)

3. Iran-Syria (of course lah, they want to fuckup Saudi Arabia #1 & Israel #2)

4. China (global dominance lah. If USA can do, they oso can do. Why not?)

5. North Korea --- cybercrime mainly...for what? Money lah, of course.

Cyberspace has many "freelancers" as well. You want to fuck up your competitor or destroy the life of the guy fucking your wife? Hire a hacker lah. Old days, you hire a samseng to smash or burn his business, and whack terok-terbok the fella screwing your wife. Nowadays, you hire an "IT Professional", i.e. a hacker.

Using "Virgo-logic": Blackfly = India, Kimchi Fly= Korea, Bukkake Fly = Japan, Boleh Fly = Malaysia...and so on 🀣

Anonymous said...


Create more tensions & wars --- good for war stocks!!

Boeing kena whacked with baseball bat last night --- I finally bought more Boeing stocks!!!

If everyday got special sales on my favorite stocks, shiok lah!!

Anonymous said...

Empirical observations seem to conclude that PAP elites-led Singapore is very anti-China, and very pro-India and pro-US - eg South-China Sea stance, CECA, F-35s, etc etc . . .

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The 4 F35s Singapore bought are unlikely to pose a threat to China. The Chinese J-20 has larger combat radius and is armed with longer range air-to-air missiles than the F35. It is able to super cruise and is more highly-manoeuvrable than the F35. Singapore is just giving face to Uncle Sam by buying only 4 planes. Trump must be feeling very insulted. Not much of a great deal as far as Trump is concerned. Singapore's purchase of F35s is more likely to upset its neighbours. It may trigger off a regional arms race. Malaysia will be the first to take note.

Anonymous said...

WSG 1128am........congrats!

Anonymous said...

I find it damn funny you all so free got time to support china or india or usa. So what if you keep saying so-and-so is the best or the worst?!? Got another $500K into your bank account meh?? Or can retire at 55?? Or every month can go holidays around the world at 5-star resorts??

Even if china or india or usa is Number 1, your life will still suck unless you improve or change. Remember that.

Anonymous said...

China will surely borrow the term
Used by Lee b hua. "See ginna Kia!."

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ War Stocks Guy 1128,

Yes, I think you're right. Instead of condemning CNN & the rest of the western MSM for being profit-seeking by sensationalising the rise of China, I should be thanking, no no,...PRAISING them. πŸ€‘The more shit the broadcast about China, the more pissed off China becomes, and they react by showing off their "latest weapon" and what it can do. This causes the western cuntries to balls-drop, and they ramp up R&D on war-stuff, meaning more orders for the likes of Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and other "war stocks" companies. Those companies are into cyber warfare and security too, so if there are more successful EPIC hacks, their business improves too.

The military-industrial-political complex is the pinnacle of crony capitalism --- funded by sovereign debt and tax revenues, essentially a huge spigot of money. As long as sovereign governments can borrow and tax, these war companies will be in business. Most people hate crony capitalism. But by investing in war stocks, you can "take your own revenge" on this corrupt system and make some (a lot!) of money for yourself.

As it has been said, and it is still true: Massive success is the best revenge.

Imagine if our species was peace-loving and incorruptible. Gee, life would be very boring.... 🀑

Clipping Path said...

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Anonymous said...

Man in China robs woman at ATM, returns money after seeing her bank balance


even criminals do not bully or steal from poor people.

Anonymous said...

Only THE Dishonorable Son steals (daylight robbery) from the poor for himself and his wife to gamble big time.

Anonymous said...

Early Proactive Caution Better Than Reactive Regret Later

Yesterday, SIA and SilkAir refused to ground their fleet of Boeing 737 Max and preferred to wait and see, taking chances with the lives of their customers.

Today, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has stepped in and ordered the temporary suspension of operation of all variants of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft into and out of Singapore in light of the two fatal accidents involving Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in less than five months.

The suspension will take effect from 2pm on Tuesday, the Regulator said. SilkAir, which operates six Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, will be affected by this suspension.

SilkAir, the regional wing of Singapore Airlines, said the grounding of 737 MAX planes will impact its flight schedules (and profits?).

So far about half of the 99 airlines that pirchased the Boeing 737 Max have grounded their fleets. The new additions today are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Israel and Singapore.

Singapore's decision means that airlines (eg from USA, Canada and Russia) that still fly the 737 Max cannot come into Singapore airspace. They can go an crash elsewhere but not into Singapore.

The new Boeing 737 Max seems to have three major safety problems: design, software and chronic anti-stalling system that caused balancing difficulty when taking off and landing.

Anonymous said...

If you have invested $1000 in Alibaba in 2014 and hold it till today, you would be richer by another $1000. That means a return of 20% every year for 5 years. Thst means you have doubled your money in 5 years.

If you have put in $500,000, you are a millionaire today.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ heuristic/ cognitive bias, Avon 838:

Your claim is logically fallacious.

What you have fallen for is known as HINDSIGHT BIAS

Anonymous said...

The war stock guy needs to be sodomized. As for 8.38pm anon, of corse from hindsight, it looks easy lar.πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

A Brief Summary Of Facts and Opinions on the Boeing 737 Max Aircraft

The Boeing 737 Max 8 has only been in commercial use since 2017.

In October last year, Indonesia's Lion Air Boeing 737 Max went down shortly after take-off from Jakarta, killing all 189 people on board (including pilots and crew).

That aircraft was less than three months old.

Last Sunday, Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 also crashed, just 6 minutes after take-off. The aircraft - registration ET-AVJ - first flew in October 2018.

The Ethiopian Airlines tragedy marks the second fatal crash within five months involving a new type of Boeing aircraft, the now World Famous Boeing 737 Max Series (7,8,9,10). Some of those who have lost their loved ones called them the "Maximum Killer Machines"!

How the new plane differed from previous model:

1. Structural design - the 737 Max's engine is further forward and higher in relation to the wing, compared to the previous version of the plane. These affect the balance of the plane.

2. Lion Air flight 610 experienced "erroneous input" from one of its sensors designed to alert pilots if the aeroplane is at risk of stalling.

The sensor and connected software work in a different way to previous models of the 737, but pilots had not been informed.

Within days of the Lion Air crash, the aircraft maker Boeing issued an operations bulletin to airlines.

The US Federal Aiation Administration then issued an "emergency" airworthiness directive to US carriers about this sensor - a so-called Angle of Attack (AOA) sensor.

3. The FAA said the sensor "condition, if not addressed, could cause the flight crew to have difficulty controlling the airplane, and lead to excessive nose-down attitude, significant altitude loss, and possible impact with terrain".

4. Who was sent the emergency alert?

US airlines were told to update information flight manuals for air crew.

The US FAA said the information was passed on to other national aviation regulators.

The expectation was that regulators would inform airlines and they in turn would update pilots.

5. Whether the Ethiopian Airlines pilots have been updated on the sensor issue is unclear.

6. It is quite likely that the Ethiopia Airlines jet has encountered the same difficulties as the Lion Air flight 610, or worse.

7. Attention should be paid to the fact that the Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 was a very new aircraft, the same type as that involved in the recent Lion Air accident and in a similar phase of flight - i.e. during take-off

8. The Boeing 737 Max has been the fastest-selling aircraft in Boeing's history, with more than 5000 ordered by 100 different airlines globally.

9. The Ethiopian Airlines is Africa's leading airline, the biggest and yhe safest - a high-quality professionally-run organization.

10. Without any fact nor basis, the Chief of the US Federal Aviation Administration has been quick to announce that he believes the Boeing 737 Max aircraft is airworthy. Airworthy does not mean it is 100% without serious defects that could have caused the two crashes within 5 months.


The paper aeroplanes made by my 7-year-old son, he believes, are also very airworthy. But they crash!

Anonymous said...

UK and Malaysia are two more countries that just suspended the Boeing 737 Maximum Killer Machines (MKM) from flying in and out of their airspace.

So far, out of the 99 airlines, only 15 are left to stubbornly continue to fly the Boeing 737 MKM, without a care for the lives of their customers, crews and pilots.

If you value your own life and care about your loved ones (unless you have none), you should at all cost back-off from taking any flight on board the Boeing 737 MKM until your personal safety are certain and safety issues have been openly divulged and solved.

Good luck, good health and take great care of yourself and loved ones.