Fake news that senior managers applying for junior secretary job

Martin Gabriel, who runs HR consultancy and training firm HRmatters 21, shared on Facebook last weekend that a quarter of the 100+ applications his client received for a junior secretary job came from “applicants above 40 years of age and previously held senior positions making much much more than 3k.”
Mr Gabriel wrote: “I don’t usually discuss the confidential part of my work so openly, but I think it’s good to alert everyone, how bad the job market is. Recently my client advertised for a junior secretary position for a salary of about 3k plus.
“What was astonishing was that, even senior Managers and Directors were applying for that position. Most of them, out of work for more than 6 months.

“More than a 100 applications were received for one position with about 25% of the applicants above 40 years of age and (sic) previously held senior positions making much much more than 3k. That’s is how bad the job market situation is in Singapore.”

In a comment, Mr Gabriel added: “I don’t want to call people out, but even here in FB, I have friends who are desperately looking for a job and had (sic) gone into depression. There is even one person who had to seek medical treatment for 2 years and was suicidal. I feel so sorry for this person.
“No mainstream media would dare interview me for such stories because I can easily come up with 5 to 6 stories that would drive people to tears. And these are real stories, not made up. I’m a hands on person. My course of work brings me up close to such people and unfortunate situations.”
The above paragraphs copied from theindependent.sg blog 
My instant reaction is that this is fake news because with all the rosy reports in the main media that unemployment of PMETs is not serious and so many are getting employed, this type of news cannot be true. If it is, then PAP cannot be elected with so big majority election after election. 
Also you don't really hear PMETs complaining about being jobless or unemployed, at least not in the main media that always tell the truth. The only time you hear such news is from the social media like theindependent.sg and Gilbert Goh's unemployment blog. And you all know that social media are always guaranteed to be unreliable and famed for posting fake news, mysingaporenews also included. So you be the judge if this is fake news or truth.
I personally know of a PhD applying to be a cleaner supervisor. This one I swear is true. 
So, unemployment of PMETs real problem or fake news? Many senior remisiers are also going to be jobless soon, I know.


Anonymous said...

With more than 2.3 million foreigners gainfully employed in Singapore, this is definitely fake news lah !

Anonymous said...

Fake news usually come from those who have a stake to protect their own reputation or position, or political career.

Always ask these questions:

1. Who benefits from that news?

2. What is at stake?

3. Can the information be variefied with other sources?

4. What is the background leading to that fake news?

5. What is the credibility of that news producer/reporter?

Anonymous said...

I am very lucky!

I kena the LORSATAS recall!

What is MOH doing?

Soooooooooo much problems!

One after another!

Why/ Why/ WHY?

Anonymous said...

Her's why it is fake news:

(1) According to official statistics, Singapore's unemployment rate was only 2.2% at the end of December.

(2) According to the 2019 World Happiness Report, Singapore is listed as the 2nd-happiest nation in Asia.

So how can there still be so many desperate unemployed Singaporean PMETs around ??

Anonymous said...

To know whether fake or not, simple, juz go to coffee shops, national library, temples, shopping malls, McDonalds, there r many unemployed or underemployed, some with lap tops doing job search cum part time job. It's a very sad scene in Sinkieland as many were left in a lurch to fight back in the job market!

Anonymous said...

IMHO what Martin Gabriel posted cannot be accurate. Just walk into Straits Time office and ask any editor or any reporter, and they will say that the Martin Gabriel post is not accurate. If true, they would have written about it. They see no problem, so they do not report about it. If it does not appear in the ST it does not exist. Right???

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ “Creative Extinction”

It seems Lee Kuan Yew’s spurs are sticking in people’s hinds...from beyond the grave 💀👻

He did warn us that he would “rise up” to “save Singapore” 🤭

I don’t know how much clearer this needs to be before people wake the fuck up: If you cannot compete toe-to-toe with the motivated, educated and hungry (and occasionally “dirty-tactics”) of the world, you will soon go the way of the dinosaurs.

Got reality check?

Anonymous said...

My Poly-graduated nephew quit his job after his Singaporean employer grossly underpay him for work done overtime. Now a few months jobless, he found out from his ex-colleagues that his ex-boss had hired a cheaper Pinoy to fill his position. My brother said his whole family will for the first time vote against the PAP this coming General Election.

Anonymous said...

It's likely to be true. My Nephew went for interview recently and the director said many people looking for jobs and the job market is bad.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ “Hard Truths”

Friday morning reality check

1 Where are we in the business cycle?

We’re at the end of the bull, typically a very chaotic time. Competing for a job couldn’t come at a WORSE time than now. If you think it’s hard now, you’d better prepare for what is (most likely) to come.

2 UNEMPLOYMENT is rising in China and India ---combined, they are the 2 cuntries with the largest labour forces. So guess what? Your competition just got hungrier and more motivated.

3 Voting against the govt won’t do shit. Every “new citizen” who has a job and a life in Singapore will be voting PAP --- you can count on that, and that’ll make up for the lost “local vote” at the ballot. The PAP spent a lot of tax-payer money “seducing” this cohort of new Singaporeans.

4 Living in Singapore is expensive. This will place a noticeable strain on your finances if you do not have “positive cash flow”.

5 You are competing not only with driven and focused foreigners, but other Singaporeans also looking for jobs. You will have to fight like you’re not used to fighting because you grew up and worked in “the good times”, where you could be choosy and “elitist”, job-hop easily, tell your cheebye boss to “get fucked” and go work elsewhere with better money and perks...and sometimes be “welcomed” by a nice signing bonus. Those days are gone. It’s a buyers market now.

6 Many companies have re-structured to become leaner and meaner. Proportionally speaking, they are spending more on CapEx and less on labour. They’re competing for real talent, which they’re willing to pay for, but average employees have been replaced by automation and streamlining, so now they need less human capital.

7 Expecting the govt to come in and reverse the situation is wishful thinking. Corporate profits are up which means govt is collecting a nice amount of taxes from them. Good luck to you if you expect them to change, just so you can be “happy”.

8 You’ll be affected by changes to the CPF and HDB. Now, you’re obligated to compulsory insurance. Expensive Singapore, just got more expensive.

So the question is? How is one to deal with REALITY? Realists don’t have a problem with this, as they address this question all the time --- it’s the way they live their lives.

However for the vast majority, “reality” is a difficult and painful subject, and it is much easier to ignore the SIGNALS coming from a rapidly changing landscape.

End of Friday morning reality check.

Anonymous said...

9.38am anon, I must say your Brother family deserve it lor

Anonymous said...

///My brother said his whole family will for the first time vote against the PAP this coming General Election.///

Sinkies are like that, selfish & self-centred one. Only when ownself kena fucked then KPKB & victim mentality. That's why I long ago fuck care about Sinkies & S'pore, even though I have always voted Oppo (even when the Oppo candidate was really fucked up as a minimal protest vote & check). Glad I had a mindset flip early on after graduating from NUS (another real pro-PAPies licking propagandist place). Went against most of society's & PAP's expectations of being a "good citizen" & "nation building", and thus able to retire comfortably at 45.

S'pore is only as good to me as far as I can exploit the people & services, the pro-capitalist laws here, the relative law & order, freeflow of capital, suppression of wages for basic services etc. Else I'll simply up & go & base myself elsewhere. My capital is already mostly overseas & merely remotely managed from S'pore.

Anonymous said...


///Many senior remisiers are also going to be jobless soon///

Can drive Grab & give stock tips LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

10.29am, u called me Mother cunt licker? U suggesting I lick your Mother cunt? I hope she is still young and nice smelling cunt which is my Favourite.😀

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Looking After #1 1144

>> S'pore is only as good to me as far as I can exploit the people & services, the pro-capitalist laws here, the relative law & order, freeflow of capital, suppression of wages for basic services etc. <<

I'm so glad someone said it. Singapore is the most pro-capitalist place, even more so than the so-called "free" USA. HK might tie, China takes 3rd place...but still a long way to go because the laws still favour Chinese. Singapore and HK laws have no special interests in mind. You wanna make money, then you are most welcome. Meritocracy is BLIND to race, creed or origin.

If you want to make money, then you have to be unsentimental about exploitation, and not take things personally which will fuck with your emotions and lead to poor judgment.

You can look at life as success and happiness as being "free of other peoples' spurs". If you think you are being "controlled" by others, then IMO you are not being SELFISH enough i.e. you are not Looking Out For Number One, so your life is probably in a jamban filled with Number 2 🤡

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 1:29pm, some may. I would be moving to another house with a little windfall.

Confused Shitless said...

This may not be fake news leh.

I googled this gabriel character. There is indeed such a person and his company exists.

How can it be faked news if he is around to verify its veracity?

Wah, such a bad situation ah?

But I still see all the restaurants are full leh. Shopping malls are packed leh. And condo launches and car showrooms and travel exhibitions are full house leh.

What to believe now?

Anonymous said...


Singapore is a place where if you think for yourself & take advantage of the system, you can help yourself & your family lead comfortable lives over the long term.

Many millennials & Gen-Xers have cracked the code to build or begin building a self-sustaining lifestyle that they want. The problem is that it usually requires hard work in the first 10-15 years. 90% of Sinkies are not motivated to put in the efforts.

Below are some examples. There are many others like them in S'pore who are quieter & don't blog.

Currently $1.2M portfolio. Aiming to retire by 40.

$12,000+ per month dividends, retired 40-something couple with 2 kids

$900K portfolio. Late-30s. Married with kids. Currently taking a break from work & exploring side business.

$930K portfolio. Early-40s IT guy.

Late-30s businessman aiming to retire by 40

30-something lady with $1.5M portfolio

Relatively old uncle of 48 yrs old this year with almost $16K monthly dividends

Married 43 yr old guy with $700+K portfolio. He's more into currencies

Early 30s married couple giving tuition full-time

The main difference between me & most of them is that I go for international (mainly US) companies, especially War Stocks!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1.40 pm anon, no need to get upset lar. .just go meet up with him and sodomize him Lor to wake him up. Don't sodomize his Brother though.

Anonymous said...

Big media would not publish such news lah!

When they say PMET's unemployment is not that bad, it really means they are taking up jobs with much lower pay. There is a world of difference between employment in lower paying jobs as opposed to employment based on their qualifications and abilities.

It all depends on how one looks at the situation and from which side of the fence they are shouting from.

Anonymous said...

Don't think it's fake news. If fake news the authorities would already have come out with guns blaring and Martin Gabriel would have been hauled up before the court.

Anonymous said...

99.99% voted for Kim Jong-UN (United Nepotism) during this years Presidential Election, without gerrymandering, buying voters' heart with taxpayers' money, threats, coercion and intimidation.

Why PAP got only 69.9%?

Anonymous said...

Mr Redbean Chua: //Many senior remisiers are also going to be jobless soon, I know. //

This world is unfair lah. Economists and professors are paid by big businesses and public agencies run by politicians?


Only those 15-yo to 65-yo are considered under the working age population data as well as labour force (if they meet certain conditions under the U3 unemployment classification)?

Otherwise if yew are 70-yo, it is as "good" as being a 7-yo?

If a (7-yo) Primary One boy said he is not working, who bothers and his "unemployed status" will never get into even the U6 unemployment data?

Same same if remisiers or laoahpek 70-yo and above, yew die yewr own biz? Under definition laid down by economic professors, yew are as a "good" as a Primary One 7-yo boy and not even in the working age population data much less as a member of the participating LF (labour force) and not even existing in the U6 unemployment category whether yew have a job or "eating grass"?

Yew 70-yo no job yew die yewr own business but CPF can only give yew back every month enough or not enough to eat plain porridge with cheap dark sauce and salted fish and eggs, pay lodging costs such as utilities, property tax (annual) ,medical fees, bus fares, mrt fares, pocket $$ for kopi and meals at coffee shops and hawker centres otherwise everyday cooped at home staring the Gray ceiling also yew die year own business?

This is the (real but unwritten) hard truth?

Lucky many remisiers if never kena owned bad debts by clients have (more than enough) saving to last through their twilight years?

If not have to end up clean tables at say some serangoon road food courts or some coffee shops or tekka hawker centre after the patrons have finished their meals of prata or bryani? Why? Cos own children also cannot or barely survive each month? Some have to uproot bc their young kids cannot survive in the rigid and cut throat education system and the parents often kena called up by the primary school teachers? So no choice left their parents like Mr Redbean Chua to live out their old age alone cos they also dun like migrate to Ang Moh cuntries?

Due to citizens first policy in ang moh cuntries, many oldies' children also having tough or shit lives overseas? So how to help out their oldies back home?Sinkieland oldies maciam trapped between the rock and a hard place or between the devil and the red sea? Either way also jiak lat? Some more old age dun have children and grandchildren by their side? Quite cham? Weekend or evening after work at the park or restaurants see other people's families and grandchildren surround the oldies and sing them birthday song, cut cake, celebrate bd with nice food etc?

Lonely oldies (with children and grandchildren not by their side) their hearts very sore (and pain)?

Tears flow down the cheeks?

This is sinkieland?

Yew die year own business?

Cpf cannot take out or in bits and pieces? The aunties also nvr go batam patronise prostitutes and squander their $ also kena their cpf "castrated"?

So who cares 70-yo remisiers no job?

Even 40-yo young PMETS kena retrenched also yew die yewr own business?

What more about 70-yo who does not even exist in the working age population data, participating labour force or even U6 category unemployment statistics?

Yew think the leegime will care yew die or no die in comfort and have grand funeral 1.5 million people line up to bid farewell?

Yew own self settle yewr own funeral?

Children overseas how?

This question better send to Mr Teichew ask clarification in parliament?

Will the G subsidise every oldie $50k to $100 grand for a decent funeral and send volunteers to attend and organise the wake for 7 days?

If not, what happened?

Those oldies suddenly pass on in hospitals, how (when children all overseas)?

Who take care (if at all) the wake and funerals and all the expenses?

All these are legitimate clarifications?

Or again shit questions?

So cannot ask here (in MSN)?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.05

"If fake news the authorities would already have come out with guns blazing..."

But they did not blaze themselves leh? The mother of all fake news over the years had been the continued drumming of the vote buying lie, that upgrading will increase the value of your HDB flats on and on.

What happen now? Very quiet and not another squeak during the last GE about upgrading. Oh, yes the programme ended is what they say. Really? I think they realised that the con is not going to work when people find out the dirty truth.

Now they are going to do something about fake news. What about the fake news spouted by the powers that be, concerning the HDB flat appreciating in value through upgrading, that affected or will affect hundreds of thousands of HDB flat owners? Bo Sng Sio?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Unemployment in cuntries whose citizens are going to come to Singapore to eat our lunch




Wah piang, those spurs are getting more painful day after day.

But look on the bright side --- lucky LKY only used spurs. If he didn’t “pan chan” a bit, he would have used his knuckle dusters and hatchet. 🤣😂 Be thankful for small mercies

b said...

at least in angmo land, people can apply for state payments if out of jobs to help them until they get a job.