The Evil Empire - Everything is against the security of the USA

We have heard the Americans going around the world telling its allies that Huaweis 5G is a security threat without any proof. Huawei is now suing the Americans for lying and demanding that the Americans come up with proof of their wild accusation. 

The Evil American Empire has been using this red herring of security threat as an excuse to attack its enemies and the murdering of their national leaders, in Iraq and Libya and now Venezuela. They are still accusing the North Koreans for being a threat to their security when it is the Evil Empire that is a threat to North Korea and threatening them everyday with military exercise and possible invaation and preemptive strike. The Evil Empire is using this threat to impose sanctions on North Korea and the Venezuela causing severe economic problems and poverty to these countries.

Now it is using the same excuse to demand that the Turkish govt not to buy Russian S400 missiles. And Erdogan has outright told the Americans off, that the purchase has nothing to do with the security of the Americans. The only threat to American security is for the missiles to shoot down American planes attacking his country.  Below are some quotes from Yahoo News on this issue.

'Turkey's deal to buy Russian S-400 missile defence systems had "nothing to do" with the security of the US, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Saturday after a Pentagon warning.

He was speaking a day after Washington warned Ankara of "grave consequences" should the deal go ahead.

"It is very clear why Turkey has bought this air defence system, under what conditions it has bought them and how it will be used," Erdogan said in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir.

"Everyone knows that this issue has nothing to do whatsoever with NATO, the F-35 project and the security of the US," he said during the televised speech.

The "issue was not about the S-400s" but about Turkey "taking actions on its own accord", especially in Syria, he added.

Ankara's push to buy the systems from Moscow has caused tensions with its NATO ally, as Washington has raised questions over the equipment's compatibility with the alliance's established weapon systems.'

The last part about compatibility with the alliance's established weapons systems is the way the Americans blackmailed its allies once they bought American weapons. They cannot buy weapons from Russia or China anymore. Singapore is likely caught in this bind as well. Once a member of the mafia, forever a member of the mafia. There is no way to get out, like what Turkey is trying to do in wanting better ties with the Russians after the failed military coup against Erdogan by the Americans.

Countries must beware not to choose to sleep with the devils in the Evil American Empire.


Anonymous said...

National Security Group Reestablished With Focus on China Threat

Former US government, military, and intelligence leaders joined by business leaders and human rights advocates warned during an inaugural press briefing that Communist China poses the most dangerous threat to the United States and the world.

Chet Nagle, a former Navy pilot during the Cold War and a member of the 1970s version of the Committee, said earlier panels were formidable groups initially focused on the Soviet Union and then in the early 2000s the group emphasized countering international terrorism.

"Now another existential threat to America has arisen," Nagle said of China. "That threat is Communist China's plan to dominate the United States and ultimately the entire world.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The evil Americans are setting the agenda again by calling China a threat, the immigrants a threat, a national emergency, Huawei 5G is a threat, Nk, Iran, Syria, Venezuela are threats to American interests. So the world, especially the unthinking bananas would sing the same song. Communist China is a threat, the immigrants is causing a national emergency.....

The real threat to the world, to world peace is the Evil American Empire, threatening every country, badmouthing and smearing every country, imposing sanctions to cripple countries economies, instigating wars, breeding, training and arming terrorist organisations and starting wars every where.

AI = Anti-Invasion said...

Japanese Wartime Memorial Erected To Commemorate The Japanese Atrocious Invasion And Ruthless Occupation of Malaya Caused Great Anger!

A newly restored Japanese World War II Memorial in Malaysia has sparked great anger and hatred. Many Malaysians have called for its immediate demolition.

At the memorial's site, a sign put up to describe the past events had honoured three Japanese soldiers as "heroes".

The Japanese occupation of Southeast Asia in the early 1940s was marked by atrocities, brutalities and crimes against humanity and basic human decency. , Extreme bitter memories still linger even after Tokyo made reparations and built friendships with its former enemies since the war, because the Japanese governments in succession have refused to apologise unconditionally and still show no regrets and remorsefulness.

Obviously funded by Japan, Malaysian authorities restored the long-neglected stone monument built in 1941 in Alor Setar, capital of the northern state of Kedah, in a bid to attract Japanese tourists dollars.

It was originally built by the Japanese in honour of three soldiers who were killed while securing a strategic bridge to cut off British and Allied troops.

However, a sign that accompanied the restored monument inaugurated last week bore the title: "History Of Three Japanese Heroes Who Conquered The Alor Setar Bridge".

Lim Swee Bok from the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) on Tuesday led some 15 supporters to the Japanese Consulate in the northern state of Penang and handed over a letter demanding the monument be torn down.

"It only reminds us of the Painful Era of Japanese occupation," Lim told AFP.

The Japanese occupied Malaya -- modern-day Malaysia and Singapore -- for almost four years from December 1941 to August 1945.

The Star newspaper Tuesday reported that MCA members had draped black cloth over the monument covered with the words: "Heroes monument for those who fought Japan."

The newspaper also published a photo of the monument surrounded by five large red banners bearing the slogans: "Japanese soldiers not heroes", "Killing, raping and beheading locals" and "Japanese soldiers are cruel".

Anger was also expressed online.

On the Malay Mail newspaper's Facebook page, reader Keke Lim said the Japanese were "aggressors who committed atrocities... and crimes against humanity".

Reader Lim Hong Meng said calling the soldiers heroes makes Malaysia a "laughing stock... especially in ASIA (which) suffered the cruelty and brutality of Japanese Army".

Mohamad Asmirul Anuar Aris, the State Tourism Committee Chairman, apologised for an "error in translation".

He said the sign has been taken down but rejected calls to demolish the memorial.

"It has been there since 1941. Furthermore we are trying to bring more tourists to Kedah and it is part of our attempt to upkeep historical sites," he told AFP.

Money motive supersedes sentiments of the masses, 3especially those whose parents or grandparents had been brutalized or murdered by the cruel and horribly inhuman Imperial Japanese soldiers.

What do you think?
How do you feel?

"What's wrong with collecting more money?" - Is that your brainless robotic inhuman reply again?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

China’s state sponsored hacking is now a formidable force. They are on the AI track, plus they’re developing quantum computing to chomp the humongous data as fast as anything. To make AI work and “learn”, you need shit loads of data.

Data, is the new currency of dominance, and the Chinese govt (more tech savvy than any other govt) is not wrong in pursuing the massive amount of data collection they’re engaged in domestically and globally.

This doesn’t mean the west and its “allies” are slackers. There’s 5, 9 & 14 Eyes surveillance is huge, but all you hear in the MSM is “Chinese hacking very bad” --- you hardly hear anything about the diabolical shit 5-9-14 Eyes are getting up to. Edward Snowden continues to show the way, and I hope he is not murdered by “Black Ops”.

You have to wonder why Huawei’s CFO was carrying a whole bunch of Apple gear on her when she was “arrested”. Her phone: apple iPhone. Is this a red flag? Maybe… Is is incriminating at first glance --- definitely.

Govts like the US deem Huawei products as untrustworthy, citing that all Chinese companies are or can be forced into being “stealth operators” for the govt. Well, the same could be said for US companies. The NSA has “arrangements” with Google, Microsoft and others. Apple is one of the only hold-outs. They steadfastly refuse to be a part, and concentrate on protecting their brand and its well-know “hardness” for security and privacy.

So far, no evidence has surfaced to add weight to the USA’s claims about Huawei. And the sales of Huawei handsets are enjoying growth and popularity due to their superior quality. (My first Chinese phone was Huawei. Damn fine hardware). Huawei have been hacked and surveilled by the NSA numerous times but still no evidence to support the US’s claims.

American Exceptionalism style: “We can hack you, but you may not hack us” shouldn’t surprise anyone. The US spies on its own citizens and its allies. American Exceptionalism gives the US carte blanche to do anything they fucling like as long as it is “in America’s interest to do so”.

This Huawei thing is a big wayang lah. The NSA and other unknown “groups” of the US and its allies (notably UK, Israel, Australia Germany...and probably Japan, S Korea and Singapore) have probably already penetrated Chinese cyber defenses and are “hiding” in the Chinese IT infrastructure, just as China is already “hiding” in the IT infrastructure of other cuntries. These are collectively known as CYBER WEAPONS --- basically weaponized software code and some hardware. (China has already been caught using weaponized hardware). Cyber weapons can be activated during conflicts, and lord knows what damage they can do to the infrastructure of nations. We live in a time where an enemy can conquer a cuntry without firing a shot.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ you will be hacked eventually:

WSG will tell you tht all the top defence companies are involved in cyber warfare --- on the security side (defence) as well as offensive side (cyber weaponary), although the offensive side is supposedly hush-hush. They're also big players in AI, and soon quantum computing. If you're going to fight a 21 century war, you better have your shit together.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ you will be hacked eventually:

This is a very dangerous statement to make. Do not use the word 'hacked' as it could mean using an axe or chopper to hack ie violence.

I will post a piece on this tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

A police report should be made against Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ for criminal threat !

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ dumb cunts

Go for remedial English course lah.

Please make that police report. 🤣😂

Anonymous said...

Hi Redbean, if the USA is an " Evil Empire " as you put it, how would you define Singapore, your own country?

Anonymous said...

Nothing new about what the evil empire is doing to Huawei. Make up threats and trying to make it stick, like WMD in Iraq. Likewise the spreading of fear about China's colonisation in Africa, South America and South Asia and the negative effect of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Realistically, how many military bases have China set up in those countries compared to the evil empire? Did the West embark on helping those countries with infrastructures when they were under centuries of white rule? The only thing that the West did in those countries that they colonised, by the use of military force or thievery, was to keep them poor and therefore forever under the evil hand of the whites. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Do not use the word 'hacked'?

What the hack? OK?

Anonymous said...

Yew can't heal or help others when YEW are sick?

When leader is chatao, the economy slipped into blockhead dullness and non-innovative?

Then the blocked qi or energy became stagnant for too lo(ooooo)ng and mutate into cancer in the economy?

After a while, with so much bad qi in the economy and blockage, stroke in the economy is the next likely consequence

Alternatively if keep kee chiu or kee siao, the economy also become kongcum and dunno how to lead itself out of its madness and become a sick joke and laughing stock?

Yew need to be strong, healthy, problem free to help others?


If Yew full of HIV or STD/ VD, then how YEW going to help other people when YEW can't even help YEWRSELF?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The British government is in disarray. Prime Minister Theresa May, whose Brexit Deal with the European Union's 27 big bad wolves failed twice to be accepted by the UK parliament, is now under tremendous pressure to resign. Yet she still stubbornly and stupidly holds on dearly to her Bad Rotten Apple (Brexit Deal).

Comparatively, hpw lucky the Singapore PM has been. There has been not a single bit of pressure to resign. Even though the DEAL has already been signed and taken effect. Not only taken effect but effectively affected the lives and livelihoods of numerous Singaporeans, especially the PMETS.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 243

>> There has been not a single bit of pressure to resign. <<

Why should he? He's doing exactly what the policy states.

>> Not only taken effect but effectively affected the lives and livelihoods of numerous Singaporeans, especially the PMETS. <<

It is the "spurs in the hinds" policy working exactly as intended.

And yet...they still don't "get it"...oh well, off to Hong Lim then to burn another shiok Saturday afternoon masturbating each other in shared, collective misery 🤡

Anonymous said...

In an extremely rare case of heteropaternal superfecundation (where twins are born with different fathers), a woman's one-night stand was exposed.

There has been questions asked as to why one if the twins does not resemble the father not mother at all. The mother therefore asked for a DNA tests in order to register the births of the twins.

To her surprise the DNA test results turned out that the twin boys were conceived by two different men's sperms.

When the husband first confronted his wife, the woman refused to admit that she has been unfaithful. She said that her husband had altered the DNA results.

The DNA tests were done by official government medical authority. On checking with the government medical authority, the woman then said that she had a one-night stand with another man (may not be true).

Who was that fantastic super duper man with super duper sperms?

Could it be Matilah?
One in 13,000 chance.

Anonymous said...

China Building Long-Range Cruise Missile Launched From Ship Container

China is building a long-range cruise missile fired from a shipping container that could turn Beijing's large fleet of freighters into potential warships and commercial ports into future missile bases.

The missile will be deployed in launchers that appear from the outside to be standard international shipping containers used throughout the world for moving millions of tons of goods, often on the deck of large freighters.

"Potentially, Chinese missile launching containers could be stored near the Port of Seattle, waiting for the day they can launch an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) warhead-armed missiles over the Bangor nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) base," said Rick Fisher, a China military affairs expert.

"The EMP blast might take out electronics on the [submarines] and all over the base without having to launch a nuclear missile from China. Washington would be in chaos, would not know against whom to retaliate, and perhaps China uses American distraction to begin its real objective, the military conquest of Taiwan."

Anonymous said...

China has learnt a very unforgettable bitter lesson when 13 countries ganged up to attack China slightly more than 100 years ago.

She is now strengthening herself to defend her people against another probable aggression by a gang of White Supremacists led by the US.

However, she cannot and will not do it alone. She will need the cooperation of those countries that are being bullied by the US snd its lackeys like UK, Australia and Canada.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ wishful thinking 717

>> Could it be Matilah?
One in 13,000 chance. <<

No, I don't have a twin.

@ RB

China is a leader in rocketry --- which is, if used properly a fantastic "asymmetric" tool. It is as if they are "going back to their historical roots" 😁 EMP pulses are nasty. One blast will take out everything --- cell phone, post-1980 cars (earlier cars have no electronics), pacemakers, watches (except mechanical ones), and of course defense systems, computers etc...even the electric grid You would have no electricity. Traffic controls will fail, but no matter only bicycles will be working. You would'nt be able to use the ATM, credit cards, AliPay...all in all completely FUCKED. Better don't get sick cos even if you did make it to a hospital, nothing would work. It would be back to "medieval" medicine.

EMP weapons (if they exist...so far err...no...too hard to build a really big one capable of ending civilization in a cuntry) are rad. No need to invade the cuntry. Just detonate EMP weapons over strategic areas. Within a week the cuntry would collapse thru civil war, and massive civil unrest. Just walk in and take over. Plant the fucking flag and declare "victory".

Anonymous said...

The only weapon that will win a world war and control all the people and countries is MIND CONTROL.

Anonymous said...

Matilar I agreed with you lar that the dude need to be sodomized by you.😀

Anonymous said...

China is really thinking out of the box by building long range cruise missiles hidden inside containers. If this is indeed true, this is a much cheaper way than putting them inside expensive submarines and building costly aircraft carriers.

They continue to make fun of products made in China as flimsy stuff, but never underestimate the resourcefulness of the Chinese ability to find new ways to survive and thrive under great hardships, ranging from destructive earthquakes, revolutions, dynasty changes and civil wars over thousands of years.

China really need those hidden missiles as deterrents since they could not match the US in other areas of military firepower. The lessons learnt in the past of being weak and taken advantage of by the whites has been lessons not easily forgotten.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much nonsense some people tried to spin, oldies are not dumb and paper cannot wrap fire in the end?

In due time, whether things are on the right track will likely surface sooner or later?

As one anon commented, the more SHAMBOLEE tried to talk, the more he tied himself in knots?

Mb not if payment/ promotion is not by merit but marriedtocrazy?

One thing is certain though.

It is in the name of shambolee's internet moniker coined around the time the baton changed hands in the 2000s?

So listen NOT what is being said in WOrDs but what actions SHAM people took lo(ooooo)ng ago?


Anonymous said...

Go morning,

In 1991, the former USSR disintegrated into 13 states after it was once touted by some in the 1960s that its economy will overtake the US before the turn of the century

What was the main cause (of its inevitable collapse)?

Fast forward to 2019 ...

Another cuntry, this time though a tiny micro state smaller than half the size of Russian city of Stalingrad

It was once boasted that there is nothing the jlbs havent thought of that anyone especially the daft masses could think of?

Alas, what happened?

In recent years, this myth is TOTALLEE shattered?

So many problems surfaced?

Now, what is the similarity?

Both shared one fatal mistake?

It is too late le and there is no turning back?

Anonymous said...

The downfall of the PAP has already started the moment SOMEBOLEE forced the Deadwood out.

The charades put up in the last few years are proofs that substante the decline.

The Open Legs policy only exacerbated the problem. It is a sign of desperation due to lack of new ideas.

A fixed set of Deadwood Cabinets lining the Huge White Elephant Pa-Lee-Men continuously depicts an air of artificially prop-ups trying very hard to justify their undeserved wealth.

The end must be near.

Anonymous said...

Why political parties in Thailand, Malaysia and even Indonesia can cooperate and form a coalition but Singapore's cannot?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 714

Those cuntries are democracies. Singapore is not. Singapore is a "guided" democracy...i.e. the govt must "approve" of candidates standing for election, thus your choices on who to vote for a strictly limited.

Anonymous said...

Shall it be said that fate and destiny are beyond even genius to manipulate.
Be it avarice or propriety, folks are predispose by nature, so is the Fate of a society.
No matter what, the Fall of any regime shall result in another taking over. lt is how bad the Situation is at the Time of Change.
Sinkies are lucky;
Smart Folks like Virgo, b and Matilah Singapura are taking advantages as Sinkies to enjoy living with wonderful currency exchange rate, cheap oversea assets and entertainments as well as better environments.
The Day of Reckoning for Sinkies is obviously at the doorstep. lt is up to Sinkies to abandon a sinking
sampan or choose to sink with it. Some will follow the Taikong and his Crew who are in possession of all the Life Saving Equipments and likely to survive and live abundantly.
You make Your Choice to stay daft or be wise.
The heat is on literally, it may hit 37° or more soon.

Anonymous said...

@ Patriot 10.11am //The heat is on literally, it may hit 37° or more soon//

Uncle Patriot,

Mb yew not the resident geomancer?

Dunno this month Cheng Ming raining season?

Today temperature only 20+ only leh?


Yew all oldies so old liao but bc jiak cunt tongue too much le so not familiar with Chinese traditional calendar and geomancy?

In the 1963 Fullerton GE rally old man said he very fair not bias against Chinese education but now after 56 years even oldies like yew, Mr Chin Leng Chua, Uncle Virgo49 etc many if not all also dunno much about many Chinese tradition, geomancy, Tcm etc etc?

Empirically it has proven beyond much doubt many English educated oldies have become more banana after ever?

So far ever seen Virgo49 or Mr Chin Leng Chua blogged or commented in Chinese?

Anonymous said...

This phenomenon of rainfalls during the Chinese Festival of Qingming(清明节) is indeed quite the Norm in Asia and all the Way to S E Asia. However, it does not apply to other regions.
As for geomancy, it is up to believers to interpret and decipher.
This Poster is a Faith-free bean though l like the 人间仙境 description given to natural landscapes that befit heaven on Earth beauty and serenity which make me appreciate 风和水.
The Divinity and the Divine Element of traditional Fengshui Interpretations is out of my intetest. The So-call Dragon Lands with dragon head, tail and body that breed emperor, empress and nobility hold no water to me.
Kongzi孔子 and Laozi/老子, the Two Most Enlighten Chinese Philosophers of the Same Era did not attribute or say anything about Fengshui and or any faith and belief in their Wisdoms. They did not even allude anything divine. Their Philosophies were purely Humanities of Virtue and Propriety. Their dissertation and Wisdom were devoid of Theology and superstition. Therefore they were of pure substance.
Back to the Rain during Qingming Festival; some states in Malaysia and many other countries are currently having the highest temperatures on record. lt has resulted in droughts.
For Sin,
we are into scorching temperature and do expect it to rise. The sparse few drops lately hardly wet the surfaces.
Let me the Audacity to even say expect tremors that could result in dsmage and fatality within the Next Century although the Tiny Dot is found to be in quake free location.
before the Wreckage of Tremor, the Heat shall claim its toll.
Am l hilarious?

Anonymous said...

@ 11.52pm Patriot://Kongzi孔子 and Laozi/老子, the Two Most Enlighten Chinese Philosophers of the Same Era did not attribute or say anything about Fengshui and or any faith and belief in their Wisdoms. They did not even allude anything divine. Their Philosophies were purely Humanities of Virtue and Propriety. Their dissertation and Wisdom were devoid of Theology and superstition. //

Good morning Uncle Virgo49,

Looks like MSN has unearthed the Chinese scholar yew are always so fascinated with namely Patriot.

From his description above, he seems to have fullee read the original scriptures of Lun Yu and Dao De Jing in ancient Chinese of two of most respected sages of all time and able to decipher their thoughts and wisdom so succinctly and confidently.

Look no further.

Next time no need worry peak or off peak and caught in the jam to Melaka.

Just make your pilgrimage to Tampines St 21 coffee shop can le. Yewr newly unearthed Chinese scholar aka Patriot often chill out there (and yew might bump into Matilah too)

Don't forget to seek the wisdom in Lun Yu and Dao De Jing while yew are there from uncle Patriot.

Mb this WIDELY READ Matilah also helped to decipher the ancient scripts (but translated in other languages lah) and shared with his lo(ooooo)ng time fan so yewr pilgrimage there is a 2 in 1 bonus with the added Matilah Singapura interpretation of Lun Yu and Dao De Jing in pirated translated version in English.

This Matilah Singapura is a banana who isn't good in Chinese so his understanding obviously from translated version. Whatever Chinese this Matilah ever written was from google translate or his old fan Patriot lah.

Enjoy yewr bonanza pilgrimage in yewr next trip. Don't waste year time going to Melaka.

Matilah PeeSaiLah

Anonymous said...

What about the Americans going around the world telling its allies that Huaweis 5G is a security threat without any proof... Everyone knows that Google and Apple monitor users, and periodically transmit data to the government and use them for their own purposes. Duplicity in its purest form. This is not only a media war between States, but also a war of IT technologies and spheres of influence between American and Chinese companies. China could be the next tech powerhouse, maybe within the next 20 years of sustained investment. In fact, it is Beijing that now heads the lists of the best cities to live and work in for IT professionals:Top-5 global tech hubs: a paradise for property investors China has been a fierce competitor for global technological supremacy.